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Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness.  Chuang Tzu (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: street city uk travel bridge england house london westminster bicycle silhouette europe shadows parliament bigben cannon riverthames rower sunsent diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond top20silhouette baltic86 saariysqualitypictures
326th Training Squadron: BULLDOGS (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio texas military dorm airforce bootcamp bulldogs trainee lackland baltic86 graduation62510 bootcamplackland 326438
ARTUR TABOR  "WILD POLAND"  - INVITATION  * ZAPROSZENIE (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: newyork wildlife invitation bbc wildanimal iq bison nationalgeographic wystawa zaproszenie photoexibition clarknj naturepicturelibrary wildpoland arturtabor baltic86 dzikaprzyroda delamarmansion polskoamerykanskiklubfotografika theconsulategeneralofpolandinnewyork fundacjakosciuszkowska polskafundacjakulturalna nowydziennikkurier polskikonsulat thekosciuszkofundation polishculturalfoundation dzikapolska polishphotoclub polishamericanphotographicclub niepozwolmytemuswiatuzginac zubrubrbison dzikiezwierzetadzikiezwierzta niepozwlmytemuwiatuzgin
Day or night? (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: beach dark 500v50f iq unlimited gulfbreeze pensacolaflorida instantfave kartpostal the4elements anawesomeshot absolutelystunningscapes 100commentgroup  baltic86 saariysqualitypictures photographymypassion asbeautiful sailsevenseas naturesgreenpeace
Inca king says: Give me a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug 2010!:-)))) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: friends peru inca 2010 festivalofthesun instantfave incaking theperfectphotographer peruvianimages yourcountry cuzcocusco baltic86 top20travelpix intiraymi2009 saqsaywamansacsayhuman
Deployment pic: MV-22 Osprey in Christmas colors:-) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: usmc marine military explore iq deployment ussbataan instantfave mv22osprey 22ndmeu 5thfleetaor vmm263 photosexplore campbuehringkuwait 100commentgroup baltic86 saariysqualitypictures mymarinessonpic marinemediumtiltrotorsquadron semperfidelissemperfi thekuwaitidesert oparationenduringfreedom
May your heart be filled with peace and joy during this Holiday Season (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: christmas sculpture art westbank explore isreal bethlehem instantfave kartpostal 2000beyond mangerstreet  baltic86 francoierri thechurchofnativity ottavianogiannangeli izraelbetlejem
What you got here.... eeew.... Canon....?!?!?!? (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: peru central llama explore machupicchu unlimited instantfave photosexplore yourcountry 100commentgroup baltic86
Saying "Goodbye" is not easy.... Your time is up.... NEXT!  LOL (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: usmc nc marine military explore jacksonville abigfave photoexplore baltic86 newrivernorthcarolina semperfidelissemperfi
Mr. Armstrong, please meet your colleague, Mr. Astronaut from Nazca:-) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: peru wow astronaut 100v10f explore flickrcentral iq unlimited ica nazca oberflchen instantfave nascalines kartpostal fineartphotos mywinners superaplus aplusphoto top20travel theunforgettablepictures theperfectphotographer photoexplore worldtrekker natureselegantshots theenchantedcarousel yourcountry peruvianimageshistoryculture 100commentgroup baltic86 superstarthebest luckyorgood ingeniovalley manwithowlhead
Peruvian ceramic (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: peru explore flickrcentral iq unlimited arequipa chivay cubism instantfave mywinners anawesomeshot betterthangood theperfectphotographer photoexplore peruvianimages yourcountry thecolcavalley baltic86 saariysqualitypictures peruvianceramic i50024172509
I think you can all guess what country I was visiting :-) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: peru iq unlimited soe cuso blueribbonwinner supershot instantfave canon40 kartpostal bej mywinners diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond citril theunforgettablepictures theperfectphotographer peruvianimages yourpreferred discoveryphotos yourcountry peruvianimageshistoryculture 100commentgroup paololivornosfriends baltic86 top20travelpix saariysqualitypictures topoftop20thread
Please see the title below.... too long:-) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: rose drops explore iq unlimited worldclass aclass naturesfinest goldenflower blueribbonwinner hiddentreasure flickrnature itsnotaboutyou waterdropsmacro fineartphotos bokehlicious royalgroup flowersgalore anawesomeshot wowiekazowie diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond artoflight citrit freenature dropsonly theunforgettablepictures diamondstars macromarvels theperfectphotographer flowerorfoliage photoexplore fotopolonia explorewinnersoftheworld theenchantedcarousel waterdropsmacros 100commentgroup goldenart baltic86 saariysqualitypictures asbeautifulas canonoeos screemofthe photosoncalendar closeandclose
MEMORIAL DAY - BELL OF HOPE (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: nyc newyork worldtradecenter 911 wtc flickrcentral iq unlimited memorialday stpaulschapel supershot top20nyc instantfave abigfave bellofhope platinumphoto anawesomeshot theunforgettablepictures overtheexcellence yourcountry baltic86
