30faves~ alberta autofocus bc blue bluebirdestates brown canada clouds fence frameit~level01~ green hamilton hills infinitexposurel1 infinitexposurel2 infinitexposurel3 lake level1peaceawards level1photographyforrecreation level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward mounthope murals musictomyeyes~l1 niceasitgets~level1 ontario outsidetheboxartproject peggyhr quebec red reflections sky sunset super~sixbronze☆stage1☆ thegalaxy thegalaxyhalloffame thegalaxytopawarders thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thelooklevel4purple toronto trees vancouver white

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1 of my favourite views of the Canadian Rockies (+5) (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr panorama yellowhead canadianrockies alberta canada athabasca thegalaxy super~sixbronzestage1 thelooklevel1red level1photographyforrecreation infinitexposurel1 niceasitgets~level1 frameit~level01~ level1peaceawards 30faves~ rainbowofnaturelevel1red thegalaxyhalloffame musictomyeyes~l1 infinitexposurel2 thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thelooklevel4purple
Mount Robson Provincial Park, BC (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr thegalaxy mountrobson clouds trees snow sky autumn level1photographyforrecreation niceasitgets~level1 thegalaxyhalloffame
Outside the Box Art Project, Henderson and Glen Cameron Road, Richmond Hill, ON (Snuffy) Tags: outsidetheboxartproject hendersonandglencameronroad markham ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Outside the Box Art Project, Annette and Jane, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: outsidetheboxartproject annetteandjane toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
The fountain of youth (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr sunset lake reflections fountain alberta canada rainbowofnaturelevel1red level1peaceawards niceasitgets~level1 infinitexposurel1 level1photographyforrecreation musictomyeyes~l1 heartawards niceasitgets~level2 thegalaxy 50faves platinumheartaward thegalaxyhalloffame
Outside the Box Art Project, Haney and Jane, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: outsidetheboxartproject haneyandjane toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
The Lions: "One of the most recognizable Vancouver landmarks  " (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr thelions twopeaks silhouettes trees dsc01193a vancouver bc canada super~sixbronzestage1 level1photographyforrecreation thelooklevel1red 10to24faves thelooklevel2yellow
Bees by Nick Sweetman, Outside the Box Art Project, High Park and Parkside, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: bees nicksweetman outsidetheboxartproject highparkandparkside toronto ontario canada autofocus level1photographyforrecreation
Brant Street Pier at Sunset, Spencer Smith Park, Burlington, ON (Snuffy) Tags: brantstreetpier spencersmithpark lakeontario sunset burlington ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Art Gallery of Burlington, ON (Snuffy) Tags: artgalleryofburlington agb burlington ontario canada autofocus level1photographyforrecreation
Almost full moon and a murder of crows at sunset (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr harvestmoon crows mountains trees dsc01212y vancouver bc canada level1photographyforrecreation thegalaxy frameit~level01~ thegalaxyhalloffame 30faves~ gallery infinitexposurel1 super~sixbronzestage1 50faves 60faves~
MOOO, That's Bull! by Rosalie Lam, Outside the Box Art Project, St. Clair West and Keele, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: mooothatsbull rosalielam outsidetheboxartproject stclairwestandkeele toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Last night's moon (+1) (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr moon dsc01006ab vancouver bc canada thegalaxy level1photographyforrecreation thelooklevel1red infinitexposurel1 thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange super~sixbronzestage1
White valley. (bmauviard) Tags: natureandnothingelse alps frenchalps ilovenature flickrnature flickrbadgeineurope soixantequatorzehautesavoie mountainsclouds natureshots lesmontagnes beautifullearth landscapebeauty level1photographyforrecreation photographesdehautesavoie 845mmcamerafilters exploringoutdoor canoneos70dlandscape
Last night's blazing departure (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr sunset silhouettes ocean lionsgatebridge lights building clouds sky orange purple yellow red black dsc00854a vancouver bc canada level1photographyforrecreation
As another day came to a close... (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr sunset harbour goldenlight ships clouds sky red blue dsc00654a vancouver bc canada cranes level1photographyforrecreation thegalaxy super~sixbronzestage1 thegalaxytopawarders thegalaxyhalloffame
