120j 14g 35mm 50mm 85mm ab1600 beach bokeh cafe california d3 d800 design dof edward f14 f18 f2 f28 fashion girl graphic isayx3 light mcgowan model natural nikkor nikon octabox octobox onelight plainjoe plainjoephotoblogcom pocketwizard portrait sb800 stripbox strobist studios texture tones tree wide wood

nikkor,plainjoe    Flickr Hive Mind (more)  Preferences  I order all my professional prints from Adorama Pix in NYC. I recommend them. I prefer METAL. -Nathan
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BB-8 (isayx3) Tags: 35mm star nikon force joe edward f2 wars nikkor plain droid d800 mcgowan awakens 35mmf2af bb8 plainjoe isayx3
2015 Christmas Card (isayx3) Tags: christmas wood xmas family light kids paul one nikon einstein 85mm edward card buff nikkor rosalie plm d800 mcgowan childrem plainjoe isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom isayx
40 (isayx3) Tags: road light nikon natural bokeh wide 85mm edward converse empire wife nikkor inland oldnavy rosalie d800 mcgowan boyda hotwife beautifulwife plainjoe isayx3 isayx
Vanessa (isayx3) Tags: vanessa test brown ford fashion paul sweater los model nikon angeles einstein models tan 85mm buff nikkor tones ufc hanson plm d800 onelight fashiontest strobist plainjoe vanessahanson isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom isayx octagongirls
Christmas at Union Station (isayx3) Tags: christmas ed hotel nikon nashville angle tennessee wide edward nikkor unionstation ultra f28 d800 mcgowan 14mm plainjoe isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Espresso Republic (isayx3) Tags: wood light brown texture cup coffee 35mm logo cafe nikon floor natural f2 nikkor d3 espressorepublic dripp plainjoe isayx3 edwardmcgowan
Umami Burger (isayx3) Tags: wood food 50mm losangeles cafe nikon dof bokeh f14 santamonica burger manly rustic resturant nikkor tones d3 umami outoors 14g plainjoe isayx3 edwardmcgowan
Adele #1 (isayx3) Tags: model nikon dof 85mm nikkor f18 studios d800 onelight pocketwizard beautydish strobist ab1600 plainjoe isayx3 adelelawrence plainjoephotoblogcom willowmodelmanagment
Brandon Crouch (isayx3) Tags: portrait 35mm nikon f2 dual pocket nikkor studios pastor d3 wizards minstry sb800 strobist plainjoe potsc stripbox peopleofthesecondchance isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom brandoncrouch
Heather (aka chickbot) (isayx3) Tags: field fashion rock tattoo ed one evening model nikon punk 85mm tires nikkor f18 studios rim d3 mcgowan onelight pocketwizards strobist octobox plainjoe octabox ab600 chickbot isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Jennifer Ziliotto - Natural Light (isayx3) Tags: portrait sun eye beauty fashion rock naked outdoors model nikon natural jennifer 85mm tattoos nikkor f18 studios midday d3 mua stylist plainjoe ziliotto isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Jennifer Ziliotto (isayx3) Tags: portrait tree rock 50mm one evening model nikon mood f14 einstein nikkor studios rim d3 onelight 14g pocketwizards strobist octobox plainjoe octabox isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom nakedeyebeauty jenniferziliotto
Reflect (isayx3) Tags: light sunset portrait woman reflection window girl fashion 50mm golden model nikon dof open natural sandiego balcony wide hour wife nikkor studios tones d3 refect 14g plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Caf 222 (isayx3) Tags: film caf field yellow 50mm muffins cafe nikon dof open sandiego bokeh grain wide retro nikkor studios tones depth d3 bobbyflay foodnetwork 14g hbw plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom vscofilm
Tiffany Fontaine (isayx3) Tags: california portrait girl umbrella 50mm evening model nikon shoot dof riverside bokeh 14 balance nikkor studios d3 thru sb800 pocketwizard f14g strobist plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom tiffanyfontaine
