art berlijn berlijnsemuur berlin berlinermauer berlinwall blackandwhite brezhnev california communism ddr deutschland dmitrivrubel duitsland east eastsidegallery erich erichhonecker erichonecker europe friedrichshainkreuzberg gallery germany graffiti honecker kiss leonid leonidbrezhnev mauer mural people postcard premier russia sovietunion statue statues streetart themortalkiss trade ussr wall war yorbalinda yorbalindaca

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The Kiss (axshuzaifa) Tags: travel people urban streetart cold berlin love wall germany painting graffiti mural kiss war europe east communism berlinwall ddr duitsland mauer deadly eastsidegallery ironcurtain deutchland berlijn brd leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker mauerbau frg
Atlanta - Poncey-Highland: Jimmy Carter Library and Museum - SALT II Pen (wallyg) Tags: atlanta museum pen ga georgia eastside jimmycarter presidentiallibrary jimmycarterlibraryandmuseum cartercenter fultoncounty leonidbrezhnev ponceyhighland saltii jimmycarterlibrarymuseum saltiipen
Bruderkuss (Red Cathedral is alive) Tags: streetart berlin wall germany deutschland graffiti sony rollerderby alpha eastsidegallery berlinermauer leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker dmitrivrubel bruderkuss mirrorless a6000 obstaclerun
10Nov08 Berlin-127 (WanderNeal) Tags: berlin germany honecker brezhnev leonidbrezhnev herichhonecker
Roy Peterson 5 (Eric Colquhoun) Tags: blackandwhite nuclear marbles 1970s weapons sovietunion grimreaper leonidbrezhnev editorialcartoons roypeterson
da brezhnev-honecker kiss, from afar (nayrb7) Tags: streetart berlin art wall germany kiss kissing erich berlinwall honecker leonid brezhnev berlinwallart leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker brezhnevhonecker
34:365 (swellxelle) Tags: scarf glasses floor michelle politicians russian vladimirlenin matryoshkadolls leonidbrezhnev borisyeltsin mikhailgorbachev 365days josephstalin
IMG_3539 (mudsharkalex) Tags: california statue statues nixon richardnixon yorbalinda anwarsadat goldameir worldleaders leonidbrezhnev nikitakhrushchev yorbalindaca shigeruyoshida anwarelsadat nixonmuseum maotsotung richardnixonmuseum
The Socialist Fraternal Kiss, The Kiss, 1979 (Regis Bossu) (neil mp) Tags: berlin wall painting graffiti mural berlinwall fr friedrichshain thekiss eastsidegallery leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker mhlenstrasse friedrichshainkreuzberg regisbossu thesocialistfraternalkiss
Detail - Kiss of Death - East Side Gallery (ShambLady recovering and back soon) Tags: berlin art monument wall kreuzberg germany deutschland graffiti freedom memorial kiss gallery open modernart decorative kunst air side paintings decoration erich east memory graffitti alemania ddr restoration friedrichshain 2009 gdr modernekunst coldwar dimitri openair preservation kuss duitsland mauer muur kus eastsidegallery berlijn the freiheit vrijheid breznev honecker leonid berlinerwall kissofdeath herinnering vrubel brezhnev leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker berlijnsemuur friedrichshainkreuzberg koudeoorlog oostduitsland oostblok voormalig gedenk openluchtkunst ostmauer mhlenstrase dimitrivrubel
My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love (JONE VASAITIS) Tags: street city people blackandwhite bw berlin germany photography nikon grafitti explore berlinwall brezhnev fraternalkiss leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker dmitrivrubel explored bruderkus
50 years of the Moldavian S.S.R. (1974). (Ion Chibzii) Tags: brezhnev leonidbrezhnev
L1010779 (Lois Images) Tags: winstonchurchill charlesdegaulle maozedong zhouenlai goldameir konradadenauer leonidbrezhnev yorbalindaca anwaralsadat shigeruyoshida richardnixonpresidentiallibrary lifesizebronzestatues hallofworldleadersnixonpresidentiallibrary nikitakhruschchev
