1000v 1000v40f 100v10f 1025fav 2006 2007 2008 30faves30comments300views 500v 500v20f blackandwhite blur bodylanguage chiaroscuro colour conceptual d70s desaturated dìovolollo floor forhelpingme grain hair ironicals jesus jpeggy legs mybest nikon nikond200 nikond70s onceagain psychoviolator red schizofreniaportamivia selfportrait somesuitcasefairytale stripes suitcase thankstogiorgio umornero valigia violator3 womenonly wow

ironicals    Flickr Hive Mind (more)  Preferences  Ah, a new business internet connection and router in CA, FHM is now about as snappy as it ever was! Enjoy! -Nathan
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Playing my game (Violator3) Tags: blue red selfportrait colour topf25 television wow tv nikon 500v20f stripes grain d70s 2006 100v10f nikond70s womenonly violator3 conceptual mybest chiaroscuro 500v casamia asymmetric playsation ironicals 30faves30comments300views playingmygame playingmylife il18distorceappala
Everything it's just a matter of points of view! (Violator3) Tags: blackandwhite bw selfportrait topf25 sepia 1025fav square topf50 500v20f 100v10f violator3 2008 topf100 500v 50mmf14 facciadaculo ironicals abigfave 30faves30comments300views jpeggy minchiataquotidiana bruttafigaaaaa ocomecacchiovoletevoi perlaprimavoltanellamiavitasenzalabbroniahah wannabevecchia bruttacomeunculo
Good Morning Mrs. Photographer (Violator3) Tags: morning selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav lens milk topf50 nikon 500v20f stripes d70s bodylanguage 2006 100v10f nikond70s womenonly violator3 mug desaturated pijamas 500v biberon ironicals sonnooooooo spetinausen concettualemanontroppo milknikon ilmattinohaloschifoinbocca perchicomemenonunamorningperson
An unpleasant sense of heaviness (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav topf50 arms legs 100v10f violator3 conceptual suitcase topf100 topf200 2007 valigia 1000v heaviness nikond200 1000v40f onceagain umornero ironicals 30faves30comments300views dallafinestradicameramia somesuitcasefairytale thankstogiorgio forhelpingme confurore jpeggy
Say cheeeeeeeeese! (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour me topf25 1025fav vintage bride topf50 500v20f married 100v10f violator3 suitcase topf100 giorgio 500v 2007 valigia kuig nikond200 onceagain fotobrutta ironicals 30faves30comments300views ziapina somesuitcasefairytale thankstogiorgio forhelpingme bothscorpios elacravattadigiorgiochenonsivedemaceradimiopadreprimachediventassemia micacisisposaveramenteah lorrorificovestitodasposaquellodimiamadre jpeggy
open borders? - warning: nudist beach! (claude05) Tags: beach poland naturism fkk usedom nudism ironicals imperialbaths westernpomerania nudystw headsupheadsdown
Me vs. Me: a surreal dialogue (Violator3) Tags: blackandwhite white selfportrait black topf25 backlight composition 1025fav topf50 nikon shadows 500v20f d70s silhouettes bodylanguage surreal 2006 100v10f nikond70s ombre womenonly violator3 excercise 111 conceptual cinematic topf100 dialogue 500v recomposition 1000v 1000v40f mevsme ironicals abigfave artlibre 30faves30comments300views raccontamiunabellastoriella marchettaartistica unpcinematografico vignettequavignettel jpeggy
Post orgasmic grin (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait 1025fav bed bedroom topf50 500v20f 100v10f violator3 suitcase 500v 2007 1000v nikond200 justhavingsomefun ironicals 30faves30comments300views somesuitcasefairytale noncameramia maisiacheioabbiastecosenellamiastanza
Hysteria is just a matter of points of view (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 wow topf50 500v20f yay violator3 madness 2008 1025favs 500v hysteria aaaaaaaaaargh nikond200 ironicals 30faves30comments300views isjustamatterofpointsofview quasidottoressainfotografia
