apo astro astrofotografie astronomie astronomy astrophoto astrophotographie astrophotography canon ccd celestron ciel cielprofond cluster constellation constellations cosmos cygnus deepsky deepspace espace galaxies galaxy lodestar messier nebula ngc night nightsky nébuleuse observatory orion photography profond refractor sky space star stars telescope teleskop univers universe étoile étoiles

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M51 / Arp 85  - The Whirlpool Galaxy #Explored (...Swag Astro (www.swagastro.weebly.com)) Tags: sky stars space astro whirlpool galaxy astrophotography astronomy m51 galaxies universe arp cosmos deepspace dso deepsky atik sarawager
Hercules (ComputerHotline) Tags: sky france night stars star space ciel astrophotography astronomy universe objet nuit constellations espace franchecomt fra constellation belfort toiles objets toile astronomie univers deepsky profond astrophotographie cleste astre astres clestes cielprofond Astrometrydotnet:status=solved Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20120859489386
Helix Nebula (jimkster) Tags: sky dark stars space ciel sombre nebula astrophotography creativecommons astronomy helix planetary universe espace dss toiles astronomie hlice univers deepsky profond nbuleuse plantaire
M45 - Narrowband (Nick Howes) Tags: wiltshire deepspace cherhill deepsky episode2 messier45 nickhowes tmb105f62telescope
open cluster M36 100218_ (moppsbacke70) Tags: opencluster astronomie deepsky
NGC 5371 / Hickson 68 (M.Demandt [Thanks for 240.000 views]) Tags: night canon stars eos ngc astro telescope 200 phd 60 1000 newton coma gpu dither 68 octo hickson gso teleskop lacerta corrector deepsky 1000mm skywatcher oaz 5371 60d vtsb synscan neq6 alccd5liic alccd
NGC 6888 The Crescent Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha (Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com) Tags: monochrome canon backyard space clusters ngc bisque astro crescent observatory telescope nebula astrophotography software terry 5d astronomy galaxies 105 hancock alpha ccd universe 27 amateur constellations cosmos reflector hydrogen caldwell markii tmb astronomer teleskop astronomie byo f7 cygnus refractor nebulae deepsky 6888 sharpless autoguider astrofotografie astrophotographer Astrometrydotnet:status=solved starshoot qhy5 130ss Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 mks4000 gt1100s qhy9m Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20110613175152
m5_2013-08-10 (alsand) Tags: italy cluster astro astrophotography messier ccd dso deepsky atik eq6 Astrometrydotnet:status=solved Astrometrydotnet:id=supernova9276
The Cocoon Nebula - IC 5146 (gatoth) Tags: longexposure sky reflection nature night canon stars eos star ic flickr gas nebula astrophotography astronomy colourful termszet twan g astrophoto emission twop darknebula deepsky astrophotograph 5146 ic5146 csillagok csillag ionized apsc 450d reflectionnebula emissionnebula canon450d sznes canoneos450d canoniani Astrometrydotnet:status=solved flickrvault Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20120733169837
The Eagle Nebula and Pillars Of Creation (M16) (Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com) Tags: camera sky reflection monochrome night dark stars photography pier backyard fotografie eagle photos space shed science images astro observatory telescope creation nebula astrophotography astronomy imaging 12 ccd pillars universe f8 cosmos technologies m16 reflector paramount emission the lodestar teleskop astronomie byo deepsky halpha serpens astrograph of autoguider starlightxpress astrotech Astrometrydotnet:status=solved qhy9 ritcheychrtien mks4000 gt1100s Astrometrydotnet:id=supernova8813
The Heart Of A Rose (The Rosette Nebula in HST) (Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com) Tags: camera sky monochrome night stars photography mono pier back backyard fotografie photos thomas space shed band science images astro apo m observatory telescope nebula astronomy imaging ccd universe rosette narrow cosmos constellation palette paramount hubble luminance the lodestar teleskop astronomie byo oiii refractor deepsky monoceros halpha ngc2237 ngc2244 astrograph autoguider starlightxpress ngc2238 ngc2239 Astrometrydotnet:status=solved ngc2246 Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 tmb92ss caldwell49 mks4000 qhy9m gt110s Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20121141710324
Milky Way? Cloudy Way? (sengsta) Tags: field wide astrophotography nightsky milkyway deepsky lakeclifton
M42 Orion Nebula [Astrophotography] (AstroGuiGeek) Tags: sky canon stars space telescope ciel nebula astrophotography orion m42 astronomy starry espace skyatnight dss bresser toiles meade starrynight t3i astronomie orionnebula deepsky astrophotographie canonphotography nbuleuse starrysky tlescope 200800 deepskystacker toil cielprofond cieldenuit eos600d canoneos600d nbuleuseorion lx75 astroguigeek