Annette Street Library, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: annettestreetlibrary toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Outside the Box Art Project, Elm Avenue and Mount Pleasant, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: outsidetheboxartproject elmavenueandmountpleasant toronto ontario canada autofocus level1photographyforrecreation
Inversion by Eldon Garnet, Sculptures at James Cooper House, 28 Linden, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: jamescooperhouse 28linden toronto ontario canada eldongarnet inversion level1photographyforrecreation
Seafront Fish Market, St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: seafrontfishmarket stlawrencemarket toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation autofocus
Banff, Alberta. HBM! (+2) (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr hbm dsc00469a banff alberta canada niceasitgets~level1 musictomyeyes~l1 level1photographyforrecreation
Red barns (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr fraservalley red farm mountains clouds green blue white dsc00552a bc canada niceasitgets~level1 musictomyeyes~l1 level1peaceawards infinitexposurel1 thelooklevel1red level1photographyforrecreation thelooklevel2yellow level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward thelooklevel3orange infinitexposurel2 infinitexposurel3 flickrawardgroup thegalaxy 30faves~
Castle Mountain in Banff National Park (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr castlemountain forest thegalaxy banffnationalpark alberta canada 30faves~ thegalaxyhalloffame thelooklevel1red level1photographyforrecreation thelooklevel2yellow level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward super~sixbronzestage1 super~sixstage2silver level3photographyforrecreationgold thegalaxytopawarders super~sixstage3gold
A stand out (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr goatsbeard seedhead green white blue bokeh dof img6840a bluebirdestates alberta canada taperedbuds tragopogondubious closeup brown ochre thegalaxy level1photographyforrecreation infinitexposurel1 super~sixbronzestage1 mothernature thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thelooklevel4purple thegalaxyhalloffame 30faves~
"Red, Orange and Green" by Michael Snow, Sculpture, Huntley Street and Selby Street, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: redorangeandgreen michaelsnow sculpture ontario canada toronto autofocus level1photographyforrecreation
Bell Box Murals Project, 198 Wellesley East, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: bellboxmuralsproject 198wellesleystreeteast toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, ON (Snuffy) Tags: canadianwarplaneheritagemuseum mounthope hamilton ontario canada autofocus level1photographyforrecreation
Hawker Hurricane Mark XIIB, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, ON (Snuffy) Tags: canadianwarplaneheritagemuseum mounthope hamilton ontario canada hawkerhurricanemarkxii level1photographyforrecreation
Noorduyn Norseman CF-GSR, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, ON (Snuffy) Tags: noorduynnorsemancfgsr canadianwarplaneheritagemuseum mounthope hamilton ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Pano:  No, not mountains but clouds! (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr panorama clouds hills lake reflections bluebirdestates alberta canada atmospheric level1photographyforrecreation infinitexposurel1 level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward infinitexposurel2 frameit~level01~ thegalaxy thelooklevel1red musictomyeyes~l1 thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange super~sixbronzestage1 infinitexposurel3 30faves~ thegalaxyhalloffame 60faves~ thelooklevel4purple level3photographyforrecreationgold infinitexposurel4 super~sixstage2silver lartedellanatura windsong~ lamiasonata~ theimaginativecamera infinitexposurel5 super~sixstage3gold frameit~level02~ level4photographyforrecreationemerald 100faves level5photographyforrecreationsapphire super~sixstage4art level6photographyforrecreationdiamond frameit~level03~ super~sixstage5elite frameit~level04~ level7photographyforrecreationeliteclub 90faves~ super~sixstage6andromeda50 frameit~level05~ journeysend~theacademy07 thegalaxytopawarders
View of white-washed log cabin through a window (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr level1photographyforrecreation level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward musictomyeyes~l1
