2007coaiconvention bird birds blue bluejay bluejays branson bransonmissouri bransonmo bransonshow bransonshows butterfly cardinal cat clown clownconvention coai coaiconvention convention dmcfz7 dog easternoklahoma featheryfriday flutterby gold hillbillyclown insect jay lolliedotcompix magnificentseven missouri mo oklahoma panasonic rose tiger tulsaoklahoma tulsazoo varietyshow wallpaper

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Caught God painting the Taneycomo bridge with light. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bridge reflection fallcolors missouri branson bransonmo bransonlanding lolliedotcompix abigfave taneycomobridge taneycomobridgebybransonlanding godpaintingwithlight
in Branson..... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: banjo branson bransonmissouri bransonmo grandcountrysquare lolliedotcompix
Waterfall Sparkles (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: reeds waterfall sunlightonwater branson bransonmissouri tablerocklake bransonmo chateauonthelake lolliedotcompix
I wish you could hear her. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: mo panasonic missouri branson varietyshow bransonmissouri magnificentseven bransonmo dmcfz7 bransonshow tamraholden bransonshows lolliedotcompix p1000529
Rocky Ricardo Min-Pit (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dogs rocky blackandwhitedog themask halfpit minpit halfbeagle lolliedotcompix rockyricardo
Old Gas Pumps - Sweet Prices (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: tulsaoklahoma classiccarshow tulsacarshow tulsastatefairgrounds exposquare tulsaexposquare lolliedotcompix
Ma (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown pipe convention corncob lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention hillbillyclown p1190852
Mornin' Glory Miracle (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: miracle morningglory lolliedotcompix morningglorymiracle mornin738c
ImaJoy!!  Now there's a great name. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention hillbillyclown p1190838
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: mo panasonic missouri branson varietyshow bransonmissouri magnificentseven bransonmo dmcfz7 bransonshow bransonshows lolliedotcompix p1000834
way cool cat and sheer chickadee wings (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cat bestviewedlarge chickadee 25cents featheryfriday lolliedotcompix abigfave p1300657nnccrop2 nowitsabirdfeeder buttheystilltreateditkindalikeacat thecatwasexpensivebutwortheverypenny catinapolkadottedrubberraft catwearingsunglasses cattoothbrushholder
albino sky (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: sky rainbow unique albino unusual unusualsky lolliedotcompix uniquesky albinosky albinorainbow p1180562calbinosky
Golden White Iris (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: iris gold lolliedotcompix goldenwhiteiris p1190233cfirstiris
A Fistful of Blue Jays (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird birds jay bluejay bluejays enniomorricone afistfulofdollars lolliedotcompix p1250513nnccrop afistfulofbluejays
wiener man close up (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: hotdog wiener wienie wienerman hotdogman lolliedotcompix wienieman thisthingisphallicatleastsixdifferentways
sunshine on my shoulders (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: rose yellow yellowrose lolliedotcompix youarecuteasagreenspeckledbug
He's doing it again. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay blueribbonwinner lolliedotcompix anawesomeshot impressedbeauty hesdoingitagain p1280188nnccrop beefscommentslayedme
This heart of stones is for Jan (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: heart jan stoneheart jannifer prettyrocks janoid lolliedotcompix ourheartsbelongtojan thisheartsforjan rockheart ourfriendjan
cabbage white 2 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: butterfly flutterby cabbagewhite whitebutterfly cabbagewhitebutterfly lolliedotcompix hesreadingmymind iknowsoimthinking hellolittlecabbagewhite youresobeautifulmayitakeyourpicture ipromisenottotouchyou andicansingwannahearmesing
Palamedes Swallowtail (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: black butterfly flutterby swallowtail blackswallowtail papiliopolyxenes specnature palamedes lolliedotcompix dscn3136c
Goosebump Inspiration - he was growling at ME. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: cat tiger tulsazoo lolliedotcompix dscn1694a
Two Cats (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: cats oklahoma catinthewindow housecats orangeandwhitecat easternoklahoma 4755 catsinthewindow panamaoklahoma lolliedotcompix
Giant Swallowtail (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: butterfly insect flutterby giantswallowtail papiliothoas 3126 lolliedotcompix lolliebadge
Sunflower Kaleidoscope (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: flower kaleidoscope sunflower kaleidiscope kaliedescope sunflowerkaleidoscope lolliedotcompix
Happy Valentine's Day (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: wallpaper valentine tenkiller pinklily easternoklahoma pinklilies cooksonoklahoma lolliedotcompix
Baby pleeeeeeeeease! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: polarbear tulsazoo tulsaoklahoma easternoklahoma wwwlolliecom lolliedotcompix
My first blue jay family portrait (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay bluejays lolliedotcompix 3bluejays bluejayparent juvenilebluejays bluejayfamilyportrait
Sneaking up on the King... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: cat lolliedotcompix dscn1710a
Time to Quit ? What was your first clue? (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: cigarette mo panasonic missouri earrings lighter cigarettes branson bic quitsmoking inhaler biclighter bransonmissouri bransonmo quittingsmoking blackearrings redlighter dmcfz7 redbiclighter lolliedotcompix
Your turn Nina Bofina (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: lolliedotcompix p1140229c
Blue Jay Assay (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird lolliedotcompix p1170767cbluejayassay
Ohhhhh, it's a Tragopogon! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: plant oklahoma gold tragopogon easternoklahoma tragopogondubius yellowgoatsbeard westerngoatsbeard tragopogonpratensis lolliedotcompix
4092 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: oklahoma hotairballoon balloonfest easternoklahoma tulsaoklahomaballoonfest lolliedotcompix
Turtle Chin Ups.... exhausting! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: turtle branson snappingturtle sunterra redearedslider bransonmo trachemysscriptaelegans lolliedotcompix
6627 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: butterfly insect missouri branson flutterby thebutterflyplace lolliedotcompix
Halloween sunset (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: sunset lolliedotcompix p1110638c
What IS she doing in there? (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: red orange bird birds orioles baltimoreorioles baltimoreoriole oriole lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty p12000178cc
"You feelin' guilty yet, Missy?" (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay lolliedotcompix bluejaybecomesart p1250546nnccrop
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: mo panasonic missouri branson varietyshow bransonmissouri magnificentseven bransonmo dmcfz7 bransonshow bransonshows lolliedotcompix p1000605
Nippy and the Smallest Tasmanian Devil in the world (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog poteauoklahoma lolliedotcompix p1360929cc
min1024 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: wallpaper dog lolliedotcompix
Tiger Wince (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: zoo tiger tulsa tulsazoo tulsaoklahoma easternoklahoma twotigers lolliedotcompix
The Coral Queen (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: roses rose coralrose cutroses lolliedotcompix coralroses p1050270c
Giant tufted titmouse on birdbath (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird birdbath tuftedtitmouse lolliedotcompix littletroublemaker p1210408ccbeastybird beastybird
Hunka hunka burnin Hillbilly Luv! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention hillbillyclown p1190859
Bald Headed Cardinal talking to the cat (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cat cardinal catfight femalecardinal molting baldcardinal featheryfriday lolliedotcompix baldheadedcardinal baldheadedbird p1300539cc cardinalear onemoreword catonarubberraft thecatisthinkingdoesanyoneherespeakcardinal youretheonlypersonwhohasusedcardinalearasatag
a gardener and a golfer (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention p1190768
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: mo panasonic missouri branson bransonmissouri bransonmo dmcfz7 lolliedotcompix p1000439c
I didn't do this. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird lolliedotcompix p1190050ccard
Ain't she sweet.... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal aintshesweet juvenilecardinal lolliedotcompix youngcardinal p1290398nnccrop

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