100 120 35mm 400 50 6x6 america analog analogue autaut black blancetnoir blancoynegro bw camera canon city developed developer epson estados film focus home hp5 ilford joust kodak lens manual mechanical medium patrick patrickjoust rodinal schwarzundweiss self square street trix united urban usa v500 white

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Sparky.. (Queen  Monkey) Tags: slr darkroom 35mm canon paper edinburgh blind beggar biker resin sparky developed ilford coated barman
Collington Ave (patrickjoust) Tags: street city urban bw usa white house black fall abandoned 120 6x6 tlr blancoynegro film home church analog neglect america square lens us reflex md focus hand mechanical decay united patrick twin maryland rail super row baltimore sidewalk v 200 diafine epson medium format 100 pan states manual 500 80 joust edu decline developed ultra ricoh blight biancoenero rowhouse rowhome estados foma 80mm f35 blancetnoir unidos fomapan ricohflex arista v500 schwarzundweiss develope autaut patrickjoust
 (patrickjoust) Tags: street leica city portrait people urban bw usa white man black eye blancoynegro film home analog america 35mm canon lens person us calle focus fuji mechanical little florida miami united north havana patrick evil rangefinder 11 400 pro fl f2 states manual ocho frown joust range finder legacy developed m4 wetzlar develop estados xtol blancetnoir unidos leitz rebranded schwarzundweiss autaut rebadged canon35mmf20ltm patrickjoust
Fixed Gear (dennibraun) Tags: camera blackandwhite bw white black 6x6 film square diy trix rangefinder 66 150 400 1950s mf rodinal developed folder folding hapo uncoupled 66e hapo66e
japan story bn1 (jedydjah) Tags: street city urban bw film japan 50mm strada minolta metro trix streetphotography bn d76 50 developed xd7 treno giappone citt trix400 pellicola urbanlifeinmetropolis analogicait
me981.jpg (Arachide) Tags: sanfrancisco santa christmas me stand pentax super 100 developed f28 45mm fomapan r09 fomadon
hello, ladies (Lenalotta1988) Tags: self canon for ae1 delta d76 25 400 overexposed mm 18 50 mins developed ilford fd slightly 6400
*** (Justin Wolfe) Tags: door old city light sunset shadow portrait urban sun cinema cold art classic abandoned film philadelphia broken window glass girl wall lady female analog 35mm canon vintage dark movie person graffiti golden artwork rust closed factory moody decay widescreen tag columns grain dirty creepy adventure warehouse flashback explore vacant scanned spraypaint philly analogue grainy smashed canonae1 cinematic tagging vacancy processed developed cracked timeless boarded sunray trespassing develop 215 urbex northphilly grimy
 (STREETIZM) Tags: bw tlr film self ma trix va somerville 400 35 developed xenar rolleicord 75mm tmaxrs
lady in the woods (Lenalotta1988) Tags: old self canon for ae1 11 d76 lena 200 program 100 mm 18 50 agfa mins developed apx 155 fd flensburg milau
 (beebo wallace) Tags: blackandwhite bw abandoned church pinhole illford developed 5x7 animalcrackers contactprint wwpd worldwidepinholeday ilfordmgivrcpearl vintageanimalcrackertincanpinholecamera
 (patrickjoust) Tags: park street city urban bw usa white black love 120 6x6 blancoynegro film festival america vintage out square us focus flickr kodak scanner united trix patrick maryland baltimore scan parade v ii 400 diafine epson medium format pan states manual 500 date agfa expired joust developed 1976 seton biancoenero blancinegre estados isolette blancetnoir unidos v500 hll transmodern schwarzundweiss autaut lovelycity patrickjoust
Magic (Eda Tanses) Tags: bw music white black film sport analog self 35mm photography paradise c passion analogue developed dm beyaz eda caffenol scate siyah balalayka edatanses tanses
dxhr 2011-08-24 06-51-34-06 ( TORLEY ) Tags: original black game adam ex gold pc release player pack health human revolution characters edition developed jensen cyberpunk dragonlady include sarif enemies deus fights protagonist gameplay gamestop transhumanism announced humanrevolution bobpage augmentations meganreed adamjensen deusex3
Arrows (stevo3) Tags: white black film home centre leeds plus hp5 carpark developed ilford ricoh gr1v merrion ddx ilfosol
img_a827 (JonnyEnzyme) Tags: nikon w 28mm trix stock homestead developed fm3a f28 ais xtol armidale saumarez
