2008 2009 2010 50mm beach bokeh bokehwhores bw canon50mmf095 canonf095 corgi digital dof dog epsonrd1s f095 f10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2 glisten green illuminations kodake100g leica leicam7 leicam8 leicam9 leicanoctilux50mmf10 light m7 m8 m9 noctilux pochiko rd1s ripples shine shore smile smiling sunlight thelittledoglaughed utata welshcorgi 獅子狗

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holiday (moaan) Tags: ocean light sea dog sunlight beach sunshine digital 50mm corgi surf dof shine bokeh ripple wave pebbles f10 pacificocean utata pebblebeach noctilux welshcorgi 2010 rds   pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10  epsonrds thegoldenweek gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
childhood friend (moaan) Tags: leica dog flower smile smiling digital walking 50mm corgi flora friend dof bokeh walk f10 utata flowering noctilux welshcorgi cosmos kota 2010 m9 fieldofflowers pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 10yearshavepassed gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
eyewitness :) (moaan) Tags: dog corgi midnight welshcorgi explored pochiko situpallnight gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
hello there! (moaan) Tags: leica portrait dog eye smile smiling digital pose 50mm corgi eyes dof bokeh posed f10 m8 noctilux welshcorgi 2007 explored pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 cameraeyes bokehwhores gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
night walk (moaan) Tags: leica light dog smile smiling night digital pose 50mm evening corgi october dof bokeh walk illuminations posing f10 utata noctilux welshcorgi stroll 2010 m9 explored pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
starlets (moaan) Tags: leica light dog vortex 50mm gold golden corgi dof bokeh illuminations f10 utata swirl mp noctilux welshcorgi 2009 starry starlet kodake100g leicamp explored pochiko goldenbokeh leicanoctilux50mmf10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
Thank you :) (moaan) Tags: leica light dog digital 50mm corgi bokeh dr chinesenewyear illuminated summicron utata welshcorgi lunarnewyear m9 goodluckcharm f20 2011 pochiko leicasummicron50mmf20dr leicam9 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
What would you like Santa Pochiko to bring you? (moaan) Tags: santa christmas xmas dog digital happy 50mm lights corgi holidays dof bokeh illuminations santaclaus happyholidays welshcorgi 2008 f095 christmasilluminations explored canonf095 rd1s pochiko epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed canon50mmf095 bokehballs goldenbokeh bokehwhores holidayclothes iwishyouahappychristmas gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
#02 model (moaan) Tags: bw dog eye film hat 50mm corgi eyes searchthebest indoor myroom xenon 2007 schneider myhat explored mybestmodel kodakretina2c pochiko thelittledoglaughed portraitforpractice mybestpartner gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
shake! (moaan) Tags: summer dog motion blur corgi bokeh kobe memory utata moment welshcorgi endlesssummer pochiko ef300mmf28lisusm memoryofsummer aftertheswimming gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
rouge (moaan) Tags: leica pink dog 50mm corgi dof bokeh f10 m8 noctilux welshcorgi 2008 ume  whirl explored pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
Christmas gift (moaan) Tags: christmas leica dog color green comfortable digital relax 50mm corgi dof bokeh indoor f10 livingroom gift utata present noctilux welshcorgi cushion hue 2010 m9 pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
assistant driver (moaan) Tags: leica trip blue dog color reflection me car 50mm drive corgi shoot driving dof fiat bokeh weekend f10 utata shooting noctilux welshcorgi hue fiat500 leicam7 2010 cinquecento m7 shorttrip fujivelvia rvp100 goforadrive pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
what are you doing? (moaan) Tags: dog vortex digital pose 50mm dof bokeh utata  osaka swirl gesture 2009 emerge f095 shintzu kisuke explored canonf095 rd1s epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed canon50mmf095  nishitanabe  imjustshooting emeargingfromaswirl gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
when you smile (moaan) Tags: leica light dog sunlight smile smiling digital 50mm corgi dof bokeh f10 kobe utata rokko noctilux welshcorgi 2010 m9  explored pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9  whenyousmileifeelhappy gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
green remedy (moaan) Tags: dog me corgi welshcorgi explored pochiko gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
