2012 40d alpinegrovespark amateur architecture areturntofootball argentique autumn ayearofsundays canon canoneos40d closeup downtown ef28135f3556isusm ektachrom florida flowering football hisfirstgoattacklefootball inbloom jacksonville jadyn kids landscape landscapearchitecture oregon pdx photowalk portland postprocess raw reflection sanantonio season1 selfiesquared sp sports square sunset tacklefootball texas trees usa viapixelpipe yourstruly

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365 : 342 [gettin' the band back together] (ja | castillo) Tags: reflection canon hands raw ring sp postprocess yourstruly selfie inthebathroom shootingtheshooter fgr 365days ef28135f3556isusm 40d fakealbumcovers canoneos40d flickrgrouproulette ayearofsundays viapixelpipe futurefamouspeople justplayingalongwiththerestofthefuggernation
... * * * ... (ja | castillo) Tags: iris sunset canon landscape raw naturallight flare flowering postprocess inmybackyard inbloom ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d acrpresets ayearofsundays justfukinaround
NLAM Volunteer Work Day (ja | castillo) Tags: canon raw florida jacksonville landscapearchitecture landarch ef28135f3556isusm thefirsttee 40d canoneos40d nlam flasla flaslajax nationallandscapearchitecturemonth
365 | Y2 | 279 [red-eye] (ja | castillo) Tags: closeup canon square raw sp redrule postprocess yourstruly ghettolighting fgr ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d flickrgrouproulette selfiesquared 365daysyear2 andidorealizeiamreallyreallyfarbehindinposting thisdidnotworkoutasintended sonowittytagsstuffuntiligetcaughtup
...sense of place... (ja | castillo) Tags: lake abstract water architecture canon landscape raw florida photowalk jacksonville landscapearchitecture senseofplace hardscape weekendwalk ef28135f3556isusm 40d bartramwalk idesignedthis canoneos40d viapixelpipe
pdx | downtown (ja | castillo) Tags: wood oregon canon portland downtown raw pdx ipe pavers landscapearchitecture hardscape greendesign ef28135f3556isusm itsinthedetails 40d canoneos40d hotelmodera
...going to the dogs... (ja | castillo) Tags: dogs canon downtown raw florida photowalk jacksonville pedestrianfriendly ef28135f3556isusm 40d poochparade canoneos40d riversideartsmarket finallygotbackouttoram theylettheplacegotothedogs
Sunset Silohuette Reflection (copazetic) Tags: sunset usa reflection silhouette sanantonio spring texas walkabout 2012 ef28135f3556isusm comanchepark photographyconcepts
...JDL | game 05... (ja | castillo) Tags: sports kids canon football raw jadyn season1 tacklefootball jdl ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d areturntofootball hisfirstgoattacklefootball
...ah, savannah... (ja | castillo) Tags: canon raw azaleas roadtrip flowering savannah inbloom forsythpark ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d welovesavannah justaquickdaytriptosavannah
Auvergne 2002-05 (motozone69) Tags: canon kodak amateur 200205 auvergne argentique pellicule ef28135f3556isusm ektachrom gonepic
365 : 219 [being tourists!] (ja | castillo) Tags: feet beach oregon canon portland sand diptych raw waves pacificocean sp pdx atthebeach cannonbeach haystackrock yourstruly coldwater 365days ef28135f3556isusm beingtourists 40d canoneos40d weareonvacation hadtoputmyfeetintheotherocean
...sign o' the times... (ja | castillo) Tags: lamp canon vintage raw florida jacksonville postprocess ef28135f3556isusm 40d onafieldtrip canoneos40d vintagefilmaction fallout75deviantartcom byfallout75 buffaloscafe viapixelpipe withjadynsfirstgradeclass frontiergas
...what kind of buns are these?! (ja | castillo) Tags: canon raw biscuit foodporn texasroadhouse nomnomnom ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d itslunchtime afewshotsfromourroadtripdowntogainesville viapixelpipe umyeahthislooksweird andpartsinbetween
