1960s 1960smemories alcohol americanphotographs art artandorphotosbyhuffstutter autobiographical beware bobhuffstutter boxofoldphotos california cars expressionism family grandchildren hotoffthepress huffstutter huffstuttersfavorites huffstuttersoriginalphotosart huffstutterstrainart japan justposted kcmo midwest mustseephotos navyfriends new picnik randomsnapshotsandart roberthuffstuttersphotos robertlhuffstutter robertsunsorted roofs sailors santaferailroad snapshots snapshots1960s tagspending trainart trainpaintings trains traintrips treasures unsortedphotos worldzbestfotoz

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BOOTCAMP PHOTO: USNTC, MAY 1960 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: liberty shower uniform sandiego sailors towels youthful bootcamp leaning usn dogtags navydays 1960 autobiographical basictraining nobeer youngmen anchorsaweigh skintone inshape goodbehavior firstliberty navybootcamp freshlyshaven advertisementsformyself notattoos navyfriends nowhiskers cinderellaliberty huffstutter roberthuffstutter usntc robertlhuffstutter rlhuffstutter sailorsonliberty company146 sailoraftera peakphysicalshape usnavybootcamp bobhuffstutter bobhuffstuttersart snapshots1960s 1960smemories
PLAZA ART FAIR SEP 07 693 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: haveaniceday timepasses astimegoesby greatmemories huffstutter secondglances upbeatandpositive goodmoodphotos
FREE SPEECH FOREVER 1274 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: freshfaces hotoffthepress perfectfits prettyyoung lowcutblouse huffstutter sexyyoungwoman aaasexy hottyoftheday artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
EARL R. STONEBRIDGE RETURNS FROM CONFERENCE ON GLOBAL COOLING (roberthuffstutter) Tags: fiction humor mirth picnik fictionalcharacter hotoffthepress earlrstonebridge huffstutter takingworldtemperatures endoflatesttrek earlreturnsfromglobalcoolingconference newinfoonenergy trackingcarbonfootprints havethermometerwilltravel ecologyresearchtrips artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
BAHA PHOTOS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: vortex flying tigers notmyphoto huffstutter
ONE OF THE PLACES WE CALLED HOME... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: 1968 snowtime hotoffthepress huffstutter oneplacecalledhome wintersinmidwest artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
DUDE MOTEL NUMBER THREE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art project motel pottedplants americana 1960s watercolors copy ontheroad claypots aircooled transients watercolorpencil oldmotel cocktaillounges huffstutter fiftyyearsago nowateradded usa1960s dudesmotel3 inroomtv
GRANDSON RIDING FIRST MERRY GO ROUND 2002 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: memories daughter grandchildren grandson grandaughters merrygorounds huffstutter
KANSAS CITY MG CAR CLUB MEET 1980S (roberthuffstutter) Tags: cars mg carshow midgets morrisgarage funcars carclubs hotoffthepress britishautos huffstutter 1979mgmidget daughtersmg mgsinarow onesinglemidget lastmidgetmadein1979 mymg artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
ALONE WITH THE PIGEONS IN HOTEL CALIFORNIA (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art alone pastel alcoholism hotelcalifornia alcohol hotels picnik alky huffstutter
RAILROAD TRACKS: A DIFFERENT LOOK (roberthuffstutter) Tags: family sorry bridges trains grandchildren amtrak rails 1960s railways picnik trainwindowviews kcmo railroads trainstations gonenow railroadtracks connections trainart freightcars passengertrains toobad depots milwaukeeroad santaferailroad ilovetrains hotoffthepress traintrips streamliners trainphotos americantrains hardtogetto huffstutter trainpaintings glorydaysaregone smalltownsinamerica deadendrailroads moretrainsplease toomanyplanes vintagetrainphotos huffstutterstrainart scenestrainwindows artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
FIRST CLASS FLIGHT TO TOKYO 1961 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: japan tokyo towels to panam firstclass in chapterone airlinetickets panamericanworldairways panamericanairways flyingtotokyo huffstutter  tickettotokyo panamtickets panamtickettotokyo sanfranciscototokyopanam traveling1961 asahisapporoandkirinbeerservedonboardhot flightwelcome myloveaffairwithjapan