Cruising.... on an aircraft carrier  (NOT MY PICTURE) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: usmc marine military atlanticocean deployment operationenduringfreedom ussbataan instantfave mv22osprey 22ndmeu 5thfleetaor vmm263 baltic86 marinemediumtiltrotorsquadron semperfidelissemperfi
This is what happens when someone is flickring...  Anybody else? LOL (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: humor kettle goldstar blueribbonwinner instantfave top20productphotos platinumphoto citrit theperfectphotographer photosexplore 100commentgroup baltic86
"If you want to be sad, no one in the world can make you happy. But if you make up your mind to be happy, no one and nothing on earth can take that happines from you."  P. Yogananda (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: friends sunset iq unlimited worldclass top20sunsets hongkongphotos fineartphotos the4elements mywinners instanffave anawesomeshot amazingamateur leagueofwomen theunforgettablepictures theperfectphotographer goldstaraward photoexplore natureselegantshots bestminimalshot yourcountry 100commentgroup baltic86
M-NU - hm.... Marines necessity (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: usmc danger emblem marine military iq top20productpix mnu golddragon abigfave anawesomeshot theunforgettablepictures overtheexcellence photoexplore yourcountry baltic86 emblemrefinisher semperfisemperfidelis
Crossing over into  The LIGHT.... Is this how it happens? (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: israel 100views bethlehem unlimited soe blueribbonwinner instantfave bej golddragon betlejem citrit bazylikanarodzenia goldstaraward thechapelofthenativity baltic86
Can YOU do this?!?! (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: wow florida destin delfin delphin gulfarium floryda supershot topshots instantfave hongkongphotos bej platinumphoto goldstaraward yourcountry baltic86
"Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution." - Kahlil Gibran (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: snowman christmastree card merrychristmas picnik happynewyear holidayseason baltic86
Riverwalk San Antonio (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: building night sanantonio lights hotel texas iq top20arch soe riverwalk a kartpostal explorewinnersoftheworld baltic86 saariysqualitypictures photographymypassion arethesebuildings
Lights out - Bulldog out (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio texas military dorm airforce bootcamp bulldogs trs trainee 326 lackland 438 baltic86 graduation62510 bootcamplackland 326438
BMT training room (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio texas military dorm airforce bootcamp bulldogs trainee lackland baltic86 graduation62510 326438
Am I hydrated? (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio texas military dorm airforce bootcamp bulldogs trainee lackland hydrated urinecolorchart baltic86 graduation62510 bootcamplackland 326438
And a perfect bed.... (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio bed texas military dorm airforce bootcamp bulldogs trainee lackland baltic86 graduation62510 bootcamplackland 326438
Perfectly folded clothes.... done by my son... never seen THAT before LOL (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio texas military dorm airforce bootcamp bulldogs trainee lackland baltic86 graduation62510 bootcamplackland 326438
AIR FORCE BOOT CAMP  - LACKLAND TX (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: texas tx military airforce bootcamp bulldogs lackland bcglasses baltic86 graduation62510motivationrun trs326 airmenrun
Visiting The Alamo after graduation (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio texas tx military airforce bootcamp bulldogs thealamo lackland baltic86 graduation62510 trs326
an Airman and a Marine in front of Sea World in San Antonio (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio marine texas tx military airforce bootcamp seaworld bulldogs lackland airman baltic86 graduation62510 trs326
ARTUR TABOR 1968 - 2010 (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: wildpoland arturtabor baltic86 dzikapolska
New Airman:-) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: sanantonio texas airforce bootcamp lacklandafb airman baltic86 graduation62510 trs326flt438
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: vision insanity iq alberteinstin baltic86
"The only worthwhile accomplishments are not those we achive outwardly, but the victories we win over ourselves."  P. Yogananda (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: flowers white spring wiosna naturethroughthelens baltic86 saariysqualitypictures
Cusco/Machu Picchu Flood - Peru January  2010 NOT MY PICTURES!!!!!! (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: peru cusco plan help machupicchu caritas aguascalientes planusa baltic86 vilcanotariver cuscoflood2010
All Children are ours. Please help Haitian children. Thank you!  Marines are doing it already! (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: charity blackandwhite bw usmc children haiti earthquake picnic military northcarolina help babygirl iq donations olderson 2010 marins portauprince ussbataan jacksonvillenc instantfave hongkongphotos 22ndmeu planusa camplejeunenorthcarolina theunforgettablepictures baltic86 newrivernc semperfisemperfidelis premarineson jacmelandcroixdebouquet 70magnitudeearthquake
