2011 autumn autumncolors avian beautiful bird birdphoto birds blm18 blmiers2 bokeh canon coolpix d3100 d40x dailynaturetnc10 fall faves fingerlakes flower flowers geotagged green landscape lavender montezuma nature newyork nikon nikond40x october orange photocontesttnc10 purple red s3000 thenatureconservancy tree trees upstate usa wetlands white wildlife yellow

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Winter bird in the snow (blmiers2) Tags: winter snow newyork bird nature beautiful birds canon wildlife powershot explore g6 titmouse tufted blm18 blmiers2
Autumn Landscape (blmiers2) Tags: autumn trees newyork green fall nature water landscape nikon winery fingerlakes keuka explored d3100 2011photography blm18 blmiers2
Autumn Leaves (blmiers2) Tags: november autumn red orange newyork color tree fall nature leaves yellow leaf nikon coolpix s3000 2011 blm18 blmiers2
Autumn trees (blmiers2) Tags: autumn trees orange white newyork green fall nature colors nikon coolpix s3000 saveearth blm18 blmiers2
Autumn Landscape (blmiers2) Tags: autumn trees orange newyork tree green fall nature colors yellow landscape nikon october colorful 2011 d3100 blm18 blmiers2
White White-tailed Deer  - fawn - nature - wildlife - animal - autumn (blmiers2) Tags: autumn white newyork fall nature beautiful animal animals nikon october wildlife deer fawn whitetailed 2011 d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Autumn Waterfall (blmiers2) Tags: park morning autumn trees newyork color tree green fall nature water landscape waterfall nikon october 2011 d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Autumn Landscape (blmiers2) Tags: autumn trees red orange newyork tree green fall nature yellow landscape vineyard nikon wine barrels winery autumncolors coolpix fingerlakes autumnal senecalake glenora s3000 blm18 blmiers2
Autumn (blmiers2) Tags: morning autumn trees red orange newyork green fall nature leaves yellow landscape nikon october autumnleaves autumncolors 2011 d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Victorian Mansion - Idlewild (blmiers2) Tags: blue autumn red white house newyork building green fall architecture other inn nikon october queenanne victorian mansion idlewild 2011 d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Nature - Animal - Wildlife - White White-tailed Deer (blmiers2) Tags: morning autumn red white newyork green fall nature beautiful animal animals nikon october wildlife deer whitetailed 2011 senecaarmydepot d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Bokeh - Flowers - Forget-me-nots (blmiers2) Tags: flowers newyork flower green me nature nikon bokeh study forget nots forgetmenots d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Hosta (blmiers2) Tags: newyork green nature leaf nikon hosta d3100 blm18 blmiers2
dandelion dew (blmiers2) Tags: flowers newyork flower green nature nikon dandelion explore dew whire d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Lilac flower (blmiers2) Tags: flowers newyork flower nature nikon soft purple lavender explore lilac d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Flowers - Lilacs (blmiers2) Tags: flowers newyork flower macro nature sunshine nikon purple blossoms lavender explore lilacs lilas  seringen lill petaks    d3100 fliedern  blm18 blmiers2
Morning Sun (blmiers2) Tags: morning pink trees light sun sunlight mist newyork green nature grass leaves fog pine yard spring maple backyard nikon shadows explore dew rays sunbeam morningsun saveearth d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Bird - Woodpecker (blmiers2) Tags: red newyork green bird nature birds woodpecker nikon explore dryocopuspileatus pileatedwoodpecker piciformes picidae d3100 blm18 blmiers2
trees (blmiers2) Tags: trees newyork nature alberi bomen nikon rboles arbres  bume  rvores    d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Fish (blmiers2) Tags: blue fish newyork nature animal animals nikon explore tang d3100 bluespineunicornsurgeonfish largeunicorntang greennasotang blm18 blmiers2
Butterfly (blmiers2) Tags: newyork green nature butterfly gold nikon explore papillon borboleta coolpix mariposa farfalla schmetterling vlinder  s3000 papiliopalinurus emeraldswallowtail     blm18 blmiers2
