50mm18 beachkeh bokeh bokehlicious bokehwhores chocolate citykeh depthoffield dof dofalicious door dreams ehbd evening fiddywhores fromalongwalkwithmymommy frommysundaywalk happybokehwednesdayeve hbwe hbweve hungary ilovecitykeh imisssummer key light macrolove nature newyorkcity nikkor85mmf18 nikond40 onourbalcony pillow portrait rearviewmirror rose shesmygirl snowballs sparkles summerevening summerflowers summertimes sun sweetdreams trafficlights yumyumyum

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It's like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bw selfportrait me bokeh moi drivinghome foolingaround 50mm18 goofyme bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores tjaa hbweve tjasha onasnowyevening
When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve flyingbokeh
Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: trafficlight 50mm18 bokehlicious nikond40 walkthroughthecity bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve citykeh onmywayhom
Sweet candy land in my puff puff dreams~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: candy chocolate yumyumyum sweetdreams bokehlicious bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve puffpuffdreams
On a long evening walk towards sunshine~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: flipflops summerevening rednails nikond40 fiddywhores hbweve lightinmylife dofalicious littlebokehs longeveningwalk ontheoffroad lovethemhavaianas
Come oh come ye tea-thirsty restless ones - the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: sigma105mm28 macrolove bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores hbweve purplebubbles happybokehwednesdayeve sparklingkeh
I don't have a whole lot of excuses for what's gone wrong with my life, she said, But the ones I do have are really good~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: 50mm18 summerflowers bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve colorfulrainbow softdreams fieldofbokehs
I have one thing that counts, and that is my heart; it burns in my soul, it aches in my flesh, and it ignites my nerves: that is my love for the people~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh redflowers sunnysunday bokehlicious bokehwhores fiddywhores overtheexcellence hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve fromalongwalkwithmymommy
Golden Sun was on the rise, spreading truth all across this land and every day that passed, it seemed the dream grew ever stronger~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh bokehlicious nikond40 goldenbokeh goldensunshine bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve fromalongwalkwithmymommy
Love like a shadow flies when substance love pursues, pursuing that that flies, and flying what pursues~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: 50mm18 bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve citykeh citybokehs cityandtrafficlights honeeeyhoooneey
Floating along on a lazy summer day thinking about last night & who she's going to gobble up today~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: imisssummer bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve dofalicious beachkeh
The morning sun touched lightly on the eyes, with the warm wind in her hair~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: anja 50mm18 summertimes bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve softwindinherhair justlovethisphoto
Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: rainydays rainbowcolors bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve nightbokeh
When you look at a city, it's like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: sparkles rainbow bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve citykeh orangekeh
You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh goldendreams bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve fromalongwalkwithmymommy somethingtowarmyouup
He followed the sun & she followed the stars. In dreams they listened closely for the beginning of all things, for that was where they knew they'd find each other~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores happybdaygirl hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve formybabyjj seasunsummer
If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: onmywayhome bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve bokehevening redkeh bokehatnight
His laughter, which was never far below the surface of his conversation, now sparkled like a splash of water in sunlight~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: 50mm18 putasmileonmyface littledaisies bokehlicious nikond40 pinkdreams bokehwhores fiddywhores hppt hbweve happyprettypinktuesday happybokehwednesdayeve littleflowersrhapsody
Bokeh just for the sake of it (Simon Vogt) Tags: nikon cornwall bokeh f18 boscastle d80 bokehlicious hbweve yourphototips bokehjustforthesakeofbokeh takenlyingonmytummyinfrontofagroupofgermans
daydreaming of a ride around town (jodi*mckee) Tags: newyorkcity film window bicycle 35mm pillow canonae1 hbweve
Can you see some flying bokeh this evening?~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: sunset sunlight bokeh bokehlicious tuesdayevening bokehwhores fiddywhores onourbalcony hbweve bokeheve flyingsunsetbokeh organgepurpleyellowandwhitebokeh
Coasting on hers reputation today because she's a little fragile, so it's hard to be fierce~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: trafficlights 50mm18 onmywayhomefromwork bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve goodooooldcitykeh redsouls
The shiny stars are the street lights of eternity~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: trafficlights bokeh bigcitylife bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve buskeh
Lost in Bokeh Forest?  ...  That way  !! (Skizha) Tags: blue macro canon key bokeh indian totem pole chain explore explored macrolove bokehlicious hbweve ehbd hbwe happybokehwednesdayeve
My grandmother told me once that a city has enough windows for everybody. I still want to believe her~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: ljubljana 50mm18 bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve citykeh dofalicious ilovecitykeh
In all the little things of nature there is something of the marvelous~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: leaves bokeh bokehlicious autumnishere redandyellowleaves nikond40 fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve frommysundaywalk
HBW...Early (Flutterbye_856) Tags: light evening bokeh vase cobalt hbw bokehwhores hbweve beyondbokeh onlyacropdoneherenothingmore oandmyname
Pretty good friends considering they come from completely different backgrounds~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: portrait 50mm18 springisintheair shesmygirl bokehlicious windinherhair nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve lovelyana youcanseemed
 (jljjld) Tags: christmas socks wine bokeh 2009 hbweve
Only lies down at night because you've got to do something while you're waiting for the new day~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh 50mm18 sweetdreams bokehlicious natureycrap nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve
If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is 'thank you', it will be enough~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: portrait ana flowergirl gorgeousblueeyes nikond40 ani bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve notallthatbokehlicious
Once she told me she was an ocean person & when she combed her fingers through the seaweed she heard the songs of the mermaids & it was easy to believe all the old stories~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh bythesea bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve littlesparkles imisssummersomuch beachkeh sunnysandheart
If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: flowers nature rose evening bokeh tuesday smoothandsilky bokehlicious bokehwhores fiddywhores pinkgreenandblue hbweve pinkrosestree
Looking for my darling big city the one that you took away from me~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: streets hungary bokeh budapest coffeshop 50mm18 bokehlicious nikond40 fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve
 (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh mycity bokehlicious nikond40 bokehdots bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve bokehinthemorning
Warm (Huey Yoong) Tags: light shadow silhouette shop warm mood dof bokeh fixtures dramatic depthoffield interiordesign phop nikkor85mmf18 hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve
Monday traffic (Huey Yoong) Tags: door reflection car evening dof traffic bokeh rearviewmirror depthoffield nikkor85mmf18 toyotavios hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve
The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh snowballs bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve icansmellsnow
Sticking her neck out because she's tired of just sitting there hoping people will notice her for her calm energy~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh dreams 50mm18 storypeople purplelight bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve dandeh
I held her close to me, coz I know she breaks so easily and then I told her, there's no easy way to break somebody's heart~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: sparkles bokeh bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve theresnoeasyway
Never bend your head, hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: light sun nature bokeh orangeflower dreams 50mm18 bokehlicous nikond40 babybluesky bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve bokehtuesdaynight
If you had to balance as much stuff as I do, she said, you'd take an hour in the bathroom every morning too~ (Tja'Sha) Tags: bokeh bokehlicious nikond40 bokehwhores fiddywhores hbweve happybokehwednesdayeve sparklingtrafficlights
aych bee doubleyou eve (catklein) Tags: bokeh japanesemaple bokey hbweve hbwe