RIVER TOOLS AND MAINTENANCE ITEMS: workers are off on Sundays (roberthuffstutter) Tags: lines work boats screws drums sand midwest mechanical tools equipment machinery generator cables missouri rivers maintenance bolts tugs planks hoses channel rigging springtime containers kcmo dredging wrenches missouririver reels riverboats capstans riggings steelcable huffstutter toolsofatrade
CALIFORNIA COUSINS AT DISNEYLAND IN 1959 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: california cousins gloria mycousins picnik firstcousins firstcousin secondcousins huffstutter disneyland1959 summerof59 mariettamcdaniels summerof1959 paternalcousins billandgloria billmcdaniels californiasummerof1959
YAKASUNI 1950 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: japan notmyphoto hotoffthepress postwarjapan huffstutter tokyo1950 yakasunishrine artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
THE RISING SUN (roberthuffstutter) Tags: japan kanji language caligraphy japanesecharacters therisingsun hotoffthepress japaneselessons huffstutter learnkanji speakjapanese kanjilessons artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
TIME OUT AT PERRY POINT, MARYLAND... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: truth alcoholism alcohol picnik recovery chesapeakebay autobiographical vamc hotoffthepress perrypoint takingtimeout huffstutter countryclubelegance hikingbikingreflections artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
CHENEY TELLS IT AS HE SEES IT... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: cia strangesituations hotoffthepress huffstutter whohatescheney preservingcivilliberties preseringbillofrights civilrightsvscivilliberties whowantstogetdick pcerrorterror terroristtrialinnyc winkwinktrialinnyc terroristsontrialinnyc pcissues artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
ESSENCE OF PINK (roberthuffstutter) Tags: flowers plants gardening pinkflowers huffstutter pinkposeys pinkcontainers
RUNNING THE CLUBS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter
KCMO ART FAIR THIS WEEKEND (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter savethesun
GO FOR THE GOLD (roberthuffstutter) Tags: money gold lights chips artphoto oneofmybest huffstutter
NATURAL ARRANGEMENT IN WOOD (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter
ME AND MY SHADOW: A GOOD FRIEND ALWAY NEARBY (roberthuffstutter) Tags: unsortedphotos introductions huffstutter americansnapshots viewsofusa bobhuffstuttersphotos roberthuffstuttersphotos assortedcoolsnapshots 1960sthrough2000 boxofoldphotos
BEACH DELIGHTS: A NEW PEN, INK AND WATERCOLOR BY R.L.HUFFSTUTTER (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art beach japan midwest expressionism impressionism americana venicebeach beatniks watercolors sketches penandink beachscene huffstutter roberthuffstutter peninkwatercolor huffstuttersart huffstutterswatercolors robertlhuffstutter robertsgallery originalsavailable beachfrontshops beachconfectionary retrobeachscenes southerncaliforniabeachscenes1960s carnivalbeachs assortedmixedmedium bobhuffstutter
MY GRANDSON AND MY TWIN YUGOS 1999 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: cars twins toddler babies twin grandson snapshots autos toddlers yugo easterneurope yugoslavia lawns crawler imported premiums yugos galleryphotos galleryphoto huffstutter huffstuttersfavorites elvispresleyyugosong yugogallery yugomania kidswholoveyugo yugolove yugowanted yugorescuecenter
VICTORY MISSION, LOS ANGELES 1965 001 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: art drawings charcoal characters jesussaves soapbox sketches missions skids winos lapd downandout alcoholics handouts victorymission endisnear huffstutter alkys la1960s
NELSON-ATKINS MUSEUM, KCMO (roberthuffstutter) Tags: china figurines kcmo permanentexhibition chineseexhibition huffstutter chineseartifacts
HERONS ARE TOURIST FRIENDLY ON "ANNA MARIA ISLAND" FLORIDA (roberthuffstutter) Tags: proud standing friendly waterfowl herons feathered annamariaisland huffstutter
OCEAN BEACH, SAN FRANCISCO 1944:SAILOR AND SWEETHEART BEFORE SAILING (roberthuffstutter) Tags: sanfrancisco vintage shoes pumps shadows sailors couples oceanbeach fountains usnavy healthcare 1944 calves billmoore worldwartwo sayinggoodbye parting niceguy homeonleave jacksdad oldneighbor huffstutter mrsreedsson hellojack
TALL AND PROUD BESIDE THE RIVER (roberthuffstutter) Tags: unsortedphotos introductions huffstutter americansnapshots viewsofusa bobhuffstuttersphotos roberthuffstuttersphotos assortedcoolsnapshots 1960sthrough2000 boxofoldphotos
