animal animalia arthropod arthropoda biodiversity black borboleta brown bug bugs butterflies butterfly canon china commonblue farfalla fauna geometridae green insect insecta insects insekt insekten itchydogimages larva lepidoptera lycaenidae macro mariposa mariposas moth moths natur nature nymphalidae papilionoidea papillon schmetterling sinobug summer tumblr white wildlife yunnan

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"Look closely, then you'll spot the great things in the small, and you'll raise deity thoughts on the weak straw of the grass" (~Ranveig Marie~) Tags: summer rome macro male green nature grass norway closeup butterfly bug insect norge nikon dof wildlife natur norwegen bugs norwegian lepidoptera hann scandinavia hordaland sommerfugl naturewalk commonblue norsk bmlo polyommatusicarus gelbe redclover trifoliumpratense asphodel sunnhordland idas lycaenidae papilionoidea polyommatinae skandinavisk blfugl northernblue idasblue blvinge bogasphodel polyommatini nartheciumossifragum rdklver azurdugent vanligblvinge beinbrech moorlilie bleuviolet finns plebeiusidas hedblvinge hrenlilie blvinger myrlilja nartheciaceae lancashireasphodel bastardasphodel narthciedesmarais idasbluling idasblvinge blvingar dagsommerfugl benbrk almindeligbenbrk foranderligblfugl moyenargus romefamilien bleunordique argussagitt glansvinger
Polygonia_c-aureum_adult (TPittaway) Tags: china butterfly beijing lepidoptera nymphalidae beijingbotanicalgarden polygoniacaureum asiancomma tonypittaway october2013
Life On This Leaf (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china 2 macro insect moth lepidoptera caterpillar lasiocampidae yunnan larva lappet itchydogimages sinobug
Melanargia galathea (Luciano Silei - sky7) Tags: macro lepidoptera friuli nymphalidae melanargiagalathea marbledwhite satyrinae melanargia osoppo sigma150macro canon7d ninfalide lucianosilei
Hypomecis punctinalis - oruga (PITUSA 2) Tags: lepidoptera galicia geometridae mariposa animalia arthropoda larva ourense oruga bolboreta verin hypomecis eiruga castrelodoval punctinalis ensecta pitusa2 elsabustomagdalena
Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus) (bayucca) Tags: butterfly lepidoptera papillon borboleta mariposa farfalla schmetterling commonblue polyommatusicarus ribwortplantain plantagolanceolata lycaenidae bluling polyommatus hauhechelbluling spitzwegerich gemeinerbluling specinsect taxonomy:binomial=polyommatusicarus wwwnkisinfoflickr0066z8152 wwwnkisinfoflickr0066z8153
Lycaena Dispar (Sinkha63) Tags: france macro male nature animal butterfly wildlife lepidoptera papillon copper fra corrze limousin beynat lycaenidae lycaenadispar largecopper lycaena lycaeninae iucnredlist cuivr cuivrdesmarais annesorbes grandcuivr thersamolycaenadispar
Loepa sikkima (Angiud) Tags: thailand lepidoptera moths krabi saturniidae saturniinae khaophanombenchanationalpark loepasikkima
Backside (~Simmy~) Tags: animal animals butterfly insect tiere butterflies insects lepidoptera insekt arthropods tier insekten schmetterlinge schmetterling arthropod flyinginsects hexapoda pterygota phylumarthropoda specanimal tagfalter fluginsekten tracheentiere gliederfser sechsfser kerbtiere kerfe insektmitfarbigbeschupptenflgeln tagaktiverschmetterling simonenoll
Perfection in Texture and Design (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china white macro cup insect moth bean lepidoptera caterpillar jelly slug yunnan jellybean larva reddit limacodidae tumblr itchydogimages sinobug
Inachis io (Peacock) (Nexus49) Tags: butterfly peacock lepidoptera inachisio
Delaware Skipper (Drriss & Marrionn) Tags: usa nature dallas backyard texas wildlife butterflies insects lepidoptera skippers dallastx insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=hesperiidae taxonomy:superfamily=papilionoidea taxonomy:subfamily=hesperiinae taxonomy:binomial=anatrytonelogan taxonomy:suborder=glossata taxonomy:infraorder=heteroneura taxonomy:genus=anatrytone taxonomy:species=logan
