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Dark Coast, Dark Ship (nosha) Tags: sea sky nature water windmill beautiful beauty clouds copenhagen denmark coast scary nikon ship power wind sweden apocalypse september explore future creativecommons pm 2008 malmo windpower kobenhavn scandanavia d300 18200mm nosha explored darkfuture apocalypsedecadence
storms coming our way (nosha) Tags: summer usa cloud storm nature beautiful beauty field june clouds rural landscape newjersey nikon 28mm grain apocalypse nj spot mercer friday 2009 mercercounty stormclouds lightroom f40 haf flowersplants blackmagic nikond200 nosha 0ev 11250sec june2009 11250secatf40 apocalypsefriday
Near Yankee Hat (nosha) Tags: winter nature beautiful beauty dark landscape photography photo nikon oz ant 28mm july australia photograph f80 pm 2008 lightroom d300 nosha singleraw nikond300 australia2008
Not the sharpest tool in the shed (nosha) Tags: bw fall nature beautiful beauty dark landscape newjersey nikon december farm wildlife apocalypse nj bms deer f56 pm 2008 kerr mercercounty faun kerrs lightroom d300 200mm nosha cornstand darkfuture bristolmyerssquibb december2008 nikond300 kerrsfarm apocalypsedecadence darkcoast kornstand
A world of shades of gray (nosha) Tags: flowers bw flower nature beautiful beauty gardens spring f30 april lon dupont longwoodgardens 2009 longwood lightroom flowersplants 105mm blackmagic nosha 1500sec natureycrap nikond300 unknownflash 1500secatf30
Dark City (nosha) Tags: nyc newyorkcity bw ny newyork monochrome beautiful beauty dark photography blackwhite nikon crash manhattan air apocalypse september explore helicopter ugly wallstreet 2008 heli ugliness wallst d300 darkest 18200mm fauxinfrared nosha explored noshalikes apocalypsedecadence crashof2008 darkestnewyork
Board Meeting (nosha) Tags: blue sky sculpture art beauty copenhagen table denmark nikon suits crane air apocalypse meeting august business midair pm scandinavia 2008 boardmeeting businessmen kobenhavn executives d300 18200mm nosha august2008 scandinavia2008 apocalypsedecadence
Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Bokeh Wednesday, but it's time to return to the Apocalypse (nosha) Tags: street new york city nyc newyorkcity bridge urban ny newyork building water beautiful beauty wall ferry skyline skyscraper buildings river dark boats pier boat scary nikon darkness crash ominous manhattan apocalypse bridges aerial september explore helicopter eastriver hudson pm 2008 heli decadence wallst d300 18200mm nosha explored nobokeh apocalypsedecadence crashof08 crashof2008
Nowhere to go (nosha) Tags: ocean sea vacation holiday nature beautiful beauty mexico pattern turtle wildlife homeless apocalypse april jpg reef seaturtle 2009 lightroom f40 blackmagic nosha 0ev yuccatan april2009 1250sec canonpowershotsd950is 77285mm 1250secatf40 apocalypsefirday 13683mm
Dark City, Empire State (nosha) Tags: nyc newyorkcity ny newyork nikon air september helicopter 2008 heli d300 18200mm nosha
Dark Coast (nosha) Tags: ocean sea sky sculpture cloud art water windmill beautiful beauty clouds copenhagen dark denmark coast nikon gloomy power wind sweden ominous foreboding apocalypse symmetry september future symmetrical trio pm scandinavia triplet 2008 windpower kobenhavn alignment align scandanavia d300 18200mm nosha darkfuture noshalikes apocalypsedecadence darkcoast
Copenhagen Defense (nosha) Tags: blue sky sculpture green art beauty copenhagen dark denmark coast nikon scandinavia 2008 defensive sentinel kobenhavn scandanavia d300 18200mm nosha noshalikes scandinavia2008 apocalypsedecadence darkcoast
Dark City III (nosha) Tags: york city nyc urban bw ny newyork lynch wall skyline skyscraper dark coast nikon cityscape view crash manhattan apocalypse aerialview bank smith aerial stocks helicopter newyorkstate wallstreet bonds pm scape 2008 goldman barney bigapple heli decadence banking darkcity finance wallst lightroom sachs d300 smithbarney goldmansachs merril merrillynch 18200mm photomatix nosha femmemakita womenphotographers noshalikes apocalypsedecadence thepowerofblackandwhite darkcoast
Like the Dinosaurs (nosha) Tags: nyc newyorkcity ny newyork corporate nikon air jets jet apocalypse aerialview aerial september helicopter pm 2008 runway heli airfield d300 18200mm nosha corporatejet apocalypsedecadence
.. (nosha) Tags: usa nature beauty grass barn fence newjersey nikon farm wildlife nj september silo mercer deer pm 2008 hopewell mercercounty pennington faun d40 nosha
