1960s 1960sthrough2000 alcohol americanphotographs americansnapshots art artandorphotosbyhuffstutter artphotos assortedcoolsnapshots beer bobhuffstuttersphotos boxofoldphotos cityscenes economy hotoffthepress huffstutter huffstuttersart illustrations introductions japan justposted kcmo mustseephotos new paintprogram photos picnik political roberthuffstutter roberthuffstuttersphotos signs sketches sketchesandpaintings snapshots stagesofprogression storefronts storefrontsusa tagspending unsortedphotos usa viewsofusa watercolors workers worksinprogress worldzbestfotoz

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my potted plants and sun painting a (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art illustrations paintprogram huffstutter
JUNKYARDS OF AMERICA: ANOTHER SAD STORY (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new usa rust photos now today oldcars automobiles picnik inmemorium junkers timegoesby agendas bydesign saveus oldandabandoned greatcaptures autosalvage carworld huffstutter junkyardsusa autoheaven ralphtheramblinman norecyclepolicy usedcarsaregoodcars junkyardsofamerica junkcarlovers savedfromthecrusher autoboneyards rustywrecks autoeroticmasterpieces uncleartsjunkyards norecycle banthecrusher autoexoticmasterpieces junkerclunkers preservationofautohistory wallstreettaxes
ALL DRESSED UP TO GO TO SOMEWHERE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: costume lace feminine profiles illustrations gloves purses silky dainty belles alldressedup bonnets hellodolly tornedges oldprints silkandsatin hotoffthepress francesbrundage huffstutter auntiesofthe1890s ultrafemininefashions vintagelacevintagesilk littlemissperfection storybookdrawings glovedarms profileofalady 1890sbelles tatteredpages artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
REFLECTIONS OF A BIKER DUDE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new reflections tank pipes chrome cycle snapshots biker exhaust treasures seeyourself huffstutter randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted tagspending americanphotographs mustseephotos huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
ROD AND REEL PIER, ANNA MARIA ISLAND (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new florida justposted worldzbestfotoz rodandreelpier huffstutter
FAMILY REUNION 1974, GRUNDY COUNTY, MO (roberthuffstutter) Tags: hotoffthepress huffstutter grundycountymissouri 1974familyreunion artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
USNTC NAVY ANNUAL: 1960 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: vanity sailors bootcamp usnavy publications navydays autobiographical theanchor whenwewereyoung fondmemories youthfulmemories oldphotosofme advertisementsformyself navyfriends huffstutter growingupinusa usntcsandiego basictrainingusn navyannual snapshots1960s 1960smemories photos1960s
AAAHUFFSTUTTERFOTO 050 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: hotoffthepress huffstutter artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
THE JOY OF A SIMPLE BLOOM AGAINST TERRA COTA (roberthuffstutter) Tags: joy blooms terracota hotoffthepress huffstutter hostrablooming hostras artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
ADVERTISING FROM 60'S GENERATION 032 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: unsortedphotos introductions huffstutter americansnapshots viewsofusa bobhuffstuttersphotos roberthuffstuttersphotos assortedcoolsnapshots 1960sthrough2000 boxofoldphotos
READ THE ARTICLE ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF THIS DIRTY SPORT (roberthuffstutter) Tags: beer ears pit fans slime splash mudwrestling wrestlers sleeze dripping picnik sledge nostrils onearmedman methane splashing pickpocket kickers pinchers screamers noholdsbarred halfnelson fouls womenssports downanddirty downbutnotout slopping goinggreen cashbar huffstutter yellers downandalmostout takethatbabe rastlers dirtbagdotti harvardcounty shutupdotti dottithedirtbag methanecontrol methanealarms mudfilled
WINTER'S REFUSE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: leaves scum bilge flotsam yuk rancid nauseating mixtures jetsam endofline huffstutter
POND FLOWERS WITH AMONG CAT TAILS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: flowers green nature reeds glorious cattails serenity naturalbeauty ponds picnik greenbeauty bullrushes cleanwater artphotos greenisgood prizewinners beautyinnature oneflower goodphotos greengoodness goodgreen pondflowers hotoffthepress farmponds froghabitat huffstutter pondpictures bestpondphotos lookingformoses greenerimages saveourponds artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
BIG TIMBERS ALONG BIG RIVER (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter
ENROUTE TO WEST COAST: 1960S (roberthuffstutter) Tags: jimmy arizon dunlap huffstutter
could this be CLYDE BARROW? (roberthuffstutter) Tags: stairs doors lock picnik outlaws teaparty whoishe vintageclothing latticework clydebarrow hotoffthepress huffstutter teapartyphotos teapartyterrorists artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
PRELIMINARY SKETCH FROM OLD POST CARD (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new art workinprogress watercolors now sketches today mtfuji worksinprogress postcardimage oldjapan sketchesandpaintings huffstutter huffstuttersart stagesofprogression
HUFFSTUTTER  ART  UNEDITED (roberthuffstutter) Tags: money art work concrete workers construction jobs working skills tools kansascity busy missouri trade economy levels kcmo unedited employed nextphoto huffstutter
PLAZA ART FAIR SEP 07 071 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: unsortedphotos introductions huffstutter americansnapshots viewsofusa bobhuffstuttersphotos roberthuffstuttersphotos assortedcoolsnapshots 1960sthrough2000 boxofoldphotos
GRANDSON AND I SHOT A FEW PHOTOS JULY 09 007 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: skateboarding fences growingup grandsons nofences huffstutter
WINTER CLOUDS OVER KANASAS CITY (roberthuffstutter) Tags: unsortedphotos introductions huffstutter americansnapshots viewsofusa bobhuffstuttersphotos roberthuffstuttersphotos assortedcoolsnapshots 1960sthrough2000 boxofoldphotos
SACKHEADS ARE COUSINS OF CONEHEADS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: signs arms limbs coneheads huffstutter righttoarms coneheadinformation coneheadlanguage unidentifiedarms
HOTELS AND BARS 1960S: TRANSIENT LIFESTYLES (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art beer workers bars drinking illustrations style afterwork american alcohol signage impressionism booze hotels players watercolors sketches scenes crowds howardjohnsons drinkers coldbeer steet taverns bumpers barflys alcoholics fordtrucks freeart hojos motorlodges talkers transients smalltownusa ontap drifters poolplayers cocktaillounges ondraught vintagehotels huffstutter americanlabor vintagebars transientlifestyles the1960susa foralcoholicsonly jukeboxjoints vintagesmalltownusa
VOTE FOR BILL AS MAYOR OF TEEN TOWN 1957 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: mayor vote teentown huffstutter vanhornhighschool voteforbilltotty
A TRIBUTE TO AMERICAN AIRMEN BY USAF (roberthuffstutter) Tags: flags posters planes tribute usaf flyers pilots usairforce notmyphoto publicdomain airmen ushistory hotoffthepress patrioticposters huffstutter americanairmen pilotsovertheyears artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
KCMO..OLD HOTEL PRESIDENT, FLY TWA TO LAS VEGAS 198OS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: signs abandoned bar president lounge movies storefronts 1980s emptyseat twa kcmo cityscenes drumroom huffstutter presidenthotelkcmo doubledateatmovies robismissing newyearseve1959 storefrontsusa
OMAHA KITTY CAT: ONE OF TWO (roberthuffstutter) Tags: cats faces tulips masks felines markings tiptow huffstutter seeitfirst tiptoethroughtulips specialmarkingscats
THE ART PHOTO: A DEFINITION BY EXAMPLE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new art beer boats florida photos parking fishingboats boatrides cortez miss missg artphotos fishmarkets fisheries coolspot justposted worldzbestfotoz localtreasure huffstutter definitiveartphoto examplesofartphotography cortezbay barnaclesbelow amustseeplace
MOVED INTO OUR NEWER HOME IN 1976 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: homes tree birch pattyann huffstutter huffstutterfamilyalbum
STATUE DEDICATED TO BOREDOM (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art students coat teeth tourists boredom pigs swine statuary picnik snout authors newbooks wildboars hotoffthepress solidsilver prettylegs earlrstonebridge heavytrafficarea huffstutter kansascityartfair pedestriannovelty popularmeetingspot thebuttofsomejokes pettingstatues kcstatues morestonebridgeanecdote bronxze popularphotosite touriststophere artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
TRIP TO ST LOUIS WITH  GCHILDREN OCT  08 097 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: usa america freedom paradise shadows political shapes terrorist special knowledge iq gitmo the fourfreedoms huffstutter byrlhuffstutter drainwhat
ODD AND ASSORTED SUBJECTS 198 (HUFFSTUTTERR) Tags: usa newyork japan vodka monkeys whales 1960s greenwichvillage worldwartwo monkeybusiness anothergreatday farmtractors photosbyrobertlhuffstutter huffstutter roberthuffstutter streetscenesofnewyork
