america angiosperm angiospermae california canon closeup color cultivated dicot dicotyledonae e510 ef28135mmf3556isusm eudicot eudicotyledon evolt favorites flora flower floweringplant flowers greatbasin magnoliatae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida nature olympus olympuse510 park perennial places plant plantae plants romania scope score30 shrub spring temperate tree unitedstates usa wfgna wildflower wildflowers

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Common rockrose (CameliaTWU) Tags: mountains romania yellowflowers apuseni carpathian cistaceae dicot helianthemum angiosperm nummularium margau europeannative commonrockrose romanianflora
Anagallis arvensis FL1B (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: flower hair symmetry petal stamen symmetrical pimpernel radial primulaceae anagallis scarletpimpernel dicot arvensis sepal magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae 5merous pentamerous
shy gilia, Gilia inconspicua (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers blue flower yellow spring flora purple unitedstates nevada olympus wildflowers wildflower greatbasin carsonvalley carsoncity evolt annuals gilia dicot e510 phloxfamily 5petals polemoniaceae wfgna angiosperm prisonhill olympuse510 taxonomy:family=polemoniaceae giliainconspicua shygilia taxonomy:genus=gilia geo:alt=1515m jdm20130126 taxonomy:binomial=giliainconspicua taxonomy:common=shygilia
Devilwood, Osmanthus americanus, Aiken State Park, South Carolina (Just Back) Tags: park flower tree sc ilovenature southcarolina olive shrub calyx corolla aiken osmanthus americanus dicot oleaceae caroliona gamopetalous wwwherbariumorg
Unexpected Cycnia, Cycnia inopinatus (Donna Brunet) Tags: plants animal insect unitedstates moth lepidoptera caterpillar missouri noctuidae arctiinae immature milkweed plantae tigermoth juvenile animalia arthropoda larva invertebrate jeffersoncity dicotyledon asclepias insecta dicot asclepiadaceae forb hexapoda erebidae arctiini noctuidmoth unexpectedcycnia cycniainopinatus
California Toothwort #2 (philipbouchard) Tags: california park white flower macro wildflower uvascanyon brassicaceae cardamine bittercress cruciferae toothwort dicot milkmaids cardaminecalifornica fourpetals dentaria dentariacalifornica californiatoothwort
Milkweed (full circle) (thetrick113) Tags: autumn plant fall seed milkweed latefall hudsonvalley dicot beaconnewyork denningspoint lateautumn dutchesscountynewyork sonyslta65v autumn2015
Verbascum Leaf Hairs CS 1-1 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: leaf single scrophulariaceae mullein hairs verbascum dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm branched stellate dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Blue bell flowers on the castle wall (CameliaTWU) Tags: castle wall switzerland medieval campanulaceae campanula dicot bellflowers chateaudechillon
Prunella vulgaris Alone (CameliaTWU) Tags: mountains flower flora bokeh romania transylvania prunella vulgaris inflorescence carpathian dicot trichomes angiosperm bedeciu plathairs
Parry monkeyflower, Diplacus parryi, magenta form (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink flowers flower yellow spring flora unitedstates whitemountains olympus wildflowers wildflower greatbasin evolt oddshaped annuals dicot e510 diplacus inyonationalforest 5petals wfgna angiosperm inyocounty phrymaceae westgardpass olympuse510 cedarflat lopseedfamily taxonomy:family=phrymaceae eswild taxonomy:genus=diplacus diplacusparryi parrymonkeyflower taxonomy:binomial=diplacusparryi cnpsok jdm20110630 geo:alt=2220m taxonomy:common=parrymonkeyflower
hermit cactus, Sclerocactus polyancistrus (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink flowers cactus flower succulent spring flora unitedstates whitemountains olympus wildflowers cactaceae wildflower mojavedesert greatbasin evolt inyo dicot e510 manypetals roundcluster wfgna angiosperm inyocounty sclerocactus cactusfamily gilbertpass taxonomy:family=cactaceae olympuse510 deepspringsvalley eswild sclerocactuspolyancistrus jdm20080496 hermitcactus taxonomy:binomial=sclerocactuspolyancistrus taxonomy:common=hermitcactus taxonomy:genus=sclerocactus cnpsok geo:alt=1705m
BU933 Purple Flower (listentoreason) Tags: plant flower color nature closeup canon purple random unknown dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 unknowndicot