Labels Lie Campaign - Portrait 2 (isayx3) Tags: portrait bw detail texture 35mm nikon box dramatic textures lie labels f2 nikkor studios campaign d3 sb800 pocketwizards strobist plainjoe potsc stripbox peopleofthesecondchance isayx3 jessicadrossin plainjoephotoblogcom stevejewel
The Tree (isayx3) Tags: life detail tree clouds design nikon dynamic angle post graphic wide 24mm nikkor process studios tones range f28 hdr d3 qoute plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
41 (isayx3) Tags: light portrait halloween me self 35mm nikon f2 nikkor studios softbox d3 grungy strobes sb800 pocketwizard strobist plainjoe stripbox isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Coke Zero (isayx3) Tags: 50mm bottle nikon soft dof cola drink bokeh top f14 smooth coke pepsi nikkor studios tones zero d3 afs f14g plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Boxee Box (isayx3) Tags: wallpaper digital wednesday 50mm nikon media dof bokeh box f14 nikkor studios tones receiver multimedia streaming d3 afs dlink hbw f14g plainjoe boee boxee isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
The Ollie (isayx3) Tags: wood fence nikon flash aaron ring ollie skate skateboard spitfire trucks extension 24mm nikkor studios alienbee tones f28 d3 ringflash tensor kenko 14x abr800 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Santa Monica Pier (isayx3) Tags: ocean summer sun beach wheel 35mm amusement sand nikon pacific santamonica perspective shift ferris trail biking boardwalk rollercoaster f2 nikkor studios pacificpark tilt tones d3 peir 2011 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Astor Place - Subway / NYC (isayx3) Tags: nyc portrait newyork station train underground subway nikon place angle wide sigma nikkor studios f28 astor d3 14mm plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Focus (isayx3) Tags: blue sea beach water nikon dof sandiego bokeh 85mm retro telescope shallow nikkor f18 studios tones d3 seaportvillage viewfinder hbw plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Summer 2011 (isayx3) Tags: light summer portrait water pool girl 35mm nikon child natural little teeth goggles slide f2 nikkor studios d3 2011 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
GY6 150cc Scooter (isayx3) Tags: nikon vespa dof bokeh chinese scooter bms mf nikkor studios f28 d3 kms 150cc evo ais 135mm v9 carino gy6 plainjoe isayx3 znen plainjoephotoblogcom roteka
Gettin Curls (isayx3) Tags: wedding portrait girl 35mm hair kid nikon child candid curls nikkor f18 studios dresser dx d40 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Kayla Friend (isayx3) Tags: portrait girl beauty model glamour nikon focus turbo mf manual nikkor studios f28 60 d3 quantum 135mm onelight sunpak pocketwizard 120j strobist plainjoe softlighter isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom kaylafriend
Ambient Mix (isayx3) Tags: windows portrait female hospital 50mm los nikon angeles alien environmental bee couch sofa linda vista wife nikkor f18 studios d3 strobe boyle onelight lindavista hieghts shair strobist octobox ab1600 plainjoe octabox isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
The shops at Dos Lagos (isayx3) Tags: california family baby shopping 50mm nikon couple corona bags nikkor studios 14d lifstyle doslagos plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Dos Lagos #2 (isayx3) Tags: california trees shopping duck nikon dof bokeh 85mm ducks center palm corona condos nikkor f18 studios d3 hbw doslagos plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Little Ninja (isayx3) Tags: light boy halloween 50mm costume nikon ninja f14 nikkor studios rim d3 46 daggers sunpak sb800 f14d 120j strobist plainjoe softlighter stripbox isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
