2011©andrewpettigrew 2012©andrewpettigrew allrightsreserved anglesanglesangles art blue building buildings bus centre city colourbysoftwarelaziness gardens green images imagesoflondon imagesofsheffield interchange lane light london londonarchitecture londonbuildings orange park passengers people pinstone red reflection sheffield sheffieldarchitecture sheffieldbuildings sky square stainless steel stone stop street transport trees urbanarea yellow ©andrewpettigrew

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steelworker (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue light red people brick green castle art sunshine yellow angel traffic sheffield images allrightsreserved steelworker publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090528045 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
SHEFF 1404138416 (Harry Halibut) Tags: new blue trees red sky yellow architecture buildings artwork all sheffield  markets andrew images rights seats publicart benches bins reserved pettigrew allrightsreserved 2014 tjhughes rubbsh nuilding themoor publicartinsheffield colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2014andrewpettigrew
markets (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue shadow red building sunshine concrete rooftops market sheffield images angular allrightsreserved sheaf urbanarea dblue sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff070502183a imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
that's what i call scaffolding (Harry Halibut) Tags: park blue london hockey silver scaffolding bank arena seats olympics riverbank venue stratford allrightsreserved tier colourbysoftwarelaziness 2012andrewpettigrew london20120548a
heavy roller (Harry Halibut) Tags: old green yellow club diesel rusty cricket roller oily decrepit heavy basic allrightsreserved acomb strippeddown colourbysoftwarelaziness york090307022 andrewpettigrew
blobby (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue people orange castle glass yellow square sheffield tram images passengers spots stop chuch allrightsreserved pavers supertram colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1204240540a
exit (Harry Halibut) Tags: bridge blue red people london art public images olympics barriers stratford allrightsreserved 2012 londonbuildings londonarchitecture segregated imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1208125291
harmer lane #11 (Harry Halibut) Tags: road city blue red building green tower cars yellow university crane sheffield transport norfolk images lane owen lofts harmer allrightsreserved interchange hallam sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff090821066 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
waingate bus stop (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red people reflection bus green clouds eclipse volvo high grove sheffield olive first images passengers stop wright shelter gemini allrightsreserved 76 firstbus waingate 37505 firstsouthyorkshire anglesanglesangles b9tl h4529f colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090608023 yn08pne imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
grey society (Harry Halibut) Tags: bridge blue light red sky people green bird lamp station yellow buildings square post railway passengers management stop wharf docklands canary netting dlr slope girders cabot allrightsreserved londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness lumianire 2012andrewpettigrew london1208125366
cathedral (Harry Halibut) Tags: trees stone square cathedral sheffield images allrightsreserved bollards wniter sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090201008 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
two piece reclining figures: cut #01 (Harry Halibut) Tags: park blue trees sky sculpture brown west green grass bronze gold yorkshire henry moore allrightsreserved bretton ysp yorkshiresculpturepark 197981 colourbysoftwarelaziness twopiecerecliningfigurescut ysp090702152a andrewpettigrew
weave (Harry Halibut) Tags: new blue red reflection building green modern cherry site construction university pattern sheffield images weave allrightsreserved picker newbuild desin chery universityofsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080921194 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
escapism (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red building green yellow metal stairs fire university escape cone circles steel sheffield steps images regentstreet holes stainless allrightsreserved perforations universityofsheffield colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080921108 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
part primary #01 (Harry Halibut) Tags: london hockey lines yellow stairs riverside bue curves images arena seats olympics venue allrightsreserved stands 2012 londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness 2015andrewpettigrew 20121207072552
formicadae (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red green poster display sheffield ant images exhibition hoarding placard allrightsreserved photogrpah themoor colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew formicadae sheff110313035