An unpleasant sense of death (Violator3) Tags: door deleteme5 red deleteme8 selfportrait colour deleteme deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme6 deleteme9 fall deleteme7 topf25 stairs 1025fav scarf wow dead death topf50 nikon saveme 500v20f saveme2 deleteme10 d70s bodylanguage 2006 100v10f nikond70s womenonly violator3 desaturated conceptual mybest topf100 chiaroscuro allstars 500v ligh casamia 1000v ooooooops 1000v40f umornero ironicals 30faves30comments300views anunpleasantsenseof anhomagetoizimakaoru jpeggy
The art of loving myself (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait flower colour topf25 1025fav topf50 500v20f stripes bodylanguage 100v10f violator3 sofa converse conceptual yorkshireterrier topf100 allstars 500v giotto 1000v nikond200 1000v40f mevsme giuro ironicals 30faves30comments300views portatepazienza osulleconseguenzedellesessionidesamecheriduconolesistenzaaiminimitermini nondeltuttotornatamaquasi giottosembracarinoestrapazzosomainrealtunabestianera nonsocomeazzohaifattoastarecosfermo sullaschizofrenia schizofreniaportamivia
The usual suspects (Violator3) Tags: blue red dog selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav wow carpet bed topf50 500v20f floor 100v10f nikond70s womenonly violator3 conceptual nocrop topf100 500v 2007 suspects ironicals 30faves30comments300views graziealouperlagentilecollaborazione
Vacuum cleaner (Violator3) Tags: red selfportrait blur colour topf25 1025fav hair topf50 500v20f floor surreal balls 100v10f womenonly violator3 polkadots conceptual nocrop topf100 vacuumcleaner 500v 50mmf14 2007 nooooooo 1000v nikond200 1000v40f ironicals 30faves30comments300views dovolollo laspirapolvere jpeggy
About stumbling (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour green topf25 1025fav wow topf50 floor stripes 100v10f violator3 conceptual suitcase topf100 500v 1000v stumbling nikond200 1000v40f onceagain 500f20f ironicals 30faves30comments300views somesuitcasefairytale forhelpingme allizimakaoru sullinciamparsi thanksgiorgio innerstory
Cuddling (Back in the Pack) Tags: royce winston goldenretriever crate kennel fence cuddle cuddling calgary dogdaycare wwwdogdaycareca dog dogs puppy ironicals wwwbackinthepackca albertabarks tired sleepy asleep sleep rest resting
The best way to travel (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 grass 1025fav topf50 500v20f hand arm legs 100v10f violator3 nophotoshop suitcase topf100 escargot 500v 2007 nikond200 onceagain ironicals 30faves30comments300views 50faves50comments500views thankstogiorgio forhelpingme gliocchisonocannucceepallinedapingpongp somesiutcasefairytale enemmenoiosocomecavolohofattoastarcilsotto
Air & Water (lillergy) Tags: colors rust irony ironic airwater ironicals lillergy ironicscenes
Ho Ho Ooooops! (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour 1025fav nikon d70s 2006 100v10f christmastree nikond70s womenonly violator3 ahia merryxmas puntale psychoviolator ooooops ironicals
An unpleasant sense of loneliness (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav topf50 legs 100v10f violator3 conceptual suitcase newdress topf100 2b 2007 arma oldpic valigia nikond200 onceagain ironicals somesuitcasefairytale thankstogiorgio forhelpingme lsotto lafieradellabestemmia
Desperate Housewife (or a sort of) (Violator3) Tags: blackandwhite bw film topf25 1025fav analog handmade 100v10f violator3 ilfordhp5 giorgio ironicals analogpelazzipower succedesoloacamignone dopo12oredicameraoscura ramazzapowertoo noclinteastwoodanymore
Self-control (Violator3) Tags: red selfportrait colour feet topf25 1025fav wow hands topf50 500v20f puppet nikond70s womenonly violator3 strings conceptual topf100 500v 2007 selfcontrol 1000v 1000v40f ironicals 30faves30comments300views
Escaping from a nuclear attack (Violator3) Tags: red selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav jump topf50 500v20f 100v10f nikond70s luggage womenonly violator3 fields topf100 brescia 500v 2007 baule nuclearattack spiceupyourlife ironicals 30faves30comments300views rifugioantiatomico quantammerdaquelgiorno abitofsurrealism quantocaopesavaquelmaledettobaule nellospecificoborgosatollo
