5petals angiosperm angiospermae asteraceae california cnpsok desert dicot dicotyledonae e510 eswild evolt exotic flora flower flowers greatbasin green hawaii herbaceous inyocounty inyonationalforest longcluster magnoliatae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida manypetals olympus olympuse510 perennial pink plant plantae roundcluster shrub shrubs summer sunflowerfamily unitedstates wfgna white whitemountains wildflower wildflowers yellow

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Sedum Epidermis EP1 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: guard crassulaceae cells sedum stonecrop epidermis dicot stomata magnoliophyta angiosperm subsidiary epidermal magnoliatae
Hop10 - dwarf hop garden (Francoise Sergy) Tags: plants beer kent farm september hop climber bitter perennial cultivated dicot twining herbaceous dioecious temperate moraceae humuluslupulus cannabaceae flavouring urticales
Penstemon procerus Bandera Mountain (brewbooks) Tags: flower washington hiking bandera plantae penstemon i90 kingcounty dicot plantaginaceae alpinelakeswilderness magnoliophyta magnoliopsida penstemonprocerus spermatophyta smallfloweredpenstemon jsgroup tracheobionta taxonomy:family=plantaginaceae taxonomygenus
pineapple bush, Brickellia microphylla var. microphylla (Jim Morefield) Tags: california flowers summer brown white flower green flora unitedstates whitemountains olympus wildflowers shrub wildflower shrubs asteraceae greatbasin evolt dicot e510 inyonationalforest silvercanyon longcluster 5petals roundcluster wfgna angiosperm inyocounty sunflowerfamily brickellia taxonomy:family=asteraceae olympuse510 pineapplebush eswild taxonomy:common=pineapplebush taxonomy:genus=brickellia cnpsok jdm20120419 brickelliamicrophylla brickelliamicrophyllavarmicrophylla taxonomy:binomial=brickelliamicrophylla taxonomy:trinomial=brickelliamicrophyllamicrophylla geo:alt=1925m
Almond tree (CameliaTWU) Tags: spain alhambra granada grounds prunus almondtree rosaceae dicot dulcis amygdalus subgenus
Vallesia antillana (Pearl berry) (KeithABradley) Tags: flower leaves native coastal hammock tropical caribbean endangered shrub apocynaceae floridakeys rockland monroecounty dicot smalltree understory bigpinekey nationalkeydeerrefuge fdacs
Bailey greasewood, Sarcobatus baileyi, male and female flowers (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink flowers red flower green spring flora unitedstates desert whitemountains olympus wildflowers shrub wildflower bishop shrubs greatbasin evolt oddshaped dicot e510 manypetals roundcluster wfgna monocounty angiosperm fishlakevalley olympuse510 sarcobatus eswild taxonomy:genus=sarcobatus sarcobataceae greasewoodfamily sarcobatusbaileyi baileygreasewood taxonomy:family=sarcobataceae geo:alt=1520m cnpsok taxonomy:binomial=sarcobatusbaileyi taxonomy:common=baileygreasewood jdm20080352
soft arnica, Arnica mollis (Jim Morefield) Tags: california flowers summer flower yellow flora unitedstates olympus sierra wildflowers sierranevada wildflower asteraceae evolt alpinecounty dicot e510 stanislausnationalforest arnica manypetals 5petals roundcluster wfgna lakealpine angiosperm arnicamollis sunflowerfamily mokelumneriver taxonomy:family=asteraceae taxonomy:genus=arnica olympuse510 softarnica grousecreek eswild taxonomy:binomial=arnicamollis taxonomy:common=softarnica cnpsok jdm20090728 geo:alt=2455m
Solanum Stem CS ST1 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: stem cross woody rays secondary section cortex vascular pith fibers xylem phloem solanum cambium solanaceae dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm protoxylem magnoliatae parenchyma solenostele collenchyma innerphloem
Post oak leaf (CameliaTWU) Tags: campus leaf quercus university texas frame denton picnik twu postoak stellata dicot fagaceae ortonish
