bestcapturesaoi blackisthecolour brittany bw carré chiaroscuro classicbw clouds conceptual darkness dedicatedphoto digimarc2012 elitegalleryaoi exhibition featuredfrontpagewinners fifichat1 fificht flower formatcarré france gettyimage grayscale greyscale lightroomps loneliness magicunicornmasterpieces magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornverybest mydarkside nb nikkor1685vr nikond300 paris peaceful published reflection sea square squareformat squarephotography squarepicture symbol symbolic texture ©frs

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reflective towers "Fire and Air" (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: city blue windows sky urban paris france tower glass azul architecture modern facade skyscraper buildings reflections outdoors fire golden design high construction exterior contemporary air bleu elements squareformat shape defense futuristic offices ladfense lateafternoon puteaux dor goldenlight courbevoie urbangeometry businessdistrict colorefexpro niksoftware nikond300 nikkor70300afvr coloursenhanced fifichat1 fificht frs enteredinsyb
su  nlq (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: abstract paris france reflection rain puddle creativity shower legs pluie reflet squareformat mirrored unusual bluejeans jambes wetpavement opragarnier invertedimage averse outoftheordinary giboule formatcarr reversereflection nikond300 nikkor1685vr photoinverse fifichat1 fificht frs
Red Sky At Night (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: sea mer france reflection texture sailboat port boats brittany harbour redsky atlanticocean reflets voilier lateafternoon finistre oceanatlantique squarepicture formatcarr finistresud cep4 nikond300 nikkor1685vr floatingforest fifichat1 fificht frs
One day , I'll fly away ... [ Temporarily FAR AWAY ] (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: sea bw france beach water clouds reflections freedom brittany solitude loneliness gulf darkness bretagne libert drama plage atlanticocean redfilter baie faraway finistre escaping flyingaway sep2 lonelybeach mydarkside nikond300 nikkor1685vr dramaticmood bestcapturesaoi elitegalleryaoi fifichat1 fificht frs mefranoiseakafifi
the astonishing light of  Being (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: light paris france cambodge cambodia darkness symbol availablelight lumire buddhist serenity mystical meditation spirituality siemreap angkor lowkey innerpeace innerlight november2 contemplation asianart mysticism tnbres museguimet blackonblack allsoulsday khmerart bayonstyle nikond300 nikkor1685vr nationalmuseumofasianart fifichat1 fificht thefamousenigmaticsmileofangkor frs insearchofrefuge
L ' Uomo (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: portrait bw paris france texture silhouette nb western pensive grayscale lostinthought contrejour controluce greyscale sergioleone enniomorricone meditative lonesome stetsonhat onceuponatimeinthewest lhomme squarepicture formatcarr nikond300 nikkor1685vr featuredfrontpagewinners againstbacklight fifichat1 frs fificht frs
passage in Time , passage in Space (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: bw paris france lost darkness symbol nb negativespace concept unreal conceptual anishkapoor lightshadow parallelworld symbolic visionary metaphysical existential legrandpalais darkmood irrel lostintime squarepicture mydarkside parisinblackandwhite formatcarr nikond300 passageintime nikkor1685vr mysteriousmood blackisthecolour fifichat1 frs fificht lostinspacelostintime passageinspace lostinflickrabsolutelyfedup frs goingtowardstheirdestiny
looking up ~ BnF ~ Temple of Knowledge (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: sky bw paris france reflection building architecture modern clouds cityscape library nb lookingup squareformat bnf modernarchitecture fineartphotography contreplonge sep2 lovegeometry templeofknowledge lowangleshot parisinblackandwhite formatcarr niksoftware nikond300 nikkor1685vr blackisthecolour fifichat1 frs fificht grandbibliothquefranoismitterand frs
