0006sec 0017sec 0ev 2014 30d 40d 75mm 85mm australia berg berglondon canon canoneos1dmarkiv cat cemetery cemeteryperelachaise e50mmf18oss ef40mmf28stm england eos f28 f45 f56 f67 framily hpexif iso100 iso200 iso400 iso800 leol30random london number people ragdoll squaredcircle studio uk xleol30x xratio1x1x xratio3x2x xsquarex xxx2008xxx ¹⁄₈₀secatf28 •••

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6 May, 20.05 (Ti.mo) Tags: travel people travelling mobile switzerland evening airport waiting phone zurich may cellphone screen smartphone mobilephone f28 zurichairport ch kloten 2014 ipad smartphones iso6400 0ev  peopleusingphones secatf28 ef40mmf28stm
Professor Milo (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: cat iso3200 glasses kitten milo 85mm australia professor spectacles ragdoll 2014 chocolatepoint f20 ef85mmf18usm 0ev sec canoneos1dmarkiv filename20140221222848x0k0414cr2
Milo Taking Time-out (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: pet white cute cat iso800 kitten young fluffy australia 100mm floppy f28 ragdoll 2014 0ev sec ef100mmf28lmacroisusm canoneos1dmarkiv filename20140104171100x0k0056cr2
Chi-Rho with alpha and omega (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery last canon eos iso100 omega first squaredcircle alpha f56 chirho 150mm cemeterysymbol sqparis 0ev 0004sec 40d cemeteryperelachaise hpexif groupcemeterysymbolism sqrandom xsquarex xxblurbbooksquaredcirclesxx xxblurbbookxx sqset033 xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
daffodil (Leo Reynolds) Tags: flower cemetery canon eos iso100 flora 300mm daffodil f56 0ev 0006sec 40d hpexif leol30random cemeteryabneypark xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
17.36, London (Ti.mo) Tags: england people london mobile december phone camden cellphone smartphone 55mm mobilephone gb f18 2015 iso1250 0ev  peopleusingphones secatf18 fe55mmf18za bevanjohnhouse
Giraffes in the rain (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: rain zoo australia nsw newsouthwales giraffe taronga dubbo westernplainszoo f40 200mm 2015 iso250 westernplains 0ev sec canoneosm canonfdn200mmf4macro 321640s1483455e filename20150105105517mg9857cr2
Hippeastrum Bud (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: plant macro green yellow iso800 flora bud f40 hippeastrum 2014 200mm 0ev sec canoneosm canonfdn200mmf4macro filename20141112182033mg0827cr2
"I see fishies down there!" (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: park grass cat diesel bokeh iso400 sydney 85mm australia ragdoll 2014 f35 flamepoint kurraba ef85mmf18usm 0ev canoneos5dmarkii sec 335043s1511323e filename20141013164055mg9433cr2
Siding Spring Observatory - RSAA - ANU (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: iso200 meetup weekend australia anu 15mm sso warrumbungles f50 warrumbunglenationalpark coonabarabran 0ev rsaa ef15mmf28fisheye canoneos5dmarkii sidingspringobservatory stargazingweekend 311632s14942e 9150sec 20140726233243mg9236
Redhill Reserve Bike Track (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: bicycle bmx track iso400 sydney mountainbike australia f45 mtb redhill 40mm jumps beaconhill 2014 northernbeaches 0ev redhillreserve jumptrack jumppark sec canoneos1dmarkiv ef40mmf28stm 334425s1511519e filename20140621135325x0k1128cr2
7 January, 15.47 (Ti.mo) Tags: street people window oslo norway mobile phone january cellphone tram f16 selected mobilephone grnerlkka 2014 0ev iso2500 ef50mmf12lusm peopleusingphones  secatf16
Fun in the Yard with Milo and Diesel (Craig Jewell Photography) Tags: pet white playing cute yard speed cat iso3200 kitten funny diesel action milo 85mm fluffy australia f45 floppy ragdoll highspeed chasing 2014 chocolatepoint flamepoint ef85mmf18usm 0ev sec canoneos1dmarkiv filename20140119171647x0k0250cr2
7 September, 16.34 (Ti.mo) Tags: holland netherlands amsterdam sign shop iso100 3d shops service f28 printers 3dprinting 3dprinter 0ev  secatf28 ef40mmf28stm
4 September, 17.22 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk england lighthouse brighton gallery exhibition f28 lighthousegallery iso125 0ev  immaterials secatf28 ef40mmf28stm
