2 accessories allied american army assault ba battle battlefield beret brickarms brickforge custom decal german germany gun guns helmet launcher lego marine military minifig minifigs minifigure modern mw3 prototype prototypes rocket sniper soldier soldiers tank trooper us war weapon weapons world worldwar2 worldwarii ww2 wwii

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the custom painted helmets ( !! ) Tags: green usmc cat dark bag soldier army us marine gun lego military wwii tan suit weapon sniper ww2 stealth a3 guns vest minifig a4 bomb medic a2 weapons m16 brickarms brickforge bandoiler accories
Trough Berlin (~MuzziBoi~) Tags: 2 3 soldier gun lego lol 4 american ww2 iphone lolz ww11 brickarms
meanwhile, in Normandy (Kingjayko) Tags: dog soldier lego m1 barrels contest helmet scene pot tiles carbine brickarms gibrick
Kalashnikov sniper rifle (Th) Tags: urban leaves modern soldier marine war lego mud fig rifle mini assault jungle camouflage sniper pistol minifig minifigs custom combat engineer mods tactical recon brickarms apocalego
Totalitarianism (SilverMorph) Tags: wall skyscraper soldier lego state central perspective forced fp totalitarian cyberpunk dystopia dystopian brickarms
BrickArms Bazooka M9 prototype (right) (Dunechaser) Tags: usa soldier army us lego wwii worldwarii prototype weapon ww2 bazooka rocket accessories minifig minifigs custom m6 weapons worldwar2 launcher prototypes allies m9 accessory allied brickarms
Mw3 classes (dylzilla777) Tags: cars soldier cool br desert lego drawings class camo ba vest custom pagani mp7 mw3 brickarms legoguns ump45 mw3mw3mw3soldierlegodecalsvestcamohelmet mw3class camobrickarms camoflaugebrickarms starwarslegoewokcustom brickarmsbamchm110arc starwarslegomilleniumfalcon mw3mw3mw3deltadelraforcelegocustomlegomilitary redtigerredtigerarctinytacticalbrickarms mw3mw3mw3deltababruckarmstinytacticalredtigerredtigerdeltafircelegomilitarylegimilitary cm901 tinytacticalvestwatchomegamollearcg18aa12model1887mp5m9mp7pdwcqbcqcm110snipershotgunlmgrpgrocketbf3cool
ww2 american airborne - custom lego figure (Little-Legends) Tags: soldier lego little american legends ww2 airborne worldwar brickarms brickforge customminifig littlelegends
Is He good? (EpicHeadLego) Tags: apple canon soldier tank lego ww2 ipad brickarms
Fallschirmjger (Yam' ) Tags: world 2 trooper norway germany soldier mod war lego para g ss super ii german crete ww2 soldiers chuck ww gliding airborne stg invasion norris mah 44 imma 43 mega paratrooper lazor waffen gewehr g43 brickarms stg44 stalhelm fierin
World War Hero (Brick@natomy) Tags: world soldier war lego custom minifigure brickarms eclipsegrafx brickarsenal
NavySeal. (~.QuaD.~) Tags: usmc soldier marine war lego iraq 911 navy special seal operations ops aa12 brickarms
TF2: Black Box and the Direct Hit (Hessianizer) Tags: blue red 2 black soldier hit team lego box blu helmet weapon rocket ba shotgun grenade fortress weapons direct launcher tf2 brickarms
Juggernauts with Bodyguard (*Nobodycares*) Tags: trooper beach soldier amazing lego wwii attack assault worldwarii hazel armor ama ww2 guns omaha armory normandy dday isa kz worldwar2 helghast killzone uas sheaths brickarms aww2 sluban brickforge mmcb kz3 kz2 minifigcat tinytactical weirdwarii wierdwar2 awwii toys711
US Ground Infantry WWII (1) (zalbaar) Tags: world 2 usa infantry soldier us war lego wwii ground american ww2 decal minifig gi customs brickarms zalbaar
World War 2 Free French (~Ghost Soldier~) Tags: world 2 french soldier jones cool war gun artist lego awesome free bap henry prototype torso sten beret gunmetal brickarms prototipz
ACAWS pig phase 1 firing (Shobrick) Tags: car animal soldier pig amazing lego system prototype weapon impact laser fi tt custom armory grenade we3 lmg sci firing launcher brickarms shobrick
Decontamination Zone (*Nobodycares*) Tags: soldier amazing kill force lego goggles hazel elite soldiers guns shield armory zone mp5 shields minigun decontamination chaingun brickarms brickforge
AS soldier (exxtrooper[no longer active]) Tags: soldier rat tm series rocket 23 decal ba minifigs grenade sup mk launcher silencer  as brickarms mmcb
my favorite figs (SpontaneousRaptor) Tags: soldier lego guns beret cod m4 desertstorm callofduty g36c g36 brickarms xm25 brickarmsmods
BrickArms MG42 prototype (Dunechaser) Tags: germany soldier lego thirdreich nazi wwii worldwarii german prototype weapon ww2 accessories minifig minifigs custom machinegun weapons worldwar2 prototypes accessory mg42 brickarms
