animal animalia arthropod arthropoda black brushfooted brushfootedbutterflies brushfootedbutterfly bug butterflies butterfly ca california caterpillar danainae danaini danaus danausplexippus ditrysia flowers fourfootedbutterfly heliconiinae insect insecta insectes insects invertebrate larva lepidoptera lépidoptères macro melitaeini milkweedbutterfly monarch nature nymphalidae nymphalinae papilionoidea plant plantae rhopalocera santabarbaracounty white wildflowers wings

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Malachite Butterfly (Pronounced mal-a-kite) (gg1electrice60) Tags: butterfly florida butterflies malachite brightgreen siproetastelenes browardcounty coconutcreek tradewindspark malakite familynymphalidae brushfootedbutterfly subfamilynymphalinae pronouncedmalakite namedafterbrightgreenmineralmalachite minerralmalachite shorttailhindwing 3600wsampleroad 3600westsamplerd
Leanira Checkerspot (Thessalia leanira) (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca plant butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar v plantae paintbrush arthropoda larva indianpaintbrush arthropod santabarbaracounty castilleja castillejaaffinis insecta affinis nymphalidae orobanchaceae papilionoidea nymphalinae chlosyne thessalia brushfootedbutterfly leaniracheckerspot thessalialeanira leanira chlosyneleanira melitaeini coastindianpaintbrush
Big brown butterfly (Howard Ferrier) Tags: plants macro butterfly insect leaf australia brisbane palm queensland brackenridge oceania closeupview seq euploeacore brushfootedbutterfly commoncrowbutterfly australiancrowbutterfly macrolife commonindiancrowbutterfly
West Coast Lady (Vanessa annabella) - 3rd Instar Caterpillar (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca vanessa butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar arthropoda larva arthropod annabella santabarbaracounty insecta vanessaannabella westcoastlady nymphalidae papilionoidea nymphalinae brushfootedbutterfly nymphalini
C-Falter (b-j-oe-r-n) Tags: animal munich mnchen bayern deutschland zoo tiere butterflies insects lepidoptera muc falter makro insekten comma schmetterlinge insecta tierparkhellabrunn nymphalidae polygoniacalbum tierwelt nymphaliscalbum cfalter anglewings edelfalter brushfootedbutterfly canoneos6d fourfootedbutterfly kerbtiere kerfe canonef70300mmf456lisusm
Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar (Danaus plexippus) (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca plant butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar monarch apocynaceae milkweed plantae arthropoda larva arthropod santabarbaracounty danaus plexippus figueroamountain asclepias insecta nymphalidae asclepiaseriocarpa indianmilkweed lospadresnationalforest danausplexippus danainae papilionoidea milkweedbutterfly eriocarpa brushfootedbutterfly asclepiadoideae danaini
Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) - 5th Instar (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar arthropoda larva arthropod santabarbaracounty gulffritillary insecta nymphalidae agraulisvanillae agraulis heliconiinae papilionoidea vanillae brushfootedbutterfly heliconiini
CD483 Callithea adamsi (listentoreason) Tags: usa nature animal closeup america canon butterfly insect newjersey unitedstates favorites places lepidoptera animalia arthropoda invertebrate arthropod tomsriver insecta nymphalidae pterygota papilionoidea neoptera endopterygota ef28135mmf3556isusm score30 ditrysia rhopalocera lepidopteran bugmuseum brushfootedbutterfly callithea insectropolis truebutterfly bugseum fourfootedbutterfly
Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar (Danaus plexippus) (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca plant butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar monarch apocynaceae milkweed plantae arthropoda larva arthropod santabarbaracounty danaus plexippus figueroamountain asclepias insecta nymphalidae asclepiaseriocarpa indianmilkweed lospadresnationalforest danausplexippus danainae papilionoidea milkweedbutterfly eriocarpa brushfootedbutterfly asclepiadoideae danaini
Purple Crow (Steve Kacir) Tags: animal butterfly insect raw australia lepidoptera queensland crow cairns animalia arthropoda arthropod hexapod northqueensland insecta uniramia nymphalidae hexapoda pterygota danainae wingedinsect papilionoidea milkweedbutterfly metazoa bilateria ecdysozoa neoptera endopterygota euploea eukaryote macrolepidoptera eukaryota capeyorkpeninsula ditrysia neolepidoptera centenarylakes rhopalocera brushfootedbutterfly cairnsbotanicgardens fleckerbotanicgardens protostomia danaini dicondylia heteroneura glossata pterygote smallbrowncrow purplecrow apoditrysia protostome obtectomera easternbrowncrow dwarfcrow euploeatulliolus euploeina fourfootedbutterfly ecdysozoan unikont opisthokont endopterygote
Northern Pearly Eye, Side, Beltsville, MD_2013-10-25-10.28.43 ZS PMax (Sam Droege) Tags: cute green grass animal animals butterfly bug insect md stripes butterflies horns maryland insects bugs lepidoptera caterpillar usgs striped arthropods animalia arthropoda florescent arthropod insecta stacker beltsville nymphalidae satyrinae brushfootedbutterflies droege northernpearlyeye lethe pearlyeye brushfootedbutterfly papilionoidae satyrini letheanthedon pearlyeyes zerenestacker biml taxonomy:binomial=letheanthedon anthedontaxonomybinomiallethe anthedoncaterpillarbeltsvillemarylandusgsdroegebimlzerene usgsbiml
Arizona Sister, Adelpha eulalia, female (Bill Bouton) Tags: arizona butterfly lepidoptera arthropoda insecta limenitis nymphalidae brushfoot brushfootedbutterfly arizonasister taxonomy:binomial=adelphaeulalia
  Tawny Coster (pallab seth) Tags: summer sun india macro nature closeup butterfly insect flying photo nikon asia dof bokeh small lepidoptera coolpix srilanka plains grassland bengal macroshot p3 southasia westbengal brushfooted nymphalidae tropicalbutterfly deul saarc brushfootedbutterfly tawnycoster acraeaterpsicore acraeini incrediblebengal ajoyriver  unseenbengal sabarbangla  grambanglarchobi
Field Crescent (Phyciodes pulchella) (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca butterfly insect crescent lepidoptera v arthropoda phyciodes arthropod santabarbaracounty insecta pulchella nymphalidae papilionoidea nymphalinae brushfootedbutterfly fieldcrescent phyciodespulchella melitaeini
Julia Heliconian (Hoofbeats and Pawprints Photography) Tags: color nature beautiful beauty butterfly bug insect olivia pentax stripes lepidoptera kansascity missouri 2008 arthropoda powellgardens dryas archambault insecta kingsvillemissouri nymphalidae dryasiulia juliabutterfly kansascitymissouri heliconiinae wingedinsect juliaheliconian papilionoidea paperhearts femalephotographer youngphotographer rhopalocera brushfootedbutterfly wingedbug heliconiini pentaxk100dsuper festivalofbutterflies k100dsuper oliviaarchambault natureandanimalphotographer paperheartsonflickr heliconiiti kingsvillemo
Variable  Checkerspot (Euphydryas chalcedona) Caterpillars on Scarlet Bugler (Penstemon centranthifolius) (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca plant butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar v plantae penstemon arthropoda larva arthropod santabarbaracounty scarletbugler penstemoncentranthifolius insecta plantaginaceae euphydryas nymphalidae checkerspot papilionoidea nymphalinae variablecheckerspot euphydryaschalcedona chalcedoncheckerspot chalcedona brushfootedbutterfly centranthifolius coloncheckerspot melitaeini
