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I stood for a while, and I thought about counting the leaves, but then I just took the photo. ([ Kane ]) Tags: park tree grass golden leaf branch australia qld queensland kane 70200 stumps gledhill 50d kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Sky Shapes ([ Kane ]) Tags: pink light sky cloud clouds photography purple australia brisbane qld queensland cloudscape 1740 facebook canon5dmkii kanegledhill landscapekanegledhillphotography
The Lovely Bones ([ Kane ]) Tags: morning sky sun tree beach water glass clouds sunrise matt dawn sand roots australia brisbane mel mangrove qld queensland ripples kane gledhill p121 sigma1020 50d thelovelybones riples beachmere cokingrad great123 kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
A visible mass of droplets or frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth. ([ Kane ]) Tags: ocean sea sky sun water clouds dawn horns australia qld queensland devil rays kane gledhill kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Seagull at 400mm ;) ([ Kane ]) Tags: sea bird grass lens dof bokeh seagull explore qld kane 100400mm gledhill ef100400mmf4556lisusm canon100400mmf4556lisusm kanegledhill humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
Pale band of Light formed by Stars in the Galactic Plane as seen from Earth ([ Kane ]) Tags: longexposure trees sky night canon dark stars photography spin australia qld queensland kane 1740 celestial startrails milkyway gledhill southstar kanegledhill 5dmarkii celestialpoles wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Through the Gate ([ Kane ]) Tags: pink sunset sky sun water clouds pier rainbow australia brisbane explore qld kane hdr gledhill kanegledhill vosplusbellesphotos humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Best of both Worlds. ([ Kane ]) Tags: sunset sky orange sun beach wet water clouds reflections photography sand bravo colours purple dusk qld queensland bluehour kane reds cokin wellingtonpoint gledhill sigma1020 50d kanegledhill wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
On the Farm in New Zealand. ([ Kane ]) Tags: road new trees newzealand sky grass clouds rural fence evening dusk farm explore driveway zealand nz kane frontpage aotearoa gisborne eastcoast fenceline gledhill wipsy 400d wipsyclouds kanegledhill eastcoaast kanegledhillphotography
Selling the drama. ([ Kane ]) Tags: blue sunset sky sun green water grass clouds fence australia brisbane pole explore qld rays kane hdr gledhill aplusphoto kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Opps I did it again. ([ Kane ]) Tags: pink sun reflection tree beach water clouds sunrise brisbane qld kane hdr wellingtonpoint gledhill 400d kanegledhill brisbanehdr kanegledhillphotography
After the Floods ([ Kane ]) Tags: city blue water ferry reflections river photography cityscape purple mask dusk brisbane qld queensland kane brisbanecity gledhill brisbanecityatnight kanegledhill
A Night Out ([ Kane ]) Tags: blue cold beach night clouds sand ship ss explore qld queensland noosa kane frontpage caloundra ssdicky dicky gledhill 50d pointcartwright kanegledhill pointarkwright wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Mindless repetition; without it the world would be interesting. ([ Kane ]) Tags: road sky tree clouds rural track day afternoon pano country australia brisbane panoramic qld queensland kane puffy sugarcane 2470 gledhill 10shot kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
From space with love ([ Kane ]) Tags: morning shadow sun reflection beach water sunrise dawn sand australia brisbane explore qld ripples kane hdr gledhill nudgee nudgeebeach colorphotoaward aplusphoto kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Another View ([ Kane ]) Tags: city longexposure sky sun beach water clouds rocks explore qld kane tweed gledhill burleighheads alemdagqualityonlyclub kanegledhill vosplusbellesphotos humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
The Day You Were Born (Mel Sinclair) Tags: morning pink sky baby water sunrise pier nikon australia brisbane tribute shorncliffe d700 thedayyouwereborn kanegledhill chamellieon
In the shadows ([ Kane ]) Tags: morning light shadow sun lines pier day wharf kane hdr gledhill kanegledhill humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
Dawn 2009 ([ Kane ]) Tags: reflection beach water clouds sunrise dawn sand explore 09 kane 2009 hdr coffsharbour gledhill aplusphoto sawtel kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Backyard Pitch ([ Kane ]) Tags: blackandwhite art fence lens brisbane cricket qld kit kane 1855 simple stumps whitepaint wicket gledhill 400d backyardcricket cricketstumps paintedfence kanegledhill humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
The Tall One ([ Kane ]) Tags: blackandwhite bw white mist black tree fog rural dawn farm australia brisbane qld queensland kane talltree gledhill 50d kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
As bright as a bulb ([ Kane ]) Tags: light art film car bulb australia scanned qld kane astra gledhill kanegledhill vivitarv2000 humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Moreton Bay Road ([ Kane ]) Tags: longexposure art lens brisbane qld kit kane 1855 lighttrail gledhill 400d kanegledhill moretonbayroad humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
