120 500cm 6x6 80mm amsterdam analogcamera autaut blackandwhite bw c41 carlzeiss carlzeissplanar80mmf28 color dyi f28 film filmisnotdead format hasselblad hasselblad500c hasselblad500cm hc110 homedevelopment kodak kodakportra160nc landscape medioformato medium mediumformat mittelformat moyenformat negative pellicola planar portra rolleiflex rolleiflex28e rolleiflex28e2 rolleiflex28f rolleiflexplanar28e selfdevelopment square squareformat tlr zeiss

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Talking Through You IV (+pelican+) Tags: putrajaya rm c41 colornegative kodakportra160nc malaysianphotographer 120mmfilm rolleiflex28e carlzeissplanar80mmf28 autaut negativescanned 6x6mediumformat canonscan8800f twinlensreflecttlr pelicanwan filmfilmforever sangliyana
Grnkl (Jens Jacob - Jambo!) Tags: 6x6 tlr film zeiss mediumformat carlzeiss c41 fujipro800z rolleiflex28e carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Long Bin (Fabio Sabatini) Tags: street people film station mediumformat kodak railway hasselblad501cm reversalfilm ektachromee100vs longbien carlzeissplanar80mmf28
(Jackson Browne Has Come Too Late) (Robbie McIntosh) Tags: color 120 6x6 tlr film car rolleiflex buildings mediumformat volkswagen square landscape classiccar kodak decay beetle negative portra volkswagenbeetle dyi c41 pellicola selfdevelopment mittelformat moyenformat filmisnotdead medioformato kodakportra160 newtopography newtopographics poggioreale rolleiflex28e homedevelopment carlzeissplanar80mmf28 rolleiflex28e2 napoliest tetenalcolortecc41 rolleiflexplanar28e
(Last Trip to Licola) (Robbie McIntosh) Tags: sea house color building 120 6x6 tlr film beach rolleiflex mediumformat square landscape kodak negative dyi ektar c41 pellicola selfdevelopment mittelformat moyenformat filmisnotdead medioformato newtopography newtopographics kodakektar rolleiflex28e licola homedevelopment carlzeissplanar80mmf28 rolleiflex28e2 kodakektar100 tetenalcolortecc41 rolleiflexplanar28e lidodilicola
(Alberto) (Robbie McIntosh) Tags: portrait blackandwhite bw man 120 6x6 tlr film monochrome rolleiflex mediumformat square kodak trix hc110 negative worker dyi pellicola kodaktrix400 selfdevelopment mittelformat moyenformat filmisnotdead medioformato rolleiflex28e homedevelopment carlzeissplanar80mmf28 rolleiflex28e2 kodakhc110dilb boatcraftsman rolleiflexplanar28e
(Sustainable Negative Growth) (Robbie McIntosh) Tags: color 120 6x6 tlr film wall rolleiflex truck buildings mediumformat square landscape concrete kodak decay wheels negative trailer portra dyi c41 pellicola selfdevelopment mittelformat moyenformat filmisnotdead medioformato kodakportra160 newtopography newtopographics poggioreale rolleiflex28e homedevelopment carlzeissplanar80mmf28 rolleiflex28e2 napoliest tetenalcolortecc41 rolleiflexplanar28e
One Daffodil  (HASSELBLAD 500C/M) (potopoto53age) Tags: plant flower 6x6 film me japan zeiss mediumformat square whiteflower tokyo dof bokeh five give hasselblad squareformat daffodil epson fujifilm extension provia f28 planar excellence extensiontube 80mm 100f 500cm hassel carlzeiss  hasselblad500cm  appleaperture nont rdp3 fujifilmprovia100f whitedaffodil carlzeissplanar80mmf28 epsongtx970 gtx970  spiritofphotography awesomeblossoms betterscanning  onedaffodil dualmffilmholder betterscanningdualmffilmholder showakinenparktachikawa
urban motion (DoveVadar) Tags: bw 120 6x6 mediumformat singapore ilforddelta3200 hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 dovevadar
Amsterdam (Luiz Fernando Coimbra) Tags: kodaktmax400 hasselblad503cw carlzeissplanar80mmf28
