120 2009 500cm 6x6 80mm analogcamera analogimages blackandwhite bw carlzeiss carlzeiss80mmf28 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 darkroom expiredfilm f28 film filmchemistry filmformats filmprocessing hasselblad hasselblad500c hasselblad500cm hasselblad503cx hasselblad553elx hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 hassy500cm iceland iso100 kodak kodakektacolorpro160 lenses manualfocuslenses mediumformat photographicchemistry photos planar planar80mm rolleiflex rolleiflexsl66 scanner scans singapore square squareformat ísland

carlzeissplanar80mmf28 Flickr Hive Mind Users: photokalia Film-Love stefthor 嚕嚕 Kenneth McNeil ADporter design bruno*abreu uglymonday DoveVadar Hubert Chunghao Chao (趙修伯) ⓁⒶⓂⓁⓊⓍ (more)  Preferences 
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At home (Fabio Sabatini) Tags: film mediumformat alessandra delta3200 ilford hasselblad501cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Stokkseyri (stefthor) Tags: november color colour film iceland sland stokkseyri 2011 kodakportra400 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 hasselblad553elx sland
Library in NYMU (Hubert Chunghao Chao ()) Tags: library taiwan taipei   nymu hasselblad500cm  fujifilmrdpiii carlzeissplanar80mmf28 nationalyangminguniversity  czplanar8028
industrial (Kenneth McNeil) Tags: abstract 120 6x6 lines metal architecture mediumformat square island industrial factory kodak tx trix pillar sydney shapes australia line hasselblad 400 squareformat medium format australien cockatoo shape developed kodak400 cockatooisland selfdeveloped carlzeiss tx400 kodaktx400 hasselblad500c planar80mm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kennethmcneil
Brevity of peace. () Tags: blackandwhite bw tlr rollei rolleiflex 35mm hc110 400iso 2014 filmphotography ilfordhp5400 dilutionh rolleiflex28c rolleikin carlzeissplanar80mmf28 lamlux
m20120007_kodakpro160_contact002 (photokalia) Tags: iso100 hasselblad503cx carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakektacolorpro160
Pub Window (Bright Lights, Vegas Nights) Tags: california light 120 6x6 film window mediumformat square pub fuji bokeh naturallight hasselblad jai sealbeach hasselblad500cm fujipro400h carlzeissplanar80mmf28 autaut omalleysonmain
nt (uglymonday) Tags: blackandwhite film carlzeiss hasselblad500cm planar80mm fujiacross carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Near miss. () Tags: blackandwhite bw tlr rollei rolleiflex 35mm hc110 400iso 2014 filmphotography ilfordhp5400 dilutionh rolleiflex28c rolleikin carlzeissplanar80mmf28 lamlux
 (stefthor) Tags: 2012 bw carlzeissplanar80mmf28 hasselblad553elx kodaktrix400 akranes blackwhite film iceland jn sland jn sland
Ilford PanF+ 50 (Film-Love) Tags: park bw film darkroom blackwhite scans photos scanner hasselblad 35mmfilm yellowstonenationalpark filters scenics lenses hoya expiredfilm canoneos3 ilfordpanf50 filmprocessing standdevelopment analogcamera ilfordpanfplus50 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 carlzeiss80mmf28 bwnegativescan photographicchemistry ilfordbw filmchemistry kodakhc110developer epsonv500 manualfocuslenses filmformats kodakchemicals bwchemistry yellowstonegrandtetonnationalpark analogimages ilfordimages bwfilmchemistry hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 unknownexpdate kodakhc110dilution1100 hoyahmcyk2
(The Return of the Son of Nothing) (Robbie McIntosh) Tags: blackandwhite bw 120 6x6 tlr film monochrome rolleiflex mediumformat square landscape seaside factory fuji kodak decay steel negative neopan pulled dyi fujineopan400 100iso pellicola selfdevelopment bagnoli mittelformat moyenformat fujineopan filmisnotdead medioformato italsider newtopography newtopographics rolleiflex28e homedevelopment carlzeissplanar80mmf28 rolleiflex28e2 kodakhc110dilb rolleiflexplanar28e vision:outdoor=099
