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Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind. If you log into Flickr you will see your private photos and larger thumbnails. Where do these thumbnails come from? How are the photos licensed?
Fifteen minutes of fame (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street newyorkcity blackandwhite newyork contrast interesting streetphotography streetportrait youngwoman iphone newyorkstreets newyorkstreetphotography magneticart fifteenminutesoffame iphonephotography iphoneography iphoneographer giovannisavino felliniinnewyork
Renaissance Man (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait blackandwhite bw artist papernegative portraiture 4x5camera renaissanceman noshutter 3asa caffenolc magneticart cookelens giovannisavino portraituresitting taylortaylorandhobsonlens aviarlens michaelgkent
Read and Digest (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait people paper reading book papernegative portraiture studioportrait neoclassical digesting largeformatphotography peoplephotography coffeeprocessing 8x10camera slowphotography caffenolc magneticart coffeedevelopment largeformatportraiture giovannisavino readanddigest
Ramon (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait window naturallight oldman portraiture oldage windowlight 4x5camera whitebeard largeformatphotography magneticart giovannisavino ramonbodden
Darkness prevails (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait dark papernegative study portraiture darkside studioportrait 4x5camera strobist magneticart giovannisavino burkeandjamesrembrandtportraitcamera
Gracious Home (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: newyorkcity newyork streets bench manhattan streetphotography homelessness gracioushome newyorkstreetphotography magneticart giovannisavino
Retrato con guineos (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait naturallight bananas portraiture softfocus 100asa packard 4x5camera largeformatphotography bananahat softfocuslens magneticart freshbananas graflex4x5camera giovannisavino f18oldmodifiedcookeprojectorlens cookeprojectorlenstrash packardairoperatedshutter fujifilmc100instantfilm
Think out of the box (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street newyorkcity newyork box streetphotography cardboardboxes iphone headwear newyorkstreets newyorkstreetphotography magneticart stackofboxes iphoneography hipstamatic giovannisavino
Pictorialist portrait with a lens found in a trash can (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait portraits creativity diy experiment portraiture lowtech largeformatphotography pictorialism noshutter caffenolc softfocuslens magneticart giovannisavino buildyourownlens pictorialistportrait
Photographs can lie (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street newyork streetphotography tragic caption context photorealism newyorkstreets newyorkstreetphotography magneticart iphonephotography iphoneography giovannisavino
How NOT to photograph FIREWORKS (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: fireworks fourthofjuly bang independenceday surplus sameold enoughalready surplustorequirement toomanyphotos fireworkphotos overshooting magneticart giovannisavino beentheredonethatgotthetshirttookthepicture hownottophotographfireworks
A difficult gift (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: light reading book hands gift difficult thumbs 4x5camera largeformatphotography smallbook magneticart giovannisavino rapidrectilinearlens 1910optics
Learning to see (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: eye child dominicanrepublic seeing learning framing magneticart giovannisavino
I'll text you (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: typewriter writing vintage words text letters communication future language past sms cursive textmessage texting 4x5camera newworld bravenewworld letterwriting largeformatphotography caffenolc magneticart giovannisavino
Coffee bean (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: macro coffee spot processing caffeine coffeebean macrophotography largeformatphotography coffeeprocessing strobist caffenolc developedincoffee softfocuslens magneticart directpositivepaper giovannisavino
NOT a Telenovela (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: sunset portrait dominicanrepublic profile smoking portraiture hanging youngman telenovela strobist magneticart giovannisavino dr2014
New York City: HANDLE WITH CARE (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street city newyorkcity newyork 3d stripes transport streetphotography transportation streetphoto stripedshirt iphone handlewithcare tridimensional withcare newyorkstreets backofatruck newyorkstreetphotography magneticart iphonephotography carefulhandling iphoneography iphoneographer iphonestreetphotography giovannisavino manholdingmodel
Something  attention  really does exist (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait detail face observation papernegative portraiture meditation something closedeyes 4x5camera afterworld trascendental 3asa caffenolc magneticart giovannisavino aviarlens xkebanjones xkeban
We bend but we don't break (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: life street newyork walking break bend manhattan streetphotography oldman oldage newyorkstreetphotography magneticart walkingportrait giovannisavino
Her (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: city newyorkcity woman architecture buildings focus shadows manhattan streetphotography her human newyorkstreets newyorkstreetphotography magneticart giovannisavino
La Gente Va a Hablar (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait papernegative portraiture 8x10camera caffenolc magneticart henryfiol giovannisavino gundlachmanhattanlens 8x10deardorffcamera lagentevaahablar henryfiolportrait henryfiolnewsingle henryfiolnewrelease
Photography: With Closed Eyes (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: rural writing blog dominican slow dominicanrepublic portraiture conceptual introspective bodyofwork slowphotography magneticart giovannisavino portraitswithclosedeyes huffingtonpostartsandculture photographywithclosedeyes
Slow Photography (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait portraits interesting dominican dominicanrepublic exhibition portraiture intriguing intimate introspection 4x5camera largeformatphotography coffeeprocessing slowphotography caffenolc magneticart directpositivepaper giovannisavino theforwardthinkingmuseum portraitswithclosedeyes
The Indescribable (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait face darkness headshot papernegative chiaroscuro indescribable caffenolc magneticart giovannisavino
