2007 2007coaiconvention balloonfest bird blue bluejay bluejays branson bransonmissouri bransonmo bransonshow bransonshows butterfly cardinal cardinals clown clownconvention coai coaiconvention convention dmcfz7 dog easternoklahoma featheryfriday gold heart hillbillyclown hotairballoon housefinch jay lolliedotcompix magnificentseven missouri mo oklahoma panasonic sky sunterra tablerocklake tulsa tulsacarshow tulsaoklahoma varietyshow

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Painted Lady (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: oklahoma butterfly paintedlady distelvlinder vanessacardui easternoklahoma lolliedotcompix 0274
We started the day with a perfectly Janoid morning! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird hearts heart no finch housefinch lolliedotcompix janisacarrierofheartfever nowabunchofusflickriteshaveit symptomsincludebutarenotlimitedto everytimeyouseeaheartyouthinkdamnishouldabroughtmycamera youalsoautomaticallythinkjan icouldabeensomebody starsareashapeheartsareashapeandtheresanotherjanforya wellthereyagoyougotittoo andthegoodnewsistheresnocure iliveexactly42milesfromeurekaspringsarlolliesaidasshegatheredherpurseandkeys seeingheartseverywhere valentinesdaywasjustonejanthingafteranother youthinkyourereallyfunnylikethatonejanthingafteranotherjustcracksmeup imsurprisedimnotdoingstandup icouldabeenastar inyourwholelifewillyoueveragainbeabletoseeaheartandnotthinkjan butitsokaytoselfmedicateincaliforniaoregonamsterdamandeurekaspringsar
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird birds jay bluejay bluejays featheryfriday lolliedotcompix abigfave p1350127nncc
Here's looking at you, kid.... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: turtle branson snappingturtle sunterra bransonmo lolliedotcompix
Sunset in Koi Pond (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: mo panasonic missouri branson fallcreek sunterra bransonmissouri bransonmo dmcfz7 plantationatfallcreek lolliedotcompix
Get your dogs in row (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog lolliedotcompix
Near Sighted, Love Sick Blue Jay & Amour! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue elephant bird jay bluejay bonsai bonsaitree juniper brasselephant juniperbonsai lolliedotcompix p1200033cc
Look at Them Headlights! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: tulsaoklahoma classiccarshow tulsacarshow tulsastatefairgrounds exposquare tulsaexposquare lolliedotcompix
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention 2007 lolliedotcompix coai 2007coaiconvention p1190627c
Mr. Black is watching (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog dachshund mrblack lolliedotcompix mrblackiswatchingtheshadowofabirdonthefloor p1160633nnccrop
Shooting stars? Or Jet trails? (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: lolliedotcompix p1160729cshootingstars
peek-a-boo daffodils (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: peekaboo daffodils yellowdaffodils lolliedotcompix
Kiss Me You Fool! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal priceless kissme cardinals kissmeyoufool lolliedotcompix cardinalkiss kissmeyoufoolithinkyoufarted p1170841ckissme
"Years later Miss Finch learned it wasnt her figure that was scaring men away.." (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird lolliedotcompix p1170196c
Bedpan Geeetar Serenade (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention bedpan lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention hillbillyclown p1190853
Always water your cds (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: color water cd your always cds prettycolor lolliedotcompix
Nature's treble clef (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: morning glory morningglory lolliedotcompix p1080846c
Photoshopped Antler Chandelier (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: carpet photoshopped antlers rug antlerchandelier antlerchandelierrug lolliedotcompix
Clowns have kind eyes (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention 2007 lolliedotcompix coai 2007coaiconvention p1190640c
Evolution, it's got God written all over it. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cross faith evolution creation notme coincidence housefinch trex fluke asign tyranasaurusrex lolliedotcompix nothingatall howdoyouspellthat ionlyaskcauseithinkispelleditwrong p1230619nnccrop creativeevolution onlyhumanshavetheaudacitytolimitourcreator whosaysgoddidntcreateevolution ithinkgodcreatedevolutionanditsfascinatingbeautifuleverchanging evolutionitsgotgodwrittenalloverit asignfromgod
Waterfall Sparkles (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: reeds waterfall sunlightonwater branson bransonmissouri tablerocklake bransonmo chateauonthelake lolliedotcompix
albino sky (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: sky rainbow unique albino unusual unusualsky lolliedotcompix uniquesky albinosky albinorainbow p1180562calbinosky
Magnificent Seven Take Flight (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: mo panasonic missouri branson varietyshow bransonmissouri magnificentseven bransonmo dmcfz7 bransonshow bransonshows lolliedotcompix p1000505
Yeah, yeah, that's what YOU say.... whatever. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: dog lolliedotcompix p1170788cminn