National day (Fredrik Forsberg) Tags: film medium format hgersten kodakportra160nc hasselblad500c carlzeissplanar80mmf28
 (*Kit*) Tags: people holland amsterdam model amy kodak h collaboration hasselblad500cm ekt carlzeissplanar80mmf28
 (stefthor) Tags: bw film blackwhite iceland sland jl 2012 hvalfjrur kodaktrix400 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 hasselblad553elx
 (*Kit*) Tags: 6x6 hongkong fuji h rap taio astia 100f hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28
m20100022fujipro160ns_contact009 (photokalia) Tags: clare kiteflying westcoastpark fujipro400h hasselblad503cx carlzeissplanar80mmf28
03 (nksyoon) Tags: asia southeastasia chinatown malaysia kualalumpur rolleiflex28f jalanpetaling kodak400vc jalansultan carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Kirsti & Niklas (Davidap2009) Tags: blackandwhite 120 6x6 norway square kodak tmax hasselblad orientation 400asa v700 davidwilliamson homemadesoup carlzeissplanar80mmf28 photospecs hasselblad203fe caffenolch silverefexpro2
Flowerbed (Yong . L) Tags: china bw 6x6 monochrome mediumformat scan hasselblad hasselblad500cm shanghaichina kodakpro160 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 canon8800f
A gentle ride. () Tags: sanfrancisco color 120 6x6 tlr rollei rolleiflex mediumformat square kodak portra rolleiflex28f 400iso kodakfilm filmphotography kodakportra400 2013 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 lamlux
Is That A Compass? (Matt_Lew) Tags: friends light 2 blackandwhite white black film zeiss australia melbourne victoria hasselblad ducky stupid plus hp5 meter pushed ilford f28 pushed2stops planar stops melbournecentral 80mm ilfordhp5plus hasselblad500cm sekonic carlzeissplanar80mmf28 500cmcarl
Kodak T400 CN (Film-Love) Tags: bw film blackwhite scans photos scanner hasselblad costco 35mmfilm portlandor kodakt400cn scenics oregonstate lenses expiredfilm canoneos3 kodaktmax filmprocessing analogcamera kodakbw bwc41 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 carlzeiss80mmf28 bwnegativescan epsonv500 manualfocuslenses filmexpired1999 filmformats cityvillagescene analogimages kodakimages hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28
light leak with heirloom tomatoes (Viv | Seattle Bon Vivant) Tags: seattle 6x6 film analog vintage mediumformat kodakportra400vc ishootfilm lightleak hasselblad filmcamera analogphotography 220 heirloomtomatoes hasselblad500cm westseattlefarmersmarket carlzeissplanar80mmf28 carlzeissplanar vintagefilmcamera
 () Tags: film sunny hasselblad 2009 500cm fujifilmsuperia100  carlzeissplanar80mmf28
content (Viv | Seattle Bon Vivant) Tags: seattle 6x6 film analog vintage mediumformat ishootfilm hasselblad filmcamera expired analogphotography capitolhill nopostprocessing henrietta calandersonpark hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 carlzeissplanar vintagefilmcamera fujifilmpro160s220
Breathe (kavandje) Tags: blackandwhite 6x6 concert 120film pushed rodinal150 rolleiflex28f khaoz blitzkriegbunkerbar carlzeissplanar80mmf28 oneofthosedeepconversationsthathappensbetweenpeoplelurkingoutsideabar rolleiretro100400
Reach for the sky (khai_nomore) Tags: 120 film mediumformat negative scanned handheld rm 2400dpi hasselblad500c carlzeissplanar80mmf28 canonscan8400f autaut hoya2closeupfilter silverbarrel kodakektacolorpro160sexpired