Anemone nemorosa: Specimen (sfb_dot_com) Tags: white flower green leaves woodland spring europe britain stamens deciduous lc ranunculaceae perennial serrated lobed dicot herbaceous ranunculales trifoliate rhizomatous tepals cooltemperate summerdormant afsdxvrzoomnikkor18105mmf3556ged neuropean nhemisphere
Hooker buckwheat, Eriogonum hookeri (Jim Morefield) Tags: flowers summer flower flora unitedstates nevada whitemountains olympus wildflowers eriogonum polygonaceae wildflower greatbasin evolt annuals dicot e510 buckwheatfamily wfgna angiosperm esmeraldacounty fishlakevalley taxonomy:family=polygonaceae olympuse510 eswild taxonomy:genus=eriogonum eriogonumhookeri hookerbuckwheat taxonomy:binomial=eriogonumhookeri taxonomy:common=hookerbuckwheat geo:alt=1865m jdm20111661
Oxford flora (CameliaTWU) Tags: flora berries dicot flowerbuds angiosperm oxflord
Thunbergia2 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Lamoille Canyon milkvetch, Astragalus robbinsii var. occidentalis (Jim Morefield) Tags: pink flowers summer plant flower flora unitedstates blossom nevada meadow olympus bloom wildflowers fabaceae wildflower rare wetland riparian greatbasin springcreek evolt oddshaped astragalus dicot e510 rareplant rubymountains lamoillecanyon longcluster 5petals wfgna angiosperm humboldttoiyabenationalforest beanfamily elkocounty taxonomy:family=fabaceae olympuse510 humboldtnationalforest thomascreekcanyon taxonomy:genus=astragalus astragalusrobbinsii geo:alt=2505m astragalusrobbinsiivaroccidentalis lamoillecanyonmilkvetch jdm20150573 taxonomy:binomial=astragalusrobbinsii taxonomy:common=lamoillecanyonmilkvetch taxonomy:trinomial=astragalusrobbinsiioccidentalis
Penstemon davidsoniil at Red Pass (brewbooks) Tags: usa flower washington purple hiking plantae penstemon kingcounty dicot plantaginaceae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida lamiales penstemondavidsonii spermatophyta jsgroup tracheobionta tracheophyta taxonomy:class=magnoliopsida taxonomy:order=lamiales taxonomy:family=plantaginaceae taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:genus=penstemon davidsonspenstemon taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta eudicotyledons s100724 taxonomy:species=davidsonii taxonomy:binomial=penstemondavidsonii taxonomy:clade=eudicotyledons taxonomy:subkingdom=tracheophyta inaturalist:observation=120424 taxonomy:superphylum=tracheophyta taxonomy:common=davidsonspenstemon
JadePlt1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Cacalia plantaginea 1D (Lynch Images) Tags: dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Pilosella aurantiaca: Fox and Cubs (sfb_dot_com) Tags: flowers autumn hairy orange europe alpine lc grassland herb asteraceae perennial florets dicot herbaceous temperate rhizomatous cooltemperate afmicronikkor60mmf28 capitula clumpforming seuropean
Great Western Society, Didcot Railway Centre (alunwylde) Tags: engine railway steam locomotive gwr didcotrailwaycentre dicot greatwestern greatwesternsociety
Heuchera 1 (Lynch Images) Tags: scope exotic ornamental dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cultivar dicotyledonae magnoliatae
pinedrops, Pterospora andromedea (Jim Morefield) Tags: california flowers summer white flower yellow flora unitedstates olympus sierra ericaceae wildflowers bridgeport sierranevada wildflower eaglecreek evolt dicot e510 pinedrops longcluster 5petals wfgna monocounty angiosperm toiyabenationalforest heathfamily pterosporaandromedea pterospora taxonomy:family=ericaceae olympuse510 buckeyecreek eswild taxonomy:binomial=pterosporaandromedea taxonomy:common=pinedrops taxonomy:genus=pterospora cnpsok jdm20111553 geo:alt=2170m
BL932 Orange Dahlia (listentoreason) Tags: dahlia orange plant flower color nature closeup favorites fair event asteraceae agriculturalfair floweringplant angiospermae compositae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida asterales angiosperm score30 hunterdoncountyfair eudicot eudicotyledon