as a lone fighter (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: life bw tree clouds landscape loneliness darkness symbol victory squareformat strength drama dramaticsky normandy struggle lonelytree carr spectacularsky nikond300 stealingshadows nikkor1685vr dramaticmood blackisthecolour fifichat1 frs niksoftwaresep2 fificht frs
Don't worry ! Don't despair ! Don't be angry ! (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: bw white blur flower macro closeup softness petal squareformat highkey trick hack whiteonwhite carr truc shadesofwhite bidouille nikond300 fifichat1 frs fificht frs
on Earth as in Heaven (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: light sky bw france tree up clouds heaven published darkness symbol opposite air fineart hill silhouettes exhibition nb ciel elements crow conceptual nuages raven arbre timeless symbolic colline lonelytree greyscale hss orne bassenormandie darkmood squarepicture classicbw mydarkside arbresolitaire minimallandscape crowsflying nikond300 nikkor1685vr silverefexpro minimalbw climbingtheslope blackisthecolour magicunicorntheverybest classicalbw magicunicornmasterpieces elitegalleryaoi fifichat1 frs niksoftwaresep2 montantlapente fificht frs
 (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: sky france beach clouds sand fineart sable minimal huts plage beachhuts eight englishchannel merdunord greyscale fineartphotography pasdecalais ctedopale classicbw fineartbw cabinesdeplage nikond300 nikkor1685vr manchemer silverefexpro2 fifichat1 frs niksoftwaresep2 fificht rawneffile frs
the survivor (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: bw strange silhouette lost woods loneliness darkness fear surreal blurred concept unreal conceptual dreamlike ghostly parallelworld symbolic visionary lostsoul phantasm peur inhospitable outoftheordinary squarepicture cataclysm mydarkside nikond300 fuckinglife nikkor1685vr blackisthecolour skancheli truthandillusion hostileworld conceptualpicture fifichat1 frs oneiricworld struggletostayalive fificht frs
...on the edge of  heaven ~  l'ore du ciel... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: ocean sea sky france clouds sailboat photoshop reflections boat brittany published seagull gull peaceful bretagne calm exhibition ciel harmony serene unreal quite minimalism dreamlike nuages morbihan ballad mouette voilier yatch lament waterscape inbetween golfedumorbihan squarepicture complainte formatcarr panasonicdmclx2 entredeux entrecieletmer sansfrontire texturemine bestcapturesaoi magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpiece magicunicornmasterpieces elitegalleryaoi fifichat1 kurtpeiserexcellence frs entrelameretlestoiles farawayfromthisworld betweentheseaandthestars dreamlikeworld betweentheseaandthesky franoisesrusier fificht frs
I  Flickr and I would have great sorrow if I had to leave ~ Flickr day January 5 2014 (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: cemetery graveyard graves boulognebillancourt dontgiveup funerarysculpture funerarystatue iflickr nikond300 nikkor8518af greatsorrow fifichat1 frs ripflickr iloveflickrday january52014 boycottyahooads flickrdayjanuary52014 fificht frs
BLuE !!! for Martha   (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: birthday blue iris paris france flower macro bokeh bleu wishes happybirthday inexplore nikkor70300vr nikond300 fifichat1 frs explore30420131216 fificht frs
(Fade Out)...." like lost and wandering souls " (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: paris france square symbol silhouettes blurred ghosts grayscale conceptual dreamlike champselyses parallelworld spleen symbolic lostsouls tempusfugit hopeless fadeout fatalistic outoftheordinary manipulatedpicture mydarkside parisinblackandwhite formatcarr lifeisfragile tormentedsoul nikond300 absoluteblackandwhite nikkor1685vr radioheadstreetspirit beforeweallgounder blackisthecolour screamastheyfightforlife featuredfrontpagewinners silverefexpro2 everymomentisprecious conceptualpicture fifichat1 fragilityofbeing frs crushingsenseoffutility tributetobaudelaire likelostandwanderingsouls ainsiquedesespritserrantsetsanspatrie lavieestfragile thelimitedtimewehaveisconsumedbysomethingsthatmayhavelittleimportanceorurgency greaturgency fificht frs
"Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering and it's all over much too soon"..... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: bw paris cemetery contrast sadness solitude loneliness darkness emotion streetphotography emotional cobbles suffering lightandshadow greyscale lifeisabitch poignant lifeanddeath elderlywoman heartbreaking thewidow squarepicture mydarkside paris18me formatcarr lifeisfragile nikond300 nikkor1685vr blackisthecolour fifichat1 frs dedicatedtomybelovedmotherinlawwholeftusonlastjanuary21rip fificht burdenofmemories tomyfatherandmymothergoneyoungsoyounglongago frs tbornonajanuary21onajanuary25hewas14
Where sky and water meet,  Where the waves grow sweet, (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: ocean longexposure sea mer france bulb square brittany rocks published waves infinity peaceful exhibition minimal le silence serene remotecontrol vagues seashore atlanticocean rochers carr rivage pasteltones nd400 500x500 softcolours poselongue almostmonochrome squarepicture tlcommande finistresud nikond300 nikkor1685vr tisexcellence minimalseascape filtrend400 fifichat1 frs southernfinistere bulbexposure150sec fificht frs
Paris .... under the bridges flows the Seine (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: paris france texture seine square eiffeltower bridges squareformat toureiffel ponts sincity carr  gettyimage ileauxcygnes laseine hss pontdebirhakeim pontmirabeau pontdegrenelle borddeseine nikond300 nikkor1685vr magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces fifichat1 winnerudo frs fromthefirstflooroftheeiffeltower explore20130825 fificht frs
Light ... pour Lucie ! Joyeux anniversaire  ! (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: birthday light paris luz lanterne square licht candle symbol lumire perspective wishes lantern chiaroscuro lux luce bougie carr clairobscur nikond300 nikkor1685vr fifichat1 frs fificht frs
RED !!!  for Anna Maria  (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: birthday red summer paris france flower macro rot closeup backlight square rouge petals rojo ledefrance bokeh july explore transparency wishes poppies nikkor chiaroscuro rosso lightshadow contrejour controluce transparence coquelicot carr gettyimage explored allrightsreserved lr4 niksoftware nikkor70300vr nikond300 bestcapturesaoi magicunicornverybest magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces fifichat1 frs fificht frs
No Future (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: bw paris square symbol nb help concept conceptual anishkapoor leviathan sadbuttrue symbolic visionary greyscale carr hopeless pessimistic heyyou legrandpalais monumenta classicbw mydarkside parisinblackandwhite nikond300 nikkor1685vr niksoftwaresilverefexpro blackisthecolour featuredfrontpagewinners bestofshining thephotographyblog shiningexcellence fifichat1 frs donttellmethereisnohopeatall pessimisticbuttrue theunbearableburdenoflife crushedbytheburden fificht frs explore7520130623
the  mirror of her thoughts (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: portrait texture square model ps carr hss studiosession lr4 nikond300 thisisnotaselfie nikkor1685vr featuredfrontpagewinners fifichat1 frs fificht frs themirrorofthoughts
High Hopes (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: blue france flower tree primavera nature fleur landscape spring woods flora ngc impressionism bluebell arbre iledefrance shining printemps baum frhling gettyimage photomix sousbois hautsdeseine foreverandever hyacinthoidesnonscripta jacinthedesbois lr4 thegrasswasgreener nikond300 deathknell nikkor1685vr boisdemeudon thelightwasbrighter bestcapturesaoi magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpiece magicunicornmasterpieces elitegalleryaoi featuredfrontpagewinners fifichat1 kurtpeiserexcellence frs fificht frs