Kodak Tmax 100 (Film-Love) Tags: bw film darkroom blackwhite scans photos kodak hc110 hasselblad 35mmfilm lenses 1100 expiredfilm canoneos3 carlzeiss kodaktmax100 standdevelopment analogcamera kodakbw dilution carlzeissplanar80mmf28 carlzeiss80mmf28 bwnegativescan photographicchemistry lensadapters filmchemistry kodakhc110developer manualfocuslenses filmformats kodakchemicals bwchemistry filmexpired1998 analogimages kodakimages bwfilmchemistry hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 kodakhc110dilution1100 hasseleosadapter developerkodak
 () Tags: film hasselblad  2010 500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Akranes (stefthor) Tags: color colour film iceland sland akranes jn 2011 kodakportra160nc carlzeissplanar80mmf28 hasselblad553elx sland jn
 (Kenneth McNeil) Tags: street urban blackandwhite bw white black 120 6x6 mediumformat square sydney streetphotography australia hasselblad squareformat medium format australien carlzeiss hasselblad500c planar80mm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kennethmcneil
Kodak Ektachrome 200 (Film-Love) Tags: 6x6 film darkroom mediumformat scans rocks photos scanner 120film vietnam hasselblad scenics lenses expiredfilm phanthiet carlzeiss hasselblad500cm filmprocessing analogcamera binhthuan kodakektachrome200 7min carlzeissplanar80mmf28 carlzeiss80mmf28 120220film photographicchemistry kega filmchemistry manualfocuslenses filmformats photosshot e6e6 canon9000f aristarapide6 analogimages kodakimages e6chemistry colorfilmchemistry hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 hassy500cm colorpositivescancolorslidesscan filmexpired1991
* (ADporter design) Tags: 120 6x6 film  carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakektacolorpro160 rolleiflexsl66
daily life (cpham_) Tags: film ilfordhp5400 hasselblad500c carlzeissplanar80mmf28 chrystinephamphotography
Library in NYMU (Hubert Chunghao Chao ()) Tags: library taiwan taipei   nymu hasselblad500cm  fujifilmrdpiii carlzeissplanar80mmf28 nationalyangminguniversity  czplanar8028
Ginetz036 (Dustin Ginetz) Tags: calgary 120 6x6 film church square slide medium format fold fujivelvia100 hasselblad501c carlzeissplanar80mmf28
standby boat (gorbot.) Tags: blackandwhite 120 work mediumformat boat offshore ilfordhp5 squareformat oilrig iso1600 hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 ilfotechc
Silent Light... (HASSELBLAD 500C/M) (potopoto53age) Tags: light plant flower macro 6x6 film japan closeup zeiss mediumformat square silent kodak hasselblad squareformat stamen amaryllis epson pollen ektachrome e100vs f28 yamanashi planar kofu  appleblossom extensiontube 80mm 500cm hassel carlzeiss hasselblad500cm appleaperture nont kodakektachromee100vs carlzeissplanar80mmf28 silentlight epsongtx970 gtx970 betterscanning dualmffilmholder betterscanningdualmffilmholder
Amsterdam (Luiz Fernando Coimbra) Tags: amsterdam hasselblad503cw carlzeissplanar80mmf28
Amsterdam (Luiz Fernando Coimbra) Tags: amsterdam hasselblad503cw carlzeissplanar80mmf28
good friends under the "moon" (DoveVadar) Tags: street 120 6x6 film zeiss mediumformat singapore hasselblad carl 500 f28 planar 80mm hasselblad500cm provia400x carlzeissplanar80mmf28 dovevadar
it's all just started (+pelican+) Tags: slidefilm rm malaysianphotographer 120mmfilm rolleiflex28e bokehlicious carlzeissplanar80mmf28 autaut 6x6mediumformat kodakektachromeepp100 canonscan8800f positivescanned orchidparkkualalumpur esixprocess twinlensreflecttlr pelicanwan filmfilmforever sangwernakamura
Ginetz042 (Dustin Ginetz) Tags: calgary 120 6x6 film church square slide medium format fold fujivelvia100 hasselblad501c carlzeissplanar80mmf28
 () Tags: film hasselblad human 2009 120s 500cm morelax carlzeissplanar80mmf28  fujifilmnpz800
