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bricks (Yersinia) Tags: uk greatbritain england abstract london public geotagged europe unitedkingdom britain bricks eu gb yuck safe guesswherelondon londonguessed cityoflondon ec ec4 travelcard urbanabstract urbanabstracts paternostersquare urbanfragments urbanfragment squaremile londonset ccnc zone1 photographical yersinia postcoded londonpool guessedbytheamanda urbanfragmentspool casioexz110 postedbyyersinia northoftheriver northofthames monkbond gwl2007 geo:lat=51514405 geo:lon=0098362 guessed patenosterhouse inygm londonthesquaremile brickspool cityset wallsartandgraffiti notthebloodybarbicangoup urbanabstractsset urbanabstractspool gwlg londonboroughcollection
Stanley House School for Boys (trailerfullofpix) Tags: uk england london boys geotagged unitedkingdom entrance 2006 guessed guesswherelondon londonguessed belsize nw3 belsizepark gwl stanleyhouse primrosegardens guessedbyexspatula stanleyhouseschool geo:lat=51546408 geo:lon=0162402
JCDecaux (a2d) Tags: london geotagged guesswherelondon londonguessed se1 gwl guessedbysilverfox09 geo:lat=51507011 geo:lon=0115348
tunnel (Yersinia) Tags: uk greatbritain england london public geotagged lights se europe unitedkingdom britain greenwich eu tunnel explore rails gb safe guesswherelondon londonguessed southlondon dlr roderick faved travelcard zone2 se10 londonset londonbylondoners ccnc southoftheriver interestingness389 photographical yersinia postcoded londonpool casioexz110 postedbyyersinia guessedinone guessedbyskitster gwl2007 geo:lat=51482318 geo:lon=0010643 cuttysarkformaritimegreewich inygm southlondonpool greenwichpool southlondonset gwlg londonboroughcollection
GWE (Yersinia) Tags: uk greatbritain england elephant london public westminster geotagged europe unitedkingdom britain trafalgarsquare eu wc gb safe guessed bigears guesswherelondon londonguessed mascaron africanelephant wc2 faved southafricahouse travelcard pedantry southafricanhighcommission geo:lon=012704 londonset londonbylondoners bestiaireurbain ccnc zone1 photographical yersinia postcoded londonpool urbanbestiary urbanfragmentspool gwl2006 guessedbypb999 casioexz110 postedbyyersinia notindianelephant notburtons geo:lat=51508121 alondonbestiary northoftheriver northofthames londonsculptures sculpturesandstatuary inygm publicsculptureuk anurbanbestiary londonsculpturesset sculptureandstatuaryset publicsculptureukpool gwlg mascaronspool sculptureandstatuary londonboroughcollection
indefinite (Yersinia) Tags: uk greatbritain england london public westminster geotagged restaurant europe unitedkingdom britain pavement mosaic w eu gb safe lettering guessed guesswherelondon londonguessed almostblackandwhite w1 wardourstreet quovadis faved travelcard urbanfragments urbanfragment londonset londonbylondoners ccnc zone1 photographical yersinia postcoded londonpool guessedbycapo2 uponthisgroundiwalked clued urbanfragmentspool casioexz110 postedbyyersinia northoftheriver northofthames gwl2007 pavementpool londonlettering geo:lat=51514525 geo:lon=0133102 inygm londonmosaics almostblackandwhiteset londonletteringset theworldbeneathmyfeet londonletteringpool londonmosaicspool almostblackandwhitepool moviscrolliosispool muralsandmosaicspool gwlg londonboroughcollection
marooned (Yersinia) Tags: uk greatbritain england london window public geotagged europe unitedkingdom britain eu gb yuck sw artdeco safe guessed deco guesswherelondon londonguessed southlondon brixton lambeth brixtonacademy sw9 travelcard urbanfragments urbanfragment zone2 londonset ccnc southoftheriver photographical guessedbybenpatio yersinia stockwellroad postcoded londonpool clued urbanfragmentspool casioexz110 postedbyyersinia gwl2007 geo:lat=5146508 geo:lon=0115265 inygm southlondonpool artdecobritainset southlondonset artdecobritainpool gwlg londonboroughcollection lambethpool
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Piers (Ben__Jones) Tags: london public geotagged guess where guesswherelondon oval stmarks kennington se11 gwl guessedbyyersinia postedbybenpatio benpatio geo:lat=51481715 geo:lon=0111888
