0004sec 0005sec 0006sec 0008sec 0017sec 0ev 135mm 28mm 30d 350d 38mm 40d 50mm c770uz canon england eos f10 f28 f4 f45 f56 f71 f8 grouponedigit grouponeletter grouptypography hpexif iso100 iso400 iso64 iso800 leol30random letter number olympus oneletter squaredcircle typography uk xleol30x xratio11x xratio32x xsquarex xunsquarex

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193 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso100 85mm number f56 193 0ev hpexif 001sec xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
cover - ROBROY (Leo Reynolds) Tags: typography olympus cover squaredcircle f4 c770uz coverdetail iso64 0003sec 0ev 63mm hpexif grouptypography sqrandom xratio11x sqset002 xleol30x
letter I (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso400 f10 ii letter oneletter iiii 53mm 0ev 0004sec hpexif groupiao grouponeletter letterwhite xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
one sand smoothed brick (Leo Reynolds) Tags: brick canon eos seaside iso400 30d onebrick f13 53mm 0ev hpexif 0002sec groupbricks leol30random threadtwtme threadtwtme1sun xratio32x xleol30x
4 April, 10.24 (Ti.mo) Tags: china green fashion cn iso800 f14 beijing april 24mm qrcode 2015 0ev  xichengqu beijingshi ef24mmf14liiusm secatf14
telephone pole (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sky canon eos 350d iso100 pole f8 objectsky 0ev 0004sec 95mm hpexif groupobjectsky leol30random xratio32x xskysetx xleol30x
18 April, 18.19 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk england london berg private iso200 barry weminuche 0ev 880mm berglondon ef100mmf28lmacroisusm secatf35 bergcloud littleprinter
Seascape HDR (banditone83) Tags: seascape blur hdr hartlepool 2ev 0ev heaadland
The Harvs (Leo Reynolds) Tags: bw canon eos 350d 50mm f4 iso1600 harvs 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random groupbw xratio32x xleol30x
Determined (PatL) Tags: seattle portrait bw canon hair eos iso400 homeless streetphotography f8 30d 37mm canoneos30d 0ev hpexif 001sec
8th USAAF (Leo Reynolds) Tags: iso100 flag 8 olympus number squaredcircle eight 8th onedigit c770uz number8 usaaf f32 0ev hpexif 0017sec 109mm grouponedigit groupdotm xsquarex xratio11x sqset001 xleol30x
Drying and Grooming in the Sun (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: sun cat iso100 chair kitten diesel australia grooming 100 f28 2013 0ev sec ef100mmf28lmacroisusm canoneos1dmarkiv filename20131012112505x0k0133cr2
907 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: olympus number f28 ino c770uz 907 0ev 63mm hpexif 0033sec groupnumbers iso78 ino03 xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
256 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso400 number 60mm f28 256 ino 0ev hpexif 0017sec ino03 xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
balloons (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 balloon f4 30mm 0ev 40d hpexif 0017sec leol30random xratio43x xleol30x
gate decoration (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso100 gate decoration squaredcircle f63 0ev 0008sec 47mm hpexif sqrandom xratio11x sqset003 xleol30x
E S (Leo Reynolds) Tags: museum canon eos iso400 f56 initials 135mm 30d strangershall 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random groupia xratio32x xleol30x
letter S (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 s letter squaredcircle f56 sss oneletter 135mm 30d 0ev 0008sec hpexif grouponeletter letterred xsquarex lettericonic xratio11x sqset025 xleol30x
crust (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon crust eos iso400 f56 30d craquelure 0ev 0008sec macrodecay canonef70300mmf456isusm 260mm hpexif groupmacrodecay grouprustycrusty leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
bench flower motif (Leo Reynolds) Tags: wood canon eos iso100 carving f56 30d 65mm carvingwood 0ev 0013sec hpexif leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
typography - torero (Leo Reynolds) Tags: word typography olympus torero c770uz oneword f32 onewordtorero langeng langita langspa 0ev 0005sec hpexif grouptypography 364mm iso87 xcheckratiox grouponeword xlangengx xleol30x
red arrow (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso400 arrow f71 38mm 0ev 0008sec hpexif grouparrows leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
BRITISH ROAD SERVICES (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sign canon eos sticker iso400 squaredcircle f11 30d 80mm 0ev hpexif 0002sec xratio11x sqset013 xleol30x
08 October, 13.55 (Ti.mo) Tags: people students studio iso100 sweden ume uid umeinstituteofdesign 0ev 588m ef24mmf14liiusm secatf14
moulding (Leo Reynolds) Tags: holiday stone canon eos 350d iso100 scotland 28mm carving insignia moulding f8 doordetail carvingstone 0ev 0006sec hpexif groupdoordetails leol30random groupinsignia xcheckratiox xleol30x
wall (Leo Reynolds) Tags: brick canon eos 350d iso400 f71 75mm 0ev 0005sec hpexif groupbricks leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
18:36 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 number 18 36 f71 125mm group9 30d 1836 groupnine 0ev 0005sec hpexif xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
