ama amazing armory army ba batisbricks brick brickarms brickforge brickwarriors callofduty cat citizenbrick custom customlego google googleimages guns hazel lego legomilitary legomilitarymodels legomiltarymodel legomodel legomodernmilitary legomodernwar military minibigs minifig minifigcat minifigure moc mod modern modernwarfare mrap pa projectazazel shotgun soldier specialforces specops tactical tiny war

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Guns. (The Brick Zombie) Tags: lego pistol guns machete shotgun glock submachinegun deserteagle minifigcat
Space Mercenary (Silenced_pp7) Tags: shells brick cat gold ancient arms lego fig space alien mini off aliens barf figure warrior hunter vest minifig forge minifigs shotgun custom vignette figs merc minifigure moc bountyhunter mercenary sawed sawedoff brickarms brickforge brickwarrior buzzgun minifigcat figbarf brickwarriors spacemercenary
Zombie cop (The Brick Zombie) Tags: google lego zombies googlesearch zombiecop brickforge legopolice legozombies minifigcat legocops
ULTIMATE VADER (Hammerstein NWC) Tags: starwars lego cloak lightsaber vader darthvader lightsabre maythefourth brickforge minifigcat brickwarriors
Bionic ([N]atsty) Tags: mod paint lego bionic hazel ama ba minifig custom gundam minigun minifigure brickarms brickwarrior amazingarmory minifigcat
Russians Need New Shit (Bsstne) Tags: lego tiny warsaw russians tactical brickarms minifigcat brickwarriors
Urban Military part 2 (Brikam) Tags: soldier lego military camoflage mrap brickarms minifigcat batisbricks
Age of Steam - Heroes of the Realm (Hammerstein NWC) Tags: bear hat lego teddy top pipe steam sabre fantasy minifig adventures rms steamworks min adventurer steampunk musket bera stovepipehat bricka sidan brickforge minifigcat brickwarriors dscrx100
"Dug In" Deluxe Custom Minifigure Kit (miniBIGS) Tags: lego military vietnam minifig minifigure callofduty brickarms modernwarfare minifigcat minibigs citizenbrick
lego_samurai_warrior (Little-Legends) Tags: lego warrior samurai moc legofigures customminifigs littlelegends bricktw minifigcat customlegominifigures
Nameless Soldier (theraconteur-) Tags: blue modern night soldier is sad lego military pad hidden vision warhammer minifig custom combat knee 40000 wh40k ftw brickarms minifigcat
HAC-DBR (Silenced_pp7) Tags: shells brick cat flask arms lego arm time fig bricks knife shell prototype tiny mk2 minifig bloody forge shotgun custom combat bomb citizen figures vignette mk figs proto minifigure moc tactical citidel vig hac dbr breacher vigs masterkey m1911 brickarms brickforge protips minifigcat citizenbricks
Mr. Claus' Crew (Kyle Peckham) Tags: santa christmas lego claus elves brickarms brickforge minifigcat brickwarriors
AKM (.Ravager) Tags: soldier mod lego russia military camo minifig modification kalashnikov akm brickarms legography minifigcat
Modern Military Vehicles (Project Azazel) Tags: usmc soldier army google military medical vehicles pa amtrak armor vehicle ba apc humvee hmmwv armour stretcher specialforces unitedstatesmarinecorps googleimages usmilitary m113 bradleyfightingvehicle armyambulance specops armouredpersonnelcarrier legovehicle customlego legomodel firesupport brickarms legoambulance legomilitary legohumvee legohalftrack legoartillery legohmmwv militaryhumvee minifigcat humveeambulance legom3halftrack legomarines legomodernmilitary usarmor legomodernwar projectazazel spercialforcesoperations legomiltarymodel legomilitarymodel legomilitarymodels legomilitaryhelicopter legoarmouredpersonnelcarrier humveeavenger humveelego legobradleyfightingvehicle legomedivachumvee legohmmwvambulance legohumveeambulance legomedivac legomedevac humveemedevac legoassualtamphibiousvehicle legoaav legoaav7a1 assualtamphibiousvehicle humveespecialforces specopshumvee
(SOLD)Futuristic Apoc Korean Soldier (Mlucci( Fallout Addict...Need Fixer )) Tags: b k cat 1 mod lego sale 4 knife 7 9 m trench ba minifig custom trade modded minifigure ak74 m1911 brickarms ak74u minifigcat
Lego Swat Breacher Team Member (Modern Brick Warfare) Tags: lego swat minifigcat
Artic S.W.A.T. (ExoBrick) Tags: swat brickarms brickforge customminifig minifigcat
Abu Dhabi (Eric The Red) Tags: lego eu ssa brickarms brickforge legomilitary minifigcat legofuturisticmilitary eulrv legothepurge
Apocalyptic Angel ([N]atsty) Tags: black angel lego fig hazel ama figure minifig custom apocalyptic brickarms amazingarmory minifigcat
Military parade (Brikam) Tags: truck soldier army apache military parade special humvee m1a2 camoflage forces aav btr mrap minifigcat citizenbrick batisbricks
