126ad 1stcenturyad 2ndcenturyad 3rdcenturyad africa africaproconsularis agrippa alexanderseverus amphitheater ancientrome antinous arch arles bronze bust claudius colosseum column detail emperor female france gaul hadrian head hispania italy ivcenturyad julioclaudiadynasty leptismagna libya male marble marcusaurelius pantheon portrait recreation romanarchitecture romanforum rome sculpture septimiusseverus severandynasty trajan worldheritagesite

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I lived there (@ntomarto) Tags: street city urban blackandwhite bw italy woman rome roma donna women strada italia arm citylife donne biancoenero citt braccio ancientrome anticaroma indicare antomarto ntomarto
Ancient Rome. Emperor Trajan's Column in Trajan Forum, Fori Imperiali, Rome (mike catalonian) Tags: rome column foriimperiali trajan emperor ancientrome trajanforum
Ancient Rome. Roman Forum recreation. View from above Tabularium building looking East, as it was c. 360 CE (mike catalonian) Tags: recreation romanforum ancientrome 360ad ivcenturyad
Ancient Rome. Aerial view of the Roman Forum looking SW towards the Tabularium and Temple of Jupiter, c. 360 CE // by Gilbert Gorski (mike catalonian) Tags: romanforum ancientrome templeofjupiter tabularium 360ce ivcenturyad
Ancient Rome. Emperor Titus Arch, Roman Forum, Rome (mike catalonian) Tags: arch emperor titus ancientrome romanarchitecture
Ancient Rome. Recreation of Roman Forum from the 'Casa delle Vestali' // Print by J. Hoffbauer, Paris, 1911 (mike catalonian) Tags: recreation romanforum ancientrome
Ancient Rome. Roman Forum recreation (mike catalonian) Tags: romanforum ancientrome
Ancient Rome. Dionysios crowned with grapes, 1st century AD (mike catalonian) Tags: sculpture detail head marble dionysios ancientrome
Ancient Rome. Guard dog body cast found in Pompeii ruins. Pompeii was buried by a volcanic eruption of Mount Vesubius in A.D. 79. (mike catalonian) Tags: dog cast pompeii 79ad eruption ancientrome vesubius 1stcenturyad
Ancient Rome. Roman Forum looking North. Septimius Severus Arch in the background (mike catalonian) Tags: arch romanforum septimiusseverus ancientrome romanarchitecture vespasianustemple
Bust of Marcus Claudius Marcellus (42-23 BCE), Son of Octavia,  Nephew and son-in-law of Augustus , 1st century BCE // Photo by Laura Maish (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait sculpture male bust ancientrome 1stcenturybce marcusclaudiusmarcellus 20bce
Ancient Rome. Marble Bust of Emperor Gordian III (238 - 244 AD) (mike catalonian) Tags: male bust marble emperor ancientrome 3rdcenturyad gordianiii crisisofthethirdcentury
Ancient Rome. Bust of Emperor Septimius Severus (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait male bust emperor septimiusseverus ancientrome
Ancient Rome.  Legionary iron and bronze helmet of the Mainz- Weisenau type (side view), 1st century AD. Many of the appliques had a purpose other than decorative: they helped reinforce the helmet and deflect blows. (mike catalonian) Tags: bronze iron helmet sideview legionary ancientrome 1stcenturyad mainzweisenautype
Female Head with curled hair, terracotta, South Italy, 5th Century BC. (mike catalonian) Tags: italy sculpture female head terracotta ancientrome 5thcenturybce
Ancient Rome. Equestrian portrait of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, 176 AD (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait bronze equestrian emperor marcusaurelius ancientrome 1stcenturyad 176ad nervoantoninedynasty
Ancient Rome. Portrait of Emperor Septimius Severus (145-193-211) (detail) / photo by William Storage (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait sculpture male head emperor septimiusseverus ancientrome 2ndcenturyad severandynasty 3rdcenturyad c200ce
Ancient Rome. Marble Portrait of Antinous (Bithinia, nowadays Turkey, 110/115 - 130), Emperor Hadrian's lover. (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait male head marble hadrian emperor antinous ancientrome
Ancient Rome. Portrait of 8th Emperor Vitellius (Aulus Vitellius Germanicus Augustus), (15 - 69), ruled Rome for eight months, from 16 April to 22 December 69. (mike catalonian) Tags: emperor ancientrome 1stcenturyad 69ad vitellius
Ancient Rome. Emperor Hadrian coin, 1st century AD (mike catalonian) Tags: coin hadrian emperor ancientrome
A rare bust of Gaius Caesar, grandson, adopted son and heir of Augustus Caesar, 1-4 AD (mike catalonian) Tags: 4ad augustus ancientrome 1stcenturyad gaiuscaesar gaiusvipsaniusagrippa julioclaudiadynasty
Ancient Rome. Marcus Agrippa Pantheon, Rome, First quarter of 2nd century AD / photo by Paco Donderis (mike catalonian) Tags: rome pantheon hadrian agrippa ancientrome 1stcentury 126ad
Ancient Rome. Agrippa Pantheon, Rome, 126 AD (mike catalonian) Tags: parthenon hadrian emperor agrippa ancientrome romanarchitecture 1stcenturyad 126ad
Ancient Rome. Interior of The Pantheon of M. Agrippa, Rome, 126AD (mike catalonian) Tags: rome pantheon hadrian emperor agrippa ancientrome romanarchitecture 2ndcenturyad 126ad
Ancient Rome. Roman Amphitheatre of Nmes (Arnes de Nmes), Gaul (nowadays France) (mike catalonian) Tags: france amphitheater nimes ancientrome gaul arenes
