2016 6d astro astrodon astrofotografie astronomie astronomy astrophotography australia canon cassiopeia cloud constellation cosmos deep deepsky deepspace eos exposure galaxy himmel landscape langzeitbelichtung light longexposure milky milkyway nacht natur nature nebula nebulae night nightsky photo photography sky skywatcher solarsystem space star stars sterne universe way

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Perseid Meteor Shower Over Mono Lake (Jeffrey Sullivan) Tags: perseid meteor shower astrophotography astronomy news mono basin california usa landscape nature night photography milky way star trails canon eos 6d timelapse photo copyright jeff sullivan august 13
Messier 55  Globular Cluster in the Constellation Sagittarius (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist m55 globularcluster globular cluster ngc6809 sagittarius astronomy astrophotography astronomer space science stars milkyway nightsky night deepspace deepsky border canon canon6d meade lx90 telescope stacking dss deepskystacker corel paintshoppro timelapse cosmos august 2016 blog round
The Crescent Nebula - the brain (cfaobam) Tags: sichelnebel mondsichelnebel crescentnebula ngc6888 caldwell27 sharpless105 ts10f4ontc newtonontc newtonontcnewton1000mmf4gpu newton gpu aplanatic koma korrector moravian g28300moravian g28300 moraviang28300fw g28300fw astrodon lodestar losmandy g11 littlefoot photo pixinsight astronomie deepsky goto deutschland germany astrophotography astrophoto astrofoto bayern astrofotografie cfaobam astronomy telescope teleskop odenwald obernburg miltenberg
rencontre Lune - Mercure (Denis Vandewalle) Tags: moon lune skyview skynight sky astronomy astrophoto astronomie planet mercure mercury pentaxk5
M8 and M20 reprocessed (Simon__W) Tags: astro astrophotography astronomy m8 m20 asi1600 takahashi
The western lights !! (Proton arc) (Premysl Fojtu) Tags: aurora borealis northernlights display ray single west milkyway stars night nightsky sky skyscape rural countryside country astronomy astrophotography orkney toab strange odd landscape dslr canon eos 5dmkii fullframe ef1740 wideangle longexposure september 2016 scotland uk bizarre protonarc phenomenon rare
Andromeda Galaxie 2016 (rudolphfelix) Tags: andromeda galaxy galaxie deep sky tracker deepskytracker dark stars sterne lightroom longexposure langzeitbelichtung astronomie astro astrofotografie astronomy 2016 fotografie photography canon eos 600d astrometrydotnet:id=nova1746810 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Tajinaste (Stefan Liebermann) Tags: sky night nacht spain travel nightsky nachthimmel plant tajinaste flower pflanze teide teneriffa tenerife spanien milkyway milchstrase galaxy stars space astronomy landscape landschaft nature natur galactic nightscape photography nationalpark mountain berg cloud clouds light lights lichter licht wolken dry trocken ausgetrocknet langzeitbelichtung longexposure desert mars wste blume
Melotte 15 in IC1805 'The Middle of the Heart nebula' (Sara Wager (www.swagastro.com)) Tags: astrophotography astro astronomy astrodon astronomia avalonlinearfastreverse avalon sarawager astrology cosmos cosmology constellation deepspace dso deep sky emission emissionnebula melotte ic1805 hst hubblepalette nebula nebulosity nebulae space skyatnight skies stars star universe interstallar qsi690 qsi ritchey telescope swagastro wwwswagastrocom
Mars Approaching the Teapot in Sagittarius (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist mars planet sagittarius constellation milkyway cluster nebula trees sky glow teapot clouds timelapse canon canon6d tripod astronomy astrophotography astronomer science nature environment nightsky night heavens red border outdoors outerspace solarsystem
Make a proposal she can't refuse. (Eden Bhatta) Tags: milkyway stars romance love longexposure nightsky bearbuttestatepark galaxy astrophotography astronomy southdakota thetaintedtripod