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43 hbweve 34 bokehlicious 33 bokehwhores fiddywhores happybokehwednesdayeve 31 nikond40 25 bokeh 13 50mm18 4 citykeh 3 light evening fromalongwalkwithmymommy dofalicious beachkeh macrolove hbwe dreams nature dof depthoffield trafficlights portrait sparkles sweetdreams nikkor85mmf18 snowballs frommysundaywalk key rose shesmygirl yumyumyum ehbd onourbalcony pillow summertimes summerevening summerflowers chocolate rearviewmirror sun door newyorkcity imisssummer hungary ilovecitykeh drivinghome rainbowcolors indian littleflowersrhapsody softdreams bokeheve hbw onasnowyevening anči nikon 2009 cornwall pole silhouette flyingbokeh bicycle redsouls citybokehs lightinmylife vase ontheoffroad rednails leaves tjasha takenlyingonmytummyinfrontofagroupofgermans purplebubbles toyotavios littlesparkles babybluesky sunnysandheart orangeflower dramatic redflowers me selfportrait tuesday imisssummersomuch ana christmas explore goofyme flipflops hppt onmywayhomefromwork bokehevening phop cityandtrafficlights oandmyname mood pinkrosestree car coffeshop boscastle onmywayhom bw storypeople shop happybdaygirl putasmileonmyface explored seasunsummer sunlight warm canon fixtures 35mm flowers orangekeh traffic autumnishere theresnoeasyway socks goldenbokeh d80 wine bokehlicous sigma105mm28 littledaisies organgepurpleyellowandwhitebokeh macro littlebokehs candy dandeh icansmellsnow flowergirl reflection purplelight mycity film sunset windinherhair foolingaround honeeeyhoooneey bokey streets youcanseemed softwindinherhair anja rainbow onlyacropdoneherenothingmore redkeh smoothandsilky overtheexcellence rainydays redandyellowleaves bythesea walkthroughthecity flyingsunsetbokeh sparklingtrafficlights onmywayhome lovelyana budapest cobalt tuesdayevening bokehdots springisintheair pinkdreams fieldofbokehs sparklingkeh longeveningwalk interiordesign notallthatbokehlicious shadow justlovethisphoto nightbokeh ljubljana pinkgreenandblue tjaša f18 bokehjustforthesakeofbokeh chain puffpuffdreams bokehinthemorning goodooooldcitykeh canonae1 bigcitylife window trafficlight gorgeousblueeyes sunnysunday beyondbokeh blue natureycrap goldendreams happyprettypinktuesday moi formybabyjj lovethemhavaianas totem buskeh bokehatnight goldensunshine somethingtowarmyouup bokehtuesdaynight yourphototips japanesemaple colorfulrainbow

Pairs: 31 bokehlicious,hbweve 29 bokehlicious,happybokehwednesdayeve bokehwhores,hbweve hbweve,nikond40 28 bokehlicious,bokehwhores bokehlicious,fiddywhores happybokehwednesdayeve,nikond40 27 bokehwhores,happybokehwednesdayeve fiddywhores,hbweve bokehlicious,nikond40 fiddywhores,nikond40

Users: Tja'Sha 35 Huey Yoong Flutterbye_856 Simon Vogt jljjld catklein jodi*mckee Skizha

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