1855mmf3556 2016 afternoon autumn bangkok basiclens closeup d3300 effectssilhouette europe graffiti insect lake naturebynikon nikkor nikon nikond5300 park phayathai ratchathewi redflower saveearth sign sofiabulgariaeurope street summer sunny thai thailand thonglo trees wildflower worldtrekker близъкплан водноконче дивоцвете есен китовобектив лято насекомо никонд5300 следобед софиябългарияевропа юженпарк 蜻蜓

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Autumn maple leaves DSC_0155 (Me now0) Tags: autumn afternoon yellowleaves park nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 europe      5300  mapleleaves
Reincarnation - Phayathai, Bangkok (jcbkk1956) Tags: bangkok thailand street building new modern old derelict reincarnation phayathai nikon nikkor d3300 1855mmf3556 graffiti ratchathewi
The Umpire - Phayathai, Bangkok (jcbkk1956) Tags: ratchathewi phayathai takraw 1855mmf3556 d3300 nikkor nikon court net streetart graffiti saensaeb thailand bangkok
Saen Saeb - Phayathai, Bangkok (jcbkk1956) Tags: phayathai rubbish chair bench seat 1855mmf3556 d3300 nikkor nikon colour graffiti khlongside saensaeb thailand bangkok trees worldtrekker decay ratchathewi
Feeling Crabby ? - Thong Lo, Bangkok (jcbkk1956) Tags: hungry 1855mmf3556 d3300 nikkor nikon notice sign seafood crab restaurant thailand bangkok yellow worldtrekker thedock crabby
Barefoot in Bangkok (jcbkk1956) Tags: barefoot 1855mmf3556 nikkor d3300 nikon black abandoned lost womens shoes street thonglo thailand bangkok worldtrekker
Open Smoking (Bangkok) (jcbkk1956) Tags: salon hairdressers bangkok thailand nikon nikkor 1855mmf3556 street poster sign girl thai open smoking window man sukhumvitroad thonglo beauty worldtrekker
Only One Drink Team (jcbkk1956) Tags: bangkok thailand thonglo street sticker drink streetfurniture thai woman dof nikon d3300 nikkor 1855mmf3556 candid
'Bitches Party' - Not Their Scene ! (jcbkk1956) Tags: bangkok thailand thonglo street girls thai sign poster advertising party bitches bike motorcycle helmet tree nikon d3300 nikkor 1855mmf3556 worldtrekker
Pesee Gratuite (Free Press - Free Herbs...?) (jcbkk1956) Tags: bangkok thailand street thonglo object antique old nikon sale d3300 nikkor 1855mmf3556 gratuite free yvan curios yardsale
Early Autumn in the park 2016_10_13-th_Panorama_#1 (Me now0) Tags: autumn afternoon lake park trees reflection rush yellowleaves nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 panorama          5300
Early autumn DSC_1197 (Me now0) Tags: park autumn afternoon europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 trees     5300
chestnut Autumn red leaves in a park DSC_1013 (Me now0) Tags: chestnut autumn redleaves park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 afternoon     5300
Autumn is coming.   DSC_0963 (Me now0) Tags: autumn leaves park europe tree nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 sunny afternoon         5300
Tiny wild Daisies   DSC_0955 (Me now0) Tags: tinywilddaisies park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 autumn afternoon     5300   saveearth
Autumn lake in the park DSC_0771 (Me now0) Tags: autumn lake park afternoon sunny europe trees nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556  5300
Original church in Sofia Bulgaria        DSC_0630 (Me now0) Tags: church sofiabulgariaeurope   5300  1855mmf3556 basiclens nikond5300
Garden spider( Araneus diadematus)   DSC_0531 (Me now0) Tags: spidernet park europe autumn afternoon nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 closeup     5300   8feetbug kreuzspinne gardenspider araneusdiadematus
DSC_0402 on my pants, just below the pocket! (Me now0) Tags: dragonfly landed autumn afternoon nearlake park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 sunny insect        5300
yellow crocus DSC_0303 (Me now0) Tags: yellowcrocus autumn flower nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 europe     5300
Sofia DSC_0227 (Me now0) Tags: sofiabulgariaeurope serdika romanruins nikond5300 1855mmf3556 basiclens    5300
DSC_0125 (Me now0) Tags: arch building nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 sofiabulgariaeurope   5300
Fish in the park DSC_0875 (Me now0) Tags: fish lake park europe nikond5300 1855mmf3556 basiclens    5300
red Canna in park DSC_0436 (Me now0) Tags: stinkbug redflower park europe afternoon nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 5300    canna  saveearth inexplore
Common toadflax( Linaria vulgaris)-  ( ) DSC_0378 (Me now0) Tags: commontoadflax linariavulgaris  wildflower park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556    5300  effectssilhouette  saveearth
Painted Lady  Vanessa cardui  Nymphalidae   DSC_0285 (Me now0) Tags: gaillardia paintedlady vanessacardui nymphalidae  afternoon park europe   5300  nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 saveearth naturebynikon
European hornet (Vespa crabo )  close to its hole. DSC_1188 (Me now0) Tags: wasp insect closeup stone park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556       5300  europeanhornet vespacrabo