nt (uglymonday) Tags: blackandwhite film carlzeiss hasselblad500cm planar80mm fujiacross carlzeissplanar80mmf28
 () Tags: film 2009 hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 microcosm
Akranes (stefthor) Tags: color colour film iceland sland akranes jn 2011 fujipro160s carlzeissplanar80mmf28 hasselblad553elx sland jn
Life & Death (*Kit*) Tags: 6x6 hongkong h 200 agfa newterritories namsangwai yuenlong hasselblad500cm rsxii carlzeissplanar80mmf28
06 (35mm Film Junkie) Tags: bw mediumformat fujifilm 120mm asa100 hasselblad500cm neopanacros100 sunny16rule carlzeissplanar80mmf28 12aback
miniture grassland (DoveVadar) Tags: flowers 120 6x6 film zeiss mediumformat flora singapore hasselblad carl 500 f28 planar 80mm portra160vc hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 dovevadar
 (ADporter design) Tags: 120 6x6 film carlzeissplanar80mmf28 rolleiflexsl66
 () Tags: film hasselblad 2010 500cm  carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Pulau Ubin Kampong House (ronang) Tags: ishootfilm pulau ubin hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Dandelion and Friend (Davidap2009) Tags: dandelion v700 e56 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 adoxcms20 hasselblad203fe adotech 12asa
Jinguashi  (Hubert Chunghao Chao ()) Tags: hasselblad500cm fujifilmrvp100f carlzeissplanar80mmf28
vestjylland (Kenneth McNeil) Tags: blackandwhite bw white 120 6x6 field sepia mediumformat square denmark empty super hasselblad xp2 400 swamp squareformat medium format marsh nothing ilfordxp2 toned danmark ilford emptiness nothingness sepiatoned jutland jylland carlzeiss nees ilford400 vestjylland hasselblad500c planar80mm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kennethmcneil ingenmandsland ilfordsuperxp4
Waldemarsudde, Djurgrden, Stockholm (jmorliaguet) Tags: color slr 120 6x6 film analog mediumformat square sweden stockholm slide hasselblad kodake100vs ektachrome e100vs planar 80mm 500cm carlzeiss hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28
m20090006Ektar100_contact006 (photokalia) Tags: hasselblad503cx carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakektar100
m20110026ektarcolor160_contact010 (photokalia) Tags: iso100 hasselblad503cx carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakektacolorpro160
 (David Gaborit) Tags: portrait woman mujer retrato femme fujiacros rolleiflex28e carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakxtol
Shot #14 (Kenneth McNeil) Tags: 120 6x6 film analog mediumformat copenhagen square denmark 120film hasselblad squareformat medium format danmark 2009 f28 kbenhavn filmstrip 80mm carlzeiss reala100 forside hasselblad500c carlzeissplanar80mmf28 hasselblad500 kennethmcneil carlzeiss28
 (bruno*abreu) Tags: mediumformat tokyo portra160nc hasselblad500cm jyugaoka carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Kodak Ektachrome E100VS (Film-Love) Tags: 6x6 film darkroom mediumformat scans photos scanner vietnam hasselblad years scenics 2012 lenses expiredfilm carlzeiss hasselblad500cm filmprocessing analogcamera kodakektachromee100vs hagiang 220film northvietnam carlzeissplanar80mmf28 carlzeiss80mmf28 120220film photographicchemistry mountainhills filmchemistry kodake6 epsonv500 manualfocuslenses filmformats photosshot filmexpired2003 e6e6 aristarapide6 analogimages kodakimages e6chemistry colorfilmchemistry hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 hassy500cm colorpositivescancolorslidesscan 2012may caonguyendadongvan dongbachagiang 6min45s
Macau (lemonster57) Tags: fujipro400h carlzeissplanar80mmf28 hasselblad503cxi
"MAJULAH SINGAPURA" (miss maomao) Tags: 6x6 film singapore flag squareformat heli hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28
A40 Gesichter XI (onenil v2) Tags: 6x6 sl66 bochum a40 100tmx carlzeissplanar80mmf28 rolleiflexsl66 spurhrx3 stilllebenruhrschnellweg kodaktmaxx100
