0003sec 0004sec 0005sec 0006sec 0017sec 001sec 0ev 135mm 30d 350d 40d 60mm 85mm c770uz canon carving carvingwood cemetery church eos f10 f28 f4 f45 f56 f71 f8 group9 holiday hpexif iso100 iso1600 iso400 iso64 leol30random number olympus sqrandom squaredcircle wood xleol30x xratio11x xratio32x xsquarex xunsquarex

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Clock miniature - Tweety Bird (Leo Reynolds) Tags: clock iso100 time olympus squaredcircle tweetybird c770uz f32 0ev 002sec hpexif 109mm sqrandom xratio11x sqset001 xleol30x xclockx
cover - ROBROY (Leo Reynolds) Tags: typography olympus cover squaredcircle f4 c770uz coverdetail iso64 0003sec 0ev 63mm hpexif grouptypography sqrandom xratio11x sqset002 xleol30x
letter V (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon is powershot v letter s3 f4 oneletter 6mm vvv cemeteryletter 0003sec 0ev hpexif groupiao grouponeletter xsquarex xratio11x groupcemeteryletters xleol30x
BT Telephone street cover 125 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso200 number f56 135mm 125 0ev 0025sec hpexif xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
08 October, 13.55 (Ti.mo) Tags: people students studio iso100 sweden ume uid umeinstituteofdesign 0ev 588m ef24mmf14liiusm secatf14
moulding (Leo Reynolds) Tags: holiday stone canon eos 350d iso100 scotland 28mm carving insignia moulding f8 doordetail carvingstone 0ev 0006sec hpexif groupdoordetails leol30random groupinsignia xcheckratiox xleol30x
wall (Leo Reynolds) Tags: brick canon eos 350d iso400 f71 75mm 0ev 0005sec hpexif groupbricks leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
50 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: california usa holiday canon eos 350d losangeles iso400 disneyland number squaredcircle anaheim 50 f8 135mm squsa 0ev 0004sec hpexif titanhitour titanhitour2006 xsquarex xratio11x xbooknumbersx xxblurbbookxx xxblurbbooknumbersxx sqset009 xleol30x
CHURCH COTTAGE (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 f45 housename 30d 70mm 0ev 0008sec hpexif grouphousenames xratio32x xleol30x
DON'T OBEY - face - DON'T OBEY (Leo Reynolds) Tags: giant stencil obey olympus fairey obeygiant shepardfairey f4 shepard c770uz 127mm stencilnorwich iso64 0ev 0005sec hpexif groupstencil groupnorwichstencils leol30random xcheckratiox xleol30x
26 May, 13.41 (Ti.mo) Tags: wild people oslo norway forest iso200 24mm 24mmf14 stmarka 0ev  secatf14
MEMBERS ENTRANCE (Leo Reynolds) Tags: plaque typography olympus f28 c770uz iso64 plaquenorwich 82mm 0ev 002sec hpexif grouptypography groupplaques plaques3 leol30random xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
Drying and Grooming in the Sun (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: sun cat iso100 chair kitten diesel australia grooming 100 f28 2013 0ev sec ef100mmf28lmacroisusm canoneos1dmarkiv filename20131012112505x0k0133cr2
256 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso400 number 60mm f28 256 ino 0ev hpexif 0017sec ino03 xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
A GIFT FROM THE LADIES OF THE VILLAGE APRIL 1993 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon bench eos iso400 f56 30d 0ev 95mm hpexif 001sec leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
193 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso100 85mm number f56 193 0ev hpexif 001sec xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
bench flower motif (Leo Reynolds) Tags: wood canon eos iso100 carving f56 30d 65mm carvingwood 0ev 0013sec hpexif leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
cross (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery canon eos 350d 50mm iso100 cross squaredcircle f56 cemeterysymbol sqparis 0ev cemeterysaintvincent hpexif 0011sec groupcemeterysymbolism sqrandom xratio11x sqset012 xleol30x
IHS (Leo Reynolds) Tags: wood canon eos 350d carving 40mm f71 ihs iso1600 carvingwood 0ev 0006sec hpexif leol30random xratio11x xleol30x
Three Legs of Man (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 85mm squaredcircle insignia f8 manx 30d 0ev 0004sec hpexif sqrandom sqiom xratio11x sqset022 xleol30x
THE UPPER ROOM (Leo Reynolds) Tags: wood church sign canon eos 350d carving iso1600 f35 33mm carvingwood 0ev hpexif 0011sec xratio32x xleol30x
Jimi Hendrix (Leo Reynolds) Tags: stencil olympus f4 c770uz stencilnorwich iso64 0ev hpexif 0002sec groupstencil groupnorwichstencils 109mm booksignssymbols xratio11x xleol30x
PEACE (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery canon word is powershot s3 f4 6mm oneword onewordpeace langeng cemeteryyarmouth 0ev 0004sec hpexif leol30random xratio32x grouponeword xlangengx xleol30x
729 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 f10 number 60mm group9 30d groupnine 729 0003sec 0ev hpexif xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
sleeping cherub (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery canon eos iso100 28mm f71 30d 0ev 0008sec cemeterybrompton hpexif groupangelscherubs groupgraves cherun leol30random xratio43x xleol30x