sandcastle (stevo3) Tags: 3 black film home 50mm nikon 400 plus hp5 f2 12 sandcastle developed ilford ilfosol nikor scarboroughwhite
 (patrickjoust) Tags: city urban bw usa white black blur slr blancoynegro film home museum analog america pen 35mm mall lens us dc washington reflex frames focus mechanical kodak bokeh tmax district f14 space air united escalator patrick olympus columbia v developer national single frame half multiple epson ft 100 40 states manual autos 40mm 500 halfframe joust developed develop estados blancetnoir unidos gzuiko v500 schwarzundweiss autaut patrickjoust
Mirrors and Such (RyanLebel) Tags: self under first roll plus fixed hp5 developed ilford
 (j. forest) Tags: camera white chicago black west 120 6x6 film analog self square toy town holga village 14 delta il east plastic 400 epson medium format developed ilford 120n ddx v500 ilfotec autaut
found Agfa CNS 120 film (Max Miedinger) Tags: 120 film found location unknown agfa developed fill selfdeveloped cns c41 pellicola rullino selfdevelop tetenal 20c
XGM_09041215e (Mark Dalzell) Tags: camera bw white black slr vermont minolta kodak charlotte north hc110 iso developer hero 50 developed vt efke xgm
Grass Sitting- Film (Cloudss) Tags: old film nature grass vintage retro indie zac beanie developed chill
20130119_87380 (AWelsh) Tags: family boy 2 evan film boys kids canon children kid twins child kodak ae1 joshua jacob trix twin d76 1600 400 push developed premium fd stops andrewwelsh arista
pro drift (Martin<3s4x5) Tags: camera b 2 canada motion macro film water canon lens for stand tank slow zoom kodak tmax 5 no w picture 15 iso using every negative kings developer frame round scanned ms pro epson hours motor inversion paterson regina saskatchewan f18 80 16mm mins developed ilford perfection 1l speedway 20c plusx scoopic extractor telecine agitation v500 75ml 48bit 6400dpi driftwest 12575mm cine2vid pqmax
Uncle Tim (David Stumpp |[o]| Photography) Tags: lighting wood uk light england 120 film rolleiflex photoshop three daylight lab day conversion natural kodak scanner united citroen creative kingdom burning stove oxford epson converted pelicula 100 van suite pizzeria developed hy planar ektar cs3 pellicola 35f v500
jmg362 (maskedmario) Tags: leica cat self iii 100 f2 rodinal developed summar leitz fomapan 5cm
narwhal (R JS) Tags: vancouver hand developed narwhal
Patrick (asoltani) Tags: white black self 35mm tmax developed
a pair of pollards (trudi_) Tags: camera bw white black college canon eos bill george northampton hand camo kaiser mills nunn reg processed developed printed 50e powerstation berks pollards nunnmillsroad megafave
Genova TX400 006 (.the.dude.) Tags: 3 self canon de eos kodak tx trix bn genova fabrizio e 400 developed bianco nero andr
 (patrickjoust) Tags: park family bw sculpture white black art 120 6x6 tlr blancoynegro film fountain oslo norway rollei analog square lens norge photo reflex focus europa europe flickr mechanical patrick twin 150 mat v 25 124g epson medium format op pan manual 500 frogner rodinal 80 joust developed yashica biancoenero vigeland 80mm f35 blancetnoir yashinon v500 schwarzundweiss terrascania autaut patrickjoust
 (Sophie Teunissen) Tags: light white black film analog dark licht wrong mistake zwart wit developed failed donker fout analoog mislukt verkeerd
The Mysterious Man in White (Time Share) Tags: street city people urban blackandwhite bw ontario canada blancoynegro film monochrome analog 35mm walking blackwhite minolta walk candid hamilton citylife streetphotography streetlife canadian bn urbanexploration analogue rodinal developed selfdeveloped hamiltonontario standdevelopment rodinal1100 canadianeh minoltaxe7 xe7 legacypro100 bellhowell28mmf28 legacypro100400iso streetproject2011
Tokyo (View Master 187) Tags: b self tokyo hc110 400 hp5 developed ilford dilution
Spools (Nicole Cochary) Tags: bw white black film thread grass self canon wooden ae1 box sewing swing developed gutterman bwhp
 (Time Share) Tags: street city people urban blackandwhite bw ontario blancoynegro film analog 35mm blackwhite voigtlander bessa hamilton hc110 rangefinder bn hp5 developed ilford voigtlnder 21mm bessar3a selfdeveloped colorskopar hamiltonontario dilutionb kodakhc110 autaut colorskopar21mmf40 voigtlnder21mmcolorskoparf4 voigtlander21mmcolorskopar
