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Chalcosiine Day-flying Moth Caterpillar (Pidorus atratus, Chalcosiinae, Zygaenidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro insect moth lepidoptera caterpillar yunnan larva zygaenidae chalcosiinae itchydogimages sinobug
Awl Caterpillar (Hasora sp., Coeliadinae, Hesperiidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china red macro topf25 yellow insect skipper lepidoptera caterpillar yunnan awl larva tweet fbe hesperiidae tumblr coeliadinae itchydogimages sinobug therubyawardsinvitation
The Common Purple Sapphire -  (Angiud thanks for 2.5 millions views) Tags: thailand butterflies lepidoptera lycaenidae lycaeninae maekampong thecommonpurplesapphire heliophorusepicleslatilimbata
Hummingbird Hawk-moth - Taubenschwnzchen (gbohne) Tags: closeup canon butterfly insect inflight flash moth insects lepidoptera geranium insekt animalia arthropoda insekten schmetterlinge schmetterling insecta geranie identified pterygota hummingbirdhawkmoth taubenschwnzchen neoptera pelagonium hawkmoths taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:subclass=pterygota taxonomy:family=sphingidae dirunal stellatarum 100mmf28canon taxonomy:binomial=macroglossumstellatarum taxonomy:genus=macroglossum taxonomy:subphylum=hexapoda taxonomy:subfamily=macroglossinae geo:country=slovakia geo:region=europe taxonomy:suborder=glossata taxonomy:infraorder=heteroneura
Spider Moth (Siamusotima sp., Musotiminae, Crambidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china noah red white macro topf25 insect moth lepidoptera yunnan onwhite mimicry trap tweet fbm fbe reddit crambidae aminus tumblr itchydogimages sinobug
Actinote sp., Nymphalidae (Ecuador Megadiverso) Tags: naturaleza macro southamerica nature fauna butterfly ecuador wildlife natur lepidoptera papillon inseto borboleta equateur makro mariposa arthropoda farfalla insetto insecte schmetterling equador biodiversity arthropod insecto nymphalidae sdamerika neotropical neotropics taxonomy:order=lepidoptera actinotesp
Hawk Moth Caterpillar (Theretra clotho, Sphingidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro green sphinx insect hawk moth lepidoptera caterpillar sphingidae yunnan larva itchydogimages sinobug vision:sunset=0581 vision:outdoor=0742 vision:clouds=0502 vision:sky=0638
Libythea celtis  (Laicharting, 1782) (Marcello Consolo) Tags: lepidoptera animalia arthropoda insecta nymphalidae papilionoidea libytheinae libytheaceltis libythea taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:superfamily=papilionoidea taxonomy:genus=libythea taxonomy:species=celtis taxonomy:binomial=libytheaceltis taxonomy:subfamily=libytheinae
Ancylolomia  * En la cocina (jacilluch) Tags: mariposa butterfly bug bichito bicho animalia insecta insect insecto farfalla bolboreta   lepidoptera lepidpteros microlepidpteros grassmoth mariposanocturna polilla moth crambidae crambinae ancylolomia faunademicasa
Butterfly 1 (DWImages-Daniela White) Tags: macro nature closeup butterfly insect dof lepidoptera papillon farfalla iow pleasedonotusewithoutmypermission fujis5pro sigma18200os danielawhite danielawhiteimages
The Japanese Dart /  (Dakiny) Tags: morning autumn color macro green nature beautiful animal yellow japan butterfly bug insect photo nikon shot bokeh picture september lepidoptera photograph tuesday yokohama tamron kanagawa 2014 hesperiidae fineweather papilionoidea aobaward a005 clearweather insectphoto potanthusflavum d5100 nikonclubit modela005 sp70300mmf456divcusd obacho thejapanesedart animalpohoto
Palamedes Swallowtail on Thistle (mllehmann) Tags: macro nature closeup butterfly insect lepidoptera swallowtail palamedesswallowtail wildflorida dailynaturetnc11
Great Mormon (Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton) Tags: blue black butterfly creativity wings 500v20f wing 15 lepidoptera papillon mormon mariposa cobaltblue farfalla schmetterling  darkblue cobalt greatmormon  devlinder tkh timothykhamilton creativityplus
