2010©andrewpettigrew 2011©andrewpettigrew 2012©andrewpettigrew 2014©andrewpettigrew allrightsreserved anglesanglesangles art blue brick building bus colourbysoftwarelaziness gate green images imagesofsheffield lamp london londonarchitecture old orange park people public publicartinsheffield red reflection road sheffield sheffieldarchitecture sheffieldbuildings shop sky stainless station steel stone street tower trees university wall white yellow ©andrewpettigrew

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assimilated (Harry Halibut) Tags: park street abstract public car gate borg sheffield shapes angles charles arundel aluminium allrightsreserved cladding cheesegrater publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings angles angles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1212026464
graffiti by phlegm (Harry Halibut) Tags: old red white house streetart black brick green bird public metal wall bag person fantastic pub artist traffic cone gates fantasy derelict allrightsreserved grilles unused phlegm publicartinsheffield grafifiti heffield colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew padlockbird sheff1207152714
makin' trax (Harry Halibut) Tags: pink blue red green yellow gardens train track peace ride sheffield rail ground fair images trailer tyre allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew ehweel sheff110220937
the stockroom detail (Harry Halibut) Tags: images allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1207152712
LONDON 1207313353 (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red green london architecture hospital tile bush royal images panels allrightsreserved cladding londonbuildings londonarchitecture rotrossorougerood imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness 2014andrewpettigrew
cutting edge #163 (Harry Halibut) Tags: red sculpture reflection green art public lamp station square steel sheffield curves railway arches images pots edge cutting curve curved midland stainless allrightsreserved sheaf publicartinsheffield colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100521075
corner (Harry Halibut) Tags: light red brick lamp corner buildings university sheffield images railings shu allrightsreserved hallam luminaire anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff091004075 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
insha'allah (Harry Halibut) Tags: bridge windows building london art public reflections shopping steel centre images olympics westfield stratford allrightsreserved 2012 corten inshaallah londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1408229664
red monkey (Harry Halibut) Tags: road street red white english window shop tattoo studio chairs body daniel flag sheffield cleveland hill images piercing fox re parlour allrightsreserved dmonkey colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew sheff110724s073
SHEFF 150192189 (Harry Halibut) Tags: trees houses building tower way university sheffield arts commons images hanover leafless information chimneys allrightsreserved listed sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2015andrewpettigrew
wharncliffe works (Harry Halibut) Tags: old red people building brick green walking industrial sheffield images lane allrightsreserved shalesmoor sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1406029311
upright (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue trees red green home lamp yellow buildings bench lights gate seat sheffield arcade images posts offices allrightsreserved bollards improvements furnival anglian colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1205201683a
down (Harry Halibut) Tags: red people reflection green station yellow stairs steel sheffield steps platform images access girders midland allrightsreserved anglesanglesangles hadrails obliquemind obliquamente paasengers colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100825080
imax 3d (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red reflection bus london film yellow coach may 25 advert allrightsreserved imax3d colourbysoftwarelaziness 2012andrewpettigrew london1206100748
decreasing circles (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red people orange green yellow stone shopping birmingham circles balcony centre bull ring tiles railing allrightsreserved linescurves brum080308094a colourbysoftwarelaziness andrewpettigrew
acropolis (Harry Halibut) Tags: road door red white shop closed purple empty sheffield images wires letterbox acropolis hairdressers supertram defunct burgoyne anglesanglesangles tarmway sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrewallrightsreserved sheff1406018835 langseett
bluescaff (Harry Halibut) Tags: wood blue art net public wooden scaffolding timber steel images frame scaffold slats allrightsreserved liverpoolarchitecture liverpoolbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofliverpool 2014andrewpettigrew publicartinliverpool liverpool1407290362
aquatics centre #060 (Harry Halibut) Tags: london art public wooden skin centre curves curvy images abstracts planks allrightsreserved cladding aquatics londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1407229760
modern-ism (Harry Halibut) Tags: door blue red reflection green shop cafe women gate floor tate sheffield escalator entrance millenium images galleries reception marble arundel allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew 110814002sheff
green light of day (Harry Halibut) Tags: light bus green station stairs shadows steel niche south yorkshire transport images stairwell stainless allrightsreserved balustrade interchange doncaster frenchgate curver anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness doncasterbuildings donny080131097 2014andrewpettigrew imagesofdoncaster doncasterarchitecture
green man (Harry Halibut) Tags: street urban streetart building green art public graffiti mural artist mask sheffield gas doorway poppy figure badges allrightsreserved eyre banthebomb publicartinsheffield rocket01 colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2013andrewpettigrew sheff1305310149
urbanspludge #029 (Harry Halibut) Tags: park red orange glass yellow spiral concrete stair steel hill images case flats renovation stainless allrightsreserved lifts urbansplash rotrossorougerood colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew sheff110615029
tax? what tax!! (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red sky brick coffee lamp shop cafe post sheffield images surrey starbucks allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1407059464
extension (Harry Halibut) Tags: red plants building brick wall back top sheffield rusty images lorry greenery van shrubs allrightsreserved neepsend sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew sheff1406018940
sit #09 (Harry Halibut) Tags: street bench maroon circles seat sheffield images holes exchange allrightsreserved urbanarea colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew circlescirlcescircles sheff100404125
