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Being fat is the hardest and worst job in the world. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: beforeandafter weightloss lolliedotcompix
Oh great, now she's taking my picture too. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dachshund spoiledrotten doxie blackandtan mrblack weinerdog lolliedotcompix doginsweatshirt weiniedog mrblackinbluetoday p1350782c
He's not dead. He's faking. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird smallbird lolliedotcompix hesnotdead nohesnotdead lmaoanimalphotoaward hejustthrewhimselfonthedecklikethatthenflewaway p1280469ccrop hesfaking bigidiot
My FIRST 5k!  Vike Hike 2011 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: casc lolliedotcompix iveneverbeensohappy myfirst5k lolliedotcom weightthatday168 vikehike cascvikehike my1st5k ilovemydiet ilovemyworkout
First one video-ed by Rhonda (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: exercise diet weighin success weightloss lolliedotcompix dietandexercise
Hello 189! It's sure been a long time since I've seen you! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: exercise diet ok weighin success weightloss workingout healthydiet poteauok lolliedotcompix debbiehale dietandexercise rndebbiehale leflorecountyhealthdepartment
JabbaTheHut-Lollie (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: moi lollie lolliedotcompix
OutofMyMindYES (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: moi lollie lolliedotcompix
UPW-March (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: moi lollie lolliedotcompix
WhatAMessyRoom (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: moi lollie lolliedotcompix
Still too thick, but definitely in the pink! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: ohwell lolliedotcompix youonadiet goodwalkingshoes thankyoudrozforcuringmyneverendinghunger phkyouhighfructosecornsyrupyouevilmf 7speedbike takingasipbetweeneachbitedamnistillforgetsometimes howdifferentwouldmylifehavebeenhadilearnedthetruthabouthighfructosecornsyrupwheniwas20 mp3playerloadedwithfavoritefasthits absolutelyessentialheartratemonitor stillfatstillfatstillfatgdmitimstillfatanditjustdevastatesmetopostthesefatpictures
Nippy and the Smallest Tasmanian Devil in the world (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog poteauoklahoma lolliedotcompix p1360929cc
No zoom, just a gentle Great Dane (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog major great greatdane dane lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty p1360722c
the rarely seen 'three horned red devil' cardinal (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: fab bird cardinal card threehorns lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty threehornedreddevil ouuespooky morelikeadoredfeatheryfriend p1340867cc1
Crow boi-i-n-n-n-gg! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird crow lolliedotcompix boinnggggcrowboiinnnggg p1350475cc
Loco and Harley (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dogs pom loco harley pomeranian poms pomeranians lolliedotcompix freetotherighthome
My first eagle! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird bigbird eagle lolliedotcompix avianexcellence myfirsteagle eaglecajones maybejusteagleelbowsbuttheydontlooklikeeagleelbows p1350267cc
Cedar Waxwing (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cedarwaxwing pleaseid lolliedotcompix p1350070nn
Thanksgiving Dinner is on! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog tbone basenji basenjimix lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty helpivefallenandicantgetupwithoutlookinglikeanidiot
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird birds jay bluejay bluejays featheryfriday lolliedotcompix abigfave p1350127nncc
Gordon was at peace with the choice he'd made. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird gold goldfinch finch featheryfriday lolliedotcompix p1340943nncc
Cardinal Tartar (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: red bird cardinal card malecardinal redcardinal lololol lolliedotcompix cardinalinadish cardinaltartar p1340876nncc
My Queendom for a cardinal! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cards cardinal cardinals malecardinal lolliedotcompix malecardinals p1340789cc
wind swept card (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: red bird cardinal hey card malecardinal heyhey naturesfinest redcardinal lolliedotcompix mywinners heyquitpushinme p1340543c
Cold Card (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: red bird cardinal card malecardinal lolliedotcompix fluffedredcardinal p1340566nncc
Curious Card (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal hey card malecardinal lolliedotcompix heywhatareyoudoinginthere whatareyoudoin p1340567
Chickadee flyover... ruin the shot or make the shot? (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird scarlet cardinal chickadee naturesfinest scarletred lolliedotcompix cardinalandchickadee chickadeeflyover
