animal aves bird bone bones chelydraserpentina collection craneo cranium croc crâne crânes curio esqueleto fang fangs fish galliformes gallus gallusgallus hen jctheil lutjanuscampechanus oiseau os osteology ostéologie perciformes phasianidae poisson poule scheletro serpent skeleton skelett skull skulls snake snappingturtle squelette teeth tortue tortueserpentine turtle wunderkammer

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Crne de Pinson des arbres / Common Chaffinch Skull (Fringilla coelebs) (JC-Osteo) Tags: bird skeleton skull aves bones bone fringillacoelebs chaffinch crne pinson fringilla squelette osteology ostologie jctheil
Taxidea taxus (La fille renne) Tags: skeleton skull curio crne osteology taxideataxus blaireauamricain
Crne d'Ecureuil Gris / Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skulls skeleton skull squirrel os collection bones bone rodentia greysquirrel crne squelette ecureuil sciuruscarolinensis sciurus osteology ecureuilgris ostologie jctheil
Hydropotes inermis [EXPLORE] (La fille renne) Tags: skull explore curio wunderkammer crne osteology chinesewaterdeer hydropotesinermis hydropote cerfdeau
Crne de Sabre / Scabbardfish Skull (Lepidopus caudatus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull collection sabre bones bone poisson crne squelette cutlassfish scabbardfish osteology actinopterygii perciformes fishskull lepidopus lepidopuscaudatus ostologie jctheil trichiuridae lepidopodinae sabreargent
Crne de Merlu / European Hake Skull (Merluccius merluccius) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish colin skulls skeleton skull jaw teeth os collection esqueleto jaws bones bone fangs poisson fang dents crne skelett bardot merlu hake squelette scheletro osteology mchoire fishskull merluccius merlucciusmerluccius ostologie jctheil bonebuilding Taxonomy:binomial=merlucciusmerluccius europeanhake bonecleaning merlucommun
Mustela erminea (La fille renne) Tags: skeleton skull curio crne hermine mustelaerminea osteology
Crne de Congre / Conger Eel Skull (Conger conger) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull collection bones bone eel poisson conger crne squelette congereel anguille osteology teleostei congre congerconger ostologie jctheil
Crnes de Chapon & Poule / Capon & Hen Skulls (Gallus gallus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: chicken skulls skeleton skull aves os collection bones bone poule hen gallus poulet capon crne craneo squelette phasianidae gallusgallus sexualdimorphism chapon galliformes osteology gallusgallusdomesticus chickenskull Taxonomy:binomial=gallusgallus ostologie jctheil dimorphismesexuel henskull crnedepoulet crnedepoule caponskull crnedechapon
Gazelle de Thomson / Thomson's Gazelle  (Gazella thomsoni) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull horns os collection esqueleto bones trophy bone horn cranium gazelle bovidae ornement crne skelett gazellathomsonii gazella squelette corne trophe cornes thomsonsgazelle artiodactyla scheletro osteology bonecollection gazelledethomson ostologie jctheil Taxonomy:binomial=gazellathomsonii
Squelette de Hrisson / European Hedgehog Skeleton (Erinaceus europaeus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull os collection bones bone hedgehog crne skelett squelette hrisson erinaceus erinaceuseuropaeus osteology ostologie jctheil
Crne de Vivaneau Rouge / Red Snapper Fish Skull Lutjanus campechanus (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull bones bone snapper crne squelette lutjanus osteology lutjanidae lutjanuscampechanus vivaneau ostologie jctheil
Crne d'Emissole lisse / Common Smooth-hound Shark skull (Mustelus mustelus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skulls skeleton skull shark teeth collection bones requin bone cranium crne craneo squelette osteology mustelusmustelus smoothhound sharkskull ostologie jctheil emissole mustelus emissolelisse commonsmoothhound Taxonomy:binomial=mustelusmustelus crnederequin
Crne de Dindon / Turkey Skull (Meleagris gallopavo) (JC-Osteo) Tags: turkey skulls skeleton skull aves os collection bones bone dinde crne meleagris meleagrisgallopavo squelette phasianidae dindon galliformes osteology Taxonomy:binomial=meleagrisgallopavo ostologie jctheil