CITY INSIDE A FENCE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter
on the way to a MAY DAY CELEBRATION? (roberthuffstutter) Tags: life usa streets strangers bikes tires commercial backpacks brakes snapshots storefronts capitalism cruises armedforces connections cityscenes holdingon maydayparade savingmoney lifegoeson oneminute huffstutter defensebudgetcuts storefrontsusa
SKETCH FOR WATERCOLOR: CANTINA ENSENADA 1960S (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art beer watercolor mexico mono sketch cerveza drawings tecate ensenada baja 1960s watercolors cantina worksinprogress sketchesandpaintings huffstutter huffstuttersart stagesofprogression
COPENHAGEN: EXCHANGE OF IDEOLOGIES AND DOLLARS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: copenhagen political satire mirth choice freedomofspeech climatechange epa smartcars socialjustice snafu gasolineprices partyfavors sellingout handingout nickelsanddimes lieslieslies workersoftheworldunite lowergasprices capandtrade savetheusa thebigpayback huffstutter election2012 primalscreams whoistoblame socialisminusa elections2010 drivewhatyouwant november2012 5gas makeusathirdworldnation socialistcarnival legaldestruction enemieslaughingatus saynotosocialism saynotocaptrade voterightnovember2012 changeforsure itsouroil saynoto5gas gasolinescams socialism5gasprices speakoutnow donotdownsize nodownsizingofsuvs keepyoursuv americaallaboutchoice welovesuvs
MEMORIES OF SAGAMI-OTSUKA "1960S JAPAN" (roberthuffstutter) Tags: japan bars drinking alcohol tigerbar tourofduty huffstutter nasatsugi barsnamedtiger sleazeyplaces maingatebars
CORNER RESTAURANT IN WESTPORT 1986 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: food storefronts westport 1986 kcmo corners cityscenes hotoffthepress huffstutter entertainmentareakcmo storefrontsusa artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
PLANTS THRIVING IN SUNSHINE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter
SANTA MONICA LIQUOR STORES (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art beach japan midwest expressionism impressionism americana venicebeach beatniks watercolors sketches picnik penandink hotoffthepress huffstutter roberthuffstutter huffstuttersart robertlhuffstutter robertsgallery originalsavailable assortedmixedmedium bobhuffstutter artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
HOW MANY GIRAFFES IN THIS PHOTO? (roberthuffstutter) Tags: nature contrast zoo skin stlouis spots giraffes wrinkles huffstutter variationsingiraffes
ART PHOTOS: UNRETOUCHED AND UNEDITED (roberthuffstutter) Tags: artphotos huffstutter
PHOTO OF MY UNCLE JIM: DUNLAP 1965 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: mycousins trenton milwaukeeroad fondmemories grundycounty hotoffthepress northmissouri trentonmissouri huffstutter jimmyhuffstutter dunlapmissouri 1940s1960s unclefrankandauntruby huffstutterfamilyreunions haroldhuffstutter artandorphotosbyhuffstutter huffstutterfamilyphotos
DAUGHTER AND SNOWSTORM 1978 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: home 1978 picnik aftersnowstorm huffstutter daughterin1978
FREE SPEECH FOREVER 1278 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: getaway lagunabeach newphotos huffstutter
GET WELL CARD FOR NORTH KOREA.........PHOTO, NTC, SAN DIEGO 1960 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: ford picnik northkorea huffstutter usntcsandiego1960 governmentauto vintageusn northkoreanthreatensusa willwebowtonorthkorea
BEATNIK CONVERSATION WITH WINE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: people hot art fashion youth fun amor paintings couples illustrations books images alcohol 1950s absinthe washingtonsquare georgeorwell espresso beatniks jackkerouac bohemians wein fashions coffeehouses monmartre lamposts downandout aroseisaroseisarose impressionists henryjames veniceca avantegarde poetryreadings daysofwineandroses paintprogram wineandroses newsets huffstutter beatnikgeneration whosaidit freeartforyou greenwichvillagecoffeehouses leftbanklifestyles artistslifestyles beatnikconversationwith
SHAPES OF GRASS AND LEAVES (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new snapshots treasures justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted tagspending americanphotographs mustseephotos huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
MacArthur_Manila (roberthuffstutter) Tags: respect wisdom americanhero huffstutter essenceofcharacter militarytradition socialismdidnotlastinjapan lessonsindemocracy lessonsfortodaysleaders
JOGGING PATH INCLUDED (roberthuffstutter) Tags: usa building design construction arches economy newhomes greathomes huffstutter kcsfinest tuscanytouch

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