500x500 abstract brno damage damaged detail dirty findingthedetails fusebox garagedoor graffiti grain grainy humanface humanfigure ironriver lisen metal michigan minimal minimalism mundane mundanede mundanedetail oversaturated oxidation paint paper peelingpaint red rust rusty saturated shadow silhouette square texture tornpaper upperpeninsula urbandecay vandalised vandalism vividcolours wall yellow

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Shocked (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture contrast square urbandecay minimal brno surprise shock surprised minimalism mundanedetail 500x500 humanface tornpaper
Girl unmasked (daliborlev) Tags: portrait texture girl face paper square scary mask urbandecay brno damage damaged mundanedetail notacollage tornbillboard alienbodysnatcher
The Great Escape (daliborlev) Tags: blue shadow texture square escape hole pointer parking canvas brno damage arrow chainlinkfence trafficsign mundanedetail thisway
Aftertaste (daliborlev) Tags: grass square drink urbandecay ad drinking billboard brno advert damage damaged asiangirl mundanedetail wornoutadvertisment nowthistagshouldboosttheviews
Autumn (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture square rust urbandecay rusty brno peelingpaint mundanedetail 500x500
Encounter (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture metal wall square rust urbandecay rusty dirty brno oxidation damage spaceship comet deepspace mundanedetail reinforcedconcrete damahed
One (daliborlev) Tags: red abstract texture square concrete paint grain brno grainy minimalism mundanedetail 500x500 lisen le pilale
Charlie (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture silhouette metal paper square urbandecay brno charliechaplin mundanedetail 500x500 sittingman tornbillboard
Sad (daliborlev) Tags: abstract yellow metal square screws typography eyes letters nuts brno lettering surly foundface grumpy mundanedetail irregularity billboarddetail
She's a dancer (daliborlev) Tags: woman abstract silhouette square dancing urbandecay brno vandalism damage stickfigure damaged oversaturated vandalised mundanedetail vividcolours spraypaintonplastic
Charge of the ghost brigade (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture wall square ghost dirty minimal brno minimalism spectre dreamcatcher mundanedetail splotchesofpaint
Another sunny day in China (daliborlev) Tags: wood abstract texture wall square paint urbandecay bluesky brno damage blueskies cracks damaged redflag mundanedetail crackedplaster
Skull in the sand (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture wall square skull saturated eyes sand desert stones decay damage damaged oversaturated mundanedetail vividcolours letovicecastle zmekletovice
Rebel (daliborlev) Tags: red texture yellow metal square rust urbandecay rusty brno peelingpaint mundanedetail 500x500 vividcolours
Lady in the window (daliborlev) Tags: blackandwhite woman abstract building texture silhouette lady grey profile brno almost grainy constructionsite concretewall mundanedetail 500x500 lisen le
Father and son (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture metal square urbandecay brno garagedoor mundanedetail 500x500
Guillotine (daliborlev) Tags: red abstract texture metal square blood lisbon urbandecay profile surface mundanedetail humanface
Stiltwalker (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture wall square paint brno dripping spatter mundanedetail kindof humanfigure onstilts
Probing (daliborlev) Tags: shadow plant texture wall paper poster square brno mundanedetail exploringanalienspaceship
Fear (daliborlev) Tags: orange green texture silhouette wall square saturated urbandecay brno scared oversaturated frightened terrified mundanedetail 500x500 vividcolours isthataparrotorwhat
Some days she feels miserable and blue (daliborlev) Tags: cosette portrait girl square urbandecay brno damage damaged mundanedetail lesmisrables tornposter
Two to tango (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture metal square rust urbandecay rusty brno oxidation damage peelingpaint damaged garagedoor mundanedetail humanfigures adancingcouple