Portrait of Vibia Aurelia Sabina, Emperor Marcus Aurelius' daughter and sister of Emperor Commodus and Empress Lucila (Emperor Lucius Verus' wife) (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait sculpture bust marble marcusaurelius ancientrome commodus 2ndcenturyad nervaantoninedynasty vibiaaureliasabina
Ancient Rome. Marble bust of Julia Agrippina (the Younger), wife of Emperor Claudius, Julio-Claudia Dynasty ) (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait sculpture bust emperor claudius ancientrome julioclaudiadynasty juliaagrippinatheyounger
Ancient Rome. Possibly marble head of Julia Agrippina (the Younger), sister of Emperor Caligula, mother of Emperor Nero, wife of Emperor Claudius, 1st century AD, Muse du Louvre, Paris (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait female head marble nero claudius ancientrome caligula 1stcenturyad agrippinatheyounger
Colossal marble head of Salonina Matidia (68-119), Ulpia Marciana's daughter and mother of Vibia Matidia and Vibia Sabina, Emperor Hadrians wife, First half of the 2nd century, Capitoline Museums, Rome (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait rome female head marble sabina hadrian emperor ancientrome capitolinemuseums matidia salonina
Ancient Rome. Juno/Hera Ludovisi, Portrait of Antonia the Younger (b.36 BC-d.37 AD), daughter of Mark Antony & Octavia the Minor, niece of Emperor Augustus, wife of Drusus, mother of 4th Emperor Claudius and Germanicus (father of 3rd Emperor Caligula) (mike catalonian) Tags: juno octavia hera claudius ancientrome markantony drusus germanicus antoniaminor livilla antoniatheyounger
Ancient Rome. Arch of Septimius Severus, Leptis Magna, Africa Proconsularis (Libya), World Heritage Site (mike catalonian) Tags: africa arch worldheritagesite libya leptismagna septimiusseverus ancientrome africaproconsularis
Ancient Rome. Sabratha Theatre, Africa Proconsularis (Libya), World Heritage Site (mike catalonian) Tags: africa theatre worldheritagesite libya ancientrome sabratha africaproconsularis
Ancient Rome. Leptis Magna Theatre, Africa Proconsularis (Libya), World Heritage Site (mike catalonian) Tags: africa worldheritagesite libya leptismagna ancientrome africaproconsularis
Ancient Rome. Bust of Antinous - Osiris.  130-138 A.D. (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait sculpture male hadrian osiris antinous ancientrome 2ndcenturyad
Portrait of Empress Salustia Barbia Orbiana (225-227), Emperor Alexander Severus' wife, Severan Dynasty (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait sculpture female head marble emperor ancientrome severandynasty 3rdcenturyad alexanderseverus salustiabarbiaorbiana salustiaorbiana 220sad
Ancient Rome. Pair of Roman Gold and Garnet Earrings, ca. 2nd - 3rd Century AD. (mike catalonian) Tags: gold jewelry earrings garnet ancientrome 2ndcenturyad 3rdcenturyad
Ancient Rome. Marble Head of 2nd Emperor Tiberius, Julio-Claudia Dynasty, 1st century AD (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait male head marble emperor tiberius ancientrome 1stcenturyad julioclaudiadynasty
Ancient Rome. Head from a bronze statue of the Roman emperor Alexander Severus (222-235 AD), from Ryakia, Archaeological Museum, (mike catalonian) Tags: sculpture statue bronze head emperor ancientrome 3rdcenturyad alexanderseverus
Ancient Rome. Bust of Publius Pertinax,  a political, military, and Roman Emperor (193 AD) (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait male bust marble emperor ancientrome pertinax 2ndcenturyad 193ad
Ancient Rome. Amphitheater of Arles (Arnes de Arles), France (mike catalonian) Tags: france amphitheater arles ancientrome gaul
Ancient Rome. Trajans Column,  celebrating his victory in Dacian wars. (mike catalonian) Tags: rome relief column marble trajan emperor ancientrome
Ancient Rome. Roman footwear (detail) (mike catalonian) Tags: sculpture detail footwear marble ancientrome
Roman Bronze figure of deer, one hind-leg lost, Hispania, 1-200 A.D. (mike catalonian) Tags: bronze deer ancientrome hispania 1stcenturyad 2ndcenturyad
Ancient Rome.  Marble bust of Emperor Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus (r. 253 - 260 - 268 AD) (b.218- d.268 AD) (mike catalonian) Tags: portrait male bust marble emperor gallienus ancientrome 3rdcenturyad
Ancient Rome. The Colosseum and the Roman Forum in the backgroung, looking West to the Capitoline Hill (mike catalonian) Tags: forum colosseum amphitheater viasacra ancientrome capitolinehill constantinesarch titusarch
Ancient Rome. Roman Triumphal Arch in Arausio, nowadays Orange, France (mike catalonian) Tags: orange france arch marble ancientrome arausio
Ancient Rome. Roman Theater and Amphitheatrer, Arles, France (mike catalonian) Tags: france theater amphitheater arles ancientrome
Ancient Rome. Roman Colosseum of El Djem (Thysdrus in latin), builded in 238 AD, Tunisia,  Africa Proconsularis (mike catalonian) Tags: africa tunisia colosseum ancientrome eldjem thysdrus 238ad africaproconsularis
Ancient Rome. Roman Aqueduct, Segovia, Hispania (Spain), 2nd century CE (mike catalonian) Tags: spain aqueduct segovia ancientrome hispania 2ndcenturyce
Ancient Rome. Amphitheatre of Pula, Istria, Italia (nowadays Croatia), 1st century CE (mike catalonian) Tags: croatia arena pula istria amphiteatre ancientrome 1stcenturyad

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