500x500 abstract brno concrete damage damaged detail dirty findingthedetails humanfigure ironriver lisen líšeň metal michigan minimal minimalism mundane mundanede mundanedetail oversaturated paint paper peelingpaint red ruraldecay rust rusty saturated scratched scratches sea shadow silhouette simple sky square surface texture tornposter upperpeninsula urbandecay vividcolours wall wood

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Tapeworms (daliborlev) Tags: pink abstract wall square concrete cable plaster dirty symmetry brno cables symmetrical worms constructionsite buildingsite mundanedetail lisen le
Pictures from the eventful life of citizen #2582 (daliborlev) Tags: stencils square typography stencil urbandecay number brno lettering pictogram warningsign mundanedetail
Shipwrecked (daliborlev) Tags: sea abstract texture water silhouette wall square saturated paint waves urbandecay silhouettes plaster brno oversaturated survivors manandwoman mundanedetail 500x500 woodenstick
Waiting for rain (daliborlev) Tags: flowers red abstract rain square urbandecay dirty minimal plastic brno dirt minimalism simple dropsofwater feelers mundanedetail drippingpaint
Zombie (daliborlev) Tags: red abstract texture oslo norway wall square concrete paint urbandecay grain damage undead grainy damaged mundanedetail humanfigure outstretchedarms
Sneak peek (daliborlev) Tags: shadow red white abstract texture square hole minimal brno minimalism mundanedetail tornposter wrinkledpaper
Tribal mask (daliborlev) Tags: wood abstract texture window square hole decay brno peelingpaint mundanedetail 500x500 abandonedgardenshed
Talk geometry to me (daliborlev) Tags: shadow abstract wall shadows geometry minimal brno minimalism simple mundanedetail lisen le
Angel on a steeple (daliborlev) Tags: texture wet rain silhouette square urbandecay brno raindrops mundanedetail busstopbythechurch tornpaperonglass
Desert (daliborlev) Tags: sky sun abstract texture metal square sand paint desert urbandecay surface cracks cracked garagedoor mundanedetail modrice modice
Cape of Good Hope (daliborlev) Tags: ocean sea cliff abstract texture square cliffs brno concretewall mundanedetail 500x500 likeapainting lisen le
No smoke without a fire (daliborlev) Tags: red abstract yellow metal square urbandecay grain brno ducttape grainy mundanedetail vividcolours tornpaper supermarketbackdoor
Samurai sword (daliborlev) Tags: abstract wall square japanese graffiti blood minimal brno koan zen simplicity sword minimalism katana simple mundanedetail haphazartsquare
Hiroshima (daliborlev) Tags: texture wall turkey square urbandecay drainingpipe erzurum mundanedetail atomicblast trashbit
The path to Heaven is narrow and easy to miss. (daliborlev) Tags: walking square urbandecay highcontrast dirty crack brno direction directions damage raindrops damaged trafficsign mundanedetail humanfigure rainonmetal arrowpointingup maninafedora
Antarctica (daliborlev) Tags: ocean sea mountain abstract mountains texture ice paper square melting urbandecay glacier brno glaciers globalwarming mundanedetail tornposter
Fallout (daliborlev) Tags: sky abstract texture square saturated urbandecay stickers scratches surface brno vandalism damage scratched oversaturated mundanedetail 500x500 lisen le vandalisedbusstop spraypaintonglass
Big Bang (daliborlev) Tags: sun abstract texture wall square star paint chaos urbandecay scratches brno vandalism universe scratched vandalised mundanedetail
As you wish, Sir (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture wall square urbandecay dirty dirt bow bowing mundanedetail lillefrance 500x500 blocksofconcrete
Dragon (daliborlev) Tags: metal square rust rusty oversaturated ruraldecay mundanedetail 500x500 vividcolours oversaturation abandonedtractor tchov utechov
Memorial Day 05-Needle-Nosed Pliers (Old Shoe Woman) Tags: usa georgia southgeorgia needlenosedpliers fishing tool mundanedetail metal macro
By his deathbed (daliborlev) Tags: texture square urbandecay surface brno peelingpaint mundanedetail corrugatedsheetmetal
P1000964_RT (fiveten) Tags: detail michigan upperpeninsula mundane mundanedetail ironriver findingthedetails mundanede
Storm (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture square urbandecay scratches brno damage damaged scratched mundanedetail plasticcontainer tornpaper
Lasciate ogni speranza (daliborlev) Tags: shadow wall fence square dante gothic brno mundanedetail gateofhell lisen le
