0002sec 0003sec 0004sec 0005sec 0008sec 0017sec 002sec 0ev 135mm 300mm 30d 350d 40d 47mm 50mm canon cemetery eos f4 f45 f56 f71 f8 groupobjectsky grouponedigit grouponeletter hpexif iso100 iso1600 iso200 iso400 leol30random letter number objectsky oneletter sign squaredcircle xcheckratiox xleol30x xratio11x xratio23x xratio32x xskysetx xsquarex

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chimney (Leo Reynolds) Tags: chimney olympus f4 c770uz iso64 0ev hpexif 0001sec groupchimneys leol30random 264mm xratio43x xleol30x
letter A (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon is powershot letter s3 aa aaa oneletter f35 0ev 0004sec hpexif 354mm grouponeletter letterpurple xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
round pin socket and keys (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon hospital eos 350d key iso400 f56 135mm socket 0ev 002sec hpexif leol30random xratio23x xleol30x
nail (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos mail f45 iso1600 30d 53mm 0ev macrodecay hpexif groupmacrodecay grouprustycrusty 0017sec leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
mosaic (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon tile eos 350d iso100 mosaic f56 impossibleflag 135mm 0ev 002sec hpexif groupimpossibleflag leol30random grouptiles xratio11x xleol30x
SHOPRIDER in US army livery (Leo Reynolds) Tags: photoshop canon eos iso100 1940s f56 40s 70mm 0ev 0008sec 40d hpexif leol30random topazadjust xratio11x xleol30x
Three Legs Of Man (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 squaredcircle insignia f71 manx 135mm 30d 0ev 0004sec hpexif sqnotrandom sqiom xratio11x sqset022 xleol30x
9 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 nine 9 number 60mm ruler f8 group9 onedigit number9 groupnine 0ev 025sec 40d hpexif grouponedigit groupdotm xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
Copper Square Letter l (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 copper letter l 60mm f8 oneletter lll letterset lowercase coppersquare 0ev 004sec 40d hpexif grouponeletter lettercoppersquare xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
sign (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sign canon eos 350d iso100 f8 17mm signno 0ev 0008sec signnotrespass hpexif groupno xratio32x xleol30x
124 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d iso200 number 124 f56 135mm ino 0ev 0025sec hpexif ino05 xunsquarex xratio32x xleol30x
port hole (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 porthole f56 0ev 40d hpexif 0011sec 132mm leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
weather vane (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sky weather canon eos iso100 wind 300mm weathervane vane objectsky windvane cockerel f67 0003sec 0ev 40d hpexif groupobjectsky guesswherenorwich guessednorwich leol30random guessedbymira66 gwnset groupnorwich xratio11x xskysetx xleol30x
8 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: paris canon eos 350d iso100 8 number f56 eight 135mm onedigit number8 worldpn pnset01 0ev 0006sec numberproperty hpexif grouponedigit grouppropertynumbers groupdotm numberwhite groupiano xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
6 September, 18.44 (Ti.mo) Tags: holland haarlem netherlands iso200 gallery exhibition dread f28 framily dehallen 0ev dehallenmuseum  secatf28 ef40mmf28stm satellitelamps thedreadexhibition
Men (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sign canon eos iso400 100mm f8 30d groupsigns 0ev 0005sec signrestroom hpexif xratio32x xleol30x
coat of arms (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d 50mm iso100 coatofarms crest insignia f4 0ev 0005sec hpexif leol30random groupinsignia xcheckratiox xleol30x
round window (Leo Reynolds) Tags: window canon eos 350d 50mm f16 round iso1600 0ev hpexif 0002sec leol30random xcheckratiox xleol30x
sample screws (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon screw eos iso400 squaredcircle f5 screwy 30d 75mm 0ev hpexif 0017sec sqrandom xratio11x sqset021 xleol30x
bird (Leo Reynolds) Tags: bird animal fauna canon eos zoo iso400 f45 0ev 190mm canonef70300mmf456isusm 40d hpexif 0017sec leol30random groupallanimals xratio32x xleol30x
Billy Bragg (Leo Reynolds) Tags: people musician canon eos iso200 300mm f8 30d 0ev canonef70300mmf456isusm hpexif 001sec leol30random xratio11x xleol30x
fleur-de-lis (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery canon eos 350d iso200 fleurdelis f56 135mm cemeterysymbol 0ev cemeteryglasnevin hpexif groupcemeterysymbolism 0017sec leol30random xratio11x xleol30x
foot (Leo Reynolds) Tags: animal fauna canon foot eos zoo reptile iso400 300mm crocodile f56 0ev 40d hpexif grouphandsclaws 0017sec leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
