2010©andrewpettigrew 2011©andrewpettigrew 2012©andrewpettigrew 2014©andrewpettigrew 2015©andrewpettigrew allrightsreserved anglesanglesangles art blue building bus colourbysoftwarelaziness gate glass green images imagesofsheffield interchange lamp london londonarchitecture londonbuildings people public publicartinsheffield red reflection road rotrossorougerood sheffield sheffieldarchitecture sheffieldbuildings sky square stainless station steel stop street sunshine supertram transport urbanarea yellow ©andrewpettigrew

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louvred (Harry Halibut) Tags: door wood brown metal oak waves pattern curves grain grille allrightsreserved vents louvres colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090528038 andrewpettigrew
sheff-o-rama #050 (Harry Halibut) Tags: city blue red building green clock buses grass station wheel digital campus town hall big university sheffield tracks tram images cables wires rails owen lofts midland allrightsreserved supertram hallam adsetts colourbysoftwarelaziness shefforama imagesofsheffield sheff090725179 andrewpettigrew
SHEFF 1508277556 (Harry Halibut) Tags: bw blancoynegro branco blackwhite noiretblanc south sheffield yorkshire images preto zwart wit weiss bianco blanc nero allrightsreserved noire schwatz sheffieldbuildings contrastbysoftwarelaziness colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2015andrewpettigrew
LT39 (Harry Halibut) Tags: red bus london art public for images double hybrid e1 euston turning allrightsreserved decker bfl metroline churchway londonbuildings londonarchitecture comfortdelgro rotrossorougerood imagesoflondon zoopla colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon borismaster 2015andrewpettigrew london1506034073
bti #0492 (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue green lift steel transport images escalators stainless allrightsreserved interchange ornage colourbysoftwarelaziness 2015andrewpettigrew imagesofbarnsley barnsleyarchitecture barnsleybuildings barnsley1507110492
aquatics centre #013 (Harry Halibut) Tags: art public images allrightsreserved londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1407229713
glad to be of service (Harry Halibut) Tags: door city blue red people sculpture reflection building green water station facade campus walking square gold university steel sheffield images corporation galaxy edge automatic sirius cutting guide owen feature cybernetics stainless allrightsreserved listed hallam sheaf publicartinsheffield hitckhikers anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings midalnd colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081106101 enytrance imagesofsheffield sheffieldsheafsqaure andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
abstraction in green (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue orange green sunshine stairs shadows lift steel elevator transport handrail inside escalators stainless allrightsreserved interchange internal barnsley colourbysoftwarelaziness barnsley081107039 andrewpettigrew
rbs moorfoot (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue red woman reflection stone scotland gate sheffield royal bank images allrightsreserved rbs fitzwilliam sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness morfoot sheff090310002 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
angry (Harry Halibut) Tags: white black lines car sunshine tarmac yellow silver curves scottish plate number headlight bonnet radiator allrightsreserved faring colourbysoftwarelaziness 2011andrewpettigrew sheff1106260610
slinky kinky red hot and sexy #1 (Harry Halibut) Tags: red black hot bus sexy mill yellow cat paw trent prints barton slinky tempo langley derby 310 kinky allrightsreserved optare circlescirclescircles rotrossorougerood yj07vse youlllovetheleatherseats slinkykinky derby080510003 colourbysoftwarelaziness andrewpettigrew
metalgear rising (Harry Halibut) Tags: street city blue shadow red sky white streetart game bus brick green art public sunshine sign yellow wall liverpool buildings square rising graffiti video artwork mural centre leeds games advertisement stop balck hedge shoreditch figure gia aire productions platinum allrightsreserved metalgear kojima raiden metaru ropewalks sclater revengeance londons leedsbuildings leedsarchitecture publicartinleeds colourbysoftwarelaziness 2013andrewpettigrew leeds1306150171 shinkawas raijingu ribenjensu imagesofleeds
court in the act #02 (Harry Halibut) Tags: old blue people white house reflection building bus green castle court market turquoise sheffield letters images stop courthouse allrightsreserved magistrates waingate anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090315051 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
fractured lines (Harry Halibut) Tags: light red london glass station train reflections underground steel transport tube railway images international docklands dlr overground stainless allrightsreserved interchange frontage londonbuildings londonarchitecture startford imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness 2014andrewpettigrew london1407229624
sheff-o-rama #065 (Harry Halibut) Tags: road park street blue red sky bus green cars 2004 buses station yellow clouds pond sheffield hill transport images shrewsbury flats council midland allrightsreserved mainline sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness intechange imagesofsheffield sheff040827113a andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