XGM_09041203e (Mark Dalzell) Tags: camera bw white black slr vermont minolta kodak charlotte north hc110 iso developer hero 50 developed vt efke xgm
 (patrickjoust) Tags: street city urban bw usa white black slr blancoynegro film home analog yard speed america 35mm fence dark lens ed 50mm us reflex high md nikon focus mechanical kodak scanner united flamingo trix north patrick maryland baltimore v single 400 processing push after states manual nikkor 50 13 joust 3200 developed hampden ai picket develop f12 nikomat estados xtol blancetnoir unidos ftn schwarzundweiss 50mmf12ai autaut patrickjoust
polypan f50 test (Frino Davide) Tags: camera italy 3 film analog self 35mm canon eos stand italia f l filmcamera duomo 135 toscana 50 rodinal 35 davide developed ef eos3 analogica 1100 f50 analogic 24105 selfdeveloped pontedera pellicola ef24105l frino polypan polypanf50 frinodavide wezoom
Magherally Old Church Holga 120cfn (joe_relic37) Tags: old white black 120 film church analog self holga lomo lomography shanghai kodak lo medium format 100 fi analogue derelict developed canoscan xtol 120cfn gp3 magherally 9000f
Lockdown (Rusty Sheriff) Tags: bw white black colour film home 35mm photography diy chemistry portsmouth chemicals developed southsea
Varsity Basketball (Connahhh) Tags: white black film basketball self kodak c flash crowd d76 hasselblad 500c hp5 13 developed ilford f28 minutes 80mm strobes pocketwizard
Skater_Fliptrick (Steven Hymas Photographer) Tags: developed
DP2Q9330 (shio) Tags: raw developed dp2quattro
gota (Karen F.H) Tags: yellow analog 35mm lomo lca xpro lomography crossprocessed procesocruzado cross crossprocess toycamera slide 200asa canarias slidefilm amarillo 35mmfilm analogue comer lapalma developed e6 canaryislands mesa carrete copas vino plasticcamera diapositiva mantel islascanarias mejillones colorslide lomografia diapo russiancamera plasticlens cruzado analogico reveladocruzado papasarrugadas minitar1 camarajuguete lenteplastico camararusa minitarlens lenteminitar camaraplastico lomographycolorslidelomographycolorslide200
Deltic D9009 at Summerseat (Mister Oy) Tags: camera 35mm shoot diesel nikonf100 developed davegreen lancs deltic class east railway summerseat d9009 55 oyphotos ilfordhp5monomonochromeblack whitebwbwbwi filmfilmhome
 (ChazboTheThird) Tags: b bw film self 35mm t tmax w 4 super developer 400 mm 35 developed yashica premium waterproof t4 400iso arista
Nonbei Yokocho, Shibuya, Tokyo (View Master 187) Tags: japan self 35mm tokyo stand asahi pentax takumar shibuya super sl m42 rodinal developed ilford fp4 20c 1100 f35 60min
lone pine. (MITCHTYEAH!) Tags: film turkey istanbul manual mitchell developed tully cappadocia unedited expiredfilm mitchelltully mitchtyeah

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50 developed 29 film 21 black 19 white bw 16 self 15 35mm 14 analog 12 400 11 ilford canon kodak 9 urban city 8 autaut camera trix blancoynegro 7 epson 100 120 home 50 v500 manual street 6 joust schwarzundweiss hp5 focus blancetnoir rodinal patrick united lens patrickjoust 5 analogue slr format square 6x6 v d76 america mechanical developer states us medium usa estados unidos 4 super selfdeveloped stand 500 xtol north hc110 old blackandwhite pellicola reflex develop bn ae1 minolta tmax 3 mins light church biancoenero dark people f28 vintage rangefinder 50mm scanner iso hand twin w nikon arista agfa b plus tlr mm f35 35 eos f2 baltimore maryland fomapan pan 80 fd for

Pairs: 8 developed,film 7 developed,self 5 black,white black,developed developed,white 4 bw,developed 400,self black,film film,white 3 ilford,self canon,developed

Users: patrickjoust 6 Time Share stevo3 Lenalotta1988 Mark Dalzell View Master 187 Eda Tanses Steven Hymas Photographer ChazboTheThird Frino Davide Mister Oy AWelsh trudi_ j. forest .the.dude. dennibraun joe_relic37 asoltani Justin Wolfe maskedmario jedydjah shio David Stumpp |[o]| Photography Max Miedinger MITCHTYEAH! Arachide Queen Monkey STREETIZM Sophie Teunissen ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ Cloudss Nicole Cochary Rusty Sheriff JonnyEnzyme Connahhh beebo wallace Karen F.H RyanLebel R JS