a1 arachnid attelabidae britishwildlife canon270ex canon5dmkii canon70300mmf456lisusm canoneos40d canoneos7d canonmpe65 canonmpe65mmf28 carlzeissluminar63mmf45 coleoptera diptera flashgun flight gear hoverfly hymenoptera insect insectmacro insects lepidoptera macro macrophotography migrant nikone2extensiontube novoflexm42bellows nrm portfolio pseudoscorpion pseudoscorpionida schneiderkreuznachcomponon28mmf4 schneiderkreuznachcomponon35mmf4 singapore southeastasia spider studio tenebrionidae tokinaatxpro100mmf28 venusdrive weevil winter zerenestacker öland

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Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web. If you are a Flickr user and Log into Flickr you will be able to see your private photos, as well as larger thumbnails. Hivemind: http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/canon270ex Hits: 242 Pages: 5 Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database. Where do these thumbnails come from? How are the photos licensed?
Tailless Whip Scorpion or Whip spider. Amblypygi. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia taillesswhipscorpion whipspider amblypygi vinegaroon canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive canon270ex
Weevil. Cryptorhynchinae or Molytinae subfamily. ~15mm. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia weevil macrophotography insectmacro canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive molytinae canon270ex cryptorrhynchinae
Coming soon... (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect beetle ladybird ladybug childrensbook coleoptera canon5dmkii canon270ex nikone2extensiontube vision:outdoor=0673 vision:sky=0748 vision:clouds=0516 nikonk1extensiontube
Bohemian Waxwing.( Bombycilla garrulus).Sidensvans.(EXPLORED 11-01-2013) (Natures Art Photography.) Tags: winter flight explore waxwing britishwildlife migrant bombycillagarrulus flashgun canoneos7d canon270ex canon70300mmf456lisusm
The Tanner (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect nrm land coleoptera cerambycidae longhornedbeetle nikkor28mmf28 canon5dmkii tokinaatxpro100mmf28 canon270ex nikone2extensiontube
Hoverfly series + some neat gear (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect gear portfolio hoverfly land syrphidae canon5dmkii canon270ex schneiderkreuznachcomponon35mmf4 schneiderkreuznachcomponon28mmf4 olympus65116telescopicet
Hazel leaf roller (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera leafrollingweevil attelabidae canonmpe65 canon270ex canon5dkmii vision:outdoor=0743
Stacked flies (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect nrm diptera sciomyzidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker
Going down in style (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect lepidoptera nikon28mmf28 cossuscossus canon5dmkii canon270ex
Trap-jaw ant. Odontomachus sp. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia ant hymenoptera trapjawant odontomachus canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive canon270ex
Erotylidae. Fungus beetle. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia macrophotography pleasingfungusbeetle insectmacro erotylidae fungusbeetle canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive canon270ex
We are about to hatch! (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect lepidoptera caterpillar eggs canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex vision:plant=0565 vision:outdoor=0981
Mating leaf rolling weevils (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect beetle coleoptera attelabidae canon5dmkii deporausbetulae canon270ex vision:mountain=0709 vision:plant=0514 vision:outdoor=0925 schneiderkreuznachcomponon354
Cranefly Airlines (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect arachnid portfolio cranefly pseudoscorpion tipulidae pseudoscorpionida canon5dmkii canon270ex olympustelescopicextensiontube olympuszuikomacro804
The Hitchhiker's Ride... (johnhallmen) Tags: insect arachnid pseudoscorpion raynoxdcr250 chelifercancroides rhagiuminquisitor tokina100mmf28 pseudoscorpionida canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker
Get Out! (johnhallmen) Tags: winter snow macro insect spider nrm crosspolarization canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex
Ammophila sabulosa (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight hymenoptera sphecidae nikonpb6bellows canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker carlzeissluminar63mmf45 ernstleitzsummar12cmf45 ernstleitzsummar8cmf45
Studio stack: Leaf Rolling Weevil (johnhallmen) Tags: macro studio insect v a1 portfolio coleoptera leafrollingweevil canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker newportlinearstage olympus65116telescopicet
Studio stack: Rhingia campestris (johnhallmen) Tags: studio insect a1 portfolio hoverfly syrphidae rhingiacampestris m42bellows canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker reichert65x015
Modular Macro Diffuser (johnhallmen) Tags: lighting macro flash gear diffuser fujifilms5pro canon5dmkii canon270ex carlzeissluminar63mmf45 novoflexbellows
Lamella (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect handheld psocoptera canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex vision:sunset=0916 vision:beach=0551
