2016 astro astrofotografia astronomer astronomia astronomie astronomy astrophoto astrophotography california canon canon6d constellation cosmos december deepsky galaxy landscape light longexposure milky milkyway moon nature nebula nebulae ngc night nightphotography nightscape nightsky nikon orion outdoor photography science sky skywatcher space star stars telescope tree trees universe

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The Milkyway at Iceland’s black sand Sólheimasandur Beach (Glenn 07) Tags: milky way iceland dc3 plane wreck planecrash nightphotography astrophotography canon 5dmkiv 2470mm sólheimasandur beach blacksand freezing cold glennfosterphotography milkyway startrails shooting star silhouette
NGC7822 (Paddy Gilliland @ Image The Universe) Tags: ngc space nebula nebulae stars night astro astronomy astrophoto astrophotography ap narrowband hubble galaxy cosmos astrometrydotnet:id=nova1855086 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
The Rosette Nebula NGC 2244 Widefield Ha False Color - Dec 5, 2016 (Joseph Brimacombe) Tags: rosettenebula ngc2244 nebulae nebula halpha halphafilter astronomy photo photograph image josephbrimacombe astrophotography australianastrophotography falsecolor newmexicoskies 106mmfsq stxl11000 aox pmeii softwarebisque deepspace 2016
In Memoriam (Wayne Pinkston) Tags: bryce canyon night sky nightscape lightcrafter wwwlightcraftercom star stars galaxy astrophotography landscape sentinel waynepinkston wwwwaynepinkstonphotocom nightsky brycecanyon nationalpark thesentinel nightphotography nightlandscapestarrysky milkyway landscapeastrophotography widefieldastrophotography
M45 Pleiades (Andre vd Hoeven) Tags: m45 pleiades star cluster astrophotography astrometrydotnet:id=nova1854707 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
When the sky explodes (AngryTheInch42) Tags: aurora auroraborealis kiruna sweden astrophotography space astronomy corona northernlights arctic
Dreaming of Moonfall (alienshores52) Tags: astrophotography composite jervisbay moon moonfall
On the top of Southern Demerdzhi (Mike Reva) Tags: astronomy astrophoto astrophotography astro coast seashore stars sky stargazing stillness samyang24 night nightsky nature ngc nghtsky nightscape nights constellations countryside canon5d2 cassiopea crimea camping milky milkyway m astrometrydotnet:id=nova1854718 astrometrydotnet:status=failed
The Aged and the Ageless (Wayne Pinkston) Tags: pine tree bristlecone bristleconepine ancientbristleconepineforest whitemountains california sky night nightsky nightphotography nightlandscape nightscape waynepinkston lightcrafter wwwlightcraftercom wwwwaynepinkstonphotocom stars milkyway galaxy cosmos theheavensncient astrophotography landscapeastrophotography widefieldastrophotography longexposure panorama
Heaven's Gate SH2-124 (www.moonrocksastro.com) Tags: astrophotography nebula stelle stars nebulosa astronomia astronomy astrofotografia takahashi star astro astrodon cosmos dso deep space nebulosity nebulae sky skies universe texture cloud ederblad sharpless creation sxvrh18 eq6 skywatcher mn190 starlight xpress emission cepheus night hubble qhy5 phd baader deepspace moonrocks abstract surreal outdoor landscape swift 10micron vixen vsd cassiopeia soul lunar messier valencia ‪‎spain‬ ‪españa‬ paramount
Incoming Transgressions (marcusklotz2014) Tags: mtrainier rainier longexposure nightshots astrophotography lenticularcloud mountainclimbers reflections stars washingtonstate explorewashington
IC410 The Tadpoles (Paddy Gilliland @ Image The Universe) Tags: ngc ic ic410 1893 space stars nebula nebulae tadpoles night astro astropic astrophoto astrophotography dust cloud gas sky astrometrydotnet:id=nova1853192 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
A Moment of Clarity (Casual Explorer) Tags: nightsky milkyway longexposure astrophotography nikond3300 tokinaaf1120mmf28 stars mcwayfalls bigsur california usa
M101 Pinwheel Galaxy (Themagster3) Tags: m101 pinwheelgalaxy astronomy astrophotography galaxy nightsky night deepsky astrometrydotnet:id=nova1853202 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Orion Over Brussels (mikeyp2000) Tags: stars a99ii astrophotograph space astrophotography aerial orion
Night Sky (Explored) 12/7/16 (Somuchtwosay) Tags: night sky space stars milkyway galaxy astro astrophotography
Jupiter in the Early Morning of December 6, 2016 (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist weatherly pennsylvania december 2016 jupiter planet trees sky clouds glow stars science silhouette astronomy astrophotography astronomer canon canon6d diffraction spikes tiffen filter rising morning broadmountain carboncounty
