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Great Blue Against the Blue (Phil's 1stPix) Tags: ardeaherodias taxonomy:binomial=ardeaherodias greatblueheron gbh florida nature wildflorida realflorida naturephotography geotag naturalflorida geotagged creativecommonsnature floridanature floridawildlife naturalecosystem phils1stpix firstpix unitedstates usa wildlife floridanaquifer centralfloridarecreation lightroom5 adobelightroom5 photoscape floridaecosystem m40150mmf4056r centralfloridariver olympusem5markii ciconiiformes ardeidae paynesprairiepreservestatepark alachuacountyflorida paynesprairie alachuasavannah floridastatepark olympusomdem5markii floridawetland lachuatrail alachuasink alachuasinklachuatrail paynesprairienaturetrail tiffencircularpolarizer wadingbird wildbird predator huntingheron huntinggreatblueheron
HipstaPrint (Jamie Smed) Tags: hipstamatic leallan inas1935 iphone5s iphoneography mobileography shadows shadow app jamiesmed 2016 geotagged geotag iphonephoto people hamiltoncounty cincinnati may ohio midwest
IMG_9750.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto jamiesmed app snapseed 2016 iphoneography mobileography iphone5s sky blue skies geotagged geotag mobilephotography iphonephoto landscape hamiltoncounty cincinnati ohio midwest
IMG_2538.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto jamiesmed app snapseed sail beach boat sand 2015 iphone5s phoneography mobileography iphoneography geotag geotagged florida blue skies sky people mobilephotography iphonephoto landscape
IMG_2514.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto jamiesmed app snapseed 2015 iphone5s mobileography iphoneography geotag geotagged florida mobilephotography iphonephoto
IMG_2059.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: 2015 jamiesmed app iphoneedit snapseed handyphoto rebel florida sky beach water geotagged geotag skies landscape
IMG_3232.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto app snapseed 2010 softball sony player playlikeagirl play little likeagirl kid innocence innocent girl geotag geotagged action people kids children youth browncounty ohio summer jamiesmed sports sport photography a200 dslr alpha midwest
IMG_1734.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: 2010 sony dslr app jamiesmed snapseed iphoneedit geotag geotagged action softball handyphoto people kids children youth a200 browncounty ohio sports sport photography alpha may midwest
IMG_1927.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: geotagged geotag jamiesmed app 500d rebel toddler kid child snapseed iphoneedit 2015 handyphoto kids children church girl twin baby girls twins sisters family love cute adorable babies celebrate celebration baptism youth innocent innocence sister people facebook little sitsters young
IMG_6616.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: snapseed app iphoneedit jamiesmed christmas 500d rebel 2014 handyphoto child kid youth 50mm niftyfifty prime lens baby twin holiday geotagged fixed geotag focus girl love family cute adorable people innocent innocence toddler facebook holidays portrait canon t1i
IMG_6516.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: app beautiful beauty diptic 2014 bokeh christmas decorations 50mm december decorate cozy dslr snapseed iphoneedit jamiesmed t1i teamcanon rebel handyphoto winter niftyfifty prime lens trees tree holiday geotagged geotag facebook holidays fixed focus canon 500d
Day 248: Smile, Your Insurance Won't Cover The Entire Cost! (pikespice) Tags: smile geotagged armslength 365 geotag doctorsoffice project365 365days sooc werehere 10millionphotos 365project soocfridays 365year3 hereios 365the2014edition
38. Internationales Oldtimer-Meeting Baden-Baden 2014 - Philos (Jorbasa) Tags: auto car germany deutschland classiccar vintagecar hessen voiture oldtimer badenbaden geotag wetterau kurpark jorbasa oldtimermeetingbadenbaden
IMG_0121.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: a200 sprinkler 2014 toddler innocence adorable child green backyard home play grass fun girl little youth kid jamiesmed app iphoneedit handyphoto snapseed sony alpha geotagged geotag water action people innocent family love facebook young dslr summer hamiltoncounty cincinnati ohio midwest