Who was Midas? Sunset. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: gold goldwater tablerocklake lolliedotcompix sunsetinthelake p1140451c
Frank could make ANYTHING outta balloons! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: frank clown convention 2007 lolliedotcompix coai 2007coaiconvention p1190409
A Frustrating Miss (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue dodge tulsa carshow prowler bluecar tulsaoklahoma tulsaok tulsacarshow dodgeprowler lolliedotcompix
You've been voted off the island. Sorry. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cardinal prince card throne survivor juvenilecardinal sittingonthethrone lolliedotcompix youngprince youngcardinal p1310967nnccrop youvebeenvotedofftheisland
Drenched blue jay (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird wet jay bluejay lolliedotcompix wetbluejay p1250367nnccrop
I had to take acid to play this Rubik's Cube. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue red green gold colorful saturatedcolor youdothemath intensecolors allthatglittersisgold lolliedotcompix goldencolorbricks potpaintshoppro
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention hillbillyclown p1190832
Check out how fast they're playing that fiddle! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blacklight lolliedotcompix theduttons
She did WHAT??? (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird lolliedotcompix p1170904cshedidwhat
"You feelin' guilty yet, Missy?" (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay lolliedotcompix bluejaybecomesart p1250546nnccrop
Godzilla Rubber Duckie (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: hot oklahoma yellow air balloon rubber godzilla hotairballoon tulsa duckie rubberduckie balloonfest tulsaoklahoma tulsaballoonfest lolliedotcompix
There's only one way to protect our country from terrorists... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue brown bird bluejay nope featheryfriday lolliedotcompix voteblue impressedbeauty isthereabrownonourflag p126095nncrop voteastraightblueticket besideseagleskillbunniesandsmalldogs doyouhaveasmalldog thatsrightitwaseagles theyrealwayswatchingcommieshowsandgettingcommieliterature iknowtheydontlooklikeit buttheyare redwhiteandbluehuh whatcolorareeagles justlookathimhesgorgeous dontyouloveyoursmalldog eagleskillcatssmalldogsandsomepeoplesbabies rememberthatbabyadingosupposedlygotinaustralia turnsoutitwasntdingosatall nevertrustaneagle theyrecommies
4030 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: oklahoma hotairballoon balloonfest tulsaoklahoma easternoklahoma lolliedotcompix
 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: clown convention lolliedotcompix coai coaiconvention 2007coaiconvention clownconvention p1190749
On your mark, get ready, get set, GO!!! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: squirrel go onyourmark getset lolliedotcompix p1230662nnccrop nowaitgottascratchfirst
Time to Quit ? What was your first clue? (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: cigarette mo panasonic missouri earrings lighter cigarettes branson bic quitsmoking inhaler biclighter bransonmissouri bransonmo quittingsmoking blackearrings redlighter dmcfz7 redbiclighter lolliedotcompix
Find the Flaming Heart -- P1000336 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: sky black car clouds classiccar heart flames mo panasonic missouri branson 1940ford blackcar bransonmissouri bransonmo flamingheart dmcfz7 lolliedotcompix
thislittlepiggy (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: pink pig slide poop piggybank branson pinkpig carnivalride bransonmo kidsride pigpoop kidsslide lolliedotcompix
It's raining cardinals here! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird lolliedotcompix p1170911crainingcardinals
It's a Sweet Tea and Whiskey Sunset (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: lolliedotcompix p1220800cc
6627 (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: butterfly insect missouri branson flutterby thebutterflyplace lolliedotcompix
I wish you could hear her. (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: mo panasonic missouri branson varietyshow bransonmissouri magnificentseven bransonmo dmcfz7 bransonshow tamraholden bransonshows lolliedotcompix p1000529
Drunk Cardinal Crashes the Party... (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: bird cat cardinal landing juvenile cardinals lolliedotcompix abigfave dontdrinkandfly lmaoanimalphotoaward cardinaljuvenile cardinalsskidding stopcrash p1300675nnccrop2
Today's Lesson: (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird jay bluejay bluejays lolliedotcompix threebluejays todayslessonwhyyoumustalwayswashwindowssoonasyougetup p1230483nncc
Ohhh Sol oh Miaaa! (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: blue bird bluejay edwardscissorhands supershot featheryfriday whatishedoing lolliedotcompix impressedbeauty p1270270nnccrop ithinkheflewofflaughingathowshockediwas thatsprobablywhyhedidit whyisheinthatposition hewasfrozenlikethatforawhile ithoughthedbeenshot whatfreakedmeoutmostwasthathelookedlikehalfabluejay
We are the World (Lollie Dot Com) Tags: oklahoma children tulsa wearetheworld tulsazoo lolliedotcompix

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