zinnia   DSC_0961 (Me now0) Tags: zinnia  redflower  europe  5300  nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 summer  effectssilhouette
Crocus  DSC_0745 (Me now0) Tags: crocus  flower  park europe   5300  nikond5300 basiclens saveearth 1855mmf3556 effectssilhouette
Part of Vitosha mountain from the bridge DSC_0579 (Me now0) Tags: view vitoshamountain bluesky whiteclouds blvdbulgaria bridge sofiabulgariaeurope nikond5300 summer 1855mmf3556 august sunny basiclens  5300
Gaillardia in the park DSC_0562 (Me now0) Tags: gaillardia redflower park europe nikond5300 1855mmf3556 basiclens summer    5300  saveearth d5300effectssilhouette
DSC_0445__ (Me now0) Tags: rain rainy mosk sofiabulgariaeurope nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556    5300
NDK Plaza Sofia Bulgaria    DSC_0383 (Me now0) Tags: ndkplaza sofiabulgariaeurope fountain summer nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556    5300
Wasp spider(Argiope bruennichi)   -! Poisonous! DSC_0332 (Me now0) Tags: spider park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 summer    5300    poisonousspider waspspider argiopebruennichi
52 Weeks of pix: SOOC (STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA) (GadgetHead) Tags: 52weeksofpix 52weeksofpix2016 2016 sooc week34 3452 34 food spain espaa mallorca majorca calador holiday holidays jollies birthday nikon nikond3100 d3100 dslr 1855mmvrlens 1855mmnikkorlens 1855mmlens 1855mmf3556 1855mm
Cala d'Or Marina (GadgetHead) Tags: nikon d3100 nikond3100 dslr panorama joiner photoshop photoshopelements photoshopelements12 holiday holidays jollies 1855mmvrlens 1855mmlens 1855mmnikkorlens 1855mmf3556 1855mm marina calador caladormarina mallorca balearicislands spain espaa
Female Damselfly eating DSC_0110 (Me now0) Tags: park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 summer     5300    femaledamselfly eatingdamselfly demoiselle genuscalopteryx
Very small wild flower in shadow and swampy places DSC_0061 (Me now0) Tags: wildflower park swamp nikond5300 basiclens europe 1855mmf3556     5300  summer
Araniella Spider, female, keeping her eggs at the same leaf every day DSC_0057 (Me now0) Tags: greenspider macro femalespider europe nikond5300 basiclens 5300    1855mmf3556   araniellaspider
male butterfly-Old World swallowtail-(Papilio machaon) feeding on cut Thistle=(Onopordum acanthium);           DSC_0036 (Me now0) Tags: malebutterfly oldworldswallowtail papiliomachaon thistle onopordumacanthium    summer park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556   5300   machaon
lady-bird on my hand DSC_0022 (Me now0) Tags: ladybird hand insect park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556    5300    closeup
Female Southern Migrant Hawker(Aeshna affinis)  Manua Focus-AF divert focus to nearby background DSC_1285 (Me now0) Tags: female nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 europe park     5300   highiso iso5000 notedited manualfocus  blaugrnemosaikjungfer aeshnacyanea
Male Aeshna affinis -Southern Migrant Hawker -Blue dragonfly landed on reed DSC_1125 (Me now0) Tags: skybluedragonfly closeup reedswamp park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556  insect nikonflickraward male    5300     naturebynikon  aeshnaaffinis southernmigranthawker
False Dandelion(Hypochaeris radicata)   -Small wild flower in park DSC_0979 (Me now0) Tags: wildflower park blossom nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 summer    europe 5300   saveearth naturebynikon
Stinkbug. The plant is Apiaceae (parsely family)   DSC_0654 (Me now0) Tags: stinkbug insect park nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556    5300   europe summer  apiaceae pentatomarufipes forestbug dockbug coreusmarginatus
Male Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Cordulegaster boltonii, Gomphidae - (Onychogomphus forcipatus) yellow-black dragonfly with green eyes baking on the sun DSC_0422 (Me now0) Tags: yellowblack greeneyes summer insect landed stone nearriver noon park europe nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556          5300  goldenringeddragonfly cordulegasterboltonii gomphidae onychogomphusforcipatus male
Cichorium Intybus & wild flowers,  ,  (),  DSC_0005 (Me now0) Tags: d5300effectssilhouette nikond5300 basiclens europe 1855mmf3556 park wildflowers 5300       cichoriumintybus
Hello My Name Is... (jcbkk1956) Tags: thonglo street bangkok thailand nikon nikkor 1855mmf3556 sticker lampost girl focus bokeh dof streetfurniture traffic umbrella candid
High Brown Fritillary (Argynnis adippe)  DSC_1090 UNEDITED (Me now0) Tags: cloverblossom butterfly summer park nikond5300 basiclens 1855mmf3556 europe unedited justastaken    5300     naturewatcher argynnisadippe feurigerperlmutterfalter highbrownfritillary  naturebynikon
20160807-DSC_4409.jpg (yannickjacobs) Tags: 1855mmf3556 2016 august croatia d5300 hrvatska kroati nikkor nikon rovinj boat coast harbor harbour landscape ocean outdoor port sea shore sky water

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