Lindley's Aster (Sympetrum rubicundulum) - Gillies Lake Conservation Area - Timmins Ontario Canada (Gerald (Wayne) Prout) Tags: ontario canada canon plantae asteraceae hoverfly perennial timmins northernontario compositae dicot floweringplants asterfamily sympetrumrubicundulum asteridae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida asterales spermatophyta tracheobionta dicotyledons vascularplants seedplants lindleysaster fringedblueaster tricolorbumblebee gillieslakeconservationarea ciliolateaster symphyotrichumnees
corrugated wavewing, Cymopterus corrugatus (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers silversprings white flower spring flora unitedstates nevada olympus wildflowers wildflower greatbasin evolt carsonriver dicot e510 apiaceae 5petals roundcluster wfgna angiosperm lyoncounty carrotfamily taxonomy:family=apiaceae olympuse510 fortchurchillstatepark churchillbutte cymopterus taxonomy:genus=cymopterus geo:alt=1330m taxonomy:binomial=cymopteruscorrugatus taxonomy:common=corrugatedwavewing cymopteruscorrugatus corrugatedwavewing jdm20080266
Rosa rugosa (sfb_dot_com) Tags: autumn red fruit shrub perennial rosales cultivated rosaceae dicot temperate cooltemperate
Rhododendron sp: Flowers (sfb_dot_com) Tags: pink flower garden spring asia cluster evergreen ericaceae shrub perennial dicot temperate montane ericales cooltemperate calcifuge
CN130 Yellow Flower (listentoreason) Tags: usa plant flower color nature yellow closeup america canon epcot unitedstates florida favorites places disneyworld daisy waltdisneyworld asteraceae themepark worldshowcase floweringplant angiospermae compositae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida asterales angiosperm waltdisneyworldresort asterid ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 eudicot eudicotyledon
Lewisia rediviva on Tronsen Ridge (brewbooks) Tags: flower washington plantae tablemountain lewisia purslane portulacaceae dicot bitterroot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida caryophyllales rediviva lewisiarediviva spermatophyta tracheobionta lewisiaredivivapursh lewisiapursh
Buckbrush (NatureShutterbug) Tags: california flora centralcoast santabarbaracounty rhamnaceae dicot buckbrush tuckersgrove ceanothuscuneatus buckthornfamily
Toxicodendron radicans 1C (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Tabernaemontana1b (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Sabatia campestris 1 (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
BK272 Gerber Daisy (listentoreason) Tags: orange usa plant flower color nature closeup america unitedstates pennsylvania favorites places olympus gerbera daisy longwoodgardens asteraceae gerberdaisy floweringplant angiospermae compositae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida asterales angiosperm score35 mutisioideae mutisieae olympusc4040z c4040z eudicot eudicotyledon
CP229 Live Oaks and Spanish Moss (listentoreason) Tags: park usa plant tree nature america canon georgia oak quercus unitedstates favorites places liveoak spanishmoss tillandsia savannah bromeliad bromeliaceae encino floweringplant angiospermae dicot forsythpark monocot fagaceae evergreenoak tillandsiausneoides liliopsida magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm peleshair quercusvirginiana virginialiveoak ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 fagales poales commelinids southernliveoak plateauoak eudicot diaphoranthema eudicotyledon plateauliveoak rosid escarpmentliveoak bayliveoak scrubliveoak
Lacticifers LS 3731-4 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: latex euphorbia milky cortex euphorbiaceae dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae laticifers
Centaurea americana 2h (Lynch Images) Tags: dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Oscularia deltoides (sfb_dot_com) Tags: africa summer leaves season southafrica grey succulent rocks colours purple habit foliage lifeform lc habitat distribution perennial rambling lifecycle cultivated classification dicot aizoaceae prostrate caryophyllales xeric angiosperm plantparts safrican climaticconditions conservationstatus 1050mmf28 plantdescriptors nanophanerophyte miscellaneousterms
Chili Seedling #1 (Marko Tarvainen) Tags: life plant chili growth seedling capsicum habanero dicot cotyledon chinense
Parrot Feather (J.P. Lawrence Photography) Tags: plants usa plant flower mississippi unitedstates unitedstatesofamerica places northamerica plantae floweringplant dicotyledon dicot sardislake saxifragales myriophyllum angiosperm haloragaceae parrotfeather myriophyllumaquaticum eudicot eudicotyledon parrotfeatherwatermilfoil