depths of despair (Harry Halibut) Tags: street red signs poster cafe gallery box bue telephone sheffield images government kiosk haymarket allrightsreserved exchnage waingate sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2015andrewpettigrew sheff1501041656
urban refuge (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red reflection bus glass restaurant steel sheffield el images mexican spanish tavern shelter paco cumberland stainless allrightsreserved urbanarea moorfoot anglesanglesangles circlescirclescircles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew sheff110730034
sheff-o-rama #092 (Harry Halibut) Tags: public allrightsreserved publicartinsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2012andrewpettigrew sheff1208315943
corner (Harry Halibut) Tags: people building bus green grass gate sheffield transport images stop arundel allrightsreserved interchange triangular colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff120318302b
grosvenor hotel (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue sky black green architecture square concrete hotel gate closed sheffield mothballed allrightsreserved charter shut grosvenor redevelopment stalled furnival sheffieldbuildings sevenstone colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2012andrewpettigrew bruitalist sheff1211016152
otley road (Harry Halibut) Tags: road flowers blue trees shadow red sky plants green cemetery sunshine leeds shrubs allrightsreserved adel otley urbanarea lawnswood colourbysoftwarelaziness 2010andrewpettigrew leeds100502451
sheff-o-rama #068 (Harry Halibut) Tags: building lamp view aircraft sheffield roundabout images lane posts contrails services allrightsreserved panaoramic manpower bramall moorfoot stmarysgate colourbysoftwarelaziness shefforama imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100328060
downmarket (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue building castle art public sign artwork market sheffield images curve exchange stalls allrightsreserved publicartinsheffield colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100404137
stratford one (Harry Halibut) Tags: art public images allrightsreserved londonbuildings londonarchitecture imagesoflondon colourbysoftwarelaziness publicartinlondon 2014andrewpettigrew london1407229696
tramendous day! (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue light red sky people castle lamp sunshine electric buildings square artwork sheffield tram 123 images stop cables wires planet stagecoach allrightsreserved bule supertram sypte colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2010andrewpettigrew sheff100417338
grosvenor hotel (Harry Halibut) Tags: blue trees red hotel weeds sheffield images row greenery shrubs allrightsreserved charter sqaure urbanarea grosevnor sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff081008100 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
dixon lane (Harry Halibut) Tags: bus art public sheffield images dixon stop lane haymarket shelter allrightsreserved publicartinsheffield colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff120326033
SHEFF 1503222467 (Harry Halibut) Tags: street window river riverside steel sheffield images shades don stainless allrightsreserved louvres blonk anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings sheffieldmetal colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2015andrewpettigrew
Green Leaf (Harry Halibut) Tags: flower green wall pattern decoration images circular allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
hole (Harry Halibut) Tags: bw plants blancoynegro grass branco grit grate blackwhite inn iron noiretblanc sheffield inspection images preto cast cover round manhole sewer zwart wit weiss bianco blanc nero circular gravel allrightsreserved drainage noire farfield schwatz sheffieldbuildings contrastbysoftwarelaziness colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2014andrewpettigrew neepend sheff1406018900
moorfoot (Harry Halibut) Tags: red flower tarmac gate sheffield images florist moor seller allrightsreserved roadway bollards steelwork moorfoot colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090310005 fitzwilliaam imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew
capital reflections #15 (Harry Halibut) Tags: park trees red reflection bus green london yellow traffic taxi hyde lane articulated allrightsreserved handrails bendybus arriva bendibus rotrossorougerood flexibus colourbysoftwarelaziness london090618081 andrewpettigrew
the sheldon (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue red sky house brick cars public car bar pub inn sheffield hill images tavern allrightsreserved boozer locall thesheldon sheffieldbuildings rotrossorougerood colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090306070 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
structure wood metal glass (Harry Halibut) Tags: wood blue roof winter green glass st gardens restaurant hotel shadows sheffield arches pauls images allrightsreserved mercure laminated glulam sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff080910079 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
poundland (Harry Halibut) Tags: people architecture concrete office post sheffield van allrightsreserved poundland themoor sheff080311019 colourbysoftwarelaziness andrewpettigrew