Geotagtest-10.jpg (wgabb) Tags: geotag
HipstaPrint (Jamie Smed) Tags: hipstamatic americana rasputin jollyrainbo2x shuffle app jamiesmed 2016 iphoneography mobileography people iphone5s shadows shadow geotagged geotag reflections reflection reflect iphonephoto hamiltoncounty cincinnati may ohio midwest
HipstaPrint (Jamie Smed) Tags: hipstamatic watts manneken sunrise jamiesmed square 2016 app iphone5s iphoneography mobileography geotagged geotag hipstaprint shuffle mobilephotography people shadows shadow reflections reflection reflect sun iphonephoto hamiltoncounty cincinnati may ohio midwest
IMG_0592.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto jamiesmed app snapseed vignette vintage vsco vscocam stickers vans 2010 dslr geotagged geotag lens fisheye prime fixed wide angle focus sony a200 alpha
IMG_0007.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto jamiesmed app snapseed 2015 iphone5s phoneography mobileography iphoneography sky blue skies sunrise water geotagged geotag sun mobilephotography iphonephoto landscape
IMG_9807.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto jamiesmed app snapseed iphoneography mobileography iphone5s people reds game geotagged geotag openingnight gabp greatamericanballpark ballpark field stadium mlb mobilephotography iphonephoto 2016 baseball landscape hamiltoncounty cincinnati sports sport photography ohio midwest
IMG_8012.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto jamiesmed app snapseed canon rebel t1i teamcanon river flood streetphotography 2015 geotagged geotag landscape
Can't Tell Heads From Tails (Phil's 1stPix) Tags: usa geotagged unitedstates riverbank geotag cooter floridawildlife santaferiver firstpix baskingturtle wildflorida realflorida floridanature floridacooter floridaturtle naturalecosystem baskingturtles floridacooters cypressroot floridacanoetrip turtlebehavior phils1stpix centralfloridariver santaferiverwildlife santaferiverturtle turtlemob santaferivercanoetrip floridacanoeing cooterlog cypressbank santaferiverbank baskingcooter
Largemouths Practicing Lurking (Phil's 1stPix) Tags: geotagged snorkel wildlife dive algae naturalwonder geotag naturalspring floridastatepark largemouthbass wildflorida manateesprings floridasprings manateespringsstatepark springpool springrun floridalargemouthbass micropterussalmoidesfloridanus realflorida floridaspring floridaaquifer freshwaterspring loggerheadmuskturtle floridaoutdoors fishbehavior chieflandflorida underwaterspring underwaternature geotaggedflorida taxonomy:binomial=micropterussalmoides olympusem5 naturalfloridaspring creativecommonsnature manateespringsflorida suwanneeriverspring outdoorfloridarecreation wildfloridasprings olympusunderwaterhousing manateespringsstateparkunderwater olympusem5underwater ptep08underwaterhousing manateespringsbass
Suwannee Whitewater at Little Shoals (Phil's 1stPix) Tags: usa geotagged unitedstates florida rapids geotag riverrapids floridawildlife floridastatepark firstpix suwanneeriver wildflorida olympuscamera realflorida floridanature floridariver whitespringsflorida floridarapids naturalecosystem bigshoalsstatepark hamiltoncountyflorida littleshoals floridastream phils1stpix olympusomdem5markii bigshoalsnaturetrail suwanneeriverlittleshoals
Small Mongolian River (Bo47) Tags: green water grass clouds river landscape asia hills mongolia done geotag hdr highdynamicrange 2014 uvurkhangai bo47 nikkor1424mmf28 nikond800 bonielsen batulzii wwwjustwalkedbycom wwwbonielsenme
IMG_7111.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneedit handyphoto jamiesmed app snapseed 2015 girl girls twin twins sisters family love cute adorable babies iphone5s phoneography mobileography iphoneography geotag geotagged children kids innocent innocence sister people facebook sitsters picfx iphonephoto baby september kid child youth vsco blackwhite bw blackandwhite
