2012©andrewpettigrew 2014©andrewpettigrew allrightsreserved angles anglesanglesangles art blue brick building bus car centre city colourbysoftwarelaziness glass graffiti grass green images imagesofsheffield london orange park people pool public publicartinlondon publicartinsheffield red road sheffield sheffieldarchitecture sheffieldbuildings sky stainless steel stone street streetart tower tree trees urbanarea yellow ©andrewpettigrew

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tube (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue sky canada london heron glass lines station underground square steel jubilee curves tube entrance line wharf canary quays stainless allrightsreserved scraper colourbysoftwarelaziness 2012andrewpettigrew london1207062409
spikey fence (Harry Halibut) Tags: road fence globe sheffield centre images business spikey allrightsreserved penistone shalesmoor periodicity anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings sheffieldmetal colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1406019307
out of the mouths of babes... (Harry Halibut) Tags: street windows streetart building tree brick art public leaves children graffiti artwork stencil empty sheffield meadow images boardedup derelict allrightsreserved shuttered publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1408310902
transformers (Harry Halibut) Tags: street streetart bus art public skyline female buildings graffiti site artist sheffield markets murals images hoarding stop moor cumberland allrightsreserved groundwork publicartinsheffield turningthecorner colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield fuanagraphic 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1208315757
insha'allah (Harry Halibut) Tags: bridge windows building london art public reflections shopping steel centre images olympics westfield stratford allrightsreserved 2012 corten inshaallah londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1408229664
poser (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red orange black green girl smiling yellow coral sheffield roundabout posing carousel images fantasy photograph brass thunder allrightsreserved fargate horese colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081031041 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
spring has sprung (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue sky house tree green yellow architecture concrete restaurant hotel condemned sheffield violet crocus images allrightsreserved charter brutalist crocuses grosvenor sqaure vijays crocii sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090306154 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
centre of the cell (Harry Halibut) Tags: street bridge school london art public cell science images institute walkway link medicine newark whitechapel turner barts dentistry allrightsreserved blizard molecular londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1207313403
no 1 poultry (Harry Halibut) Tags: building london modern restaurant contemporary victoria queen poultry futuristic allrightsreserved no1 coqdargent anglesanglesangles ovearuppartners mappinwebb colourbysoftwarelaziness london090428082 jamesstirlingmichaelwilfordassociates andrewpettigrew
horse's head sculpture #01 (Harry Halibut) Tags: road park trees red sky horses people sculpture horse bus green london tower corner skyscraper high cloudy head menacing nick double hyde block rise allrightsreserved decker lpa edgeware 27ft colourbysoftwarelaziness london090618a080 fiddiangreen andrewpettigrew kazoo500
paving by cathedral (Harry Halibut) Tags: york flowers red woman tree brick green tower stone walking cathedral sheffield images paving allrightsreserved slabs colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100730331
SHEFF 1407230117 (Harry Halibut) Tags: images allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew
flagship (Harry Halibut) Tags: street old red building brick ball industrial empty sheffield angles images lane land angular allrightsreserved defunct shuttered neepsend grafifiti anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1406019111
triangles (Harry Halibut) Tags: park street london car design pattern repetition allrightsreserved grilles lpa welbeck marylebonelane henriettaplace anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon london090618a117 w1g0ba andrewpettigrew
flat street bus shelter 37022835 (Harry Halibut) Tags: bw blancoynegro branco blackwhite noiretblanc images preto zwart wit weiss bianco blanc nero allrightsreserved noire schwatz sheffieldbuildings contrastbysoftwarelaziness colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1410101169
sheffield town hall (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue sky tower clock stone gardens town hall peace sheffield images allrightsreserved pinstone colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew s11aa sheff120117005
john lewis (Harry Halibut) Tags: street people wet rain liverpool john store paradise entrance lewis images curved rounded department allrightsreserved liverpoolarchitecture liverpoolbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofliverpool 2014andrewpettigrew liverpool1407290403
lion (Harry Halibut) Tags: music streetart art public students drums graffiti mural university sheffield centre union lion images row doorway national shutter popular allrightsreserved hallam paternoster publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2015andrewpettigrew sheff1504042855
aquatics centre #054 (Harry Halibut) Tags: london art public wooden skin centre curves curvy images abstracts planks allrightsreserved cladding aquatics londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1407229754
arundel gate interchange (Harry Halibut) Tags: people building bus green grass gate sheffield transport images stop arundel allrightsreserved interchange triangular colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff120318305
about angles (Harry Halibut) Tags: road blue trees sky green yellow fence university sheffield steps images use portobello enterprise railings allrightsreserved unit urbanarea anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew sheff110703a348
feelin' blue #04 (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red reflection water fountain glass pool lights sheffield roundabout angles images ripples allrightsreserved barkers linescurves anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff091228053 andrewpettigrew
red is the colour (Harry Halibut) Tags: pink blue red green yellow gardens train lights peace ride sheffield ground fair images allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew sheff110220941 sheff110220937
retrobarf (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red wallpaper orange green yellow circle pattern sheffield curves towers images retro wires 70s burnaby allrightsreserved halibut colourbysoftwarelaziness 12bg090528088 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
