2010©andrewpettigrew 2012©andrewpettigrew 2014©andrewpettigrew allrightsreserved anglesanglesangles art blue bridge building bus castle colourbysoftwarelaziness empty glass grass green house images imagesoflondon imagesofsheffield london londonarchitecture londonbuildings park people public publicartinsheffield red reflection road sheffield sheffieldarchitecture sheffieldbuildings shop sky stainless steel stop street sunshine tower university urbanarea yellow ©andrewpettigrew

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sunshine bus (Harry Halibut) Tags: bridge blue shadow people reflection bus green glass sunshine steel sheffield low passengers stop single ladys 87 stainless stagecoach allrightsreserved edges decker colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew winagte sheff1211161303
SHEFF 1408311258 (Harry Halibut) Tags: images allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew
foundry arms (Harry Halibut) Tags: road blue shadow sky house public sunshine yellow bar foundry pub inn arms image sheffield images tavern 111 barrow available allrightsreserved urbanarea barrowroad wincobank sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness s91la sheff080917118 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
stanley house (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue house art glass stone facade sheffield stanley deco stanleystreet allrightsreserved 1930 buuilding sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080917042 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
casbah and the car (Harry Halibut) Tags: street cambridge red car wall sheffield images nightclub casbah allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings rotrossorougerood colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield redsheff sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1207253108
glass & steel (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue canada reflection building london glass yellow silver shopping square steel centre arcade wires wharf round canary posts stainless allrightsreserved struts cylindrical tensions colourbysoftwarelaziness 2012andrewpettigrew antramming cylinderer london1207062377
steelworker (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue light red people building brick green castle art public sunshine angel sheffield images end law courts 1986 gable allrightsreserved steelworker paulwaplington publicartinsheffield fourstorey sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture 2012andrewpettigrew sheff10216065
SHEFF 1404138446 (Harry Halibut) Tags: images publicart publicartinsheffield anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2014andrewpettigrewallrightsreserved
granville road - the sheffield college (Harry Halibut) Tags: granville road sheffieled college castle newbuild tram stop sheffield supertram stagecoach sypte fence grey yellow power generation green wind turbines sheff1206260003 2012andrewpettigrew allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield images
YSP 1507185811 (Harry Halibut) Tags: art public images allrightsreserved ysp yorkshiresculpturepark colourbysoftwarelaziness 2015andrewpettigrew imagesofysp publicartinyorkshire
five-year engagement (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red bus green london buses modern buildings hospital contemporary royal images stop allrightsreserved londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness 2014andrewpettigrew london1207313329
monsters of rockery (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red black public yellow night cub concert rocks sheffield gig bank reservoir corporation skool revolution posters allrightsreserved broadwalk gothsicles publicartinsheffield rotrossorougeroot colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1207130788
i'm late i'm late for a very important date (Harry Halibut) Tags: street london art public images victoria allrightsreserved pimlico londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1208063589
SHEFF 1501191936 (Harry Halibut) Tags: images allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2015andrewpettigrew
sheff-o-rama #088 (Harry Halibut) Tags: park city blue red building green clock buses grass station wheel digital campus town hall big university south sheffield centre terraces tracks tram images cables wires rails owen lofts midland allrightsreserved supertram hallam adsetts lanscaped colourbysoftwarelaziness shefforama imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheff1208315900
ball street bridge (Harry Halibut) Tags: road street bridge blue houses red reflection green ball river saw steel sheffield file images works don alfred beckett allrightsreserved sons colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew sheff10706047
the tiles (Harry Halibut) Tags: street wood blue windows sky building green church grass way hall sheffield images row tiles block panels breeze allrightsreserved creswick periodicity anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100403018
green (Harry Halibut) Tags: reflection green university sheffield commons allrightsreserved cladding sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2013andrewpettigrew sheff1308070278 informatiopn
the accidental art of reconstruction #538 (Harry Halibut) Tags: park street pink streetart green art public car yellow graffiti kid sheffield mauve allrightsreserved carbuncle eyre acne publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1208155538
no more fossil fools (Harry Halibut) Tags: street york ballet west art public poster leeds images jonesy northern allrightsreserved stcecilia 2015 yorksire leedsbuildings leedsarchitecture publicartinleeds colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofleeds 2015andrewpettigrew nomorefossilfools leeds1505240059
snig hill #02 (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red sky cloud bus green yellow fence concrete sheffield hill images stop barrier allrightsreserved snig colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090620109 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
SHEFF 1407230072 (Harry Halibut) Tags: windows shop tile doors steel empty steps images front flags double swing vacant woolworths stainless allrightsreserved handrails sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew yjhughes
tramway pub (Harry Halibut) Tags: road red house streetart green london wall graffiti pub inn close sheffield tavern decrepit derelict tramway broom allrightsreserved lublic sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2013andrewpettigrew sheff1304076994
turning a corner (Harry Halibut) Tags: street city blue red bus castle angel volvo sheffield centre hill first images 66 nightclub deck single boardwalk wright allrightsreserved rotherham snig renown firstbus b10ble b41f colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield t852mak 2011andrewpettigrew 60670 110825014sheff
