america angiosperm angiospermae california canon closeup color deciduous dicot dicotyledonae ef28135mmf3556isusm eudicot europe exotic favorites flower floweringplant garden green hawaii hiking leaves magnoliatae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida nargs nature northamericanrockgardensociety olympusc4040z perennial pink places plant plantae purple ranunculaceae scope score30 spermatophyta temperate tracheobionta unitedstates usa washington yellow

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Lewisia columbiana (brewbooks) Tags: flower washington hiking clark plantae kittitascounty serpentine lewisia wiki wikimedia purslane portulacaceae columbiana dicot teanaway magnoliophyta magnoliopsida caryophyllales caryophyllidae ironpeak spermatophyta lewisiacolumbiana tracheobionta taxonomy:kingdom=plantae lewisiapursh lewisiacolumbianahowellexagrayblrob
Modiola caroliniana Hairs 1m (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: hair stem scope malvaceae dicot modiola magnoliophyta angiosperm pilose stipules hispid dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Transverse section of part of a young stem of a monocot (Zea mays) (Science and Plants for Schools) Tags: dicot monocot vascularbundle metaxylem
Claytonia megarhiza (brewbooks) Tags: pink flower rock washington hiking plantae kittitascounty serpentine purslane claytonia springbeauty portulacaceae dicot alpinespringbeauty teanaway magnoliophyta magnoliopsida caryophyllales caryophyllidae ironpeak spermatophyta nargs northamericanrockgardensociety tracheobionta tracheophyta taxonomy:order=caryophyllales taxonomy:genus=claytonia taxonomy:kingdom=plantae claytoniamegarhiza taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta eudicotyledons montiaceae fellfieldsclaytonia taxonomy:family=montiaceae taxonomy:clade=eudicotyledons taxonomy:subkingdom=tracheophyta taxonomy:species=megarhiza taxonomy:binomial=claytoniamegarhiza taxonomy:common=fellfieldsclaytonia inaturalist:observation=114372
2013.06.24 - Clematis colubmiana (JBYoder) Tags: plant flower utah flora clematis ranunculaceae dicot wasatchmountains wasatchnationalforest whitepinetrail clematiscolumbiana
Hopfield (CameliaTWU) Tags: trees field forest hills romania sighisoara dicot dioecious femaleflowers brewingbeer humulus cannabinaceae lupulus dicotyledons hopfields hopplants maleplants
Mahogany Fruit 3 (Burnt Umber) Tags: fruit florida kodak miami seed southern fujica mahogany westindies 400cn dicot mahagoni swietenia ax5 tamronadaptall2sp2880mmf3542
BK222 Wisteria (listentoreason) Tags: usa plant flower nature america unitedstates pennsylvania favorites places olympus fabaceae longwoodgardens wisteria floweringplant angiospermae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm fabales score30 millettieae faboideae olympusc4040z c4040z eudicot eudicotyledon
Salix Branch Root RT3 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: cross ground willow grains root section cortex vessels xylem phloem starch salix dicot tetrarch magnoliophyta angiosperm salicaceae meristem endodermis pericycle magnoliatae amyloplasts protostele primordium branchroot procambium
Reticulate Venation 1-2 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: leaf veins clearing cleared dicot reticulate venation magnoliophyta angiosperm abaxial dicotyledonae venules magnoliatae
Campanula rotundifolia (brewbooks) Tags: flower washington purple pass rainier vista plantae campanulaceae campanula bluebell corral harebell dicot rotundifolia campanularotundifolia piercecounty magnoliophyta magnoliopsida asterales nargs northamericanrockgardensociety rundblttrigeglockenblume tracheophyta taxonomy:class=magnoliopsida taxonomy:order=asterales taxonomy:family=campanulaceae taxonomy:genus=campanula taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta taxonomy:common=harebell taxonomy:binomial=campanularotundifolia taxonomy:species=rotundifolia fairythimble taxonomy:common=bluebell taxonomy:common=fairythimble taxonomy:common=rundblttrigeglockenblume taxonomy:superphylum=tracheophyta camrot taxonomy:common=camrot inaturalist:observation=492776
Rhododendron albiflorum (brewbooks) Tags: white flower washington pass rhododendron rainier vista ericaceae plantae corral rhodos dicot whiterhododendron piercecounty magnoliophyta magnoliopsida dendron ericales nargs albiflorum northamericanrockgardensociety rhododendronalbiflorum tracheophyta taxonomy:class=magnoliopsida taxonomy:family=ericaceae taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:order=ericales taxonomy:genus=rhododendron cascadeazalea taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta taxonomy:binomial=rhododendronalbiflorum taxonomy:species=albiflorum taxonomy:superphylum=tracheophyta inaturalist:observation=492768
