abstract allkindsofbeauty altered amer americaamerica artinternational blogthis blue chop colourartaward colourartawards coloursplosion creativephoto eggxact experimentation extremest eyecandyart fabulous fractal globalartists highcreativity ithink kaleidoscope kaleidospheres kaleifractals kc kfun kk magical modernimpressionists multicolored outofthisworld photoshop photoshopyarte psart psfo rate sensationalcreations smorgasbord songsing specialeffects sphere synthetic totalphotoshop wowiekazowie

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Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web. If you are a Flickr user and Log into Flickr you will be able to see your private photos, as well as larger thumbnails. Hivemind: http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/kaleidospheres Hits: 120 Pages: 3 Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database. Where do these thumbnails come from? How are the photos licensed?
rubber band ball (Song_sing) Tags: sphere fractal songsing kaleidospheres
Last o'the year_Kal-chall 49! (Song_sing) Tags: mandala fractal challenge kaleidospheres kaleifractals kaleididoscope
Design ~(K&K19)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract fractal xmastime kk amer 1208 kfun colourartaward kk19 121508 kaleidospheres eggxact photoshopyarte
Design ~(K&K27)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: photoshop chop kk amer 0309 030209 songsing kaleidospheres kaleifractals kk27
Textured Tales for chall. #8 (Song_sing) Tags: abstract fractal challenge kaleidospheres kaleifractals
Glockendurchsicht. (Anjalie157) Tags: collagen osterglocken gelbblau bastelstunde kaleidospheres kaleifractals
design (Crystals) ~(KaleidescopeChallenge#28)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop altered kaleidoscope chop experimentation kc fabulous wowie mage platinum outofthisworld shiningstar imagemanipulations smileys rate specialeffects empyrean smorgasbord ithink allyouneedislove singsong americaamerica dirtyword kaleidoscopefun psart aplause platinumphoto wowiekazowie citrit flowerscrystals ilovemypic anythingdigital sphereshalfspheres ~vivid~ colourartaward betterthangood photoshopmasterpiece artinternational photosthatrock coloursplosion highcreativity kc28 totalphotoshop kaleidospheres
Design 1 ~(KFUN41)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop amer 1008 kfun 101908 colourartaward coloursplosion kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty missbliss1955 kaliedospheres kfun41
Design (Chang's Pony)  ~(KaleidescopeChallenge#19)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop heaven kaleidoscope chop kc rate 1007 creativephoto 102107 artisticphotosworld theperfectphotographer artinternational kc19 kaleidospheres flickrgiants
Spheres-210 (DigiDi) Tags: art circles fractals spheres digidi xspherics eyecandyart ishkolorkraft kaleidospheres
Abstract Spheres9 (Song_sing) Tags: blue red green yellow colorful abstractart fractal fractals pspro9 ps9 mbf chall kaleifractal kaleidospheres
challenge 7 K&K (ay_caramba_nz) Tags: crystal orb sphere fractal challenge kaleidospheres kaleifractals kaleidosphereskaleifractals
Garden Fossils (Song_sing) Tags: challenge kaleidospheres kaleifractals
Design (lightning) (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop amer 0607 060207 kfun psfo kaleidospheres colourvisions
Dizzy.2 (Song_sing) Tags: spheres songsing xspherical kaleifractal kaleidospheres
Design  2 ~(KFUN 34)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop amer kfun lyle58 kaleidospheres 083108 kfun34
design 1 (Ms Pacman) ~(K-FUN#9)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop kaleidoscope chop multicolored magical smorgasbord ithink americaamerica supershot kfun psart 030708 colourartawards coloursplosion kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty kfun9
Color Delight (RustJourney) Tags: art digital digitalart kaleidospheres kaleifractals
Design 1 (rocks)  ~(KFUN-35)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop amer ithink kfun 090708 yourpreferredpicture kaleidospheres eggxact kfun35 skagitrene
Day Lily Design (2) ~(KaleidescopeChallenge#14)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: photoshop altered nuclear chop kaleidescope kc fabulous multicolored wowie magical ff rate specialeffects prismatic smorgasbord ithink 0907 americaamerica dirtyword plumcrazy psart wowiekazowie artisticphotosworld eyecandyart colourartaward colorartaward artinternational 091507 kc14 coloursplosion highcreativity artmadebyyou photosphotoshoped kaleidospheres modernimpressionists sensationalcreations photoshopyarte
Design (Candy) ~(KFUN Special)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop easter colorfull chop multicolored magical specialeffects blogthis damncool smorgasbord americaamerica creativephoto kfun psart kumburgaz crystalaward wowiekazowie eyecandyart colourartawards everydayissunday coloursplosion mike3950 kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty eggxact globalartists goldproject 032408 overtheshot extremest sensationalcreations
Design 2 (Mandel Reef) ~(K&K 8)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop multicolored breathtaking kk smorgasbord ithink americaamerica kk8 colourartaward 070908 coloursplosion kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty eggxact onewordwow modernimpressionists sensationalcreations aycarambanz photographerparadise
Design 1 ~(K&K12 )~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop kk amer specialeffects 0908 singintheblues kfun songsing 091308 kaleidospheres extremest technicolourabstractart kk12 digitalartfx
ROPEY (antpix) Tags: abstractal kaleidospheres kaleifractals
Design (clock) (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop multicolored magical amer specialeffects blogthis lusi sxc smorgasbord kfun psart psfo eyecandyart kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty eggxact 042108
