2 accessories accessory allied american army assault brickarms brickforge british combat custom german ghost gun guns hazel lego m1 military minifig minifigs minifigure modern pistol prototype prototypes recon rifle russian sniper soldier tactical trooper two us usa war weapon weapons world worldwar2 worldwarii ww2 wwii

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EclipseGrafx Breacher Head (Brick@natomy) Tags: soldier team war lego military assault custom balaclava swat minifigure brickarms eclipsegrafx sidantoys gibrick brickwarriors
Attack the trench! (1) (Jackbrick101) Tags: grass soldier lego nazi wwii battle trench bunker german american shooting vignette diorama brickarms brickforge
UNSC 'Super Soldier' Mk. III [Prototype] (The Sargeant of Randomness (no longer active)) Tags: soldier robot lego super hardsuit chaingun brickarms odst lightsuit
Among the Wolves (EliteTC) Tags: nature soldier war lego minifigure brickarms
Russian Black Ops (*Nobodycares*) Tags: soldier monkey amazing cool lego helmet hazel stealth russian blackops brickarms
Paratrooper (-Chriz-) Tags: modern soldier lego minifig paratrooper xm8 brickarms
Unexpected Encounter, Americans (Brony-Drifter) Tags: red soldier rebel dawn freedom us fighter lego ak shotgun russian m16 sabr spetsnaz brickarms svds aks74u
JERRV MRAP Cougar 6x6 I (Josh Bernstein) Tags: afghanistan 6x6 modern soldier war force lego military iraq eod armor minifig protection cougar machinegun ied tactical mrap brickarms jerrv tinytactical
HV-88 Heavy Weapons Attack Walker (The Sargeant of Randomness (no longer active)) Tags: soldier army war post lego military walker future futuristic mech apoc brickarms
Black Ops - Snow Russians (r. Randomness) Tags: 2 snow black modern soldier call lego duty camo russian ops ak47 warfare m1911 brickarms
Flammenwerfer 90 (~Ghost Soldier~) Tags: soldier december lego ghost wwii minifig flamethrower 90 2014 brickarms flammenwerfer
Russian Apoc Soldier (SpontaneousRaptor) Tags: soldier mod gun soviet russian ak47 apoc brickarms
Commander with Guards... (*Nobodycares*) Tags: world 2 cliff trooper beach soldier weird amazing war lego wwii attack assault bunker ii hazel ama tiny ww2 guns armory normandy dday isa kz helghast killzone tactical uas sheaths brickarms aww2 sluban brickforge mmcb kz3 kz2 minifigcat tinytactical awwii toys711
Modern soldiers maintaining their weapons (mauler50000) Tags: soldier army lego military tt hummer humvee minifigure brickarms tinytactical
Banzai Attack (Japanese perspective) (silentjonfilms) Tags: soldier japanese marine lego wwii brickarms silentjonfilms
Allied World War II soldiers (Dunechaser) Tags: usa soldier army us gun lego m1 wwii rifle australian australia worldwarii prototype weapon pistol ww2 bazooka soldiers guns rocket accessories minifig minifigs rockets custom smg troops machinegun weapons worldwar2 prototypes allies accessory garand allied m1a1 m1911 brickarms lewisgun
Pirate Vrs. Brit 2 (kojman47) Tags: soldier fight dock lego pirate british brit brickarms
bayeux MOC (Kingjayko) Tags: soldier lego ww2 bayeux moc allied brickarms
Totalitarianism (SilverMorph) Tags: wall skyscraper soldier lego state central perspective forced fp totalitarian cyberpunk dystopia dystopian brickarms
Waiting in the Ruins (Blockburn12) Tags: soldier lego german soviet sniper decal minifig minifigs smg easternfront mp40 brickarms
Shadow Hawks (Kit Bricksto) Tags: shadow black soldier lego hawk military tags helicopter human crew hawks minifigure uh60 minifigures brickarms
BrickArms MG42 prototype (Dunechaser) Tags: germany soldier lego thirdreich nazi wwii worldwarii german prototype weapon ww2 accessories minifig minifigs custom machinegun weapons worldwar2 prototypes accessory mg42 brickarms
New Willys Jeep! (ReddWolfAK) Tags: world two soldier war lego m1 tracks pots technic german american link ww2 sherman carbine luger stug stahlhelm brickarms redwolfak
Faction Trooper (Brony-Drifter) Tags: trooper soldier lego ghost sniper operator advanced marksman recon faction warfighter graw brickarms
Cobalt Clutter (Joriel "Joz" Jimenez) Tags: blue soldier lego rack accessories minifigs armory beret clutter weapons armoury reference peacekeepers cobalt inanimateobjects favorites15 favorites20 views1000 mediumblue tablescrap brickarms brickforge cpkf
