bird camera canon canonpowershot canonpowershotsx280hs canonpowershotsx50hs canonpowershotsx700hs canonsx280hs canonsx50hs closeuplens compact fujifilmfinepixhs10 fujihs10 hand handheld handheldcamera hdvideo held honeybee hs hs10 lumix macro macrolife miniature miniaturecompactpocketcamera minicompactpocketcamera northernillinois panasonicfz100 panasoniclumixdmcfz28 pocket powershot powershotsx700 raynox raynoxdcr150 sooc specinsect supermacro sx280 sx700 telephoto thisisexcellent twop unidentified waterdroplets

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Female Cardinal, Bird Seed Cake and Snow taken with a Canon SX700 HS IMG_0074 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: camera bird birds yard canon backyard birdseed hand state cardinal birdfeeder seed feeder powershot held pocket hs compact twop backyardbirds backyardanimals cardnial backyardfriends handheldcamera sx700 thisisexcellent femalecardnial miniaturecompactpocketcamera powershotsx700 canonpowershotsx700hs
Squirrel Scratching SOOC Full 30X Zoom Telephoto HD Video taken with a Canon SX700 HS MVI_6495 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: yard canon back squirrel powershot telephoto hs hdvideo handheldcamera sx700 thisisexcellent 30xzoom squirrelseries miniaturecompactpocketcamera powershotsx700 canonpowershotsx700hs canonsx700hs
Hoverfly & Country Girl Flowers Macro taken with a Panasonic FZ70 & LUMIX LC55  P1010271 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro closeup hoverfly closeuplens handheldcamera lc55 dmwlc55 thisisexcellent macrolife panasonicdmcfz70 lumixlc55 countrygirlflower panasonicfz70 panasoniclumixfz70
Day47 (Kamala L) Tags: india selfportrait hand kam bangles kamala wellframed 365days handheldcamera
European Starling taken on April 11, 2015 taken in Northern Illinois with a Canon SX700 HS  IMG_5325 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: camera bird birds yard canon miniature back illinois backyard hand powershot held pocket northern hs compact europeanstarling twop handheldcamera sx700 thisisexcellent miniaturecompactpocketcamera canonpowershotsx700hs
Sparrow Telemacro taken with a FUJiFILM FINEPIX HS10 DSCF1255 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: hazysky handheldcamera hs10 fujifilmfinepixhs10 fujihs10
Unidentified Small Bee taken with a Canon SX280 HS in Northern Illinois on May 13, 2014 IMG_9232 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: camera macro canon miniature hand small powershot bee held pocket hs compact unidentified handheldcamera sx280 thisisexcellent macrolife canonpowershotsx280hs
Water Droplets taken with a Canon SX280 HS Slow Motion Video MVI_6244 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro waterdroplets waterdroplet hdvideo telemacro handheldcamera thisisexcellent slowmotionvideo slowmotionhighspeedvideo waterdropletsandsunlight canonpowershotsx280hs canonsx280hs
Western conifer seed bug taken with a Canon SX60 HS using a Close-up lens IMG_1828 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: camera macro closeup canon bug hand small powershot held supermacro hs compact twop westernconiferseedbug closeuplens handheldcamera specinsect sx60 thisisexcellent macrolife canonpowershotsx60hs canonsx60hs samnpleimage
Carpenter Ants SOOC taken with a FUJiFILM FINEPIX HS10  using a Raynox DCR-150 DSCF0040 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: raynoxdcr150 handheldcamera hs10 fujifilmfinepixhs10 fujihs10
Honey Bee Feeding on Tall Ironweed Flowers taken with a Canon SX280 HS IMG_7845 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: honeybee handheldcamera tallironweed specinsect macrolife miniaturecompactpocketcamera canonpowershotsx280hs canonsx280hs
Blue Full Moon On December 31 2009 100% of the Moon is Illuminated taken with a Canon SX10 IMG_8989 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: illinois clearsky 10degreesf solareclipse northernillinois tonightsmoon moonwatch handheldcamera mooncapture december312009 lunartics bluefullmoon sacredmoon canonpowershotsx10is
Female Fly taken with an Olympus SP-590UZ using a LUMIX close up lens P8300770 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: handheldcamera macrolife anuniqueeye olympussp590uz panasoniclumixdmwlc55closeuplens
Unidentified Beetle taken in Northern Illinois IMG_6155 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: camera flower macro canon miniature hand powershot bee honey held pocket hs compact unidentified flowerhead twop northernillinois handheldcamera specinsect sx700 thisisexcellent macrolife powershotsx700 canonpowershotsx700hs