My Pet Moth (e_monk) Tags: wild macro nature animal bug insect geotagged nc moth northcarolina bugs lepidoptera stuff arctiidae tigermoth wendell 1000 animalia arthropoda arthropod rjs carolinas flyinginsect insecta attributionnoncommercialsharealike macrolepidoptera noctuoidea ccbyncsa sal100m28 apantesis taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:family=arctiidae sonyalphaa700 2008emonk rescuedfromaspiderweb apantesisphalerata whatwoollybearsbecome taxonomy:common=tigermoth taxonomy:genus=apantesis sixforkscrossroads grenelefepointe taxonomy:binomial=apantesisphalerata taxonomy:species=aphalerata
Myrtle's Silverspot (Speyeria zerene puntareyes) (kaeagles) Tags: california butterfly bugs lepidoptera ptreyes
The Straight Swift on Udo (Aralia cordata) /  (Dakiny) Tags: autumn white plant flower color macro cute nature beautiful animal japan butterfly bug wednesday insect whiteflower photo nikon pretty afternoon shot sweet bokeh picture september lepidoptera photograph udo yokohama lovely tamron kanagawa ichigao 2014 cloudiness aoba kenko cloudyweather hesperiidae aobaward animalphoto spikenard a005 oudo flowerphoto dullweather insectphoto straightswift araliacordata d5100 nikonclubit modela005 sp70300mmf456divcusd ichigaocho japanesespikenard mountainasparagus mccloseupno10
Zebra Wings (NM Flower Girl) Tags: butterfly lepidoptera zebralongwing albuquerquebotanicalgarden
Heliconius Ismenius Butterfly (fabriciodo) Tags: macro butterfly insect lepidoptera papillon borboleta mariposa schmetterlinge farfalle nymphalidae heliconius lepidotera
Common Blue (macropoulos) Tags: blue butterfly topf50 bravo 500v20f lepidoptera 500v50f icarus common animalia arthropoda themoulinrouge insecta naturesfinest lycaenidae 500x500 hexapoda polyommatus canonspeedlite430ex lycaeninae 1500v60f 1000v40f canonef100mmf28macrousm specnature specanimal mywinners canoneos400d polyommatini 30faves30comments300views specinsect vivitar2xteleconverter 50faves50comments500views infinestyle diamondclassphotographer taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera macrophotosnolimits taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda theunforgettablepictures taxonomy:family=lycaenidae macrofoted taxonomy:binomial=polyommatusicarus taxonomy:genus=polyommatus taxonomy:common=commonblue
Butterfly Moth (Callidula attenuata, Callidulidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china brown black macro butterfly insect moth lepidoptera yunnan butterflymoth reddit callidulidae itchydogimages sinobug
Lymantriine Moth (Cispia cf. venosa, Lymantriinae, Erebidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro topf25 insect moth lepidoptera yunnan onwhite trap lymantriidae lymantriinae erebidae tumblr itchydogimages sinobug
Rolf_Nagel-Fl-IMG-3355-Pterophoridae (Insektenflug) Tags: fauna butterfly germany insect deutschland fly flying inflight european im action wildlife flight moth insects lepidoptera rolf pterophoridae airborne insekt federmotte nagel insekten schmetterling wilhelmshaven plume fliegen flug nachtfalter plumemoth fliegend microlepidoptera pterophorus federgeistchen insectinflight insectflight kleinschmetterlinge insektenflug rolfnagel
Painted Lady (_SMadsen) Tags: butterfly cosmopolitan insects lepidoptera paintedlady vanessacardui nymphalidae sawwort serratulatinctoria nymphalinae serratula
Regal White Admiral Butterfly In My Backyard (LostMyHeadache: Absolutely Free *) Tags: life blue trees light shadow red summer white macro green nature leaves canon butterfly bug insect spring wings bokeh branches blossoms lepidoptera foliage buds bushes antennae davidsmith whiteadmiral wingedinsect calgaryalbertacanada eos60d
