animal animals aphantopushyperantus butterflies butterfly canon chalkhillblue europe fauna flora flower flowers glades green insect insecta insects insekt insekten july larva lepidoptera light lycaenidae macro makro meadow melanargia moth mzuiko1250mm13563iiez nature nikon nymphalidae olympus purple ringlet schmetterling silverwashedfritillary strausberg summer tagfalter uk white wild wildlife

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Lycaena phlaeas (Ivo Novk) Tags: macro lepidoptera
Brimstone (Roger H3) Tags: insect butterfly lepidoptera brimstone
Endotricha flammealis micro moth head on (Ian Redding) Tags: animal british endotrichaflammealis europe fauna lepidoptera nature pyralid pyralidae uk wildlife antennae atrest compoundeyes headon insect invertebrate macro micro moth posture resting takeoff
White Admiral (hedgehoggarden1) Tags: norfolk uk eastanglia holtcountrypark butterfly insect nature wildlife creature canonpowershotsx50hs outdoors leaves lepidoptera whiteadmiral
DSC2041  Chalkhill Blue.. (jefflack Wildlife&Nature) Tags: chalkhillblue butterflies butterfly lepidoptera insects insect macro glades countryside grasslands heathland moorland nature
Schachbrett Melanargia galathea 160707-0853 _Eggersdorf_PS1_ (Pixel-Cat) Tags: melanargia schachbrett white butterfly schmetterling lepidoptera insect insekt macro eggersdorf strausberg brandenburg olympus omd em5 mzuiko1250mm13563iiez
Schachbrett Melanargia galathea 160707-0889 _Eggersdorf_SOOCx_ (Pixel-Cat) Tags: schachbrett melanargia white butterfly schmetterling lepidoptera satyridae augenfalter insect insekt macro eggersdorf strausberg brandenburg olympus omd em5 sooc mzuiko1250mm13563iiez
Zygaena viciae Kleines Fnffleck-Widderchen 160701-0615 _Herrensee_SOOCx_ (Pixel-Cat) Tags: zygaena burnet widderchen zygaenidae butterfly schmetterling lepidoptera insect insekt macro herrensee strausberg olympus omd em5 sooc mzuiko1250mm13563iiez
Kaisermantel (Argynnis paphia)_Q22A6897-BF (Bluesfreak) Tags: insekten schmetterlinge tagfalter kaisermantel argynnisadippe butter silverwashedfritillary lepidoptera unterfranken taubertal
Chalkhill Blue, Polyommatus coridon (Nature Exposed) Tags: chalkhillblue blue lepidoptera lycaenidae lycaenid blues nature natureexposed naturephotography leighprevost leighprevostphotography wildlife wildlifephotography wild springwatch sussex sussexwildlife sussexbutterflies westsussex
Black Swallowtail (BirdFancier01) Tags: meadow flowers plants lepidoptera summer swallowtail blackswallowtail
Ringlet - Aphantopus hyperantus (Mendip Wildlife) Tags: aphantopushyperantus arthropod biology britain brown butterfly close closeup detail detailed details dew dewcovered dewy england entomology europe european fauna flora fresh green habitat heathmcdonald hexopod imago insect invertebrate july lepidoptera macro magnified mendipwildlifephotography mendips natural naturallight nature nymphalidae ringlet somerset stokecamp summer sunrise uk westerneurope wildlife zoology morning
DSC3398 Comma.. (jefflack Wildlife&Nature) Tags: comma butterflies lepidoptera insect insects wildlife glades countryside heathland moorland hedgerows
Schachbrettfalter in XXL (roland_lehnhardt) Tags: eos60d ef100mmf28 butterfly schmetterling schachbrettfalter schachbrett damenbrett melanargia galathea edelfalter augenfalter insekten insect insecta bug grn green violett violet purple animals tiere tiefenschrfe schrfentiefe unschrfe dof pov lepidoptera amphiesmenoptera falter nature natur nahaufnahme close up wiesen pflanzen blumen flowers tierportrait portait light licht lichtstrahlen sunbeams shadow schatten sonne sun makro macro makroaufnahme
Small Heath (ABPhotosUK (Thanks for 600 followers)) Tags: animals butterflies canon coenonymphapamphilus dartmoor devon ef100400mmisii ef25mmextensiontube eos7dmarkii invertebrates lepidoptera macro nymphalidae riverlyd smallheath wildlife
Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus) (Bob Eade) Tags: commonblue lepidoptera seaford nature wildlife macro roosting meadow grassland southdownsnationalpark pair male nikond610
Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus ab. nov) (Hoppy1951) Tags: tonkenfig bridgend wales uk gbr kenfignationalnaturereserve allanhopkins hoppy1951 ringlet aphantopushyperantus imago underwing abnov aberration taxonomy:kingdom=animalia animalia taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda arthropoda taxonomy:subphylum=hexapoda hexapoda taxonomy:class=insecta insecta taxonomy:subclass=pterygota pterygota taxonomy:order=lepidoptera lepidoptera taxonomy:superfamily=papilionoidea papilionoidea taxonomy:family=nymphalidae nymphalidae taxonomy:subfamily=satyrinae satyrinae taxonomy:tribe=maniolini maniolini taxonomy:genus=aphantopus aphantopus taxonomy:species=hyperantus taxonomy:binomial=aphantopushyperantus koevinkje braunerwaldvogel schornsteinfeger tristan tesmaperhonen  taxonomy:common=koevinkje taxonomy:common=ringlet taxonomy:common=braunerwaldvogel taxonomy:common=schornsteinfeger taxonomy:common=tristan taxonomy:common=tesmaperhonen taxonomy:common= inaturalist:observation=3721077
Ringlet (jenny*jones) Tags: 3902 ringlet aphantopushyperantus nymphalidae brushfootedbutterfly lepidoptera westyorkshire gtbritain meadow summer2016 flower pollen canon canon100mm28
Polyommatus coridon  (Makromaus_Ahrweiler) Tags: polyommatuscoridon synlysandracoridon silbergrnerbluling chalkhillblue lycaenidae blulinge lepidoptera schmetterlinge makro macro naturaufnahme nature
Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet Xanthorhoe ferrugata. Many thanks to MICK for ID. (dougieritchie Out for about a week.) Tags: moth lepidoptera insect
Tussock Moth Caterpillar (Lymantriinae, Erebidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: insect macro china yunnan itchydogimages sinobug moth lepidoptera caterpillar larva tussock lymantriinae lymantriidae erebidae
DSC3391  Comma.. (jefflack Wildlife&Nature) Tags: comma butterfly butterflies lepidoptera insects insect wildlife woodlands glades hedgerows fields farmland countryside nature
Visitor in the Butterfly garden! (ineedathis,The older I get the more fun I have....) Tags: greatspangledfritillary butterfly male insect lepidoptera  butterflygarden butterflybush buddleiadavidii barberrybush roseglow flower purple macro summer nature nikond750 bokeh
Cerura vinula (Mark Johnson Macro) Tags: afsvrmicronikkor105mmf28gifed beautiful beauty beautyinnature ceruravinula closeup d800 insect lepidoptera macro markjohnson markjohnsonmacro moth nikon nikoncls notodontidae pussmoth
Stinging Nettle Slug Caterpillar (Cup Moth, Mahanta sp., Limacodidae) "Snickers" (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: insect macro china yunnan itchydogimages sinobug cup moth lepidoptera limacodidae stinging nettle slug caterpillar larva snickers brown black topf25 explore topf50
Scarce Swallowtail caterpillar (Franziska Bauer) Tags: iphiclidespodalirius lepidoptera papilionidae segelfalter scarceswallowtail july summer
Small White (Explored!) (martindove) Tags: butterfly small white nature wildlife lepidoptera
Leptidea sinapis (Prajzner) Tags: wood light white macro butterfly insect nikon natural sigma poland lepidoptera slider mm 105 mag manfrotto velbon insecta woodwhite leptideasinapis leptidea sinapis photonature d7100 prajzner
Small Copper---- Lycaena phlaeas (creaturesnapper) Tags: uk europe butterflies insects lepidoptera smallcopper lycaenidae lycaenaphlaeas
Peacock----- Aglais io (creaturesnapper) Tags: uk europe insects lepidoptera nymphalidae butterflies peacock aglaisio
Silver-washed Fritillary----Argynnis paphia (creaturesnapper) Tags: uk europe butterflies insects lepidoptera fritillaries nymphalidae argynnispaphia silverwashedfritillary
Silver-washed Fritillary----Argynnis paphia (creaturesnapper) Tags: uk europe butterflies insects lepidoptera fritillaries nymphalidae argynnispaphia silverwashedfritillary
Resting Place (Shannonsong) Tags: orange green nature field butterfly lepidoptera wv violets greatspangledfritillary maripose jeffersoncountywv
Silver washed fritillary (hedgehoggarden1) Tags: uk nature butterfly insect outdoors wildlife norfolk butterflies lepidoptera eastanglia silverwashedfritillary holtcountrypark canonpowershotsx50hs
Dun Skipper (Euphyes vestris) (Megan E. McCarty) Tags: nature butterfly insect skipper lepidoptera hesperiidae skipperbutterfly puddling hesperiid
Banded Hairstreaks (Satyrium calanus) [Explored] (Megan E. McCarty) Tags: flowers flower nature fauna butterfly insect flora butterflies insects lepidoptera hairstreak butterflyweed lycaenidae hairstreaks lycaenid bandedhairstreak lycaenids bandedhairstreaks
Marbled white (petersrockypics) Tags: marbledwhitebutterfly marbledwhite butterfly knapweed wildflowers nikon nikond5200 2016 lepidoptera melanargiagalathea butterflies
Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni) (Bob Eade) Tags: butterflies brimstone gonepteryxrhamni lepidoptera lewes eastsussex woodland nature wildlife
6-spot Burnet (Curiosity thrills.) Tags: july 54008 bf169 sixspotburnetzygaenafilipendulae moth moths lepidoptera flying insects grass stem red black spots wild wildlife nature natural world beauty galloway scotland scottish
Zygaena transalpina (Sinkha63) Tags: faune insecta papillon zygnetransalpine zygne zygaenidae zygaenatransalpina zygaena moth lepidoptera butterfly animal macro nature wildlife ailtteronde allium alliumsphaerocephalon roundheadedleek lot midipyrnes france martel fra
Limacodid Slug Caterpillar (Cup Moth, Idonauton apicalis, Limacodidae) "Supernova" (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: insect macro china yunnan itchydogimages sinobug lepidoptera caterpillar larva cup moth limacodidae slug supernova topf25 explore topf50
Endothenia sp. most likely E. marginana. Thanks for ID assistance go to .Gerry and once again to MICK (dougieritchie Out for about a week.) Tags: insect moth lepidoptera
Garden Tiger (Arctia caja). (od0man) Tags: uk macro insect swindon moth lepidoptera arctiinae arctiacaja wiltshire gardentiger liden erebidae canonef100mmf28lisusmmacro
Butterfly...PartIV [explore Jul 20, 2016] (roland_lehnhardt) Tags: flowers light shadow macro green nature up animals butterfly bug insect licht dof close purple pov portait natur pflanzen violet wiese blumen lepidoptera ef100mmf28 makroaufnahme grn falter makro sonne schatten nahaufnahme insekten schmetterling violett schrfentiefe insecta tiefenschrfe unschrfe tierportrait amphiesmenoptera eos60d
Mixing the blue (jesse_the_ros) Tags: summer macro nature field grass animal butterfly insect photography scotland alba outdoor exploring july olympus hike lepidoptera explore mating 60mm icarus wandering animalia arthropoda commonblue hillwalking reproducing polyommatusicarus strathyre gbr insecta lycaenidae stirlin polyommatus robroyway polyommatini sruighlea antiomaireriabhach
Heller Wiesenknopf-Ameisenbluling (Phengaris teleius)_Q22A7047-BF (Bluesfreak) Tags: insekten schmetterlinge tagfalter hellerwiesenknopfameisenbluling phengaristeleius scarcelargeblue butterfly lepidoptera unterfranken spessart
Eastern Tailed Blue (Cupido comyntas) (Megan E. McCarty) Tags: plant flower nature leaves fauna butterfly insect flora lepidoptera clover lycaenidae easterntailedblue lycaenid
Ehrenpreis-Scheckenfalter (Melitaea aurelia) (MichaSauer) Tags: macro des lepidoptera makro schmetterling fritillary digitales 150mm nickerls tagfalter scheckenfalter mlite edelfalter
Chalkhill Blue, Polyommatus coridon (Nature Exposed) Tags: chalkhillblue polyommatuscoridon lepidoptera butterfly butterflies butterflyphotography bluebutterfly blues nature natureexposed naturephotography leighprevost leighprevostphotography wildlife wildlifephotography westsussex wild kithursthill springheadhill sussex sussexbutterflies butterflyconservation insects insect
Azur de l'Ajonc, le Petit Argus / Silver-studded Blue (Yannick Herremans) Tags: azurdelajonc plebejus argus petit silverstudded blue papillon butterfly lepidoptera france bretagne brittany canon sigma raynox dcr250 insect animal nature macro

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50 lepidoptera 28 insect 24 butterfly 23 nature macro 14 wildlife 13 butterflies 10 insects moth uk 7 nymphalidae 6 schmetterling europe insecta lycaenidae 5 summer 4 insekten fauna july makro olympus flowers chalkhillblue flower animal silverwashedfritillary green white 3 meadow aphantopushyperantus light tagfalter melanargia glades strausberg wild explore countryside omd insekt ringlet china schachbrett larva animals purple nikon natural schmetterlinge sinobug em5 close canon mzuiko1250mm13563iiez flora itchydogimages lycaenid yunnan caterpillar grün tiefenschärfe male invertebrate brimstone canonpowershotsx50hs zygaena sigma commonblue edelfalter leaves france gbr falter greatspangledfritillary licht topf50 topf25 beauty blumen tierportrait unterfranken holtcountrypark moorland nahaufnahme black heathland outdoors limacodidae makroaufnahme norfolk violett eos60d unschärfe naturephotography up sussex blues ef100mmf28 closeup leighprevostphotography sonne comma scotland westsussex

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