Smyrnium olusatrum: Flower head (sfb_dot_com) Tags: green yellow asia europe coastal deciduous edible hermaphrodite herb culinary biennial invasive hedgerow wasteground naturalized dicot apiaceae apiales umbels afmicronikkor60mmf28 nafrican
Delicate flowers (CameliaTWU) Tags: flora capsule romania dodder dicot cuscuta parasiticplant angiosperm
After the Rain (Odin Nicolas) Tags: plants green wet water leaves rain garden 50mm droplets drops vivid foliage citrus shrub philippine chlorophyll dicot calamansi
Brassica 1B (Lynch Images) Tags: dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Echeveria - Heather Lenkin garden (brewbooks) Tags: california garden design socal pasadena plantae crassulaceae echeveria dicot landscapedesign saxifragales heatherlenkin northwesthorticulturesociety i091406
Foxglove in Sun - Rattlesnake Ridge (brewbooks) Tags: pink washington hiking digitalis foxglove plantae rattlesnake kingcounty digitalispurpurea dicot vingerhoedskruid plantaginaceae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida purplefoxglove roterfingerhut lamiales taxonomy:class=magnoliopsida taxonomy:order=lamiales taxonomy:family=plantaginaceae taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:genus=digitalis  taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta taxonomy:binomial=digitalispurpurea taxonomy:common=foxglove taxonomy:common=purplefoxglove taxonomy:species=purpurea taxonomy:common=vingerhoedskruid taxonomy:common=roterfingerhut inaturalist:observation=231827
Narrow-leaf Mule's Ear (philipbouchard) Tags: california flower yellow paloalto wildflower asteraceae pearson perennial arastradero dicot arastraderopreserve mulesear californiacompassplant wyethiaangustifolia narrowleafmulesear
Syzygium1a (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Forget-me-not (CameliaTWU) Tags: sylvatica blueflowers myosotis boraginaceae dicot inflorescences woodforgetmenot
ErythrinaC-g1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Apocynad1a (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii exotic dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Scarlet Gilia and Lupine (brewbooks) Tags: county washington hiking dicot ipomopsisaggregata ipomopsis polemoniaceae scarletgilia kittitas navahopass staffordcreek bdgroup giliaaggregata skyrocketgilia
Castilleja elmeri - descending from Long's Pass (brewbooks) Tags: flower yellow washington hiking plantae kittitascounty indianpaintbrush castilleja figwort dicot teanaway orobanchaceae asteridae magnoliophyta magnoliopsida longspass lamiales hemiparasitic spermatophyta bdgroup tracheobionta taxonomy:class=magnoliopsida taxonomy:order=lamiales taxonomy:kingdom=plantae taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta taxonomy:family=orobanchaceae castillejaelmeri taxonomy:genus=castilleja taxonomy:binomial=castillejaelmeri taxonomy:species=elmeri inaturalist:observation=123367
Stinging Lupine (philipbouchard) Tags: california statepark hairy flower purple malibu fabaceae wildflower lupine topangacanyon losangelescounty dicot stinginglupine lupinushirsutissimus stingingannuallupine nettlelupine
BL005 Butterfly Weed (listentoreason) Tags: orange usa plant color nature america newjersey unitedstates favorites places olympus apocynaceae milkweed indianpaintbrush groundsforsculpture floweringplant asclepias butterflyweed angiospermae dicot orangemilkweed asclepiastuberosa magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm score30 pleurisyroot gentianales olympusc4040z c4040z silkyswallowwort asclepiadoideae indianposy canadaroot chiggerflower eudicot fluxroot orangeswallowwort tuberroot yellowmilkweed whiteroot windroot eudicotyledon
Playing with textures (CameliaTWU) Tags: texture yellowflowers iphone dicot blueribbonwinner angiosperm compoundleaf
Euphorbiia millii 1B (Lynch Images) Tags: scope exotic ornamental dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cultivar dicotyledonae magnoliatae
BU282 Morning Glory (listentoreason) Tags: pink usa plant flower color nature closeup america canon newjersey unitedstates places morningglory dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 solanales sayengardens
BJ621 Beaver Creek Skiing (listentoreason) Tags: winter sky usa snow plant nature water america colorado skiing unitedstates scenic favorites places olympus event co beavercreek birch activity betula conifer dicot magnoliophyta betulaceae angiosperm score30 fagales olympusc4040z c4040z
BU927 Zinnia (listentoreason) Tags: white plant flower color nature closeup canon random zinnia asteraceae compositae dicot magnoliophyta asterales angiosperm ef28135mmf3556isusm score30
Eichornia Floating Leaves 2102-61 (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: leaves leaf floating rafting dicot waterhyacinth eichornia pontederiaceae magnoliophyta angiosperm liliatae airsac hydrophytic
