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 (filmprince) Tags: bw 120 film rolleiflex fuji scanner taiwan developer neopan 100   rodinal  developed f28 apr  schneider acros 125 kreuznach 80mm 2016 18c  28c xenotar  plustek  4min opticfilm  2627mar2016
800_6427 (binkwilder) Tags: hot sexy feet muscles hair foot chest smoking mexican bikini string latino latina flex shape workout fitness developed mx caliente hardbody mamasita smokn karinaalverezsayulitapuertovallartamexicoguadalajarapersonaltrainerbeautifulgirlbeachbunnybeautysandoceanbikinihotsmokinghardbodytattoobuttlatinofootmassagearmwrestlemagicmuffinmandetroitstunningfantastictansmilesexyca
Jast (The Urban Explorer) Tags: camera old film toy holga just got medium format developed role 120n
All In? ([Chalito]) Tags: developed
Praktica Mtl 5B - Helios 44M4 (dcanalogue) Tags: praktica mtl 5b classic vintage slr 35 mm film camera helios 44 m 58 f20 lens lenses ddr gdr east germany soviet cccp ussr urss fsu commie ilford delta 400 iso professional black white photography ilfotec ddx developer developed development agfa rondinax system landscape cityscape urban nature river tiber rome ancient classical bridge red filter test review renaissance blog post ishootfilm isf filmisnotdead find filmforever filmonly classicblackwhite bwfp
Reflection (Tom Rayfield) Tags: tom rayfield tomrayfield norwich eaton park eatonpark norfolk east anglia eastanglia uk travel yashica yashicamat yashicamat124 yashicamat124g yashica124g ilford fp4 ilfordfp4 ilfosol 3 ilfosol3 self developed selfdeveloped medium format mediumformat square squareformat 6x6 120 mf tlr twin lens reflex twinlensreflex landscape architecture building black and white blackandwhite bw mono monochrome mood moody noir film vintage analog analogue believeinfilm
Ljubljana, xpan (Fabio Stoll) Tags: analog black white fomapan action 400 self developed kodak hc110 ishootfilm filmisnotdeat einfarbig hasselblad xpan ii ljubljana slowenien slowenia outdoor
Ljubljana, xpan (Fabio Stoll) Tags: analog black white fomapan action 400 self developed kodak hc110 ishootfilm filmisnotdeat einfarbig hasselblad xpan ii ljubljana slowenien slowenia outdoor
All tied up... (einarsoyland) Tags: filmisnotdead rodinal r09 developed nikonf3t zeissplanar1450mm zf2 carlzeiss blackandwhite blackwhite fun norway sotra rope knot rail metal bokeh truebw true2bw planar5014zf
20161206_01_SIGMA sd Quattro H + PG-41 + 50mm F1.4 DG HSM A014 (foxfoto_archives) Tags: sigma dp1 quattro developed by photo pro 641 sd h pg41 50mm f14 dg hsm a014 foveon sdqh sdquattroh sdquattro spp641 spp64 spp6 spp
Division (Tom Rayfield) Tags: tom rayfield tomrayfield yashica yashicamat yashicamat124 yashicamat124g yashica124g ilford ilfordfp4 fp4 ilfosol 3 ilfosol3 self developed eaton park eatonpark norwich norfolk east anglia eastanglia uk travel mono monochrome black and white blackandwhite bw noir lines architecture building square format medium mediumformat 120 6x6 squareformat tlr twin lens reflex twinlensreflex vintage analog analogue film believeinfilm
Slick Stacey (Sun.Child) Tags: pentax me super 35mm 35 mm lens asa iso smc velvia velvia50 50 fujichrome fujifilm fuji positive slide e6 e 6 x developed jack redican gingerones sun child india pushkar
raw0027-border (JSturr - jsturr.com) Tags: bw black white ilford delta 400 rollei 6008i salt lake city slc building tower self developed scanned nikon ls8000
Hamburg Hafen 2 (Hauptillusionator) Tags: hafen hamburg habor film bw black white kodak tmax 400 self developed scan scanner reflecta rps 10m canon a1 analog analogue ship pier
trampoline (bergytone) Tags: analog bw film minolta srt101 high school ilford self developed younglady trampoline
poms (bergytone) Tags: analog bw film minolta srt101 high school ilford self developed pom cheerleader nbc homewood flossmoor basketball
Cheering (bergytone) Tags: analog bw film minolta srt101 high school ilford self developed cheerleader pom pompoms
sacred ground (Maureen Bond) Tags: film doubleexposure filmswamp soccer cross religion death memorial legs official fan viewer blackwhite ca maureenbond canada phillipchee scanned developed kb12 serendipity
