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M113 ACAV "Green Dragon" (Project Azazel) Tags: google lego vietnam pa armor ba apc nam vietnamwar googleimages m113 armouredpersonnelcarrier brickarms legomilitary legomodernwarfare legomodernmilitary legovietnam legomodernwar legonam projectazazel m113acv legom113
F-4E Phantom II Vietnam (rx79gez8gundam) Tags: airplane fighter lego aircraft jet vietnam douglas mcdonnell f4ephantomii
Lego WW2 Japanese Army (cooltrex) Tags: orange trooper grass army japanese star starwars rainforest gun lego roman zombie vietnam collection german sniper batman ww2 russian customs misprint protos colab youtube mosinnagant brickarms brickforge brickfair toywiz brickmania clonearmycustoms familybricks eclipsegrafx gibrick cooltrex infantryspread groupsdivisions
Star wars in 3D! (Cracker!) Tags: christmas tree germany that starwars back lego yeah christmastree camo 98 vietnam ama sniper oh ba armory russian sux kar m16 proto btr moc amzing mw3 brickarms
Huey Pilots (it) Tags: 3 water face dark gun lego contest tan slide tommy vietnam lit prof decals thompson pilot lupin forums posable ftw brickarms fliplit
sawed off m79 (SpontaneousRaptor) Tags: us saw gun lego off vietnam cod grenade launcher callofduty sawed sawedoff grenadelauncher brickarms brickarmsmods
BrickArms Forums The 'Nam Scene Contest (enigmabadger) Tags: war lego contest vietnam custom forums prototypes brickarms
Landings (6) (it) Tags: beach water river boat war lego c contest vietnam huey v prototype rib lit tunnels vc nam forums napalm dingy 2012 1960 vietcong landings choppa brickarms fliplit
huey (WIP sort of) (psiaki) Tags: matrix army lego bell vietnam huey helicopter gunship iroquois moc uh1
V2 UH-1 Iroquois "Huey" (~JalopyFusion~) Tags: usa america lego vietnam huey v2 nam iroquois uh1
Viet Nam : small camp and AH6 (Franckfbe) Tags: us war lego vietnam collection viet nam soldat amricain guerriers ah6
Napalm (it) Tags: beach water river boat war lego c contest vietnam huey v prototype rib lit tunnels vc nam forums napalm dingy 2012 1960 vietcong landings choppa brickarms fliplit
image (matthogenson) Tags: lego military vietnam huey helicopter
The Evolution of the U.S. Military (Cool Whip) Tags: modern soldier cool war lego military united evolution vietnam civil american whip ww2 states ww1 revolutionary figures musket brickarms
Micro-Scale Vietnam-Era Carrier Aircraft: Light/Medium Attack (mmbace) Tags: lego aircraft military vietnam bomber figher
Fallen Viet-Cong 2 (Bricks2Bricks (B2B)) Tags: war gun lego vietnam jungle brickarms
Lego Vietnam soldier Sleeves. (Epac1998) Tags: soldier lego vietnam huey helicopter need wants pilots m60 brickarms
image (matthogenson) Tags: lego military vietnam huey helicopter
BA 'Nam Scene Contest: 'Ambush' (12) (DarthNick) Tags: forest river war lego contest scene vietnam jungle swamp nam ambush brickarms
F-4E Phantom II Vietnam (rx79gez8gundam) Tags: airplane fighter lego aircraft jet vietnam douglas mcdonnell f4ephantomii
PT-76 v.2.0 (Gabry$) Tags: war tank lego russia vietnam soviet moc pt76 legopt76
PT-76 (Gabry$) Tags: tank lego military vietnam pt coldwar moc pt76 legopt76
Vietnam (Baron Crubstaks) Tags: project order lego vietnam vietcong greenberets
Vietnam WIP 2 (Noah-) Tags: 2 lego wip vietnam
In the Trench (Noah-) Tags: for lego contest vietnam ba moc trenc
Sneaking Past The Tower (-infomaniac-) Tags: tower lego military awesome vietnam sniper infomaniac
Nam Scene Contest (Kralcman) Tags: lego vietnam jungle soldiers figs vietnamwar minifigures brickarms namscenecontest
UH-1 huey (carterd1001) Tags: lego vietnam huey helicopter
Invasion of Phu Bai Valley (SEdmison) Tags: california lego military vietnam convention theme santaclara phubai bbtb bricksbythebay bbtb2014 bricksbythebay2014
M2 Browning Sniper (enigmabadger) Tags: cold war gun lego fig machine vietnam prototype accessories minifig custom proto accessory minifigure m2hb brickarms
Field Gun and Crew (Baron Crubstaks) Tags: field us marine gun lego united barrel vietnam crew prototype artillery marines states m16 adjustable howitzer brickarms
Lego Vietnam Movie trailer (Epac1998) Tags: movie video lego vietnam huey helicopter ww2
BBTB 2014 Vietnam moc (brick_builder7) Tags: by bay lego bricks vietnam huey jungle vc nam moc 2014 vietcong m113 bbtb hill484 bbtb2014 brickbuilder7
"For me?  What could it be?!?" (enigmabadger) Tags: lego fig vietnam minifig custom weapons minifigure brickarms
Choppa' (Jacob Y 89) Tags: war gun lego arc halo wip vietnam mexican helicopter sniper bandit clone humvee sentry atrt choppa odst
BDU's (The Ranger of Awesomeness) Tags: lego camo vietnam camouflage m14 bdu battledressuniform brickarms
Updated army V.U.T (imalegofigure) Tags: urban snow trooper soldier lego vietnam standard faction brickarms
Sandtrooper (Kyle Hardisty) Tags: black modern jones riot lego apocalypse halo indiana vietnam tusken huey stormtrooper shield reach ops m16 nam apoc warfare spartans raider sandtrooper tantooine
IMGP1146 (IvanGoneKrazy) Tags: giant robot lego vietnam hanoi
Tusken Raider (Kyle Hardisty) Tags: riot lego apocalypse halo vietnam tusken huey stormtrooper shield reach m16 nam apoc spartans raider sandtrooper tantooine
nam (mastermindbarney) Tags: lego vietnam m16 m21 brickarms
Vietnam Hill 484 (SEdmison) Tags: lego military vietnam convention bbtb bricksbythebay bbtb2014 bricksbythebay2014
Were going down! (TrooperGuy) Tags: chopper lego going down vietnam helicopter micro were
Brickadian Standard Infantry (~Entropy~) Tags: 2 brick gangster war gun lego ninja bap halo dirty aliens vietnam mob prototype lucky wierd ww2 ba autoupload custom mafia v2 magnum baps assassin minifigure spacemarine sniperrifle ppsh ac8 gearsofwar brickarms m4carbine sawnoffshotgun buzzgun apocsmg hcsr tacticalsword cpdw
"Oh baby, I've missed you" (Baron Crubstaks) Tags: photo gun lego jeep crash outdoor wounded leg vietnam foliage american jungle
soldats (Franckfbe) Tags: marine lego vietnam amricain vietcong militaires
'Nam (brick_builder7) Tags: lego vietnam nam brickbuilder7
Vietnam Chopper Front (Radical Serpentes) Tags: chopper lego vietnam gunner m60
All my stuff (GlobalBrickSoldier) Tags: modern army lego military wwii vietnam collection mortar stuff legos ww2 custom brickarms sidantoys flickrandroidapp:filter=none dijonbrickerremi
M16A1 w/bayonet (GingerProductions141) Tags: lego m1 vietnam guns ar15 bayonet brickarms m16a1 legoguns

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