Acceptable Interruption (uldericoimages) Tags: hawaii bigisland milkyway outdoors nature astrophotography astronomy color explore adventure photography uldericoimages art tree life mountains volcano summer contrast sky night cosmos universe galaxy
Nova Lupi 2016 RAW fits data in Astrometrica (twinklespinalot) Tags: asassn16kt nova lrgb astrometrica itelescope allskyautomatedsurvey novalupi2016 lupus astronomy fits
Mars Floating Past the Galactic Core (inefekt69) Tags: star sky tracker tracking skytracker ioptron serpentine dam milky way cosmology southernhemisphere cosmos southern westernaustralia australia dslr longexposure rural nightphotography nikon stars astronomy space galaxy astrophotography lagoonnebula m8 outdoor milkyway core greatrift 50mm d5100 mosaic
 (R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.) Tags: davidbowie cosmos starman universe milkyway space bigdata astronomy stars planet constellation interstellar spacetravel bigbang graffiti berlin mauerpark 35mm film filmisnotdead leitz leica superangulon superwide pullforlife chanyungco nasa
The Big W of Cassiopeia Rising in the Northeast (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist cassiopeia constellation nightsky night stars clouds trees astronomy astrophotography astronomer science sky celestia timelapse tripod canon canon6d opencluster messier w m northernhemisphere northeast milkyway
Probable Extragalactic Nova in M31 or NGC 224 Narrowfield C - Sept 25, 2016 (Joseph Brimacombe) Tags: astronomy novae nova photo photograph image josephbrimacombe astrophotography monochrome mono blackandwhite stellarcataclysms cataclysm cataclysmicstellarevents explodingstars stardeath australianastrophotography space explosion deepspace 2016 detection narrowfield atel9545 clearfilter softwarebisque sbig stl6303 pmei 43cmcdk planewave santabarbaraimaginggroup savannahskiesobservatory farnorthqueensland queensland australia extragalacticnovae extragalacticnova m31201609a pnvj004255664119145 kamilhornoch marekwolf hanakucakova andromedagalaxy andromeda m31 ngc224 pgc2557
VdB152 The Wolf's Cave (Chuck Manges) Tags: wolfscave vdb152 celestron hyperstar ccd qhy23m cepheus nebula astronomy astrophotography astrometrydotnet:id=nova1744973 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Crescent Moon at Dawn - Sept 27, 2016 (Joseph Brimacombe) Tags: crescentmoon moon dawn coralsea seascape sea pacificocean cloud cloudscape cloudsstormssunsetssunrises 2016 cairns farnorthqueensland queensland australia photo photograph image josephbrimacombe highdynamicrange hdr sonycybershot sonycybershotdscrx1rii dscdscrx1rii dscrx1rii dcsrx1rm2 rx1rm2 astronomy astrophotography australianastrophotography solarsystem
M76_C9_EOS350d_defiltre_total_17x5min_800iso_20160925 (frankastro) Tags: m76 nebula nbuleuse deepsky astronomy astrophotography astrometrydotnet:id=nova1745471 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
20160925 10-19UT Uranus & Satellites RGB (Roger Hutchinson) Tags: uranus ariel umbriel oberon titania solarsystem astrophotography astronomy space celestron asi120mm
Aurora 2016-09-25 (ShinyPhotoScotland) Tags: 714mm amazement art astronomy atmosphericoptics atop auchterarder auroraborealis awe beautiful calm camera clouds colourful constellation contrasts digikam dynamic elegance emotion equipment f28 landscape lens longexposure nature olympus olympuspenf perthshire phenomena photography places pure raw rawconversion rawtherapee scotland simple sky skyearth stars sumptuous ursamajor vista
Probable Galactic Nova ASASSN-16kt or Brutus 7656-1 in Lupus Narrowfield U -  Sept 25, 26, 27 and 28, 2016 (Joseph Brimacombe) Tags: asassn16kt lupus narrowfield 2016 nova novae atel9538 asassn allskyautomatedsurveyforsupernovae astronomy photo photograph image josephbrimacombe astrophotography monochrome mono blackandwhite stellarcataclysms cataclysm cataclysmicstellarevents explodingstars stardeath australianastrophotography space explosion deepspace unfiltered softwarebisque sbig u6 pmei 41cmrcos apogee warrumbungleobservatory peterstarr sidingspring newsouthwales australia brutus76561 atel9550
