6x6 blackandwhite bokeh bronica bronicaectl epsongtx900 film flowers fuji fujifortiasp50 geotagged green housebuilding iso100 iso1600 iso400 iso50 japan japanese japanesepersons kawasaki kodak night notphotoshoped olympusom2n rolleiflex28c sampo scannedfromnegative sign stone tokyo tree voigtländerbessar3a voigtländernoktonclassic40mmf14mc writing zenzabronicaectl zenzanonmc80mmf24 zuikomc50mmf12 たま川 大田区 川崎 散歩 日本 東京 矢口

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Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind. If you log into Flickr you will see your private photos and larger thumbnails. Hivemind: http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/epsongtx900 Hits: 1537 Pages: 31 Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database. Where do these thumbnails come from? How are the photos licensed?
 (gullevek) Tags: film yellow japan geotagged tokyo fuji button   fujivelvia50 scannedfromnegative olympusom2n iso50   epsongtx900 zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lat=35567821 geo:lon=139692619
 (gullevek) Tags: reflection 6x6 film window glass japan wall architecture reflections geotagged tokyo kodak   bushes housebuilding iso160 scannedfromnegative kodakportra160nc  rolleiflex28c epsongtx900 geo:lat=35563447 geo:lon=139690365
The Sign (gullevek) Tags: film scannedfromnegative epsongtx900 zenzabronicaectl zenzanonmc80mmf24 6x6 kodak portra kodakportra160vc iso160  japan  tokyo   plants  sampo metal geo:lat=35664507 geo:lon=139720865 geotagged bronica bronicaectl
   (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite 6x6 film japan stone writing geotagged shrine fuji iso400 bronica  nikko      fujineopanpresto400 bronicasqai epsongtx900 zenzanonps80mmf28 geo:lat=36761807 geo:lon=139594361
Tainan_20100704_05 (Lordcolus) Tags: light plant color tree green mamiya film window restaurant leaf cafe flickr meetup kodak snapshot taiwan negative tainan   400vc mamiya7ii n43 epsongtx900
 (gullevek) Tags: flowers green film grass yellow japan landscape geotagged fuji  kanagawa fujivelvia50  scannedfromnegative olympusom2n iso50 epsongtx900 zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lat=35573786 geo:lon=139385291
The View #5 - In Color (gullevek) Tags: street bridge sky building tree tower cars 6x6 film japan architecture clouds skyscraper truck landscape geotagged iso100 tokyo fuji bronica     housebuilding sampo  fujiprovia100f  scannedfromnegative epsongtx900 bronicaectl zenzabronicaectl nikkoroc50mmf28 geo:lat=35660073 geo:lon=139729689
Mochi* Band of Ojisans (gullevek) Tags: film japan japanese tokyo kodak iso400 bronica   kodakportra400nc scannedfromnegative bronicasqai japanesepersons epsongtx900 zenzabronicasqai zenzanonps80mmf28 zenzanonmc80mmf24
The Wall (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite tree 6x6 film sign japan wall writing geotagged tokyo streetsign   bushes ilford ilfordpanf50 scannedfromnegative iso50  rolleiflex28c epsongtx900 geo:lat=35564738 geo:lon=139686511
There and there and there and over there too (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film station japan japanese tokyo fuji   kiosk neopan iso1600     scannedfromnegative olympusom2n japanesepeople zuiko50mmf14 fujineopansuperpresto1600 japanesepersons epsongtx900
: H (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film japan magazine tokyo fuji iso400 bronica   iso1600   scannedfromnegative fujineopanpresto400 bronicasqai epsongtx900 zenzabronicasqai zenzanonps80mmf28
Water Dragon (gullevek) Tags: film statue japan night writing geotagged tokyo fuji    waterdragon iso1600 scannedfromnegative  fujinatura1600 notphotoshoped  statuesandfigures epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geolat35565831 geolon139691463
 (gullevek) Tags: building tree green film japan geotagged iso100  kawasaki housebuilding  scannedfromnegative olympusom2n epsongtx900  geo:lon=139704455 zuikomc50mmf12 konikaminoltacenturiasuper100 geo:lat=35535937
a few weeks of no cleaning (gullevek) Tags: 6x6 film japan wall kodak bokeh iso400 pipes kodakportra400vc bronica fungus   scannedfromnegative bronicasqai epsongtx900 zenzabronicasqai zenzanonps80mmf28
