5petals angiosperm angiospermae california canon cnpsok dicot dicotyledonae e510 ef28135mmf3556isusm eswild eudicot eudicotyledon evolt favorites flora flower floweringplant flowers greatbasin hawaii leaf longcluster magnoliatae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida nature olympus olympuse510 perennial pink places plant rosaceae scope score35 spring unitedstates usa wfgna white whitemountains wildflower wildflowers yellow

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Euphorbia Stipular Spines 1-1 (LA) (Lynch Images) Tags: succulent euphorbia spines spurge euphorbiaceae dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm stipules magnoliatae stipular
Jacobaea vulgaris: Common Ragwort (sfb_dot_com) Tags: flowers autumn yellow weed europe farmland pasture annual lc asteraceae biennial perennial invasive hedgerow inflorescence wasteground dicot herbaceous asterales cooltemperate corymb
Rubus spectabilis 2-1 (CA) (Lynch Images) Tags: fruit spiral stamen salmonberry radial rubus aggregate rosaceae dicot spectabilis sepal magnoliophyta angiosperm apocarpous drupelet hypanthium dicotyledonae magnoliatae perigynous
Silene coronaria FL2B (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: flower petal depth stigma silene anther coronaria caryophyllaceae dicot sepal rosecampion magnoliophyta angiosperm exerted dicotyledonae placentation magnoliatae freecentral placentae
Lincoln County rockcress, Boechera lincolnensis (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink flowers flower spring flora purple unitedstates whitemountains olympus wildflowers wildflower greatbasin brassicaceae evolt dicot e510 mustardfamily longcluster 4petals wfgna angiosperm inyocounty taxonomy:family=brassicaceae gilbertpass olympuse510 boechera deepspringsvalley earthnaturelife eswild taxonomy:genus=boechera cnpsok boecheralincolnensis lincolncountyrockcress jdm20100898 taxonomy:binomial=boecheralincolnensis taxonomy:common=lincolncountyrockcress geo:alt=1830m
Nye pincushion cactus, Sclerocactus nyensis (Jim Morefield) Tags: pink flowers cactus flower succulent spring flora unitedstates desert nevada olympus wildflowers cactaceae wildflower greatbasin evolt esmeralda dicot e510 manypetals roundcluster wfgna angiosperm sclerocactus cactusfamily esmeraldacounty claytonvalley taxonomy:family=cactaceae olympuse510 silverpeakrange montezumarange nyepincushioncactus sclerocactusnyensis taxonomy:genus=sclerocactus taxonomy:binomial=sclerocactusnyensis taxonomy:common=nyepincushioncactus jdm20080334 geo:alt=1625m
Italian flora (CameliaTWU (off for a while)) Tags: amalficoast sorrento campanulaceae campanula blueflower bellflower effe dicot italianflora dicotyledons
Douglas draba, Cusickiella douglasii (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers white flower spring flora unitedstates nevada olympus wildflowers wildflower greatbasin brassicaceae evolt douglascounty dicot e510 mustardfamily longcluster 4petals wfgna gardnerville angiosperm taxonomy:family=brassicaceae olympuse510 pinenutmountains doublespringflat geo:alt=1815m cusickiella cusickielladouglasii douglasdraba jdm20140234 taxonomy:genus=cusickiella taxonomy:binomial=cusickielladouglasii taxonomy:common=douglasdraba
Viola FR1a (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: fruit capsule viola dicot violaceae magnoliophyta angiosperm parietal dicotyledonae placentation magnoliatae placentae
Anemone drummondii (brewbooks) Tags: washington hiking anemone plantae ranunculaceae dicot ranunculales ironpeak nargs drummondii northamericanrockgardensociety
Kiawe6 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Senecio cineraria 1D (Lynch Images) Tags: scope exotic ornamental dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cultivar dicotyledonae magnoliatae
BV195 Belvedere (listentoreason) Tags: vienna wien orange plant flower color nature closeup canon garden landscape geotagged austria sterreich europe scenic favorites places belvedere zinnia asteraceae oesterreich compositae dicot magnoliophyta asterales angiosperm schlossbelvedere score35 ef28135mmf3556isusm lowerbelvedere