Dark-eyed Junco Tele Macro P2083710 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: telemacro northernillinois handheldcamera
Slow Moving Pollen Covered Face Honey Bee taken on a Cold Middle November Day with a Canon SX280 HS IMG_6412 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro honeybee twop handheldcamera specinsect thisisexcellent themacrogroup macrolife canonpowershotsxxxis honeybeeface miniaturecompactpocketcamera countrygirlflower canonpowershotsx280hs canonsx280hs
Swallowtail Butterfly and a Honey Bee Feeding on a Thistlef Flowerhead taken with a Canon SX700 HS  IMG_1680 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro honeybee swallowtailbutterfly thistleflower handheldcamera specinsect thisisexcellent macrolife thistleflowerhead miniaturecompactpocketcamera canonpowershotsx700hs canonsx700hs
FUJiFILM FINEPIX HS20EXR with a Raynox DCR-250 Macroscopic Lens attached DSCF3602 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: telephoto handheld testphoto handheldcamera fujifilmfinepixhs10 hs20exr fujifilmfinepixhs20exr fujihs20exr fujifilmhs20exr fujihs20 fujifilmhs20 newsecondfujihs20exr
Agressive Honey Bee vs Golden Northern Bumble Bee and Bumble Bee HD Video FZ28 & LC55 P1160965 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: lumix panasonic bumblebee honeybee closeuplens handheldcamera panasoniclumixdmcfz28 panasonicfz28 lumixdmwlc55 lumixdwmlc55closeuplens lumixlc55
Earwig on a Daisy Flower taken with a Canon SX280 HS IMG_1169 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: camera flower macro canon insect miniature hand insects powershot daisy held pocket hs compact earwig 2014 handheldcamera sx280 minicompactpocketcamera canonpowershotsx280hs
Grackle in the Shade  taken with a Canon SX50 HS IMG_0794 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: canon canonpowershot handheldcamera sx50 sx50hs canonpowershotsx50hs canonsx50hs
Airliner RJ  JPEG FUJIFILM X-S1 DSCF7314 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: fuji aircraft fujifilm jetairliner handheldcamera fujixs1 fujifilmxs1
Male Cowbird on top of a pine tree taken at 70 feet taken with a Hand-held FUJiFILM FINEPIX HS10 DSCF4987 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: fuji handheld handheldcamera hs10 fujifilmfinepixhs10 fujihs10 handheldfujihs10camera highendpsbridgecamera
Blue Jay in partical Shade taken with a handheld Canon SX50 HS IMG_1995 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: bird birds canon cardinal birdfeeder bluejay telephoto suet canonpowershot malecardinal handheldcamera canonpowershotsx50hs canonsx50hs
SOOC Test Photos using a FUJiFILM FINEPIX HS20EXR DSCF0265 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: telephoto handheld fujifilm testphotos straightoutofthecamera untouchedimage sooc handheldcamera hs20exr fujifilmfinepixhs20exr fujihs20exr fujifilmhs20exr fujihs20 fujifilmhs20
Wolf Spider Eyes Super Macro DSCF5756 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: supermacro raynoxdcr150 handheldcamera hs10 macrolife fujifilmfinepixhs10 fujihs10
Bent Water Droplet Macro taken with a FUJI X-S1 DSCF8917 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro panasonic waterdroplets waterdroplet handheldcamera thisisexcellent panasonicdmcfz70
Short High Speed/Slow Motion 240 fps Video Washing Windshield DSCF8535 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: fuji handheld partlycloudy highspeedvideo handheldcamera hs10 bridgecamera myfuji slowmotionvideo fujifilmhs10 fujifilmfinepixhs10 fujihs10 handheldfujihs10camera highendpsbridgecamera
Water Droplets/Tiny Icicles and Sunlight Phenomena taken with a Panasonic FZ100 P1140301 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: waterdroplets handheldcamera panasonicfz100 panasoniclumixfz100
Pincher Bug With Aphids or Parasites  Super Macro taken with a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ28 using a Raynox DCR-250 Lens (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: raynox raynoxdcr250 handheldcamera panasoniclumixdmcfz28 panasonicfz28 panasoniclumixdmcfz28digitalcamera
Jet Airplane taken with a handheld Canon SX50 HS IMG_0296 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: canon zoom jet testimage canonpowershot testphoto jetaircraft jetairplane handheldcamera canonpowershotsx50hs canonsx50hs