Carolina Satyr, Hermeuptychia sosybius (Donna Brunet) Tags: animal butterfly insect louisiana unitedstates butterflies lepidoptera animalia arthropoda invertebrate insecta nymphalidae hexapoda satyrinae brushfootedbutterflies hermeuptychiasosybius carolinasatyr brushfootedbutterfly
angel wings (christiaan_25) Tags: above flowers blue sky orange white black butterfly bug insect spring wings feeding sweet bokeh lepidoptera questionmark bunches glowing overhead feasting antennae backlighting pollination pollinating nymphalidae papilionoidea polygoniainterrogationis nymphalinae brushfootedbutterfly nymphalini syringareticulatasspamurensis amurlilac
Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) - Caterpillar getting ready to molt (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar monarch arthropoda larva arthropod santabarbaracounty danaus plexippus insecta nymphalidae danausplexippus danainae papilionoidea milkweedbutterfly brushfootedbutterfly danaini
Vice-roi, Lac-Baker 1A (France Smyth) Tags: butterflies insects lepidoptera papillon wildflowers asteraceae insectes nymphalidae fleurssauvages limenitisarchippus viceroys lpidoptres brushfootedbutterfly astraces nymphalids viceroi eutrochiummaculatum fourfootedbutterfly eupatoiremacule spottedjoepyeweeds
Viceroy (Limenitis archippus archippus) (corvid01) Tags: butterfly insect lepidoptera viceroy limenitis nymphalidae limenitisarchippus papilionoidea limenitidinae brushfootedbutterfly dscn7656 limenitisarchippusarchippus hodges4523
Red cracker. Hamadryas amphinome (Linda DV) Tags: macro nature closeup butterfly insect lepidoptera knokke coldblooded butterflygarden nymphalidae brushfootedbutterflies hamadryasamphinome vlindertuinknokke brushfootedbutterfly redcracker lindadevolder
One of Thousands (Steve Kacir) Tags: animal butterfly insect newjersey raw nj lepidoptera monarch capemay animalia arthropoda arthropod danaus hexapod monarchbutterfly insecta uniramia higbeebeachwma nymphalidae tigerbutterfly danausplexippus capemaycounty hexapoda pterygota danainae wingedinsect wildlifemanagementarea papilionoidea higbeebeach milkweedbutterfly metazoa bilateria ecdysozoa neoptera endopterygota eukaryote macrolepidoptera eukaryota ditrysia neolepidoptera rhopalocera brushfootedbutterfly capeisland protostomia danaini dicondylia heteroneura glossata pterygote danausplexippusplexippus apoditrysia protostome obtectomera fourfootedbutterfly ecdysozoan unikont opisthokont endopterygote migratorymonarch njstatewildlifearea
Variegated Fritillary, Euptoieta claudia (Donna Brunet) Tags: animal butterfly insect unitedstates feeding butterflies lepidoptera missouri behavior animalia arthropoda dung invertebrate insecta heliconian nymphalidae hexapoda heliconiinae variegatedfritillary euptoietaclaudia brushfootedbutterflies puddling brushfootedbutterfly
More heliconidae (Lorenia) Tags: usa chicago illinois il butterflyhaven heliconius heliconiidae brushfootedbutterfly thepeggynotebaertnaturemuseum butterflyvivarium 20090809 httpwwwnaturemuseumorg
stained glass wings (christiaan_25) Tags: flowers light red orange white black green leaves yellow backlight butterfly insect evening wings glow afternoon bokeh background september lepidoptera monarch spotted backlit milkweed striped backlighting latesummer mortonarboretum nymphalidae danausplexippus danainae papilionoidea milkweedbutterflies brushfootedbutterfly danaini silkyscarletmilkweed
Baltimore 4 (France Smyth) Tags: butterflies insects lepidoptera wildflowers insectes papillons rosaceae nymphalidae fleurssauvages baltimores rosefamily yellowavens euphydryasphaeton lpidoptres brushfootedbutterfly rosaces papillondiurne nymphalids herbaceousplants fourfootedbutterfly papillondejour plantesherbaces baltimorecheckerspots benotesdalep geumaleppicumstrictum