9 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 nine 85mm 9 number f56 group9 onedigit 30d number9 groupnine 0ev hpexif 0017sec grouponedigit numberblack xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
Augsburg Germany Train Station (They call me Mike D.) Tags: train germany munich deutschland pentax optio f56 regensburg bahn hbf 60 deutschbahn augsburg deutsch 2007 75mm deutchbahn iso64 0ev hpexif 0084sec
iPhone 6 Launch Queues (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: apple shop canon iso800 crazy waiting applestore launch georgestreet mayhem f28 queues 135mm iphone awaited 0ev ef135mmf2lusm craigjewell sec iphone6 canoneos1dmarkiv 2014craigjewell 2787x3902
Hotel (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sky sign canon typography eos iso800 objectsky f9 30d 38mm groupsigns 0ev 0005sec hpexif groupobjectsky leol30random xratio32x xskysetx xleol30x
MEMBERS ENTRANCE (Leo Reynolds) Tags: plaque typography olympus f28 c770uz iso64 plaquenorwich 82mm 0ev 002sec hpexif grouptypography groupplaques plaques3 leol30random xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
letter p (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon is powershot letter p s3 f4 oneletter ppp 6mm lowercase 0ev 0004sec hpexif grouponeletter xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
corbel (Leo Reynolds) Tags: face canon eos head iso400 bracket onehead f56 135mm 30d corbel 0ev hpexif grouponehead 0017sec leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
fence (Leo Reynolds) Tags: blur canon fence eos 350d iso100 minimal f5 70mm 0ev 0005sec hpexif leol30random threadtwtme threadtwtme3tue xratio32x xleol30x
4 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon four eos 350d 4 f45 number 60mm iso1600 onedigit number4 0ev 0005sec hpexif grouponedigit groupdotm numberwhite xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
MOO StickerBook (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 sticker moo 60mm flickrthing f8 30d stickerbook mooker 0ev 0004sec hpexif xratio32x xleol30x
24 October, 14.54 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk party england food london cakes cake peckham nunhead 480mm iso250 0ev dylansbirthdayparty ef24mmf14liiusm secatf16
22 June, 09.56 (Ti.mo) Tags: kitchen oslo norway construction 24mm renovation gamlebyen iso320 ekeberg gamleoslo 0ev  secatf35 e16mmf28 ekebergskrningensameie houseingamleoslo
Child Gas Mask (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso100 mask gas 1940s gasmask f4 40s 38mm 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random xratio11x xleol30x
wall (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 f56 peelingpaint 135mm craquelure 0ev 0006sec macrodecay 40d hpexif grouppeelingpaint groupmacrodecay grouprustycrusty leol30random xtexturex xratio32x xleol30x
wheelbarrow (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 f45 wheelbarrow 30d 38mm 0ev 002sec hpexif leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
band stand (Leo Reynolds) Tags: uk england canon eos 350d iso100 f10 17mm 0ev 0005sec hpexif leol30random groupnorwich xratio32x xleol30x
crayon fence (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon fence eos 350d iso100 28mm f63 crayonfence 0ev hpexif 001sec leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
George Michael (Leo Reynolds) Tags: face canon eos head iso400 onehead 300mm f67 0003sec 0ev 40d hpexif grouponehead guesswherenorwich guessednorwich leol30random guessedbysherylb1 gwnset groupnorwich xratio11x xleol30x
letter N (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 n f45 letter nnn oneletter 30d 38mm 0ev hpexif 0017sec grouponeletter letterblue xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
View from the Eagles Nest 3 detail (Leo Reynolds) Tags: art canon painting eos 50mm iso400 f45 0ev 40d hpexif leol30random 0022sec xratio32x xleol30x
Lavenham (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 28mm f10 30d timberframe 0ev 0004sec hpexif leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
letter N (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d 50mm iso400 n letter nnn f8 oneletter 0ev 0006sec hpexif groupiao grouponeletter letteryellow xsquarex xratio11x xxblurbbooklettersxx xxblurbbookxx xleol30x
No 2 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: 2 two canon eos iso400 number f4 number2 30d 0ev 47mm hpexif 0017sec xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x notonedigit

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50 0ev 42 hpexif 40 xleol30x 37 canon 35 eos 23 xratio32x 22 leol30random 20 iso400 16 30d 15 iso100 350d 14 xratio11x 10 0017sec 9 f56 xsquarex 8 number 7 0005sec 6 f4 5 letter oneletter squaredcircle olympus 38mm f28 f8 xunsquarex 135mm grouponeletter 0004sec c770uz 4 f45 0008sec 40d typography 3 f10 001sec 0006sec england f71 grouptypography 50mm iso800 60mm ef24mmf14liiusm onedigit 28mm iso64 grouponedigit uk ••• london group9 craquelure groupmacrodecay onehead 75mm f32 xcheckratiox xskysetx groupnine 47mm threadtwtme ino sky ino03 sign groupnorwich blur groupiao groupdotm n 53mm f63 brick iso1600 ef100mmf28lmacroisusm 85mm 0002sec sticker groupbricks head grouprustycrusty sqrandom bw 63mm carving 0003sec grouponehead face groupobjectsky 24mm nnn 002sec macrodecay fence objectsky canoneos1dmarkiv

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