That Ranger Swag (President Prime Minister Admiral General Aladeen) Tags: world two usa brick soldier army photography us ruins war ranger lego m1 military scene ww2 build thompson weapons brickarms
Modern Spec. Ops (Tomcat Bobcat) Tags: modern soldier lego medieval spec ops brickarms
Wehrmacht Infantry WWII LEGO (MR. Jens) Tags: wwii ww2 world war two german germans soldier soldat lego custom stg44 kar98 stg 44 kar98k kar 98 k brickarms germany m36 uniform 1935 1939 1944
M26 Pershing (WW2 Creations) Tags: world 2 two usa wheel soldier army star us war gun track tank lego suspension 26 tracks machine m mg vehicles wheeled ww2 vehicle guns ww fighting armored pershing tanks wot compared tracked m26 brickarms
Allied World War I soldiers (Dunechaser) Tags: uk greatbritain soldier gun lego unitedkingdom britain brodie wwi helmet lewis worldwari prototype weapon pistol gb soldiers guns british accessories minifig ww1 minifigs revolver custom commonwealth troops weapons worldwar1 webley prototypes allies accessory bayonet allied smle leeenfield m1917 brickarms
British Private (*Nobodycares*) Tags: private soldier gun lego wwii tommy worldwarii ww2 guns british worldwar2 brickarms
Multicam! (Tomcat Bobcat) Tags: soldier pattern lego cam camo camouflage land universal custom muli minifigure multicam ucp brickarms
Desert (kojman47) Tags: soldier desert lego military brickarms
Take the Shot- FP (Random_Name11) Tags: soldier lego military scene jungle firstperson mercenary brickarms
Headshot (Smifery) Tags: soldier war desert flood wwii halo battle trench american skirmish brickarms
An exploding end... (DarthNick(Original)) Tags: soldier women lego military contest explosion vignette brickarms chucktainer
Muddy Shotgunner- Back (Random_Name11) Tags: soldier lego painted military jungle minifig custom shotgunner brickarms mudsplatter
DW Figs (ReddWolfAK) Tags: world two greyhound color wheel soldier war lego m1 wheels contest bap tire assault decal ba trans rare slope carbine awesomeness garand vig brickarms roaglan redwolfak
Day 1: On the way pic 4 (Lordbrickman) Tags: soldier jones lego apocalypse indiana russian m21 brickarms
 (Secret Soldier Entry) (I'M WAY PAST COOL FOR YOU CASUALS) Tags: soldier rocks lego secret beyond minifig custom modding bengo brickarms
Vigbarf: Part I (DarthNick) Tags: soldier fire lego smoke apocalypse vignette brickarms apocalego
Clear Helmets (Cool Whip) Tags: wild horse west soldier gold golden cool cowboy lego rifle helmet terrorist clear german whip ww2 figures uzi minifigures leveraction mg34 brickarms
Kalashnikov sniper rifle (Th) Tags: urban leaves modern soldier marine war lego mud fig rifle mini assault jungle camouflage sniper pistol minifig minifigs custom combat engineer mods tactical recon brickarms apocalego
M8 Greyhound V2 WIP Rear (ReddWolfAK) Tags: world two greyhound 6 brick america paper soldier blood war gun tank lego fig misc wwii wheels barrel version double assault help american armor weapon blueprint m8 ww2 vehicle etc modified hi wars guide ba minifig custom combat tread anti turret engineer figs mods proto whitebox redwolf xeno brickarms brickarm redwolfak midifications
BrickArms Bazooka M9 prototype (right) (Dunechaser) Tags: usa soldier army us lego wwii worldwarii prototype weapon ww2 bazooka rocket accessories minifig minifigs custom m6 weapons worldwar2 launcher prototypes allies m9 accessory allied brickarms
SWAT (MasterChi4f) Tags: soldier lego police swat brickarms brickforge
Group Shot (antha) Tags: modern soldier lego fi figs sci aci faction brickarms
"The attack" figs (N-11 Ordo) Tags: fiction camp trooper grass wall soldier lego tech stripes alien attack science container weapon sniper scifi fi technique sci ordo n11 brickarms n11ordo
Desert Combat Captain (The Brick Guy) Tags: soldier desert lego hazel combat brickarms amazingarmory nightmaresystem unitedarmory
Faction Trooper (Brony-Drifter) Tags: trooper soldier lego ghost sniper operator advanced marksman recon faction warfighter graw brickarms

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