Legal Lights (steve_w) Tags: geotagged guesswherelondon windmillhill en2 guessedbypage94 geo:lon=0088701 geo:lat=51653569 enfieldmagistratescourt gwl501
Duck Tours (likrwy) Tags: geotagged guesswherelondon se1 gwl guessedbyanyhoo geo:lon=0112588 geo:lat=51498498
soldierboy (Yersinia) Tags: city uk greatbritain england london public geotagged memorial europe unitedkingdom britain eu gb yuck safe guessed statuary guesswherelondon londonguessed ec ec4 travelcard londonatwar geo:lon=0098405 londonset londonbylondoners ccnc zone1 photographical hardmen yersinia postcoded londonpool guessedbyglyn1 blitzmonument sermonlane geo:lat=51512887 gwl2006 casioexz110 postedbyyersinia northoftheriver northofthames londonsculptures sculpturesandstatuary inygm cityset londonatwarset londonsculpturesset londonsculpturespool sculptureandstatuaryset londonatwarpool gwlg sculptureandstatuary londonboroughcollection
A hidden parking space (Monkey Magic) Tags: london geotagged jaguar guesswherelondon londonguessed w1 etype jaguaretype hanoversquare gwl guessedbybenpatio gwlgeotagged postedbymonkeymagic geo:lat=51512949 geo:lon=0143251 etypejag lblcomp031
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pink shoes (estherase) Tags: uk london feet print geotagged shoes findleastinteresting soho strangers stranger guessed guesswherelondon w1 peopleidontknow myfave myfaves emssimp gwl pinkribbons at guessedbystevej geo:lon=0133445 tisburycourt redbubble geo:lat=51512268 esthersfaves 250311
Cochrane Theatre (Simon MacMichael) Tags: geotagged guesswherelondon londonguessed gwl
Green Light... (steve_w) Tags: geotagged gaslamp guesswherelondon ec2 guildhallyard guessedbytommyajohansson geo:lat=5151536 gwl501 geo:lon=0091165
GuessWhere (Monkey Magic) Tags: london geotagged camden guesswherelondon londonguessed euston nw1 gwl guessedbymondoagogo postedbymonkeymagic geo:lon=0134625 eversholtst yetanothergwlfromtheendlesslyfascinatingeversholtst geo:lat=51530947
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Excavation (ulle.b) Tags: london geotagged guesswherelondon brentford excavation kewbridge tw8 gwl outerpostcode guessedbyboncey postedbyulleb
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Who Put The Lights Out? (steve_w) Tags: geotagged guesswherelondon sevensisters n15 guessedbytetramesh geo:lat=51582773 geo:lon=0075109 gwl501
bus stop (a2d) Tags: london geotagged guesswherelondon se1 albertembankment gwl riverbankparkplaza geolat51491471 geolon0121944
Devoid (Ben__Jones) Tags: london public geotagged guess where guesswherelondon ec1 gwl guessedbyjohnlinwood postedbybenpatio benpatio balticstreeteast geo:lat=51523508 geo:lon=0096425
GWL (LoopZilla) Tags: london geotagged guesswherelondon eastlondon gwl bobspark guessedbyrobbeer geo:lat=51526291 geo:lon=0014023
From The Foundry (likrwy) Tags: bridge stone thames river geotagged kingston guesswherelondon gwl guessedbyjohnlinwood
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Guess Where Stairs (steve_w) Tags: geotagged fav guesswherelondon tatebritain millbank sw1 geo:lon=0126879 guessedbyfitz3xl gwl501 geo:lat=51490496 turnerwing
parking for unicycles (estherase) Tags: uk 15fav london wheel geotagged findleastinteresting spokes chain unicycle round coventgarden noentry guessed guesswherelondon emssimp gwl guessedbybenpatio geo:lat=51511403 geo:lon=0122684
sky (Yersinia) Tags: uk greatbritain sunset england london public geotagged se europe blackheath unitedkingdom britain lewisham eu explore gb safe guesswherelondon londonguessed southlondon faved travelcard zone3 se3 londonset londonbylondoners ccnc southoftheriver interestingness371 photographical yersinia postcoded londonpool casioexz110 postedbyyersinia guessedinone guessedbyrobwinton geo:lat=5146909 geo:lon=0003431 gwl2007 inygm sunsetsgeotagged southlondonset lewishampool gwlg londonboroughcollection