triffic terrace (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue trees windows white black reflection green glass stone river grey riverside walk five steel sheffield images don railings stainless allrightsreserved pavers blonk weirs newbuild blonkstreet anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081016159 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
tripe shop (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue light red orange man west building bus yellow shop traffic market turquoise yorkshire double toffee tripe allrightsreserved decker arriva dewsbury urbanarea fleshcolour colourbysoftwarelaziness dewsbury090730038 andrewpettigrew
mural part 2 (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red people building green station yellow silver painting mural university steel sheffield nelson images bin litter hoarding waste midland stainless allrightsreserved mandela hallam sheaf colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080304040a imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
sdc #116 (Harry Halibut) Tags: city flowers blue plants green tower stairs digital campus grey drive crane steel steps images driveway access railing lofts stainless allrightsreserved anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff090821103 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
SHEFF 071209005 (Harry Halibut) Tags: art public images allrightsreserved publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew
LIVERPOOL 1407290265 (Harry Halibut) Tags: street art public stone wall liverpool iron images cast quarter lime curve curved spikes allrightsreserved stgeorgeshall liverpoolarchitecture liverpoolbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofliverpool 2014andrewpettigrew publicartinliverpool
slippery slope (Harry Halibut) Tags: park street blue red sky cloud building green car sunshine sign cross borg sheffield angles charles images shops rays noentry allrightsreserved burgess cambrisge anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100528134
brick clubhouse (Harry Halibut) Tags: red brick church architecture catholic sheffield images fascist allrightsreserved hillsborough fascista sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080910144 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
still life with toucan (Harry Halibut) Tags: life blue red white tree green grass garden toucan still view purple box curtain balls hedge allrightsreserved perpsex colourbysoftwarelaziness halibuttowers abp080822025 andrewpettigrew
spotlight (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue shadow red sky woman sunlight brick green church window buildings george sheffield images allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090222052 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
millhouses (Harry Halibut) Tags: road blue bus green yellow sheffield images deck upper mauve allrightsreserved millhouses abbeydale sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090201067 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
greedy greek (Harry Halibut) Tags: city flowers blue red people orange tree green castle sunshine yellow table greek sheffield centre steps tram images stop deli greedy allrightsreserved pushchair sqaure chaire colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090613027 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
feelin' blue #02 (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red reflection water fountain glass pool sheffield angles images ripples allrightsreserved barkers linescurves anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff091228045 andrewpettigrew
balm green #2 (Harry Halibut) Tags: road city green pool yellow stone work john hall cole brothers sheffield side lewis images east balm allrightsreserved barkers listedbuildings anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081230009 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew listedarchitecture sheffieldarchitecture
SHEFF 1308267816 (Harry Halibut) Tags: allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2013andrewpettigrew
gilbert street #2 (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red green sports pool grass swimming stones sheffield centre images cobbled cobble international cobbles ponds allrightsreserved gilbertstreet urbanarea foge anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081106055 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
social site (Harry Halibut) Tags: street new blue red sky building college clouds chruch allrightsreserved barnsley colourbysoftwarelaziness 2011andrewpettigrew s702yw barnsley110711057
light (Harry Halibut) Tags: city blue light shadow people art window station yellow hall leeds doorway deco allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness leeds090807002 andrewpettigrew
24/7 (of 9?) (Harry Halibut) Tags: park street city blue trees red green car yellow gate open sheffield charles images lofts arundel allrightsreserved 247 cheesegrater theborg sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081216046 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
sheffield college (Harry Halibut) Tags: road green castle college power wind granville images generation allrightsreserved turbines newbuild sheffieled colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1206260015
spot the bike... (Harry Halibut) Tags: shadow art public sunshine bike bicycle yellow square theatre maroon sheffield images tudor cycle tourdefrance allrightsreserved letour lyceum publicartinsheffield colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1407059393a
casbah (Harry Halibut) Tags: bar concrete restaurant closed empty sheffield images re casbah derelict allrightsreserved dblack anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings rotrossorougerood colourbysoftwarelaziness cambrisgestreet sheff081008031 imagesofsheffield redsheff andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
eleventh night (Harry Halibut) Tags: christmas blue trees red snow colour green yellow garden cherry lights sheffield towers images fairy burnaby bulbs allrightsreserved halibut rotrossorougerood colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff100105253 burnabygreen andrewpettigrew
knocking on heaven's door (Harry Halibut) Tags: park blue red green car yellow clouds gate apartment sheffield block arundel allrightsreserved theborg sheffieldbuildings thecheesegrater colourbysoftwarelaziness csaino sheff080904028 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
snaw (Harry Halibut) Tags: snow tree green garden scaffolding sheffield towers images scaffold allrightsreserved halibut walkley urbanarea anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090201001 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
something old something new (Harry Halibut) Tags: street bridge blue red streetart brick green public grass electric wall graffiti tram cables works wired allrightsreserved sheaf publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield eledtric sheffieldarchitecture 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1208315809

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