1960s americana americanphotographs art artandorphotosbyhuffstutter bobhuffstutter coffee contrasts depots design download expressionism fiftyyearsago frame greatmemories hotoffthepress huffstutter huffstuttersoriginalphotosart impressionism japan justposted kcmo mustseephotos new november2012 old ontheroad originalsavailable picnik publications randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted shadows sketch snapshots tagspending trains treasures upthedownstaircase usa watercolor watercolorpencils watercolors watercolorsbyhuffstutter worldzbestfotoz

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360 YEN PER U.S. DOLLAR 1963 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: japan hotel serenity hotels martinis dinners receipts hakone 1962 hotelrooms publications fujiya japanesealps autobiographical portwine fondmemories tourofduty greattimes vq1 50yearsago personalmemories japanesehotels termlimits hakonehotel japanesetourism huffstutter roomswithviews fiftyyearsago yokosukapier democracyvssocialism november2012 oneglassofport threemartinievening 360yenperusdollar1963 mtfujiwithroomreceipts miyaoshita sayonarasong japaneseresorts touristbrochures1960s vintagetouristbrochures memorieshakone populardestinationsinjapan trumpisnotjoking monitoringusdollars greatestgenerationmadeusagreat
WATERCOLOR BY R.L.HUFFSTUTTER (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art watercolor mat frame download paranoid homesweethome enlarge picnik gardener frustrated irritating watercolorpencils tempertantrum freeart meanspirited singlewoman careerwoman doublepersonalities womenshats kindhearted unstablewoman huffstutter lonelysingle stubbornwoman hanginyourhome moodywomen
ascot worn in Japan (non-regulation) (roberthuffstutter) Tags: old japan real design silk ascot textile huffstutter
SMILING WOMAN CALLED MOTHER NATURE, JUNE 2009 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art cow sketch cattle cows faces derwent farms taxes amateur curd methane redo criticism practicemakesperfect pencilsketchs oddplants strangeflora huffstutter portfoliooferrors eyesizes drawingdefects drawinglessonnumberone balanceineyesizes lipshapes lackofhighlights timefortaketwo examplesofdefects kickedoutofart101 reportcardlost floraandfaces
A JFK MEMORIAL OVERLOOKING MO RIVER (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art classic colors portico jfkmemorial huffstutter cliffdrivekcmo kcmosnapshots artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
MELBA'S BAR IS THE PLACE TO GO: 1960 Watercolor with Pen and Ink by R. L.Huffstutter (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art bars downtown mixedmedia clubs americana roads watercolors ontheroad picnik cafes melba penandink taverns greyhoundbus bustravel travelingalone busystreets huffstutter greyhoundbusstations beerjoints smallandcozy marketingplans originalsavailable gallerycollections usabustravel travelbybususa melbaabar
RAILROAD COLLAGE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: travel memories mat frame download trips picnik publications santafestation booklets depots papergoods hotoffthepress summer1959 railroadart retrotravel freeposter huffstutter losangelestrainstation railroadmemories losangelesposter freeartforyou hanginentryway southernpacificbrochure railroadcollage westcoastjourney santafetimetables railroadbrochures southerpacificbrochures travel60s artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
DUDE MOTEL NUMBER THREE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art project motel pottedplants americana 1960s watercolors copy ontheroad claypots aircooled transients watercolorpencil oldmotel cocktaillounges huffstutter fiftyyearsago nowateradded usa1960s dudesmotel3 inroomtv
STUDY IN IRON AND DESIGN (roberthuffstutter) Tags: loo coffee spot lingering hotoffthepress huffstutter artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
10100850A~The-Invisible-Man-Posters (roberthuffstutter) Tags: posters authors novels suspense hgwells theinvisibleman allposterscom huffstutter
AM I TO BLAME FOR TODAY'S WORLD SITUATION? (roberthuffstutter) Tags: dreams gashouse huffstutter
PORTFOLIO OF RLH WATERCOLORS (DETAIL) (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new watercolor snapshots watercolors treasures justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter robertlhuffstutter watercolorsbyhuffstutter randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted tagspending americanphotographs rlhuffstuttersart mustseephotos huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