Swedish clogs and a pair of plastic gardening shoes (Fredrik Forsberg) Tags: film kodak sweden stockholm kodakportra160vc hgersten hasselblad500c carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Kodak Portra 800 (Film-Love) Tags: portrait people 6x6 film darkroom mediumformat scans photos scanner group posing 120film hasselblad offline lenses expiredfilm carlzeiss hasselblad500cm kodakportra800 filmprocessing analogcamera kodakportra wcfd kodakc41 colornegativescan carlzeissplanar80mmf28 carlzeiss80mmf28 tetenalc41 120220film photographicchemistry filmchemistry manualfocuslenses c41c41 c41chemistry filmformats filmexpired2003 canon9000f analogimages kodakimages bwfilmchemistry hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 hassy500cm 3min45s offlinewcfdgroup
New generation (bruno*abreu) Tags: mediumformat tokyo puppies akasaka hasselblad500cm fujiastia100f carlzeissplanar80mmf28
m20110027ektarcolor160_contact007 (photokalia) Tags: iso100 clare joochiat hasselblad503cx carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakektacolorpro160
m20110026ektarcolor160_contact005 (photokalia) Tags: iso100 hasselblad503cx carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakektacolorpro160
Exposio "Cor, Corte & Ferrugem" de Alberto Martins (Pedro Kok) Tags: brazil brasil sopaulo exposio betito architecturalphotography carlzeissplanar80mmf28 canoneos5dmarkii fotografiadearquitetura albertomartins fotografiadearquitectura hasselbladeosadapter
 () Tags: film sunny hasselblad 2009 500cm fujifilmsuperia100  carlzeissplanar80mmf28
A40 Gesichter V (onenil v2) Tags: bochum a40 stilllebenruhrschnellweg rolleiflexsl66 sl66 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodaktmaxx100 100tmx spurhrx3 6x6 chopstixx
Lemon Tea (DoveVadar) Tags: bw 120 6x6 mediumformat singapore hasselblad500cm fomapan400 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 dovevadar
Bokeh Street Mall (Matt_Lew) Tags: street adam film zeiss mall chair kodak bokeh dean kodakportra400vc objects australia melbourne places victoria hasselblad carl portra f28 bourke planar bourkestmall 80mm 500cm hasselblad500cm 400vc carlzeissplanar80mmf28
wild horse (HASSELBLAD 500C/M) (potopoto53age) Tags: horse 6x6 film japan zeiss mediumformat square kodak hasselblad squareformat amusementpark epson merrygoround ektachrome e100vs f28 whitehorse yamanashi planar wildhorse kiyosato 80mm 500cm hassel carlzeiss hasselblad500cm nont kodakektachromee100vs takane carlzeissplanar80mmf28 moeginomura epsongtx970 gtx970 kiyosatomoeginomura
 (stefthor) Tags: bw film blackwhite iceland sland jl 2012 hvalfjrur kodaktrix400 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 hasselblad553elx
Phc Hi ngy mi (Film-Love) Tags: 6x6 film darkroom mediumformat scans photos scanner 120film vietnam hasselblad lenses expiredfilm carlzeiss hasselblad500cm southvietnam filmprocessing analogcamera fujic41 colornegativescan carlzeissplanar80mmf28 fujicolornps160 phuochai carlzeiss80mmf28 bariavungtau tetenalc41 120220film photographicchemistry filmchemistry manualfocuslenses c41c41 c41chemistry filmformats photosshot filmexpired2002 canon9000f analogimages fujifilmimages colorfilmchemistry hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 hassy500cm
* (ADporter design) Tags: carlzeissplanar80mmf28 rolleiflexsl66 kodak400vc
Beach (ADporter design) Tags: 120 6x6 film taiwan greenbay wanli  carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakektacolorpro160 rolleiflexsl66
 () Tags: scenery hasselblad 2009 500cm  carlzeissplanar80mmf28 playdesign microcosm