Capparis3 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
109_9647 (simdude2u) Tags: plant flower utah cyclamen ogden dicot v603 simdude2u
western wildrose, Rosa woodsii (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink flowers flower spring flora unitedstates rosa olympus sierra wildflowers shrub sierranevada wildflower shrubs evolt rosaceae dicot e510 rosawoodsiivarultramontana inyonationalforest rosefamily 5petals wfgna monocounty angiosperm lowerrockcreek taxonomy:family=rosaceae taxonomy:genus=rosa olympuse510 rosawoodsii taxonomy:common=westernwildrose taxonomy:binomial=rosawoodsii eswild westernwildrose taxonomy:trinomial=rosawoodsiiultramontana cnpsok sherwinhill jdm20120166 geo:alt=1835m
Nature's purple and yellow (CameliaTWU) Tags: usa southdakota garden weed purpleflowers solanum inflorescence solanaceae dicot yellowstamens dicotyledons floralbuds siouzfalls
wild licorice, Glycyrrhiza lepidota (Jim Morefield) Tags: california flowers summer white flower flora unitedstates desert whitemountains olympus wildflowers fabaceae wildflower owensvalley greatbasin evolt oddshaped dicot e510 inyonationalforest silvercanyon longcluster 5petals wfgna angiosperm inyocounty beanfamily wildlicorice glycyrrhiza glycyrrhizalepidota taxonomy:family=fabaceae olympuse510 eswild taxonomy:genus=glycyrrhiza jdm20111258 cnpsok geo:alt=1390m taxonomy:binomial=glycyrrhizalepidota taxonomy:common=wildlicorice
alpine sagebrush, Artemisia rothrockii (Jim Morefield) Tags: california summer brown green yellow flora unitedstates whitemountains olympus wildflowers shrub wildflower shrubs asteraceae sagebrush greatbasin evolt schulmangrove artemisia dicot e510 subalpine manypetals inyonationalforest longcluster 5petals roundcluster wfgna angiosperm inyocounty sunflowerfamily taxonomy:family=asteraceae olympuse510 taxonomy:genus=artemisia alpinesagebrush artemisiarothrockii taxonomy:binomial=artemisiarothrockii taxonomy:common=alpinesagebrush jdm20120553 geo:alt=3065m
Yellow beauty (CameliaTWU) Tags: inflorescence rayflowers discflowers yellowflowers asteraceae romania flora transylvania margau dicot angiosperm flickrdiamond
Beeches 2 (tomopteris) Tags: england plant europe unitedkingdom slide dorset plantae fagus angiospermae dicot floweringplants fagaceae magnoliophyta angiosperm eukaryote eukaryota fagales spermatophyta seedplants
Hedgehog Cactus (Stones 55) Tags: redrockcanyon cactus plant succulent unitedstates desert nevada northamerica cactaceae plantae mojavedesert blm doi dicotyledon echinocereus angiospermae dicot clarkcounty hedgehogcactus magnoliophyta caryophyllales bureauoflandmanagement angiosperm redrockcanyonnationalconservationarea departmentoftheinterior unitedstatesdepartmentoftheinterior eudicot eudicotyledon redrockcanyon32910
Mojave thistle, Cirsium mohavense (Jim Morefield) Tags: california pink summer white flora unitedstates desert whitemountains olympus wildflowers wildflower cirsium asteraceae owensvalley greatbasin distel evolt dicot e510 manypetals inyonationalforest silvercanyon 5petals roundcluster wfgna angiosperm inyocounty mojavethistle sunflowerfamily taxonomy:family=asteraceae olympuse510 taxonomy:genus=cirsium cirsiummohavense cnpsok jdm20111245 taxonomy:binomial=cirsiummohavense taxonomy:common=mojavethistle geo:alt=1385m
Black Sage (philipbouchard) Tags: california statepark white flower bush malibu shrub wildflower aromatic perennial scented chaparral topangacanyon lamiaceae blacksage salviamellifera losangelescounty dicot coastalsagescrub
Hau1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Chinese Houses (philipbouchard) Tags: california white flower purple sonomacounty annual roadside scrophulariaceae wildflower collinsiaheterophylla chinesehouses dicot mendocinocounty plantaginaceae