Homecoming!!!! (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: usmc explore homecoming marines iq deployment semperfi operationenduringfreedom ussbataan instantfave jacksonvillenorthcarolina 22ndmeu 5thfleetaor vmm263 photosexplore thesuperbmasterpiece baltic86 newrivernorthcarolina marinemediumtiltrotorsquadron semperfidelissemperfi
It is important to differentiate between your needs and your wants. Your needs are  few, while your wants can be limitless.  Paramhansa Yogananda (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: orange explore hibiscus diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond photosexplore artgalleryandmuseums paololivornosfriends baltic86 saariysqualitypictures fleursetpaysages
On the way from Cuzco to Saqsaywaman (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: iq soe festivalofthesun instantfave abigfave goldstaraward 100commentgroup paololivornosfriends baltic86 saariysqualitypictures superstarthebest intiraymi2009 cuzcocuscoperu saqsaywamansacsayhuman
9/11    PEACE IS POSSIBLE (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: newyork 911 september112001 yourcountry baltic86 theunionsq
Deployment pic of HARRIER  (NOT MY PICUTRE) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: usmc aviation military explore marines flickrcentral iq unlimited deployment operationenduringfreedom ussbataan instantfave top20products spainmallorca kartpostal the4elements 22ndmeu 5thfleetaor vmm263 photoexplore baltic86 mymarinessonpic harrierav8b marinemediumtiltrotorsquadron semperfidelissemperfi pallmademallorcaspain
He was 22. Died serving his country. (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: usmc military explore fallenmarine baltic86 vmm263rein thunderchickenunit mymarinesonsfriend semperfisemperfidelis
Time for deployment.... (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: usmc marine military semper fi iq unlimited classa blueribbonwinner ussbataan fidelis instantfave top20productpix bej 22ndmeu diamondheart platinumphoto crystalaward diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond citrit theunforgettablepictures theperfectphotographer goldstaraward photoexplore allkindsofbeauty rubyphotographer yourcountry 100commentgroup baltic86 saariysqualitypictures tellmewithyourphotos
"Remind yourself daily that there is no way to happiness; rather, happines is the way." Lao-tsu (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: friends flower macro beautiful nophotoshop fabulous iq makro unlimited worldclass aclass kwiat surealism naturesfinest naturephotos top20flowers hiddentreasure abigfave instatfave flowersgalore anawesomeshot polacyfotografujacy macroawards macromarvels flowersmacroworld excellentsflowers truezen survivingflowershalloffame natureselegantshots fotopolonia 100commentgroup vosplusbellesphotos flickrflorescloseupmacros baltic86 saariysqualitypictures leaugeofwomen b luckyorgood cartelviolet photosoncalendar
GO AWAY! I WAS HERE FIRST! (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: friends flower bee fabulous iq unlimited soe worldclass potofgold supershot i500 bej platinumphoto anawesomeshot aplusphoto polacyfotografujacy youarelookingatme diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond supereco leagueofwomen macromarvels fbdg macrolife theperfectphotographer top20spring photoexplore top20spring20 multimegashot 100commentgroup goldenart panoramafotogrfico baltic86
"Life has a bright side and a dark side, for the world of relativity is composed of light and shadows. Look only for the good in everything, that you absorb the quality of beauty."  P. Yogananda (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: blue red fall beautiful 100views blueribbonwinner jesien instantfave golddragon platinumphoto theunforgettablepictures theperfectphotographer goldstaraward natureselegantshots baltic86
path to your heart? (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: light beautiful wow iq boken classa cubism blueribbonwinner instantfave hongkongphotos bej golddragon anawesomeshot citrit theunforgettablepictures overtheexcellence artofthelight reflectyourworld baltic86 unintendedjewelry
Give me high five! Hey, YOU with a camera I AM talking to YOU! (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: wow squirrel 200views fabulous 50 unlimited animalplanet wiewiorka supershot topshots instantfave hongkongphotos ar1 bej anawesomeshot diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond leagueofwomen theunforgettablepictures overtheexcellence theperfectphotographer naturessilhouette alittlebeauty baltic86 newenvy
Please see the title below (no space to post it here:-) (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: white flower beautiful wow unlimited bialy instantfave narcyz bej anawesomeshot leagueofwomen macromarvels awesomeblossoms baltic86 flickrsmasterpieces
Wishing all of You a peacefull Holiday Season (baltic_86 (mostly off)) Tags: beautiful israel candles jesus bethlehem instantfave golddragon anawesomeshot swieczki betlejem theunforgettablepictures theperfectphotographer thechapelofthenativity baltic86

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