DSCN6523-gulf fritillary (nbc_2011) Tags: nature butterfly insect florida butterflies animalplanet planetearth gulffritillary brushfooted nymphalidae agraulisvanillae agraulis heliconiinae brushfootedbutterflies longwings brushfootedbutterfly passionbutterfly avanillae heliconians
Royal Bule Butterfly (campmusa) Tags: butterfly fp 2012 pacificsciencecenter royalblue brushfootedbutterfly mysceliaethusa nikon7000 tamronlen fppicnic fosterpepperpllc
pearl crescent (Phyciodes tharos) (corvid01) Tags: butterfly insect lepidoptera pearlcrescent phyciodes nymphalidae phyciodestharos papilionoidea nymphalinae brushfootedbutterfly melitaeini
Papillon (JR Guillaumin) Tags: macro butterfly insect lepidoptera papillon animalia arthropoda insecte insecta nymphalidae papilionoidea nymphalinae ditrysia melitaea brushfootedbutterfly smcpdfa100mmf28 pentaxk20d
Showing off (Canonpauls) Tags: blue orange white black france male butterfly insect brittany lepidoptera morbihan vannes butterflyhouse brushfooted canonef70200mmf28lis kallima kallimaparalekta brushfootedbutterfly indianleafwing paralekta malayanleafwing
Baltimore 2 (France Smyth) Tags: butterflies insects lepidoptera wildflowers insectes papillons rosaceae nymphalidae fleurssauvages baltimores rosefamily yellowavens euphydryasphaeton lpidoptres brushfootedbutterfly rosaces papillondiurne nymphalids herbaceousplants fourfootedbutterfly benotedalep papillondejour plantesherbaces baltimorecheckerspots benotesdalep geumaleppicumstrictum
Baltimore (JKissnHug - Busy Watching Osprey) Tags: butterfly michigan baltimore milford 2009 kensingtonmetropark euphydryasphaeton brushfootedbutterfly
Red-spotted Purple (Point Images) Tags: usa nature butterfly insect la northshore mandeville redspottedpurple cypressswamp sttammany brushfootedbutterfly naturearea northlakenaturecenter
sipping on the sweet nectar (azhiker_grrl) Tags: flowers arizona yellow fly insects whitemountains roadtrip adventure wildflowers flutterby nymphalidae greenspeak polygoniagracilis brushfootedbutterfly apachesitgreavesnationalforest hfdf flydayfriday hoarycommabutterfly
Vanessa Atalanta Red Admiral (pensierosimpatico) Tags: wood red england white black macro butterfly garden insect wings nikon pattern rich september redadmiral organic cracks dots antennae atalanta 2012 velvety herts sigma105 lepidoptery brushfootedbutterfly nikond90
Tawny Emperor and Mourning Cloak (GenasGlory) Tags: white america mourningcloak camberwellbeauty tawnyemperor asterocampaclyton orangebrown nymphalisantiopa brushfootedbutterfly grandsurprise ventralview paleorangeyellow paleyellowishmarkings hindwingeyespots petticoatanglewinglargeblackyellow borderdarkredbrightbluespotsinnersideventral viewbutterfliesfeedingonbananasfruitdishplatebokehgeometrytwofruitproboscisantennanorth
Tagpfauenauge (Inachis io) (jwendland) Tags: plants plant nature animal animals butterfly insect tiere natur pflanze pflanzen butterflies insects lepidoptera daphne insekt tier insekten schmetterlinge schmetterling naturephotography floweringplant peacockbutterfly floweringplants daphnemezereum nymphalidae seidelbast tagpfauenauge inachisio naturfotografie nymphalisio bltenpflanze frhblher frhjahrsblher kellerhals europeanpeacock bltenpflanzen tagfalter edelfalter brushfootedbutterfly echterseidelbast earlyfloweringplants gewhnlicherseidelbast fourfootedbutterfly gemeinerseidelbast earlyfloweringplant
Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar  IMG_2409.JPG (carolynpepper) Tags: macro butterfly insect caterpillar gulffritillary agraulisvanillae brushfootedbutterfly passionflowerfoliage
Milbert's Tortoiseshell butterfly. (Idahoeyes) Tags: butterfly insect march spring northwest idaho northamerica nymphalidae milbertstortoiseshell nymphalinae nymphalismilberti aglaismilberti brushfootedbutterfly nikond90 firerimtortoiseshell truebrushfoot sharonwatson conflictnymphalismilberti aglaismilbe butterflyonfloweringplant
