2016 afol america batman battlecruiser brick brickarms bucky cinematic comics creation crossover dc hoth landscape last lego legography legophotography macro magic marvel micro microscale minifig minifigs minifigure minifigures moc photography scifi sculpture ship shiptember snow soldier space spaceship star starwars theempirestrikesback toy toyphotography war wars

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Syrius (W. Navarre) Tags: lego shiptember space spaceship ship antenna front back stand wood brown blue
other side of the game (jooka5000) Tags: widescreen landscape starwars lego toys treadwell sun teedo cinematic photography cinematographer minifigs jakku sand merktstall niimaoutpost sandstorm droid toyphotography mist fog morningglory
Damn Rebels! (Grantmasters) Tags: xwing tie fighter star wars micro lego
S.S. Helios (Siercon and Coral) Tags: lego starship spaceship straighter space helios
Grimhold Castle Siege (W. Navarre) Tags: lego castle dark black grey white crags crag catapult siege men minifigs
ENIGMA (SweStar) Tags: shiptember 2016 lego scifi ship space spaceship community build exodus enigma carrier
The Reader (Avanaut) Tags: lego starwars theempirestrikesback tk247 originality toy toyphotography snow hoth cold night atst stuckinplastic minifigure snowtrooper
Zea'x Dauphyz (cecilihf) Tags: ship space spaceship shiptember lego moc scifi curves2016 wiplessship
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 33 (Xenomurphy) Tags: lego moc bricks harrypotter gobletoffire rowling muggle magic weasley hermione malfoy voldemort hogwarts hogsmeade slytherin hufflepuff gryffindor ravenclaw quidditch
Grimhold Castle (W. Navarre) Tags: lego grimhold castle black dark moon shot angle lava magma fire minifig minifigure
Captain Batmerica: Crisis of Civil War (th_squirrel) Tags: lego marvel dc comics crossover amalgam batman captain america bucky barnes winter soldier jason todd red hood minifig minifigs minifigures minifigure brickarms
Food Wars (dvdliu) Tags: star wars food xwing tie fighter carrot meat lego moc jedi sith death vegetarian carnivore dog rabbit bunny
architecture of galactic empire (jooka5000) Tags: planet galactic system hoth lego widescreen toyphotography starwars legography photography atst duo cinematic snow plains fields landscape terrain white exclusive allincamera
The Creation of Adam (Young's Lego) Tags: the creation adam lego legography photo photography michelangelo buonarroti
Captain America Civil War- Final Fight (Brickwielder) Tags: lego captain america civil war ironman winter soldier steve rodgers bucky barnes tony stark marvel mcu studios siberia bunker hydra scene
Avalonian Countryside (9 of 9) (Emil Lid) Tags: lego moc goh avalonia countryside landscape forest field farm lake
Indiana Jones: And The Raiders of The Lost Ark - The Idol Temple (Forgotten Days) Tags: lego indiana jones moc peru temple of doom last crusade raiders the lost ark satipo harrison ford belloq bolder chase
SHIPtember 2016 [Day 16] (Keith Goldman) Tags: shiptember ship lego matango
Tom Clancy's The Division (McLovin1309) Tags: division figure custom lego minifigure g bricks gbricks brick affliction sculpt pecovam acr video game gaming gamer post apoc apocalyptic tiny tactical
This is the day... 16 September 2016 (Devid VII) Tags: 16 september 2016 devid devidvii love married vale theday special unique lego moc wedding happiness
one scuba diver (jooka5000) Tags: sea scuba diver lego underthesea ocean diving toy artistic toyphotography legography minimalistic atmosphere
Theon "Reek" Greyjoy (billbobful) Tags: lego game thrones ramsay bolton reek snow theon greyjoy grey joy roose got song ice fire
Dispersed Electro (th_squirrel) Tags: lego minifigs minifig minifigures minifigure batman dc comics atomic skull electro suit
AMR 35 (2016 version) (Rebla) Tags: lego ww2 wwii world war 2 french scale 135 amr 35 tank rebla
Firmware (Agaethon29) Tags: lego afol legography brickography legophotography minifig minifigs minifigure minifigures toy toyphotography macro cinematic 2016 legospace neoclassicspace spaceman classicspace space scifi sciencefiction ncs novateam customminifigure