29 July, 06.31 (Ti.mo) Tags: travel italy travelling window train iso100 italia f28 abruzzo 0ev  secatf28 ef40mmf28stm
28 March, 15.00 (Ti.mo) Tags: sky italy mountains iso100 energy italia power wind windmills selected abruzzo 75mm anversa 0ev secatf50 e50mmf18oss
26 March, 13.08 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk shadow england people london alex berg silhouette studio iso100 75mm 0ev berglondon secatf18 e50mmf18oss
08 March, 13.03 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk england london berg studio iso100 barry framily 36mm weminuche 0ev secatf28 berglondon e24mmf18za bergcloud littleprinter
08 March, 13.03 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk england london berg studio iso100 barry framily 36mm weminuche 0ev secatf28 berglondon e24mmf18za bergcloud littleprinter
18 January, 11.11 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk england people london berg studio interior workshop shoreditch oldstreet newstudio iso250 0ev secatf28 491m berglondon ef100mmf28lmacroisusm
10 January, 09.56 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk england people london berg studio iso800 75mm 0ev secatf50 berglondon e50mmf18oss
10 January, 09.56 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk england london berg studio barry framily 75mm weminuche iso250 0ev secatf50 berglondon bergcloud littleprinter e50mmf18oss
17 December, 15.53 (Ti.mo) Tags: road winter cars car norway night hamar 36mm iso1250 0ev secatf18 e24mmf18za
18 August, 22.51 (Ti.mo) Tags: uk england lightpainting london film berg filmmaking ef50mmf18ii dentsu mfm ipad lightpaint iso640 0ev mg21 berglondon 50secatf28 makingfuturemagic dentsulondonterrace
55 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 f45 number 55 idn 180mm 0ev 40d hpexif 0011sec groupidn xsquarex xxblurbbookxx xxblurbbooknumbersxx numberset00 xleol30x x0to100x xxnumbersetxx xxx2009xxx xratio1x1x
PLAY (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon iso200 is heart mosaic powershot f5 0ev hpexif guesswherenorwich 0017sec guessednorwich leol30random grouptiles sx10 647mm guessedbymarthabroadbridge gwnset groupnorwich xleol30x xratio4x3x xxx2009xxx
NN (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery canon eos star iso100 f56 nn initials squaredsquare 140mm 0ev 0006sec 40d cemeteryperelachaise hpexif xsquarex letterdouble xleol30x xxx2009xxx xratio1x1x
yacht (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon logo eos yacht iso400 squaredcircle 30d 200mm f67 sqparis 0003sec 0ev hpexif xsquarex sqset032 xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
Madame Lefvre (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sculpture face canon eos head iso400 onehead f45 0ev 40d hpexif grouponehead 165mm leol30random 0022sec xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
Bibliothque wood carving (Leo Reynolds) Tags: wood face canon eos head iso400 onehead carving f45 woodcarving 115mm 0ev 40d hpexif 0033sec grouponehead leol30random xleol30x xxx2008xxx xratio2x3x
bird flying upside down (Leo Reynolds) Tags: bird cemetery canon eos iso100 f8 135mm cemeterysymbol 0ev 0004sec 40d hpexif groupcemeterysymbolism cemeterypicpus xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
CIMETIERE DE PICPUS (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery plaque canon eos iso100 100mm f56 0ev 40d hpexif 0011sec cemeterypicpus plaqueparis xsquarex xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
glass mosaic (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery canon eos iso100 mosaic squaredcircle 30d f67 sqparis 0ev 220mm cemeteryperelachaise hpexif 0002sec sqrandom xsquarex sqset032 xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
Miniature Pool Ball 10 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: pool canon eos iso100 10 f14 number ten squaredcircle 60mm 0ev 025sec 40d hpexif numberset xsquarex sqset032 xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