Greetings from Paris !  Wish You  a  Happy New Year (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: paris france texture sunrise eiffeltower earlymorning toureiffel chaillot oldpostcard trocadro hss parvisdesdroitsdelhomme ladamedefer nikond300 nikkor1685vr bestcapturesaoi magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces udo fifichat1 frs allrightsreservedfrs parvisdelatoureiffel fificht frs
Wish You Were Here (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: pink silhouette sunrise asia pastel burma pinkfloyd myanmar inlelake serene magical woodenbridge nikonf80 pasteltones fujivelvia birmanie 500x500 nikkor28105 squarepicture newyearwishes lacinl bestcapturesaoi magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces minimalscape featuredfrontpagewinners fifichat1 digimarc2012 frs squarefotografiasparaenmarcar1005 allrightsreservedfrs welovedasiasomuch rememberingthehappydays fificht frs
Colourful modernism , by Jean Nouvel (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: architecture modernarchitecture jeannouvel vividcolours squarepicture musebranly panasoniclumixdmclx2 fifichat1 frs copyrightallrightsreservedfrs fificht
Footprints in the Sand ~ Straight ahead of him, nobody can go very far..... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: bw reflection sahara landscape sand desert northafrica dune curves tracks sable footprints symmetry morocco grayscale animaltracks greyscale footprintsinthesand merzouga ergchebbi courbes empreintes squarepicture classicbw formatcarr nikkor70300vr nikond300 niksoftwaresilverefexpro bestcapturesaoi blackisthecolour fleursetpaysages elitegalleryaoi fifichat1 digimarc2012 frs luciestopgallery saintexuperylepetitprince explore32120121219 fificht frs
Evening Harmony ~ Happy Birthday dear Martha  (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: reflection texture river swan ducks peaceful ps reflet iledefrance cygne goldenlight laseine hss eveningharmony dedicatedphoto squarepicture niksoftware squarephotography harmoniedusoir nikond300 nikkor1685vr bestcapturesaoi magicunicorntheverybest sailsevenseas sailsevenseasmaster magicunicornmasterpieces fifichat1 digimarc2012 frs eveninggoldenlight allrightsreservedfrs fificht frs
illuminated in the dark (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: bw france reflection seine river dark square landscape darkness ps symmetry nb normandy greyscale laseine darkmood squarepicture classicbw darkreflection nikond300 nikkor1685vr niksoftwaresilverefexpro blackisthecolour fifichat1 digimarc2012 frs explore35020121121thanks squarefotografiasparaenmarcar1005 fificht frs
"the eternal silence of these infinite spaces"  (long exposure) (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: ocean longexposure sunset sea bw france rock clouds brittany published infinity fineart exhibition nb minimal le silence remotecontrol minimalism seashore atlanticocean greyscale fineartphotography tranquillity finistre gettyimage nd400 oceanatlantique classicbw 500500 fineartbw squarephotography bwlongexposure nikond300 absoluteblackandwhite nikkor1685vr niksoftwaresilverefexpro minimalseascape bestcapturesaoi blackisthecolour magicunicornverybest magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpiece sailsevenseas magicunicornmasterpieces elitegalleryaoi featuredfrontpagewinners rockpaperexcellence fifichat1 digimarc2012 frs bulbexposure178sec squarefpeconcurso1 fificht frs
A Glimpse of Eternity  ~ long exposure (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: ocean longexposure sunset sea france beach brittany published infinity fineart peaceful wave exhibition minimal le rothko remotecontrol minimalism eternity seashore atlanticocean finistre gettyimage lessismore softcolours oceanatlantique squarepicture nd400filter formatcarr allrightsreserved nikond300 meditativemood nikkor1685vr minimalseascape bestcapturesaoi magicunicorntheverybest sailsevenseasmaster magicunicornmasterpieces elitegalleryaoi fifichat1 frs bulbexposure96sec explore18on20121002thanks squarefotografiasparaenmarcar1004 fificht frs enteredinsybgroup