Boxes on top (gullevek) Tags: building film japan geotagged iso100 fuji pipes  kawasaki housebuilding  scannedfromnegative olympusom2n epsongtx900  fujirealaace100 zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lat=35533992 geo:lon=139707363
The Look (gullevek) Tags: people blackandwhite japan night dark hair geotagged japanese tokyo shinjuku fuji bokeh portait  goldengai   iso1600   olympusom2n japanesepeople fujineopansuperpresto1600 japanesepersons epsongtx900 geo:lat=35694302 zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lon=13970453
A Hill of stones (gullevek) Tags: 6x6 film grave japan stone geotagged tokyo kodak bronica   portra  kodakportra160vc sampo   iso160 scannedfromnegative epsongtx900 bronicaectl zenzabronicaectl zenzanonmc80mmf24 geo:lat=3566345 geo:lon=139722289
Afternoon train (gullevek) Tags: film japan train japanese iso100 tokyo fuji   scannedfromnegative fujireala100 notphotoshoped japanesepersons epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc
 (gullevek) Tags: red film japan stone writing geotagged iso100 tokyo kodak bokeh bronica   stonefigures statuesandfigures epsongtx900 bronicaectl zenzabronicaectl geo:lon=13974942 kodakektachromeepp100 zenzanonmc80mmf24 geo:lat=35657828
Under the Bridge (gullevek) Tags: flowers plants green film japan stone wall geotagged iso100 tokyo fuji bokeh   bushes nokton voigtlnder fujisuperia bessar3a noktonclassic40mmf14 scannedfromnegative   epsongtx900 geolat3556509 geolon139696417
Faces all along (gullevek) Tags: film japan stone geotagged tokyo fuji bronica   stonefigures  iso50 statuesandfigures epsongtx900 bronicaectl fujifortiasp50 zenzabronicaectl nikkoroc50mmf28 geo:lon=139713821 geo:lat=35632927
Grabbing (gullevek) Tags: film yellow japan geotagged fuji bokeh iso400 plastic  kanagawa kawasaki  fujisuperia400  scannedfromnegative notphotoshoped epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=35528832 geo:lon=139692932
Men's World (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film sign japan writing ads geotagged iso100 tokyo    ilford  scannedfromnegative olympusom2n zuiko50mmf14 ilforddelta100pro epsongtx900 geo:lon=13969897 geo:lat=35658669
 (gullevek) Tags: shadow film japan metal iso100 tokyo fuji rusty   scannedfromnegative fujireala100  notphotoshoped epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc
Unwashed (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite japan tokyo fuji dirt   neopan dishes iso1600  myeverydaylife scannedfromnegative fujineopansuperpresto1600 platespotsandother epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc
Gathering of Machines (gullevek) Tags: blue 6x6 film japan metal geotagged fuji rusty  machines kanagawa  kawasaki sampo   scannedfromnegative iso50 pipesandmachines rolleiflex28c epsongtx900 fujifortiasp50 geo:lat=35521508 geo:lon=139738364
 (gullevek) Tags: 6x6 film japan geotagged iso100 tokyo wires electricity    scannedfromnegative    rolleiflex28c epsongtx900 fujirealaace100 geo:lat=35568201 geo:lon=139692138
Yellow in all that green (with butterfly) (gullevek) Tags: flowers plants 6x6 film grass yellow japan butterfly geotagged iso100 tokyo fuji bokeh bronica   fujivelvia100f scannedfromnegative  bronicasqai epsongtx900  thegoodcollection geo:lon=139685068 zenzabronicasqai zenzanonps80mmf28 geo:lat=3556059
Entrance (gullevek) Tags: film window wall geotagged iso100 fuji pipes boxes meter scannedfromnegative fujireala100 notphotoshoped epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geolat35563056 geolon139693155
Spring (gullevek) Tags: flowers orange black film sign japan geotagged tokyo fuji purple    scannedfromnegative iso50  epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc thegoodcollection fujifortiasp50 geo:lat=35559445 geo:lon=139689386
 (gullevek) Tags: tree film bicycle japan geotagged japanese iso100 fuji  kawasaki  scannedfromnegative olympusom2n japanesepersons epsongtx900  fujirealaace100 zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lat=35530812 geo:lon=139701236
