2016 astro astronomer astronomie astronomy astrophotography australia australianastrophotography blue canon canon6d ciel constellation cosmos deepsky dslr galaxy image josephbrimacombe landscape leisurelyscientist leisurelyscientistcom light longexposure m42 milkyway moon nebula night nightsky nikon orange orion pennsylvania photo photograph planet silhouette sky space stars telescope tomwildoner trees venus

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La Lune, Vnus et Mars au crpuscule - 04/12/2016 - Moxhe (Be) (Geoffrey Maillard) Tags: lune soire soir crpuscule twillight moon venus mars ciel sky himmel hemel abend nacht night evening light licht lumire plante planet astronomie astronomy hiver arbre tree winter cold froid saison hesbaye belgique belgien belgium belgie paysage landscape landschaft landschape belle vue moxhe hannut braives lines lignes horizon coucherdesoleil soleil sonnenuntergang sunset
VENUSMOONMMARS0412 PhDi-41 (Tom@125) Tags: venus mars moon sky colors colorful trees astrophotography astronomy astro astronomie crpuscule fra france yellow orange planet planetary plantes plante planets plantaire esplanade blue bluesky night nite photo like comments edition explore photodirector photography home
Venus & the crescent moon (manuel.huss) Tags: moon venus space wood dark night astronomy solarsystem new waxing crescent
Milky Way Self Portrait - Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia (inefekt69) Tags: landscapeastrophotography astrophotography astronomy stars galaxy milkyway galactic core pinnacles desert space night nightphotography nikon 35mm nikkor d5100 dslr long exposure thepinnacles nambungnationalpark nambung rural westernaustralia australia great rift cosmos cosmology rock outdoor landscape self portrait selfie
20161203 16-30 Moon (Roger Hutchinson) Tags: moon craters space astronomy astrophotography solarsystem london asi174mm celestronedgehd11
Moon & Venus (Lux Obscura) Tags: moon venus forest bluehour perpendicularity crescent nature astronomy solarsystem conjunction
Melotte 15 (jschr338) Tags: melotte 15 sho atik 428ex ccd monochrome extranarrowband narrowband orion astrograph astrophotography space astronomy universe
Andromeda Galaxy - Messier 31 (DeepSkyDave) Tags: astrophotography astrofotografie astronomy astronomie night sky nacht himmel stars sterne deepsky cosmos kosmos natur nature long exposure langzeitbelichtung low light wenig licht canon eos 6d astrodon mod bright colors messier 31 andromeda galaxy galactic neighbour
Orion Nebula (M42) and Running Man Nebula (NGC 1973/5/7) (Davide Simonetti) Tags: orionnebula runningmannebula m42 messier42 ngc1976 ngc1973 ngc1975 ngc1977 diffusenebulae nebulae greatnebulainorion astrophotography astronomy
Milky Way [Explored] (JLscape) Tags: night nightphotography nightscape nightsky nightscapes outdoor outdoorphotography highiso landscape landscapephotography landscapephoto landscapes cosmos astrophotography astronomy trees mountain milkyway milkywayphotography ermal portugal minho uwa canon canon6d samyang fullframe astroscape sky serene skyline stars starscape
Fields and Milky Way in Puivert (8aleks8) Tags: stars sterne sternenhimmel heaven night milkyway milchstrase fisheye himmel astronomie astronomy sky
La Lune et Vnus... viteuf du boulot (Denis Vandewalle) Tags: lune moon sky night nightscene nightsky ciel astronomy astro
20161201_M42 (Clapiotte_Astro) Tags: astronomy astronomie astrotech66ed nbuleuse nebula canon450d baader skywatcher eq6 stars star toiles ciel profond deepsky astrotech night nuit lunette apochromatique refractor m42 orion astrometrydotnet:id=nova1846086 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Sirius Setting in the Early Morning of December 1, 2016 (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist sirius canismajor canis major dog star trees clouds morning december 2016 astronomy astrophotography astronomer space science stars starshots canon canon6d tripod glow weatherly pennsylvania nightsky night constellation
Exposure explosion (danhan27) Tags: astro astrophotography astroscape astronomy aurora australis auroraaustralis stars southernlights mountains dark night sky light nikon d750 tamron
Coucher de lune (frankastro) Tags: moon moonrise astronomy astrophotography
VENUSMOON0112 PhDi-39 (Tom@125) Tags: venus moon sky trees space pic picture fra france bourgogne orange red yellow astrophotography astronomy astro astronomie astronomia instaspace planet planetary plantes plante crpuscule edition explore home photodirector photography solar night
