5petals america angiosperm angiospermae annuals asteraceae asterales color dicot dicotyledonae didcotrailwaycentre e510 eudicot eudicotyledon evolt exotic favorites flora flower floweringplant flowers hawaii herbaceous magnoliatae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida nature olympus olympuse510 perennial places plant plantae purple scope spermatophyta spring steam unitedstates usa wfgna white wildflower wildflowers yellow

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Symphyotrichum hybrid (Just Back) Tags: camera autumn plants composite garden see eyes purple farm pistil study vision rays growing botany disc asteraceae autumnal comp blooming taxonomy lobes anthers chlorophyll botanist dicot asterales anthesis systematics phytology asterids discoid culivation ligule stigna synantherology
2010.04.10 - Castilleja foliosa (JBYoder) Tags: plant flower nature desert nevada scrophulariaceae mojavedesert indianpaintbrush dicot castillejafoliosa tikaboovalleynevada fieldseason2010 taxonomy:binomial=castillejafoliosa scienceseeker molecularecologistview
Transverse section of part of a stem of a Dead-nettle (Lamium sp.) showing a vascular bundle and part of the cortex (Science and Plants for Schools) Tags: stem cells epidermis dicot vascularbundle collenchyma
Mangrove Grove (Steve Kacir) Tags: plant tree landscape raw australia mangrove queensland acanthaceae cairns acanthus plantae scape greenplant floweringplant northqueensland angiospermae dicot mangrovetree magnoliophyta tidalcreek avicennia angiosperm avicenniamarina eukaryote asterid eukaryota capeyorkpeninsula lamiales centenarylakes seedplant vascularplant cairnsbotanicgardens whitemangrove dicotyledons fleckerbotanicgardens embryophyta greymangrove eudicot charophyta landplant eudicotyledons eudicotyledon archaeplastida viridiplantae streptophytina mesangiospermae bikonta spermatophytes bikont coredicot tracheophytes
BU270 Peony (listentoreason) Tags: usa white plant flower color nature closeup america canon newjersey unitedstates places peony dicot saxifragales magnoliophyta plantidentification angiosperm ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 sayengardens floweridentification
BK272 Gerber Daisy (listentoreason) Tags: orange usa plant flower color nature closeup america unitedstates pennsylvania favorites places olympus gerbera daisy longwoodgardens asteraceae gerberdaisy floweringplant angiospermae compositae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida asterales angiosperm score35 mutisioideae mutisieae olympusc4040z c4040z eudicot eudicotyledon
Devilwood, Osmanthus americanus, Aiken State Park, South Carolina (Just Back) Tags: park flower tree sc ilovenature southcarolina olive shrub calyx corolla aiken osmanthus americanus dicot oleaceae caroliona gamopetalous wwwherbariumorg
Hippobroma1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Eryngium maritimum: Specimen (sfb_dot_com) Tags: blue summer flower leaves europe britain dunes coastal deciduous grassland spiny perennial pointed inflorescence dicot xerophyte herbaceous temperate apiaceae glaucous apiales umbels warmtemperate neuropean seuropean
common peppercress, Lepidium densiflorum (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers white flower green yellow spring flora unitedstates desert jean nevada olympus wildflowers wildflower mojavedesert borax brassicaceae evolt annuals lepidium dicot e510 mustardfamily clarkcounty longcluster 4petals wfgna angiosperm ivanpahvalley sheepmountains taxonomy:family=brassicaceae taxonomy:genus=lepidium olympuse510 lepidiumdensiflorum taxonomy:common=commonpeppercress taxonomy:binomial=lepidiumdensiflorum commonpeppercress geo:alt=895m jdm20100569
Helianthus decapetalus: Thin Leaved Sunflower (sfb_dot_com) Tags: flowers summer flower yellow garden deciduous asteraceae perennial cultivated florets dicot herbaceous asterales cooltemperate
Rhododendron albiflorum (brewbooks) Tags: white flower washington pass rhododendron rainier vista ericaceae plantae corral rhodos dicot whiterhododendron piercecounty magnoliophyta magnoliopsida dendron ericales nargs albiflorum northamericanrockgardensociety rhododendronalbiflorum tracheophyta taxonomy:class=magnoliopsida taxonomy:family=ericaceae taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:order=ericales taxonomy:genus=rhododendron cascadeazalea taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta taxonomy:binomial=rhododendronalbiflorum taxonomy:species=albiflorum taxonomy:superphylum=tracheophyta inaturalist:observation=492768
Protea (tomopteris) Tags: plant scotland edinburgh europe unitedkingdom slide plantae angiospermae dicot floweringplants proteaceae magnoliophyta angiosperm eukaryote eukaryota proteales spermatophyta seedplants
