alberta bestpeopleschoice bluebirdestates bokeh buds canada day drops edikesworld fauna flower garden green heartawards leaves level1thewondersofnature light l~1passionforflowers mammal minnesota musictomyeyes~l1 nature natureshots niceasitgets~level1 niceasitgets~level2 peggyhr pink poppy rain rainbowofnaturelevel1red red rose sonyilce6000 summer super~sixbronze☆stage1☆ thebeautyofnature thegalaxy thegalaxyhalloffame thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange white yellow zoowildlife ~♥~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~♥~

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The fountain of youth (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr sunset lake reflections fountain alberta canada rainbowofnaturelevel1red level1peaceawards niceasitgets~level1 infinitexposurel1 level1photographyforrecreation musictomyeyes~l1 heartawards niceasitgets~level2 thegalaxy 50faves platinumheartaward thegalaxyhalloffame
>>> Sea Meets Shore - I. <<< (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: oregonsummer16 seascape northcoast nature pacific waves beach sand naturestyle scenic naturespoetry~level1 heartawards
Cattle walking upside down in a -shaped pond (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr cattle wateringhole cypresshills saskatchewan canada super~sixbronzestage1 rainbowofnaturelevel1red rainbowofnaturelevel2orange super~sixstage2silver super~sixstage3gold naturestyle blinkagain 30faves~ super~sixstage4art heartawards super~sixstage5elite 60faves~ super~sixstage6andromeda50 journeysend~theacademy07
[][][] Baby Zebra Study [][][] (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: babyzebra newborn zoowildlife fauna mammal nature summer minnesota exotic frameit~level01 heartawards thegalaxy
Ending the day in a blaze of glory (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr sunset blazing fiery clouds sky silhouettes trees bluebirdestates alberta canada blue orange red black yellow thegalaxy gallery thegalaxyhalloffame heartawards
/// Rock Resting Lamb \\\ (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: comozooaug16 dallsheeplamb zoowildlife mammal lambresting fauna nature heartawards babyanimals thelooklevel1red frameit~level01 livingjewelsofnature thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange addictedtonature niceasitgets~level1 naturesgallery niceasitgets~level2 niceasitgets~level3 thebeautyofnature
{Swallowtail Butterfly Moment - I.} (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: crdandsbaug16 butterfly easterntigerswallowtail insect summer niceasitgets~level1 heartawards beautifulcapture niceasitgets~level2 niceasitgets~level3 niceasitgets~level4 niceasitgets~level5 niceasitgets~level6 amazingcapture
{Spider Flower - Cleome hassleriana} (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: tamaracksum16 spiderflower flora cultivated blossoms summer garden nature cleomevar rainbowofnaturelevel1red heartawards floralfantasy niceasitgets~level1 rainbowofnaturelevel2orange niceasitgets~level2 naturespoetry~level1 thebeautyofnature flickrsawesomeblossoms naturestyle theeliteofflickrsawesomeblossoms
Light up (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: climber rose buds flower leaves yellow green stamens dusty pollen nature say dark light summer nordic weather rain lightup sonyilce6000 flickrnature natureshots natureandphotography edikesworld plant garden norway westcoast heartawards
Rosa Mundi (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: great english historical shrub rose garden enjoy many years striped pink green leaves buds flower sonyilce60006300 natureandphotography natureshots rosamundi white yellow stamen pollen rain drops summer picture photo edikesworld heartawards ~~cherishyourdreams norway westcoast
``` Possums on Perches ``` (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: pinespringspossums16 marsupial northernopossum wildlife minnesota mammal summerhabitat nature batslair naturesbest level1thewondersofnature thegalaxy heartawards blinkagain sjohnsonsfauna 1goldwildlife naturesgallery thebeautyofnature level1autofocus fantasticnaturegroup