CC076 Callery Pear (listentoreason) Tags: plant nature favorites pear rosales pyrus floweringplant angiospermae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm score35 pyruscalleryana callerypear eudicot eudicotyledon
Chinese Houses (philipbouchard) Tags: california statepark white flower macro purple annual mtdiablo scrophulariaceae wildflower mountdiablo collinsiaheterophylla chinesehouses dicot plantaginaceae contracostacounty
BS553.053 Winterberry (listentoreason) Tags: usa plant nature america canon unitedstates pennsylvania favorites places holly longwoodgardens ilex floweringplant angiospermae dicot winterberry ilexverticillata asteridae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm americanwinterberry score35 ef28135mmf3556isusm euasteridsii eudicot eudicotyledon aquifoliales
Stachys floridana (Just Back) Tags: pink bug insect mint predator calyx axis corolla antennae arthropod lobes inflorescence jointed lamiaceae labiatae stachys dicot galea hemiptera miridae floridana bract bilateral zygomorphic bracteole mirids
Mimulus lewisii on Cascade Pass Trail (brewbooks) Tags: pink flower yellow washington purple hiking plantae mimulus monkeyflower skagitcounty pollination figwort dicot sahale asteridae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida phrymaceae mimuluslewisii lewismonkeyflower lamiales mimuluslewisiipursh spermatophyta bdgroup northcascadesnp tracheobionta purplemonkeyflower tracheophyta taxonomy:class=magnoliopsida taxonomy:order=lamiales taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta taxonomy:genus=mimulus taxonomy:family=phrymaceae taxonomy:species=lewisii taxonomy:binomial=mimuluslewisii taxonomy:common=lewismonkeyflower taxonomy:superphylum=tracheophyta inaturalist:observation=647090
Milkweed Tussock Moth, Euchaetes egle (Donna Brunet) Tags: plants animal insect unitedstates moth lepidoptera caterpillar missouri noctuidae arctiinae immature milkweed plantae tigermoth juvenile animalia arthropoda larva invertebrate dicotyledon asclepias insecta dicot asclepiadaceae forb hexapoda euchaetesegle milkweedtussockmoth erebidae arctiini noctuidmoth
Yellow beauty (CameliaTWU (off for a while)) Tags: romania yellowflowers inflorescence dicot angiosperm dicotyledons bobolia
CC077 Morris Arboretum (listentoreason) Tags: usa white plant color nature america canon unitedstates pennsylvania favorites arboretum places dogwood morrisarboretum floweringplant angiospermae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm score35 ef28135mmf3556isusm cornales eudicot eudicotyledon
Acer palmatum FR1 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: fruit maple wind japanesemaple acer samara palmatum aceraceae dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dissemination schizocarp magnoliatae
Cephalocereus senilis: Specimen (sfb_dot_com) Tags: autumn cactus en hairy white mexico succulent stem desert cactaceae americas spiny perennial hairs dicot xerophyte namerica caryophyllales xeric afzoomnikkor1835mmf3545difed
JackFruit1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
2743144250_12c257366a_o (pong,pong) Tags: usa plant flower nature america canon newjersey unitedstates buttercup favorites places ranunculus ranunculaceae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida ranunculales angiosperm ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 stonybrookmillstonewatershed
Sonchus asper 3b (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Physostegia FL1D (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: flower stamens corolla cutaway lamiaceae dicot physostegia obedientplant magnoliophyta inserted angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae connation
CA201 Autumn Leaves (listentoreason) Tags: plant nature leaves leaf favorites rhododendron floweringplant angiospermae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm score35 ef28135mmf3556isusm ericales eudicot eudicotyledon