escalation (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red green glass lift steel south yorkshire curves elevator escalator transport images passenger executive stainless allrightsreserved interchange sypte colourbysoftwarelaziness 2015andrewpettigrew imagesofbarnsley barnsleyarchitecture barnsleybuildings barnsley1507110495
abstraction in green (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue orange green sunshine stairs shadows lift steel elevator transport handrail inside escalators stainless allrightsreserved interchange internal barnsley colourbysoftwarelaziness barnsley081107039 andrewpettigrew
the borg (Harry Halibut) Tags: park panorama tower clock cheese buildings town hall construction borg sheffield norfolk images cranes grater allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080824340a imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
school house (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue school trees shadow sky green stone apartments shadows victorian s images crescent burnaby allrightsreserved hillsborough walkley sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness grousecroft ehffield sheff080904a009 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
social site (Harry Halibut) Tags: street new blue red sky building college clouds chruch allrightsreserved barnsley colourbysoftwarelaziness 2011andrewpettigrew s702yw barnsley110711057
springtime (Harry Halibut) Tags: road street york pink blue red sky tree green yellow lights spring traffic blossom leeds barrier allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness leeds080501120 andrewpettigrew
heavy metal (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue station yellow stairs steel escalator central steps leeds angles stainless concourse allrightsreserved anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness leeds090517a094 andrewpettigrew
stoddart building (Harry Halibut) Tags: building design gate university contemporary sheffield images arundel shu allrightsreserved hallam stoddart sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081221060 imagesofsheffield wazoo300 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
formicadae (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red green poster display sheffield ant images exhibition hoarding placard allrightsreserved photogrpah themoor colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew formicadae sheff110313035
listed listing (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red sky music black building brick hospital university sheffield images department allrightsreserved listed jessops gell universityofsheffield gradeii soundhouse departmentofmusic anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080921044 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
metalgear rising #2 (Harry Halibut) Tags: street city blue shadow red sky white streetart game bus brick green art public sunshine sign yellow wall liverpool buildings square rising graffiti video artwork mural centre leeds games advertisement stop balck hedge shoreditch figure gia aire productions platinum allrightsreserved metalgear kojima raiden metaru ropewalks sclater revengeance londons leedsbuildings leedsarchitecture publicartinleeds colourbysoftwarelaziness 2013andrewpettigrew shinkawas raijingu ribenjensu imagesofleeds leeds1306150172
red wall (Harry Halibut) Tags: door old blue red plants green wall garage sheffield shutter allrightsreserved shorehamstreet rotrossorougerood colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080910124 redsheff andrewpettigrew
bank st building (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue shadow sky building car sunshine stone decorative stonework sheffield victorian bank images ornate allrightsreserved listed 1820 listedbuildings gradeii mid19thcentury sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090520007 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew listedarchitecture sheffieldarchitecture
'a con building' (Harry Halibut) Tags: park city blue red building bus tree tower car construction gate university apartments borg sheffield images casino block lofts arundel shu allrightsreserved hallam 252 optare stoddart tmtravel sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081016036 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
green job (Harry Halibut) Tags: road building green wall 60s pattern mosaic sheffield images 50s marble demolished allrightsreserved bradfield hillsborough partially anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090430007 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
church street (Harry Halibut) Tags: road street blue red orange bus green church lines yellow sheffield tracks tram images seats rails mauve stagecoach allrightsreserved supertram colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090201028 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
premier inn (Harry Halibut) Tags: street old blue shadow red people angel lights hotel inn traffic sheffield hill images premier allrightsreserved snig colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew 110825004sheff
coffee shop (Harry Halibut) Tags: reflection glass coffee shop mall shopping table chair lift crystal steel sheffield images peaks curve stainless allrightsreserved precinct steelwork colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew racade sheff110220879
paving by cathedral (Harry Halibut) Tags: york flowers red woman tree brick green tower stone walking cathedral sheffield images paving allrightsreserved slabs colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100730331
tube (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue sky canada london heron glass lines station underground square steel jubilee curves tube entrance line wharf canary quays stainless allrightsreserved scraper colourbysoftwarelaziness 2012andrewpettigrew london1207062409
stark reality (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue cloud white theatre sheffield entrance images extension allrightsreserved crucible newbuild sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090326099 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
LONDON 1207313307 (Harry Halibut) Tags: images allrightsreserved londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness 2014andrewpettigrew
pla building (Harry Halibut) Tags: trees people building london tower grass stone gardens square hill trinity bushes allrightsreserved portoflondonauthority listedbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness london090420a033 andrewpettigrew listedarchitecture
dog bed 4.99 (Harry Halibut) Tags: dog window sign shop bed box pavement sheffield images cardboard allrightsreserved sheffiel urbanarea waingate colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew dhaymarket sheff100911080
believe you me (Harry Halibut) Tags: road red streetart building brick art public bernard graffiti artwork sheffield images allrightsreserved publicartinsheffield colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100328081

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