IC433 (The Jellyfish Nebula) (JRG Astroimages) Tags: deepspace nebulae deepsky astrometrydotnet:status=solved astrometrydotnet:id=nova173020
M 42 The Orion Nebula (astrochuck) Tags: stars ed star space apo telescope nebula astrophotography orion m42 astronomy messier cf deepspace refractor m43 102mm deepsky apochromatic trapezium nebulosity oriontelescope qhy9m flickrandroidapp:filter=none ed102t startools germanequatorial
M81 M82 NGC2976 NGC3077 (Themagster3) Tags: night astrophotography astronomy nightsky ursamajor m82 m81 deepsky bodesnebula astrometrydotnet:status=solved astrometrydotnet:id=nova1001439
Infant Stars (Lumase) Tags: sky topf25 square stars topf50 topf75 explore nebula astronomy topf100 frontpage hubble naturesfinest deepsky explored explorefrontpage lumase anawesomeshot alemdagqualityonlyclub
PK 80-6.1 / CRL 2688 (Egg Nebula) DCT Sketch (Jeremy P Perez) Tags: sketch astronomy dct deepsky discoverychanneltelescope
n4747 (peter shah) Tags: moon way ic ngc astro observatory telescope galaxy nebula astrophotography orion astronomy imaging nightsky messier comet milky optics starlight xpress deepsky ag12
20080903-0129-M31-30s-x22-color-stretched-curves.fit (tarashnat) Tags: m31 astrophoto deepsky andromedagalaxy Astrometrydotnet:status=solved Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20110205718443
M1 the Crab Nebula (sdsNikon) Tags: longexposure sky dark stars star m1 space astro ciel sombre nebula astrophotography astronomy universe espace toiles toile astronomie univers longueexposition deepsky longuepose profond nbuleuse
M31_20041230acqu1930 (fabioh2o) Tags: deepsky
ED80 - der Denker (cfaobam) Tags: germany bayern deutschland eos telescope 350 goto astronomy eos350d celestron astrophoto advanced aschaffenburg miltenberg teleskop odenwald astronomie canaon deepsky ed80 astrofoto obernburg skywatcher astrofotografie cfaobam
20101207.RT.M6.RXX.SSB.12 (irq506) Tags: summer warmwinter usa california anzaburrego socal desert nationalpark saltonsea deserted dry arid precipitation layers fossils rock ancient mexicali deepsky red blue vacation panasonic gf1 voigtlander 12mm ultrawideheliar carmount driving darklifefilmcamerafilmcameraleicam6bwblackandwhitebwnegatives roadtrip car road travel imagination destination documentary visual salvationmountain joshuatree zabriskipoint cactus wildwest
Stars constellations (ComputerHotline) Tags: sky france night stars star space ciel astrophotography astronomy universe objet nuit constellations espace franchecomt fra constellation belfort toiles objets toile astronomie univers deepsky profond astrophotographie cleste astre astres clestes cielprofond
The eta Carinae Nebula (jkwhinfrey) Tags: deepsky oneclick sidingspring ngc3372 etacarinaenebula itelescope telescope13
Saturne et M106 dans le ciel de mars (Trois_Merlettes) Tags: stars galaxy planet saturn galaxie plante deepsky otw saturne m106
Triplet in Leo (Daniele Malleo) Tags: sky favorite stars space telescope galaxy nebula astrophotography astronomy galaxies ccd astrophoto qsi deepsky Astrometrydotnet:status=solved Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20130308582984
LED pearls (d_o_r_u_m_o_n) Tags: linz austria sonyericsson cybershot telescope astronomy 2009 arselectronica deepsky cedic astroimaging c905
M94 (leeshelp) Tags: galaxy astrophotography deepsky m94 Astrometrydotnet:status=solved Astrometrydotnet:version=10634 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20090220210237
DoubleCluster_NGC 869 and 884 (Astroimager (Douglas Spalding)) Tags: longexposure sky stars star space nikond50 ciel astrophotography astronomy universe espace celestron toiles toile astronomie univers doublecluster ngc869 ngc884 longueexposition deepsky astrophotgraphy longuepose astrophotographie dougspalding Astrometrydotnet:status=solved cge1100 Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20100961715267
M29 / NGC 6913, open cluster: The Night of Two Clusters, part 2 (Sergei Golyshev (almost off till Sept. 16th)) Tags: canon way photography star open mark object space iii cluster 150 mount astrophotography planetarium astronomy messier universe milky catalogue cosmos omni constellation coma celestron coolingtower xlt cygnus starfield corrector deepsky baader  newtonia mpcc m29  ngc6913 refelctor  60d     neq6     yelescope
20080725-M8 (desnova) Tags: lagoon m8 astronomy astronomie deepsky picdumidi
20060830 178 (kc0rjg) Tags: blue snowball astronomy deepsky
The Heart of Orion (eyeDyllic Photography (Bill Dodd)) Tags: mono astrophotography orion deepspace sbig nebulas deepsky siteextraterrestrial remoteobservatory
DSC_0217 (briancotylawson) Tags: jes fur deepsky lawson11b
m16 (frankastro) Tags: astronomy astronomie deepsky telescop 80ed cielprofond
NGC 6357 (Michael Karrer) Tags: deepsky
