canon color colorful drop droplet droplets drops flower landscape light love macro nature nevena nevenauzurov petals reflection refraction river sava scenery serbia srbija srem sremskamitrovica sun sunset venkane vojvodina water waterdrop waterdrops вода војводина кап макро невена невенаузуров рефракција светло светлост србија срем сремскамитровица цвет

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Nevena Uzurov - Happy hearts (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light color macro reflection water hearts happy droplets drops waterdrop colorful branch heart drop refraction droplet vojvodina   sremskamitrovica srem  venkane  nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Still life (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: china blue light red stilllife white fruits composition europe dish serbia plate spoon cranberry apples porcelain vojvodina srbija onblack sremskamitrovica srem      venkane       nevenauzurov   elitegalleryaoi
Nevena Uzurov - Poppy (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: red wild plant flower macro green nature floral field single poppy wildflower papaver vojvodina  fild papaverrhoeas  clorful sremskamitrovica srem  fieldpoppy   cornpopy   contrastcolors  venkane  nevenauzurov    bestofblinkwinners
Nevena Uzurov - Wheat (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light food macro green water droplets drops waterdrop wheat serbia january drop refraction getty droplet refelction vojvodina srbija ortodox   sremskamitrovica srem newcircle firstleaf        christmaswheat sourcesoflife nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Sparkling January the 1 st (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: pink roses macro love water rose glitter silver festive droplets drops waterdrop colorful feminine january refraction string romantic waterdrops sparkling begining fragrance vojvodina  nevena  sremskamitrovica srem   ligfht venkane      nevenauzurov  newyear2011
Nevena Uzurov - Curly beauty (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: dahlia flowers plant flower detail macro nature water beauty garden petals waterdrop colorful serbia drop curly refraction droplet chic aster vojvodina srbija    nevena  sremskamitrovica srem   colorphotoaward venkane    nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Clews (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light color macro water composition droplets drops waterdrop colorful serbia straw vivid drop refraction droplet clews vojvodina srbija  nevena  sremskamitrovica srem    venkane   nevenauzurov         likeyarn
Nevena Uzurov - Evening silhouettes (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: trees light sunset sky cloud sun color beach night clouds canon river landscape evening scenery colorful dusk branches serbia silhouettes sava vojvodina srbija silhouetes    nevena sremskamitrovica srem        venkane       nevenauyurov
Nevena Uzurov - Gentle rose (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: pink flowers light plant flower color classic love nature fleur beautiful rose closeup garden petals perfect natural serbia touch flor happiness velvet bloom romantic charming delicate finest gentle fragrance classy vojvodina srbija   nevena sremskamitrovica srem    venkane   nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - September impression (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light sunset summer stilllife sun macro love water glass river landscape evening scenery colorful heart serbia september refraction romantic priroda ruma impression novisad ending sava vojvodina banat zemun bytheriver  sremskamitrovica srem kikinda baka sooc vrac  abac   nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov -  Sweet puffs (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: cute birds animals yellow geese spring soft sweet feathers goose goslings poultry april gosling delicate tenderness vojvodina domesticgoose sremskamitrovica srem eastermarket   childrensdelight venkane     nevenauzurov
Drops (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: xmas family winter light macro tree water children stars droplets drops holidays december bokeh joy decoration christmastree drop ornament card refraction string silvery waterdrops sparkling refractions vojvodina seasonsgreetings glittering   sremskamitrovica srem  venkane   nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Red heat (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: city bridge light sunset red sky sun reflection water colors night clouds river landscape scenery colorful europe walk horizon serbia most romantic sava vojvodina srbija reka   nevena sremskamitrovica  srem           stirineysbridge       surmijum
Nevena Uzurov- Pink one (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light abstract color reflection wet closeup reflections droplets drops colorful action patterns serbia drop drip refraction droplet splash waterdrops liquid tab refractions vojvodina srbija  nevena sremskamitrovica srem   venkane    nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Tulip paradise (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: flowers light sun color macro water glass yellow closeup contrast droplets drops colorful tulips serbia refraction waterdrops refractions vojvodina srbija   nevena  sremskamitrovica srem     venkane  nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Mystic river (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: trees light sunset red sun love nature canon reflections river landscape mirror boat scenery colorful mood shadows branches serbia sunday romantic goldenhour sava flatland srbija reka sremskamitrovica ravnica