Metallic leaf roller (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera attelabidae canon5dmkii byctiscusbetulae canon270ex schneiderkreuznachcomponon35mmf4 vision:outdoor=0959
Shiny Leaf Beetle (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera canonmpe65 canon5dmkii sermylassahalensis canon270ex sermylahalensis galerucahalensis
To be or not to be... (johnhallmen) Tags: spider portfolio jumpingspider salticidae myrmarachne canon5dmkii canon270ex novoflexm42bellows schneiderkreuznachcomponon28mmf4
Feathery Thorn (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect lepidoptera canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker vision:outdoor=0796
Breakdancing Backswimmer (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect nrm hemiptera backswimmer canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex
Guess who didn't read the manual (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker
Phantom Midge Larva (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect diptera canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex
Laphria (johnhallmen) Tags: insect robberfly diptera asilidae raynoxdcr150 canon5dmkii canon40mmf28 canon270ex
Anthribidae. Subfamily Anthribinae. Acorynus sp. or Litocerus sp.? (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia macrophotography insectmacro fungusweevil anthribidae canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive canon270ex anthribinae acorynus
Small Fungus Weevil (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect fungusweevil anthribidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex dissoleucasniveirostris
Androsus fasciolatus (Fairmaire, 1893). Tenebrionidae. Subfamily Coelometopinae. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia macrophotography tenebrionidae insectmacro canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive coelometopinae canon270ex androsusfasciolatus
Moth Fly (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect diptera canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex
Neoitamus (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect fly robberfly diptera asilidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex
Miniature Hindu God? (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex
Handheld Stack: Robber (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect portfolio diptera j canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker canonmpee65
Spider Web.(EXPLORED 04-10-13) (Natures Art Photography.) Tags: macro garden spider explore britishwildlife flashgun britishinsects canoneos7d canon270ex sigma1770mmf284oshsmmacro
Prohibition Arachnid? (johnhallmen) Tags: spider arachnid land philodromidae canon5dmkii canon270ex novoflexm42bellows schneiderkreuznachcomponon28mmf4
Long horned bee (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect bee portfolio land hymenoptera raynoxmsn202 canon5dmkii tokinaatxpro100mmf28 canon270ex
Springtail (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect collembola canon5dmkii canon270ex novoflexm42bellows schneiderkreuznachcomponon28mmf4
Tiny Easter Eggs (johnhallmen) Tags: insect eggs canon5dmkii nikonpb6bellows carlzeissluminar63mmf45 naturallight canon270ex zerenestacker tripod portfolio
Ceropria superba (Wiedemann, 1823). Tenebrionidae. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia macrophotography darklingbeetle tenebrionidae insectmacro canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive ceropria canon270ex ceropriasuperba
Bohemian Waxwing.( Bombycilla garrulus).Sidensvans.(EXPLORED 8-01-2013) (Natures Art Photography.) Tags: bird flight explore britishwildlife migrant bombycillagarrulus flashgun canoneos7d canon270ex canon70300mmf456lisusm
Rove beetle. Staphylinidae. Subfamily Piestinae (Flat Rove Beetles). (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia macrophotography insectmacro chestnutavenue canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 canon270ex
Weevil pair. Acicnemis sp. Subfamily Molytinae. ~10mm length. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia weevil macrophotography curculionidae insectmacro canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive molytinae canon270ex acicnemis
Platydema subfascia (Walker, 1858). Tenebrionidae. Subfamily Diaperinae. 4-5mm. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore macrophotography darklingbeetle tenebrionidae insectmacro canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive diaperinae platydema canon270ex platydemasubfascia
Ground beetle. Carabidae. Minuthodes sp. ~8-10mm. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia insects macrophotography coleoptera carabidae insectmacro groundbeetle canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive minuthodes canon270ex
Goldcrest.(EXPLORED 29-12-2013) (Natures Art Photography.) Tags: explore britishwildlife goldcrest britishcountryside flashgun naturesart dawlishwarren britishbirds canoneos7d britishcoasts canon270ex canon70300mmf456lisusm
Brentid weevil. Cyphagogus sp. (davidgerardball) Tags: singapore southeastasia insects weevil macrophotography insectmacro brentidae canoneos40d canonmpe65mmf28 venusdrive canon270ex brentid cyphagogus
Iam Larry.(EXPLORED 26-07-13) (Natures Art Photography.) Tags: dog pet explore larry flashgun canoneos7d canon270ex canon70300mmf456lisusm