So my first time catching the northern lights! must say they were amazing!!! Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights. (fotoguymp) Tags: northernlights north cottage cottagelife green lake kashwakamaklake geoffscottage 5dmkiii 247028lii longexposure landscape bigdipper dipper stars astro astronomy
NGC6543 (Daniele Malleo) Tags: nebula o3 ha astrophotography astronomy
In Dreams (bprice0715) Tags: canon canoneos5dmarkiii canon5dmarkiii landscape landscapephotography longexposure nature naturephotography astronomy astronomyphotography astro adirondacks adirondackmountains adirondackpark leweylake milkyway stars nightsky beautiful beauty beautyinnature magical majestic dreamy colorful
IC1805 - The Heart Nebula (Center Cluster Melotte 15) (JRG Astroimages) Tags: ic1805 heartnebula cassiopeia sbig lee illinois usa fvas tcaa nsa astrophotography astroimaging starry sky night astronomy nebulae cluster open cluster north midwest atlas narrowband oiii astrometrydotnet:id=nova1742300 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
IC1318 - The Gamma Cygni Nebula around Sadr (DeepSkyDave) Tags: losmandy g11 astrophotography astrofotografie astronomy astronomie night sky nacht himmel stars sterne deepsky cosmos kosmos natur nature long exposure langzeitbelichtung low light wenig licht canon eos 6d astrodon mod bright colors astrometrydotnet:id=nova1742453 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Rain of stars Vortex (VegaStarCarpentier P H O T O G R A P H I E) Tags: milkyway photoshop astrophotography astronomy vortex lightroom canon rain stars starrynight universe astrometrydotnet:id=nova1743235 astrometrydotnet:status=failed
The Pelican Nebula (Matthi900) Tags: ic5070 ic 5070 pelican nebula nebulae h ii deepsky deep sky stars space universe astrophotography astronomy canon skywatcher bright nature astrometrydotnet:id=nova1741819 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Stonehenge I ( LadySchnaps.fr ) Tags: stonehenge wintersolstice solstice ancients landmark salisbury monument rocks ladyschnaps lostintime lostplace landscape landspace landview uk abandoneduk innercircle innersanctum forgotten forbidden fineart england abandonedengland unitedkingdom neolithic stones stonescircle gardonofstones astronomicalobservatory observatory astronomy englishheritage
20160924 09-53UT Sun fc invert (Roger Hutchinson) Tags: sun sunspots prominences space astronomy astrophotography solarsystem lunt asi120mm
Searching for Heaven (alienshores52) Tags: astrophotography jervisbay nightscape nightshores australia beaches astronomy astrometrydotnet:id=nova1741846 astrometrydotnet:status=failed
Grand champ Andromde & Cassiope (Clapiotte_Astro) Tags: stars staradventurer skywatcher canon450d tamron1750mm treizevents andromede andromeda astronomie astronomy night nuit nbuleuse galaxy galaxie vende astrometrydotnet:id=nova1741025 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Die Milchstrae ber Falken-Ges (sfp - sebastian fischer photography) Tags: astronomie landschaft milchstrase natur odenwald sterne milkyway astronomy nature landscape sky himmel nacht night stars beerfelden falkengess
NGC7293_C9_EOS350d_defiltre_total_19x5min_800iso_20160923 (frankastro) Tags: ngc7293 oeil de dieu nebula astronomy astrophotography
NGC281 - Pacman Nebula Crop (DeepSkyDave) Tags: astrophotography astrofotografie astronomy astronomie night sky nacht himmel stars sterne deepsky cosmos kosmos natur nature long exposure langzeitbelichtung low light wenig licht canon eos 6d astrodon mod astrometrydotnet:id=nova1741034 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
The Eagle Nebula & Pillars Of Creation (Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com) Tags: sky space astronomy astrophotography astroimaging m16 eaglenebula pillarsofcreation