Melastome2a (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Spindle13 - Paul Morton making charcoal (Francoise Sergy) Tags: plants tree european logs sycamore charcoal hazel limestone shrub deciduous poisonous dicot hedgerows spindletree emetic euonymuseuropaeus celastraceae celastrales
Ampelopsis arborea Leaf Veins 2b (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: leaf veins vitaceae arborea dicot reticulate venation magnoliophyta angiosperm ampelopsis peppervine abaxial dicotyledonae venules magnoliatae
Meadow Sage (CameliaTWU) Tags: mountains flora pasture romania salvia picnik boost apuseni carpathian lamiaceae blueflowers dicot pratensis angiosperms meadowclary margau meadowsage
Stock11 - Harrison nursery (Francoise Sergy) Tags: flowers flower chalk cut nursery stock cliffs lincolnshire greenhouse glasshouse biennial scent perennial bedding scented clove brassicaceae cultivated cruciferae dicot herbaceous temperate matthiolaincana grower capparales hesperideae
Ligustrum quihoui 2B (Lynch Images) Tags: scope exotic ornamental dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cultivar dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Chamaesyce 1E (Lynch Images) Tags: dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Prunus leaf (Prunus domestica) (Science and Plants for Schools) Tags: leaf palisade xylem epidermis dicot mesophyll
Polygala mariana 2K (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Sarracenia greenhouse (CameliaTWU) Tags: plant carnivorousplant sarracenia dicot sarraceniaceae purpleleaves spottedleaves dicotyledons trapleaves tubularleaves
Cirsium 2 (Lynch Images) Tags: dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
BK289 Golden Chalice Vine (listentoreason) Tags: usa plant flower color nature yellow closeup america unitedstates pennsylvania favorites places olympus longwoodgardens floweringplant solanaceae angiospermae dicot solandra magnoliophyta magnoliopsida plantidentification angiosperm solanales score40 cupofgold olympusc4040z c4040z floweridentification hawaiianlily eudicot goldenchalicevine eudicotyledon
Stachys matthewsii (Just Back) Tags: flower hair petals mint stamens calyx corolla anther glands lamiaceae labiatae dicot enticing galea glandular anthesis lamiales didynamous spotsfilament tricjome
BT980 Bleeding Hearts (listentoreason) Tags: plant flower nature closeup canon dicot ranunculales score35 ef28135mmf3556isusm

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50 dicot 30 angiosperm 20 magnoliophyta flower 14 magnoliatae 13 flora 12 unitedstates wildflower 11 olympus 10 california e510 olympuse510 flowers evolt wildflowers wfgna 8 5petals summer plant 7 eswild cnpsok white asteraceae dicotyledonae greatbasin shrub 6 whitemountains 5 longcluster perennial roundcluster inyonationalforest hawaii 4 magnoliopsida plantae taxonomy:family=asteraceae inyocounty pink green yellow sunflowerfamily angiospermae exotic herbaceous shrubs manypetals desert 3 temperate leaf eudicotyledon nature silvercanyon eudicot spermatophyta europe lamiaceae solanaceae nevada sierra plantaginaceae monocounty closeup oddshaped scope usa spring sierranevada orange tracheobionta fishlakevalley cultivar beanfamily cultivated lc stamens rhizomatous owensvalley kingcounty lamiales jsgroup cooltemperate picnik purple color floweringplant hiking scented margau ranunculales plants solanum leaves favorites inflorescence dicotyledons taxonomy:family=fabaceae epidermis deciduous ornamental fagaceae washington xylem fabaceae brown

Pairs: 14 angiosperm,dicot 13 dicot,magnoliophyta dicot,magnoliatae 11 angiosperm,magnoliatae magnoliatae,magnoliophyta angiosperm,magnoliophyta 7 dicot,dicotyledonae 6 angiosperm,dicotyledonae dicotyledonae,magnoliophyta dicotyledonae,magnoliatae 5 angiosperm,hawaii

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