Litle Miss Sunshine ([ Kane ]) Tags: light sun clouds ray shine australia brisbane explore qld kane hdr gledhill kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Sawtell Sunrise ([ Kane ]) Tags: pink sky sun beach water clouds sunrise reflections rocks harbour explore nsw kane hdr coffs coffsharbour sawtell gledhill aplusphoto kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Stop wasting my water ([ Kane ]) Tags: longexposure blackandwhite art film water bricks grain australia brisbane qld kane tap leak runningwater watertap filmgrain savingwater drippingtap savewater gledhill wastingwater oldtap leakingtap kanegledhill stopwastingmywater itwontlastforever humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Me ([ Kane ]) Tags: me bokeh australia qld queensland kane 70200 gledhill kanegledhill humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
Paradise City ([ Kane ]) Tags: sky sun green water sunrise gold coast sand rocks qld rays kane hdr currumbin goldcoast gledhill aplusphoto kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Well used steps ([ Kane ]) Tags: blackandwhite art stairs steps australia qld kane railing gledhill kanegledhill humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Pelicans enjoying the rays! ([ Kane ]) Tags: sun water birds clouds flight australia pelican brisbane explore qld rays kane gledhill kanegledhill vosplusbellesphotos humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
The end to a busy day... ([ Kane ]) Tags: kane gledhill kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Half an image ([ Kane ]) Tags: blackandwhite tree art film australia scanned qld tall kane gledhill kanegledhill vivitarv2000 humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Red peg ([ Kane ]) Tags: red art lens australia brisbane qld kit nightphoto kane 1855 peg gledhill 400d redpeg kanegledhill humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Ground Crew ([ Kane ]) Tags: people plane airport flight australia ground brisbane explore crew nz planes qld kane hdr gledhill 777200er kanegledhill humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
Dreams are the windows form the soul - Take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts. ([ Kane ]) Tags: morning light sky window water pool swimming dawn sand bath rocks weekend steps australia nsw handrail poles kane bathing coffsharbour sawtell gledhill 50d kanegledhill wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
The way the camera saw it! ([ Kane ]) Tags: searchthebest explore kane gledhill kanegledhill humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
One ([ Kane ]) Tags: morning blackandwhite bw white black windmill fog rural dark dawn moody farm australia qld kane esk gledhill kanegledhill wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Lonely road to ... ([ Kane ]) Tags: trees light tree green art film forest woods australia scanned qld kane gledhill kanegledhill vivitarv2000 humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
Tread softly ([ Kane ]) Tags: art lens soldier war kit kane 1855 gledhill treadsoftly kanegledhill gravefootnote soldiergravesite humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
After the Showers ([ Kane ]) Tags: ocean morning blackandwhite water clouds dawn blackwhite rocks waves nsw qld kane 1020 gledhill 50d kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
'Beached as bro' ([ Kane ]) Tags: sky sun tree beach water rock clouds sand wave australia bubbles brisbane qld kane hdr gledhill kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Soothing .... ([ Kane ]) Tags: white water creek waterfall qld kane cedarcreek nd400 gledhill 400d daviddegroot kanegledhill wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
A stones throw ([ Kane ]) Tags: sea sky water clouds dawn ship australia brisbane panoramic qld kane radcliffe hdr hmas gledhill gayundah 400d hmasgayundah kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Pipes ([ Kane ]) Tags: art lens steel pipes australia brisbane qld kit kane 1855 piping gledhill 400d kanegledhill humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
No Videos? ([ Kane ]) Tags: art video flickr australia qld kane videos novideo gledhill novideos novideoonflickr kanegledhill humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
East of Eden ([ Kane ]) Tags: sunset sun feet grass foot sand footprints australia brisbane qld kane hdr gledhill kanegledhill kanegledhillphotography
Broadening my horizons ([ Kane ]) Tags: pink blue sky tree water rain clouds brisbane explore qld kane hdr gledhill kanegledhill vosplusbellesphotos humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
Gold Coast 2006 ([ Kane ]) Tags: longexposure blackandwhite motion blur art film gold coast australia motionblur scanned qld nightphoto kane goldcoast gledhill kanegledhill vivitarv2000 humanhabits wwwhumanhabitscomau kanegledhillphotography
The writing is on the wall ([ Kane ]) Tags: art lines lens graffiti paint tag australia brisbane qld kit kane 1855 tagging graffitiart gledhill brisbanepowerhouse 400d kanegledhill humanhabits kanegledhillphotography
Overpass, Kangaroo Point ([ Kane ]) Tags: art kane gledhill kanegledhill humanhabits kanegledhillphotography

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