Ground Zero Redux (nosha) Tags: york city nyc newyorkcity sky urban ny newyork building water beauty wall skyscraper buildings photography photo nikon october downtown view manhattan apocalypse aerialview aerial helicopter wallstreet 2008 zero bigapple groundzero lowermanhattan heli wallst hellmouth d300 nosha femmemakita apocalypsedecadence darkcoast photographerfemmemakita
Morning Light, Darkest New Jersey (nosha) Tags: morning blue light sun green nature beauty clouds wow dark newjersey nikon nj september pm 2008 darkest nosha darkestnj darkestnewjersey
Mattatuck storm (nosha) Tags: storm beach nature beauty sailboat 50mm nikon sail d300 niftyfifty mattatuck
Early morning beach outside of Auckland, New Zealand (nosha) Tags: newzealand beach nature beauty australia auckland
Magnolia, Eastern Ice Storm (nosha) Tags: winter photography photo nikon december outdoor photograph 2008 lightroom d300 105mm 105mmf28 f32 nosha december2008 nikond300
birth and apocalypse (nosha) Tags: christmas flowers bw flower nature beautiful beauty gardens garden photography photo newjersey nikon bokeh farm birth apocalypse nj september 55mm photograph jersey zinnia f56 pm 2008 mercercounty lightroom nosha natureycrap nikond40 noshalikes
too little, too late (nosha) Tags: city sunset summer sky nature windmill beautiful beauty clouds newjersey pattern power wind nj august atlantic atlanticcity 2009 windpower lightroom 200mm f13 blackmagic nosha 1320sec 0ev 18200mmf3556 nikond300 summer2009 1320secatf13
i like grass (nosha) Tags: california ca summer bw usa nature beautiful beauty grass landscape dof august organic f11 2009 ano nuevo anonuevo lightroom 105mm blackmagic nosha 18200mmf3556 1500sec natureycrap nikond300 summer2009 1500secatf11 californiaoregon2009
Dark future (nosha) Tags: ocean sea nature water windmill beautiful beauty sailboat copenhagen dark denmark photography coast boat photo nikon technology power wind apocalypse august photograph creativecommons 2008 f71 windpower lightroom kobenhavn scandanavia d300 200mm 18200mm nosha 18200mmf3556 nikond300 apocalypsedecadence
sto (nosha) Tags: sky nature beautiful beauty june landscape newjersey nikon nj 85mm bms mercer stop d200 pm 2009 mercercounty kerrs lightroom f40 blackmagic nikond200 nosha 1500sec 1500secatf40 ul20090612pm
... in the dream, I was freezing to death... (nosha) Tags: winter tree ice nature beautiful beauty photography photo nikon december bokeh photograph twig f56 2008 lightroom d300 150mm nosha 18200mmf3556 bokehdots december2008 nikond300
landscape (nosha) Tags: winter bw nikon vermont january newyear f10 newyears 24mm pm 2009 vt lightroom nosha nikond300 january2009 newyears2009
dormant (nosha) Tags: trees winter bw mountain tree nature beautiful beauty landscape nikon apocalypse january bald pm f11 2009 pate lightroom 18mm d300 baldpate 18200mm nosha nikond300 january2009 noshalikes
Scandinavian Garden (nosha) Tags: flowers bw flower texture nature beautiful beauty gardens garden gteborg nikon sweden gothenburg august creativecommons lust f56 pm scandinavia 2008 scania goteborg lightroom d300 200mm 18200mm nosha natureycrap nikond300
Dreaming of You (nosha) Tags: winter abstract bird nature beautiful beauty birds nikon tit wildlife flight january titmouse tufted f56 2009 avian 135mm tuftedtitmouse lightroom d300 150mm nosha 75150mmf35 nikond300 january2009 0mmf0
atlantic (nosha) Tags: ocean winter sunset sea bw seascape abstract nature beautiful beauty newjersey nikon connecticut horizon nj ct atlantic f80 february atlanticocean 2009 f25 ais lightroom d300 105mm blackmagic nosha nikond300 february2009 noshalikes
barrier island (nosha) Tags: ocean sunset red sea beach beautiful beauty island newjersey nikon outdoor nj shore barrier february 2009 lightroom f40 d300 105mm blackmagic nosha nikond300 february2009 0mmf0
morning (nosha) Tags: winter lake reflection nature beauty clouds newjersey nikon flight nj aerialview aerial february f56 2009 lightroom d300 105mm blackmagic nosha nikond300 february2009 darkcoast
more storms coming (nosha) Tags: sunset storm nature beautiful beauty rain june clouds landscape spring nikon apocalypse 85mm beam d200 f56 pm 2009 sunbeam stormclouds lightroom blackmagic nikond200 nosha 1400sec 1400secatf56 ul20090612pm
Dark City II (nosha) Tags: nyc newyorkcity ny newyork beauty nikon apocalypse aerial september helicopter empire empirestatebuilding empirestate pm 2008 heli nosha
some say that the Apocalypse will begin in New Jersey (nosha) Tags: usa storm june clouds rural landscape newjersey nikon war wheat 28mm 1938 apocalypse nj wells mercer worlds hopewell f11 2009 martian mercercounty waroftheworlds orson lightroom orsonwells blackmagic nikond200 nosha hopewelltownship 1180sec june2009 apocalypsefriday 1180secatf11