25 January, 19.12 (Ti.mo) Tags: light lamp private landscape photography timelapse iso400 january research lamps gps visualization urbanism interactiondesign satellites visualisation f40 designresearch 2013 ef24105mmf4lisusm globalpositioningsystem 0ev 05secatf40 satellitelamps
ready for graduation (Leo Reynolds) Tags: bw photoshop canon eos iso100 chair 85mm f56 0ev 40d hpexif 0011sec leol30random groupbw xratio32x groupsepiabw xleol30x
IMG_2821-16 ( I'm) Tags: taiwan  320 200mm  shutterpriority  0ev 1500secatf40
war memorial cross (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sky canon eos cross iso400 f14 28mm objectsky 30d onecross 0ev hpexif 0002sec groupobjectsky leol30random xratio32x xskysetx xleol30x
1 (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d one 1 iso400 number squaredcircle f71 135mm onedigit number1 sqpropertynumber 0ev 0005sec numberproperty hpexif grouponedigit grouppropertynumbers xsquarex xratio11x sqset006 xleol30x
angel (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sky cemetery angel canon eos iso400 f11 objectsky 135mm 30d 0ev hpexif 0002sec groupobjectsky groupangelscherubs leol30random xratio32x xskysetx xleol30x
brick moulding and monogram - SP (Leo Reynolds) Tags: brick canon eos 350d iso100 publicart moulding f71 135mm mouldingbrick 0ev 0004sec hpexif groupbricks leol30random groupinsignia norwichart publicartnorwich groupia xcheckratiox xleol30x xxartxx
Choosing a rose (Leo Reynolds) Tags: david canon eos 350d iso100 28mm f8 cerse 0ev 0006sec hpexif leol30random twtmesh260807 xratio32x xleol30x
INSTALL CABLE!!! (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sign canon eos 350d 50mm f14 iso1600 signbad 0003sec 0ev hpexif groupbadsigns xratio32x xleol30x
g-clef (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery canon eos 350d iso200 f56 90mm clef treble trebleclef gclef cemeterysymbol 0ev cemeteryglasnevin hpexif groupcemeterysymbolism 0017sec leol30random xratio23x xleol30x
memorial (Leo Reynolds) Tags: face cemetery canon eos iso100 head onehead f45 30d 56mm 0ev 0025sec cemeterymontmartre hpexif grouponehead leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
Think British (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 sticker squaredcircle f56 135mm 30d 0ev 002sec hpexif xratio11x sqset024 xleol30x
ST PETERS & ST PAULS HALL (Leo Reynolds) Tags: light lamp canon eos iso100 streetlamp f10 housename 30d 0ev 0004sec 47mm hpexif grouphousenames xratio32x xleol30x groupsuffolk
thatched (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso400 f10 thatch 30d 38mm 0ev 0004sec hpexif guessedbypengelly guesswherenorwich guessednorwich leol30random gwnset groupnorwich xratio32x xleol30x
wood carving (Leo Reynolds) Tags: wood canon eos 350d carving iso1600 f63 65mm carvingwood 0ev hpexif 001sec leol30random xcheckratiox xnorwichchurchx xleol30x
bonnet, hat and cap (Leo Reynolds) Tags: hat canon eos iso100 cap bonnet f4 30d 44mm 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
water recycling hole (Leo Reynolds) Tags: water canon eos iso400 f56 0ev 40d hpexif 0017sec 109mm leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
The Fourth Plinth at night (Leo Reynolds) Tags: sculpture statue night canon eos 350d iso100 publicart f4 alisonlapper marcquinn fourthplinth 0ev 47mm hpexif 0017sec leol30random xratio23x xleol30x
Cedar Waxwings , Grant narrows regional park (canuck4everr) Tags: park green bird yellow nikon iso400 grant 300mm cedar d200 regional narrows cedarwaxwings waxwings f67 0003sec 0ev ures2 hpexif xres300 yres300
letter V (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon is powershot v letter s3 f4 oneletter 6mm vvv cemeteryletter 0003sec 0ev hpexif groupiao grouponeletter xsquarex xratio11x groupcemeteryletters xleol30x
window (Leo Reynolds) Tags: church glass canon eos 350d 50mm iso400 stainedglass stained f45 0ev hpexif 0017sec leol30random xratio23x xleol30x
letter S (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos iso100 s letter f56 sss oneletter 30d 0ev 0008sec 260mm hpexif grouponeletter letterred xsquarex xratio11x xleol30x
vault door pattern (Leo Reynolds) Tags: cemetery canon eos 350d iso100 doordetail f67 0ev 0008sec 47mm cemeteryperelachaise doorpattern hpexif groupdoordetails leol30random xratio43x xleol30x
graff detail (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon eos 350d graffiti f71 iso1600 29mm 0ev hpexif 001sec leol30random graffitinorwich groupgraffiti xratio32x xleol30x
flower wreath hook shadows (Leo Reynolds) Tags: shadow cemetery canon eos iso400 f13 53mm 0ev 40d hpexif 0002sec leol30random cemeteryneuillyseine xratio32x xleol30x
gate light (Leo Reynolds) Tags: canon garden eos iso100 f95 56mm 0ev 0004sec 40d hpexif leol30random xratio32x xleol30x
pattress plate (Leo Reynolds) Tags: wall bar canon eos iso400 masonry tie plate anchor f8 washer 30d 80mm reinforcement 0ev 0004sec pattressplate hpexif tiebar leol30random pattress xratio32x xleol30x tiebarplate

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