...barracudas | game 05... (ja | castillo) Tags: sports kids canon football raw flagfootball jadyn barracudas ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d canon40d areturntoflagfootball myfirsttimeasaheadcoach wewentwithoutawin
...JDL | game 10... (ja | castillo) Tags: sports kids canon football raw jadyn season1 tacklefootball jdl ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d areturntofootball hisfirstgoattacklefootball
...you don't see this often... (ja | castillo) Tags: architecture canon fence raw florida modernism photowalk staugustine ef28135f3556isusm itsinthedetails 40d canoneos40d architecturepr0n anotherfamilymeetup
pdx | multnomah falls (ja | castillo) Tags: oregon canon portland waterfall raw pdx multnomahfalls ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d
...he's a baller... (ja | castillo) Tags: sports basketball kids canon raw jadyn 1600iso ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d viapixelpipe basketballcampeforjadyn tryingtoseewhathelikesbest wehavedoneflagfootballandnowbasketball hestillneedstoworkonhisdribbling
White Light (copazetic) Tags: winter usa sanantonio texas events 2013 ef28135f3556isusm
IMG_0726 (S. Mezab) Tags: ef28135f3556isusm inamenas canoneos5dmkii dubesdesable
weekend walk 03 [alpine grove park] (ja | castillo) Tags: canon landscape raw photowalk flowering gaillardia postprocess blanketflower inbloom flickrmixr urbanacid ef28135f3556isusm 40d alpinegrovespark canoneos40d justmessingaroundwiththingsinphotoshop
...lil' bro... (ja | castillo) Tags: chris canon raw jenn yourstruly ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d withthewifeunitandmylittlebrother lookslikeiamallbloatedup
pdx | psu (ja | castillo) Tags: sculpture architecture oregon canon portland downtown raw pdx portlandstateuniversity ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d
...arkansas vs. gators... (ja | castillo) Tags: canon football raw florida universityofflorida gainesville roadtrip floridafield theswamp benhillgriffinstadium gogators ef28135f3556isusm timtebow 40d lovemesomefootball canoneos40d viapixelpipe timeforsomefootball itwasjadynsfirstsecgame ufvsarkansas nowforarealgatorgame
pdx | downtown (ja | castillo) Tags: stilllife glass oregon canon portland downtown raw pdx ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d justlikedthecolors itslunchtime
Auvergne 2002-05 (motozone69) Tags: canon kodak amateur 200205 auvergne argentique pellicule ef28135f3556isusm ektachrom gonepic
...you don't see this often... (ja | castillo) Tags: birthday architecture canon raw florida modernism photowalk staugustine ef28135f3556isusm itsinthedetails 40d canoneos40d canon40d architecturepr0n anotherfamilymeetup
Out on a Limb (copazetic) Tags: autumn usa texas jetty portaransas 2012 ef28135f3556isusm
...CORSA... (ja | castillo) Tags: canon downtown raw florida jacksonville corsa corvair ef28135f3556isusm 40d chevycorvair canoneos40d viapixelpipe corsabatch2 verycoolcars notcoolwhentheyweremadebutdefinitelyretrocoolnow therewasacorvaircarconventiondownthestreetfromtheoffice
Oriental Garden 2 (copazetic) Tags: autumn usa austin texas lillypads 2010 zilkerbotanicalgarden ef28135f3556isusm
365 | Y2 | 026 [ZOMG] (ja | castillo) Tags: closeup canon square sx70 hands raw sp surprise dork yourstruly w00t alphabetsoup letterz ftw ghettolighting ef28135f3556isusm 40d landcamera800 canoneos40d selfiesquared 365daysyear2 ayearofsundays yeahthisqualifiesasbeingadork viapixelpipe wonmyfirstebayauction losttwopreviouswithlessthan10secondstogo frigginhatebeingsniped pickeduptwopolaroids zisforzomg
...scottish games... (ja | castillo) Tags: canon square flag scottland ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d northeastfloridascottishgamesfestival
Castaway (copazetic) Tags: autumn usa fishing texas ethan portaransas 2012 ef28135f3556isusm