Myrica cerifera Adaxial Glands 1e (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: leaf myrtle translucent wax scented glands dicot myrica pellucid myricaceae magnoliophyta angiosperm adaxial cerifera dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Creamcups (Patrick Dockens) Tags: arizona usa white plant flower az annual herb papaveraceae dicot platystemoncalifornicus forb identified horseshoereservoir creamcups
northern willowherb, Epilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatum (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink flowers summer white flower flora unitedstates desert whitemountains olympus wildflowers wildflower owensvalley greatbasin evolt onagraceae epilobium dicot e510 epilobiumciliatum eveningprimrosefamily inyonationalforest silvercanyon longcluster 4petals wfgna angiosperm inyocounty olympuse510 taxonomy:family=onagraceae northernwillowherb geo:alt=1400m taxonomy:genus=epilobium eswild taxonomy:binomial=epilobiumciliatum taxonomy:trinomial=epilobiumciliatumciliatum cnpsok epilobiumciliatumsspciliatum jdm20111223 taxonomy:common=northernwillowherb
Trifolium 3 (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Lonicera (CameliaTWU (off for a while)) Tags: texture yellowflowers lonicera whiteflowers dicot angiosperm caprifoliacese
Castilleja rupicola Indian paintbrush Burroughs 1 (brewbooks) Tags: red flower washington hiking mountrainier mountrainiernationalpark plantae indianpaintbrush castilleja dicot orobanchaceae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida lamiales hemiparasitic burroughsmountain tracheophyta taxonomy:order=lamiales taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta eudicotyledons taxonomy:family=orobanchaceae castillejarupicola taxonomy:genus=castilleja taxonomy:binomial=castillejarupicola taxonomy:clade=eudicotyledons taxonomy:subkingdom=tracheophyta taxonomy:species=rupicola inaturalist:observation=118195
narrowleaf brickellbush, Brickellia oblongifolia var. linifolia (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink flowers white flower yellow spring flora unitedstates whitemountains olympus wildflowers shrub wildflower shrubs asteraceae greatbasin evolt dicot e510 manypetals 5petals roundcluster wfgna angiosperm inyocounty birchcreek sunflowerfamily brickellia taxonomy:family=asteraceae olympuse510 deepspringsvalley eswild taxonomy:genus=brickellia brickelliaoblongifolia brickelliaoblongifoliavarlinifolia narrowleafbrickellbush jdm20110950 taxonomy:binomial=brickelliaoblongifolia taxonomy:common=narrowleafbrickellbush taxonomy:trinomial=brickelliaoblongifolialinifolia cnpsok geo:alt=1760m
woolly mullein, Verbascum thapsus (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers flower yellow hawaii islands flora unitedstates olympus pacificocean wildflowers bigisland scrophulariaceae wildflower maunakea verbascum evolt dicot e510 figwortfamily verbascumthapsus hawaiianislands subalpine maunakeastatepark longcluster 5petals wfgna angiosperm hawaiicounty woollymullein taxonomy:family=scrophulariaceae olympuse510 taxonomy:genus=verbascum taxonomy:binomial=verbascumthapsus taxonomy:common=woollymullein maunakeaiceagenaturalareareserve halepohakuarea waikahalulugulch geo:alt=3145m jdm20140662
Poison Canyon stickseed, Hackelia brevicula (Jim Morefield) Tags: california flowers blue summer flower flora unitedstates whitemountains olympus wildflowers wildflower bishop greatbasin evolt boraginaceae dicot e510 subalpine inyonationalforest longcluster 5petals hackelia wfgna monocounty angiosperm forgetmenotfamily taxonomy:family=boraginaceae olympuse510 eswild stationpeak hackeliabrevicula cnpsok geo:alt=2945m poisoncanyonstickseed jdm20140877 taxonomy:genus=hackelia taxonomy:binomial=hackeliabrevicula taxonomy:common=poisoncanyonstickseed