SHEFF 1207152942 (Harry Halibut) Tags: art public images allrightsreserved publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew
ecnalubma (Harry Halibut) Tags: london hospital royal images allrightsreserved londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness 2014andrewpettigrew london1207313362
SHEFF 110615156 (Harry Halibut) Tags: public allrightsreserved publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2012andrewpettigrew
blow your own trumpet (Harry Halibut) Tags: road blue red shop empty sheffield trumpet images blow advertisement your derelict own allrightsreserved infirmary boardup shuttered provisions urbanarea anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100509045
texture (Harry Halibut) Tags: wood abstract reflection shop contrast steel sheffield hill images textures doorway tiles marble surfaces stainless allrightsreserved chipboard tesserae snig sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090622083 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
wedgie (Harry Halibut) Tags: park street blue red sky cloud building green car sunshine sign cross borg sheffield angles charles images shops rays noentry allrightsreserved burgess cambrisge anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100528133
elements-fire-steel (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red sculpture reflection green art public yellow metal reflections fire university howard steel sheffield images elements allrightsreserved hallam publicartinsheffield anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings rotrossorougerood colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081215012 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
flats now flattened (Harry Halibut) Tags: road building green tower grass stone apartments sheffield images shrewsbury flats council housing handrail block footpath built allrightsreserved association sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff040830a302a andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
so close... (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue people art public glass buses yellow turquoise steel images seats shelter stainless allrightsreserved liverpoolarchitecture liverpoolbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofliverpool 2014andrewpettigrew publicartinliverpool merseyravel liverpool1407290378
market force (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red reflection building tower castle stairs sheffield markets images haymarket allrightsreserved waingate colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew sheff110809018
green door (Harry Halibut) Tags: street door windows shadow red brick green bars sheffield images earl angular allrightsreserved rightangles colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080811045 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
the lights are on but no one's home (Harry Halibut) Tags: road blue red sky house brick green london public painting pub inn closed close empty tram images tavern derelict broom allrightsreserved urbanarea thetramway anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081207024 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
atkinsons (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red yellow shop fence store demolition images earl velocity rubble allrightsreserved atkinsons themoor sheffieldbuildings deaprtment colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081230040 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
golly galosh! (Harry Halibut) Tags: pink blue red green boots market pavement sheffield stall images spotty wellington galoshes allrightsreserved urbanarea themoor colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090114017 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
tudor square (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red green tower grass square hall sheffield images victoria tudor allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080910037 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
SHEFF 0709120021 (EoR Olympic) Tags: allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2007andrewpettigrewallrightsreserved
red line (Harry Halibut) Tags: road park trees red sky people bus green london tower corner skyscraper high arch cloudy menacing pigeon double hyde stop block marble rise busses allrightsreserved decker edgeware colourbysoftwarelaziness andrewpettigrew kazoo500 2012andrewpettigrew london1208063514
hoarding (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red people colour building green yellow sylvester purple decay maroon empty sheffield images hoarding decrepit desolate allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100328070
compare and contrast (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red food building yellow shop contrast king burger sheffield columns fast images haymarket outlet allrightsreserved urbanarea anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff100104031 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
lyceum (Harry Halibut) Tags: bus theatre sheffield images stop allrightsreserved lyceum listedbuildings thisisnothdr sheff071209010a colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew listedarchitecture
cab (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red castle window sign yellow shop logo taxi sheffield united images supermarket taxis tiles slate rank cabs groceries blades allrightsreserved cooperative provisions colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100613287
millenium bridge (Harry Halibut) Tags: bridge blue trees sky people green london art thames modern river gallery cathedral tate stpauls millenium richard rogers stpaulscathedral allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness london090625a146 andrewpettigrew
LONDON 1407229571 (Harry Halibut) Tags: art public images allrightsreserved londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew
access abstract #24 (Harry Halibut) Tags: wood red abstract yellow stairs hand sheffield steps vertigo rail images allrightsreserved stpaulsplace anglesanglesangles obliquemind obliquamente colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff090914044a andrewpettigrew
digital revolution (Harry Halibut) Tags: street bridge streetart building digital campus graffiti university sheffield railway images shu allrightsreserved hallam sheaf urbanarea sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness adesst sheff080824373a imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
brown street (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red brown reflection green art window glass yellow space yorkshire images row blank works cutouts cutlery allrightsreserved persistence paternoster anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081207131b imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture

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