chemist (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sepia photoshop canon eos iso400 pharmacy f4 chemist 38mm 0ev 40d hpexif 0017sec leol30random museumfolk groupsepia xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
fleur-de-lis (Leo Reynolds) Tags: blur cemetery canon eos rust iso400 f45 fleurdelis 170mm cemeteryearlham 0ev macrodecay 40d hpexif groupmacrodecay 0001sec leol30random groupobjectblur xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
luggage (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 50mm iso100 basket luggage suitcase f67 0ev 40d hpexif 0011sec leol30random xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
DISABLED PERSONS TOILET FOR USE BY LADIES OR GENTS (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sign canon eos iso100 wheelchair f56 110mm 0ev 0006sec signrestroom 40d hpexif groupwheelchairs xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
micro landscape 01 (lecates) Tags: wood macro tree green rot mushroom closeup forest prime iso200 nikon fungi f22 weekly weeklysurvivor d300 105mm disintegration 0ev 105mmf28gvrmicro 14sec
John Jarrold Printing Museum (Leo Reynolds) Tags: people museum canon print eos iso100 f4 0ev 47mm 40d printmuseum hpexif 0017sec leol30random pmset jjpm xleol30x xratio4x3x xxx2008xxx
BE2021 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 stencil number f56 2021 ino 2000s stencilnorwich 44mm 0ev 40d hpexif groupstencil 0017sec ino01 xsquarex xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
20 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 number 60mm 20 ruler f8 twenty 0ev 02sec 40d hpexif xsquarex xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
12 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 number 12 60mm ruler f8 twelve 0ev 025sec 40d hpexif groupdotm xsquarex xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
Cast detail (Leo Reynolds) Tags: art canon painting eos iso400 f56 38mm 0ev 40d hpexif 0017sec leol30random xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
Proximity - Mementos and Masterpieces photographic exhibition (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos exhibition iso1600 nac 33mm photocredit f67 0ev 0008sec 40d hpexif leol30random nacexhibition xsquarex xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
home guard (Leo Reynolds) Tags: people home canon soldier eos iso100 guard 300mm 1940s guards f71 40s 30d homeguard 0003sec 0ev canonef70300mmf456isusm hpexif leol30random xsquarex xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
home guard (Leo Reynolds) Tags: people home canon soldier eos iso200 guard 300mm 1940s f56 40s 30d homeguard 0ev 0005sec canonef70300mmf456isusm hpexif leol30random xleol30x xratio3x2x xxx2008xxx
SUGAR LB. GROSS (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon bag eos 350d iso100 sugar 1940s imperial f56 40s 135mm sugarbag 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random twtmesh260807 xsquarex xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx
THE SALVATION ARMY - BLOOD AND FIRE (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos f45 insignia iso1600 30d 56mm 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random xsquarex xleol30x xratio1x1x xxx2008xxx

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50 0ev 26 canon xleol30x hpexif 25 eos 23 xxx2008xxx 21 iso100 19 40d 14 leol30random xsquarex xratio1x1x 9 iso400 f56 people england xratio3x2x 8 london 2014 uk 7 berglondon 0017sec f45 australia cemetery berg 6 studio 5 ••• 30d ef40mmf28stm number f28 4 75mm ragdoll f67 squaredcircle e50mmf18oss ¹⁄₈₀secatf28 cat iso200 canoneos1dmarkiv 3 36mm kitten barry peopleusingphones 200mm 1940s phone framily cemeteryperelachaise 0006sec ef85mmf18usm weminuche sqparis f8 cellphone sqset032 bergcloud iso800 85mm mobile 0011sec 60mm e24mmf18za 40s xxx2009xxx 300mm mobilephone littleprinter iso250 soldier exhibition 100mm mosaic xratio4x3x cemeterypicpus onehead cemeterysymbol milo ruler guard 38mm sign norway macro wood groupcemeterysymbolism smartphone sydney italia ¹⁄₈₀₀sec cute pet 135mm selected f40 homeguard diesel iso1600 ef100mmf28lmacroisusm xxblurbbookxx chocolatepoint

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