2013 06 16_4612_Tawny Emperor butterfly (nbc_2011) Tags: nature butterfly insect florida animalplanet tawny planetearth brushfooted tawnyemperor asterocampaclyton brushfootedbutterfly northamericanbrushfootedbutterfly
Caught in Your Embrace (The Bone Collector II) Tags: macro nature animals interestingness amazing interesting wings furry north butterflies insects arctic camouflage anatomy biology nunavut animalplanet tundra invertebrate baffinisland iqaluit interestingthings brushfootedbutterfly cans2s easternarctic explore20140705
Kleiner Perlmuttfalter  / Queen of Spain Fritillary (Ellenore56) Tags: light summer sunlight inspiration color colour detail reflection nature weather animal fauna butterfly bug insect licht photo focus foto sommer magic natur perspective explore papillon vista imagination outlook moment creature mariposa magical farbe insekt reflexion farfalla wetter tier perspektive reflektion schmetterling fritillary augenblick fokus nymphalidae faszination sonnenlicht queenofspainfritillary lebewesen brushfoots tierwelt explored perlmutt lichteinfall perlmuttfalter tagfalter edelfalter brushfootedbutterfly issorialathonia permute kleinerperlmuttfalter sonya350 lightincidence animatebeing ellenore56 21072013 perlmuttflecken permutespot permutepatch permutepatches
Lorquin's Admiral, Limenitis lorquini burrisoni, male (Bill Bouton) Tags: lepidoptera nymphalidae lorquinsadmiral limenitislorquini brushfootedbutterfly brushfootbutterfly burrisoni
Amiral blanc, Edmundston 2A (France Smyth) Tags: butterflies insects lepidoptera insectes papillons nymphalidae limenitisarthemis lpidoptres brushfootedbutterfly papillondiurne whiteadmirals nymphalids amiralblanc fourfootedbutterfly papillondejour
common buckeye (boondockstudios) Tags: butterfly nikond70s commonbuckeye junoniacoenia 420mm fabricaimago brushfootedbutterfly boondockphotography
Edith's Checkerspot, Euphydryas editha leustherae, male (Bill Bouton) Tags: butterfly insect lepidoptera brushfoot euphydryaseditha brushfootedbutterfly nymphalid brushfootbutterfly leustherae
Summer Garden 2014 - 42 (Robert LC) Tags: flowers butterfly garden butterflybush brushfootedbutterfly
red-spotted purple (Limenitis arthemis astyanax) adult (corvid01) Tags: butterfly insect adult lepidoptera quakingaspen limenitis nymphalidae limenitisarthemis redspottedpurple papilionoidea limenitisarthemisastyanax limenitidinae populustremuloides brushfootedbutterfly limenitidini dscn5024

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50 brushfootedbutterfly 40 butterfly 35 nymphalidae 34 insect 33 lepidoptera 18 papilionoidea insecta 17 arthropoda 12 arthropod butterflies 10 nature 9 animal insects caterpillar fourfootedbutterfly 8 california ca santabarbaracounty nymphalinae 7 macro larva animalia 6 danaini danainae 5 danausplexippus plant brushfootedbutterflies white milkweedbutterfly monarch 4 invertebrate plantae bug hexapoda melitaeini rhopalocera wings nymphalidés lépidoptères heliconiinae ditrysia insectes flowers black brushfooted wildflowers danaus 3 orange endopterygota bokeh plexippus animals papillon wingedinsect papillondiurne euphydryasphaeton unitedstates florida fleurssauvages v neoptera animalplanet gulffritillary edelfalter agraulisvanillae limenitis pterygota papillondejour closeup milkweed papillons usa tiere light tagfalter queensland geumaleppicumstrictum asterocampaclyton planetearth redspottedpurple stripes heteroneura tierwelt brushfoot apoditrysia plantesherbacées pterygote apocynaceae benoîtesdalep photo 2012 dicondylia striped feeding color nikon protostome rosefamily raw summer schmetterlinge

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