male marmalade hoverfly (Harry Halibut) Tags: family eyes sheffield valley porter allrightsreserved marmalade hoverfly syrphidae sheff episyrphus balteatus holoptic colourbysoftwarelaziness 2010andrewpettigrew 100819124
freebee (Harry Halibut) Tags: city blue red reflection bus shirt clouds gate sheffield centre united free first images passengers route stop supporter shelter circular allrightsreserved freebee fitzwilliam firstbus urbanarea 44927 colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield servics 2011andrewpettigrew 110728011sheff yx11hnz
town hall (Harry Halibut) Tags: street building green tower clock stone gardens town hall peace steel sheffield images stop dome but glas stainless allrightsreserved listed grade1 pinstone chelter colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew sheff110220946
reflect (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red reflection building tree green london hotel place hilton more allrightsreserved no6 anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness london090420064 andrewpettigrew
city lights (Harry Halibut) Tags: street pink blue cambridge red green water fountain pool yellow dark lights purple time sheffield images division allrightsreserved nigh steelwork barkers anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090106062 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
freebee (Harry Halibut) Tags: street city blue gardens buildings peace centre transport images passenger executive allrightsreserved yrokshire urbanarea pinstone sypte suoth tmtravel freebus colourbysoftwarelaziness sheffielsd sheff080829038 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
luminate (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue light red sky green yellow buildings sheffield images standard bandstand moor lam allrightsreserved themoor anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff020907001 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
west wintergarden (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue sky west building green london glass metal facade skyscraper blackwhite high doors floor district steel angles curvy wintergarden wharf rails docklands canary rise financial wavy offices stainless allrightsreserved revolving london londonbuildings londonarchitecture refflections imagesoflondon angles angles contrastbysoftwarelaziness colourbysoftwarelaziness 2012 2012andrewpettigrew london1208125411
when is a locally listed building not a building? (Harry Halibut) Tags: images allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2015andrewpettigrew sheff1501191953
wharncliffe house detail (Harry Halibut) Tags: street door red house black work design iron terracotta decorative empty sheffield bank images croft grille moulding derelict entry allrightsreserved wrought tolet wharnecliffe sheffieldbuildings dororway colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090412082 scagill imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
accessorize #1 (Harry Halibut) Tags: auto park blue red orange black car yellow shopping automobile pattern crystal sheffield centre cream mini images motor peaks allrightsreserved chequer colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090105002 yr58kkj imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
seat (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue bus tarmac grey circles steel seat sheffield images holes stop shelter stainless allrightsreserved linescurves pinstone anglesanglesangles circlescirclescircles obliquemind obliquamente colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff090920059 andrewpettigrew
sit #013 (Harry Halibut) Tags: street light orange yellow night bench gold pond d steel seat transport images sit sodium allrightsreserved interchange sheffiel periodicity stainles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100423426a
pinstone st shelter (Harry Halibut) Tags: road street blue shadow people reflection bus green cars wheel town hall big traffic sheffield images stop allrightsreserved pinstone sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff090920044 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
arcelormittal orbit (Harry Halibut) Tags: park blue red sculpture london tower art public silver observation lakshmi steel million tall olympic kapoor anish orbit stratford allrightsreserved cecil pounds arup balmond coreten mittal 115m arcelormittal anglesanglesangles rotrossorougerood imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2012andrewpettigrew 377ft london1208084424 191m
surfing sheffield (Harry Halibut) Tags: red reflection green window yellow square hotel store gate dummies mannequins bue sheffield department allrightsreserved charter debenhams grosvenor colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1211016178
on the market (Harry Halibut) Tags: park street blue red castle car yellow buildings market turquoise telephone sheffield images kiosk haymarket exchange allrightsreserved waingate sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090315025 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
city plaza hotel (Harry Halibut) Tags: street plaza city red yellow square hotel leeds boar allrightsreserved colourmania colourbysoftwarelaziness leeds080428060 andrewpettigrew