Overgrown (gullevek) Tags: green 6x6 film japan geotagged tokyo branch fuji bronica   leafs bushes  sampo scannedfromnegative iso50   epsongtx900 bronicaectl fujifortiasp50 zenzabronicaectl zenzanonmc80mmf24 geo:lat=35559035 geo:lon=139689746
Pachinko (gullevek) Tags: street 6x6 film window japan shop writing geotagged japanese iso100 tokyo kodak    housebuilding scannedfromnegative  kodakektachromee100gx japanesepersons rolleiflex28c epsongtx900 geo:lat=355632 geo:lon=13971516
Purple Velvet (gullevek) Tags: flowers green 6x6 japan geotagged iso100 tokyo kodak bokeh bronica   scannedfromnegative  epsongtx900 bronicaectl thegoodcollection zenzabronicaectl nikkoroc50mmf28 kodakektachromeepn100 geo:lat=3556106 geo:lon=139692307
OX Shop (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film sign japan shop writing ads poster geotagged japanese tokyo books   ilford   scannedfromnegative olympusom2n iso125 ilfordfp4125 japanesepersons epsongtx900 publictelefone zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lat=35683727 geo:lon=13969901
Condoms (gullevek) Tags: film japan night writing geotagged lights tokyo fuji  vendingmachines  iso1600 scannedfromnegative  fujinatura1600 notphotoshoped  epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geolat35563652 geolon139691409
Sitting on top, watching me (gullevek) Tags: tree film birds japan geotagged iso100 fuji bokeh  kawasaki  scannedfromnegative olympusom2n epsongtx900  fujirealaace100 zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lat=35534186 geo:lon=139699852
The Old Sign (gullevek) Tags: building 6x6 film sign japan metal writing geotagged iso100 tokyo fuji rusty     housebuilding sampo fujivelvia50  scannedfromnegative iso50 rolleiflex28c epsongtx900 geo:lon=139769794 geo:lat=35665294
Luck (gullevek) Tags: brown film sign japan architecture writing geotagged tokyo fuji    textured fujivelvia50 scannedfromnegative olympusom2n iso50   epsongtx900 zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lat=35567804 geo:lon=139692656
Going in all directions (gullevek) Tags: pink flowers film japan geotagged tokyo fuji   bushes  scannedfromnegative iso50  epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc fujifortiasp50 geo:lat=35559582 geo:lon=139688601
Bell (gullevek) Tags: film japan geotagged tokyo fuji bell bokeh iso400 rope    fujisuperia400 scannedfromnegative  notphotoshoped  epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc thegoodcollection geo:lat=35565895 geo:lon=139691468
 (gullevek) Tags: flowers 6x6 film japan geotagged tokyo fuji bokeh bronica    violett sampo scannedfromnegative iso50   epsongtx900 fujifortiasp50 zenzabronicaectl zenzanonmc80mmf24 geo:lat=35559755 geo:lon=139690548
Insects be gone! (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite japan closeup night geotagged fuji bokeh  yokohama kanagawa  iso1600    olympusom2n  fujineopansuperpresto1600 epsongtx900 insectrepellant zuikomc28mmf2 geo:lon=13963277 geo:lat=35445987
Me, my camera and my shadow (gullevek) Tags: street shadow blackandwhite film me bicycle japan geotagged tokyo photo pavement iso400 ground   ilford  scannedfromnegative epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a ilfordsuperxp2400 voigtlndercolorskopar21mmf4 geo:lat=35567817 geo:lon=139692282
 (gullevek) Tags: street tree 6x6 film bicycle japan geotagged iso100 tokyo laundry wires electricity   ilford housebuilding scannedfromnegative   ilforddelta100pro rolleiflex28c epsongtx900 geo:lat=35562382 geo:lon=139690073
Mini Stop (gullevek) Tags: street blue red 6x6 film bicycle sign yellow japan shop writing japanese tokyo fuji    housebuilding sampo scannedfromnegative iso50  japanesepersons rolleiflex28c epsongtx900 geo:lat=35568009 geo:lon=13969029 fujifortiasp50
Reflections on the ground (gullevek) Tags: film japan night geotagged tokyo fuji   iso1600 scannedfromnegative  fujinatura1600 notphotoshoped  epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geolat35563506 geolon139691374
 (gullevek) Tags: building film sign japan writing geotagged japanese iso100 fuji  vendingmachines kawasaki housebuilding  scannedfromnegative olympusom2n japanesepersons epsongtx900  fujirealaace100 zuikomc50mmf12 geo:lat=35532287 geo:lon=139703549
