art autumn autumn2012 bokeh canon celebration cemetery colorado colorfulcolorado darkness denver denvermarchpowwow2014 desbahallison durango earth fathersky heavenly heavenlycreature heavenlyfamilyfriends heavenlyholiday heavensdarkangel2 holiday honoringnationalnativeamericanheritagemonth ihda~desbahallison light missingsorrow motherearth mothernature mountains nativeamericanartist nature nightphotography pagosacountry pagosasprings season sky sony sonydslra200 sonydslra380 spring stilllife sunshine sunshinelight water white

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*a heavenly rainbow over Durango* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: sky canon rainbow colorado father durango colorfulcolorado heavenlyholiday desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 memorialday2015
*luna & leaves* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn sky moon luna heavenly motherearth fathersky desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 mooninautumn
*Rhy & Arya* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn colorado motherearth littleangel colorfulcolorado heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2
*little Arya* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: beagle colorado heavenly newpup colorfulcolorado heavenlycreature heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison heavensnewpuppy
~heavenly changing be4 ma eyes~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: spring colorado earth butterflies denver butterflypavilion newlife heavenlycreatures colorfulcolorado desbahallison heavensdarkangel2
*a heavenly dancing angel* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: holiday spring dancing denver celebration nativeamericans powwow heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison denvermarchpowwow2014
~a divine pair~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: colorado purple bokeh sony bee durango purpleflower motherearth busybee heavenlycreatures heavenlyflowers heavenlypurple sonydslra380 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2
~heavenly light & darkness~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: stilllife white dark whiteflower colorado darkness sony durango againstblack tablephotography sonydslra200 sunshinelight desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison
"Nil Sine Numine" (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: sky mountains downtown sony pagosasprings pagosapeak sonydslra200 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison coloradoflagsflyinghigh heavenlyflags pagosaspringspostofficeview
~ heavenly mother earth & father sky ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: art painting colorado nativeamericanart colorfulcolorado nativeamericanartist desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 honoringnationalnativeamericanheritagemonth denverinternationalairportart
Native American Indian legends told that butterflies would carry the wishes to the Great Spirit in heaven to be granted. (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn brown art butterfly colorado sony carving pagosasprings rattle nativeamericanart pyrography gourdrattle heavenlyart againstblackbackground heavenslostfiles sonydslra380 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 nationalnativeamericanheritagemonth2012 butterflygourdrattle musicalinstrumentrattle honoringnationalnativeamericanheritagemonth browngourdrattle
~a heavenly colorful colorado rose~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: rose canon garden colorado multicolors durango mothernature motherearth bokehrose heavensrose desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison
~a heavenly hat on a turtle~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: canon colorado turtle denver heavenly colorfulcolorado heavenlycreature desbahallison heavensdarkangel2
*Heavenly Durango, Colorado* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: winter mountains southwest canon colorado durango motherearth colorfulcolorado fathersky desbahallison heavensdarkangel2
*little buddie* meets a pretty mum (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: stilllife cat canon friend colorado durango heavenly furryfriend colorfulcolorado againstblack furryangel heavenlycreature heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 littlebuddieandflowe
*heavenly dancing 4 spring* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: holiday canon season spring movement colorado dancing denver celebration colorfulcolorado heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 denvermarchpowwow2014
*heavenly denver march pow~wow* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: people holiday canon spring colorado denver des celebration springtime colorfulcolorado heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 denvermarchpowwow2014 gatheringofnationstocelebratespring
*heavenly wings with water* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: water canon butterfly wings colorado denver butterflypavilion colorfulcolorado heavenlywings desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 paperbutterflyfly waterandwings
~heavenly anemone~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: water closeup canon aquarium colorado sealife anemone colorfulcolorado denverbutterflypavilion desbahallison heavensdarkangel2
~ dawn in janurary in durango, colorado ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: sky landscape east durango motherearth theheavens colorao fathersky sonydslra200 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2
~heavenly flowers opening 2 perfection~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: light stilllife white whiteflower darkness sony lilies sonydslra200 heavenlyflowers sunshinelight againstblackbackground desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison sunshinelightonflowers
*happy heavenly kwanzaa* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: nightphotography light holiday snow season colorado darkness sony snowing durango snowonbranches sonydslra200 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison happyheavenlykwanzaa2012
*heavenly perins peak of durango, colorado* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: snow west nature colorado earth sony durango mothernature motherearth freshsnow heavenlymountains sonydslra200 perinspeak desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison
~ a heavenly murder of crows ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: snow black nature sunshine colorado earth sony together durango murderofcrows againstbluesky strengthinnumbers desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison strengthinbundles crowsonsnowybranches
*When you have only 2 pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.*~Chinese Proverb (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: white nature whiteflower colorado lily earth sony bluesky durango motherearth againstbluesky fathersky sonydslra200 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison
~heavenly luminaries in colorado~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: nightphotography holiday colorado holidaylights mesaverdenationalpark heavenlyholiday desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison mesaverdeluminaries
~ *little buddie* bokeh with a delish treat~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: pet sunshine colorado darkness bokeh sony treat durango bokehlicious kittybokeh tablephotography sonydslra200 heavenlycreature sunshinelight sunshinelite heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavenspet heavensdarkangel2 heavenlyspiritsfood oreocandyapple littlebuddiebokeh rockymtchocolatefactorycandyapple