outside in (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue shadow red reflection glass lines empty sheffield images stairwell banister wicker allrightsreserved blonk newbuild sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheffieldarchitecture 2015andrewpettigrew sheff1503222563
arundel room (Harry Halibut) Tags: red reflection window gate purple floor tate room sheffield millenium images galleries mauve barrier handrail arundel allrightsreserved baluster colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2012andrewpettigrew sheff120117045
red sheff (Harry Halibut) Tags: street blue light red orange church lamp pattern post sheffield tracks tram scene images lumiere rails peters stagecoach allrightsreserved pavers supertram sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090520088 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
the sixes (Harry Halibut) Tags: brown bus solar group company route trent barton derby branding allrightsreserved scania 61 684 sixes derby080507058a fj55abv wellgalde l94wright colourbysoftwarelaziness andrewpettigrew
stoddart building #021 (Harry Halibut) Tags: building design gate university contemporary sheffield images arundel shu allrightsreserved hallam stoddart anglesanglesangles sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff001109016 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
bti revisited #010 (Harry Halibut) Tags: orange brown abstract glass lamp yellow gallery balcony south yorkshire main escalator transport skylight entrance images upper handrail jefferson passenger railing curved architects executive exchange girders allrightsreserved interchange barnsley sheard sypte anglesanglesangles colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield 2011andrewpettigrew s701sd barnsley110711d012 suipports barnsley110711d010
tram t'meadowhall (Harry Halibut) Tags: road blue red green tower yellow electric university apartments sheffield arts tracks tram social images flats cables rails council housing overhead stagecoach 108 allrightsreserved supertram universityofsheffield sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff091012016 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
shape your soul (Harry Halibut) Tags: street red green art public wall painting graffiti mural purple leeds aire allrightsreserved publicartinleeds colourbysoftwarelaziness shapeyoursoul 2010andrewpettigrew leeds100825092
come park with me (Harry Halibut) Tags: art public images allrightsreserved liverpoolarchitecture liverpoolbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofliverpool 2014andrewpettigrew publicartinliverpool liverpool1407290326
phone boxes (Harry Halibut) Tags: road park street blue shadow white west telephone communication kingston boxes kc hull walton allrightsreserved thecircle setts anlaby colourbysoftwarelaziness 2011andrewpettigrew hull120108001
mini-market (Harry Halibut) Tags: red sheffield mini cooper allrightsreserved dealer colourbysoftwarelaziness yt54 andrewpettigrew
lines (Harry Halibut) Tags: road blue red building glass lines campus sheffield hill images dotted physics astronomy panels department slope allrightsreserved incline hicks universityofsheffield anglesanglesangles hounsfield sheffieldbuildings departmentofphysicsandastronomy colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield sheff090810057 andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
wicker herbal stores (Harry Halibut) Tags: road street red brick shop corner sheffield norfolk images cobbled surrey stores wicker cobbles herbal allrightsreserved sheffieldbuildings rotrossorougerood colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090114056 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
the cremorne (Harry Halibut) Tags: road blue red house green london art public face yellow bar work pub inn place turquoise sheffield images tavern randall allrightsreserved graffitii cremorne kidacne urbanarea publicartinsheffield thecremorne sheffieldbuildings colourbysoftwarelaziness sheff090208035 imagesofsheffield andrewpettigrew sheffieldarchitecture
go in fear (Harry Halibut) Tags: road street building church stone south chapel images architect former methodist 1890 ebenezer imposing allrightsreserved listed monumental severe primitive overbearing walkley greenhow gradeii colourbysoftwarelaziness imagesofsheffield wjtaylor 2012andrewpettigrew ioenumber456848 walkley120124046a

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50 allrightsreserved colourbysoftwarelaziness 36 images 32 imagesofsheffield 30 sheffield 25 red 23 ©andrewpettigrew 22 blue 20 sheffieldarchitecture sheffieldbuildings 16 green 13 street 11 public 10 bus 9 art building 8 yellow road 7 reflection anglesanglesangles 6 stainless sky gate glass transport steel 2015©andrewpettigrew 2012©andrewpettigrew 5 sunshine publicartinsheffield rotrossorougerood people 2014©andrewpettigrew 2010©andrewpettigrew interchange stop 4 london urbanarea 2011©andrewpettigrew station square supertram londonbuildings white londonarchitecture tram university lamp imagesoflondon shadow 3 trees orange light wall leeds stagecoach hallam park south artwork campus brick publicartinlondon castle city tracks house arundel cables rails pattern black hotel lines inn tavern moorfoot brown lane grass hill handrail wit listed haymarket church curves shelter mural market sign lift tarmac wires stone bar cars purple pub midland exchange

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