Second Life (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street newyorkcity newyork realestate manhattan streetphotography billboard secondlife virtual virtualreality realestatedevelopment virtuallandscapes unrealestate magneticart giovannisavino womancarryngbags
Inhospitable Art: Santa Muerte (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: man art table candle burning thinking santamuerte magneticart giovannisavino inhospitableart baldmanatthetable
Our new pet (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait orange pet color portraiture owl studioportrait 4x5camera instantfilm magneticart fujifilmc100 giovannisavino
I know the feeling (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: newyorkcity newyork streets manhattan streetphotography oldman oldage bravenewworld thirdage newyorkstreetphotography magneticart giovannisavino
Interesting, exciting and fun !! (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: newyorkcity family newyork streets tourism fun interesting manhattan streetphotography exciting interestingpeople newyorkstreetphotography magneticart giovannisavino
New York Sightseeing (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: newyorkcity newyork streets streetphotography belly bigbelly sightseeingtour newyorksightseeing summerinnewyork newyorksummer newyorkstreetphotography magneticart newyorksightseeingtour giovannisavino humansofnewyork
Wollaston lens primitive pictorialism (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: open slow papernegative nophotoshop meniscus 4x5camera largeformatphotography pictorialism primitivephotography neopictorialism 3asa slowphotography meniscuslens magneticart packardshutter waterhousestops giovannisavino wollastonlens rembrandtcamera whwollaston
Soft focus (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait blackandwhite papernegative portraiture softfocus 4x5 studioportrait gianna primitivism pictorialism caffenolc softfocuslens magneticart giovannisavino giannacioffi gundlachmanhattanlens
Dia de Santa Marta la Dominadora (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait candles dominicanrepublic religion altar santamarta voodoo misterio popularculture vudu misterios religiousceremony palero magneticart santamartaladominadora 21divisiones santamartadominadora giovannisavino
How to keep in touch (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: writing paper message style papernegative communication letter fountainpen conversation script privacy scrittura socialmedia 4x5camera communicating letterwriting personally largeformatphotography persontoperson keepintouch stilografica caffenolc magneticart giovannisavino
We feel rich in our poverty (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: poverty portrait blackandwhite rich naturallight papernegative portraiture windowlight 4x5camera largeformatphotography caffenolc magneticart giovannisavino ilex12inchlens rembrandtportraitcamera
Endless Wheel of the Flesh (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street orange newyork streetphotography streetportrait bhuddist bhuddistmonk newyorkstreetphotography magneticart summerstreets giovannisavino bhuddistinthesun
ANGEL of the NYC PRIDE PARADE (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: newyorkcity newyork angel pride papernegative prideparade graflex largeformatphotography newyorkstreets nypride 3asa caffenolc newyorkstreetphotography magneticart nycprideparade giovannisavino nycpridephoto nycprideangel newyorkprideparadephoto
Think. It isn't illegal, yet. (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait largeformatphotography graflexcamera magneticart negativepaper giovannisavino wollensakphotorecord3inchlens
Father's day 2014 (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait rural faces dominicanrepublic father fathersday ruralportrait magneticart workingfather giovannisavino dr2014 fathersday2014
Twelve hundred and fifty dollars to spare (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street newyorkcity naughty coins manhattan streetphotography maninthestreet sparechange newyorkstreetphotography magneticart giovannisavino twelvehundredandfiftydollars
Face the music and dance (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait son dancer portraiture salsa baile bachata merengue 4x5camera ilforddelta100 largeformatphotography tachiharacamera caffenolc magneticart dominicanheritage giovannisavino dominicandancer ricardourea
NO CURE for BAD TASTE (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: red beard gnome drugs pills cure badtaste kitch distasteful prescriptiondrugs 4x5camera largeformatphotography instantfilm tachihara nocure magneticart giovannisavino mithologicalcreature
Simple mask (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: portrait mask portraiture 4x5camera largeformatphotography pictorialism caffenolc magneticart directpositivepaper giovannisavino ilex12inchlens
Cotton Candy (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street newyorkcity boy sunset red newyork sweet streetphotography streetportrait naturallight sugar cottoncandy newyorkstreets newyorkstreetphotography magneticart giovannisavino
American (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: street newyorkcity manhattan streetphotography american newyorkstreetphotography magneticart giovannisavino
Rage against the machine (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: hand rage papernegative whitebackground spanner 4x5camera largeformatphotography againstthemachine magneticart giovannisavino
Sewing hands (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: thread hands sewing labor needle stitching 4x5camera largeformatphotography tachiharacamera elinchrome strobist magneticart negativepaper giovannisavino symmarslens
Vermeer love (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: light portrait classic film coffee illumination portraiture vermeer cinematiclighting largeformatphotography coffeeprocessing strobist classicportraiture lightingtechniques caffenolc magneticart giovannisavino
A strange dream (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: newyorkcity newyork smiling sleep taxi wheelchair shoppingcart newyorkstreets newyorkstreetphotography magneticart giovannisavino
Mother's Day (Giovanni Savino Photography) Tags: life flowers blackandwhite death time mother mothersday deadflowers naturamorta 4x5camera largeformatphotography coffeeprocessing caffenolc magneticart negativepaper giovannisavino coffeephotoprocessing

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