2014 6kyubi6 afol alien aliens box brickarms brickworld build canon100mm car conceptcar cubedude cubedudes devid devidvii diorama foitsop ldd lego mech mecha military minifig minifigs minifigures moc mocs old robot scifi snot space steam steampunk tank train tree vignette war wars

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Draconian Cannonball (ted @ndes) Tags: train lego engine steam locomotive steampunk moc
Utility Mech 01 (Stefan Schindler) Tags: robot lego space utility mecha mech moc foitsop
Super Smash Bros Battle on Peach's Castle (Nick Brick) Tags: castle dan scale church casey smash lego princess stage nick nintendo super 64 build collaborative bros jensen n64 mccoy moc miniland peachs 2013 chilug brickworld nickbrick
Aquestrian Metal (intrond) Tags: fish anime girl robot lego mech moc
SEATTLE REPRAZENT! (Ochre Jelly) Tags: gun lego auction rifle weapon steampunk moc afol blunderbuss brickworld sealug
USS Saratoga schematic (Red Spacecat) Tags: lego space destroyer spaceship moc microspace usssaratoga redspacecat
Winter Break 07 (cjedwards47) Tags: school lego moc snowpocalypse postapoc
Orange! [EXPLORED] (Brick Productions) Tags: lego scifi guns built wid drones moc thingz
British dome - headquarters (captainsmog) Tags: red mars robot war rivets tank lego space walker dome copper british minifigs gears vignette base troops diorama mechs automaton steampunk mechas moc prussian
Target Aquired (Andrew Cookston) Tags: macro dark comics photography dc lego batman knight dccomics christo tdk moc thedarkknight deadshot thedarkknightrises tdkr andrewcookston
Cadillac 001 (6kyubi6) Tags: car lego cadillac 1930 moc 6kyubi6
The Power of Freedom: Iraq (!snap!) Tags: america buildings freedom war lego flag iraq explosion july4th destroy moc
Feral Spider-Drone (SuperHardcoreDave) Tags: robot spider lego mechanical future scifi moc drone
The Whisperer in Darkness (captainsmog) Tags: wood old lamp metal log lego box furniture space fear atmosphere brain stove cthulhu horror armchair creature et vignette hplovecraft extraterrestrial mocs moc migo minifigures unnamable
Lamborghini Fantasma (01) (F@bz) Tags: fbz lego lamborghini conceptcar moc
JANUS (DViddy) Tags: blue factory lego system hero demon gundam bionicle mocs moc janus bzp bzpower herofactory
Festive Joy To You All ! (Karf Oohlu) Tags: snowflake christmas xmas lego minifig christmaswreath moc collectibleminifig dsantaclaus
"I've got a problem here." (lights) Tags: charity starwars lego porkins wideload moc starwarslego jekporkins charityauction cubedude cubedudes iseeyourmaullarryandraiseyouaporkinsyourmove porkinslego brickshelpingjapan
The Showroom (<Antimatter>) Tags: fiction robot cool lego yeah tag victorian tags science scifi win vignette diorama mech steampunk antimatter moc unbelievably
You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry (halfbeak) Tags: yellow monkey robot lego banana scifi mech moc banabot
Spectacular Steam Heroes (Pate-keetongu) Tags: lego steam minifig steampunk moc minifigures purist
GARC Tandem (pasukaru76) Tags: lego space racer moc garc canon100mm
Lego Painting - Seawall Walk (Bricksky) Tags: vancouver lego seawall frances moc 2014 brickcon bricksky
DJ (Stefan Schindler) Tags: music dj lego jockey turntables speaker electronic disc moc foitsop
Spartrollikus (Karf Oohlu) Tags: lego chain troll sparta chainmail spartan sparticus moc trollworks chainmailarmour
The Cube (Max_Stav) Tags: max lego cube mech povray moc ldd
LCT-1V Locust (pasukaru76) Tags: lego locust mech battletech moc battlemech 2499 canon100mm 20tons lct1v berganindustries lightmech
Ring Box (Blake Foster) Tags: lego box ring snot moc afol
SG1 Tank (Devid VII) Tags: soldier war tank lego military tracks troopers vehicle soldiers wars fighting sg moc armoured devid sandgreen devidvii
Here Are My Pants! - Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809 Redesign (Imagine) Tags: pants lego redesign moc 70809 rebrick legomovie buildingchallenge imaginerigney lordbusiness {vision}:{outdoor}=0982 bethespecial
Motorcycle Enthusiast (CitizenBrick) Tags: lego bricks minifigs moc afol legopeople minifigures customlego legocreations legomini legozombies customlegos legocompatible coollegocreations
AGV High speed train (Sheo.) Tags: train lego trains snot pf moc agv foitsop powerfunctions
Tail_Hammer (Peteris Sprogis) Tags: car design lego offroad ps suv conceptcar moc 2014 afol legocar latlug
It's a trap! (Devid VII) Tags: blood lego delicious mosquito trap moc devid foitsop devidvii
Xenomorphs (Catsy [CC]) Tags: lego alien aliens moc xenomorph catsy brickarms lego:theme=space flickr:user=catsy lego:scale=minifig lego:theme=aliens
Mini Modulars Front (O0ger) Tags: lego mini modular moc ldd
PotC: Captain Jack Sparrow (BlockoLUG) Tags: lego disney legos piratesofthecaribbean moc jacksparrow captainjacksparrow cubedude cubedudes
X-Foil Attack Craft (pasukaru76) Tags: lego space moc starfighter canon100mm
Attack of the Aiyiis (Karf Oohlu) Tags: eye lego minifig vignette moc eyetoeye
PCS S.M.A.C. (M.R. Yoder) Tags: pcs lego space admiral moc smac giddens microscale
Topside (Kyle Overbay) Tags: james lego avatar rda samson camerons moc sa2 aerospatiale
Soren w/ sword (unlocked) (ZephyrChaos) Tags: new lego sword mecha mech soren moc
27.7.2035 (Mount Otium) (Brian Rinker) Tags: bridge sky mountain mountains tree ice smiling statue fog clouds landscape view lego buddha perspective scenic dry forced build moc atin
What's in the box? (6kyubi6) Tags: lego se7en moc 6kyubi6
General Lee-in Kantroll (Karf Oohlu) Tags: lego alien security aliens vignette moc foitsop securityagents aliensinblue notmeninblack
Duel Monsters (pasukaru76) Tags: cards lego technic yugioh moc canon100mm duelmonsters
New BrickArms acessories 1 (Aaron Patrick Morse) Tags: lego military ww2 moc sturmgeschtz stug brickarms brickforge
LAAT/i (2) (Kit Bricksto) Tags: star republic lego attack ii clones wars clone episode missiles diorama gunship moc minifigures gunpod laati
Newton vs the apple tree (Brother Steven) Tags: tree apple lego newton moc
Public Housing (Jared Chan) Tags: old city hk public hongkong lego competition housing 1970 moc acghk legendbricks legomochk mylegocreation

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