Veil Nebula Complex (Supernova Remnant) (Martin_Heigan) Tags: widefield hargb mosaic veilnebula complex supernova remnant faintlight hydrogen dso deepspace deepsky space telescope phdguiding refractor apo pi pixinsight sgp framingwizard light narrowband ha astroimaging astrophotography southernhemisphere southafrica africa processing platesolving astrometry martinheigan astronomy physics science cygnus caldwell33 caldwell34 ngc6960 networknebula 52cygni stars nebula ngc6992 ngc6995 ngc6979 ic1340 ngc6974 pickeringstriangularwisp westernveil easternveil pickeringstriangle dslr canon 60da calibrationframes stacking mhastrophoto billionsofstars amateurastronomy backyardastronomy cosmos universe nebulae wonders spacephotographedfromearth astrometrydotnet:id=nova1852662 wavelengthoflight hα spectralline 65628nm infrared halpha october2016
The Ancient One (Eric Gail: AdventureInFineArtPhotography) Tags: bristleconeforest ancientbristlecone ancient ericgail adventureinfineartphotography canon6d canon stars mikyway sky tree nightscape astrophotography
'An Icy Palace' - Glyder Fach, Snowdonia (Kristofer Williams) Tags: night sky stars nightscape landscape mountain peak summit weathered frost ice snow glyderfach glyderau glyders snowdonia wales astro astrophotography rock outdoor hillwalking hiking castellygwynt castleofthewinds
Telescopios en Calar Alto (Alfredo Madrigal) Tags: astronomy astrofotografía astronomía astrophotography astrofoto astrofotografia astronomia night nightscape landscape panoramica panoramic panorama milky milkyway way via lactea telescope telescopio telescopios telescopes nikon
'Glyderau Wildcamp' (Kristofer Williams) Tags: night sky stars tent camp wildcamp snow ice cold wales glyderau glyderfach summit outdoor hiking hillwalking astro astrophotography nightscape boulders rocks snowdonia
Mindnight Explore Finding Josh (Mike Ver Sprill - Milky Way Mike) Tags: midnightexplorer findingjosh joshuatree nationalpark landscape nightscape tree trees bushes rocks desert dessert nightsky milkyway milkywaymike galaxy universe stars star space cosmos explore astrophotography astronomy mikeversprill michaelversprill lightpollution travel california cali ca beautiful amazing selfie selfportrait garyfonglightsphere nikond800 wideangle 1424 nikon
M78 and Barnard's Loop (Claus Steindl) Tags: canon eos 7d astromodified lacerta mgen ii ed72432 85xflattener heq5pro astrophotography stars night sky pixinsight m78 barnards loop orion skywatcher astrometrydotnet:id=nova1850019 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
NGC1973/1975/1977 - Running Man Nebula (Waskogm) Tags: running man nebula telescope astrophotography skywatcher dso maksutov
VENUSMOONMMARS0412 PhDi-41 (Tom@125) Tags: venus mars moon sky colors colorful trees astrophotography astronomy astro astronomie crépuscule fra france yellow orange planet planetary planètes planète planets planétaire esplanade blue bluesky night nite photo like comments edition explore photodirector photography home
'An Icy Nightscape' - Glyder Fach, Snowdonia (Kristofer Williams) Tags: night sky stars selfie selfportrait nightscape snowdonia glyderfach castlleygwynt castleofthewinds ice snow frost rock mountains astro astrophotography figure wales landscape
Galactic guardian (Richard Larssen) Tags: richard richardlarssen rogaland reflections larssen landscape light lighthouse dalane norway norge norwegen nature night milkyway milky way eigersund egersund emount eigeroy eigerøy eigerøyfyr eigeroyfyr eigerøylighthouse eigerøya eigeroylighthouse fyr a7ii astrophotography astro samyang samyang14mmf28
Milky Way Self Portrait - Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia (inefekt69) Tags: landscapeastrophotography astrophotography astronomy stars galaxy milkyway galactic core pinnacles desert space night nightphotography nikon 35mm nikkor d5100 dslr long exposure thepinnacles nambungnationalpark nambung rural westernaustralia australia great rift cosmos cosmology rock outdoor landscape self portrait selfie explored explore
20161203 16-22 UT Venus (Roger Hutchinson) Tags: planets venus solarsystem space astronomy astrophotography celestron asi174mm edgehd11 london
Melotte 15 (jschr338) Tags: melotte 15 sho atik 428ex ccd monochrome extranarrowband narrowband orion astrograph astrophotography space astronomy universe
Andromeda Galaxy - Messier 31 (DeepSkyDave) Tags: astrophotography astrofotografie astronomy astronomie night sky nacht himmel stars sterne deepsky cosmos kosmos natur nature long exposure langzeitbelichtung low light wenig licht canon eos 6d astrodon mod bright colors messier 31 andromeda galaxy galactic neighbour