 (gullevek) Tags: longexposure plants green 6x6 water grass japan river geotagged iso800 tokyo fuji bronica   scannedfromnegative   fujipro800 epsongtx900 bronicaectl zenzabronicaectl zenzanonmc80mmf24 geo:lat=35560359 geo:lon=139685607
Bicycle land (gullevek) Tags: film bicycle japan architecture geotagged japanese tokyo fuji     scannedfromnegative olympusom2n iso50 japanesepersons epsongtx900 fujifortiasp50 zuikomc28mmf2 geo:lat=3569096 geo:lon=139698168

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50 epsongtx900 48 日本 japan 45 film 44 scannedfromnegative 41 geotagged 37 東京 tokyo 34 fuji 19 大田区 18 6x6 iso100 14 bronica olympusom2n 13 iso50 12 voigtländerbessar3a writing 11 voigtländernoktonclassic40mmf14mc 矢口 bokeh 10 japanesepersons blackandwhite zuikomc50mmf12 japanese 9 zenzabronicaectl housebuilding kodak 8 bronicaectl sampo 散歩 sign iso1600 rolleiflex28c fujifortiasp50 notphotoshoped 7 green tree flowers 川崎 kawasaki iso400 zenzanonmc80mmf24 6 たま川 5 wall ilford stone bicycle building yellow fujirealaace100 bronicasqai zenzanonps80mmf28 night street モノクロ bushes 4 thegoodcollection plants 神社 kanagawa 神奈川県 zenzabronicasqai fujineopansuperpresto1600 metal architecture window fujivelvia50 3 自宅 港区 fujinatura1600 iso160 grass 武蔵新田 pipes fujireala100 statuesandfigures nikkoroc50mmf28 rusty shop fujineopanpresto400 japanesepeople 渋谷区 kodakportra160vc 青山 vendingmachines red landscape zuiko50mmf14 blue ilforddelta100pro portra electricity wires fujisuperia400 新宿 stonefigures neopan 中央区 新宿区 ads zuikomc28mmf2 shadow geo:lat=35528832 geo:lat=35533992 新橋 geo:lon=139688601 kodakektachromeepn100 light 渋谷 kodakektachromee100gx geo:lat=35657828 geo:lon=139690365 lights fujipro800 goldengai birds me magazine laundry tainan shrine geo:lat=35683727 people geo:lat=35573786 geo:lat=35535937 蚊取り線香 fujiprovia100f violett textured pavement geo:lat=35565895 truck nokton bell tower river cars 六本木 geolat35563056 butterfly 栃木県 geo:lat=35530812 geo:lon=139692282 geo:lon=13969897 geo:lat=36761807 geo:lon=139692619 geo:lon=139703549 fungus reflection nikko geo:lat=35532287 蒲田 glass geo:lat=35632927 geo:lon=139686511 flickr geo:lat=35567804 geo:lat=3566345 geo:lon=139704455 geolon139691409 geolat35563652 geo:lat=35521508 東京タワー branch geo:lat=35567817 geolon139691374 geo:lon=139692307 geo:lon=13969901 reflections 台灣 noktonclassic40mmf14 geo:lon=139689386 black ilfordsuperxp2400 negative geo:lon=13970453 geolon139693155 geolat3556509 skyscraper geo:lon=139720865 代々木 restaurant geo:lon=139594361 snapshot geo:lon=139701236 closeup konikaminoltacenturiasuper100 machines geo:lat=35567821 platespotsandother geo:lon=13971516 portait dishes statue plastic train hair kodakektachromeepp100 geo:lat=35665294 400vc geo:lat=35562382 geo:lat=35568009 ilfordfp4125 geo:lat=35559445 orange geo:lon=139685607 毛鏗 n43 ground 桜木町 leaf pipesandmachines geo:lon=139713821 漢字 geo:lat=35445987 dark geo:lon=139685068 geo:lat=35658669 sky mamiya7ii geo:lat=35694302 geo:lon=139769794 insectrepellant kiosk voigtländer ilfordpanf50 geo:lon=139729689 leafs bessar3a geo:lon=139722289 geolat35565831 geo:lon=139692932 geo:lat=35664507 iso800 photo geo:lon=139707363 rope 横浜 geo:lon=13969029 purple color fujivelvia100f station streetsign geo:lon=13963277 pink plant 陽台攝影社 button myeverydaylife geolon139696417 geo:lat=35559035 fujisuperia books 台南 iso125 日光 kodakportra400vc geo:lon=139699852 geo:lat=3556059 geo:lat=35660073 cafe geo:lon=139689746 geo:lon=139698168 geolat35563506 geo:lat=35559755 geo:lat=355632 voigtländercolorskopar21mmf4 dirt water bridge geo:lat=35534186 geo:lat=35568201 geo:lon=139385291 shinjuku kodakportra400nc meter geo:lon=139690073 waterdragon geo:lat=35560359 boxes 生活 geo:lon=139692138 poster geo:lon=139691468 geo:lon=139692656 geo:lon=139738364 ゴミ grave geo:lat=35563447 geolon139691463 geo:lat=35564738 yokohama mamiya 目黒 geo:lon=13974942 taiwan meetup longexposure clouds kodakportra160nc geo:lon=139690548 brown 築地 publictelefone geo:lat=35559582 geo:lat=3569096 geo:lat=3556106

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