The Explorer (isayx3) Tags: red portrait green 35mm hospital ginger nikon retro redhead f2 nikkor studios suitcase d3 onelight lindavista beautydish strobist ab1600 plainjoe flightcap caitlinrandolph isayx3 hobd plainjoephotoblogcom
Sackboy (isayx3) Tags: toy nikon character sony 85mm nikkor f18 studios d3 ps3 plainjoe littlebigplanet sackboy isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
San Francisco - Tilted (isayx3) Tags: sanfrancisco street shop corner 35mm buildings nikon smoke shift geary faux f2 nikkor studios tilt tutorial d3 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Oak Alley Plantation (Jrme Castilloux) Tags: trees house river mississippi landscape nikon louisiana 85mm landmark historic plantation nikkor f18 d3 oakalley vacherie plainjoe isayx3
Somebody Save Me (Jrme Castilloux) Tags: sunset sky tower beach clouds evening pier sand nikon exposure waves dusk huntington 9 wideangle lifeguard single 24mm nikkor d3 nonhdr plainjoe isayx3
Autumn 2012 (isayx3) Tags: wood autumn tree film leaves barn typography 50mm nikon focus dof open bokeh f14 wide retro depthoffield nikkor 2012 d800 14g plainjoe isayx3
Jennifer Ziliotto x3 (isayx3) Tags: nikon d3 nikkor 35mm f2 bokeh portrait natural light girl model jenniferziliotto tones color isayx3 plainjoe photography triptych jennifer ziliotto rock nakedeyebeauty fashion midday sun outdoors tattoos mua stylist plainjoephotoblogcom studios texture jessicadrossin
Broadway St. Santa Monica (isayx3) Tags: above city cars beach clouds nikon focus santamonica parking broadway overcast edward 24mm nikkor studios tilt f28 d3 plainjoe isayx3 edmcgowan plainjoephotoblogcom
Ed McGowan - isayx3 (isayx3) Tags: stairs self 35mm lost grid nikon ebay box flash edward sp strip f2 nikkor studios d3 selfie onelight sb800 pocketwizard strobist plainjoe stripbox isayx3 edmcgowan plainjoephotoblogcom
Vince, Ashley + One (isayx3) Tags: tree ed 50mm lights nikon couple bokeh f14 ashley alien vince bee maternity nikkor studios bautista d3 mcgowan onelight 14g pocketwizard strobist octobox ab1600 plainjoe octabox isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Class of 2011 (isayx3) Tags: portrait senior 35mm watercolor design nikon graphic class eden f2 nikkor studios d3 46 onelight 2011 pocketwizard 120j strobist plainjoe softlighter isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Scout (isayx3) Tags: california bridge light portrait white black pull blog nikon riverside natural photoblog kai push nikkor studios f28 d3 scouting 80200mm plainjoe isayx3
Wooden Christmas Card & Envelope (isayx3) Tags: christmas wood xmas 35mm happy design wooden nikon holidays triptych dof graphic bokeh card f2 nikkor studios d3 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Altermotive / Afterglow (isayx3) Tags: art design nikon graphic album band 85mm cover nikkor f18 studios d3 afterglow sunpak sb800 120j strobist plainjoe stripbox isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom altarmotive
Mike Foster (isayx3) Tags: portrait texture nikon 85mm nikkor f18 studios d3 mikefoster 120j strobist octobox ab1600 plainjoe octabox potsc isayx3 jessicadrossin plainjoephotoblogcom aliengracenomicsbees
Dual Sunpak 120J's Desktop Wallpaper (isayx3) Tags: art 50mm design nikon graphic f14 flash bracket dual nikkor studios vector d3 parabolic onelight sunpak 14d 120j strobist plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Buca De Beppo (isayx3) Tags: light table pepper cafe italian nikon dof salt 85mm resturant nikkor f18 studios d3 bucadebeppo ambiant plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Retro Traveler + iphone textures (isayx3) Tags: lighting camera portrait texture film pull ginger nikon redhead burn push nikkor studios alienbee f28 app d3 80200mm iphone onelight strobist plainjoe octabox lindavistahospital isayx3 hipstamatic plainjoephotoblogcom

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