BEATNIK BOB 1958 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: vanity sailors navydays autobiographical whenwewereyoung fondmemories youthfulmemories oldphotosofme advertisementsformyself navyfriends huffstutter growingupinusa snapshots1960s 1960smemories photos1960s
COZY COURT MOTOR HOTEL 1947 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: style expressionism impressionism huffstutter watercolorsbyhuffstutter artmarketusa
MAMIE, FRANK, LENORE, AND JIM...1958 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: family sailors usn unclejim unclefrank familyreunions grundycountymo auntlenore auntmamie timeflys huffstutter trentonmo fiftyplusyearsago huffstutterreunions artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
WHILE WAITING FOR A TRAIN TO PASS IN THE NIGHT (roberthuffstutter) Tags: family beware bridges trains headlights grandchildren amtrak caution 1960s roads trainwindowviews railroads crossings trainstations railroadtracks trainart lightsatnight freightcars railroadcrossings passengertrains depots milwaukeeroad flashinglights santaferailroad ilovetrains warninglights hotoffthepress traintrips stoplooklisten trainphotos huffstutter trainpaintings donotracetrains raildroading vintagetrainphotos huffstutterstrainart scenestrainwindows artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
A PERSON'S HOME IS THEIR CASTLE (roberthuffstutter) Tags: positive upbeat hotoffthepress huffstutter huffstuttersfavorites artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
sun is up and shining (roberthuffstutter) Tags: huffstutter
ARE YOU SCARED YET? (roberthuffstutter) Tags: costumes orange scary pumpkins seasonal boo tshirts smashingpumpkins picnik booo punkins jackolanterns loneranger disguises hotoffthepress matrons partymask pumpkinwoman huffstutter pumpkinmama somepumpkins sumpunkins sicpunkins sickpumpkins punkinssic artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
MAN'S OPINION OF HEALTHCARE CENSORED BY MEDIA (roberthuffstutter) Tags: hotoffthepress televisioninterview huffstutter censoredbyredbutton opinioncensoredonair expicitisunderstatement artandorphotosbyhuffstutter
UNRETOUCHED AND UNEDITED ART PHOTO (roberthuffstutter) Tags: artphotos huffstutter
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, MIDGET RACERS, PANCHO AND CALEB 002 (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new snapshots treasures justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted tagspending americanphotographs mustseephotos huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
BALES  OF HAY (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new hay livestock fodder justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter
GREEN AWNINGS WITH YELLOW VW (roberthuffstutter) Tags: road new signs car yellow vw outside alone shingles parking bricks wheels panes roofs snapshots inside barstools storefronts gables awnings spaces treasures hubs cityscenes huffstutter randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted tagspending americanphotographs mustseephotos storefrontsusa huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
THERE WERE SUNDAY MORNINGS THAT WERE FOGGY (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new snapshots treasures justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter randomsnapshotsandart robertsunsorted tagspending americanphotographs mustseephotos huffstuttersoriginalphotosart
SOMETIMES THERE IS SIMPLY NO ESCAPE FROM CRAP... (roberthuffstutter) Tags: iron poetry escape steps designs fireescapes worldzbestfotoz huffstutter heatdeflectors napkinpoetry
HIDDEN CAMERAS RECORD MOVEMENTS (roberthuffstutter) Tags: plaza notice beware watching cameras kcmo witness huffstutter
IRON , CABLE AND ALPHABET (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter
THE LITE TOUCH WITH LAGER (roberthuffstutter) Tags: beer bottles denver alcohol coors junkcars coorslite huffstutter poetrylovers fatbeer beerofallkinds boulevardbeerofkansascity
WILL THE ROOFING BUSINESS SURVIVE? (roberthuffstutter) Tags: new all roofs survival justposted worldzbestfotoz huffstutter roofingbusiness sizezzzzez
TIME TO HEAD FOR WARMER CLIMATES (roberthuffstutter) Tags: california new winter snow cold outdoors midwest seasons florida deck coldweather changes journeys lagunabeach snowbirds annamariaisland justposted iceandsnow gettingoutoftown worldzbestfotoz huffstutter grillclosed headedwestforduration seeyenextspring hazardsofwinter hopeforsummer geographicalrelocations

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