120 2010 35mm 6x6 absurd asleep autaut bestoftaiwan bw colour contaxg2 contaxt3 deepstoat dog dragon expiredfilm face film hat humiliation identical kodakportra kodaktmax400 london ludicrous mamiya7ii market mediumformat metro night outfit portrait roll shame similar snap snooze street taiwan thelittledoglaughed twins vegetables yashicamat124g yashicat5 zeiss

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A tremendous hat, San Francisco (deepstoat) Tags: sf california street film hat zeiss 35mm contaxt3 nicelight kodakportra deepstoat
Staring contest. Hour three and counting. (deepstoat) Tags: street france colour film dogs window zeiss cannes seagull contest 45mm expiredfilm contaxg2 800asa kodakportra deepstoat
Lost contact lens, Wales. (deepstoat) Tags: colour 120 film mediumformat roll expiredfilm mamiya7 kodakportra deepstoat
Fred and Wendy. Two heads are better than one. (deepstoat) Tags: portrait bw film zeiss 35mm kodak contaxt3 deepstoat
Twins in Soho (deepstoat) Tags: street portrait colour london zeiss 35mm twins soho snap similar uncanny contaxt3 identical deepstoat
Sleepwalkers (deepstoat) Tags: street colour london film zeiss 35mm beds contaxt3 londonist sleepwalk kodakportra deepstoat
The Manganiyar Seduction (deepstoat) Tags: music india london film zeiss 35mm wow stage flash barbican yashicat5 kodakportra autaut deepstoat
Astro Dog (deepstoat) Tags: street dog colour film zeiss 35mm costume outfit taiwan yashicat5 2010 ludicrous kodakportra thelittledoglaughed astrodog deepstoat
So you're hungry but you can't possibly put your Schnauzer down, it may spoil his fancy dress (deepstoat) Tags: food night zeiss absurd taiwan schnauzer lazy spoilt contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat
Embarrassed poodle in a pink jacket and booties (deepstoat) Tags: street dog zeiss 35mm shoes absurd taiwan yashicat5 poodle taipei humiliation kodakportra deepstoat
Two seconds later it broke free of the ground and floated off over the city (deepstoat) Tags: art 120 film mediumformat balloons hotair taiwan container helium roll mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Poodles who should know better, Taiwan (deepstoat) Tags: street film dogs zeiss 35mm taiwan clothes yashicat5 dungarees shame ludicrous kodakportra thelittledoglaughed deepstoat
Fall Of the Dinosaurs (part one) (deepstoat) Tags: colour 120 film iceage mediumformat giant dinosaur taiwan collapse roll extinct trex fibreglass mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Big Man and Small Dog (both wearing rather fetching outfits) (deepstoat) Tags: dog colour 120 film mediumformat outfit taiwan tiny roll mamiya7ii kodakportra thelittledoglaughed deepstoat
Fred meets his first dinosaur (deepstoat) Tags: film scale wales 35mm legs small gulliver huge dinosaurs contaxt3 fibreglass kodakportra autaut nationalshowcavescentreforwales deepstoat
SNAPS - My Blurb Book (deepstoat) Tags: deepstoat japancharityprintauction
Old twins and their pet lamb (?) (deepstoat) Tags: street bw dog london film monochrome zeiss 35mm twins snap similar uncanny contaxt3 identical deepstoat
His name is Harry Fischer, I didn't ask about the bruise on his head (deepstoat) Tags: street old portrait colour london 120 6x6 film face mediumformat roll yashicamat124g kodakportra autaut deepstoat
Bus stop halo (deepstoat) Tags: street colour london 120 6x6 tlr film mediumformat candid roll yashicamat124g kodakportra autaut deepstoat
Dolphin-air-ium (deepstoat) Tags: street london film zeiss 35mm dolphin dry towel sheets laundry yashicat5 flipper kodakportra deepstoat
Fag break, from the front and side (deepstoat) Tags: street colour film zeiss 35mm taiwan 2010 contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat
Creepy shop front (deepstoat) Tags: street colour film zeiss 35mm taiwan 2010 contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat
Underwear seller wishes she had become a greengrocer (deepstoat) Tags: street colour vegetables zeiss market knickers taiwan undies 2010 bras contaxg2 pakchoi kodakportra bestoftaiwan deepstoat
The great escape (deepstoat) Tags: street colour zeiss duck market nappy taiwan 2010 contaxg2 kodakportra bestoftaiwan deepstoat