California sister (wolfpix) Tags: insectos canon butterfly bug insect butterflies jardin insects bugs lepidoptera papillon borboleta jardim tuin mariposa garten jardines jardins farfalla insecte insectes giardino giardini schmetterling vlinder jardn insetti   insetos californiasister papillons  grten     adelphabredowii tuinen insekte canonpowershots3is
Paper Kite (Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton) Tags: red white black butterfly insect creativity wings 500v20f wing stlouis insects lepidoptera papillon saintlouis stl mariposa farfalla schmetterling  butterflyhouse  devlinder paperkite tkh 1000v40f timothykhamilton creativityplus
Red Admiral (nature55) Tags: flowers summer nature butterfly insect outdoors redadmiral lepidoptera naturesfinest nature55 372explorepages aplusphoto
Nolid Moth (Chloephorinae, Nolidae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china macro green insect moth lepidoptera yunnan nolidae chloephorinae itchydogimages sinobug
[1909] Speckled Yellow- Pseudopanthera macularia (linanjohn) Tags: uk macro nature wildlife insects lepidoptera cumbria moths geometridae ennominae 1909 whitbarrow explored speckledyellow pseudoplantheramacularia
Zygne Transalpine (Zygaena transalpina) (Sinkha63) Tags: france macro nature beautiful animal closeup insect wildlife moth lepidoptera papillon vercors insecta rhonealpes zygaena drme zygaenidae rhnealpes zygne zygnetransalpine zygaenatransalpina saintagnanenvercors annesorbes zygaenatransalpinatransalpina
Rhetus arcius (Rhiodinidae) visiting our lab (Arthur Anker) Tags: macro nature butterfly insects lepidoptera panama beautymark riodinidae rhetus
~She's Light On Her Feet!~ (~Diana Nevermind~) Tags: pink orange white black macro green nature butterfly wildlife lepidoptera papillon mariposa animalia arthropoda monarchbutterfly insecta nymphalidae danausplexippus papilionoidea ilovesummer happysaturday takenwithmypointandshoot sheslightonherfeet
Papilio machaon IV (remus3374) Tags: summer macro nature canon butterflies insects lepidoptera closeups mariposas papilio flyinginsects machaon 5dmkii macrolns 100mmlisf28 flash600exrt
Butterfly on green leaves. (Alexandra Rudge. Thanks for your friendship!!!) Tags: plants naturaleza plant insectos planta nature leaves fauna canon butterfly insect leaf plantas butterflies arboretum lepidoptera botanico plantae mariposa mariposas jardinbotanico insecto insecta mourningcloakbutterfly nymphalisantiopa californiawildlife losangeleswildlife thelosangelescountyarboretumandbotanicgarden californiafauna losangelesarboretumbotanicgardens alexandrarudge arcadiaarboretumandbotanicgarden californiaarboretumandbotanicgarden thelosangelescountyarboretum creativephotocafe wildlifeofcalifornia lawildlife
DSC_9984 Common Blue. (jefflack Wildlife&Nature) Tags: nature butterfly wildlife butterflies insects lepidoptera commonblue
Geometrid Moth (Percnia sp., Ennominae, Geometridae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china orange macro insect moth lepidoptera geometridae yunnan onwhite trap itchydogimages sinobug
Lythria cruentraria (diegocon1964) Tags: lepidoptera geometridae larentiinae lythriacruentaria lythriini
Pararge aegeria (diegocon1964) Tags: lepidoptera nymphalidae parargeaegeria satyrinae papilionoidea elymniini
Learning curve II (nick edge) Tags: macro nature butterfly bokeh wildlife butterflies somerset lepidoptera backlit orangetip anthochariscardamines orangetipbutterfly
Picture Wing Leaf Moth (Thyrididae) (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china brown macro insect moth lepidoptera yunnan thyrididae tumblr itchydogimages sinobug
BILD DES MONATS 12/2014 (Stephan Rech | Naturfotografie) Tags: wild horizontal deutschland europa sommer tag natur lepidoptera blau falter insekt nahaufnahme tier insekten schmetterlinge schmetterling polyommatusicarus insecta nichts lycaenidae bluling hauhechelbluling niemand tagsber wildtier drausen fluginsekten queraufnahme querfoto hauheuchelbluling