NGC1499 - California Nebula (DeepSkyDave) Tags: astrophotography astrofotografie astronomy astronomie night sky nacht himmel stars sterne deepsky cosmos kosmos natur nature long exposure langzeitbelichtung low light wenig licht canon eos 6d astrodon mod astrometrydotnet:id=nova1741863 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
MilkyWay (VegaStarCarpentier P H O T O G R A P H I E) Tags: milkyway staradventurer skywatcher lightroom photoshop astronomie astronomy astrophotography nasa universe epernay france ciel nuit night galaxy cosmos astrometrydotnet:id=nova1741057 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
North America Nebula Revisited (skypointer2000) Tags: astronomy astrophotography astro northamericanebula ngc7000 nebula night canon ef70200f28lisusm astromodified canoneos6d deepsky ioptron skytracker longexposure astrometrydotnet:id=nova1741963 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Leviathan awakes (www.moonrocksastro.com) Tags: astrophotography nebula stelle stars nebulosa astronomia astronomy astrofotografia takahashi star astro astrodon avalon cosmos dso deep space nebulosity nebulae sky skies universe texture cloud ederblad sharpless creation sxvrh18 eq6 skywatcher mn190 starlight xpress emission cepheus night hubble qhy5 phd baader deepspace moonrocks abstract surreal outdoor landscape swift 10micron vixen vsd cassiopeia soul lunar messier valencia spain espaa paramount bisque astrometrydotnet:id=nova1741821 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Barn Milky Way (Harles99) Tags: astrometrydotnet:id=nova1740494 astrometrydotnet:status=failed milkyway nikon d610 astrophoto astronomy stars
The Ghosts of Cassiopeia (Matthi900) Tags: ic59 ic63 gamma cassiopeia bright star stars nebulae nabula deepsky deep sky night skynight light astrophotography astronomy imaging telescope service newton canon eos60da skywatcher photoshop digital nature astrometrydotnet:id=nova1740498 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Milky Way over Lake Clifton, Western Australia - 35mm Panorama (inefekt69) Tags: lake clifton mandurah reflections water panorama stitched mosaic microsoft ice milkyway cosmology southernhemisphere cosmos southern westernaustralia australia dslr longexposure rural nightphotography nikon stars astronomy space galaxy astrophotography outdoor milky way core great rift ancient sky 35mm d5100 magellanicclouds large small magellanic cloud night airglow jetty pier explore explored
Milky Way Selfie II (bprice0715) Tags: canon canoneos5dmarkiii canon5dmarkiii landscape landscapephotography nature naturephotography astronomy astronomyphotography milkyway stars selfie leweylake adirondacks adirondackmountains adirondackpark majestic dreamy outdoors
Gamma Cygni Region and Crescent Nebula (Regulus12) Tags: gammacygni cygnus sadr nebula modded canon canon60d astrotrac astrophotography astronomy stars astrometrydotnet:id=nova1740632 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
North Point Northern Lights (matthewkaz) Tags: auroraborealis northernlights lakemichigan lake water greatlakes sky night stars reflections northpoint astronomy lights colors charlevoix michigan 2016 bigdipper thebigdipper
Milky Way (thomasbarbin) Tags: sombrio port renfrew landscape night sky milky way space astronomy stars nature long exposure victoria bc vancouver island canon 7d
Dunluce Castle (MNM Photography 2014) Tags: dunlucecastle castle dunluce aurora auroraborealis northernlights milkyway twilight zodiacallight light lights sky stars astrophotography astronomy nightphotography nightscape nightsky nightsbestimages seascape water waves cliffs northcoast causeway causewaycoast medival niea northernirelandenviromentagency countyantrim portrush portballintrae northernireland discovernorthernireland theskerries bridge steps ulster canon canon6d tamron tamronsp1530mmf28divcusd

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