Polly posteriser (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: haugen16 polly toffe posteriser grey silver color side sideways strange unusual bitsandbobs sonyilce6000 rainyday text fonts heartawards abstractimpressions edikesworld
Heather poselyng (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: heather bee poselyng clearing woods uncultivated mark heart awards heartawards natureshots summer2016 edikesworld
<> Baby Zebra Activity <> (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: comozsum16 babywildlife zebra mammal africanfauna summerzoo nature heartawards livingjewelsofnature friendsforever fantasticnaturegroup level1autofocus level2autofocus level1thewondersofnature 1goldwildlife naturesbest sjohnsonsfauna level2thewondersofnature level3thewondersofnature thebeautyofnature amazingcapture rainbowofnaturelevel1red
Bilberry (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: blokkebr nature leaves raindrops rain drops bilberry day light heart awards heartawards natureshots ~~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~~ natureandphotograph flickrnature naturesgarden flowersallkinds summer2016 edikesworld
Plank over plank (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: plank knoll crag steep man human tools day light sigzag sikksakk sony ilce6000 busy double decker heartawards flickrnature naturephotography bitsandbobs edikesworld
Hold on (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: haugen16 hold rope knot fancy colors imagination yellow blue turquise light green bokehsmoothsilky heartawards ~~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~~ edikesworld
Out in there (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: vannpytt water color greenish flower moss seed bokeh reflection light dark shadows day rain movement sonyilce6000 alicessecretgardennatureimages ~~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~~ natureshots heartawards edikesworld
Golden dark (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: 16juli july sommer dark golden water reflections bokeh light sonyilce6000 heartawards naturephotography lovewithgoldribbonsonlygoldentouchedwork lightingupourlives~ summertime asgoodasitgets~ ~~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~~ edikesworld
*** Summer Opposum Study - I. *** (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: pinespringspossums16 marsupial youngopposum wildlife opposumontree nature summer minnesota mammal livingjewelsofnature heartawards fantasticnaturegroup level1allnaturesparadise 1goldwildlife naturescarousel naturesgallery nowlookatthecamera batslair rainbowofnaturelevel1red level1thewondersofnature sjohnsonsfauna level2thewondersofnature rainbowofnaturelevel2orange rainbowofnaturelevel3yellow rainbowofnaturelevel4green niceasitgets~level1 niceasitgets~level2 musictomyeyes~l1 clickapic niceasitgets~level3 yagottastartsomewhere niceasitgets~level4 thebeautyofnature niceasitgets~level5 niceasitgets~level6 animalsexposition niceasitgets~level7
Summertime and the living is easy! (peggyhr) Tags: canada alberta poppies slough peggyhr heartawards bluebirdestates happybenchmonday redlevelno1
Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! (peggyhr) Tags: red canada rose alberta canadaday donjuan thegalaxy peggyhr heartawards bluebirdestates dsc08341 niceasitgets~level1 rainbowofnaturelevel1red l~1passionforflowers july12016
Wet roses (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: wet roses rain pearls drops yellow red green grey buds flowers heads leaves rainy day june sonyilce6000 garden heartawards ~~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~~ flowersallkinds alicessecretgarden natureshots bokehsmoothsilky gardenplants2016 edikesworld
Mary rose (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: natur rose davidaustin rain droplets vet foliage maryrose widelygrown english englishrose garden plant pink loosepetalled blooms sonyilce6000 delicacies heartawards poeticloersgardens summertime asgoodasitgets~ thecreamofphotographyonflickrinvitationonly