Berlin06.2010-717 (michael40001) Tags: berlin germany deutschland ddr allemagne eastsidegallery berlinermauer leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker friederichshain ef24105mmf4lisusm bruderkuss leonidbreschnew canoneos5dmarkii brotherhoodkiss
Lenin, Brezhnev, Bodiul etc. (1976). (Ion Chibzii) Tags: lenin leonidbrezhnev ivanbodiul
Monument to Leonid Brezhnev (Osdu) Tags: monument statue russia moscow soviet publicart sovietunion ussr cccp moscou moskva moskwa mosc leonidbrezhnev maskva
Leonid Brezhnev is out shooting. (raima50) Tags: postcard trade leonidbrezhnev
IMG_3541 (mudsharkalex) Tags: california statue statues nixon richardnixon yorbalinda worldleaders leonidbrezhnev nikitakhrushchev yorbalindaca nixonmuseum richardnixonmuseum
2012 (Robb North) Tags: patriotic right cheesecake boom birthdayparty jellybean lennybruce leonardbernstein leonidbrezhnev rright theothernightidreamtofknives continentaldriftdivide mountainssitinaline andlesterbangs yousymbiotic slambugnet
East End boys (petharti) Tags: berlin germany graffiti mural berlinwall travelphotography leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker
Leonid Brezhnev & Erich Honecker (ybanrab,nareehs) Tags: berlin graffiti kiss leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker
 (TheNomadicLondoner) Tags: streetart berlin graffiti communism berlinwall eastsidegallery raycharles leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker dmitrivrubel mygodhelpmetosurvivethisdeadlylove
Sochi. 1982. Leonid Brezhnev with wife Viktoria. (raima50) Tags: postcard trade leonidbrezhnev
"My god. Help me to survive this deadly love" (SK51) Tags: people berlin art germany europe places things berlinwall eastsidegallery lightroom leonidbrezhnev dmitrivrubel erichonecker
Leonid Brezhnev. Vladivostok. 1974. Trying the fur - the gift of President Ford. (raima50) Tags: postcard trade leonidbrezhnev
sarah admiring the wall (abiboiny) Tags: sun berlin girl sarah eastsidegallery leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker
The Makers Of Modern Destruction (stillunusual) Tags: music collage 1982 artwork punk destruction anarchy ronaldreagan margaretthatcher fanzine leonidbrezhnev anarchopunk punkzine punkfanzine joyofpropaganda
NA013136 (Kamred Hulaki) Tags: california usa war president northamerica americans males prominentpersons government leader whites orangecounty sanclemente premier russians diplomacy europeans easterneuropeans leonidbrezhnev soviets governmentofficial politicalleader richardmilhousnixon coldwar19451991
P1080662 (Armindolx) Tags: berlin germany berlinwall eastsidegallery leonidbrezhnev dmitrivrubel mygodhelpmetosurvivethisdeadlylove
Commies (Mondmann) Tags: california blackandwhite bw usa museum statues pb exhibition leaders premier sovietunion commies ussr yorbalinda communists communistparty brezhnev leonidbrezhnev generalsecretary nikond60 kruschev nikitakruschev richardnixonlibraryandbirthplace
My God, Help Me to Survive this Deadly Love (2plus2isfive) Tags: berlin art wall kreuzberg germany deutschland 50mm graffiti memorial kiss paint colours bright kodak vivid hasselblad ddr brotherhood gdr berliner mauer divide eastsidegallery distagon 500cm ektar leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker dmitrivrubel friedrichain tetenal colortec meingotthilfmir diesetdlicheliebezuberleben
IMG_3150 (dubnars) Tags: berlin germany deutschland europe 1855mm checkpointcharlie leonidbrezhnev berolina canonrebelxti themortalkiss erichonecker
"Roberto Alomar Explodes into Tiny Bits", Tonite Friday Dec 12, 2008 @ iO West, 11pm. (popomohaha) Tags: photoshop robertoalomar leonidbrezhnev iowest