Suicidal tendencies (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour suicide 100v10f violator3 fairytales nikond200 ironicals theturntable antiemopic
An unpleasant sense of fear (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 face closeup 1025fav wow hair eyes hands topf50 nikon 500v20f arms skin fear d70s bodylanguage 2006 100v10f nikond70s womenonly scorpio violator3 desaturated scared conceptual mybest topf100 500v theface almostmonochrome psychoviolator ironicals abigfave 30favs30comments300views anunpleasantsenseof sembrasimmetricomanon
Don't forget to wash your teeth (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav topf50 500v20f teeth 100v10f nikond70s brush womenonly violator3 wc topf100 500v 2007 dentalcare psychoviolator ironicals 30faves30comments300views dontforgettowashyourteeth baaaaaaaaah tling
21 of these days (Violator3) Tags: birthday selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav wow topf50 nikon 500v20f 21 stripes grain d70s 2006 100v10f nikond70s days womenonly scorpio violator3 numbers jail desaturated conceptual 500v auguri jailer psychoviolator ironicals idontspeakspanish 30favs30comments300views 171185 21anniportatimale 21anniconlacondizionale blablablata
Marriage is SO GAY. (Jessica Watkins DeWinter) Tags: marriage gaymarriage sogay ironicals
the event is foreshadowed (Pope's visit? in the background) ... (claude05) Tags: townhall freiburg papamobil weddingcarriage ironicals
Heaven is calling (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav wow chair nikon call heaven 500v20f telephone nin jesus d70s 2006 100v10f nikond70s womenonly violator3 desaturated conceptual 500v heresy ironicals ilquadroinquietantenellatavernadellanonnaportaispirazioniaquantopare nemmenoquestisonoblashpemousrumoursdai bravaescusalinvadenza
Kyrie Eleison (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait silly colour topf25 1025fav weird nikon 500v20f jesus d70s bodylanguage 2006 100v10f nikond70s womenonly violator3 desaturated conceptual creep 500v bicicletta religione cyclette echipinehapinemetta sclerounddelirio haivolutolabicicletta ironicals fintasportivarealebradipo blashpemousrumours nocallitjustasasenseofexpiation questaperunasimpaticametaforacheiodicolpenonnehop coseinquietantichesitrovanonellatavernadellanonna findovearrivailvostrosensodellumorismo
Under pressure (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav wow square topf50 warm 500v20f boots stripes 100v10f violator3 conceptual topf100 500v 2007 nikond200 ironicals abigfave 30faves30comments300views bratanesque jpeggy schizofreniaportamivia marypoppinsattitude
The Dreamcatcher 0.2 (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour topf25 1025fav butterfly nikon d70s dream bodylanguage 2006 100v10f nikond70s womenonly violator3 catch desaturated mybest dreamcatcher thatsthequestion ironicals acchiappamosche abetterversion schisala oacchiappafarfalleinsuddettocaso osarebbepicorrettodireacchiappasogni quelladiprimachiamiamolapurenacacata eraquestachedatemporonzavanellamiatesta tosmashornottosmash
Insomnia is just a matter of points of view (Violator3) Tags: selfportrait colour feet topf25 backlight 1025fav tv 500v20f legs 100v10f violator3 conceptual insomnia topf100 500v nikond200 ironicals 30faves30comments300views itsjustamatterofpointsofview
Vik (Beothuk) Tags: 2005 portrait sky people vw clouds volkswagen gold war funny purple sca quad vik chain knight gag sk smirk jewlery bling tacky viking gangsta marsden jewelled viscount avacal vvv quadwar gameson boreallis ironicals gangstasca
Insert Coin (Violator3) Tags: red selfportrait blur topf25 1025fav wow mouth hair topf50 nikon 500v20f skin grain d70s 2006 100v10f nikond70s lips womenonly violator3 chiaroscuro 500v ironicals nooooooooo 30faves30comments300views funomatic primoesperimentoconmonitormac chevedonoquellichehannoilpc dovolollo vedoaltelucibruciatesulabbra beneperilrestomanonhoungranmonitor grazied dinullapregod

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