st paul's cathedral and peter's hill (Harry Halibut) Tags: people london stone modern buildings cathedral contemporary hill christopher stpauls pedestrian tourists architect dome wren peters allrightsreserved precinct listedbuildings ashlar colourbysoftwarelaziness london090625a039 andrewpettigrew listedarchitecture
coffee (Harry Halibut) Tags: reflection glass coffee shop mall shopping table chair lift crystal steel sheffield images peaks curve stainless allrightsreserved precinct steelwork colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew racade sheff110220871
SHEFF 100325213 (Harry Halibut) Tags: art public images allrightsreserved publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew
tate modern and the millenium bridge #02 (Harry Halibut) Tags: city bridge trees people green london art thames modern river gallery shadows suspension tate millenium allrightsreserved bankside siranthonycaro lordnormanrobertfoster anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness gravityanchored london090625a057 andrewpettigrew
cluster #01 (Harry Halibut) Tags: road light red black reflection sports lines wheel club volkswagen south tail cluster curves rear images stop polo allrightsreserved reversing abbeydale linescurves colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100613286
talbot chambers (Harry Halibut) Tags: street door red reflection brick church stone wooden oak sandstone head stonework sheffield north images carving practice chambers legal allrightsreserved talbot curver sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090412044 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
compare and contrast (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue autumn trees red plants building green stone gardens gum peace sweet sheffield images reds cobbles shrubs tone allrightsreserved sweetgumtree liquidambarstyraciflua pinstonestreet sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081109030 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
amongst the fallen... (Harry Halibut) Tags: city blue autumn trees red green leaves yellow skeleton branches south sheffield centre images fallen lane skeletal allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff091109026 andrewpettigrew
finished? (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red green yellow sheffield main transport entrance jefferson architects allrightsreserved interchange barnsley sheard colourbysoftwarelaziness barnsley090309a012 andrewpettigrew
SHEFF 0709120017 (EoR Olympic) Tags: allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2007andrewpettigrewallrightsreserved
after life (Harry Halibut) Tags: life blue red streetart brick london graffiti nathan lane bowen after allrightsreserved lpa colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon london090618015 andrewpettigrew
something old, something new (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue shadow orange man bus green sunshine station walking transport lane shaw allrightsreserved interchange barnsley colourbysoftwarelaziness barnsley080304052 andrewpettigrew
south street park (Harry Halibut) Tags: park street green grass stone stairs terrace steel space south sheffield steps amphitheatre bank bowl images valley handrail hillside allrightsreserved risers sheaf corten colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1206260071
bik bok (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red people orange london fashion shop facade design stonework curves clothes jacket oxford pedestrians bok reflective allrightsreserved bik urbanarea buotique colourbysoftwarelaziness london090618053 andrewpettigrew
wicker arch (Harry Halibut) Tags: stone arch sheffield railway images wicker sleek allrightsreserved anglesanglesangles thewicker colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080917050 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
perspective part 1 (Harry Halibut) Tags: city trees winter gardens grey purple planters sheffield centre images lofts allrightsreserved angled redevelopment stpaulsplace anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff090914057 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture

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50 allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness 33 images imagesofsheffield 30 ©andrewpettigrew blue 29 sheffield 27 red 22 green 17 yellow 15 sheffieldarchitecture street 14 sheffieldbuildings 10 london 9 people reflection anglesanglesangles 8 building steel stop 7 trees stone city 2012©andrewpettigrew 6 park buildings 5 orange light stainless sky art square bus transport centre imagesoflondon 4 urbanarea gardens 2011©andrewpettigrew londonbuildings interchange passengers londonarchitecture lane pinstone 3 sunshine curves publicartinsheffield shelter stairs south olympics tower brick publicartinlondon castle glass peace 2014©andrewpettigrew 2010©andrewpettigrew stratford public bridge black hotel themoor modern university seats bank shadow road autumn steps hall sheaf market gate traffic shopping west silver wheel circles sculpture cars 2012 purple station canary metal seat linescurves railway peaks universityofsheffield waingate docklands firstbus dome precinct

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