Greenland (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture ice water paper square urbandecay brno damage thaw mundanedetail 500x500 tornposter
Prison visit (daliborlev) Tags: autumn shadow plant texture leaves square soft shadows canvas brno damage chainlinkfence damaged mundanedetail creattivit
D-TRAM (daliborlev) Tags: stencils sign square typography stencil chaos urbandecay brno lettering cracks crackedpaint mundanedetail 500x500 fisures mhdtramvaj
Peeking inside (daliborlev) Tags: blue texture face square saturated eyes rust rusty ruraldecay mundanedetail 500x500 vividcolours humanfigure blatiny lorrytarpaulin
The electrocution button (daliborlev) Tags: texture yellow metal square brno bolt electricity shock fusebox arrow mundanedetail 500x500 vividcolours ligtning
Slope (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture metal square rust urbandecay rusty brno garagedoor mundanedetail 500x500
The Hound of the Baskervilles (daliborlev) Tags: door hinge blackandwhite dog square brno peelingpaint mundanedetail
Beowulf (daliborlev) Tags: abstract man texture silhouette monster wall square fight urbandecay silhouettes brno mundanedetail 500x500 blotchofpaint
The ugly duckling (daliborlev) Tags: texture wall square duck paint urbandecay surface brno mundanedetail 500x500
Shell-shocked (daliborlev) Tags: portrait texture paper square soldier urbandecay brno damage damaged mundanedetail motrheadposter
Sorcerer's castle (daliborlev) Tags: abstract castle texture paper square spires urbandecay sharp brno damage jagged damaged mundanedetail tornposter
Sorcerer (daliborlev) Tags: square rust magic urbandecay rusty brno oxidation damage electricity arrow lightningbolt mundanedetail humanfigure
Got a problem?! (daliborlev) Tags: red texture face wall square paint urbandecay brno aggression aggressive mundanedetail 500x500 peelingplaster
Walking the jellyfish (daliborlev) Tags: texture metal square graffiti urbandecay pipe brno mundanedetail gaspipeline 500x500 lisen le
Le Demoiselle d'Avignon (daliborlev) Tags: texture wall square paint urbandecay brno picasso foundface cubism mundanedetail
Lake's edge (helen.2006) Tags: wood texas houston rope knot clearlake algae mundanedetail
Bat (daliborlev) Tags: wood abstract texture paper square urbandecay bat brno cave mundanedetail hardboard 500x500 tornbillboard
P1000986_RT (fiveten) Tags: detail michigan upperpeninsula mundane mundanedetail ironriver findingthedetails mundanede
Giraffes (daliborlev) Tags: texture wall by circle square saturated triangle geometry tenniscourts tenniscourt mundanedetail 500x500 vividcolours basketballbasket tchov utechov haphazartsquare
Land ho! (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture metal square landscape rust urbandecay horizon rusty scratches brno oxidation damage coastline damaged scratched mundanedetail
P1000977_RT (fiveten) Tags: detail michigan upperpeninsula mundane mundanedetail ironriver findingthedetails mundanede
Birds (daliborlev) Tags: sunset red sky abstract birds clouds square urbandecay surface brno damage bleached mundanedetail 500x500 metalgrid canvastexture trashbit streaksofpaint oldadvertismentbanner
In a cave (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture wall square concrete cave stains simple mundanedetail 500x500 holasky holsky girlshead
P1020005_RT (fiveten) Tags: detail michigan upperpeninsula mundane mundanedetail ironriver findingthedetails mundanede
Woman by a window (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture glass square paint urbandecay scratches brno damage damaged scratched mundanedetail basementwindow humanfigure

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50 mundanedetail 43 square 36 brno 31 texture 30 urbandecay 25 abstract 19 500x500 15 wall 12 damage 8 metal damaged paint 6 lisen líšeň red 5 rust paper rusty scratched surface humanfigure scratches vividcolours 4 minimal dirty upperpeninsula findingthedetails tornposter saturated michigan mundanede minimalism ironriver simple detail shadow mundane 3 concrete silhouette oversaturated sky peelingpaint wood sea ruraldecay grain haphazartsquare stencil vandalism sun cracks grainy rain garagedoor raindrops geometry arrow chaos electricity typography ice stencils lettering dirt plaster water silhouettes oxidation tornpaper yellow shadows útěchov graffiti face utechov hole ocean cave trashbit

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