NGC6820/NGC6823 HaRGB (cfaobam) Tags: sky germany bayern deutschland photo open cluster telescope nebula goto astronomy moravian astrophoto emission aschaffenburg miltenberg g11 lodestar gso teleskop odenwald astronomie littlefoot deepsky astrofoto obernburg losmandy pixinsight sternhaufen astrofotografie astrodon emissionsnebel eqalign cfaobam g28300 8rc ccdt67
2010-01-30-NGC2024+B33-Ha18x600-OIII18x600-Process2-Large (richiejarvisuk) Tags: southeast deepspace deepsky episode2 Astrometrydotnet:status=solved astro:name=thestaralnitakori astro:name=ngc2024 astro:name=ic434 astro:name=horseheadnebula astro:name=ngc2023 astro:name=ic435 Astrometrydotnet:version=13838 astro:RA=853401816626 astro:Dec=21086217993 astro:pixelScale=348 astro:orientation=7527 astro:fieldsize=5945x4459arcminutes Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20100144228291 richiejarvis
NGC 6888 - Crescent Nebula (Jeremy P Perez) Tags: sketch astronomy cygnus deepsky emissionnebula
DSC_0210 (briancotylawson) Tags: jes fur deepsky lawson11b
Extreme CCD Astrophotography IX (d_o_r_u_m_o_n) Tags: linz austria sonyericsson cybershot telescope astronomy 2009 arselectronica deepsky cedic astroimaging c905
20101207.RT.M6.RXX.CHS25.41 (irq506) Tags: california blue red summer vacation usa rock nationalpark ancient driving desert voigtlander dry panasonic socal layers 12mm deserted arid fossils mexicali saltonsea precipitation ultrawideheliar deepsky gf1 carmount warmwinter anzaburrego darklifefilmcamerafilmcameraleicam6bwblackandwhitebwnegatives
NGC 7062 (Jeremy P Perez) Tags: sketch astronomy opencluster cygnus deepsky
m51 (Steve_Beaney) Tags: cork deepsky irishastronomy Astrometrydotnet:status=solved Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20110947038146
Elephant's Trunk Nebula (Xavier Ambs) Tags: sky sun moon night lune canon photography soleil eclipse scope space cluster ngc gaz apo gas mount telescope ciel galaxy nebula astrophotography astronomy supernova messier triplet comet gemini etoile galaxie lunette meade milkyway tmb g11 80mm monture level4 globularcluster astronomie lx200 deepsky televue astrophotographie comete nbuleuse losmandy 08x williamoptics flt132 cielprofond amasglobulaire Astrometrydotnet:status=solved ovision amasouvert elephanttrunknebula astronomieamateur Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 350dbaader Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20110889187194
NGC2392 Eskimo Nebula Nikon D300 deepsky astrophotography astro (Dip_44) Tags: astro astrophotography astronomy d300 deepsky ngc2392
M82 (Lite Katcher) Tags: astronomy galaxies deepsky
Rosette-SHO (tvdavisid) Tags: australia nebula deepspace deepsky narrowband Astrometrydotnet:status=solved astro:name=ngc2252 astro:name=thestar12mon astro:name=ngc2239 astro:name=rosettenebula astro:name=ngc2244 Astrometrydotnet:version=13838 competition:astrophoto=2010 astro:Dec=496367852673 astro:pixelScale=873 astro:RA=980598872528 astro:orientation=17356 astro:fieldsize=248x248degrees Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20100268654438

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50 deepsky 30 astronomy 21 astrophotography 15 stars astronomie 14 nebula sky Astrometrydotnet:status=solved space 13 telescope 10 universe 9 Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 astro 8 night 7 deepspace ciel star 6 galaxy étoiles canon espace teleskop 5 ccd astrophoto cielprofond cosmos messier univers astrophotographie 4 constellation photography ngc étoile observatory galaxies profond orion nébuleuse cygnus cluster 3 apo refractor qhy9m dark eos mks4000 lodestar monochrome emission autoguider celestron imaging backyard longexposure byo sketch astrofotografie constellations nightsky blue fra emissionnebula starlightxpress tmb halpha aschaffenburg célestes panasonic way driving Astrometrydotnet:version=13838 precipitation france red mexicali moon anzaburrego goto objets opencluster episode2 g11 meade dry sombre ultrawideheliar atik sonyericsson astrograph skywatcher germany arid socal california carmount astrometrydotnet:status=solved cybershot layers deutschland images astre miltenberg galaxie cfaobam neq6

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Users: Jeremy P Perez 3 Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com briancotylawson ComputerHotline cfaobam irq506 d_o_r_u_m_o_n fabioh2o Daniele Malleo JRG Astroimages sengsta kc0rjg Michael Karrer moppsbacke70 alsand tvdavisid Astroimager (Douglas Spalding) desnova Sergei Golyshev (almost off till Sept. 16th) M.Demandt [Thanks for 240.000 views] jimkster peter shah Lumase gatoth Steve_Beaney eyeDyllic Photography (Bill Dodd) richiejarvisuk Dip_44 astrochuck Themagster3 sdsNikon Lite Katcher leeshelp Astro☆GuiGeek jkwhinfrey ...Swag Astro (www.swagastro.weebly.com) Trois_Merlettes frankastro Xavier Ambs Nick Howes tarashnat