Eta Cassiopeia  A Beautiful Binary Star System (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist eta cassiopeia etacassiopeia constellation binary doublestar astronomy astrophotography astronomer space science stars canon canon6d meade telescope lx90 celestron cgemdx nightsky night gold orange october 2016
The Great Nebula in Orion ( Messier 42, NGC 1976 ) by Mike O'Day ( 500px.com/mikeoday ) (Mike O'Day) Tags: great orion nebula constellation ngc 1976 messier42 messier43 m42 m43 dslr unmodified nikon d5300 skywatcher quattro newtonian telescope astro astrophotography astronomy mike oday mikeoday astrometrydotnet:id=nova1846437 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
20161130_M45 (Clapiotte_Astro) Tags: m45 pliades astronomy astronomie astrotech66ed astrotech canon450d canon skywatcher eq6 clsfilter nuit night stars star ciel profond amas nebula nbuleuse lunette apochromatique refractor astrometrydotnet:id=nova1846085 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
The Heart of Orion - Nov 30, 2016 (Joseph Brimacombe) Tags: canon40d modifiedcanon40d 85mmlens orionsnebula orionsbelt orion horseheadnebula ic434 m42 bernardsloop 2016 savannahskiesobservatory widefield farnorthqueensland queensland australia photo photograph image josephbrimacombe astronomy astrophotography monochrome mono blackandwhite australianastrophotography orionssword
Reflect the Universe (Ray Majrowski Thanks for 500,000 1/2 million views) Tags: nightscape astronomy orion starfields water reflection galaxy stars astrophotography landscape skyscape bluehour starlight astrophoto wow
20161128-29 M42 LRGB (Roger Hutchinson) Tags: m42 orionnebula runningman space astronomy astrophotography atik atik314l ts65quad london
M31 (G_Howold) Tags: astro deepsky m31 canon 6d 70210 28 astronomy germany stars galaxy details dss fitswork lightroom photoshop
NGC1499_Megrez72_EOS350d_defiltre_total_17x5min_800iso_20161128 (frankastro) Tags: ngc1499 nebula nbuleuse astronomy astrophotography deepsky astrometrydotnet:id=nova1842742 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Rosette Nebula (manuel.huss) Tags: space nebula cosmos stars rosette universe astronomy astrophotography telescope astro night sky wonder deep black blue orange
NGC1499_2016-11-28 (MarkLB57) Tags: ngc1499 meade6000115mmrefractor marklb57 astronomy astrophotography dslr canon500d nebula azeq6gt california perseus
Jupiter in the Early Morning of November 28, 2016 (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist jupiter planet solarsystem trees sky morning november 2016 tiffen stars space astronomy astrophotography astronomer canon canon6d tripod colorful silhouette weatherly pennsylvania planets
NGC2403 28.11.16 (Damien Weatherley) Tags: ngc2403 galaxy universe space astronomy astrophotography stars night sky astrometrydotnet:id=nova1839740 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Falling stars (Shaw_Photography) Tags: startrails stars astronomy astrophotography nikon nikkor night nightsky longexposure water somerset river wire village
Mauna Kea Heavens 3: Finished! (geekyrocketguy) Tags: maunakea hawaii bigisland astronomy telescope telescopes observatory observatories night timelapse gemini uh88 cfht jcmt jamesclerkmaxwell subaru keck irtf sma submillimeterarray cso caltech submillimeter rokinon samyang fisheye 12 12mm f28 28
Milford Glow (danhan27) Tags: astro astrophotography astroscape astronomy night sky stars milky way dark light aurora australis southern lights milford sound mitre peak mount phillips fjordland nz new zealand reflections long exposure ngc
Moontage [Explored] (Sarah and Simon Fisher) Tags: astronomy astrophotography moon montage moonwatch november canon 600d maksutov 127mm telescope primefocus lunar lunarseas craters supermoon firstquarter waxing waning gibbous fullmoon bromsgrove worcestershire uk
Island in The Sky (langthangdaydo) Tags: sky skyline bluesky blue cloud cloudy ocean island vietnam mountain mountains mountainside rockmountain forest nature natural naturallight savannah beautiful beauty backpacker travel traveling traveler trip roadtrip relax amazing undersunshine wilderness wildlife wilder wild wonderful tree trees trek treking trekking foggy fog vacation survival upland range peak people peaceful summit willderness wind winter asia adventure astrophotography astronomy astrophoto rock scare craggy tropical explorar exploration