Design ~(K&K18)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: pink photoshop chop multicolored magical kk amer blogthis 1208 smorgasbord kk18 120308 kaleidospheres modernimpressionists fractalstransformed rebelxtshots
Pinwheel "PLAY" (Song_sing) Tags: blue balls ornament sphere jungle scribbles bubble tierazon xspherics kaleidospheres kaleifractals kaleidoscopitical struckbyrainbow
Happy Halloween Cat (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract halloween photoshop chop kk psfo digidi 102908 kaleidospheres 103108
Design 1 (Dig In by lyle58) ~(K-FUN#14)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop multicolored magical blogthis smorgasbord ithink 041208 kfun lyle58 kaleidospheres kfunmedallists kfun14
Design 1 for Kaleifractals Challenge # 10 (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop kk amer 0808 psart songsing colourartaward 080708 kk10 kaleidospheres
Design 2 (garden) ~(K-FUN#18)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop multicolored 051108 magical 0508 blogthis smorgasbord ithink fnm americaamerica kfun psart eyecandyart colourartaward colourartawards coloursplosion dalefarwalker kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty eggxact sensationalcreations kfun18
Design 1 (Hard Candy) ~(KFUN#30)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop altered chop multicolored magical specialeffects blogthis smorgasbord 0808 americaamerica creativephoto kfun psart eyecandyart extraordinarycompositions colourartaward photoscalendars coloursplosion kaleidospheres 080308 eggxact extremest sensationalcreations kfun30
Design 1 (Crops) (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract chop photohsop esp amer 060108 kfun skagitrenee kaleidospheres kfun21
Bottles of Bubbles (Song_sing) Tags: abstract glass contest challenge kaleidoscopes kaleidospheres
Design (Alien) (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop experimentation multicolored magical synthetic outofthisworld specialeffects 0308 blogthis smorgasbord americaamerica kfun mystars psfo anawesomeshot 030508 totalphotoshop kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty sensationalcreations
Design 2 (Skagitrenee) ~(K&K#1)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract experimentation fabulous multicolored magical outofthisworld shines kk amazed specialeffects blogthis smorgasbord theblues kk1 americaamerica supershot creativephoto psart songsing anawesomeshot bluelicious wowiekazowie diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond coloursplosion totalphotoshop kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty globalartists 022808
Design (Framed Fruta) ~(K-FUN#8)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop experimentation multicolored magical outofthisworld blogthis smorgasbord ithink americaamerica kfun mywinners wowiekazowie colourartaward 030208 coloursplosion lucynieto kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty globalartists kfun8
Space Ball (Rebel XT Shots / Bobbie) Tags: kaleidospheres kaleifractals
Design  (Butterfly)  ~(K-FUN#6)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: friends abstract photoshop altered chop experimentation fabulous multicolored picturesque magical outofthisworld specialeffects blogthis smorgasbord ithink kaliedoscope americaamerica kfun psart anawesomeshot wowiekazowie eyecandyart psjunkies colourartaward kuwaitartphoto coloursplosion artphotoshopstyle mike3950 021608 totalphotoshop kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty kfun6 kfunmedallists envyenvied
opals3 (antpix) Tags: abstract artisticexpression bej colourartaward abstractal kaleidospheres kaleifractals
Design - Crested Fruta by Lucy Nieto ~(K-FUN#8)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop heaven chop magical specialeffects blogthis smorgasbord ithink americaamerica kfun psart goldseal colorphotoaward eyecandyart extraordinarycompositions colourartawards 030208 coloursplosion totalphotoshop lucynieto kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty eggxact globalartists kfun8 showmeyourpixels yourpreferredpic artsdesignfantasy photoshopyarte
opalkali (antpix) Tags: artisticexpression fineartphotos kaleidospheres kaleifractals
Design ~( K&K 21) (Gravityx9) Tags: photoshop chop kk amer 0109 songsing 010709 kaleidospheres kaleifractals kk21
Design 3 (Mandel Reef) ~(K&K 8)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop kk 0708 americaamerica psart kk8 eyecandyart colourartaward 070908 coloursplosion kaleidospheres amerthread aycarambanz
Design 1 (jellyfish ) ~(K-FUN#12)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop multicolored magical blogthis smorgasbord kfun psart colourartawards coloursplosion kaleidospheres 033108 kfun12
Design (boot) ~(DownUnderChallenge#88)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop multicolored ff synthetic downunder duc specialeffects 0907 downunderchallenge sfxgroup kacey97007 090707 photoshopmasterpiece du88 coloursplosion kaleidospheres
Design 2 ~(K&K#9)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: blue abstract multicolored magical kk amer blogthis smorgasbord 0708 kfun kk9 eyecandyart colourartaward skagitrenee kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty eggxact modernimpressionists 072408
challenge 5 (ay_caramba_nz) Tags: kaleidoscope challenge kaleidospheres kaleifractals
Kitty Kal  ~(CatChallenge.28)~ (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop altered hearts fluffy chop experimentation fabulous multicolored magical litterbox specialeffects blogthis smorgasbord americaamerica supershot whathaveyoudone kfun 4paws catchallenge eyecandyart kacey97007 colorsplosion totalphotoshop catchallenge24 kaleidospheres 020808 allkindsofbeauty 022408 pimpedpetcreations
Design (big bang) - (KFUN-JFF2) (Gravityx9) Tags: abstract photoshop chop photohsop multicolored magical blogthis smorgasbord ithink jff 040908 americaamerica kfun psart colourartawards coloursplosion artmadebyyou heartwindowsart kaleidospheres allkindsofbeauty eggxact artsdesignfantasy