Asteraceae 2CC (Lynch Images) Tags: scope exotic ornamental dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm cultivar dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Dwarf Lupine on Burroughs 3 (brewbooks) Tags: washington hiking alpine mountrainiernationalpark fabaceae botany dicot burroughsmountain nargs dwarflupine lupinuslyallii northamericanrockgardensociety
Great Western Society, Didcot Railway Centre (alunwylde) Tags: engine railway steam locomotive gwr didcotrailwaycentre dicot greatwestern greatwesternsociety
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Woodside White' (sfb_dot_com) Tags: white flower green yellow garden spring europe columbine lc ranunculaceae corolla perennial cultivated dicot herbaceous sepals temperate ranunculales afsvrmicronikkor105mmf28gifed rhizomatous cooltemperate
Geranium dissectum FR3C (L) (Lynch Images) Tags: fruit compound scope superior capsule pistil torus geranium cranesbill geraniaceae dicot dissectum magnoliophyta angiosperm dehiscence schizocarp dicotyledonae magnoliatae septicidal 5carpelled
Delphinium patens 1-1 (CA) (Lynch Images) Tags: california flower spur moth symmetry petal nectar delphinium ranunculaceae depth larkspur inflorescence pollination dicot sepal raceme patens magnoliophyta bilateral angiosperm pedicel dicotyledonae magnoliatae melittophily beepollination phalaenophily
Echinopsis multiplexFlower (sfb_dot_com) Tags: pink summer flower petals succulent rocks stamens cactaceae americas stigma spiny perennial dicot xerophyte subalpine caryophyllales samerica xeric caudiciform semidesert afmicronikkor60mmf28 globose
Sorbaria sorbifolia (sfb_dot_com) Tags: china green japan garden leaf compound spring asia russia korea siberia shrub deciduous lc perennial rosales toothed leaflets cultivated rosaceae dicot temperate afsvrmicronikkor105mmf28gifed cooltemperate
Purple peppers (CameliaTWU) Tags: garden redpepper purpleflowers ripen dicot unripefruit purplepepper ornamentalpeppers dicotyledons floralbuds
CC141 Morris Arboretum (listentoreason) Tags: usa plant flower color nature closeup america canon purple unitedstates pennsylvania favorites arboretum places sweetpea morrisarboretum floweringplant angiospermae dicot magnoliophyta magnoliopsida angiosperm fabales score35 ef28135mmf3556isusm eudicot eudicotyledon
Ranunculus root cross section - 400x (Marc Perkins - OCC Biology Department) Tags: perkins root dicot bio185
Modiola caroliniana 2A (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae
Hippobroma1 (Lynch Images) Tags: hawaii dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm magnoliatae
Eryngium maritimum: Specimen (sfb_dot_com) Tags: blue summer flower leaves europe britain dunes coastal deciduous grassland spiny perennial pointed inflorescence dicot xerophyte herbaceous temperate apiaceae glaucous apiales umbels warmtemperate neuropean seuropean
Helianthus decapetalus: Thin Leaved Sunflower (sfb_dot_com) Tags: flowers summer flower yellow garden deciduous asteraceae perennial cultivated florets dicot herbaceous asterales cooltemperate
Protea (tomopteris) Tags: plant scotland edinburgh europe unitedkingdom slide plantae angiospermae dicot floweringplants proteaceae magnoliophyta angiosperm eukaryote eukaryota proteales spermatophyta seedplants
Sherardia arvense 1A (Lynch Images) Tags: scope dicot magnoliophyta angiosperm dicotyledonae magnoliatae

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50 dicot 28 magnoliophyta 24 angiosperm 17 flower 14 magnoliatae 9 magnoliopsida dicotyledonae 8 plantae washington plant 6 perennial nature taxonomy:kingdom=plantae hiking scope garden 5 exotic america places score30 taxonomy:phylum=magnoliophyta yellow unitedstates usa 4 favorites nargs taxonomy:class=magnoliopsida california deciduous color northamericanrockgardensociety spermatophyta pink europe green hawaii angiospermae 3 temperate tracheobionta leaves herbaceous asterales leaf eudicotyledon teanaway asteraceae cultivated olympus olympusc4040z ef28135mmf3556isusm caryophyllales cooltemperate closeup eudicot ranunculaceae purple floweringplant summer fabaceae c4040z canon white tracheophyta kittitascounty asia taxonomy:superphylum=tracheophyta serpentine vista pass compound afmicronikkor60mmf28 cultivar apiales inflorescence fruit water lc dicotyledons spiny ironpeak afsvrmicronikkor105mmf28gifed pennsylvania portulacaceae coastal newjersey indianpaintbrush lamiales xerophyte caryophyllidae piercecounty ornamental rainier bdgroup fabales wildflower capsule corral taxonomy:order=lamiales flora shrub root apiaceae umbels spring purslane romania

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