Leica M2 moleskin. (dcastelli9574) Tags: leica m2 moleskin notebooks ilford hp5 developed id11
That look... (einarsoyland) Tags: kodak kodakportra400 nikonf3t zeiss carlzeiss planarzf21450mm filmisnotdead film developed tetenal c41 colourtec portrait woman filipina honey rayban glasses beautiful pinay pink
Moskva 5 - Hp5+ (dcanalogue) Tags: moskva 5 classic vintage folding medium format rangefinder 6x9 6x6 film camera rf telemetro russian urss ussr cccp fsu soviet commie ilford hp5 plus ilfotec ddx 400 iso black white photography 120 landscape seascape seaside seafront seashore winter wind renaissance blog post test review industar 23 105 mm f45 moment kmz central leaf shutter lens lenses developer developed development dc analogue donato chirulli rome ishootfilm isf filmisnotdead filmforever filmonly find classicblackwhite bwfp
Ljubljana, xpan (Fabio Stoll) Tags: analog black white fomapan action 400 self developed kodak hc110 ishootfilm filmisnotdeat einfarbig hasselblad xpan ii ljubljana slowenien slowenia
Multiple Exposure - Architecture (Hauptillusionator) Tags: analog analogue film fuji superia 200 canon a1 multiple exposure architecture self developed tetenal scan scanner reflecta rps 10m abstract
20161130_01_SIGMA DP2x (foxfoto_archives) Tags: sigma dp3 merrill developed by photo pro 641 foveon dp3m dp3merrill dp2x dp2 spp641 spp64 spp6 spp monochrome   black and white blackwhite
raw0005-border (JSturr - jsturr.com) Tags: rollei 6008i fuji acros 100 film 120 self developed scanned ls8000 nikon jsturr rocky mountain national park colorado
Casting a long shadow. (dcastelli9574) Tags: leica m7 50mm f20 summicron ilford hp5 ei 800 pushprocessed id11 self developed scanned
Canoe Paddlers Monument (Bronica John) Tags: canoe paddlers monument oscoda township twp canoepaddlersmonument oscodatownship oscodatwp self developed 2016 fall color tour 2016fallcolortour autumn film epson v500 au sable river ausable ausableriver portra 160 nc portra160nc expired expiredfilm unicolor c41 kit industar 50 industar50 colors leading lines leadinglines foliage iosco county ioscocounty
New rendition of bus @ Aguascalientes, Mexico (nlkjasdf) Tags: city bus night lights public transportation transport colorful nightlights blue purple pink mystery urban landscapes thirdworld firstworld oneworld developing developed neat movement passengers dynamic citylandscapes urbanlandscapes new international sound
20160312_183_SIGMA dp1 Quattro real world samples (foxfoto_archives) Tags: world japan by real tokyo photo sigma snap chiba sample pro   saitama samples developed foveon quattro   dp1 spp   632 dp1quattro dp1q spp6 spp63 spp632
raw0006-Edit.jpg (markblumer) Tags: film oklahoma self 35mm canon kodak f1 epson portra developed v550 160 bartlesville selfdeveloped c41 canonf1 portra160 unicolor kodakportra filmisnotdead bartlesvilleoklahoma kodakportra160 epsonv550 myoklahoma igersok
Black and white (stu87) Tags: bw film home nikon delta f3 expired developed ilford
YDH_7839_20150619_untitled (Yigal David H) Tags: developed
sa Carrela (Max Miedinger) Tags: sardegna film stand nikon f100 epson 100 sa expired developed selfdeveloped pellicola sartiglia santu fomapan v700 rullino carrela ordinal selfdevelop lussurgiu
DSC_4007 (Quinto Sol Photography) Tags: travel urban tourism composition landscape nikon europa europe european cityscape euro culture western destination popular developed nato westerneurope
Jobo b/w dev test (=Gibo=) Tags: street bw analog photography blackwhite architechture 645 pentax milano trix wide bn d76 homemade analogue 6x45 smc developed bianconero 45mm analogic jobo cpe2 selfdeveloping
800_6284_pp (binkwilder) Tags: ocean hot sexy feet girl beautiful beauty smile tattoo angel hair mexico foot fantastic sand martha chest butt detroit pablo tan guadalajara smoking mexican bikini captain stunning string latino puertovallarta latina developed mx armwrestle caliente sayulita footmassage beachbunny personaltrainer hardbody mamasita smokn nikonflickraward nikonflickraward karinaalverez magicmuffinman
Untitled (LukeMartley) Tags: uk trip travel sea england sky white black film beach water monochrome field birds stone architecture contrast liverpool self 35mm silver bench print photography seaside lomo lomography waves traditional grain olympus scratches negative scanned isolation dust 35 developed llandudno stills duptich