new world (moaan) Tags: leica dog puppy 50mm dof counter bokeh shihtzu bookshelf f10 shelf utata  osaka noctilux 2009 leicam7 m7 kodake100g onemonthold explored onthecounter  yasuri thelittledoglaughed leicanoctilux50mmf10  nishitanabe   gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
good morning (moaan) Tags: leica morning light dog sunlight beach smile smiling digital 50mm corgi dof bokeh f10 shore utata ripples noctilux welshcorgi shonan 2010 m9 glisten  chigasaki wavelets morningsunlight  pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
rehash (moaan) Tags: leica portrait dog digital 50mm corgi dof bokeh m8 welshcorgi 2008 f095 whirl canonf095 pochiko leicam8 canon50mmf095 bokehwhores lesouriredelange gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
where are we going? (moaan) Tags: sky dog digital drive corgi blossom voigtlander fine bluesky f45 utata  sakura blossoming tokushima welshcorgi 15mm cherrytree fiat500 2010 cinquecento  hiwasa fineday superwideheliar  inblossom rd1s goforadrive pochiko epsonrd1s underthebluesky voigtlanderheliar15mmf45  gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
on the summer side of life (moaan) Tags: leica dog green 50mm corgi dof bokeh f10 utata noctilux welshcorgi verdure leicam7 2010 lively greenish m7  fujivelvia100  rvp100 vividly pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 verdurous gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
smile for you (moaan) Tags: park dog 120 6x6 smile mediumformat corgi model dof bokeh smiley squareformat sit wait endurance welshcorgi 2008 partner f28 kodakportra160vc patience smileyface planar 80mm chiar carlzeiss hasselblad500cm asmile explored mybestmodel withasmile pochiko bokehwhores mybestpartner smilesoffortune gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
#01 swimming? (moaan) Tags: summer bw dog 120 film corgi 2006 swimmer welshcorgi sunflowerfield pochiko smallirrigationcanal holga120gf gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
when the clouds are breaking (moaan) Tags: light sky dog sun sunlight sunshine digital corgi voigtlander bluesky f45 utata tokushima welshcorgi 15mm fiat500 2010 cinquecento  hiwasa superwideheliar  rd1s pochiko epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed voigtlanderheliar15mmf45  gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
at the crack of dawn (moaan) Tags: leica travel light dog travelling digital 50mm dawn corgi dof motorway bokeh f10 utata noctilux turnpike expressway welshcorgi taillight daybreak 2010 m9  servicearea pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 sa leicam9 atbreakofdawn beforeitislight gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
eyebrow dog (moaan) Tags: dog digital 50mm lights corgi eyes nightlights dof bokeh weekend illuminations utata welshcorgi eyebrows 2010 f12 roundeyes rd1s pochiko epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed konicahexanon50mmf12 konicamhexanon iwishyouhaveahappyweekend gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
test shot (moaan) Tags: street leica test dog night digital 50mm lights corgi nightlights dof nightshot bokeh f10 kobe midnight utata noctilux welshcorgi 2010 m9 testshot firstshot pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
playing on the net (moaan) Tags: dog net notebook corgi internet welshcorgi personalcomputer pochiko surfingonthenet gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
Nigel and Tiger (Vladimir Zakharov  ) Tags: dog home japan tokyo labrador tiger nigel nigelbrown gettyimagesjapanq1
in the noonday sun (moaan) Tags: leica light sea dog sun sunlight beach sunshine digital point 50mm corgi dof shine bokeh pebbles f10 utata m8 cape noctilux welshcorgi sparkling kochi 2010 glisten glittering muroto   pochiko leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 pebblesonthebeach promontoly gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
dash! (moaan) Tags: dog green 2004 field corgi july running run utata welshcorgi pochiko ef300mmf28lisusm gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
promised December (moaan) Tags: santa leica xmas dog happy 50mm lights corgi holidays dof bokeh illuminations f10 utata santaclaus noctilux happyholidays welshcorgi 2009 leicam7 m7 kodake100g pochiko bokehballs goldenbokeh leicanoctilux50mmf10 holidayclothes iwishyouahappychristmas santapochiko santapochikoreturns christmasillumations gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
balmy day of winter (moaan) Tags: leica dog beach smile smiling 50mm corgi warm dof bokeh f10 calm shore utata ripples noctilux welshcorgi shonan 2010 m9 glisten lookback  chigasaki wavelets  pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