Birds Skulls (JC-Osteo) Tags: skulls skeleton skull pigeon collection bones bone poule hen vanellusvanellus oiseau gallus partridge northernlapwing quail oiseaux crne woodpigeon squelette columbapalumbus gallusgallus greypartridge crnes perdixperdix perdix vanellus caille perdrix birdskull osteology pigeonramier coturnix vanneauhupp perdrixgrise vanneau coturnixjaponica pigeonskull ostologie jctheil
Crne de Goland Argent / Herring Gull Skull (Larus argentatus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: sea bird skulls skeleton skull gull aves os collection esqueleto bones bone oiseau larusargentatus seabird larus herringgull crne goland skelett squelette scheletro osteology golandargent ostologie jctheil
Crne de Corneille noire / Carrion Crow Skull (Corvus corone) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skulls skeleton skull aves corneille collection bones bone crow crne corbeau skelett squelette corvus corvidae carrioncrow corvuscorone osteology corneillenoire ostologie jctheil
Crne de Tortue Hargneuse / Snapping Turtle Skull (Chelydra serpentina) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull turtle os collection bones bone tortue snappingturtle crne chelydra squelette chelydraserpentina osteology tortueserpentine ostologie jctheil
Crne de Poisson Loup / Wolffish Skull (Anarhichas lupus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish de skulls skeleton skull wolf os collection bones bone loup poisson lupus crne seawolf squelette wolffish wolfeel osteology atlanticwolffish poissonloup ostologie jctheil latlantiqueanarhichasanarhichas
Crne de Chien / Dog Skull (Canis lupus familiaris) (JC-Osteo) Tags: dog chien animal cane skulls skeleton skull brittany teeth canine dent collection esqueleto bones croc bone fangs cranium fang dents crocs crne skelett canis dogskull squelette crnes canisfamiliaris canin canidae scheletro osteology carnassial boube gedigitalcamera Taxonomy:binomial=canisfamiliaris breedofgundog ostologie jctheil crnedechien carnassire
Crne de Vivaneau Rouge / Red Snapper fish skull (Lutjanus campechanus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull bones bone snapper crne squelette lutjanus osteology lutjanidae lutjanuscampechanus vivaneau ostologie jctheil
Crne de Blaireau / European Badger Skull (Meles meles) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull jaw collection badger jaws bones bone meles crne squelette mustelidae melesmeles blaireau osteology mchoire ostologie jctheil
Crne de Tortue peinte / Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull turtle os collection bones bone tortue crne skelett paintedturtle squelette chrysemys chrysemyspicta osteology turtleskull tortuepeinte ostologie jctheil
Crne de Baudroie commune / Angler Monkfish Skull (Lophius piscatorius) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skulls skeleton skull os collection bones bone lotte monkfish crne angler squelette lophius osteology lophiuspiscatorius baudroie ostologie jctheil
Crne de Turbot / Turbot Skull (Scophthalmus maximus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull bones bone poisson crne turbot squelette scophthalmidae osteology scophthalmus scophthalmusmaximus psetta pleuronectiformes ostologie jctheil
Croissance de Crnes de  Pintades / Guineafowl Skulls Growth (Numida meleagris) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skulls skeleton skull aves collection growth bones bone fowl cranium guineafowl crne craneo croissance squelette numidameleagris crnes pintade galliformes osteology numididae numida Taxonomy:binomial=numidameleagris ostologie jctheil guineafowlskull
Crne de Mrou Brun / Dusky Grouper skull (Epinephelus marginatus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull bones bone poisson grouper crne squelette mrou epinephelus osteology serranidae duskygrouper epinephelusmarginatus perciformes ostologie jctheil
Crne de Crocodile du Nil / Nile Crocodile Skull (Crocodylus niloticus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull reptile teeth collection crocodile bones croc crocodilian bone cranium crne crocodylus croco reptilia craneo squelette nilecrocodile osteology crocodileskull crocodylusniloticus crocodiledunil ostologie jctheil Taxonomy:binomial=crocodylusniloticus archosaure crnedecrocodile