Tilapia Too Big for the Trunk (Phil's 1stPix) Tags: usa fish geotagged underwater snorkel unitedstates wildlife dive sealife geotag naturalspring floridawildlife floridastatepark bluespringsstatepark firstpix wildflorida floridasprings springrun realflorida floridanature floridaspring freshwaterspring volusiacountyflorida floridaoutdoors naturalecosystem invasivefish floridaunderwater oreochromisaureus bluespringsrun underwaternature geotaggedflorida olympusem5 phils1stpix naturalfloridaspring centralfloridasprings outdoorfloridarecreation wildfloridasprings seadragon1200 sealifephotovideodivelight bluespringsunderwater bluespringsvolusia bluespringsvolusiacounty olympusunderwaterhousing nonnativefreshwaterfish floridanonnativefish africantilapia tilapiinecichlids olympusem5underwater ptep08underwaterhousing taxonomy:binomial=oreochromisaureus bluespringsorangecity
Prowling the Sea Grass Flats (Phil's 1stPix) Tags: geotagged snorkel dive geotag gastropoda gastropod floridakeys bahiahonda floridawildlife floridastatepark wildflorida bahiahondastatepark monroecountyflorida marineecosystem realflorida floridanature fasciolariidae naturalflorida floridahorseconch floridaunderwater bhsp naturalfloridakeys predatorysnail sealifecameras sealifedc1400 triplofususgiganteus underwaternaturephotography spongeflats adobelightroom5 wildfloridakeys bahiahondaunderwater creativecommonsnature atlanticoceanunderwater realfloridakeys underwaterpredation bahiahondaspongeflats milemarker36 taxonomy:binomial=triplofususgiganteus underwaterphotovideodivelight seadragon2000
Fun (Joebelle) Tags: beach canon geotagged norfolk funfair geotag hunstanton 7dmkii
#Alabama #Emergency #Weather Preparedness - h7310 (SouthernBreeze) Tags: family winter friends light usa silly color weather shopping paper bread geotagged fun photography photo milk store al die basket unitedstates image huntsville drink alabama humor picture toilet pic eat photograph disaster eggs merry grocery emergency geotag forecast hysterical hsv nws preparedness 2015 southernbreeze snowpocalypse sooc baskart snowpocalypse2015
IMG_8943.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: beauty family baby child adorable handyphoto innocence love beautiful app 500d innocent little jamiesmed girl cozy home pink kid infant 50mm lens 2015 eyes cute iphoneedit snapseed rebel niftyfifty prime geotagged fixed geotag twin focus people youth portrait canon t1i
Great tit (Parus major) (davidbeare65 UK Thanks for Favs and Comments) Tags: tit explore geotag greattit wildbird
IMG_7855.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: jamiesmed winter canon eos dslr 500d t1i app rebel snapseed 50mm fixed focus prime lens niftyfifty handyphoto iphoneedit vintage 2015 people baby child kid geotagged geotag facebook girl twin youth family love innocent innocence canongang cute adorable portrait vsco blackwhite bw blackandwhite
Spin Cycle in Silver Glen Springs (Phil's 1stPix) Tags: usa fish geotagged underwater snorkel unitedstates wildlife dive sealife geotag ocalanationalforest rockfish stripedbass morone floridawildlife firstpix wildflorida anadromous perciformes moronidae marioncountyflorida realflorida floridanature silverglensprings silverglen photoscape moronesaxatilis naturalecosystem silverglenspring fishbehavior floridaunderwater lightroom5 sealifecameras dc1400 sealifedc1400 phils1stpix creativecommonsnature atlanticstripedbass seadragon1200photovideodivelight ocalanationalforestsprings atlanticstriper
IMG_3676.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: 2014 jamiesmed iphoneedit app snapseed 500d handyphoto rebel twin geotagged geotag photography girl love family cute adorable vintage fauxvintage people innocent innocence child kid youth young vsco blackwhite bw blackandwhite
IMG_3428.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: 2009 block brown app blue action children child family fun green handyphoto innocence football grass love kids emotion innocent jamiesmed little huddle gold kid game friends iphoneedit snapseed yellow youth geotagged geotag people a200 sony alpha dslr hamiltoncounty cincinnati sports sport photography ohio midwest
Karl der Groe - 1200 Jahre Mythos und Wirklichkeit (Jorbasa) Tags: germany hessen flag geotag fahne darmstadt wetterau jorbasa hessischeslandesmuseumdarmstadt karldergrose alfredrethel 1848errevolution schlachtbeicordoba778 wirkungsgeschichtekarlsdesgrosen scharzrotgoldenefahne