Claytonia megarhiza var. megarhiza (brewbooks) Tags: flower hiking myfav clark plantae serpentine purslane claytonia springbeauty portulacaceae dicot alpinespringbeauty teanaway magnoliophyta magnoliopsida caryophyllales caryophyllidae ironpeak spermatophyta megarhiza tracheobionta claytoniamegarhiza
Cacalia plantaginea 1B (Lynch Images) Tags: dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
HibDry1a (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
California Flannelbush (Tantivy_Jade) Tags: gardens spring bush flora blossom bloom mallow malvaceae shrub yellowflowers perennial chaparral dicot fremontodendroncalifornicum sterculiaceae largeflowers nikond60 californiaflannelbush mallowfamily californianativeplant yellowpineforest pinyonjuniperwoodland frca6
W European Heliotrope (CameliaTWU) Tags: plant alexandria weed europe romania northamerica annual herb whiteflowers nativeplant boraginaceae naturalized dicot heliotropium europaeum smallflowers inflorescences dicotyledons europeanheliotrope europeanturnsole coiledspikes
Didcot D7018 May 79 C4529 (DavidWF2009) Tags: gws dicot class35 hymek greatwesternsociety d7018
Polygala mariana 2K (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Scutellaria parvula 1c (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Erigeron 3D (Lynch Images) Tags: dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
CL110 Oak Leaves (listentoreason) Tags: autumnfoliage sky usa brown plant color tree nature leaves america canon leaf newjersey oak unitedstates scenic favorites places fallfoliage jerseyshore oceangrove floweringplant angiospermae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 fagales eudicot eudicotyledon rosid
Geranium 2A (Lynch Images) Tags: dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Beta Root CS RT1b (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: cross carrot grains secondary root section cortex concentric carota vessels xylem phloem starch supernumerary dicot daucus apiaceae anomalous cambia magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae amyloplasts protostele
Syzygium1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Hop1  - seeds and embryos (Francoise Sergy) Tags: plants beer seed seeds hop climber curved bitter perennial embryo crosssection hops cultivated dicot embryos twining herbaceous dioecious temperate moraceae humuluslupulus cannabaceae flavouring urticales
Vaccinium stramineum FR1A (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: fruit compound berry pistil blueberry ericaceae ovary inferior vaccinium dicot stramineum magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Romanian flora - Daphne mezereum (CameliaTWU) Tags: mountains flora romania daphne bucegi pinkflowers dicot angiosperm thymelaeaceae ialomitavalley tulichina
Hop2 - hop pollen (Francoise Sergy) Tags: plants beer breeding hop pollen climber bitter perennial cultivated dicot twining herbaceous dioecious temperate moraceae humuluslupulus cannabaceae flavouring urticales
Ficus Synconia 2102-76 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: fruit fig ficus multiple wasps dicot moraceae magnoliophyta angiosperm synconium magnoliatae ostiole
Chaenomeles Thorn TH3c (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: branch scope thorn quince lateral chaenomeles rosaceae dicot floweringquince magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Ranunculus C (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae

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50 dicot 33 angiosperm 27 magnoliophyta 19 magnoliatae 15 flower 14 dicotyledonae 10 unitedstates 9 plant 8 flora 7 magnoliopsida perennial 6 scope spring 5 eudicotyledon plantae nature places eudicot floweringplant olympus wildflower canon usa 4 temperate cultivated california ef28135mmf3556isusm e510 olympuse510 color angiospermae plants favorites america flowers evolt score30 wildflowers greatbasin shrub wfgna romania 3 5petals mountains tracheobionta fruit park caryophyllales purple spermatophyta pink moraceae yellow compositae asterales asteraceae tree closeup hawaii autumn yellowflowers whitemountains seed oak leaf inyocounty hop portulacaceae twining dicotyledon cooltemperate cortex annuals eswild ericaceae humuluslupulus cnpsok fagales flavouring white nevada daisy northamerica cannabaceae exotic leaves herbaceous beer bitter dicotyledons dioecious succulent roundcluster milkweed rosid climber rosaceae apiaceae carpathian purslane urticales

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