20141024-0100 ( Tags: people woman streetart man berlin art wall germany graffiti kiss berlinwall brandenburg eastsidegallery deutchland leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker mhlenstrasse friedrichshainkreuzberg geo:city=berlin exif:focallength=18mm camera:make=olympusimagingcorp exif:make=olympusimagingcorp geo:countrys=germany geo:state=brandenburg exif:aperture=71 olympusmzuikodigitaled918mmf4056 exif:lens=olympusm918mmf4056 olympusomdem10 exif:isospeed=200 camera:model=em10 exif:model=em10 geo:lon=13442898333333 geo:lat=52503926666667
Mein Gott, hilf mir diese tdliche Liebe zu berleben (fileacn) Tags: berlin wall germany gallery side olympus east philip milne m43 fourthirds leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker dmitrivrubel epl2
Der Bruderkuss (ekelly80) Tags: summer streetart berlin art wall germany kiss murals urbanart berlinwall eastsidegallery leonidbrezhnev dmitrivrubel erichonecker derbruderkuss june2014
colorful portrayal of Leonid Brezhnev & Erich Honecker (skinnydiver) Tags: berlin germany graffiti berlinwall eastsidegallery leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker
In the mid 1970's Leonid Brezhnev was traveling much about the country meeting with workers, farmers, soldiers and party functionaries. (raima50) Tags: postcard trade leonidbrezhnev
Selfies at the East Side Gallery, Berlin (ScotchBroom) Tags: berlin germany gallery murals berlinwall eastsidegallery honecker brezhnev leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker selfies dmitrivrubel
Leonid Brezhnev Doll (Pete Woodhead) Tags: uk giant russia painted exhibit premier staffordshire shifnal coldwar sovietunion russiandoll rafcosford leonidbrezhnev nationalcoldwarexhibition
da brezhnev-honecker kiss, from up close (nayrb7) Tags: streetart berlin art wall germany kiss kissing erich berlinwall honecker leonid brezhnev berlinwallart leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker brezhnevhonecker
NOT AVALAIBLE. Leonid Brezhnev. 1976. An official portrait to Brezhnev's 70th birthday anniversary. (raima50) Tags: postcard trade leonidbrezhnev
Berlin - The Mortal Kiss (gordonbell) Tags: berlin berlinwall leonidbrezhnev themortalkiss erichonecker
Brezhnev (@fotochap) Tags: travel russia adventure communism soviet ru 2008 transsiberian leonidbrezhnev
NOT AVALAIBLE. Leonid Brezhnev. Fidel Castro in Brezhnev's study. (raima50) Tags: postcard trade fidelcastro leonidbrezhnev
,    | Lord, help me survive (Dit is Suzanne) Tags: streetart berlin wall 35mm germany graffiti scan berlinwall letter duitsland mauer muur berlinermauer berlijn  leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker  berlijnsemuur views200  july1996  flashfujica  1200x1200dpi   juli1996 leonidbrezjnev ditissuzanne 1996  brotherdcpj4120dw
The Berlin Wall (ashleighb77) Tags: germany berlinwall eastberlin leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker thestolenkiss
I am becoming leonid brezhnev (dogwelder) Tags: may bodylanguage eyebrow zurbulon6 2007 leonidbrezhnev zurbulon gatturphy
U1485269 (2612design) Tags: people war europe russia moscow battle leader ussr historicevent asianhistoricalevent northamericanhistoricalevent unitedstateshistoricalevent vietnamwar19591975 vietnamesehistoricalevent leonidbrezhnev anastasimikoyan governmentofficial gamalabdelnasser politicalleader alexeikosygin
Mein Gott hilf mir diese tdliche Liebe zu berleben. Berlin Wall. Dmitri Vrubel. (elsa11) Tags: berlin berlinwall eastsidegallery berlinermauer berlijn diemauer leonidbrezhnev erichhonecker berlijnsemuur meingotthilfmirdiesetdlicheliebezuberleben dmitrivrubel brotherkiss themortalkiss breznew leonidbreshnew

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