Tabac Baskets, Chihuly Exhibits, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: tabacbaskets chihulyexhibits royalontariomuseum toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Moon against lightnings... (bmauviard) Tags: lightnings amateurs whatevertheweather flickrnature flickr2 flickraddicts flickrbadgeineurope soixantequatorzehautesavoie mountainsclouds longtimeexposure frenchalps natureshots amateurslandscape lakesoftheworld waterwaterwater beautifullearth natureetpaysages landscapebeauty lakeoftheworld lacs coolshot level1photographyforrecreation thebestpictures water groupwithexperience canoneos70dofficialgroup 845mmcamerafilters beginnerscommunity canoneos70dlandscape cieletcouleurs
Toronto Islands and Toronto Downtown, Toronto, ON, Flight from Montreal to Toronto (Snuffy) Tags: centreisland lakeontario toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation islandofhiawatha menecing torontoislands
Place des Arts, Montreal, PQ (Snuffy) Tags: placedesarts montreal quebec canada autofocus level1photographyforrecreation
Murals, Montreal, PQ (Snuffy) Tags: murals montreal quebec canada level1photographyforrecreation
Last night's approaching storm and red canoe (+2) (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr clouds comingstorm lake sunlight dark bright hills trees reflections redcanoe dsc00585c bluebirdestates alberta canada thelooklevel1red super~sixbronzestage1 moody atmospheric thelooklevel2yellow 30faves~ level1photographyforrecreation infinitexposurel1 simplysuperb thegalaxy infinitexposurel2 thegalaxyhalloffame
Watch out! A coyote running amongst the cattle (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr coyote prairies cattle img6553d cypresscounty alberta canada vignette abigfave level1photographyforrecreation
Happy Bench Monday! (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr hbm fence wagonwheel bench flowers trees sunlight brooks alberta level1photographyforrecreation level1peaceawards
Horses in the Graburn Gap, Alberta (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr horses fence water brown white beige green hills grasses trees shrubs sky clouds bushes img6401ab alberta canada thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow infinitexposurel1 frameit~level01~ thelooklevel3orange infinitexposurel2 30faves~ level1peaceawards thegalaxy thelooklevel4purple zodiacawards niceasitgets~level1 level1photographyforrecreation thegalaxyhalloffame niceasitgets~level2
Antelope (Antilocapra americana) (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr antelope prairies brown white img6317a alberta canada level1photographyforrecreation
Southwold Earthworks, Southwold, ON (Snuffy) Tags: southwoldearthworks southwold ontario canada ionastation nationalhistoricsiteofcanada level1photographyforrecreation attiwonderonk top150unusualthingstoseeinontario
le Linard, le d'Aloigny, and Rapides de Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec, en-route Toronto to Montreal (Snuffy) Tags: rapidesdecoteaudulac quebec canada autofocus lelinard ledaloigny level1photographyforrecreation
Sunrise, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: sunrise toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Underpass Murals, Bloor West and Dundas West, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: toronto ontario canada streetartorontounderpassprogram bloorwestanddundaswest level1photographyforrecreation
Murals, Keele Graffiti Alley, Keele and Dundas West, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: murals keelegraffitialley keeleanddundaswest toronto ontario canada level1photographyforrecreation
Murals, Niagara and Queen West, Toronto, ON (Snuffy) Tags: murals niagarastreetandqueenwest toronto ontario canada autofocus level1photographyforrecreation
The Snowbirds (+4) (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr airshow dsc00376a wetaskiwin alberta canada thesnowbirds canadianforces431airdemonstrationsquadron july202016 aerobaticteam infinitexposurel1 infinitexposurel2 level1photographyforrecreation visionaryartsgallerylevel1 thegalaxy super~sixbronzestage1 30faves~ myhatsofftoyou infinitexposurel3 thegalaxyhalloffame tuttigliscattidelmondo occhiofotografico
Reflected cloudscape... (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr cloudscape reflections lake clouds white blue sky trees shop hills dsc09746a bluebirdestates alberta canada dedication level1peaceawards level2platinumpeaceaward level1photographyforrecreation level3worldpeacehalloffame thegalaxy 30faves~ infinitexposurel1 windsong~ lamiasonata~ level4gallerytheverybest thegalaxyhalloffame level5peacekeepers
Happy Fence Friday! (peggyhr) Tags: chile pink flowers plants green yellow fence purple broom lupine hff peggyhr level1photographyforrecreation thegalaxyhalloffame thelooklevel1red super~sixbronzestage1

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