~ cute camouflage buck ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: nature grey colorado wildlife sony buck durango colorfulcolorado sonydslra200 heavenlycreature desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison camouflagedbuckinnature lessonfromnature youngbuckincamo
*november 16th sky* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: sunset sky sunshine clouds colorado colorful cloudy sony stormy durango motherearth stormyweather theheavens colorfulcolorado fathersky sonydslra200 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison autumn2012
* flowing in2 sunshine with limbs * (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn tree nature season colorado sony perspective lookingup durango motherearth aspentree fathersky sonydslra200 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison autumn2012
* a little fellar fishing 4 big dreams * (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: sunset summer lake water evening fishing colorado stormysky mothernature motherearth smallthings pagosasprings stormyweather fathersky lakepagosa heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison angelickylefishing
~ a heavenly golden angel visiting ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: summer cemetery angel gold colorado sony july pagosasprings angelstatue goldenangel colorfulcolorado heavenlyangels heavensdarkangel pagosacountry sonydslra200 dedicated2sis angelicone desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 missingauddad ihda~desbahallison missingsorrow dedicated2mysisteraudreycbegay pagosacemetery
~ heavenly glass art on the ceiling ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: art colorado sony perspective stainedglass lookingup durango glassart colorfulcolorado sonydslra380 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison celingart ceilingatthehistoricstraterhotel
~ a purple scene 4 my special angel ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: purple sony wildflowers mothernature motherearth purpleflowers fathersky pagosacountry fool4u sonydslra380 desbahallison summer2012 heavensdarkangel2 heavensfoolishdecisions
~heavenly prayers 2 u~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn art leaves yellow angel colorado sony durango angelstatue colorfulcolorado angelart heavenlyangels angelpraying sonydslra200 heavenlyyellow durangocemetery desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 autumn2012 prayers4art heavenlyautumn
*little buddie with wide eyes* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: portrait orange pet sunshine closeup cat colorado sony orangetabby durango littleangel colorfulcolorado sonydslra200 heavenlycreature sunshinelight heavenscat heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison littlebuddieinsunshinelight
We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: morning sky mountains silhouette sunrise dark dawn colorado darkness earth sony father morningglory sorrow motherearth pagosasprings morningsunrise colorfulcolorado fathersky pagosacountry pinonlake sonydslra200 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 missingsorrow missingpagosahome
~heavenly blended we are~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: november newmexico macro art sony nativeamerican pottery farmington nativeamericanart landofenchantment nativeamericanpottery nativeamericanartist sonydslra200 handpaintedart desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 honoringnationalnativeamericanheritagemonth southwestartcollection pueblopotteryart
*a heavenly angel treading on autumn leaves* (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn art cemetery leaves angel colorado sony durango redleaves colorfulcolorado silverangel sonydslra200 redautumnleaves durangocemetery desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 autumn2012
~honoring the heavenly CrEaToR~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn light sunlight sunshine colorado bokeh sony durango changingleaves aspenleaves colorfulcolorado sonydslra200 sunshinelight desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 autumn2012
~the heavenly heartbeat of our future~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: colorado parade celebration nativeamericans pagosasprings colorfulcolorado 4thofjulycelebration nativeamericanyouth heavenlyholiday heavenlyfamilyfriends desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 honoringnationalnativeamericanheritagemonth nativeamericanmonthnovember2012 jicarillaapachetribe
~ my heavenly little feather on my laptop ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: shadow sunshine colorado sony feather pagosasprings colorfulcolorado nativeamericanartist sunshinelight proud2benativeamerican sonydslra380 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 nationalnativeamericanheritagemonth2012 nativeamericanmonthnovember featheronlaptop honoringnationalnativeamericanmonth nativeamericantouchoftechnology
~ happy heavenly halloween 2012~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: nightphotography halloween night colorado sony durango dreamcatcher sonydslra200 desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 halloween2012 streetwithahandingdreamcatcher dreamcatcheronrearviewmirror heavenlydreamsonhalloween happyhalloween2012dreamcatcher
~a blessed morning on oct. 29th ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: reflection water sunshine birds dawn october missing colorado colorful sony ducks pagosasprings sonydslra200 waterenvirons desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 missingsorrow
~ a quiet autumn october day ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: lake reflection nature water season landscape october earth sony motherearth sonydslra200 havilandlake heavenlyreflections desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison autumn2012
~ heavenly autumn colors ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn trees nature season colorado bokeh sony bark aspens durango colorfulcolorado sonydslra200 aspenbark desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 ihda~desbahallison autumn2012 aspensbokeh
* ooOOh heavenly chocolate * (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: dessert colorado candy chocolate sweets durango bloomers heavenlychocolate desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 heavenlyspiritsfood rockymountainchocolatefactoryrejects varietyofchocolate 4chocolatelovers
~ heavenly durango in autumn 2012 ~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: autumn season landscape colorado sony durango animasriver colorfulcolorado sonydslra200 missingsis heavensdarkangel2 missingsorrow dedicated2mysisteraudreycbegay durangoinautumn durangoviewfromcemetery itstime2missthepass durangoisntthesamewithoutusis
~ heavenly autumn in 1 of my fav cemeteries~ (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: fall cemetery sony fallfoliage durango colorfulcolorado sonydslra200 durangocemetery desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 autumn2012
many autumn days in a row... (^i^heavensdarkangel2) Tags: road morning colorado path hermosa colorfulcolorado treesinarow desbahallison heavensdarkangel2 colofulcolorado autumn2012 morningsundaydrive ineed2changesomething

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