A great poser, this Melitaea Trivia (Xenofon Levadiotis) Tags: flower macro animal butterfly insect spring lepidoptera papillon borboleta spotted mariposa fritillaries lesser trivia farfalla schmetterling fritillary vlinder insecta nymphalidae motyl pindos    pades pindus  lesserspottedfritillary melitaea aoos  timfi smolikas     melitaeatrivia   ef100mmf28lisusmmacro    padhes
common blue (HelenBushe) Tags: uk blue england macro closeup butterfly insect august lancashire lepidoptera 2012 jackscout silverdale commonblue polyomattusicarus canon7d canon100mmf28l justgeotaggedflowersandwildlife
Riding a Purple Chariot (NM Flower Girl) Tags: canon butterfly butterflies lepidoptera monarch winterfire monarchbutterfly albuquerquebotanicalgarden winterfirephotographicarts
Saddleback Caterpillar (cotinis) Tags: insect moth northcarolina lepidoptera caterpillar piedmont eol sibinestimulea sibine saddlebackcaterpillar limacodidae canonef50mmf25compactmacro acharia achariastimulea macromarvels taxonomy:binomial=achariastimulea
Argynnis adippe (PITUSA 2) Tags: lepidoptera galicia mariposa pitusa animalia arthropoda ourense bolboreta insecta nymphalidae argynnis serradaenciadalastra adippe elsabusto
88 (jjrestrepoa (busy)) Tags: butterfly insect colombia lepidoptera explore co santaelena 88 mariposa medellin 89 antioquia insecto nymphalidae rhopalocera biblidinae biblidini diethriamarchalii
Monarch (danaus plexippus) (celerycelery) Tags: usa macro nature america butterfly insect florida wildlife butterflies lepidoptera
Hooktip Moth Pupa  (Tridrepana argentistriga, Drepaninae, Drepanidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro green insect moth lepidoptera yunnan pupa metamorphosis drepanidae hooktip itchydogimages sinobug
Sergeant Butterfly Caterpillar (Athyma sp., Nymphalidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro green butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar yunnan larva sergeant nymphalidae tumblr itchydogimages sinobug
Early- to Mid-instar Stinging Nettle Slug Caterpillar (Cup Moth, Setora sp., Limacodidae) "Red Devil" (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china red macro cup insect moth lepidoptera caterpillar devil slug yunnan reddevil nettle larva stinging limacodidae itchydogimages sinobug
TGISNSCF* (Series 3/5) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china 2 macro green cup insect moth lepidoptera caterpillar slug yunnan nettle larva stinging limacodidae itchydogimages sinobug triplestreak vision:outdoor=0953 vision:dark=0542 vision:plant=0761
Small Heath Butterfly (Coenonympha pamphilus) (marmendy mill) Tags: france macro green grass closeup butterfly bug insect photo nikon butterflies lepidoptera 1001nights mariposa normandy satyridae coenonymphapamphilus smallheath agoncoutainville
Adonis Blue (Chris B@rlow) Tags: butterfly butterflies lepidoptera dorset wildlifetrust dorsetwildlifetrust ukbutterflies polyommatusbellargus adonisblue fontmelldown
Stinging Nettle Slug Caterpillar (Cup Moth, Limacodidae) "Claret" (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro cup insect moth lepidoptera caterpillar slug yunnan nettle larva claret stinging limacodidae itchydogimages sinobug
Atteva aurea on butterflyweed (Martin LaBar) Tags: flowers orange flower macro beautiful closeup insect wings flor moth southcarolina lepidoptera folded lovely apocynaceae milkweed naranja arthropoda primerplano butterflyweed asclepiastuberosa pickenscounty ailanthuswebwormmoth attevapunctella yponomeutidae ailanthuswebworm attevaaurea
Male Mixed Punch (Dodona ouida, Riodinidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china brown macro butterfly insect lepidoptera punch yunnan   riodinidae tumblr itchydogimages sinobug
Mylitta crescent (wolfpix) Tags: insectos gardens butterfly garden insect nikon butterflies jardin insects crescent lepidoptera papillon borboleta mariposa botanicalgarden jardins farfalla insectes aster giardino giardini schmetterling fritillary vlinder insetti   insetos papillons    alpineaster   mylittacrescent nikond60 insekte   rubyphotographer phycoidesmylitta
Adscita statices (PITUSA 2) Tags: espaa lepidoptera galicia pitusa lugo animalia arthropoda insecta zygaenidae ocourel statices adscita elsabusto
Zavija (natalija2006) Tags: moth pale lepidoptera tussock tortricidae metulji celyphalacunana lacunana zavija syricoris