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50 canon270ex 32 canon5dmkii 30 insect 28 macro 14 canonmpe65 12 canonmpe65mmf28 singapore canoneos40d 11 venusdrive southeastasia 10 macrophotography coleoptera insectmacro 9 zerenestacker 8 portfolio 6 diptera 5 canoneos7d explore flashgun 4 spider öland schneiderkreuznachcomponon28mmf4 britishwildlife nrm canon70300mmf456lisusm 3 novoflexm42bellows attelabidae lepidoptera hymenoptera weevil tenebrionidae carlzeissluminar63mmf45 arachnid schneiderkreuznachcomponon35mmf4 hoverfly tokinaatxpro100mmf28 insects winter a1 flight migrant nikone2extensiontube pseudoscorpion studio pseudoscorpionida gear asilidae leafrollingweevil beetle nikonpb6bellows darklingbeetle eggs syrphidae fungusweevil molytinae anthribidae olympus65116telescopicet naturallight robberfly bombycillagarrulus cranefly fly chestnutavenue schneiderkreuznachcomponon354 vision:mountain=0709 collembola androsusfasciolatus acicnemis canonmpee65 reichert65x015 öj cossuscossus vision:outdoor=0959 ernstleitzsummar8cmf45 trapjawant diaperinae platydema britishcoasts diffuser canon40mmf28 psocoptera galerucahalensis vision:outdoor=0673 naturesart dog groundbeetle novoflexbellows deporausbetulae vision:plant=0514 vision:beach=0551 flash m42bellows nikkor28mmf28 bee crosspolarization anthribinae vision:sunset=0916 amblypygi rhingiacampestris sphecidae ant backswimmer ceropriasuperba ceropria ladybird goldcrest cryptorrhynchinae taillesswhipscorpion dawlishwarren britishinsects britishbirds hemiptera sciomyzidae vision:plant=0565 vision:outdoor=0925 bird sermylassahalensis lighting cyphagogus handheld vision:outdoor=0796 carabidae dissoleucasniveirostris platydemasubfascia nikonk1extensiontube raynoxdcr150 pleasingfungusbeetle brentid chelifercancroides garden nikon28mmf28 waxwing longhornedbeetle britishcountryside vinegaroon tripod vision:outdoor=0743 tipulidae myrmarachne coelometopinae canon5dkmii vision:sky=0748 ladybug olympuszuikomacro804 whipspider odontomachus ernstleitzsummar12cmf45 minuthodes jumpingspider olympustelescopicextensiontube v newportlinearstage salticidae fujifilms5pro sigma1770mmf284oshsmmacro fungusbeetle raynoxdcr250 erotylidae byctiscusbetulae raynoxmsn202 tokina100mmf28 curculionidae rhagiuminquisitor cerambycidae acorynus snow vision:clouds=0516 pet philodromidae vision:outdoor=0981 larry brentidae caterpillar sermylahalensis childrensbook

Pairs: 30 canon270ex,insect 29 canon5dmkii,insect 28 canon270ex,macro 27 canon270ex,canon5dmkii 26 insect,macro canon5dmkii,macro 14 canon270ex,canonmpe65 canonmpe65,macro canonmpe65,insect 13 canon5dmkii,canonmpe65 12 canonmpe65mmf28,singapore

Users: johnhallmen 33 davidgerardball 12 Natures Art Photography. 5

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