srem contralight  sirmium venkane nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Planets (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light bw macro reflection water canon blackwhite serbia bubbles refraction bubble vojvodina srbija   sremskamitrovica srem    venkane   nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Bubbles season again! (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light macro reflection water glass bubbles fresh refraction vojvodina mineralwater   sremskamitrovica srem explore105   venkane  nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov  -  Contrast (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light color macro water contrast paper droplets drops waterdrop colorful patterns refraction simple liquid refractions vojvodina  nevena  sremskamitrovica srem     venkane   nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Apple (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: red food macro tree apple nature water rain fruit canon droplets drops waterdrop europe serbia refraction raindrops droplet apples waterdrops priroda ruma novisad refractions balkan vojvodina srbija banat jabuka sremskamitrovica srem kikinda baka vrac  sombor abac sirmium venkane  nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Pinkalicious (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: pink light flower macro love water canon garden droplets drops shiny colorful heart bright serbia clear crisp refraction waterdrops sparks priroda ruma cosmos novisad refractions vojvodina srbija banat zemun  sremskamitrovica srem kikinda  baka vrac   abac venkane  nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Sky (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: pink blue light sky sun flower macro window water canon landscape petals drops spring scenery waterdrop heart bright branches serbia drop refraction droplet carnation priroda earlyspring vojvodina srbija walnuttree     nevena  sremskamitrovica srem       venkane     nevenauzurov   sirmijum      frontpagesmashingmagazine
Nevena Uzurov - Butterfly (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: flower macro nature canon butterfly garden insect colorful patterns serbia nectar vojvodina  buddleja sremskamitrovica srem   venkane   nevenauzurov  mygearandme mygearandmepremium blinkagain
Nevena Uzurov - Golden hour (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: bridge winter sunset sky sun clouds reflections river landscape evening scenery colorful serbia january most goldenhour sava vojvodina srbija  sremskamitrovica  srem  sirmium  venkane   mostsvirineja nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Daa i Daa (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: canon easter children spring colorful basket serbia ducks eggs april getty srbija    venkane     nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - King Stefan of Decani (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: building art church window glass wall europe patterns serbia decoration stainedglass vitrail donation colored glasmalerei vidrieras vojvodina srbija vetrate sremskamitrovica srem ortodoxchurch      venkane    nevenauzurov   baroqueclassicism      dated1891 stdimitrychurch   nikolaspopovicgift  1891
Nevena Uzurov - Blue water (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: blue light color macro reflection water droplets inflight drops serbia refraction splash waterdrops gravitation vojvodina srbija   sremskamitrovica srem  fromhand venkane   nevenauzurov       bestofblinkwinners
Nevena Uzurov - Blue vase (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: flowers blue light stilllife color apple glass fruit table petals colorful serbia sunflower vase peaches vojvodina srbija  sremskamitrovica srem      venkane     nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Pure (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light white flower macro reflection water petals waterdrop snowy drop clean clear refraction droplet pure chrysanthemum vojvodina     sremskamitrovica srem sooc masterphotos    venkane   nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Sprinkle (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: pink plant flower macro nature water girl rain reflections garden droplets drops spring soft heart serbia raindrops bleedingheart delicate waterdrops tender refractions dicentra vojvodina sprinkle srbija  lamprocapnosspectabilis  nevena  sremskamitrovica srem   lyreflower  venkane      nevenauzurov  devojakosrce        gerntle
Nevena Uzurov - Rose (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: morning pink light plant flower color macro love nature girl beautiful rose canon garden colorful serbia velvet bud gentle parfume fragrance vojvodina srbija  naturesfinest  sremskamitrovica srem   roseisrose  peatals  venkane     nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Blue Sunset (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: blue trees winter light sunset snow cold reflection colors clouds river landscape evening scenery serbia january silhoettes impression sava vojvodina srbija coldness     nevena sremskamitrovica littlebeach srem sooc    venkane     nevenauzurov  mygearandmepremium mygearandmebronze mygearandmesilver