Staff Sergeant Couple (Athyma selenophora, Nymphalidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro butterfly insect lepidoptera yunnan sergeant nymphalidae itchydogimages sinobug
Bent-line Carpet (Dendroica cerulea) Tags: summer insect newjersey moth nj lepidoptera blacklight geometridae highlandpark arthropoda invertebrate arthropod insecta fav10 middlesexcounty larentiinae mothlight costaconvexacentrostrigaria costaconvexa xanthorhoini geometroidea bentlinecarpet nationalmothweek
Asian Cabbage White Chrysalis (Pieris canidia, Pieridae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro green butterfly insect lepidoptera camouflage yunnan chrysalis pupa   pieridae tumblr itchydogimages sinobug
Argynnis paphia (Sinkha63) Tags: france macro nature butterfly bug garden insect die wildlife ngc jardin lepidoptera papillon insecte faune rhonealpes drme nymphalidae rhnealpes heliconiinae argynnispaphia nacr lpidoptre silverwashedfritillary tabacdespagne nacrs platinumheartaward rhopalocres argynnini annesorbes gettyimagesfranceq1
Blue Admiral (Kaniska canace, Nymphalidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china brown macro butterfly insect lepidoptera yunnan admiral nymphalidae tumblr itchydogimages sinobug vision:outdoor=0721
Gulf fritillary (jim_mcculloch) Tags: butterflies lepidoptera
Zeuzera pyrina (lagunadani) Tags: insectos butterfly sony moth butterflies lepidoptera moths mariposa mariposas a330 polilla invertebrados marinabaixa polillas lepidopteros vision:mountain=0531 vision:sky=0649 vision:outdoor=0616
Viceroy (Limenitis archippus) (monon738) Tags: macro nature closeup butterfly bug insect wings pentax butterflies indiana lepidoptera 300mm viceroy fortwayne limenitis nymphalidae allencounty limenitisarchippus viceroybutterfly k20d smcpda300mmf40edifsdm eaglemarsh littleriverwetlands
Western Pygmy-Blue (Brephidium exile) (kaeagles) Tags: california blue butterfly lepidoptera thegalaxy
Early- to Mid-instar Stinging Nettle Slug Caterpillar (Cup Moth, Setora sp., LImacodidae) "Yellow Devil" (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro cup yellow insect moth lepidoptera caterpillar devil slug yunnan nettle larva stinging limacodidae yellowdevil itchydogimages sinobug
Consul Fabius Butterfly (fabriciodo) Tags: macro butterfly insect lepidoptera papillon borboleta mariposa schmetterlinge farfalle nymphalidae sigma150 lepidotera nikond300s
Euphydryas aurinia (Sinkha63) Tags: france macro nature animal butterfly spring wildlife lepidoptera explore papillon insecte limousin beynat euphydryas nymphalidae nymphalinae explored marshfritillary melitaeinae euphydryasaurinia damierdelasuccise melitaeini annesorbes
20140728-DSC_0194 (melnikovee) Tags: macro nature butterfly insect lepidoptera nationalgeographic lycaenidae
Julia Longwing Butterflies (Dryas julia) (marmendy mill) Tags: macro green london closeup butterfly bug insect photo leaf nikon julia lepidoptera mating naturalhistorymuseum dryas longwing naturesgreenpeace ringexcellence sensationalbutterflies
Polygonia c-album (giansacca) Tags: butterfly insects lepidoptera papillon mariposa farfalla insetti farfalle polygoniacalbum lepidottero vanessacbianco
Hairstreak, Atlides atys (Ecuador Megadiverso) Tags: naturaleza macro southamerica nature fauna butterfly ecuador wildlife natur lepidoptera papillon inseto borboleta equateur makro mariposa arthropoda farfalla insetto insecte schmetterling equador biodiversity hairstreak arthropod insecto sdamerika neotropical neotropics taxonomy:order=lepidoptera atlidesatys
Hammock Skipper (polygonus leo) (celerycelery) Tags: usa macro nature america butterfly insect florida wildlife butterflies lepidoptera
Comma Butterfly (Chrissie28IWish! ~ hubby on the mend hopefully!) Tags: orange brown macro green closeup butterfly insect leaf wings head lepidoptera damaged markings antennae comma 2012 thorax abdomen