Sierra Nevada woodbeauty, Drymocallis lactea var. lactea (Jim Morefield) Tags: california flowers summer white flower yellow flora unitedstates olympus sierra wildflowers sierranevada wildflower rockcreek evolt rosaceae dicot e510 inyonationalforest rosefamily longcluster 5petals wfgna monocounty angiosperm taxonomy:family=rosaceae aspensprings olympuse510 drymocallis eswild drymocallislactea taxonomy:genus=drymocallis cnpsok drymocallislacteavarlactea sierranevadawoodbeauty jdm20141778 taxonomy:binomial=drymocallislactea taxonomy:common=sierranevadawoodbeauty taxonomy:trinomial=drymocallislactealactea geo:alt=2710m
Cirsium leaf 6c (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: leaf thistle spines cirsium asteraceae dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cynareae dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Baby grapes (CameliaTWU (off for a while)) Tags: grapevine dicot babygrapes
Prunus spinosa: Flowers (sfb_dot_com) Tags: flowers white tree woodland spring europe shrub deciduous lc edible hermaphrodite culinary perennial hedgerow thorny rosales anthers rosaceae dicot temperate carpels afsvrmicronikkor105mmf28gifed cooltemperate westernasia nafrican
Tiehm buckwheat, Eriogonum tiehmii (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers white flower yellow spring flora unitedstates nevada olympus wildflowers eriogonum polygonaceae wildflower greatbasin evolt dicot e510 manypetals buckwheatfamily 6petals roundcluster wfgna angiosperm esmeraldacounty fishlakevalley taxonomy:family=polygonaceae olympuse510 silverpeakrange taxonomy:genus=eriogonum jdm20080372 eriogonumtiehmii tiehmbuckwheat taxonomy:binomial=eriogonumtiehmii taxonomy:common=tiehmbuckwheat rhyoliteridge geo:alt=1830m
Pink rose (CameliaTWU (off for a while)) Tags: rose bokeh rosa romania pinkflower rosaceae dicot angiosperm abigfave hulubesti
f.AJ-26 First View of Harare (listentoreason) Tags: africa plant flower nature training work office nikon minolta scanner places scanned zimbabwe jacaranda peacecorps coolscan workplaces harare asa400 floweringplant angiospermae dicot bignoniaceae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm uspc asterid score30 lamiales 5000ed coolscan5000ed tecomeae peacecorpstraining peacecorpsoffice eudicot eudicotyledon freedom50 minoltafreedom50 unitedstatespeacecorps
TulipTree1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Rhododendron sutchuenense: Flowers (sfb_dot_com) Tags: china pink flowers red petals asia cluster stamens evergreen ericaceae pollen shrub lc stigma perennial cultivated dicot temperate montane afsvrmicronikkor105mmf28gifed ericales cooltemperate calcifuge viscinthreads
Clematis vine and shoes, Explored (CameliaTWU (off for a while)) Tags: shoes clematis vine monastery romania column dicot polovragi
Stamens (CameliaTWU (off for a while)) Tags: rose garden petals stamens dicot stigmas
Liatris squarrosa 1E (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Geranium dissectum Stipules 3f (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: leaf geranium hairs geraniaceae dicot petiole magnoliophyta angiosperm pilose stipules dicotyledonae magnoliatae puberulent

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50 dicot 35 angiosperm 25 magnoliophyta 18 flower 16 magnoliatae 13 unitedstates 12 flowers 11 dicotyledonae 10 white wildflower 9 e510 olympuse510 flora olympus evolt wildflowers wfgna 8 magnoliopsida plant 7 nature pink greatbasin 6 california longcluster yellow favorites spring 5 eudicotyledon places ef28135mmf3556isusm eudicot eswild floweringplant cnpsok angiospermae score35 4 5petals whitemountains leaf plantae perennial asteraceae canon scope rosaceae hawaii usa 3 annual fruit lc stamens inyocounty lamiales cooltemperate purple hiking summer europe nevada exotic inflorescence 4petals america manypetals succulent roundcluster washington inyonationalforest shrub romania desert forb autumn temperate mustardfamily yellowflowers silverpeakrange asteridae geo:alt=1830m stipules hairs taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta rose sepal ranunculaceae color cactus rosales lamiaceae placentae tracheophyta ranunculales insect taxonomy:family=brassicaceae corolla stigma ericales asterales scrophulariaceae red subalpine brassicaceae dicotyledons petals

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