grill (myrtlemount) Tags: geotagged gates guesswherelondon wc2 southafricahouse geo:lon=0127008 gwl guessedbyyersinia geo:lat=51508135
Fr Christmas alone and paley loitering (myrtlemount) Tags: christmas london station geotagged ballon guessed guesswherelondon charingcross gwl guessedbycapo2 geolon0125141 geolat51508128
Hmm (Ben__Jones) Tags: london public geotagged guess where guesswherelondon ec2 gardenwalk gwl postedbybenpatio benpatio guessedbynatnat geo:lat=51525794 geo:lon=0081882
A small seepage problem (steve_w) Tags: london geotagged tube londonunderground guesswherelondon w1 sdw greenparkstation guessedbycassielcom victorialinenorthbound geo:lat=51506779 geo:lon=0142479 gwl500
inlay (steve_w) Tags: london geotagged guesswherelondon londonguessed w1 princesst sdw guessedbyestherase geo:lat=51514365 geo:lon=0142672 gwl500
London Riviera (RobWinton) Tags: london architecture geotagged apartments walk flats artdeco guesswherelondon londonguessed foresthill se23 gwl guessedbyepeigne37 se23blog postedbyrobwinton taymountrise geo:lat=51438153 geo:lon=005903
lightsabre practice studios (Chrissy J) Tags: uk england london geotagged guessed guesswherelondon londonguessed gwl legalandgeneral guessedbysilverfox90 postedbychrissyj geo:lat=51516958 geo:lon=0089752
where is this? (Darryl_SE7) Tags: guesswherelondon londonguessed london confetti geolat51507 geolon01286 geotagged
Wake (Yersinia) Tags: uk greatbritain bridge sunset england distortion abstract reflection london public thames reflections river geotagged europe unitedkingdom britain eu gb sw safe guessed fulham guesswherelondon londonguessed wandsworth sunriseandsunset faved travelcard urbanabstract sw6 urbanabstracts zone2 londonset londonbylondoners wandsworthbridge ccnc hammersmithandfulham photographical yersinia postcoded londonpool guessedbyhelen2006 clued urbanfragmentspool casioexz110 postedbyyersinia northoftheriver northofthames gwl2007 londonreflections geo:lat=5146551 geo:lon=0189611 inygm urbanabstractsset urbanabstractspool londonreflectionspool londonreflectionsset gwlg wandsworthpool londonboroughcollection fulhampool hammersmithpool
Blue Men (mr_o) Tags: uk london public geotagged guesswherelondon londonguessed se1 mro boroughhighstreet bluemen gwl geo:lat=51502318 guessedbymonkeymagic geo:lon=0092504 mayahouse
Fresh, Bedford Square (Maybe_Its_Because) Tags: london geotagged fresh guesswherelondon bedfordsquare gwl guessedbyrobbeer
old telephone exchange, Gray's Inn Rd (jordi.martorell) Tags: street blue london window geotagged nikon harrison telephone guessed guesswherelondon exchange publichouse graysinnroad olivebranch gwl d40 2880mmf3556d nikond40 guessedbyrobbeer guessedbysimonwhite
250 (steve_w) Tags: london geotagged morningtoncrescent guesswherelondon nw1 sdw hampsteadroad guessedbypandaxp geo:lat=51534437 geo:lon=0138984 gwl500
schwenk (Monkey Magic) Tags: 2005 london geotagged randomness guesswherelondon londonguessed w1 wellsstreet gwl geolon0136964 guessedbyyouzoid gwlyouzoid gwlgeotagged geolat5151594
Cleaning Services Manager (jordi.martorell) Tags: cameraphone urban london mobile geotagged movil samsung mobil guessed guesswherelondon gwl cruzadas ttv guessedbydubmill texturised sghg600
Pull-up for Car Men (steve_w) Tags: geotagged taxi shelter guesswherelondon wellingtonplace nw8 cabmens guessedbystevej geo:lat=51531534 geo:lon=0170438 gwl500
GWL (steve_w) Tags: geotagged fav guesswherelondon ec2 number1poultry guessedbylordchutney geo:lat=5151336 gwl501 geo:lon=0090828
Post No Bills (Simply Lewis) Tags: red signs london geotagged post bills postnobills guesswherelondon gwl guessedbyjasperm geo:lat=51542839 geo:lon=0155118
TV crew (sharonodea) Tags: london geotagged guesswherelondon guesswhere sw1 geolon0128424 tuftonstreet guessedbystevew geolat51495091
Rubber Heels (steve_w) Tags: geotagged islington guesswherelondon n1 sdw chapelmarket guessedbypaulfrink rubberheels geo:lat=51533409 geo:lon=0110802 gwl500

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