Autumn (blmiers2) Tags: autumn newyork fall nature photography nikon fallcolors autumncolors fallfoliage d40x gosnellbigwoodspreserve blm18 blmiers2
flowers and bokeh (blmiers2) Tags: flowers orange usa newyork flower green nature fleur yellow geotagged flora nikon purple bokeh flor gift florets flowerbokeh d40x bokehgreen fleue bokehflower bokehyellow friendshipsgarden blm18 blmiers2
The setting sun through the trees - autumn (blmiers2) Tags: autumn trees red usa sun newyork tree green fall nature leaves yellow geotagged nikon redleaves settingsun d40x blm18 blmiers2
Golden Sunset (blmiers2) Tags: trees sunset pordosol usa sun lake newyork nature water landscape geotagged golden zonsondergang nikon surf tramonto waves sonnenuntergang greatlakes lakeontario goldensunset  puestadelsol coucherdusoleil waterspray    d40x blm18 blmiers2
I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven. ~Emily Dickenson (blmiers2) Tags: usa white newyork macro nature beautiful birds closeup geotagged photography photo nikon wildlife gray faves nut animalplanet birdseye tuftedtitmouse emilydickinson baeolophusbicolor backyardbirds paridae graywhite birdphoto d40x blm18 blmiers2
Autumn - My favorite tree (blmiers2) Tags: autumn red orange usa newyork tree green fall nature colors yellow fence nikon colorful fallcolors boom autumncolors fallfoliage explore rbol  albero arbre rvore baum picnik  autumntrees hff arboreal    101010 d40x cmwd cmwdorange picturefall fencefriday october102010 blm18 blmiers2
Snow Goose (blmiers2) Tags: usa white newyork bird nature canon geese nikon wildlife goose powershot g6 avian anatidae snowgoose anseriformes chencaerulescens blm18 blmiers2
Flowers (blmiers2) Tags: flowers red orange usa newyork flower nature fleur beautiful yellow petals flora nikon dof vibrant flor blossoms lavender bloom blomma faves dreamy  blume blomst vibrance  florets fiorire   nikond40x d40x  4tografie blm18 blmiers2
Nature - Vosburg Hollow Nature Trail (blmiers2) Tags: trees naturaleza newyork reflection green nature water geotagged graffiti pond nikon hiking natureza natur natura trail coolpix  naturewalk s3000 naturetrail  naturenature   aard  hojacktrail vosburgnaturepreserve vosburghollownaturetrail blm18 blmiers2
Flowers through a window (blmiers2) Tags: pink flowers windows white newyork window nature fleur beautiful rain yellow geotagged flora nikon dof purple flor blossoms lavender bloom blomma faves impressions  blume blomst waterdroplets  florets fiorire   nikond40x d40x  blm18 blmiers2
Butterfly (blmiers2) Tags: flowers newyork flower nature beautiful butterfly insect geotagged wings nikon wildlife butterflies insects faves d40x blm18 blmiers2
Rochester, NY (blmiers2) Tags: newyork other nikon coolpix rochesterny s3000 blm18 blmiers2
Great Blue Heron flying at Mays Point (blmiers2) Tags: panorama favorite newyork bird heron nature beautiful birds geotagged flying wings wildlife birding flight feathers july upstate swamp wetlands montezuma centralnewyork blueheron fingerlakes greatblueheron avian herons ardeidae ardeaherodias ciconiiformes blueherons thenatureconservancy montezumanationalwildliferefuge birdphoto heronbird birdphotos ttcu nikond40x mayspoint birdsofnorthamerica thegreatblueheron heronbirds dailynaturetnc10 photocontesttnc10 blm18 blmiers2
Moorhen at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge (blmiers2) Tags: newyork bird nature beautiful geotagged wildlife july upstate swamp wetlands montezuma centralnewyork fingerlakes avian moorhen gallinulachloropus commonmoorhen thenatureconservancy montezumanationalwildliferefuge montezumawildliferefuge rallidae nikond40x dailynaturetnc10 photocontesttnc10 blm18 blmiers2
Bird - Junco (blmiers2) Tags: winter newyork bird nature birds geotagged photography photo nikon photos junco gray explore darkeyedjunco juncos juncohyemalis explored d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Flowers - Spring's arrival (blmiers2) Tags: flowers newyork flower nature spring nikon purple lavender explore springs arrival lilacs d3100 blm18 blmiers2