PUBLIC MONEY FROM PUBLIC DOMAIN (roberthuffstutter) Tags: charity new ford gm geocaching pirates cash chrysler autos usnavy piles stacks captainmorgan onemilliondollars zztop goldcoins sharpdressedman sizematters taxdollars justposted geocashing ourmoney moneyfornothing priceofgold onebilliondollars goldstandard pilesofmoney worldzbestfotoz yourmoney goldcertificates governmentmoney useconomy whichoneismine huffstutter lifeofluxury governmentbailout worldcruises billionsofdollars bailmeout bailoutwho thechecksarefree freecarsforus freeautosforcitizens pickacar governmentchecks sizeofmoney comparisongraphs madeoff theirmoney whosemoneyisit bankaccountsforcharity madeoffsmoney goldprices goldpower ounceofgold goldtalks currencyvsgoldstandard
31_Burial_Taikuns_ins (roberthuffstutter) Tags: old japan tokyobay notmyphoto traditionaljapan newblog 1880s rarephotos notmyphotos universitycollection retrojapan huffstutter firstphotosofjapan askaboutnewblog 1880sphotos gotonextphoto huffstuttersjapan sendtoosobi japaneseresearchproject postedforeducationalpurposes neatstreetsofjapan postedforinformationonly oldpicturesofjapan vintagetokyobay japan1880s 1880sphotosjapan oldphotosjapan vangoghsjapan
HUNDREDS WAITING FOR POETRY READING, VENICE BEACH, 1960 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: coffee illustrations style expressionism impressionism espresso venicebeach beatniks penandink beatgeneration smokinganddrinking poetryreadings espressomachines venicebeachca beachcities forgottenhistory huffstutter 1960scalifornia watercolorsbyhuffstutter venicewestcafe originalsavailable livepoetryreadings artmarketusa southbaywatercolors southbayscenes signedcopiesavailable watercolorsofsouthbay strandwatercolors huffstutterssouthbayart
WALKING TOWARD ART FAIR (roberthuffstutter) Tags: skyscrapers legs columns things granite elbows marble sidewalks awnings humanoids kness hotoffthepress walkingpeople citycanyons huffstutter walkingtalkinghumanoids truckswithladders artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
NOVEL HOUSE A GOOD PLACE TO WRITE A NOVEL... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: usa building design construction economy newhomes huffstutter kcsfinest tuscanytouch
MY FRIEND GAVE ME HIS  84 EL DORADO WHEN HE BOUGHT A NEW 85 EL DORADO... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: friends cars cool friendship tacos mexicanfood picnik loaded generous caddys misterg lifetimefriends hotoffthepress northeastkcmo termlimits redleatherinterior huffstutter sheerluxury democracyvssocialism november2012 84eldorado driveininnortheastkcmo trumpisnotjoking monitoringusdollars greatestgenerationmadeusagreat artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
WHY? IS IT A MATTER OF RESPECT? (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new snapshots treasures huffstutter rlhuffstutter randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted tagspending americanphotographs mustseephotos huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
MASONRY OF NOTE: KCMO PLAZA (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter
end of an era--sell it all (roberthuffstutter) Tags: style expressionism impressionism huffstutter watercolorsbyhuffstutter artmarketusa
hitch-hiking across Connecticutt (roberthuffstutter) Tags: usa art fun freedom alone drawings expressionism impressionism americana hitchhiking 1960s adventures ontheroad outofcontrol shortstories personaljourney crazydrivers paintprogram commentsappreciated timeflys greatmemories earlrstonebridge huffstutter roberthuffstutter positiveandupbeat rlhuffstutter contemporaryimpressionism robertsgallery originalsavailable rlhuffstuttersart readmyessays usaonexhibit travelingamerica thumbingrides hitchhikingtheusa
PEANUTS CLUB (roberthuffstutter) Tags: coolplaces matchboxes hotoffthepress cabarets japanesebars huffstutter yokohama1960s bestspots artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
WATERCOLOR PENCIL BEFORE ADDING WATER WITH BRUSH ON DRY PAPER... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art history japan sketch culture intelligence vendor enoshima society japaneseart watercolorpencils notcomplete japanesedrawings japaneseillustrations huffstutter japanesepictures huffstuttersart sketchesofjapan vintageenoshima japanesesketches huffstuttersdrawings japaneseportfolio assortedjapanesedrawings
RELIGION IN AMERICA (roberthuffstutter) Tags: midwest folklore snapshots easterbunny kcmo freedomofreligion worldzbestfotoz huffstutter americansnapshots randomsnapshotsandart mustseephotos bobhuffstutter artandorphotosbyhuffstutter huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
HOT ROD IN BLACK AND WHITE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new hot today hotoffthepress hotrodheaven huffstutter bwclassics classicsoldcars junkyardheaven
THE BRIDGE TO SOMEWHERE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: family cats midwest bridges trains grandchildren amtrak 1960s trainwindowviews kcmo trainstations railroadtracks trainart freightcars passengertrains depots milwaukeeroad santaferailroad twilighttime trainbridges ilovetrains traintrips trainphotos huffstutter trainpaintings kansascitysnapshots vintagetrainphotos huffstutterstrainart scenestrainwindows