Goldfinches.  I love em! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird birds goldfinch americangoldfinch goldfinches americangoldfinches pairofbirds femalegoldfinch lolliedotcompix p1340159ncc1 femalegoldfinches
Make Way for the Autumn King! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal naturesfinest lolliedotcompix p1330693nncc
Downy Woodpecker (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird woodpecker downywoodpecker lolliedotcompix malewoodpecker miniwoodpecker maleminiwoodpecker p1330720nncc
Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird rosebreastedgrosbeak femalerosebreastedgrosbeak lolliedotcompix p1330767nnc
Levitating Cardinal Trick (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal femalecardinal levitate itsmagic lolliedotcompix p1330617nncc levitatingcardinal
You've been voted off the island. Sorry. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal prince card throne survivor juvenilecardinal sittingonthethrone lolliedotcompix youngprince youngcardinal p1310967nnccrop youvebeenvotedofftheisland
Training the Jays to bow after each performance is a slow process... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bow bluejays lolliedotcompix threebluejays trainingthebluejays p1310490nnccrop treblueperformanceartists ishouldatakenpictureswhentheywerejumpingthroughhoopsontheirlittlebicycles iwillaftertheyquitfallingofftheirbikes bluejaydaredevils nowyouseewhytheygettoeatoutoffinecrystal
My first blue jay family portrait (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay bluejays lolliedotcompix 3bluejays bluejayparent juvenilebluejays bluejayfamilyportrait
"Are you pregnant?" (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: red bird beautiful parrot naturesfinest isaidyes supershot lolliedotcompix ithinkitsaparrot hekeptaskingmeifiwaspregnant jerrysaidno p1300996ccrop
"You cannot scare that cat. " (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal housefinch lolliedotcompix cardinalhoppingupanddown cardinaltryingtoscarecat cattoostonedtoscare p1300663nnccrop housefinchandcardinal
Drunk Cardinal Crashes the Party... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cat cardinal landing juvenile cardinals lolliedotcompix abigfave dontdrinkandfly lmaoanimalphotoaward cardinaljuvenile cardinalsskidding stopcrash p1300675nnccrop2
Bald Headed Cardinal talking to the cat (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cat cardinal catfight femalecardinal molting baldcardinal featheryfriday lolliedotcompix baldheadedcardinal baldheadedbird p1300539cc cardinalear onemoreword catonarubberraft thecatisthinkingdoesanyoneherespeakcardinal youretheonlypersonwhohasusedcardinalearasatag
Party on deck! Everyone's invited! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird birds cat featheryfriday lolliedotcompix everyonesinvited tiossealofapproval naturenolimits partyondeck tuftedtitmousechickadee cardinalkidhousefinchpartyitsaparty
way cool cat and sheer chickadee wings (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cat bestviewedlarge chickadee 25cents featheryfriday lolliedotcompix abigfave p1300657nnccrop2 nowitsabirdfeeder buttheystilltreateditkindalikeacat thecatwasexpensivebutwortheverypenny catinapolkadottedrubberraft catwearingsunglasses cattoothbrushholder
juvenile undercarriage and delicate grace. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird bluejay lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty juvenilebluejay imthinkingthisoneisagirl p1300183nnccrop
Blue Jay impersonating Doug Stanhope (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bluejay fluffedupbluejay heswarningoffacardinalkid kidgotthehintandranp1300110ccrop dougstanhope bristlinmasculineenergy dougstanhopenotforthefaintofheart iflennybrucehasreincarnatedhisnameisdougstanhope bird lolliedotcompix
He's so transparent when he's angry! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinals lolliedotcompix youngcardinals juvenilecardinals hessotransparentwhenhesangry p1260776ccrop
sharp set of wing tips (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay lolliedotcompix juvenilebluejay youngbluejayp1300078nnccrop
Drenched blue jay (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird wet jay bluejay lolliedotcompix wetbluejay p1250367nnccrop
Ain't she sweet.... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal aintshesweet juvenilecardinal lolliedotcompix youngcardinal p1290398nnccrop
Blue Jay Hood Ornament (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay naturesfinest beautifulidiot lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty bluejayvogue bluejaypretendinghesahoodornamentonacar p1280506nnccrop
Feathery Dolphin  ~ dining (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty asyoucanseeherethebluejayisaclosecousinofdolphinsandporpoises p1280507nnccrop hesgotthelookofloveitsinhiseyes thelookofloveyoucanthiiiiide
He's doing it again. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay blueribbonwinner lolliedotcompix anawesomeshot impressedbeauty hesdoingitagain p1280188nnccrop beefscommentslayedme

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