the thinker ~ self portrait :)) (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: bw cat chat nb gato katze gatto moggy sep2 squarepicture nikond300 niksoftwaresilverefexpro2 fifichat1 frs fificht frs
insubstantial shadow...runaway shadow .... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: shadow blackandwhite bw selfportrait paris silhouette loneliness escape darkness nightshot nb ombre midnight concept unreal grayscale conceptual lowkey parallelworld spleen filmnoir carr thriller lostsoul classicbw insubstantial mydarkside immaterial squarephotography tormentedsoul nikond300 absoluteblackandwhite myownshadow nikkor1685vr mysteriousmood blackisthecolour featuredfrontpagewinners fifichat1 frs sometimesiwanttorunaway wantedtoflee fificht frs
Fireworks for Annamaria ! (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: birthday abstract flower macro closeup fireworks bokeh tulip dedicatedphoto proxi formatcarr colorphotoaward tousdroitsrservs nikond300 magicunicornverybest fifichat1 explore39620120702 frs fificht frs
Hard Life - A Tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: portrait blackandwhite bw woman market candid burma femme trix nb smoking myanmar grayscale chiaroscuro lightshadow sreet greyscale clairobscur gettyimage birmanie hardlife bwportrait nikonf801 dedicatedphoto classicbw formatcarr silverefexpro bestportraitsaoi blackisthecolour elitegalleryaoi squrareformat nikkor8518af fifichat1 frs squarefotografiasparaenmarcar1006 fificht frs
My Best Friends (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: stilllife paris france texture books ps knowledge chiaroscuro livres oldbooks clairobscur bouquiniste lightdark quaisdeseine copyright squarepicture formatcarr secondhandbookseller niksoftware squarephotography nikond300 nikkor1685vr magicunicornverybest magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpiece bankoftheseine magicunicornmasterpieces texturedwork squrareformat truthandillusion asquaresuperstarstemple colorefexpro4 fifichat1 kurtpeiserexcellence frs fificht frs
Midnight ,strange mystic hour... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: street blackandwhite bw paris france texture nw loneliness darkness nightshot perspective nb panasonic midnight grayscale drama lowkey chiaroscuro spleen filmnoir blackdiamond greyscale clairobscur lightdark streetpicture darkmood squarepicture classicbw mydarkside formatcarr squarephotography absoluteblackandwhite dramaticmood blackdiamondpremier niksoftwaresilverefexpro ssexcellence asquarecollection lightroomps fifichat1 digimarc2012 frighteningmood frs squarefotografiasparaenmarcar1004 fificht
Y stairs: Opra Garnier .Paris (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: paris france architecture stairs marbles escaliers palaisgarnier frenchopera opragarnier copyright charlesgarnier garnieropera squarepicture allrightsreserved somptuous formatcarr symbolofparis famousstairs copyrightallrightsreserved tousdroitsrservs nikond300 nikkor1685vr thegoldenphoenix bestcapturesaoi magicunicornverybest magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces elitegalleryaoi squrareformat digimarc2011 asquaresuperstarstemple lightroomps fifichat1 rememberthatmomentlevel1 rememberthatmomentlevel2 frs squarefotografasenmarcar1007 escalierclbre fificht frs
silent  ... forever ... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: paris france abandoned silent piano squareformat lightanddark shittylife brokendreams squarepicture mydarkside formatcarr steustachechurch nikkor5018af nikond300 vanitdesvanitstoutestvanit fifichat1 frs apromiseivenotbeenabletokeep thelimitedtimewehaveisconsumedbysomethingsthatmayhavelittleimportanceorurgency startedphotographywheniwasateenivelostpleasure greatblowofdiscouragement grandcoupdeblues 1stpassionpianoitsoverfinger 2ndpassiontravelitsoverhealth tocihaventbeenabletokeepon fificht ohthatmelody frs tojeanmichel
Happy New Year !!!!  (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: copyright paris france flower fleur yellow panasonic squareformat wishes happynewyear onblack copyright squarepicture allrightsreserved formatcarr squarephotography copyrightallrightsreserved tousdroitsrservs magicunicornverybest magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces digimarc2011 lightroomps fifichat1 frs fificht frs