oblivion (nosha) Tags: california ca summer bw nature beautiful beauty grass landscape pattern august organic f80 2009 ano nuevo anon anonuevo lightroom blackmagic 150mm ilikegrass nosha 18200mmf3556 13200sec nikond300 summer2009 113ev californiaoregon2009 13200secatf80
One down... (nosha) Tags: california park summer sky beach nature beautiful beauty landscape coast nikon pattern august f11 2009 ano nuevo anonuevo lightroom 70mm blackmagic nosha 0ev 18200mmf3556 11000sec nikond300 summer2009 californiaoregon2009 11000secatf11
the path (nosha) Tags: california park summer sky nature beautiful beauty grass landscape pattern apocalypse august cal organic f11 2009 ano nuevo anonuevo thepath lightroom 18mm blackmagic nosha 0ev 18200mmf3556 1640sec nikond300 summer2009 apocalypsefirday californiaoregon2009 1640secatf11
It is coming. (nosha) Tags:
insomnia (nosha) Tags: summer sky bw mountain nature beautiful beauty oregon sunrise portland landscape nikon september mount mthood hood f56 mont 2009 lightroom 200mm blackmagic 160sec nosha 18200mmf3556 nikond300 summer2009 160secatf56 californiaoregon2009
Dark Park (nosha) Tags: park street new city nyc urban bw usa cloud ny newyork streets building beauty clouds america skyscraper landscape grey nikon cityscape view unitedstates state ominous centralpark manhattan horizon gothic gray central apocalypse aerial september helicopter american empire empirestatebuilding empirestate newyorkstate tall pm 2008 heli apocalyptic americangothic d300 18200mm nosha femmemakita apocalypsedecadence
my colored world fades to gray (nosha) Tags: summer sky bw macro nature beautiful beauty field june landscape newjersey nikon outdoor wheat 28mm grain apocalypse nj spot f56 2009 lightroom flowersplants blackmagic nikond200 nosha 0ev 1350sec 1350secatf56 june2009 0mmf0
Dark City IV (nosha) Tags: new york nyc sky bw ny newyork beautiful beauty landscape nikon october view manhattan aerialview aerial helicopter f80 pm 2008 heli lightroom 18mm d300 blackmagic nosha 1125sec nikond300 1125secatf80 darkcoast photographerfemmemakita darkcityiv
Copenhagen twilight (nosha) Tags: nikon august f90 2008 lightroom 18mm scandanavia d300 blackmagic 18200mm nosha 2ev 18200mmf3556 11600sec centerweightedaverage nikond300 11600secatf90
escape (nosha) Tags: sky beautiful beauty plane airplane fire newjersey nikon king pattern air horizon flight wing apocalypse nj aerial february f56 beechcraft 2009 lightroom d300 105mm blackmagic nosha 150sec 0ev nikond300 february2009 0mmf0 150secatf56 apocalypsefirday
Pili (nosha) Tags: urban bw ny newyork beautiful beauty dark landscape island coast nikon october cityscape outdoor horizon apocalypse aerialview aerial helicopter f80 pm pili 2008 heli tms lightroom 18mm d300 blackmagic tellmeastory nosha 1100sec nikond300 darkcoast 1100secatf80
Dark City VI (nosha) Tags: nyc newyorkcity usa ny newyork beautiful beauty nikon outdoor air apocalypse aerialview aerial september helicopter organic 2008 heli lightroom f63 18mm d300 blackmagic 18200mm nosha 1200sec nikond300 darkcoast 1200secatf63 apocalypsefriday
frost and fog (nosha) Tags: new usa fall nature beautiful beauty fog landscape newjersey nikon frost january nj mercer f45 jersey hopewell 2009 mercercounty 2010 lightroom 105mm apocalyps blackmagic nosha 1320sec hopewelltownship nikond40 fall2009 1320secatf45 ul20091213
end (nosha) Tags: new flowers winter usa flower nature beautiful beauty 50mm newjersey bokeh f14 apocalypse january nj mercer jersey organic friday radish mercercounty 50mmf14 2010 narcissus lightroom blackmagic nosha 1800sec natureycrap nikond40 apocalypsefriday 1800secatf14

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47 nosha 42 beauty 41 nikon 34 lightroom 32 beautiful 29 nature 28 d300 25 2008 24 nikond300 apocalypse 23 blackmagic 21 2009 20 pm 17 landscape 16 bw 15 18200mm nj newjersey 13 september sky 12 apocalypsedecadence 11 newyork aerial helicopter heli ny 10 f56 nyc dark 9 clouds august winter darkcoast 18200mmf3556 8 summer mercercounty usa 105mm 7 noshalikes coast 0ev aerialview newyorkcity photography 6 manhattan 18mm sea photo pattern summer2009 mercer air 5 nikond200 city denmark f80 kobenhavn scandanavia urban 200mm californiaoregon2009 organic outdoor natureycrap f11 january june new photograph water ocean copenhagen 4 horizon 0mmf0 28mm storm flowers sunset windpower york flower beach wallst anonuevo grass windmill ano wildlife view skyscraper nuevo february2009 f40 apocalypsefriday wind power february california scandinavia 3 150mm femmemakita

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