wreathed (moaan) Tags: leica dog flower 50mm corgi flora dof bokeh f10 m8 noctilux geranium welshcorgi 2008 pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
tomorrow (moaan) Tags: light portrait bw dog 120 6x6 tlr smile smiling mediumformat pose corgi walk sunday peaceful squareformat welshcorgi 2008 stroll everydaylife f28 sundayafternoon 80mm smilingface ordinarylife kodak400tx explored rolleiflex28c pouringsunlight pochiko thelittledoglaughed schneiderxenotar gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
hey (moaan) Tags: leica light bw dog sunlight smile 35mm corgi walk sunday peaceful m3 welshcorgi 2008 stroll everydaylife f28 sundayafternoon summaron smilingface kodaktmax100 ordinarylife leicam3 explored pouringsunlight pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicasummaron35mmf28 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
puppy dog (moaan) Tags: blue dog color digital puppy 50mm mood dof bokeh shihtzu ligt utata  osaka hue 2009 f095 onemonthold canonf095 incandescentlamp rd1s  yasuri epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed canon50mmf095  nishitanabe   undertheincandescentlight gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
whispers (moaan) Tags: life leica dog green 50mm spring corgi whisper dof bokeh ear m8 april welshcorgi 2008 hear listen f095 shepherdspurse explored canonf095 inlife pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicam8 canon50mmf095 bokehwhores whispersofplants gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
wavelets (moaan) Tags: ocean leica dog beach 50mm corgi friend dof bokeh f10 ripples noctilux meditation kota lostinthought leicam7 2007 m7 tranquillity kodakektachrome64 leicanoctilux50mmf10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
Kisuke (moaan) Tags: leica dog 50mm chair dof bokeh expression f10 barrier noctilux obstruction 2008 leicam7 m7 kodake100g shintzu leicanoctilux50mmf10  bokehwhores  gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
my fair lady (Pineapple.p) Tags: dog momo d700 gettyimagesjapanq1
listen to the sound of sea breeze (moaan) Tags: leica sea summer dog beach glitter digital 50mm corgi dof shine wind bokeh august f10 sparkle shore utata m8 ripples noctilux breeze welshcorgi 2009 glisten wavelets endofaugust explored pochiko leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 ripplingwaves gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
shine for you (moaan) Tags: leica dog beach smile glitter digital 50mm corgi dof shine bokeh f10 sparkle shore m8 watersedge ripples noctilux welshcorgi 2007 glisten personify smilingface wavelets explored  pochiko leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores ripplingwaves gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
in a row (moaan) Tags: leica friends dog digital 50mm corgi dof bokeh f10 m8 noctilux welshcorgi 2008 stay inaline explored souvenirpicture thelittledoglaughed leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
Summer! (moaan) Tags: dog corgi welshcorgi pochiko road treelinedroad dawnredwood metasequoia avenue smile alwayssmiling summer happysummer color hue green blue   leica mp leicamp minolta grokkor 28mm f28 minoltagrokkor28mmf28 fujivelvia100 rvp100 utata 2010 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
always smiling (moaan) Tags: ocean light sea portrait dog sunlight beach digital 50mm corgi dof bokeh ripple wave f10 pacificocean utata noctilux welshcorgi 2010   rd1s fountainofjoy pochiko epsonrd1s fountainoflight leicanoctilux50mmf10  theshoreofthesea gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
#02 performing dog (moaan) Tags: bw dog 50mm corgi dof bokeh 2006 f10 zeissikon nocctilux gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
where shall we go next weekend? (moaan) Tags: leica dog car digital 50mm corgi dof fiat bokeh weekend f10 utata m8 noctilux 500 welshcorgi fiat500 2010 cinquecento pochiko leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 lookingforwardtothenextweekend gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
golden sunset (moaan) Tags: leica light sunset dog sunlight beach yellow 50mm gold golden evening corgi sand dof bokeh f10 shore utata mp noctilux welshcorgi 2010 kodake100g  leicamp goldenhours pochiko  leicanoctilux50mmf10 livingalifewithpochiko gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
In Praise of Shadows (moaan) Tags: shadow bw dog film 35mm 2006 leicam3summicron gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2

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