Hide & Seek (bigd0011768) Tags: pink flowers summer macro nature floral yellow butterfly large august lepidoptera wi excellence cybele helianthus nymphalidae greatspangledfritillary speyeriacybele heliopsis speyeria bmna heliconiinae flyingflowers echinaciapurparea
Besouro-desfoliador (Classe Insecta, Ordem Coleoptera, Familia Chrysomelidae, Tribo Luperini, Genero Diabrotica) (Enio Branco) Tags: macro nature brasil rainforest sony natureza butterflies bugs frog lepidoptera toad moths sapo mariposas borboletas biodiversity entomology insetos macrophotography coleoptera r insecta besouros mataatlntica biodiversidade entomologia tapira natureplus votorantim herptology minoltamacro100mm dslra550 eniobranco herptologia
Inachis io / Peacock Butterfly / Baboka pav oko (Jaroslav Kaas) Tags: red brown black animals canon insects lepidoptera arthropods animalia arthropoda insecta nymphalidae bilateria brushfoots butterfliesandmoths taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae taxonomy:genus=inachis taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:subclass=pterygota taxonomy:superfamily=papilionoidea camera:make=canon exif:make=canon exif:iso_speed=100 exif:aperture=f4 taxonomy:subfamily=nymphalinae taxonomy:infraclass=neoptera taxonomy:subphylum=hexapoda taxonomy:binomial=inachisio exif:flash=off taxonomy:species=io camera:model=canoneos7d exif:model=canoneos7d taxonomy:tribe=nymphalini taxonomy:division=bilateria taxonomy:subdivision=protostomia taxonomy:subkingdom=eumetazoa taxonomy:suborder=glossata taxonomy:infraorder=heteroneura exif:lens=canonef100mmf28lmacroisusm exif:tripod=off exif:exposure=1500sec taxonomy:cohort=holometabola taxonomy:falanga=ditrysia original:filename=img26217jpg
At Rest (NM Flower Girl) Tags: blue canon butterfly butterflies lepidoptera bluemorpho winterfire bluebutterfly albuquerquebotanicalgarden menelausbluemorpho pnmbutterflypavillion winterfirephotographicarts
Which way is up... (macfudge1UK) Tags: uk summer england plants nature fauna butterfly bug insect flora europe britain wildlife lepidoptera gb bloom 2009 soe oxfordshire scabious oxon peacockbutterfly fieldscabious stantonharcourt inachisio knautiaarvensis allrightsreserved bej abigfave countryfile citrit theunforgettablepictures theunforgettablepicture theperfectphotographer goldstaraward excapturemacro s100fs naturethroughthelens fujifilmfinepixs100fs alittlebeauty fujifilmfinepixs100fsawards newgoldenseal
Parnassius apollo (Sebastian Rusei) Tags: flower macro nature clouds canon butterfly photography spring spain insects lepidoptera mariposa top20butterflymoth sigma180mm iphoneography canoneos550d
Butterfly (Ecuador Megadiverso) Tags: naturaleza macro southamerica nature fauna butterfly ecuador wildlife natur lepidoptera papillon inseto borboleta equateur makro mariposa arthropoda farfalla insetto insecte schmetterling equador biodiversity arthropod insecto insecta quateur sdamerika neotropical neotropics taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera
Butterfly eclosion, Rusty-tipped Page, Siproeta epaphus (Ecuador Megadiverso) Tags: naturaleza macro southamerica nature fauna butterfly ecuador wildlife natur lepidoptera papillon inseto borboleta equateur makro mariposa arthropoda farfalla insetto insecte schmetterling equador biodiversity arthropod insecto nymphalidae sdamerika neotropical siproetaepaphus rustytippedpage neotropics taxonomy:order=lepidoptera butterflyeclosing
How Many Eyes Does a Caterpillar Have? (John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)) Tags: china brown macro insect moth lepidoptera caterpillar yunnan larva fbe tumblr itchydogimages sinobug
Snowberry clearwing moth (jim_mcculloch) Tags: lepidoptera moths

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