Reaper (daliborlev) Tags: texture metal square corn brno peelingpaint gardengate mundanedetail 500x500
Milky Way (daliborlev) Tags: abstract glass square graffiti paint urbandecay brno galaxy vandalism damage damaged deepspace vandalised mundanedetail kinoart detailofavandalisedcinemawindow
Missile launch (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture square paint urbandecay brno vandalism missiles concretewall vandalised mundanedetail graffitidetail
Oil well (daliborlev) Tags: abstract wall square paint painted urbandecay brno vandalism vandalised mundanedetail
Air raid (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture metal square rust paint urbandecay rusty surface planes oxidation damage garagedoor mundanedetail modrice modice ormigratingbirds
Fishing on yesterday's news (daliborlev) Tags: door red news texture metal paper square rust rusty brno mundanedetail 500x500
Something evil (daliborlev) Tags: red abstract texture metal square urbandecay brno mundanedetail 500x500
Thingamajig! (Marcia Portess) Tags: texture textura yellow wall pared amarillo oddity thingamabob thingamajig doodad mundanedetail shadowlight flickrduel unlimitedphotos marciaportess
Cityscape (daliborlev) Tags: distortion snow trafficlights reflection birds architecture buildings square distorted crane brno mundanedetail 500x500
Bye, mom! (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture metal square brno scratched garagedoor mundanedetail 500x500 streaksofpaint photoshoppedonlyastotheusualcontrastsaturationandsuch
Noah's raven (daliborlev) Tags: rust paint urbandecay rusty scratches damage damaged scratched raven garagedoor noahsark deluge mundanedetail metaltexture
Night swimmer (daliborlev) Tags: reflection water norway square paint fullmoon mundanedetail osloharbour boathull humanfigure thisistechnicallyverybad butireallylikethemood
When you screw up in the Yakuza, you have to cut your finger off. (daliborlev) Tags: streetart stencils texture square graffiti stencil urbandecay brno dirt ducttape mundanedetail 500x500
Medusa (daliborlev) Tags: blackandwhite abstract texture wall square urbandecay dirty brno mundanedetail 500x500 trashbit splotchofpaint
P1000965_RT (fiveten) Tags: detail michigan upperpeninsula mundane mundanedetail ironriver findingthedetails mundanede
His noble profile (daliborlev) Tags: abstract texture wet face silhouette wall square brno raindrops mundanedetail 500x500
P1020009_RT (fiveten) Tags: detail tree spring peeling michigan gray may treetrunk bark birch upperpeninsula mundane mundanedetail ironriver findingthedetails mundanede
P1020002_RT (fiveten) Tags: detail michigan upperpeninsula mundane mundanedetail ironriver findingthedetails mundanede
King Stork (daliborlev) Tags: brno square abstract metalgate streakofpaint graffiti urbandecay bird throne texture mundanedetail 500x500
E.T. fell off the bike! (daliborlev) Tags: wood texture fence square trafficsign staples mundanedetail nobicycles 500x500 tornpaper slavonice etbicyclescene
Monsoon season (daliborlev) Tags: texture rain metal square pain dirty brno electricity fusebox lightningbolt mundanedetail 500x500 elplastrokycany
P1020004_RT (fiveten) Tags: detail michigan upperpeninsula mundane mundanedetail ironriver findingthedetails mundanede
Gone fishin' (daliborlev) Tags: blue white abstract texture metal square fishing fisherman grain minimal brno newsstand grainy minimalism mundanedetail 500x500 streaksofpaint
Bad time for a walk (daliborlev) Tags: light shadow texture metal square paint urbandecay dirty brno vandalism damage electricity fusebox arrow damaged lightningbolt vandalised mundanedetail 500x500 struckbylightning humanfigure robinkrytofjebuzna
Who's there? (daliborlev) Tags: texture metal square paint urbandecay brno garagedoor mundanedetail 500x500
Fence post with frost (Drift Words) Tags: fence frost pyramid grain crack mundanedetail
Nightmares (daliborlev) Tags: red abstract metal saturated vandalism oversaturated mundanedetail 500x500 vividcolours drippingpaint trashbit vandalisednewsstand
Veiled face (daliborlev) Tags: shadow texture contrast paper poster rust shadows urbandecay tape mundanedetail

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