riders on the storm (jooka5000) Tags: lego tauntaun storm riders hansolo smiling legography photography lizard taun nonhoth riding toyphography
Curator of the Sauropod (Grantmasters) Tags: sauropod dinosaur skeleton micro lego museum belville shoe
Greenery (th_squirrel) Tags: lego dc comics minifig minifigure minifigs minifigures brickarms joker mirror master maalefaak batman flash martian manhunter
Samus Aran (Pate-keetongu) Tags: lego moc nintendo samus aran metroid
Deliverance (SilverMorph) Tags: lego legography brickarms separatist weird war proxygreen trench warfare dusk ww1 town building urban deliverance consecrated destroyed boulevard tempest
Stuff ([C]oolcustomguy) Tags: lego metal gear solid brickarms brick arms willys jeep rat rod wwii updates wips
Bombing Run (Kyle Hardisty) Tags: kyle hardisty flickr photography 2016 lego macro microscale minifig fig minifigure moc creation depth field canon outside outdoors graffiti tagging bombing run krylon ea ghost youtube spray paint can stickerbombing
Double L - L from Lego - Macro Monday 12/09 : The First Letter of My Name - In Explore (Lise-Laure Gossye) Tags: thefirstletterofmyname macro macromondays lego liselauregossye liselaure llg belgium studio blackbackground l letter mirror mirrored inexplore explore
what planet your on (jooka5000) Tags: lego starwars drwho crossover tardis new cinematography kyloren bobafett bountyhunter cinematic photography toyphotography dialogue policebox fun mixing twoworlds phonebooth laughitupfuzzball remix film movie clip still sonicscrewdriver moc
Frozen in Time (Avanaut) Tags: lego wampa hoth starwars back snow ice sculpture toy toyphotography stuckinplastic originality theempirestrikesback art
Big D (Vaionaut) Tags: harrypotter orderofthephoenix harry dudley exterior playground lego magic
Pokmon LeGO! (Carson Hart) Tags: lego pokemon go pokemongo moc afol tfol technique npu pikachu ash charizard blastoise venusaur starting legendary rare mew mewtwo instinct mystic valor catch them all pokeball pokestop pokemart poke ball gyarados charmander charmeleon squirtle wartortle bulbasaur ivysaur dragonite paras lapras arcanine gengar psyduck
Sword above the planet surface (migalart) Tags: moc sword mission last migalart lego battlecruiser space classic ship shiptember 2016 microscale
SHIP WIP (day 5 or 6) (W. Navarre) Tags: lego shiptember
Serene (Eflow Guy) Tags: starwars star wars lego clone outdoors stranded boka
Ana's Biotic Rifle - Overwatch (Nick Brick) Tags: lego overwatch ana amari anaamari biotic sniper rifle bioticrifle bolt action nickbrick
King Bowser (The /\rchitect) Tags: lego moc afol bowser legobowser nintendo legonintendo koopa kingkoopa kingbowser legomoc legosculpture legofantasycharacter fantasy videogamecharacter mariobros mario legocreature legoturtle classiccharacter legofantasy legocreation therchitect bionicle legobionicle bioniclesculpture bioniclecreature snot
Kaigan, Knight of the Sands (Mana Ramp Matoran) Tags: lego bionicle ccbs constraction moc my own creation starwars star wars buildablefigure buildable figure ultrabuild
Poertland Trading Post (Gabe Umland) Tags: lego steampunk floatingrock gabe umland boat airship house trading post bfva
Blues and Reds (th_squirrel) Tags: lego dc comics minifig minifigure minifigs minifigures beast boy new 52 orion gods dick grayson flying all star superman samson
"Sword" (migalart) Tags: shiptember space ship classic battlecruiser lego migalart last mission sword moc microscale
First Order Snowtrooper Sculpt (AndrewVxtc) Tags: lego star wars custom sculpted first order snowtrooper episode 7 andrewvxtc
SOTE Project Update (fullnilson) Tags: lego legostarwars star wars shadows empire sote project fullnilson legography photography dash rendar luke skywalker tatooine 2016
Blue and Gold Macaw (AnActionfigure) Tags: macaw blue gold yellow lego ara ararauna sculpture parrot bird animal
Unexpected Visitor (legomeee) Tags: lego series16 legophotography legography legominifigures hiker legooutdoor legophoto legolife legofun champing

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