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50 kaleidospheres 32 abstract 30 chop 29 photoshop 21 kfun 19 smorgasbord 18 multicolored 17 magical 16 coloursplosion 15 blogthis americaamerica 14 allkindsofbeauty kaleifractals psart 13 amer colourartaward 12 specialeffects 11 eyecandyart ithink kk 10 eggxact 7 songsing 6 colourartawards wowiekazowie challenge experimentation fractal sensationalcreations totalphotoshop 5 outofthisworld altered fabulous 4 modernimpressionists psfo globalartists creativephoto kaleidoscope 3 supershot rate sphere artinternational anawesomeshot extremest photoshopyarte kc blue highcreativity synthetic photohsop kfunmedallists aycarambanz digidi heaven artmadebyyou 0708 kfun8 spheres 030208 xspherics artisticexpression kacey97007 dirtyword kk8 0907 lucynieto artisticphotosworld art 1208 ff abstractal 070908 0808 kaleifractal wowie fractals extraordinarycompositions mike3950 photoshopmasterpiece lyle58 artsdesignfantasy skagitrenee flickrdiamond halloween imagemanipulations 120308 kc19 osterglocken 102908 103108 pspro9 kuwaitartphoto goldproject shines technicolourabstractart picturesque easter colorsplosion xspherical abstractart lusi 040908 kfun21 du88 xmastime kk10 kaliedoscope ornament kc14 theperfectphotographer red photoscalendars 4paws 041208 042108 platinumphoto kaleidosphereskaleifractals kaleididoscope 102107 duc photographerparadise diamondclassphotographer rebelxtshots ~vivid~ orb 090708 0508 jungle pimpedpetcreations kk9 flowerscrystals empyrean kfun18 010709 shiningstar 1008 bastelstunde 022408 kaleidoscopefun hearts jff bej goldseal singsong colorful prismatic sphereshalfspheres smileys 080708 sfxgroup kk21 bubble bluelicious yourpreferredpic 083108 091507 kk12 crystalaward 051108 photosthatrock struckbyrainbow kaleidescope kaleidoscopitical allyouneedislove 0109 heartwindowsart fineartphotos colorartaward colourvisions missbliss1955 kfun41 theblues esp 090707 litterbox circles digitalart mandala skagitrene 022808 1007 mbf kfun35 kk27 091308 072408 021608 kk1 amazed artphotoshopstyle kfun9 tierazon kfun12 121508 mage singintheblues aplause everydayissunday balls 030209 mystars kk19 0308 101908 kfun34 kaleidoscopes citrit overtheshot anythingdigital plumcrazy pink 0908 chall flickrgiants photosphotoshoped crystal kumburgaz catchallenge contest colorphotoaward downunder ps9 catchallenge24 green kc28 kaliedospheres yellow kk18 020808 0309 showmeyourpixels 060207 collagen digital fluffy 033108 kfun14 mywinners colorfull whathaveyoudone fractalstransformed digitalartfx platinum glass breathtaking damncool 060108 friends 032408 nuclear 080308 kfun30 dalefarwalker scribbles amerthread envyenvied ilovemypic 030508 030708 betterthangood sxc fnm kfun6 psjunkies onewordwow downunderchallenge 0607 yourpreferredpicture gelbblau ishkolorkraft

Pairs: 19 abstract,kaleidospheres 16 chop,photoshop kaleidospheres,photoshop 15 abstract,chop 14 abstract,photoshop chop,kaleidospheres 13 kaleidospheres,kaleifractals 11 abstract,kfun 10 amer,chop 9 amer,kaleidospheres abstract,amer

Users: Gravityx9 33 Song_sing 8 antpix 3 ay_caramba_nz DigiDi RustJourney Anjalie157

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