Hummingbird Telephoto taken with a Canon SX280 HS IMG_1831 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: canon hummingbird cloudysky canonpowershot overcastsky handheldcamera beebalmflowers beebalmflower minicompactcamera minicompactpocketcamera miniaturecompactpocketcamera canonpowershotsx280hs canonsx280hs miniaturecompactcamera
Solitary Bee SOOC taken with a FUJiFILM FINEPIX HS10 DSCF1577 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro raynoxdcr150 northernillinois handheldcamera hs10 myfuji macrolife fujifilmfinepixhs10 fujihs10
Earwig on a Daisy Flower taken with a Canon SX280 HS IMG_1160 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: camera flower macro canon insect miniature hand insects powershot daisy held pocket hs compact earwig 2014 handheldcamera sx280 minicompactpocketcamera canonpowershotsx280hs
Eight Spider Eyes P1110661 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: unidentified raynox northernillinois raynoxdcr250 handheldcamera panasoniclumixdmcfz28
Male Fly Blowing a Bubble part #2 P1070250 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: leica macro lumix digitalcamera selectivefocus raynox macroscopic northernillinois leicalens raynoxdcr250 raynoxlens handheldcamera 24xzoom panasonicfz100 panasonicdmcfz100 leicalenscamera bubbleflyseries
Round (squidsalad) Tags: urban canon charlotte canona95powershot handheldshot handheldcamera waterlass waterlassphotography hearthstonephotography jenniferhooks joylifephoto joylifephotography jennyhooksphotography jenniferhooksphotography jenhooksphotography
Goose In My Neighbors Pond SOOC Test Photo using a FUJiFILM FINEPIX HS10 DSCF3823 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: telephoto handheld straightoutofthecamera untouchedimage sooc handheldcamera fujifilmhs10 fujihs10
Firebrat Side View Macro taken with a Canon SX280 HS IMG_6661 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro canon canonpowershot firebrat handheldcamera macrolife canonsx280hs
A Honey Bee feeding on Aster Flowers taken with a Canon PowerShot SX150 IS IMG_1222 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro canon honeybee aster canonpowershot handheldcamera specinsect macrolife asterflowers anuniqueeye canonpowershotsx150is canonsx150is
Skywriting or Actually Skylettering by five Airplanes P1170876 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: sky airplane aircraft bluesky panasonic clearsky skywriting sooc handheldcamera panasoniclumixdmcfz28 panasonicfz28 skylettering
Squirrel Eating Sunflower Seeds DSCF0430 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: squirrel squirrels telephoto handheld handheldcamera fujifilmhs10 fujihs10
Ambush Bug Macro HD Video taken with a Canon SX280 HS MVI_5288 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro canon canonpowershot hdvideo ambushbug handheldcamera thisisexcellent macrolife minicompactpocketcamera canonpowershotsx280hs canonsx280hs
Monarch Caterpillar Super Macro Eating A Milkweed Leaf taken with an Olympus SP-590UZ using a Panasonic LUMIX DMW-LC55 close up lens SOOC #11 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: caterpillar monarch supermacro monarchcaterpillar closeuplens sooc handheldcamera olympussp590uz panasoniclumixdmwlc55 monarchcaterpillarseries
White Clover Flower And A Critter SOOC DSCF5907 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: supermacro raynoxdcr150 handheldcamera hs10 macrolife fujifilmfinepixhs10 fujihs10
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Macro HD Video taken with a Canon SX700 MVI_1370 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: macro tiger eastern swallowtail swallowtailbutterfly hdvideo thistleflower handheldcamera sx700 thisisexcellent yellowswallowtailbutterfly macrolife swallowtailbutterflyseries canonpowershotsx700hs canonsx700hs
Fireworks Display on July the 4th 2011 IMG_4053 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: handheldcamera canonsx30is fireworksdisplayonjulythe4th2011
Just Married (Sticky Stuff 58) Tags: flowers wedding summer bride nikon outdoor d300 handheldcamera nikon16853556gedvr
Wolf Spider using a Panasonic FZ 100 with a LUMIX DMW-LC55 macro lens P1060537 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: leica macro lumix spider digitalcamera wolfspider macrolens northernillinois leicalens handheldcamera panasonicfz100 panasonicdmcfz100 leicalenscamera panasoniclumixdmcfz100 lumixdmwlc55
Monarch Butterfly Feeding On A Thistle Flower #1 (Ted_Roger_Karson) Tags: monarchbutterfly handheldcamera thistleflowers canonpowershotsx10is monarchbutterflyseries

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