365 | Y2 | 308 [on edge] (ja | castillo) Tags: blackandwhite canon bench square shoes raw sp postprocess yourstruly slworking ef28135f3556isusm slackingwhileworking 40d justlookdown canoneos40d acrpresets selfiesquared 365daysyear2 benchmonday notreallysurewherethisisgoing andidorealizeiamreallyreallyfarbehindinposting sonowittytagsstuffuntiligetcaughtup
...pick-up game... (ja | castillo) Tags: sports basketball canon raw hoops intheneighborhood 4on4 pickupgame ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d viapixelpipe wentdowntothecourtswiththetwooldestkidlets theywantedtoshootsomehoopswiththeoldman tooksomepicsofapickupgamewhenweweredone wantedtoseewhaticouldcomeawaywith firstattemptatsomerealsportsphotography
Vercors 2002-08 (motozone69) Tags: mountain france film berg montagne frankreich kodak frankrijk amateur vercors francia argentique epson4990 canoneos50 pralpes ef28135f3556isusm ektachrom francija chtillonendiois massifcalcaire gonepic
365 | Y2 | 114 [alt] (ja | castillo) Tags: sunglasses closeup canon raw sp 169 postprocess yourstruly attheoffice inthebathroom ef28135f3556isusm cinematicaspectratio stylinandprofilin 40d canoneos40d acrpresets bwrichmocha michelleblackresources 365daysyear2alternate
...park it... (ja | castillo) Tags: trees reflection canon landscape raw photowalk ef28135f3556isusm 40d ihatemosquitoes justlookdown tookthedayoff alpinegrovespark canoneos40d viapixelpipe itwasthelastdayofschoolforthetwoolderkids gabididnothavetogo jadyndidhavetogo tookgabsrotothepark didimentionitwashotandcrappyout ohyeahthereweremosquitoes lotsandlotsofmosquitoes
...sea world... (ja | castillo) Tags: canon orlando raw florida manatee seaworld 1600iso seacows ef28135f3556isusm 40d onafieldtrip natureycrap canoneos40d viapixelpipe withgabisfifthgradeglass offtoseeshamu
IMG_0861original (ntrettel) Tags: canon 7d ef28135f3556isusm canon7d
...photo shoot... (ja | castillo) Tags: trees creek canon raw florida arboretum photowalk jacksonville waterway northflorida ef28135f3556isusm jonescreek 40d floridanature jacksonvillearboretumandgardens canoneos40d megaskedustoparticpateasmodels gettinglifestyleshotsforbrochuresandsuch northfloridanature
...let the sun set upon thee [alt]... (ja | castillo) Tags: trees sunset canon river landscape pier dock raw azaleas florida flare flowering jacksonville postprocess stjohnsriver inbloom ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d walterjonespark tryingtotakeadvantageofthegoodweather itsawonderfultimeforsunsets
Peace Ear Rings (matthew2000tx) Tags: sign san texas peace antonio ef28135f3556isusm matthew2000tx mt2k photomprcom wwwphotomprcom mprphotographysanantonio photompr
weekend walk 01 [alpine grove park] (ja | castillo) Tags: blackandwhite canon square landscape raw utata photowalk flowering inbloom purplepassionflower ef28135f3556isusm blackandwhiteflowers 40d alpinegrovespark canoneos40d utata|weekendproject utata:project=bwflowers wantedtogetsomeshotsatsunset unfortunatelytheskiesdidnotcooperate howeverwedidhavesomegoodfortune weranintocamtbofthejacksonvilleflickrgroup
...JDL | game 09... (ja | castillo) Tags: sports kids canon football raw jadyn season1 tacklefootball jdl ef28135f3556isusm 40d canoneos40d areturntofootball hisfirstgoattacklefootball
Urban Temple Ruins (copazetic) Tags: usa sanantonio spring texas grafitti urbandecay walkabout 2012 ef28135f3556isusm comanchepark
2012-05-01_30D_38029.jpg (Hyun Yu) Tags: flower santabarbara canon 30d elingspark ef28135f3556isusm
...photo shoot... (ja | castillo) Tags: canon spider raw florida arboretum photowalk jacksonville ef28135f3556isusm 40d jacksonvillearboretumandgardens natureycrap canoneos40d megaskedustoparticpateasmodels gettinglifestyleshotsforbrochuresandsuch
...through and until... (ja | castillo) Tags: trees sunset sky clouds canon river landscape dock raw florida photowalk jacksonville stjohnsriver ef28135f3556isusm 40d alpinegrovespark canoneos40d itsbeenbeautifulhere viapixelpipe

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