IMG_8686.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: green football cute fun adorable innocent love action play iphoneedit 2009 tackle family friends youth little beauty peaceful innocence people snapseed game player field light proud vignette yellow jamiesmed grass golden gold kids app handyphoto kid blue child children geotagged geotag sony a200 alpha dslr hamiltoncounty cincinnati sports sport photography ohio midwest
Out on the Edge (Bo47) Tags: sea nature water clouds europe view cliffs done geotag atlanticocean hdr highdynamicrange faroeislands 2012 bo47 vagar vgar thefaroeislands nikkor1424mmf28 nikond800 bonielsen behindtheaction wwwjustwalkedbycom wwwbonielsenme
Slippery Dick Disappearing Act (Phil's 1stPix) Tags: usa fish gulfofmexico nature animal geotagged underwater snorkel unitedstates natural wildlife dive sealife standrews geotag saltwater wrasse naturephotography slipperydick floridawildlife floridastatepark outdoorrecreation underwaterphoto firstpix wildflorida saintandrewsstatepark standrewsstatepark floridapanhandle labridae realflorida floridanature selftaughtphotographer floridaphotography photoscape naturalflorida sasp westjetty naturalecosystem sealifecamera floridaunderwater halichoeresbivittatus floridasnorkeling slipperydickwrasse lightroom5 sealifedc1400 standrewsjetty adobelightroom5 phils1stpix creativecommonsnature saspuw wildfloridapanhandle saltwaterwrasse funnyfishnames westjettysaintandrews standrewsunderwater saintandrewsjetty
IMG_7820.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: 2014 green app jamiesmed iphoneedit snapseed red handyphoto family people toddler kid child rebel youth geotagged geotag bentonfamilyfarm farm smalltown innocent innocence facebook girl love little young
IMG_3400.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: app sky fisheye skies sunset beautiful iphoneedit sun 2014 snapseed jamiesmed vignette rokinon rebel trees light silhouette peaceful handyphoto dark hdr white lens tree prime geotagged geotag fixed manual focus software fauxvintage wide angle landscape summer cincinnati september vsco blackwhite bw blackandwhite ohio midwest
IMG_2199.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: app grass beautiful fog jamiesmed handyphoto field blue 2014 iphoneedit rokinon snapseed sky sunrise sun rural lens trees tree prime fixed skies manual focus light geotagged geotag wide angle landscape summer september fisheye ohio midwest
IMG_1798.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: snapseed field rokinon app grass trees light coveredbridge beautiful handyphoto mextures jamiesmed 2012 vignette silhouette hdr iphoneedit autostitch bridge tree prime geotagged geotag focus facebook wide angle landscape lens fisheye fixed rural ohio manual midwest
20140830 5DIII Puerto Rico 176 (James Scott S) Tags: ocean old travel vacation castle tourism canon scott puerto james san day juan puertorico fort weekend getaway labor s tourist atlantic rico sanjuan gps geotag ef 1740 5diii
I-74 Bridge (David Davila Photography) Tags: night illinois il geotag peoria 2014 illinoisriver i74bridge nikon50mmf18d nikond800 holuxm241 flwfilter
IMG_5916.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: 2014 jamiesmed iphoneedit app snapseed handyphoto white geotagged people family girl geotag facebook a200 sony august dslr alpha vsco blackwhite bw blackandwhite
Columbia River (cotarr) Tags: leica canada geotag cameraraw rockymountaineer vlux3 topazdenoise topazdetail iphonemytracks cc2014
IMG_9740.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: iphoneography play people beautiful innocence adorable family cute love mobileography phoneography girl vscocam 2014 vsco snapseed iphone4s jamiesmed app iphoneedit handyphoto geotagged geotag photography vintage fauxvintage innocent iphonephoto child kid youth young toddler cincinnati blackwhite bw blackandwhite may ohio midwest
IMG_8994.JPG (Jamie Smed) Tags: snapseed sony 2009 jamiesmed app alpha iphoneedit handyphoto rides fauxvintage facebook geotagged geotag clermontcounty dslr summer september a200 vsco blackwhite bw blackandwhite ohio midwest

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