Petits crnes / Small Skulls (JC-Osteo) Tags: macro bird birds skulls skeleton skull rodent aves os collection esqueleto bones bone oiseau oiseaux crne skelett squelette rongeur scheletro osteology ostologie jctheil
Crne de Morue / Cod fish Skull (Gadus sp) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull cod poisson crne squelette morue osteology gadus ostologie
Crne de Pkan / Fisher Skull (Martes pennanti) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull collection fisher bones bone martes crne martre squelette mustelidae osteology martespennanti ostologie jctheil pkan martrepcheuse
Comparaison Crnes de Chat / Cat Skulls (Felis catus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: cat skulls skeleton skull chat os collection esqueleto gato bones catus bone felis felin crne skelett comparaison carnivora squelette felidae feliscatus scheletro osteology ostologie jctheil
Collection d'ostologie du Lyce Racine (JC-Osteo) Tags: horse dog chien skulls skeleton cheval skull teeth os collection esqueleto badger bones bone skeletons fangs fang equus racine crne skelett lyce canis squelette scheletri equuscaballus canisfamiliaris scheletro melesmeles blaireau osteology squelettes lyceracine ostologie jctheil
Crne de Bar Europen / European Seabass Skull (Dicentrarchus labrax) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish bar skeleton skull bass os bones bone poisson seabass crne squelette osteology dicentrarchuslabrax dicentrarchus europeanseabass ostologie jctheil
Crne de Couleuvre / Ratsnake Skull (Pantherophis obsoleta) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skulls skeleton skull snake collection bones bone serpent elaphe ratsnake crne reptilia craneo squelette elapheobsoleta pantherophis couleuvre obsoleta osteology pantherophisobsoletus ostologie jctheil serpentratier
Crne de Sanglier / Wild Boar Skull (Sus scrofa) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull pig teeth collection bones bone cranium hog boar sus crne wildboar sanglier pigskull squelette laie susscrofa suidae osteology suinae btenoire boarskull Taxonomy:binomial=susscrofa ostologie jctheil
Crne d'Agame barbu / Bearded Dragon Skull (Pogona vitticeps) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull dragon lizard bones bone beardeddragon pogona lzard crne squelette agame pogonavitticeps agamidae squamata osteology dragonbarbu ostologie jctheil
Crne de Raton Laveur / Raccoon Skull (Procyon lotor) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull bones bone raccoon racoon procyonlotor crne squelette procyon ratonlaveur osteology ostologie jctheil
Squelette de Crapaud / Toad Skeleton (Bufo melanostictus?) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skulls skeleton skull os frog collection esqueleto toad bones bone skeletons grenouille racine bufo crne skelett lyce anura squelette amphibia scheletri crapaud scheletro osteology squelettes bufomelanostictus lyceracine ostologie jctheil crapaudmasqu
Crnes de Coq & Poule / Rooster & Hen Skulls (Gallus gallus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: chicken skulls skeleton skull aves os collection bones bone rooster poule hen gallus coq poulet crne craneo squelette phasianidae gallusgallus sexualdimorphism galliformes osteology gallusgallusdomesticus chickenskull Taxonomy:binomial=gallusgallus ostologie jctheil dimorphismesexuel roosterskull henskull crnedepoulet crnedecoq crnedepoule
Crne de Coryphne / DolphinFish Skull (Coryphaena hippurus) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull bones bone poisson mahimahi dorado crne dolphinfish squelette osteology coryphne coryphaena coryphaenahippurus ostologie
C.caninus & M.spilota Skulls comparison (JC-Osteo) Tags: skulls skeleton skull morelia snake boa bones bone python serpent crne carpetpython squelette emeraldtreeboa coralluscaninus osteology corallus moreliaspilotamcdowelli ostologie jctheil
Crne de Dorade Royale / Gilt-head Bream Skull (Sparus aurata) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull bones bone bream poisson daurade crne dorade squelette osteology sparusaurata sparus perciformes sparidae ostologie vision:outdoor=0868
Chelydra serpentina (La fille renne) Tags: skeleton skull turtle curiosity tortue snappingturtle crne chelydraserpentina osteology tortueserpentine tortuehargneuse
