2007 2007coaiconvention bird branson bransonmissouri bransonmo bugs butterfly cardinal classiccarshow clown clownconvention coai coaiconvention convention creepycrawlies dachshund dachshunds dmcfz7 dog dogs easternoklahoma exposquare flutterby insects lolliedotcompix missouri mo mrblack mrminnihan oklahoma panasonic tahlequah tulsa tulsacarshow tulsaexposquare tulsaoklahoma tulsastatefairgrounds tulsazoo wallpaper

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Frank could make ANYTHING outta balloons! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: frank clown convention 2007 lolliedotcompix coai 2007coaiconvention p1190409
My Favorite Superstition... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: love heart cardinal superstition lolliedotcompix ilovecardinals iheartcardinals ilovethisbrightredidiotbird isithumanlypossibletoseeaheartandnotthinkofjanoid nop1220701cccardlove myfavoritesuperstition ifacardinalflysinfrontofyouitsgoodluck iftheylandinfrontofyouitsgoodluckx10
the rarely seen 'three horned red devil' cardinal (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: fab bird cardinal card threehorns lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty threehornedreddevil ouuespooky morelikeadoredfeatheryfriend p1340867cc1
I'll fly away (one glad mornin') I'll fly away.... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird searchthebest bluejay whiteriver luckyshot naturesfinest featheryfriday lolliedotcompix abigfave birdtakingoff impressedbeauty bluejaytakingoff bluejayliftoff bluejayinflight
One of the cardinal kids, all fluffy and glowing. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal juvenilecardinal lolliedotcompix p1270823nnccrop cardinalkid awwsobeautifulnow butstillyouhatetoseethemgrowuptoo
Even a Flaming Heart.... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: jan flamingheart jannifer janoid lolliedotcompix ourheartsbelongtojan heartaflame ourfriendjan
Bubba looks right at home (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention hillbillyclown p1190808
He ain't heavy, he's my house centipede (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: centipede linnaeus housecentipede scutigeracoleoptrata scutigeromorpha scutigeridae lolliedotcompix orderscutigeromorpha familyscutigeridae
Many clowns were models in face painting classes (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention 2007 lolliedotcompix coai 2007coaiconvention p1190526c
Mr. Minnihan, 14 year old alpha dog at play (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dogs mrblack dogsplaying lolliedotcompix mrminnihan oneofthegreatestgiftsgodevergaveme oneofthesmartestdecisionsinmylife heusedtoherdcolliesonafiveacrefarm hednipattheirheels theylearnedtostoponadimeandlaydownonhim itwastheonlywaytogethimtostop gawwwwwwwdilovemydogs
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention springfieldmo lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention p1190722
She sees us behind the sliding glass doors. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: squirrel lolliedotcompix
The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: mo panasonic missouri branson varietyshow bransonmissouri magnificentseven bransonmo dmcfz7 bransonshow tamraholden bransonshows lolliedotcompix p1000574
Look at Them Headlights! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: tulsaoklahoma classiccarshow tulsacarshow tulsastatefairgrounds exposquare tulsaexposquare lolliedotcompix
Snakes on a Plane in Branson (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: soap snakes snakesonaplane lolliedotcompix 081806 snakesonaplaneinbranson soapcrashinginbransonmo
DSCN6521 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: lolliedotcompix
JabbaTheHut-Lollie (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: moi lollie lolliedotcompix
Happy Father's Day! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: tulsaoklahoma classiccarshow tulsacarshow tulsastatefairgrounds exposquare tulsaexposquare lolliedotcompix
And the fireworks show begins.... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: fourthofjuly 4thofjuly independenceday 070405 lolliedotcompix
Fresh Monarch 3131 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: monarchbutterfly newmonarch monarchbutterflyemerging freshmonarch wetbutterfly lolliedotcompix
Worry Not - Giant Swallowtail - Tulsa Zoo (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: wallpaper butterfly giant insect hope zoo faith prayer butterflies cnn worry tulsa flutterby swallowtail papilio goodmorningamerica giantswallowtail tulsazoo flutterbye tulsaoklahoma papiliocresphontes thetodayshow cresphontes lolliecom lolliedotcompix