Very friendly yet slightly mad woman in Taipei who said her job was a "juice importer" (deepstoat) Tags: street portrait colour 120 film mediumformat taiwan peanuts snoopy roll loopy mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Angry fuse box. Tainan, Taiwan (deepstoat) Tags: street colour 120 film mediumformat graffiti taiwan roll fusebox spongebobsquarepants mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Woman playing drumming game (possibly how she lost teeth) (deepstoat) Tags: street film face zeiss 35mm drum teeth arcade taiwan yashicat5 toothless deepstoat
taking no chances with a head massage (deepstoat) Tags: street colour 120 film mediumformat taiwan massage roll facemask mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Fast asleep on the Taipei metro (deepstoat) Tags: colour film zeiss 35mm metro tube taiwan asleep contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat
Woman in hairdressers tries to get her pet chicken to behave more like a chicken by doing a chicken dance (deepstoat) Tags: pet chicken film zeiss 35mm dance taiwan yashicat5 eggs hen cluck kodakportra deepstoat cockadoodledont
The Giant Wicker Lion (deepstoat) Tags: colour 120 film mediumformat weird big lion taiwan straw huge roll sacrifice kingofthejungle mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Gone fishing (in a plastic yellow mac) (deepstoat) Tags: street fish film rain zeiss 35mm taiwan protection contaxg2 kodakportra bodycondom deepstoat
Overly paranoid or overly considerate family on Metro, Taipei (deepstoat) Tags: family film zeiss 35mm mask metro taiwan yashicat5 flu deepstoat
The biggest fanny pack in Taiwan, caught on camera (deepstoat) Tags: street portrait 120 film mediumformat taiwan roll vendor fannypack mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Sleeping dog guarded over by his pet human (deepstoat) Tags: street dog colour 120 film hat mediumformat taiwan snooze roll mamiya7ii kodakportra thelittledoglaughed deepstoat
An entire pig, exploded (deepstoat) Tags: street film zeiss 35mm pig blood taiwan yashicat5 giblets guts butchery offal kodakportra deepstoat
Fall Of The Dinosaurs (deepstoat) Tags: charity colour 120 film earthquake taiwan roll deepstoat charityauctionprintjapan
Shhhh, dragon passing by (deepstoat) Tags: shadow red colour 120 mediumformat pagoda dragon taiwan doorway mamiya7ii kodakportra bestoftaiwan deepstoat
Chihuahua Tai-Chi Master puts his students through their paces (deepstoat) Tags: dog chihuahua colour 120 mediumformat taiwan zen grasshopper taichi mamiya7ii kodakportra thelittledoglaughed bestoftaiwan deepstoat
Time check. Taipei. (deepstoat) Tags: street film night zeiss 35mm time watch taiwan contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat
Sausage Dog Shame (deepstoat) Tags: street dog zeiss taiwan dachshund yashicat5 shame humiliation kodakportra ignominy deepstoat
Don't worry he's only sleeping (I hope) (deepstoat) Tags: street film zeiss 35mm dead taiwan snooze asleep stiff contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat
Chinese dragon and plastic chairs (deepstoat) Tags: street film zeiss 35mm temple dragon taiwan contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat
It's been hanging there for three weeks and still not dry (deepstoat) Tags: 120 film vegetables mediumformat taiwan laundry roll rugs mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Two women. Taipei, Taiwan (deepstoat) Tags: street bw film 35mm taiwan yashicat5 kodaktmax400 bestoftaiwan deepstoat
Man with Cherubism? Danshui, Taiwan (deepstoat) Tags: street bw film 35mm taiwan yashicat5 kodaktmax400 bestoftaiwan deepstoat
The wreck of the Colombo Queen (deepstoat) Tags: 120 broken mediumformat taiwan roll wreck tanker ashore mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Abandoned bear on bench (deepstoat) Tags: bear stilllife 120 mediumformat bench alone sad taiwan roll left mamiya7ii kodakportra deepstoat
Advertising and reality (deepstoat) Tags: street zeiss 35mm taiwan contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat
Robot and Old man (deepstoat) Tags: street zeiss 35mm robot zimmer taiwan shock contaxg2 kodakportra deepstoat

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