Sherardia arvense 1A (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Mimulus lewisii on Cascade Pass Trail (brewbooks) Tags: pink usa flower yellow washington purple hiking plantae mimulus monkeyflower skagitcounty figwort dicot sahale asteridae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida mimuluslewisii mimuluslewisiipursh spermatophyta bdgroup northcascadesnp tracheobionta purplemonkeyflower
Ilex opaca FL1A (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: compound berry superior holly pistil petal stamen ovary ilex dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm aquifoliaceae opaca 4merous dicotyledonae magnoliatae americaholly
Great Western Society, Didcot Railway Centre (alunwylde) Tags: engine railway steam locomotive gwr didcotrailwaycentre dicot greatwestern greatwesternsociety
Stock9 - leaf rosette (Francoise Sergy) Tags: plants flower leaves chalk cut cliffs rosette biennial scent perennial bedding clove brassicaceae cultivated cruciferae dicot herbaceous temperate matthiolaincana capparales scentedstock hesperideae
Calendula 1G (Lynch Images) Tags: scope exotic ornamental dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cultivar dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Hiercium pilosella: Mouse-Ear Hawkweed (sfb_dot_com) Tags: hairy flower yellow spring cliffs coastal lc grassland asteraceae creeping perennial invasive wasteground vigorous florets dicot herbaceous temperate verges asterales afsvrmicronikkor105mmf28gifed cooltemperate northernasia neuropean
Delicate Hydrangea (CameliaTWU) Tags: england kew bush brickwall hydrangea dicot
Hedera helix 1A (Lynch Images) Tags: scope exotic ornamental dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cultivar dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Silene Ovules 11B (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Spotted Beet Webworm Moth, Hymenia perspectalis (Donna Brunet) Tags: plants animal insect unitedstates moth woody columbia lepidoptera missouri pyralidae shrub plantae crassulaceae sedum animalia arthropoda invertebrate dicotyledon insecta dicot forb hexapoda crambidae snoutmoth spottedbeetwebwormmoth hymeniaperspectalis
desert silk, Dalea mollissima (Jim Morefield) Tags: california flowers white flower spring flora purple unitedstates desert olympus wildflowers fabaceae wildflower sonorandesert evolt sandiegocounty oddshaped borregosprings annuals anzaborregodesertstatepark dicot e510 longcluster 5petals wfgna angiosperm dalea beanfamily hellholecanyon daleamollissima sanysidromountain taxonomy:family=fabaceae olympuse510 geo:alt=270m hellholepalms desertsilk taxonomy:genus=dalea jdm20110221 taxonomy:binomial=daleamollissima taxonomy:common=desertsilk cnpsok
Prunus caroliniana FL2 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: flower cup cherry superior pistil stamen simple section prunus caroliniana rosaceae dicot magnoliophyta longitudinal angiosperm hypanthium dicotyledonae magnoliatae perigynous
Spiny bud (CameliaTWU) Tags: alexandria romania bud spines dicot angiosperm inflorescencebud
Erythrina1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Nempnett Thrubwell (Jon Hicks) Tags: steam oxfordshire didcotrailwaycentre dicot
On - Off (Jon Hicks) Tags: steam oxfordshire didcotrailwaycentre dicot
Erigeron ? (brewbooks) Tags: hiking clark plantae asteraceae serpentine dicot teanaway magnoliophyta magnoliopsida asterales ironpeak
Parry monkeyflower, Diplacus parryi, magenta form (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink flowers flower yellow spring flora unitedstates whitemountains olympus wildflowers wildflower greatbasin evolt oddshaped annuals dicot e510 diplacus inyonationalforest 5petals wfgna angiosperm inyocounty phrymaceae westgardpass olympuse510 cedarflat lopseedfamily taxonomy:family=phrymaceae eswild taxonomy:genus=diplacus diplacusparryi parrymonkeyflower taxonomy:binomial=diplacusparryi cnpsok jdm20110605 taxonomy:common=parrymonkeyflower geo:alt=2225m
CU852 Stamen (listentoreason) Tags: red usa plant flower color nature closeup america canon geotagged unitedstates pennsylvania geocoded favorites places hibiscus longwoodgardens floweringplant angiospermae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm score35 ef28135mmf3556isusm malvales eudicot eudicotyledon rosid
Prunus Alternate Phyllotaxy 1-1 (LA) (Lynch Images) Tags: leaves cherry spiral alternate phyllotaxy prunus vegetative rosaceae dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm serrate magnoliatae
Aquilegia (CameliaTWU) Tags: museum watercolor collection aquilegia romania wildflower botanicalgardens bucharest vulgaris blueflowers dicot angiosperm
Great Western Society, Didcot Railway Centre (alunwylde) Tags: engine railway steam locomotive gwr didcotrailwaycentre dicot greatwestern greatwesternsociety
BK279 Nasturtium (listentoreason) Tags: orange usa plant color nature america unitedstates pennsylvania favorites places olympus tropaeolum longwoodgardens nasturtium floweringplant angiospermae dicot tropaeolaceae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida plantidentification angiosperm score30 rosids olympusc4040z c4040z brassicales floweridentification eudicot eudicotyledon