Chaos Knight Champion ([N]atsty) Tags: hammer gold amazing war paint chaos hand lego citadel painted glue awesome champion kinght best made ama minifig custom armory epic golded minifigcat
P1240191 ( Tags: lego custom brickmania minifigcat custombricks brickmarsm
Attack on Manila ( Tags: game flower mall ego lego military philippines manila phillipines brickarms minifigcat
SWAT sniper. (The Brick Zombie) Tags: lego minifigures brickarms brickforge legominifigures minifigcat legoswat
Happyface (Julandrius) Tags: party order lego mail 3rd compatible minifigcat
MG's storage (*Nobodycares*) Tags: world 2 cliff trooper beach soldier weird amazing war lego wwii attack assault bunker ii hazel ama tiny ww2 guns armory normandy dday isa kz helghast killzone tactical uas sheaths brickarms aww2 sluban brickforge mmcb kz3 kz2 minifigcat tinytactical awwii toys711
Search and destroy on Fire range (Joris Blok) Tags: black fire search call lego duty 7 range ops m16 destroy ballistic knif brickarms minifigcat
M47 Tactical (CrazyBrck) Tags: brick naked photo shoot lego boobs you hard just porn got pornography bro custom gi minifigure eduard trolled brickarms khil minifigcat crazybrick
Lone Survivor (Project Azazel) Tags: afghanistan film modern soldier google lego military mg pa american seal afghan warrior ba custom specialforces moc googleimages callofduty usmilitary specialoperations specops navyseal legovignette navalwarfare customlego legomodel lonesurvivor sealteam brickarms legofilm modernwarfare legomilitary legocustom marcusluttrell modernmilitary minifigcat legomodernwarfare legomodernmilitary citizenbrick legomodernwar projectazazel legomiltarymodel legomilitarymodel legomilitarymodels legomoviescenes legofilmscene legomoviescene lonesurvivormarcusluttrell
"Little Byrd" Helicopter (Project Azazel) Tags: modern google lego military mg helicopter pa ba custom heli proto specialforces moc googleimages callofduty specialoperations littlebird specops customlego legomodel legohelicopter brickarms modernwarfare legomilitary legocustom modernmilitary minifigcat legomodernwarfare legomodernmilitary legospecialforces citizenbrick legomodernwar projectazazel spercialforcesoperations legoheli legomiltarymodel legomilitarymodel legomilitarymodels legomilitaryhelicopter
Urban military (Brikam) Tags: urban army lego military minifigcat batisbricks
Snow Troop (The Chef!) Tags: lego hazel minifig custom minifigure brickarms minifigcat
Sgt. Jack "Jelly" Cooper, USAR (CrazyBrck) Tags: lego painted pistol spy custom ak47 minifigure operative brickarms minifigcat crazybrick
New Presents for the Police Department (ChicoGoya) Tags: brick funny lego police guns custom minifigure nightstick sidan brickforge tacticalvest minifigcat
Military parade (Brikam) Tags: truck soldier army apache military parade special humvee m1a2 camoflage forces aav btr mrap minifigcat citizenbrick batisbricks
The Lego Dead. (The Brick Zombie) Tags: lego minifigures legoambulance legominifigures minifigcat thelegodead
Warsaw Soldier (rick urge) Tags: modern war lego pack warsaw custom futuristic minifigure purge minifigcat
Zombies are coming!!!! (FrancisMatti) Tags: lego zombie z legozombie minifigcat
Desert-Hunter (Dirks_Designs) Tags: original amazing desert lego tiny legos hunter minifig custom armory killzone minifigure tactical brickarms brickforge minifigcat
Samurai - unarmoured (Tetrajak) Tags: lego clothes weapon samurai minifig custom minifigcat
Raptor XR Bomb Disposal (Project Azazel) Tags: military pa guns ba custom weapons brickarms legomilitary legocustom bombdisposalrobot minifigcat combatbricks projectazazel legomilitarymodels bombeddisposal legobombdisposalrobot
Spec ops (~J2J~) Tags: modern lego wip custom warfare faction brickarms minifigcat eclipsegrafx uploaded:by=flickrmobile flickriosapp:filter=nofilter minigugures
Night Stalkers Crew Member (G.J.Adams) Tags: minifigcat
miniBIGS Giveaway! (miniBIGS) Tags: gold customs minifigure legominifig minifigcat minibigs
"Dug In" Deluxe Custom Minifigure Kit - 2 (miniBIGS) Tags: lego military vietnam minifig minifigure callofduty brickarms modernwarfare minifigcat minibigs citizenbrick
Samurai - bow and arrow (Tetrajak) Tags: lego weapon samurai minifig custom armour minifigcat
Weird War II Hardsuits (*Nobodycares*) Tags: amazing lego nazis wwii worldwarii hazel armor ama ww2 guns armory shields worldwar2 germans gasmasks uas gow holsters sheaths hardsuits brickarms aww2 brickforge mmcb minifigcat weirdwarii weirdwar2 panzercorps awwii zsuits
Bloodhound Drop Trooper (Ironsniper) Tags: soldier war guns swat weapons brickarms minifigcat
minifigcat weapons (The Formidable Llama) Tags: lego guns minifigcat

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