464. (m@rco.parolo) Tags: film rain rollei rolleiflex kodak epson duomo portra pioggia padova rolleiflex28f medioevo trl planar analogic veneto sagrato montagnana pellicola rolleicamera analogico filmscanner v500 liston epsonscan kodakportra160 frankeheidecke twinreflexlens carlzeissplanar80mmf28 fotografiaanalogica biottica epsonperfection 80mmf28planar cittmurata rolleiflex28fplanar epsonv500scanner duomodimontagnana marcoparolo montagnanapadova marcoparoloparravicini sagratodimontagnana pioggiasulliston
52190003 () Tags: film scenery sunny hasselblad 2009 120s  500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 fujifilmnpz800
m20100003tmax400_contact003multi (photokalia) Tags: hc110 kodaktmax400 iso1600 163 pushed2 hasselblad503cx carlzeissplanar80mmf28 28degreescelcius agitationfor1stminute 750min agitationfor10secat3min6min
In this fleeting moment (Bright Lights, Vegas Nights) Tags: hasselblad hasselblad500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 california canoscan8800f square 6x6 mediumformat 120 kodak kodakektar100 film autaut sekonicl308s bluesky lugunabeach bright
 () Tags: film hasselblad 2010 500cm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 fujifilmpro160c
m20110002ektacolor160_contact011 (photokalia) Tags: iso100 clare hasselblad503cx carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kodakektacolorpro160 soccerlesson
wirescape (Kenneth McNeil) Tags: blackandwhite bw white black 120 6x6 lines mediumformat square landscape denmark grey wire scenery scenic shapes super line hasselblad xp2 wires 400 squareformat simplicity electricity forms medium format form ilfordxp2super shape ilfordxp2 danmark ilford jutland jylland carlzeiss lemvig forside xp2super hasselblad500c planar80mm carlzeissplanar80mmf28 kennethmcneil

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50 carlzeissplanar80mmf28 30 film 23 6x6 20 mediumformat 19 hasselblad 16 120 14 hasselblad500cm 13 square 12 kodak 8 bw 7 blackandwhite carlzeiss rolleiflex28e 500cm 6 rolleiflex tlr 5 planar pellicola negative squareformat format color c41 medium hasselblad500c zeiss 4 rolleiflexplanar28e portra mittelformat homedevelopment rolleiflex28f f28 autaut selfdevelopment rolleiflex28e2 landscape dyi moyenformat medioformato filmisnotdead 80mm 3 amsterdam hc110 analogcamera kodakimages newtopographics black epson street manualfocuslenses carlzeiss80mmf28 hasselbladcfcarlzeissplanart80mmf28 hasselblad503cw blackwhite analogimages 2009 scans hasselblad503cx filmformats kodakportra160 tetenalcolortecc41 rm kodakportra160nc newtopography expiredfilm white lenses photos clare hasselblad553elx light filmcamera church gtx970 napoliest pelicanwan iceland 2010 pushed singapore 100f hasselblad501c canoneos3 analogphotography planar80mm seattle extensiontube filmchemistry kodaktrix400 people kodakektacolorpro160 betterscanningdualmffilmholder appleaperture rollei scenics vintage 6x6mediumformat filmprocessing monochrome 120film flower

Pairs: 16 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,film 10 6x6,carlzeissplanar80mmf28 9 120,carlzeissplanar80mmf28 7 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,hasselblad carlzeissplanar80mmf28,mediumformat 6 carlzeissplanar80mmf28,hasselblad500cm film,hasselblad 120,6x6 5 500cm,film 500cm,carlzeissplanar80mmf28 120,film

Users: 嚕嚕 5 Robbie McIntosh 4 Film-Love 3 Luiz Fernando Coimbra photokalia +pelican+ Kenneth McNeil potopoto53age Dustin Ginetz Viv | Seattle Bon Vivant DoveVadar *Kit* stefthor Fabio Sabatini Fredrik Forsberg ADporter design Matt_Lew Yong . L kavandje Hubert Chunghao Chao (趙修伯) Davidap2009 Jens Jacob - Jambo! gorbot. cpham_ ⓁⒶⓂⓁⓊⓍ Bright Lights, Vegas Nights khai_nomore m@rco.parolo nksyoon