pink rose (alias Tomnorton) Tags: rosa rose pink roses heartawards platinumheartaward heartaward
Remembering the innocent victims of Orlando, Florida, USA (peggyhr) Tags: white canada green dedication yellow wow shadows alberta poppy grasses thegalaxy peggyhr heartawards bluebirdestates flowersorfoliagedetail thegalaxyhalloffame thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange niceasitgets~level1 redlevelno1 rainbowofnaturelevel1red musictomyeyes~l1 myhatsofftoyou mothernature super~sixbronzestage1 dsc06822a
How big is the bird from the shell? (mariannakoutna) Tags: heartawards
Le Paon majestueux (iris.din) Tags: animal garden ultimate beaut blanc plaisir oiseau pleasure symbole admirer roue bestshot paon vanit fier whitepeacock beautifulshot majestueux absolum heartawards bestpeopleschoice passiondelimage jardinbreton sepavaner beautduplumage symbolerouesolaire crisrauques phnixdejadis clameurssonores
Good Morning! (peggyhr) Tags: orange sunlight canada grass yellow shadows alberta poppy thegalaxy peggyhr heartawards bluebirdestates level1photographyforrecreation thegalaxyhalloffame redlevelno1 myhatsofftoyou infinitexposurel1 dsc06572a
Twice Infinity... (ruijose68) Tags: sea dock contrete port water horizon barcelona spain stonework manmade infinity heartawards blackdiamond
Inspired (inspiring!) Tags: flickraward flickrhearts flickridol fabulousplanetevo flickrstarsgroup flickrstars flickrsun flickrestrellas heartawards superphotographer zodiacawards travelphotography thebestshot royalgroup bestpeopleschoice artofimages angelawards photography photographer photos poppyawards polestar
Beautiful Bavaria (inspiring!) Tags: flick flickraward flickrhearts flickridol fabulousplanetevo flickrestrellas flickrstarsgroup flickrstars flickrsun felsen mountain musictomyeyes nationalgeographic nature alps alpen bavaria bayern superphotographer heartawards bestpeopleschoice royalgroup zodiacawards photography poppyawards photographer niceshot beautifulshot contactaward crossaward youvegottalent
Happy Birthday, Tricia! (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr poppy dedication tricia bluebirdestates alberta canada peach yellow white thegalaxy super~sixbronzestage1 l~1passionforflowers niceasitgets~level1 thelooklevel1red thegalaxyhalloffame heartawards dsc00096 l~2passionfortheflowers
The sky above the village I grew up at (inspiring!) Tags: sky himmel stars flickraward flickrstarsgroup flickrstars flickrhearts flickrsun heartawards bestpeopleschoice beautifulshot thebestshot artofimages angelawards superphotographer flickridol impeialimages musictomyeyes zodiacawards royalgroup longexposure contactaward crossaward niceshot
*** Dall Lamb Cameo *** (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: comozooaug16 dallsheeplamb babyanimals zoowildlife minnesota mammal fauna summer closeup heartawards musictomyeyes~l1 worldnatureandwildlifegroup thebeautyofnature 1goldwildlife
[[[ The Family Giraffe ]]] (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: comozsum16 giraffefamily fauna zoowildlife minnesota summer nature heartawards
Crumpled red ball with a green cap (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr bud poppy red green dsc09549a bluebirdestates alberta canada bokeh thelooklevel1red l~1passionforflowers level1peaceawards niceasitgets~level1 heartawards musictomyeyes~l1 thelooklevel2yellow level2platinumpeaceaward thelooklevel3orange thelooklevel4purple thelooklevel5green thelooklevel6blue
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr waterlilies lake closeup white pink green reflections waterdroplets dsc09243ab bluebirdestates alberta canada l~1passionforflowers thelooklevel1red niceasitgets~level1 heartawards thelooklevel2yellow transparency l~2passionfortheflowers thelooklevel3orange thegalaxy l~3passionforflowersgreen thegalaxyhalloffame l~4passionforflowersblue