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50 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 25 film 20 hasselblad500cm 18 6x6 16 mediumformat 15 hasselblad 10 carlzeiss 120 9 bw 7 square 6 blackandwhite 500cm 5 kodakektacolorpro160 rolleiflexsl66 squareformat hasselblad503cx 80mm kodak 4 analogcamera hasselblad553elx iceland planar planar80mm filmchemistry f28 filmprocessing carlzeiss80mmf28 manualfocuslenses scanner ísland hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 analogimages iso100 darkroom 2009 scans filmformats expiredfilm hasselblad500c lenses photographicchemistry photos 3 hassy500cm rolleiflex singapore 120film ’sland format kennethmcneil 2012 blackwhite color medium tlr 120220film zeiss hc110 kodakimages c41chemistry a40 sweden photosshot denmark tetenalc41 filmphotography kodaktrix400 35mm 100tmx rollei epsonv500 e100vs scenics rolleiflex28e vietnam bokeh c41c41 carl ilford 400iso kodakektachromee100vs 2014 stockholm 2011 fujiacross bwfilmchemistry fujipro400h jœn’ 400 sl66 spurhrx3 taiwan kodaktmaxx100 bochum colorfilmchemistry filmexpired2003 ilfordhp5400 factory rolleiflex28c colornegativescan rolleikin australia dilutionh lamlux júní fuji stilllebenruhrschnellweg canon9000f microcosm眼底的小世界 akranes portrait colour analog dovevadar ektachrome danmark tokyo kiyosatomoeginomura unknownexpdate fujifilm jylland clare kodakportra rolleiflexplanar28e cockatooisland shapes light wanli kodakhc110dilb amusementpark neopanacros100 xp2 tx400 merrygoround sunny16rule woman adam portra hasselblad203fe mittelformat whitehorse carlzeiss28 stokkseyri super yellowstonegrandtetonnationalpark 翡翠灣 fujineopan omalleysonmain architecturalphotography selfdeveloped chair gtx970 wildhorse v700 phuochai ilfordimages kodake100vs newtopographics fotografiadearquitectura 玩創作playdesign 2010 homedevelopment 好天氣散步去 hoya industrial canoneos3 pellicola nothingness yellowstonenationalpark dandelion victoria hagiang chopstixx heli sepiatoned offlinewcfdgroup exposição reala100 mountainhills 120mm filters hasselbladeosadapter park joochiat pulau flowers bagnoli fujicolornps160 sãopaulo fomapan400 台灣 ilfordpanfplus50 people negative november ilfordpanf50 california brazil hasselblad501cm bwchemistry delta3200 epson melbourne vestjylland places sydney trix autaut portra160vc 2012may 石牌 jutland rsxii marsh filmexpired2002 portra160nc kodakhc110dilution1100 street seaside monochrome moeginomura adoxcms20 selfdevelopment pulled rolleiflex28e2 ilfordbw kodakhc110developer lines library slr objects southvietnam swamp fujiacros kodakportra160vc nees toned kodakchemicals fujic41 kodakxtol landscape nationalyangminguniversity dyi alessandra steel moyenformat medioformato 四號公園 200 hvalfjörður scenery mujer puppies kiyosato bariavungtau wcfd posing takane hägersten epsongtx970 ilfordsuperxp4 e6e6 ingenmandsland fujipro160s pub tx kodak400 emptiness retrato caonguyendadongvan japan metal czplanar8028 hasselblad500 adotech flag cockatoo horse 6min45s agfa nymu akasaka bwnegativescan júlí fujifilmrvp100f 35mmfilm dean newterritories pillar kodakektar100 jyugaoka fujifilmimages ubin hassel yamanashi nothing femme kodakportra800 100iso ilford400 fujiastia100f ishootfilm

Pairs: 14 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,film 12 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,hasselblad500cm 7 6x6,carlzeissplanar80mmf28 6 bw,carlzeissplanar80mmf28 5 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,kodakektacolorpro160 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,rolleiflexsl66 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,mediumformat carlzeissplanar80mmf28,hasselblad503cx 4 hasselblad553elx,ísland iso100,kodakektacolorpro160 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,iso100

Users: photokalia 5 Film-Love 4 stefthor 嚕嚕 Kenneth McNeil 3 ADporter design bruno*abreu uglymonday DoveVadar Hubert Chunghao Chao (趙修伯) ⓁⒶⓂⓁⓊⓍ onenil v2 potopoto53age Fabio Sabatini Fredrik Forsberg miss maomao ronang jmorliaguet Matt_Lew Robbie McIntosh Davidap2009 David Gaborit *Kit* lemonster57 Bright Lights, Vegas Nights Pedro Kok 35mm Film Junkie

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