Star Trails and Outback Bush Fires: A Five Hour Single Exposure - Nov 25, 2016 (Joseph Brimacombe) Tags: canon5dmkii 17mmlens 17mmtiltlens savannahskiesobservatory fire bushfire startrails startrail farnorthqueensland queensland australia photo photograph image josephbrimacombe chillagoe astronomy astrophotography australianastrophotography earthandspace star nightscapes 2016 hdr highdynamicrange longexposure
Orion Nebula Complex (Neil's Astro) Tags: orion nebula running man space astrophotography astronomy canon 6d longexposure astrometrydotnet:id=nova1835425 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Indian Service Route 5 (Muzzlehatch) Tags: chacoculturenationalhistoricparknewmexico milky way galaxy stars astronomy night road
A real world sensor size comparison between KAF8300 and ICX814 (Sara Wager (www.swagastro.com)) Tags: swagastro sarawager astrophotography astro astronomy kaf8300 icx814 sony kodak moravian g28300 atik 490 qsi683 qsi690 telescope fov fieldofview comparison
IC 5070- The Elephant's Trunk (Larry Couture) Tags: 2016 elephanttrunk larrycouture nebula pixinsight astronomy astrophotography flickr stars larrycouturephotography
Jupiter, the Galilean moons, our moon, taken from Earth :) 25 Nov 2016 (img5554A) (Johan Kleventoft) Tags: moon mnen moonlight mnskran jupiter crescentmoon nightshots galilean galileanmoons io callisto europa ganymedes ganymede earthshine jordsken planet astronomy linkping stergtland sverige sweden
Hes Back in the Evening Skies  Mighty Orion (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist orion constellation betelgeuse rigel trees silhouette glow sky space stars astronomy astrophotography astronomer november 2016 weatherly pennsylvania nightsky night canon canon6d tripod orionnebula orionsbelt tiffen filter
Milky Way at Serpentine Dam, Western Australia (inefekt69) Tags: westernaustralia australia great rift panorama stitched ptgui landscape wide magellanicclouds magellanic clouds largemagellaniccloud smallmagellaniccloud astrophotography astronomy stars galaxy milkyway galactic core space night nightphotography nikon 50mm d5100 dslr longexposure perth southern southernhemisphere cosmos cosmology dam serpentine serpentinedam road outdoor sky landscapeastrophotography explore explored
Horsehead Mosaic 3p (Chuck Manges) Tags: horseheadnebula qhy ccd apt astronomy orion celestron hyperstar f2 qhy163m astrometrydotnet:id=nova1832541 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
Orion's Nebula M42 H-alpha - Nov 24, 2016 (Joseph Brimacombe) Tags: narrowband widefield 106mmfsq stxl11000 pme aox softwarebisque sbig santabarbaraimaginggroup halpha halphafilter newmexicoskies nebulae nebula orionsnebula m42 monochrome mono blackandwhite astronomy photo photograph image josephbrimacombe astrophotography australianastrophotography 2016 hdr highdynamicrange
Coming home (Oddiseis) Tags: formentera balearicislands spain lamola forest tree pine road rural nightscape nocturnal night vialactea milkyway stars galaxy colors contrast light red silhouette silence astronomy sigma2014art green sky
20161125 Moon & Jupiter (Roger Hutchinson) Tags: jupiter moon space astronomy astrophotography conjunction
Castor and Pollux in the Eastern Sky (Tom Wildoner) Tags: tomwildoner leisurelyscientistcom leisurelyscientist castor pollux gemini constellation stars nightsky night science space astronomy astrophotography astronomer deepspace trees glow canon canon6d tiffen tripod weatherly pennsylvania twins evening sky outerspace milkyway orange blue silhouette
Star Trails and Outback Fires - Nov 23, 2016 (Joseph Brimacombe) Tags: earthandspace startrails startrail fire bushfire outback savannahskiesobservatory canon5dmkii 17mmlens 17mmtiltlens farnorthqueensland queensland australia photo photograph image josephbrimacombe chillagoe 2016 astronomy astrophotography australianastrophotography hdr highdynamicrange forestfires
2016-10-24 Venus in the West (Ggreybeard) Tags: astronomy venus nightsky theoaks nsw milkyway sagitarrius astrometrydotnet:id=nova1833902 astrometrydotnet:status=solved
November Orion 1 Panorama (John Andersen (JPAndersen images)) Tags: alberta astronomy elbowriver milkyway night orion pleiades sky snow stars taurus wilderness

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