An Evening under the Stars at Loch Awe (Damon Finlay) Tags: highlands islands highlandsandislands scotland mountains nikon d750 nikond750 tamron 2470 f28 tamron2470f28 night photography nightphotography astro astrophotography sky nightsky kilchurn castle kilchurncastle loch awe lochawe argyll scottish scottishhighlands historicarchitecture historic historicscotland
Orion Nebula (M42) and Running Man Nebula (NGC 1973/5/7) (Davide Simonetti) Tags: orionnebula runningmannebula m42 messier42 ngc1976 ngc1973 ngc1975 ngc1977 diffusenebulae nebulae greatnebulainorion astrophotography astronomy
Infinite Nights (Explore 12.4.16) (MacDonald_Photo) Tags: jamieamacdonald sl33stak zd lightroom oly olympus zuiko eatonrapids michigan getolympus omd omdem1mkii μ43photography μ43 em1mkii omdem1markii 25mm mzuiko25mmf12pro 25mmf12 grandhaven milkyway astrophotography puremichigan
Milky Way [Explored] (JLscape) Tags: night nightphotography nightscape nightsky nightscapes outdoor outdoorphotography highiso landscape landscapephotography landscapephoto landscapes cosmos astrophotography astronomy trees mountain milkyway milkywayphotography ermal portugal minho uwa canon canon6d samyang fullframe astroscape sky serene skyline stars starscape
2nd December! (aliffc3) Tags: december moon crescentmoon nikond750 nikkor300mmf4ed stars astrophotography
Cederblad 30 & LBN 782 in Taurus (Paddy Gilliland @ Image The Universe) Tags: space stars nebula rare taurus c30 lbn782 cederblad 30 astro astropic astrophoto astrophotography galaxy night sky ngc astrometrydotnet:id=nova1846081 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Night lights (Richard Larssen) Tags: richard richardlarssen rogaland larssen light norway norge norwegen nature night milky milkyway steel wool beach astro astrophotography stars
The Shining Tree ... (Rogg4n) Tags: nightphotography voielactée astrophotography tree astro longexposure sigma1835mmf18dchsm night milkyway star nightscape skyscape canoneos80d silhouette arbre nature shootingstar fillingstar suisse switzerland chauxdefonds neuchâtel landscape autumn fall 2016 november stars
Sirius Setting in the Early Morning of December 1, 2016 (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist sirius canismajor canis major dog star trees clouds morning december 2016 astronomy astrophotography astronomer space science stars starshots canon canon6d tripod glow weatherly pennsylvania nightsky night constellation
Exposure explosion (danhan27) Tags: astro astrophotography astroscape astronomy aurora australis auroraaustralis stars southernlights mountains dark night sky light nikon d750 tamron
Super Moon Reflection (Jeffrey Sullivan) Tags: monolake super moon rise astrophotography night landscape travel photography reflection california usa nature canon eos 6d photo copyright november 2016 jeff sullivan cokin weather beltofvenus
Coucher de lune (frankastro) Tags: moon moonrise astronomy astrophotography
Messier 8 (Roberto Colombari) Tags: lagoon messier8 m8 deepsky eso inaf nebulae nebula sagittarius astrofotografia astrophotography stars vlt omegacam astrometrydotnet:id=nova1846352 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
VENUSMOON0112 PhDi-39 (Tom@125) Tags: venus moon sky trees space pic picture fra france bourgogne orange red yellow astrophotography astronomy astro astronomie astronomia instaspace planet planetary planètes planète crépuscule edition explore home photodirector photography solar night
Stars over Browns Bridge [EXPLORED] (Travis Rhoads) Tags: 2016 canonef1740f4l metaboneseftoeivt sonyilce7rm2a7rii gitzogt2830basaltseries2 reallyrightstuff rrspcl01 landscapephotography longexposure nikcollectionbygoogle brownsbridge lakelanier georgia travisrhoadsphotography copyright2016 nightphotography stars astrophotography
Eta Cassiopeia – A Beautiful Binary Star System (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist eta cassiopeia etacassiopeia constellation binary doublestar astronomy astrophotography astronomer space science stars canon canon6d meade telescope lx90 celestron cgemdx nightsky night gold orange october 2016
The Great Nebula in Orion ( Messier 42, NGC 1976 ) by Mike O'Day ( https://500px.com/mikeoday ) (Mike O'Day) Tags: great orion nebula constellation ngc 1976 messier42 messier43 m42 m43 dslr unmodified nikon d5300 skywatcher quattro newtonian telescope astro astrophotography astronomy mike oday mikeoday astrometrydotnet:id=nova1846437 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Mt Vernon Mansion Milky Way (Jerry T Patterson) Tags: mtvernon georgewashington georgewashingtonmansion mtvernonmansion milkyway stars astrophotography astronomy alexandria history historic president gw gwmansion

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