Modern Tactical Vest LEGO Decal WIP (zalbaar) Tags: trooper soldier army us gun lego duty american bullet decal battlefield decals m16 bf3 mw2 mw3 brickarms zalbaar
Spetznaz (r. Randomness) Tags: snow black ice soldier call gun lego awesome duty camo arctic ba russian balaclava ops ak47 spetznaz brickarms
Allied World War II soldiers (Dunechaser) Tags: usa soldier army us gun lego m1 wwii rifle australian australia worldwarii prototype weapon pistol ww2 bazooka soldiers guns rocket accessories minifig minifigs rockets custom smg troops machinegun weapons worldwar2 prototypes allies accessory garand allied m1a1 m1911 brickarms lewisgun
Pirate Vrs. Brit 2 (kojman47) Tags: soldier fight dock lego pirate british brit brickarms
bayeux MOC (Kingjayko) Tags: soldier lego ww2 bayeux moc allied brickarms
Waiting in the Ruins (Blockburn12) Tags: soldier lego german soviet sniper decal minifig minifigs smg easternfront mp40 brickarms
M8 Greyhound V2 WIP Rear (ReddWolfAK) Tags: world two greyhound 6 brick america paper soldier blood war gun tank lego fig misc wwii wheels barrel version double assault help american armor weapon blueprint m8 ww2 vehicle etc modified hi wars guide ba minifig custom combat tread anti turret engineer figs mods proto whitebox redwolf xeno brickarms brickarm redwolfak midifications
Shadow Hawks (Kit Bricksto) Tags: shadow black soldier lego hawk military tags helicopter human crew hawks minifigure uh60 minifigures brickarms
SWAT (MasterChi4f) Tags: soldier lego police swat brickarms brickforge
The camp (without figs) (N-11 Ordo) Tags: fiction camp trooper grass wall soldier lego tech stripes alien attack science container weapon sniper scifi fi technique sci ordo n11 brickarms n11ordo
Forced Entry (SilverMorph) Tags: modern private dead soldier war lego tech military united guard battle security intelligence conflict soldiers beret contractor nations chemical firefight shootout pmc unist brickarms brickforge
bayeux MOC (Kingjayko) Tags: soldier lego ww2 bayeux moc allied brickarms
/Taking up position\ (Tomcat Bobcat) Tags: 3 modern soldier fire fight lego 4 perspective helicopter american battlefield forced russian sgt firefight oleary warfare mw3 brickarms
Hardsuit V.3 (Jacob Y 89) Tags: trooper cat soldier gun helmet government shield minifig heavy society mecha mech rebuilding brickarms brickforge
MP5 Full Stock (Sean-Michael Griffin) Tags: modern soldier lego good helmet figure minifig custom mp5 minifigure warfare mw2 mw3 brickarms modernwarfare3
Military parade (Brikam) Tags: soldier apache tank military combat m1a2 aav mrap brickarms minifigcat citizenbrick batisbricks
Pan-Asia (rick urge) Tags: photoshop soldier war lego edit purge panasia brickarms
Week 1: France (Mistah_Finland) Tags: france modern finland soldier war tank postmodern lego battle future soldiers finnish ghetto invasion brickarms tinytactical
Troop Transport (EnvelopeCrease) Tags: lego brickarms helmets weapons war men modernwarfare courtyard machine 2 city fps world picture battle things boom stuff attack troupe beret battlefield doodle many tanks trolololol blender rockets foliage another warfare render cool helmet modern soldier taggy nothing airplane which style custom no
KV-1s (Tomcat Bobcat) Tags: world new 2 two game germany soldier war gun tank lego russia military over soviet ww2 chassis heavy axis prototypes allies molds protos kv1 brickarms kv1s
German medic (Jacka!) Tags: world 2 shells armband flesh bag soldier war lego wwii helmet noflash dk minifig nophotoshop custom doc ammo crate medic printed redcross smock gunmetal moc wehrmacht etape bipod bley mg34 brickarms citizenbrick
Sarge (Smifery) Tags: soldier war desert flood wwii halo battle trench american skirmish brickarms
Heavy Infantry (The Sargeant of Randomness (no longer active)) Tags: soldier war lego brickarms
Pvt.Tullie (falloutwes) Tags: wow soldier army marine all lego union wwii halo german soviet ww2 youngest waw weapons japenese brickarms tullie age20classrifleone brothershes
G.I. #2 (Kingjayko) Tags: soldier lego american ww2 brickarms
IMG_1526 (mayhew0) Tags: snow tower observation soldier tents gun force lego military air guard navy machine radiation special binoculars bunker sniper marines hatch fortification forces wasteland brickarms
EclipseGrafx's White Balaclava (Brick@natomy) Tags: soldier team lego military assault custom minifigure brickarms apocalytic eclipsegrafx sidantoys gibrick brickwarriors
Protector,The law (~.QuaD.~) Tags: soldier lego military cop brickarms apoca
@JasBrick (Duck Lumps) Tags: soldier german heer mg42 brickarms

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