Cowbird bokeh (blmiers2) Tags: newyork bird nature beautiful birds canon bokeh wildlife powershot g6 avian icteridae cowbird brownheadedcowbird molothrusater passeriformes backyardbirds birdphoto blm18 blmiers2
Bokeh - Titmouse in the Snow - Bird (blmiers2) Tags: white snow newyork bird nature birds canon bokeh gray powershot uccelli g6 titmouse tuftedtitmouse baeolophusbicolor passeriformes paridae blm18 blmiers2
Silhouette (blmiers2) Tags: trees newyork nature silhouette nikon dusk d40x blm18 blmiers2
Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.  ~Stanley Horowitz      tree (blmiers2) Tags: autumn trees usa newyork tree green fall nature yellow nikon bluesky treetrunk stanleyhorowitz d40x colorfulseason blm18 blmiers2
Earth laughs in flowers.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson (blmiers2) Tags: flowers usa newyork flower green nature geotagged leaf nikon soft purple lavender coolpix buds hosta hostas s3000 ralphwaldoemerson hostaflowers purpleblossoms  blm18 blmiers2
Bokeh - Autumn leaf (blmiers2) Tags: blue autumn orange usa newyork green fall nature leaf nikon october bokeh fallcolors spiderweb picture autumncolors picnik d40x bokehs bokehleaves blm18 blmiers2
Birds - Moorhens at Mays Point (blmiers2) Tags: blue newyork green bird nature birds geotagged nikon wildlife upstate upstateny photograph swamp wetlands montezuma fingerlakes moorhen moorhens gallinulachloropus thenatureconservancy montezumawildliferefuge rallidae nikond40x d40x photocontesttnc10 doubleducks blm18 blmiers2
Backyard Visitor (blmiers2) Tags: newyork bird nature grass blm18 blmiers2
Finn Park (blmiers2) Tags: park trees newyork nature nikon parks trails trail treescape finnpark d40x blm18 blmiers2
Bird - Pied-billed Grebe (blmiers2) Tags: newyork bird nature beautiful birds fauna geotagged nikon wildlife birding feathers upstate wetlands montezuma faves centralnewyork ripples fingerlakes juvenile avian grebe grebes piedbilledgrebe dabchick podilymbuspodiceps thenatureconservancy waterwitch montezumanationalwildliferefuge montezumawildliferefuge birdphoto podicipedidae birdphotos nikond40x d40x swamp birdsofnorthamerica devildiver dailynaturetnc10 photocontesttnc10 divedapper blm18 blmiers2
Bird - Great Egret (blmiers2) Tags: newyork bird nature beautiful birds fauna geotagged wildlife birding feathers upstate wetlands montezuma faves centralnewyork fingerlakes egret avian greategret egrets greategrets ardeidae ardeaalba ciconiiformes thenatureconservancy montezumanationalwildliferefuge montezumawildliferefuge birdphoto birdphotos nikond40x swamp birdsofnorthamerica dailynaturetnc10 photocontesttnc10 blm18 blmiers2
Bird - Raptor - Osprey (blmiers2) Tags: newyork bird nature wildlife raptor osprey pandionhaliaetus fisheagle seahawk accipitriformes geotaggedx naturex pandionidae birdx julyx wildlifex animalsx montezumanationalwildliferefugex photocontesttnc10x avianx thenatureconservancyx dailynaturetnc10x nikond40xx montezumax montezumawildliferefugex centralnewyorkx fingerlakesx upstatex wetlandsx swampx blm18 blmiers2
Whimsical bench (blmiers2) Tags: newyork beautiful bench nikon colorful rochester coolpix whimsical s3000 whimsicalbench blm18 blmiers2

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50 newyork blmiers2 blm18 47 nature 42 nikon 22 green 18 d3100 15 autumn fall d40x 14 trees geotagged 13 wildlife bird beautiful 11 explore 10 birds flowers yellow usa 9 orange red flower 8 coolpix s3000 white 7 nikond40x tree october 2011 fingerlakes 6 faves avian landscape purple lavender 5 upstate birdphoto autumncolors bokeh wetlands thenatureconservancy photocontesttnc10 montezuma 4 dailynaturetnc10 powershot leaves leaf water montezumawildliferefuge montezumanationalwildliferefuge g6 centralnewyork canon morning blue 3 fallcolors gray fleur birding photography colors blossoms colorful birdphotos birdsofnorthamerica swamp animal animals sun florets flora flor feathers saveearth ciconiiformes fiorire rallidae deer swamp” winter fauna baeolophusbicolor מיטב july explored moorhen tuftedtitmouse park ardeidae macro paridae bloom other blomma gallinulachloropus photo whitetailed titmouse picnik

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