Aha! Artichoke Plume Moth! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: nikon moth stripe plumemoth platyptilia e880 artichokeplumemoth lolliedotcompix
Our very own ballooner eclipse!! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: lolliedotcompix p1140280c
Godzilla Rubber Duckie (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: hot oklahoma yellow air balloon rubber godzilla hotairballoon tulsa duckie rubberduckie balloonfest tulsaoklahoma tulsaballoonfest lolliedotcompix
Damsel Fly on a Shoulder (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: insects bugs damselfly creepycrawlies lolliedotcompix
sunset on tallest hill in the world. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: 2001 lolliedotcompix
I don't like it Mum. Get it off me! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dachshund mygrandsons nah hahahah doxie weinerdog idontlikeit wackyshots lolliedotcompix mrblacksaidthisseveraltimes beforemygrandsonnoticedhisbritishaccent ilovehislittleshortlegs ilovehisbigfloppyears ohyouthoughtimeantmrblackslegsandears
flyawayhome (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: insects bugs creepycrawlies lolliedotcompix
I am so thrilled to discover my pants are longer!! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: oz curves lolliedotcompix p1200457 mypantsarelonger thankyoucurves thankyoudroz whoooeee
A blur of joyful play (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dachshund dachshunds mrblack lolliedotcompix mrminnihanisablurofjoyfulplay p1160717c dachshundsplaying
Golden Boys (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dogs dachshunds mrblack goldenboys lolliedotcompix mrminnihan portraitoflove mysweeties chickensoupforlolliessoul p1160703c
really big instruments. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: violin fiddle branson bransonmissouri bransonmo thegrandsquare lolliedotcompix
Autumn Rainbow Tree (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: iloveit lolliedotcompix autumnrainbowtree whatkindoftreeisthis p1130572c
Napoleon Bonaparte (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird napoleon napoleonbonaparte handsomelittledevil lolliedotcompix p1160607nnccrop littleofficer
Your Darkest Moments (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: lolliedotcompix
P1000337 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: car clouds classiccar mo panasonic missouri branson 1940ford blackcar bransonmissouri bransonmo dmcfz7 classiccarinterior 1940fordinterior lolliedotcompix
My FIRST 5k!  Vike Hike 2011 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: casc lolliedotcompix iveneverbeensohappy myfirst5k lolliedotcom weightthatday168 vikehike cascvikehike my1st5k ilovemydiet ilovemyworkout
Oak Leaf Pool 3229 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: oklahoma tahlequahok easternoklahoma tahlequah tahlequahoklahoma lolliedotcompix
Honey Butter (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: sunset tablerocklake lolliedotcompix missourisunset p1150242c omgnotelephonepoles
You Can Fly (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: wallpaper lolliedotcompix
Clowns have kind eyes (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention 2007 lolliedotcompix coai 2007coaiconvention p1190640c
More, much more than this, I did it Segway! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: segway lolliedotcompix segwaypark segwayparkinbranson
candle light cd (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: candle candgleam candlelight pinkcandle lolliedotcompix candlelightandcd
Sebastian Laughs (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dogs sharpei mixedbreed bloodhound easternoklahoma sharpeibloodhoundmix panamaoklahoma lolliedotcompix
Peanuts directly below!  DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird lolliedotcompix p1180889c
thislittlepiggy (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: pink pig slide poop piggybank branson pinkpig carnivalride bransonmo kidsride pigpoop kidsslide lolliedotcompix
God, What an Artist!  - Watercolor (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: wallpaper oklahoma river watercolor illinois pond goldfish god hawk sparrow koi sparrowhawk koipond easternoklahoma tahlequah watercolorartist lolliedotcompix
wateroffaducksbill (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: lolliedotcompix
So here we go again. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog blackandtan rubberwig plushdog lolliedotcompix dogandrubberwig p1060120 plushdoginrubberwig
Pipevine Swallowtail 0371 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: butterfly flutterby blackvelvet tulsazoo tulsaoklahoma pipevineswallowtail battusphilenor blackbutterfly lolliedotcompix

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