Yashica124_09041204e (Mark Dalzell) Tags: park camera city bw white black abandoned 6x6 tlr film station train liberty state kodak tmax nj hc110 mat 124 developer jersey 100 developed yashica mat124
Never Forget (Nicole Cochary) Tags: bw white black film girl self nikon pretty natural cement battery framing shoulder developed f4 bwhp
Circus Train (xbrucexx) Tags: camera 120 film lens photo focus kodak no basement medium format 100 titan developed zone folding kyles ansco finishing frills ektar angstimat
Primal Scream (Neopan 1600) (Jack Chauvel | http://www.jackchauvel.com) Tags: lighting blackandwhite bw music white black film 35mm outside photography 50mm photo blog nikon fuji photographer live 14 gig livemusic performance band tracks australia 1600 dev scream nsw newsouthwales shows neopan f3 135 pixels developed development nikonf3 coogee primalscream 50mmf14 tog primal bandphotography fujineopan1600 inthepit selinas homedeveloped cbh livevenue twitter homedev coogeebayhotel homedevelopedfilm jackchauvel outsideinpixels httpwwwoutsideinpixelscom httpwwwtwittercomoutsideinpixels musicatthecoogeebayhotel
medioda (Karen F.H) Tags: barcelona building film sol 35mm holga lomo xpro lomography crossprocess edificio toycamera analogue agfa developed e6 100asa lomografia plasticlens ctprecisa mediodia analogico reveladocruzado camarajuguete lenteplastico holgabc
hablando de vosotros (Karen F.H) Tags: barcelona film analog 35mm lomo lca xpro lomography crossprocessed procesocruzado fuji pareja crossprocess toycamera banco analogue provia developed e6 100asa plasticcamera portvell lomografia russiancamera plasticlens fujiprovia cruzado analogico minitar camarajuguete camararusa camaraplastico lentepalstico
Kate and me (ErinAB (ern the ferle)) Tags: school girls portrait blackandwhite bw white selfportrait black film college me sisters 35mm photography photo women university bend erin sister kate south indiana class developer kathryn developed iusb i indianauniversitysouthbend
 (Doomgiver...) Tags: leica bw film self cambodia kodak trix d76 400 processed developed m6 phnom penh nyl
Sky Ladder (trittium) Tags: bw white black 6x6 mamiya film lens scanner ct apx100 diafine epson medium format agfa developed f28 branford c22 80mm 4180
 (rogue.pyjamas) Tags: ny newyork home 150 1600 neopan rodinal mooo developed
Joey (Connahhh) Tags: people bw white black portraits self c d76 hasselblad chrome 400 500c hp5 13 developed f28 minutes 80mm
003.jpg (Blacknoise) Tags: camera city red sky blackandwhite sculpture white black 120 6x6 tlr film water fountain metal square lens toy diy reflex lomo shiny waterfront steel toycamera leeds twin delta s 66 iso plastic filter u squareformat lubitel roll format ripples analogue russian 3200 vignetting developed ilford plasticcamera lubitel166u redfilter twinlensreflex 166 ilforddelta3200 rollfilm ilforddelta ilfosols ilfosol
Ljubljana, xpan (Fabio Stoll) Tags: analog black white fomapan action 400 self developed kodak hc110 ishootfilm filmisnotdeat einfarbig hasselblad xpan ii ljubljana slowenien slowenia

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50 developed 29 film 20 self 19 black white 17 bw 13 analog 12 ilford 10 kodak 400 9 analogue 8 lens 7 120 35mm nikon format 6 fuji photo ishootfilm photography blackandwhite 6x6 medium camera 5 100 fomapan hasselblad scanned hc110 filmisnotdead developer 4 travel hp5 scanner tlr ljubljana slowenien epson building action school monochrome blackwhite delta lomo city ii park einfarbig architecture landscape filmisnotdeat xpan slowenia iso vintage 3 neopan 80mm and twinlensreflex 35 minolta twin urban e6 toycamera foveon reflex square mm spp spp6 canon rodinal f28 sigma 50mm d76 development uk blog agfa east pro squareformat lomography yashica leica high selfdeveloped expired srt101 by ilfosol c41 tomrayfield rayfield analogico toy nikonf3t holga

Pairs: 8 bw,developed 7 developed,film bw,self 6 bw,film 5 analog,self film,self analog,developed bw,ilford 4 film,ilford developed,ilford 3 analog,srt101

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