787 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 number f8 ino 30d 787 70mm 0ev 0005sec hpexif ino01 xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
18:36 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 number 18 36 f71 125mm group9 30d 1836 groupnine 0ev 0005sec hpexif xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
9 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 nine 85mm 9 number f56 group9 onedigit 30d number9 groupnine 0ev hpexif 0017sec grouponedigit numberblack xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
number 1 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: california usa holiday canon eos 350d one star 1 iso400 f45 number carmel 56mm 0ev 0025sec hpexif numberwhite groupiano titanhitour titanhitour2006 xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x notonedigit
Lee Tabernacle - Navasota Texas (ext237) Tags: church iso200 texas 1800s towns houseofworship historicallandmarks efs1022mmf3545usm 0ev navasotatexas canoneos7d secatf11 houstonphotowalks houstonphotowalkscom 1800schurchhistoricallandmarkshouseofworshiphoustonphotowalksnavasotatexastexastownshoustonphotowalkscom
Pewter Ransom Font m (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 m mmm letter 60mm f8 oneletter letterset lowercase 0ev 40d 03sec hpexif grouponeletter letterpewter letterpewterransom xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
no entry (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sign canon eos 50mm iso400 f56 30d signbad groupsigns 0ev 0013sec signnotrespass hpexif groupbadsigns leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
bonnet, hat and cap (Leo Reynolds) Tags: hat canon eos iso100 cap bonnet f4 30d 44mm 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
water recycling hole (Leo Reynolds) Tags: water canon eos iso400 f56 0ev 40d hpexif 0017sec 109mm leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
The Fourth Plinth at night (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sculpture statue night canon eos 350d iso100 publicart f4 alisonlapper marcquinn fourthplinth 0ev 47mm hpexif 0017sec leol30random xratio23x xleol30x
angel in birdbath (Leo Reynolds) Tags: angel canon eos 350d iso100 f71 44mm 0ev 0008sec hpexif groupangelscherubs groupgargoyles leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
wine bottle label (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 label koala 60mm f28 30d 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random xratio43x xleol30x
1 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d one 1 iso400 number squaredcircle f71 135mm onedigit number1 sqpropertynumber 0ev 0005sec numberproperty hpexif grouponedigit grouppropertynumbers xsquarex xratio11x sqset006 xleol30x
ST PETERS & ST PAULS HALL (Leo Reynolds) Tags: light lamp canon eos iso100 streetlamp f10 housename 30d 0ev 0004sec 47mm hpexif grouphousenames xratio32x xleol30x groupsuffolk
thatched (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 f10 thatch 30d 38mm 0ev 0004sec hpexif guessedbypengelly guesswherenorwich guessednorwich leol30random gwnset groupnorwich xratio32x xleol30x
wood carving (Leo Reynolds) Tags: wood canon eos 350d carving iso1600 f63 65mm carvingwood 0ev hpexif 001sec leol30random xcheckratiox xnorwichchurchx xleol30x
REYNOLDS!! (Leo Reynolds) Tags: california usa holiday canon eos 350d iso100 losangeles f45 hollywood 53mm 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random titanhitour titanhitour2006 xratio32x xleol30x
IHS ceiling painting (Leo Reynolds) Tags: church canon catchycolors painting eos 350d 50mm iso100 f45 ihs initials squaredsquare 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random groupia groupcatchycolors xratio11x xleol30x
1924 ARTHUR E COLLING - ENGINEER 1924 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: plaque canon eos iso100 year number f56 1924 fullstop 170mm plaquenorwich 0ev 0006sec canonef70300mmf456isusm 37multiple 40d hpexif plaques3 groupyears xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
graff detail (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d graffiti f71 iso1600 29mm 0ev hpexif 001sec leol30random graffitinorwich groupgraffiti xratio32x xleol30x
flower wreath hook shadows (Leo Reynolds) Tags: shadow cemetery canon eos iso400 f13 53mm 0ev 40d hpexif 0002sec leol30random cemeteryneuillyseine xratio32x xleol30x
gate light (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon garden eos iso100 f95 56mm 0ev 0004sec 40d hpexif leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
comfort grip (Leo Reynolds) Tags: bw canon eos hand iso400 f56 135mm 30d 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random groupbw xratio43x xleol30x
Cedar Waxwings , Grant narrows regional park (canuck4everr) Tags: park green bird yellow nikon iso400 grant 300mm cedar d200 regional narrows cedarwaxwings waxwings f67 0003sec 0ev ures2 hpexif xres300 yres300
Posh Paws feeling sleepy (Leo Reynolds) Tags: pet animal fauna cat canon mammal eos 350d kitten f10 iso1600 65mm poshpaws notmycat 0ev 0004sec hpexif groupnotmycat leol30random groupallanimals xratio11x xleol30x

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