Venus' flytrap (tomopteris) Tags: plant slide plantae dionaea angiospermae dicot floweringplants magnoliophyta caryophyllales angiosperm droseraceae eukaryote eukaryota spermatophyta seedplants
hinahina, Geranium cuneatum ssp. hololeucum (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers white flower hawaii islands flora unitedstates olympus pacificocean wildflowers bigisland shrub geranium wildflower shrubs maunakea evolt geraniaceae dicot geraniumfamily e510 hawaiianislands maunakeastatepark 5petals wfgna angiosperm hawaiicounty kilohana hinahina taxonomy:family=geraniaceae taxonomy:genus=geranium olympuse510 geraniumcuneatum geo:alt=3045m halepohakuarea geraniumcuneatumssphololeucum jdm20140611 taxonomy:binomial=geraniumcuneatum taxonomy:common=hinahina taxonomy:trinomial=geraniumcuneatumhololeucum
Cirsium occidentale var. californicum (Bigelow Thistle aka California or Cobwebby Thistle) (BobcatWeather) Tags: plant yosemitenationalpark sierranevada yosemitevalley dicot sunflowerfamily californianativeplant bobcatweather cirsiumoccidentalevarcalifornicum georgiastigall
Asteraceae 22 (Lynch Images) Tags: scope exotic ornamental dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cultivar dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Lewisia rediviva on Tronsen Ridge (brewbooks) Tags: flower washington plantae tablemountain lewisia purslane portulacaceae dicot bitterroot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida caryophyllales rediviva lewisiarediviva spermatophyta tracheobionta lewisiaredivivapursh lewisiapursh
Buckbrush (NatureShutterbug) Tags: california flora centralcoast santabarbaracounty rhamnaceae dicot buckbrush tuckersgrove ceanothuscuneatus buckthornfamily
Common rockrose (CameliaTWU) Tags: mountains romania yellowflowers apuseni carpathian cistaceae dicot helianthemum angiosperm nummularium margau europeannative commonrockrose romanianflora
Anagallis arvensis FL1B (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: flower hair symmetry petal stamen symmetrical pimpernel radial primulaceae anagallis scarletpimpernel dicot arvensis sepal magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae 5merous pentamerous
Toxicodendron radicans 1C (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
shy gilia, Gilia inconspicua (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers blue flower yellow spring flora purple unitedstates nevada olympus wildflowers wildflower greatbasin carsonvalley carsoncity evolt annuals gilia dicot e510 phloxfamily 5petals polemoniaceae wfgna angiosperm prisonhill olympuse510 taxonomy:family=polemoniaceae giliainconspicua shygilia taxonomy:genus=gilia geo:alt=1515m jdm20130126 taxonomy:binomial=giliainconspicua taxonomy:common=shygilia
Tabernaemontana1b (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Sabatia campestris 1 (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
CP229 Live Oaks and Spanish Moss (listentoreason) Tags: park usa plant tree nature america canon georgia oak quercus unitedstates favorites places liveoak spanishmoss tillandsia savannah bromeliad bromeliaceae encino floweringplant angiospermae dicot forsythpark monocot fagaceae evergreenoak tillandsiausneoides liliopsida magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm peleshair quercusvirginiana virginialiveoak ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 fagales poales commelinids southernliveoak plateauoak eudicot diaphoranthema eudicotyledon plateauliveoak rosid escarpmentliveoak bayliveoak scrubliveoak

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50 dicot 30 angiosperm 26 magnoliophyta 19 flower 14 magnoliatae 11 unitedstates 10 plant dicotyledonae 8 magnoliopsida plantae 7 angiospermae olympus scope 6 nature yellow flora flowers wildflower usa 5 eudicotyledon places e510 eudicot olympuse510 floweringplant white exotic asterales asteraceae america evolt wildflowers wfgna spring 4 5petals steam annuals purple color spermatophyta perennial didcotrailwaycentre herbaceous favorites hawaii 3 temperate cultivar california ef28135mmf3556isusm pistil nevada eukaryote longwoodgardens plants leaves tree pennsylvania eukaryota score30 closeup ornamental washington canon shrub romania desert stamen orange tracheobionta cultivated park olympusc4040z coastal longcluster caryophyllales grassland cooltemperate neuropean hiking summer pink railway cnpsok europe slide florets superior greatwestern engine cherry gwr floweridentification brassicaceae plantidentification petal score35 floweringplants cliffs deciduous oddshaped rosid

Pairs: 11 angiosperm,dicot dicot,magnoliophyta 10 angiosperm,magnoliophyta angiosperm,magnoliatae dicot,magnoliatae magnoliatae,magnoliophyta 7 dicotyledonae,scope dicotyledonae,magnoliophyta magnoliatae,scope angiosperm,dicotyledonae dicotyledonae,magnoliatae

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