Get well soon, dear Ottavia! (peggyhr) Tags: friends red canada green dedication rose alberta vignette ottavia thegalaxy peggyhr heartawards bluebirdestates donjuanclimbingrose thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thelooklevel4purple niceasitgets~level1 l~1passionforflowers dsc08566ab
Double the joy (peggyhr) Tags: friends canada alberta wildflower thegalaxy peggyhr heartawards bluebirdestates doublepinkpoppy frogpondflorals arborsquare~anaturegroup~ l~1passionforflowers l~3passionforflowersgreen l~2passionfortheflowers
Raindrops keep falling (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: regnperler raindropskeepfalling flower straw rainyday drops pale nature garden macro canoneos7d heartawards summer2016 natureshots natureforallflorafauna macrophotography bokehphotography alicessecretgardennatureimages edikesworld
fiore (alias Tomnorton) Tags: heartawards platinumheartawards
Juni rose (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: roserj bokeh soft red buds flower bush climber rose june summer sun light green leaves sony ilce6000 heartawards ~~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~~
^^^ Nesting Eastern Bluebird - I. ^^^ (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: nature spring wildlife nestbox songbird easternbluebird perchingbird thegalaxy heartawards nestingfemale blinkagain level1autofocus level2autofocus rainbowofnaturelevel1red level1thewondersofnature level2thewondersofnature jun16birdsandblossoms
Last night's moon (peggyhr) Tags: sky moon canada clouds alberta peggyhr heartawards level1peaceawards dsc07281axbluebirdestates
In all simplicity (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: juniblomster simplicity lupin pink garden nature green bokeh leaves petals stalk flower june summer nordic soft canon eos 7d heartawards studioforvariouspastelssoftfocuses ~~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~~
Rosenrd (~~ Edike`s World ~~) Tags: rose red deep garden summer light sun shine june macro clear heartawards ~~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~~
Orange bliss (peggyhr) Tags: orange canada sunshine yellow alberta poppies grasses thegalaxy peggyhr heartawards bluebirdestates thelooklevel1red rainbowofnaturelevel1red l~1passionforflowers dsc07237ab
<> Curious Barred Owl - I. <> (Wolverine09J ~ 1 Million + Views) Tags: exhibit raptor barredowl naturecenter friendsforever owlcloseup heartawards avianwildlife thelooklevel1red westwoodhillsnc16
I love dandelions, even on a rainy day!! (peggyhr) Tags: friends white canada alberta vignette asteraceae dandelions hinton seedheads thegalaxy peggyhr heartawards thegalaxyhalloffame thelooklevel1red niceasitgets~level1 rainbowofnaturelevel1red super~sixbronzestage1 cocoonofdreamslevel1 cocoonofdreamslevel2 30faves~ dsc05880d

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50 heartawards 15 peggyhr canada 14 nature alberta thegalaxy 12 niceasitgets~level1 11 summer edikesworld bluebirdestates 10 rainbowofnaturelevel1red green 9 yellow garden thelooklevel1red 8 light rose ~♥~cherishyourdreamsandvisions~♥~ 7 red natureshots thegalaxyhalloffame l~1passionforflowers 6 thebeautyofnature rain leaves flower sonyilce6000 mammal 5 musictomyeyes~l1 bokeh minnesota thelooklevel3orange pink thelooklevel2yellow white niceasitgets~level2 4 bestpeopleschoice fauna day super~sixbronze☆stage1☆ drops zoowildlife buds 1goldwildlife poppy level1thewondersofnature june 3 orange level2thewondersofnature l~2passionfortheflowers level1autofocus niceasitgets~level3 dark sky water royalgroup reflections redlevelno1 shadows livingjewelsofnature zodiacawards flickridol level1peaceawards wildlife beautifulshot summer2016 superphotographer naturesgallery flickrstars flickrhearts rainbowofnaturelevel2orange naturestyle blinkagain flickraward sjohnsonsfauna friends dedication fantasticnaturegroup flickrsun flickrstarsgroup flickrnature comozsum16 babyanimals batslair nordic photography dallsheeplamb natureandphotography westcoast haugen16 heart artofimages crossaward bitsandbobs amazingcapture poppyawards awards summertime🌞 norway fabulousplanetevo macro

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