STAIRWAY TO THE SHADOWS AND LIGHT (roberthuffstutter) Tags: stairs words shadows plateau omega angles philosophy division alpha plato contrasts levels nightandday eternal lightanddark corners channeling upthedownstaircase huffstutter downtheupstaircase foornumbers
YOKOHAMA US CONSULATE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: japan yokohama hotoffthepress huffstutter reconstructionofjapan yokohamacollection huffstuttersyokohama artphotosjapan artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
PLAZA ART FAIR SEP 07 333 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: unsortedphotos introductions huffstutter americansnapshots viewsofusa bobhuffstuttersphotos roberthuffstuttersphotos assortedcoolsnapshots 1960sthrough2000 boxofoldphotos
MISSION HILLS, GRANITE PILLARS AND SEXY MODELS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: sexy yesterday today sexywomen sometime rightnow nextyear tommorrow hotoffthepress inaminute timeflys timemoveson timeisirrelevant huffstutter artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
UNEDITED AND UNRETOUCHED (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new original hot florida bears free hugs collectors airheads airhead unedited bearhug bearish seeingisbelieving upintheair amusthave amustsee frameit amazeyourfriends honesttruth rarebears notaspoof hangonwall awwwwhowsweet huffstutter believeitor huggingbear hotandbear stuffedanimalcollectors bearcollectors unretouced dailyhugshot
JUNKYARDS OF AMERICA: DENVER, COLORADO (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art watercolor sketch wheels denver watercolors watercolours oldcars uncleart goingnowhere junkyards rustymetal endoftheroad clunkers junkers autosalvage huffstutter
PLAZA ART FAIR SEP 07 469 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: haveaniceday timepasses astimegoesby greatmemories huffstutter secondglances upbeatandpositive goodmoodphotos
old painting of blue bottles (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter
ARMED BUT NOT DANGEROUS: A DAY AT THE ART GALLERY (roberthuffstutter) Tags: india religious arms statues icon serenity hindu armed godess meditative huffstutter
ECONOCONDOMINIMUMS EN ROUTE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter
BERRYWARE'S FLIGHT PHOTOS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new snapshots treasures justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted tagspending americanphotographs mustseephotos huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
MCCAIN BOOK (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter
CONGRESS TO GO GREEN IN MOTOR POOL TO GIVE MORE MONEY TO NEA TO SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA'S AGENDA... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: this drive motorscooter hotoffthepress huffstutter savethesun greenecon newgovernmentvechicles sellyousuv greeneconmentality artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
FIRE ESCAPE FREAKS: HERE IT IS... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: shadows bricks photoediting designs contrasts fireescapes goingdown goingup archedwindows oldwindows upthedownstaircase seebeforephoto huffstutter savethesun oldbldgs editingwithpicnik fireescapefreaks photosoffireescapes ironfireescapes lookinginsidewindows viewinlargemode
CLOUDS OF CHANGE DRIFT ACROSS THE USA (roberthuffstutter) Tags: sky usa clouds skies change artphotos huffstutter
THE RESULT OF TOO MUCH POLITICS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: goodvsevil evilvsgood hotoffthepress toomuchpolitics huffstutter obsessedwithpolitics artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
GENERAL MACS HEADQUARTERS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: archives notmyphoto hotoffthepress huffstutter generalsusarmy artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
CONSTITUTIONAL CONFUSION (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter kcsnapshotsrlh
FREE SPEECH FOREVER 872 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: picnik hotoffthepress huffstutter artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
REFLECTIONS IN TIME: THE UNION STATION (roberthuffstutter) Tags: windows glass reflections variety kcmo railroads stillstanding artphotos depots windowreflections glassreflections newsets assortedsnapshots huffstutter roberthuffstutter viewsthroughwindows unionstationkcmo bobhuffstutter coolsnapshots
CENTRALIA, ILLINOIS IN THE 1960S (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art trains sketches picnik smalltowns cozyinn illinoiscentral railroadcrossings stoplooklisten brownshoecompany huffstutter peninkwatercolors
A DAY AT THE NELSON-ADKINS GALLERY (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter
NO VACANCIES (roberthuffstutter) Tags: winners picnik huffstutter favoritesnapshots artandorphotosbyhuffstutter

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