Crne de Vipre Rhinocros / Rhinoceros Viper Skull (Bitis nasicornis) (JC-Osteo) Tags: skeleton skull snake bones bone serpent viper crne bitis squelette snakeskull vipre osteology bitisnasicornis ostologie jctheil
Halcyon cyanoventris (La fille renne) Tags: skull taxidermy kingfisher curiosity crne martinpcheur osteology
Dasypus novemcinctus (La fille renne) Tags: animal dead skull bones curio wunderkammer crne dasypusnovemcinctus osteology tatouneufbandes
Crne de Morue de l'Atlantique / Cod fish Skull (Gadus morhua) (JC-Osteo) Tags: fish skeleton skull bones bone cod poisson crne squelette gadusmorhua morue osteology gadus ostologie jctheil vision:mountain=0556 vision:outdoor=0799
Chelydra serpentina (La fille renne) Tags: skull turtle tortue snappingturtle curio crne chelydraserpentina osteology tortueserpentine
Myocastor coypus (La fille renne) Tags: ragondin myocastorcoypus skull crne bones osteology animal dead curio wunderkammer

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50 crâne skull osteology 45 skeleton 43 bones 42 squelette ostéologie 41 bone 39 jctheil 28 collection 19 skulls 17 os 13 fish 11 poisson skelett 8 aves scheletro esqueleto 6 teeth cranium craneo curio 4 galliformes tortue turtle 3 phasianidae poule perciformes chelydraserpentina oiseau crânes serpent animal fang fangs bird snake wunderkammer gallus gallusgallus tortueserpentine snappingturtle hen croc lutjanuscampechanus racine poulet skeletons chickenskull Taxonomy:binomial=gallusgallus cod chien crânedepoulet dents melesmeles jaw canisfamiliaris vivaneau scheletri lycéeracine mâchoire squelettes fishskull reptilia dead oiseaux canis crânedepoule dimorphismesexuel lutjanus gallusgallusdomesticus lutjanidae dog chicken sexualdimorphism lycée henskull jaws curiosity mustelidae blaireau gadus snapper morue badger elapheobsoleta emissolelisse epinephelus guineafowl brittany merlucciusmerluccius mahimahi martrepêcheuse rooster seawolf daurade agamidae squirrel dogskull erinaceuseuropaeus pinson suinae perdix artiodactyla bêtenoire crânedecrocodile carnassial dindon coralluscaninus carrioncrow horn bovidae amphibia sparus catus merlucommun tortuehargneuse crânedechapon martes gazella vipère bardot lophius dragonbarbu suidae lotte pantherophisobsoletus vanellusvanellus meles cane scabbardfish chrysemyspicta sciurus anguille crocodiledunil taxideataxus procyonlotor bonecleaning racoon cerfdeau birds goéland fowl raccoon felidae Taxonomy:binomial=numidameleagris quail dolphinfish turtleskull caille crânederequin explore sabre croissance bonebuilding susscrofa wolf mustelusmustelus crânedecoq rongeur pigeonramier hedgehog boarskull gull snakeskull Taxonomy:binomial=mustelusmustelus erinaceus columbapalumbus myocastorcoypus dent canin comparaison numididae capon dasypusnovemcinctus emeraldtreeboa dinde canine corvus coturnix sharkskull wolfeel merluccius anura pigskull loup chaffinch gato coryphaena emissole woodpigeon commonsmoothhound boa croco duskygrouper lepidopus equuscaballus vanneau corallus couleuvre trophy scophthalmusmaximus crow lepidopuscaudatus macro latlantiqueanarhichasanarhichas corneillenoire bonecollection ornement eel pigeon archosaure equus pigeonskull beardeddragon squamata python Taxonomy:binomial=merlucciusmerluccius pogonavitticeps scophthalmidae meleagrisgallopavo baudroie carnivora seabass atlanticwolffish coq paintedturtle poissonloup crocodylus bass gazellathomsonii de bufomelanostictus obsoleta martre dicentrarchuslabrax serpentratier goélandargenté psetta cheval seabird toad crocodile conger Taxonomy:binomial=gazellathomsonii perdixperdix lepidopodinae reptile merlu colin crapaud sus grouper elaphe Taxonomy:binomial=susscrofa trophée greypartridge bar corvidae sciuruscarolinensis vanneauhuppé frog chinesewaterdeer chapon numida hérisson nilecrocodile carnassière wolffish blaireauaméricain cutlassfish vanellus gazelledethomson numidameleagris dorade ratonlaveur ecureuilgris smoothhound greysquirrel epinephelusmarginatus crapaudmasqué perdrix grenouille mérou larusargentatus pékan bream caponskull horse felin moreliaspilotamcdowelli lézard hermine bufo gedigitalcamera tatouàneufbandes perdrixgrise mustelus turbot serranidae wildboar Taxonomy:binomial=canisfamiliaris martinpêcheur boubée sanglier felis ragondin teleostei gazelle

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