L' Absence ... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: paris france church message darkness chairs symbol montmartre lowkey chiaroscuro sorrow spleen symbolic lightanddark imissyou lifeisabitch chagrin dedicatedphoto mydarkside icry paris18me nikkor1685vr nikond3oo featuredfrontpagewinners fifichat1 nothingtotell neitheryoungnorold 2friendsofminesdec2011 godblessyoucandg imthinkingofyourfamilies ouilaviepeuttretristeetnousnecomprenonspointcequisepassedanslescoeursdesautres jecompatieentadouleurkiki frs afriendofmyyouthfrompianoclassesattheconservatory fificht tomyfatherandmymothergoneyoungsoyounglongago imissyouallforever frs tomybelovedt
Merry Christmas my Friends ! (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: christmas winter copyright mist paris france cold river landscape frost postcard wishes laseine copyright dedicatedphoto squarepicture allrightsreserved squarephotography formatcarre copyrightallrightsreserved tousdroitsrservs nikond300 nikkor1685vr lightroomps fifichat1 frs fificht frs
We need a little kindness in this hard, hard world...... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: blackandwhite bw white paris france flower rose softness nb squareformat highkey kindness grayscale blanc greyscale douceur copyright dedicatedphoto squarepicture allrightsreserved classicbw formatcarr panasonicdmclx2 squarephotography tousdroitsrservs dragondaggeraward magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpiece magicunicornmasterpieces natureonwhite digimarc2011 asquaresuperstarstemple lightroomps fifichat1 frs fificht frs
Last Leaf... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: autumn fall automne leaf lr feuilledautomne nikond300 fifichat1 nikkor75300vr frs fificht frs
Let's stroll in the woods ... (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: autumn fall texture woods iledefrance bois gettyimage sousbois parcdesaintcloud squarepicture idream formatcarr alberoefoglia squarephotography copyrightallrightsreserved nikond300 nikkor1685vr dragondaggeraward saariysqualitypictures mysteriousmood magicunicornverybest magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces mygearandmebronze mygearandmesilver artistoftheyearlevel2 aboveandbeyondlevel1 lightroomps fifichat1 aboveandbeyondlevel2 aboveandbeyondlevel3 frs fificht frs
Impalpable Happiness , for Aurelia (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: trees mist france cold fog haze published frost emotion pastel peaceful happiness exhibition negativespace serenity serene minimalism fragile mozart emptiness breathtaking chartres frosted beauce winterscape  tenuous lyrical softcolours impalpable rockpaper eureetloir foggylandscape nikond300 coldmistymorning nikkor1685vr bestcapturesaoi magicunicornverybest magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces elitegalleryaoi mistyscape fifichat1 minimallanscape fificht frs featuredfrontpagewinner
free  ...   " you are free and that is why you are lost " (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: sea cliff dog mer france texture dogs photoshop lost freedom chalk sand published loneliness aquarelle sable peaceful exhibition libert watercolour lonely melancholy seashore normandy falaise craie greysky englishchannel cloudysky tistheseason softtones paysdecaux lonelybeach softcolours cielnuageux ctedalbtre nikond300 likeawatercolour nikkor1685vr melancholicmood minimalseascape magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces poeticmood featuredfrontpagewinners manchemer fifichat1 frs fificht atmosphremlancolique absolutefreedomisloneliness frs
the mystic hour... Light  for Aurelia (fifich@t-(sick) NOT giving up) Tags: light paris france architecture candles symbol stainedglass chandelier happybirthday vault notredamedeparis ledelacit artgothique nikond300 nikkor1685vr magicunicorntheverybest magicunicornmasterpieces fifichat1 frs fificht frs featuredfpwinners

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