Nevena Uzurov - Pink monday (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: pink flowers light stilllife white macro cute beautiful closeup soft december serbia vase monday delicate onwhite tender gentle aster vojvodina srbija  nevena sremskamitrovica srem  pinkmonday    venkane       nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Sweet dreams (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: sleeping pet cute animal cat wow fur feline funny sweet tabby serbia adorable kitty ears whiskers paws miki domesticcat tomcat tubby vojvodina sleppy srbija nevena sremskamitrovica srem      venkane    nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov -  Smile (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light portrait woman cute girl beautiful smile face hair happy eyes friend bokeh serbia ivana  vojvodina srbija  nevena sremskamitrovica srem       venkane    nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Sparkling dozen (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light color macro reflection wet water droplets drops colorful serbia drop refraction droplet waterdrops sparks sparkling vojvodina srbija  nevena  sremskamitrovica srem   venkane   nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Hello Sunshine! (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light color macro cute love water smile sunshine fun happy droplets waterdrop joy happiness drop smiley refraction droplet vojvodina   nevena  sremskamitrovica srem    javu  venkane    nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Thorn (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light plant flower macro nature water rain rose garden pain hurt waterdrop serbia peak drop sharp refraction twig droplet thorn dolor vojvodina srbija   nevena  sremskamitrovica srem         nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: autumn portrait woman selfportrait me girl smile face october avatar serbia icon lice  autoportret nevena jesen sremskamitrovica srem oktobar osmeh     venkane   nevenauzurov   sebija
Nevena Uzurov - Sunset shimmer (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light sunset sun macro water river golden droplets drops waterdrop colorful glow magic serbia drop dandelion seeds refraction romantic dreamy kap delicate gentle shimmer subtle sava vojvodina srbija splendor sjaj taraxacum seme blowball taraxacumofficinale zlatan stumbled maslaak   sremskamitrovica srce sunce microworld srem magicworld suton medicinalherb  driplet  venkane      romantino nevenauzurov dodir  neno      maginisvet    svetlucavo
Nevena Uzurov - Sava (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: blue light sunset summer sky sun nature clouds canon reflections river landscape boats scenery europe ships serbia priroda leto sava vojvodina srbija evropa reka     svetlo sremskamitrovica sunce srem   pejza venkane   nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Blue (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: blue light sun abstract macro reflection water lines azul composition droplets drops focus waterdrop natural blu patterns feather drop sharp clear bleu crisp refraction droplet pluma blau niebieski  blauwe plume vojvodina bl diagonals feder  piuma albastru  nevena   sremskamitrovica kk srem  piro plavo       venkane    nevenauzurov   ringexcellence
Nevena Uzurov - Pearly splendour (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: light abstract macro colors rain canon droplets drops colorful serbia refraction waterdrops srbija  sremskamitrovica  venkane  nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Aster (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: dahlia flowers light red plants flower macro green nature water rain yellow droplets petals drops waterdrop colorful purple natural serbia drop clear crisp refraction droplet bud aster vojvodina srbija     sremskamitrovica srem  platinumheartaward venkane   nevenauzurov  blinkagain         bestofblinkwinner
Nevena Uzurov - Dahlia (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: dahlia summer plant flower macro nature garden petals mygarden vojvodina    sremskamitrovica srem   venkane wonderfulworldofflowers   180809 nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Light (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: pink flowers light roses stilllife white plant flower art love closeup composition petals bright you romance petal clear vase valentines romantic delicate pure tender gentle sentimental   nevena sremskamitrovica srem    explore103  venkane        nevenauzurov          flickrstruereflection1 flickrstruereflection2
Nevena Uzurov - View from the bridge (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: nature river landscape scenery serbia getty promenada sava flatland vojvodina srbija sremskamitrovica srem kej  sirmium nevenauzurov stirineysbridge
Nevena Uzurov - Ikonostas (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: art architecture painting icons interior serbia icon oilpainting vojvodina srbija ortodox iconostasis ikone ikona nevena arhitektura enterijer sremskamitrovica srem artisticwork ortodoxchurch  woodcurving umetnost slikarstvo  sirmium ukras ikonostas uljaneslike venkane      ikonografija nevenauzurov ststefanssquare 18101815painted earlyxixcart markosvujatoviwoodcurves drvorezbarija trgsvstefana  sirmijum   791founded 1791built  1791  ma  icononography framedicons arsateodorovi arsasteodorovipaintings     18101815
Nevena Uzurov - Bridge over quiet river (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: bridge light sunset sun colors clouds reflections river landscape evening scenery colorful quiet serbia silhouettes goldenhour sava vojvodina srbija  sremskamitrovica  srem     stirineybridge venkane  nevenauzurov
Nevena Uzurov - Hidden love (Nevena Uzurov) Tags: pink light red flower macro reflection love window water fleur beautiful rain rose canon droplets petals drops serbia fine rosa refraction passion raindrops romantic bud delicate waterdrops fragrance vojvodina naturesfinest  nevena sremskamitrovica cvet srem   venkane nevenauzurov

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