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50 lepidoptera 35 insect 32 macro butterfly 15 moth 14 china sinobug itchydogimages yunnan 12 mariposa nymphalidae 11 nature 10 papillon butterflies 9 closeup green caterpillar 8 farfalla larva arthropoda 7 insecta 6 tumblr wildlife schmetterling bug 5 borboleta limacodidae animalia 4 nettle 蝴蝶 insecte nikon stinging slug wings cup taxonomy:order=lepidoptera insecto 3 france red 昆虫 animal photo insects бабочка arthropod brown yellow blue papilionoidea neotropics orange biodiversity galicia πεταλούδα fauna jardin neotropical makro leaf explore topf25 südamerika america southamerica insetto polilla vlinder pupa flower fritillary inseto naturaleza annesorbes fbe 2012 taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda hesperiidae ecuador equateur crambidae bolboreta devil pitusa schmetterlinge natur farfalle canon insetti garden florida sergeant lycaenidae tweet usa spring equador insectos taxonomy:class=insecta beautiful elsabusto zygaenidae vision:outdoor=0616 libytheinae fineweather wildlifetrust stellatarum” hummingbirdhawkmoth sphingidae biblidinae piedmont autumn limenitisarchippus vanessacbianco london co d5100 vision:dark=0542 taubenschwänzchen viceroybutterfly pindos insekten primerplano fortwayne mormon noah therubyawardsinvitation invertebrate 89 vision:outdoor=0742 libythea geometridae heliconiinae lugo agoncoutainville sigma150 sphinx άνοιξη smolikas ©danielawhiteimages taxonomy:subclass=pterygota faune insectphoto commonblue geo:region=europe colombia albuquerquebotanicalgarden photograph taxonomy:kingdom=animalia 15 metulji motyl inflight taxonomy:superfamily=papilionoidea taxonomy:infraorder=heteroneura fbm insectes phycoidesmylitta punch geranie 나비 canon100mmf28l wildflorida spotted naturalhistorymuseum tuesday camouflage ngc sibine modela005 mothlight ancylolomia medellin ourense σμόλικασ creativity chrysalis vision:sunset=0581 southcarolina ringexcellence indiana vision:sky=0649 damaged argynnini zavijač lovely devlinder ผีเสื้อขมิ้นกับปูนธรรมดา taxonomy:binomial=achariastimulea identified hairstreak markings larentiinae crescent jackscout euphydryasaurinia explored smcpda300mmf40edifsdm thailand bichito ukbutterflies macromarvels flowers adonisblue northcarolina botanicalgarden yponomeutidae danielawhite limenitis insetos k20d sensationalbutterflies vision:mountain=0531 black dryas grassmoth kanagawa california nikonclubit insekt hooktip acharia argynnis england darkblue celyphalacunana alpineaster butterflyweed achariastimulea λουλούδι geometroidea ef100mmf28lisusmmacro skipper geo:country=slovakia reddit pelagonium jardins melitaeatrivia dorsetwildlifetrust beynat τύμφη bokeh dirunal aster fujis5pro newjersey 100mmf28canon lepidotera lepidópteros euphydryas satyridae heliophorusepicleslatilimbata vision:outdoor=0953 awl sp70300mmf456divcusd ailanthuswebwormmoth pades pterygota taxonomy:genus=macroglossum invertebrados justgeotaggedflowersandwildlife thorax lycaeninae wing faunademicasa normandy ζούδια insekte λξ nikond300s drôme 2014 trivia taxonomy:subfamily=macroglossinae claret cobaltblue rubyphotographer palamedesswallowtail longwing onwhite apocynaceae marshfritillary nationalgeographic riodinidae aoos pieridae lancashire swallowtail gardens limousin nymphalinae 500v20f lesser atlidesatys naturesgreenpeace vision:outdoor=0721 naranja trap bicho comma taxonomy:subphylum=hexapoda sigma18200os nj a005 taxonomy:family=sphingidae moths admiral adippe folded timfi winterfire clearweather die santaelena lesserspottedfritillary xanthorhoini color лептир polillas 昆蟲 milkweed έντομο الفراشات vision:plant=0761 reddevil polygoniacalbum

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Users: John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG) 14 Ecuador Megadiverso marmendy mill Sinkha63 PITUSA 2 celerycelery Dakiny natalija2006 jjrestrepoa (busy) jacilluch gbohne Chrissie28IWish! ~ hubby on the mend hopefully! monon738 kaeagles Marcello Consolo Martin LaBar Chris B@rlow lagunadani jim_mcculloch Xenofon Levadiotis NM Flower Girl DWImages-Daniela White cotinis mllehmann Angiud thanks for 2.5 millions views giansacca HelenBushe Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton Dendroica cerulea melnikovee fabriciodo wolfpix supports The Mountain Institute - Sustaining mountain people, cultures and environments through education, conservancy, and sustainable development.